Tonight, on One Tree Hill …

Will there be a breakup? A fight?   Or will everyone just get grounded? TUNE IN TONIGHT


I honestly don’t know much about this show, but I did watch this one waaaaay back in the day:




The thing I like about Tori Spelling, is that she’s living proof that all the money in the world can’t make you beautiful.

I was actually more of a fan of this type of show:


Man, those were the days.  LOVED that show. And it had THIS wonderful episode – good performances and STILL had the humor.



One hunk for tuesday – Concert is in a few weeks:



The new album is awesome. But then you knew I’d say that. This is usually the concert opener, but not every time.   I will be insufferable until then.



Ok. My work here is done. I’ve fully desecrated the blog.   That’s what happens when everyone leaves me alone here.







  1. You only have yourselves to blame. And jimbro.

  2. GOd, I hate you all so much.

  3. Did the rapture happen overnight?

  4. I’m debating whether to get a jump on the day, or to say fuck it and go back to sleep.

  5. I’m just catching up from yesterday, but this is hilarious:

    Don’t forget to shout “WORLDSTAR!!” when it goes down.

    Hahahahahahhaha. Xbrad is a funny guy sometimes.

  6. This poat needs a good dork in its squeaker. I don’t mean it in a bad way.

  7. Somehow I did something to my side, because it is tender right below my ribs.

  8. Car in, what’s your workout for today? I’ve got squats and overhead presses and a bit of cardio.

  9. So NB wants to kick SH’s ass. That’s interesting.

    I didn’t really talk to NB but he struck me as a douchebag.

  10. I get a lot of odd results when I google (safe) search squeakhole.

  11. Ethan thinks NB is a douchebag. I honestly don’t know him well enough to determine. He may be just a stupid young kid.

    He doesn’t sit around and play video games all day, and he works a lot and saves his money. Adores his little (half) sister. WOrks on cars. So, really. can’t decide.

  12. Workout is unknown today. Yesterday’s crack fat was hard. It was a partner wod and there were only a few of us there- so I had to partner with someone who is relatively new. She probably hates me now. I may have crossed the line beyond “gentle encouragement”.

  13. Oh, this doesn’t look good:

    Metcon (Time)
    5 rounds for time

    200m run
    30 Double unders
    9 Hang sq cleans

    There is probably a weightlifting component too, but it’s not listed yet.

  14. Sounds like a mixed bag with NB. His hair still strikes me as unserious.

  15. My wife worked on BH90210 back in like 1993. She almost got fired because she (an ex-Captain in the Air Force) was too abrupt when telling the actors to get their pampered hinies to the set. Tori Spelling in particular. She eventually started treating them like 5 year olds rather than professionals (“Oooohh – wouldn’t it be nice if you went to the set now? You get to wear the pretty shirt!”).

    Problem solved.

  16. Ha ha aha Geoff! Way to be on topic with the post!

  17. Jerry Jones doubled down on stupid last night.

    What an idiot.

  18. Yea, Leon. Mixed bag, jury is out.

    But if there was ever a time for seriousness hair, it’s high school. He doesn’t appear to wear a lot of hair gel, so there’s that. Some guy’s hair doesn’t even move at all.

    /avoids eye contact with MJ

  19. What, Scott – trying to appease both sides doesn’t work for you?

    Me neither. The entire protest is based on a lie and further damages racial issues. See the link I posted up there for some fuckin truth.

  20. I caught two mice last night. One was caught by the tail and still alive. When I put it down the garbage disposal it made HotBride cry. I feel bad, but it had to be done.

  21. Puerto Rico is what happens when an entire island is a welfare state.

  22. Someone kick Hotspur in the poon.

  23. I’ll watch football on Saturdays from now on.

  24. Jeez, feeding rodents to the wood chipper? Fargo much?

  25. Some guy’s hair doesn’t even move at all.


    Sounds handsome.

