Hello  honey bunnies and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born March 11, 1991 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She stands 5’7, 35-24-36 and 99lbs. Please hop up , make me a salad and say hello to Miss Poonam Pandey.



  1. Poonam you say.

    Looks as if there’s an Englishman or two in her woodpile. No offense, Tushar.

  2. Poonam

  3. pup the links are extra funny on this one and the chick is pretty good looking.
    99 lbs…. hhahahhahahhahahaaaaahahahahahaaahahaa!!!!!

  4. pup get 99 lbs of these

  5. ms poon panda is in the running for bbf 2017

  6. 99 lbs of Poonam.

    1 lb short of a hectopoon, the SI unit of boobs.

    1,000 quatloos to pupster.

  7. Poon. Oh dear, that’s unfortunate.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. As I mentioned in the middle of the night (insomnia) NB is already trying to talk to her.

    No worries. I guess he was “crying” to her about how his new car already has something wrong with it. Her reply was “That’s unfortunate”.

    And I have some bullshit going over Ethan’s appointment today. I’m going to have to choke a bitch, I think.

  10. 99 pounds? seriously. They’re just trolling us now.

  11. I gained 7 lb in Fairfax. Next time I just won’t eat while I’m there.

  12. Her reply was “That’s unfortunate”.

    Classic. One hair away from ‘I don’t give a shit’ without crossing the line. Your daughter is stone cold righteous.

    I wonder what he did wrong. Nunmybidness.

    My GF has a recent ex who is also trying to pretend that his fuckup doesn’t exist and wants to innocently pick right up like nothing happened. He too casually texts her to discuss the sad problems of his life, perhaps trying to ignite some feminine sympathy that he thinks will bring her back into a more favorable attitude. But he pretends they are still together.

    At its heart, this is a mindfuck thing where he is basically implying that if there is still a problem it is because she is unreasonable/crazy. Blows my mind he thinks this is going to work. But, women do second-guess themselves a lot, and they hate being seen as ‘mean,’ so who knows? Maybe some fall for this bullshit.

  13. If I had a time machine there are a lot of people I would go back and cause their parents to unfuck.

  14. I gave Erin lots of talks yesterday on the ride to the soccer game (actually the ride home – the ride there she spent playing sad songs- I couldn’t TAKE it). When she played Miley C’s “Wrecking ball” I almost lost my shit. ANYWAY –

    She seems to be in the right mind. Apparently ALL his friends are taking her side, and are willing to say see ya to him versus abandoning her. Even his best friend. I made some comment about how he wasted her time, and she said he didn’t waste it, because she made new friends.

  15. *uses time machine to bang Hotspur’s mom*

    *Hotspur suddenly loses 10″ in height and all of his hair*

  16. Hi, anal leaking friends.

    This gal has nice boobs. Boobs!!!

    *waits for CNN to show up and start a hypocritical scolding.*

  17. Do we know what Erin’s anal leaking NB did to get the well placed soccer cleat boot in the ass?

  18. I love the comment section title. Excellent.

  19. I like the word, Mumbai.

  20. *uses Leon’s time machine to stop Obama’s mother from acting out her daddy issues*

  21. Well, his friends seemed to be indicating a few weeks ago that they knew he was a bad boyfriend, right? So there were things they knew perhaps that they could not tell her.

  22. Lauraw is correct.

  23. Moose didn’t like his car.

    What else do you need?

  24. Agreed, if that’s 99 lbs at 5-7, I’m a young Harrison Ford. (FULL DISCLOSURE: Not Harrison Ford)

  25. I side with Moose.

  26. He’s a dick and we can leave it at that. Plus the moose thing,

  27. I like the word, Mumbai.

    I’m pretty sure it’s Hindi for “motorboating.”

  28. Probably along the lines of I’m a hot shit senior who wants to party kind of stuff

  29. I’m going to tell her friends to r fuse to let her date a dick again.

  30. Along the lines probably of I’m a hot shit senior and want to party kind of stuff.

  31. Along the lines probably of I’m a hot probably shit senior and want to party kind of stuff.

    Fixt your wandering “probably” problem.

  32. He had unserious hair in a serious time. Disliked him instantly.

  33. Is it true that those red dots are low battery indicators?

  34. Dogs are better judges of character than people most times. I suggest all further prospective BFs be subjected to the “Moose Test” and run off in terror should they fail.

  35. Waiting room. Ugh

  36. Lady in here wearing a Obama shirt that has his picture and it says some bs about if found please return him to the White House @@

  37. I’d personally love to watch the SS apprehend a drugged out and deranged 0bama on the WH lawn.

  38. And it’s torn.

  39. The black t-shirt the girl in front is wearing is a NASA Shuttle mission shirt. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t Mini-me.

    The same t-shirt Roamy kindly gifted to me for Secret Santa one year.

  40. I’m going to take a knee for NB.

  41. I heard the stupidest thing last night. I was watching The Allman Report (former investigative reporter now host of local conservative radio in the morning, who has a half hour spot on the teevee, too) and it has a segment called ‘the heat phone’ where people can call in and voice their opinions about current issues.

    He’s been discussing the ongoing dumbass protests over the heroin dealer shot dead – deservedly so – and the cop being found innocent. One such protest was in an area mall. The owners of said mall called the cops to have the protesters removed when they started throwing trash cans. The cops gave them warning it was time to disperse and when they didn’t, started making arrests. Now those in jail and some supporters are claiming police never gave a dispersion order and used excessive force.

    Except, on some dumbass’ video, she’s going around saying ‘the po-lice is saying it’s time to disperse’ to everyone she walks by….and later on, same video feed when the arrests begin, she’s saying, ‘OMG, they’re all up in here arresting people for no damn reason. They didn’t even give a dispersion order!!!ELEVENTY!!’

    So, fast forward to The Heat Phone, some broad calls in – and I picture her to look like Trayvon Martin’s ‘that’s retarded’ friend – in her best ghetto, to complain about how The Galleria (the mall in question) is a public space ….like a park…and anyone can go down there and protest if they want to and noone has a right to remove them from that public space. o_O That attitude certainly explains a lot.

    I like that Allman let that one through. Hood rats gonna hood.

    *makes plans to go to the Galleria with my swimsuit and pic-a-nic basket for a day of fun in it’s fountain*

    $20 don’t buy much at their food court.

  42. Sorry about your kid’s knee, Car in. How does that happen? Operation didn’t take or did he possibly move wrong?

  43. This is the piece of shit we all so despise. May he rot in Hell.


    Article title says it all.

  45. As the father of two wonderful young single women, I could’ve told you that. There’s too much free shit to bother investing in the good stuff.

  46. McCain is a giant weasel.

  47. Pat wants me to ask Jimbro why a graft can fail. so … asked.

  48. I say it is either Ethan not being 100% honest about what happened, or it was because of the PICC line/antibiotics and long delay in rehab.

  49. Poor kid. Is he pretty upset about it again?

  50. Pupster, today’s model is gorgeous.

  51. He was really upset when we saw the doctor a few weeks back and he told us it was probably re-torn. Since then, he’s digested it and figured that the MRI would just confirm what the doctor thought. He just wants to get the surgery done asap now.

  52. Poor guy. But when you think about it, what Lapeer Creek™ needs is a story about a younger character that bounces back from adversity.

    I’m not saying I want Ethan in a wheelchair, but if he can use one for awhile, then make a miraculous comeback it’ll make the story arc better.

    He’s gonna get a lot of chicks this way, and possibly come of age if you know what I mean.

  53. ba haaa haaaa … too bad I can’t show that entirely inappropriate comment to the little fella.

  54. Also, Erin is now hispanic.

    Don’t ask. There’s a letter here from the EEOC and we can’t really afford to add another cast member.

  55. This week, on a very special episode of Lapeer Creek that the whole family will want to watch and discuss…

  56. Last thing: Pay and Pat are twins, but the audience doesn’t know that yet. As this season winds down and we reach the dramatic conclusion of Season 01 Episode 10 “Erin’s Choice,” Pay is going to be diagnosed with Kidneyitis, which will require a transplant. Enter Pat, and we tidy up that little sub plot.

  57. For Real Last Thing: PILs are here and I was asked for drugs within 120 seconds.

    Is your mom looking for someone… cuz I know a guy that she’d love. Big Bernie supporter. Pot head. Still thinks its 1978. Often talks about assassinating Trump. Collects social security. Lots of free time.

  58. This link goes to a commercial site that’s UK based. I can’t find the affiliation but I bet it’s run by equipment vendors. Anyway, the info is pretty good and the best I could find with a quick search (My usual go to site had lots of super focused articles)

    My biggest question now is the status of his growth plates He had the physeal (growth plate) sparing procedure before because they were open but has he matured enough to do the standard procedure where they drill through the physis? Second question is on any hardware remaining in the bone. After a Staph infection, even though it may be cured, there’s still a possibility of bacteria near the metallic implants. It’s a low risk but it’s real.

  59. PILs are here and I was asked for drugs within 120 seconds.

    They should never have learned that you smoke, in the first place.

    You’ve lost your ability to maintain a cordial distance from a person you don’t like all that much. It would have been better if he couldn’t relax and be himself around you. Shorter visit, less mouthy douchebaggery, etc.

    Obviously I’m just speculating on your situation, let me know if I’m out of my reckoning or if I should just shush.

  60. So did you give him some? It’s gotta be 10X easier to deal with stoned hippies than woke ones.

  61. Also, I just had a beer on an empty stomach, so I’m kind of a mouthy douche myself.


  62. I wonder how much was affected by the terribly disrupted PT schedule.

  63. I don’t want to go to work, but I’m just being a whiney bitch. It’s two nights a week.

  64. lauraw on September 29, 2017 at 2:50 pm
    Also, I just had a beer on an empty stomach, so I’m kind of a mouthy douche myself

    Piker. I’m drinking a bourbon & ginger ale already. Of course, it’s kind of a celebration.
    I finally solved (last minute) a pretty dire financial problem. Threatened to leave me homeless. I think I stressed myself into an ulcer this last week…

  65. I should have pounded a beer prior to work

  66. Did you guys see this at Ace’s. It’s very painful to watch practically in its entirety, but the response by the school staff is especially cringeworthy. What the fuck are these people?

    Unfucking real.

  67. I just read those articles instead of watching the vids. Can’t even force myself to watch freakouts anymore.

    I’d sure like to know where this Trump-inspired genocide is that she’s talking about. Who has been killed? Provide bodies or some kind of evidence. Where are the pogroms? Torch-bearing mobs? Bueller?

  68. I saw that yesterday at Campus Reform, HS. Like you, I’m amazed at the staff reaction/treatment. Shouldn’t be, I guess.
    I just want to see a couple more minutes after the video ends – where she tries to leaves, but walks into the arms of two waiting cops. PLEASE tell me they dragged her off!

  69. The moment she said that laws don’t apply (or something like that) should have been the moment he punched her in the face and took his hat back.

  70. This.

  71. Then it would have been national news and proof of the Trump regime causing hate and discontent

  72. AJH died peacefully at 12:05 today. Surrounded by family. I was privileged to be holding her hand.

    All is good.

    A drink in her honor is always appropriate.

  73. Silly Humpy.


  74. sorry, Babe.

    That’s always a rough road

  75. Keep the funny coming, AJH would not want the Friday party stopped on her account. Seriously. Just letting you guys know.

  76. We’re out at Pferdscheisse chatting with a sharecropper about turning 8 acres of it into a wheat field.

  77. I missed it, who is AJH? In any event, I’m sorry Mare.

    Also, what is a PIL? And where is MJ that he’s being asked for drugs? Y’know, other than his usual haunts that he visits to sell drugs.

  78. *pantses Leon


  79. Parents In Law. AJH was MIL. Sorry to hear, mare.

  80. Marie Harf on Fox News. She was cuter when she was a little bit chunky.

  81. AJH was my mother.

  82. My condolences, Mare. She had to be a special kind of momma to be so loved. *hugs to you and tips a spoonful of peach cobbler to AJH cause booze makes me gak*

  83. plus one

  84. booze also makes me gak

  85. also, she’ll always be yer mother.

    *wipe3s eyes

  86. Mare, my condolences to your family on your loss.

  87. Sorry, Mare.

  88. Sorry about your mom, Mare.
    Glad she had a easy exit…

  89. L to R

    Mare, Pup

  90. She said be funny, pup.

    Where’s X-Bard when you need him

  91. My condolences, Mare.

    Bless those who mourn, eternal God,
    with the comfort of your love
    that they may face each new day with hope
    and the certainty that nothing can destroy
    the good that has been given.

    May their memories become joyful,
    their days enriched with friendship,
    and their lives encircled by your love.

    – Vienna Cobb Anderson

  92. There he is!


    all yuks aside, ye are really a bunch of swell folks.



  94. X-Rad, will you please please please meet me at Shaxspere’s Tavern and Public Haus again very soon?

    I promise I WILL NOT try to get you laid by all the smoking’ hottie waitresses there again.

  95. Bring Shawn Em.
    We’ll throw him to the wolvettes, instead.

  96. My ears are burning.

    I hope it’s not an infection.


  98. At hotpur’s link, genocide girl threatens homeboy. Can you imagine what would have been done to homeboy had he threatened Jelly Donut the same way? Pretty sure him and his hat would have been expelled.

  99. you spelled yer name wrong, silly rabbit

  100. oso loves otter hands.

    *poats that link to oso’s facechimp*

  101. *pours beasn in a pot and cooks w franks.


  102. My sincerest condolences, mare. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.

  103. *cooks up a pot of chumpo*

    Popular down south, I hear.

  104. /extra gross

  105. Chumpo!

    Where is your hat?

  106. This is relevant to Xbrad’s interests:

  107. heh.

    it’s on my head. Thanks to Hotshot.

  108. we should have desert sushi again soon.

    it was surprisingly good! execpt for the H2N1 that followed.

    Who will assault Tempe with me and rescue Cyn from The 40 Thieves?!!!

  109. I’m so sorry about your mom, Mare.

  110. *snuggles w Roamita

    look away you all. This one I like.

  111. it was surprisingly good! execpt for the H2N1 that followed.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–that hotels bar was selling you guys poison liquor. I was pretty much the only person who didn’t get sick.

  112. I gotta go cook salmon for my punch.

    check ya later

  113. **gropes Chumpo inappropriately**

    **smiles and points at Oso when he turns around**

  114. I read PIL as pain-in-law.

  115. Evening Hostages

    Who will assault Tempe with me and rescue Cyn from The 40 Thieves?!!!

    Does she actually live? Anyone made contact?

  116. So KS got me in trouble today.

    Kinda surprised it took as long as it did.

  117. We weren’t supposed to say anything, but she got sick of your shit, Colex. We’re all actually hanging out with her over on The H7.

  118. Kansas?

  119. So KS got me in trouble today.
    Kinda surprised it took as long as it did.

    I want it noted I have yet to slip up on air. And I still owe you for making me explain fisking vs fisting on air. Bastard.

  120. Prayers for Mare’s mom. And Mare.

  121. I’ve never been sicker than H2N1. Dan kept checking on me to make sure I was still alive. Beasn is wrong. I get totally creeped by otter hands. WB, what did KS say?

  122. I ❤️ Wrecking Ball. Miley replaced Bryan Adams as my guilty pleasure

  123. Osita, I was horrified to find out the song I’d been singing was a Justin Bieber song. The one with the line, “My mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone…”

  124. And what’s wrong with Bryan Adams?

  125. He’s Canadian, for starters.

  126. My condolences Mare,
    My mom passed this year as well. It was a relief for her, but the emptiness for those left behind persists for a while.

  127. Sean, that’s to be expected. All women eventually despise me. Most men as well.

  128. Now now, the Canadian government had apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions!

  129. Well, so’s William Shatner. I don’t hold that against him, though the only song I want to hear him sing is “Common People”.

  130. Jay, you asked about Luther Strange vs. Roy Moore.

    A pretty good summary here:

    I didn’t like either one of them, I wanted Mo Brooks.

  131. Sorry about the confusion, mare. I’ve been following your chronicle,but obviously not close enough.

  132. I think the best part about this year is that starting 1 January 2018, the models of BBF could be born in 2000.

  133. *throws chunk of feldspar at sithkhan*

  134. Blerg.

    Mare, I’m confident she’s in a better place now. Unlike that asshat Playboy who passed away a few days ago.

  135. I think Erin is talking to NB on snapchat.



  136. On tap tomorrow- oschi goes in for a check on her head, then my mom and sister are coming up for dinner. ugh.

  137. Bryan Adams is a vegan Canadian. MiL rallied today. Hospice nurse didn’t want to get our hopes up, but she ate again and seemed aware. Yesterday, she was hallucinating and telling someone everything was good and soon they’d be together.

  138. We all wanted Mo “Ted Cruz” Brooks. Willing to settle for cray cray Judge.

  139. That’s a blerg and two ughs, C arin. Go to your Happy Place.

  140. A few days before my dad passed, he was feeling great and made his aid take him to Meijer and they bought all sorts of chocolate. He had a huge sweet tooth. He bought a LOT of candy. One of those good memories of his final days.

  141. I love you Sean ;)

    I’m listening to some metal so that’s helping.

  142. I do need to go to bed, but just a little bit of unwinding after work.

    I had a hella bad table tonight. Complained to the manager about me because …. ? The cooks mixed up their food a bit, and I tried to fix it, but it was FINE. No, it’s FINE.

    Then head bitch at the table complained long and hard about me to the manager. It was stupid. Is getting free food really that awesome? People such. I think everyone at the table was embarrassed.

  143. NB is gonna be back around. Erin can’t quit him.

  144. I’m afraid you’re right. and, unfortunately I think he really likes her, but he’s just such a dick he can’t stop himself from screwing things up constantly. Not that I feel sorry for him or anything. But why can’t he just let her go?

  145. You’re going to need to take stronger action against the floppy-haired menace.

  146. I need to kill him, don’t I?

  147. Dan and I early voted tonight. I despise a local mayoral candidate. Close friend of my cousin, Tony. He was the local DNC in 2008. Totally fucked over Hillary voters. He was there to vote. Glad handing douche chatting everyone up. Dan wanted me to tell the Beta douche I was Tony’s and Raul’s cousin. I glared at Dan and douche in Apache

  148. He’s never going to be a “good” boyfriend. He’s always going to really suck.

    My one friend, when I asked her why he’s contacting her, replied “Why does a cat play with a mouse?”


  149. You said it, not I…


  150. I’ve got lots of wetlands. I think I’ll need mostly peaceful protest.

  151. Chicks like dicks. Not necessarily the appendage. The douchebag attached to said appendage. Oso is the poster child of bad boy nearly ruining life due to looking past authentic nice guy. I’m still amazed that I chose Dan almost 30 years ago over a Christmas gift.

  152. Ok. I need to go to bed. And, when I say that, I mean, I need to go fall asleep until about 3 and then be up for a few hours, then fall asleep (hopefully) for another hour or two.

  153. I’d rather my daughter learned the lesson quicker. Douchbag is sorta charming, and I get it. But he’s fucking up right now, and may not recover into a fully functioning human for several years. Life is short.

  154. Copy. G’night Carin. Some lessons can only be learned through trial by fire.

  155. B-BUT, SHE CAN FIX HIM!!!

  156. Is NB the kind of douchebag who would use a condom that has been stuffed in his wallet for the last three years?

  157. Cool, just found out he showed up uninvited with some other people. He may be retarded.

  158. He’s a teenaged boy, of course he’s retarded.

  159. Checking up to see if Squeakhole or NKOTB is there, no doubt.
    The others are a cover so he doesn’t look too creepy stalkerish.

  160. “He’s Canadian, for starters.”


  161. That’s a paddlin”

  162. All of my life,
    I’ve been searchin’ for a girl
    To love me like I love you.
    Oh, now… But every girl I’ve ever had,
    Breaks my derp and leaves me sad.
    What am I, what am I supposed to do?

  163. come to dux games with me this year.

  164. Long live The League…

    of Hawtstages.

  165. Sorry, Mare. I hadn’t known, been mostly out of the loop since Sunday.

    I tried to take yesterday off and everything went to Hell. Ended up working for an hour on the phone while I was trying to tour a build site. Only thing that went right yesterday was meeting with the sharecropper.

    Q: Am I now a plantation owner?

  166. Dark Horse was here. I don’t yet know where that’s going. He’s a nice guy, but he used to have a thing with Erin’s best friend. So that may be bad. He was here when I got home last night.

  167. condolences mare

  168. “Comment by lclintsp on September 29, 2017 10:33 am

    Is it true that those red dots are low battery indicators?”

    clint – according to the manuals i’ve seen, it means the fluids need to be topped off

  169. time for little jammette’s swim meet


    ps: good luck with the horny teen males c a r in

  170. Phanks.

  171. And … my charger has been stolen again.

    Ugh. WTF is wrong with teenagers? I have a busy day and I don’t have time for this shit.

  172. Ugh. WTF is wrong with teenagers?

    Pre-frontal cortex isn’t fully formed until mid-20s.

  173. Gearing myself up mentally to go for a run. Blue sky. Cool. Where should I run is the only question.

  174. New poat.

  175. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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