  26. I know lots of people that were looking for Dallas to salute the flag. They really disappointed, didn’t they?

    I’m hoping the Chefs do something to piss me off, and wean me off football too. They’ve been quiet. Peters will do something, I can depend on him.

  27. Scott, it is only a matter of days before college players start pulling that shit.

  28. I think I’m finally out of fucks.

    Tax reform, media bashing, etc. That’s all I want anymore.

  29. College kids aren’t spoiled millionaire yet with nothing on the line. The NFL players can ride out a decline in $$ and still be well off.

    College kids? Well, we know they’re not smart, but hopefully someone fills them in. Or not. I don’t care.

    Soccer- it’s the sport of the future.

  30. Our local coach just put out a press release about free expression. I look forward to ISU and Texas players kneeling on Thursday night for prime time.

  31. You can’t be irritated about the national anthem, because they didn’t come out of the locker room until 2009, and the US govt. pays them to do it.

    Doncha know?

  32. Soccer- it’s the sport of the future.

    And always will be.

  33. I don’t get how these things are related.

    I want to protest police brutality so I’m not going to stand for the national anthem when its played.

    Football players, by and large, and not bright. Let them keep talking.

  34. This poat is largely faggy … other than Buffy & QOTSA.

  35. The Big Fight won’t happen until later in the season on One Lapeer Creekdale 48446. SH will lose and give an impassioned speech to Erin before riding off on his motorcycle. He’ll return next season, only for the audience to discover that he’s secretly the Blue Froggy Woggy, who’s been terrorizing Lapeer all season with a reign of crime.

  36. Soccer is also mostly/largely faggy, too.

  37. Maybe SH will come back as a vampire. But a good one. Who sparkles.

  38. If we start training Squeakhole for the fight, he might have a shot.

  39. Soccer is the sport for euroweenies and third world shitholes that can’t afford proper padding, protection, and helmets. That’s why the left love it so much, and want to take down the NFL.

    I have to give them credit, they found a way to take it down from within its own ranks. Well done, assholes.

  40. College basketball is crashing too.

  41. Eh, I don’t think the left loves soccer. They left generally doesn’t like any sport. I know everyone thinks soccer is a gentle sport, but it’s actually pretty violent. You have to actually be down on the field, watching the game to see that though – which is something most won’t do.

    I don’t care. I like it. Ethan is actually pretty heartbroken over his knee. He went to the varsity game last night and was pretty depressed afterwards. He want to play so badly.

  42. “College basketball is crashing too.”
    Off with Scott’s head! How dare you, ingrate!!!

  43. Well, okay, some BLM’s coaches are crashing.

  44. *Starts applying Super Glue to Scott’s neck. Hopes for good results.*

  45. The Left hates everything the Right likes. It’s that simple.

    The moment the Right likes soccer, it’ll be hated by the Left.

  46. If the Adidas guy agrees to a plea deal it could get interesting.

    College football could be next.

    * invents CFL Network *

  47. Adidas – providing diamond stud earrings to college kids since 2008

  48. Major League Lacrosse is going to be amazing.

  49. Nothing more exciting than watching the varsity chess team dirt stomp an opponent.

  50. Professional Lawn Mowing League

  51. I took my time today because it’s so fucking beautiful outside. Warm, dry fall day with the leaves just starting to turn. I saw my first snake of the year near the drain pipe from my cellar. He managed to evade the mower blade

  52. It’s beautiful here too. Has been for days and days. I read somewhere that it is hurricane Maria that is causing this weather pattern.

  53. It too hot. For running.

  54. Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.

  55. Not in the 73-75 prime running window, Car in?

  56. Nope. Actually, anything over 72 is too hot for me, unless it’s overcast. Which it’s not.

  57. 50’s and 60’s are perfect. 50’s and sunny is divine.

  58. Post updated with liberal stupidity/something my mom just posted on facedouche.

    I can’t even.

  59. LOL, Carin, I can’t either.

  60. If the cops kneeled all day, they wouldn’t have time to kill innocent black people,

  61. So basically the left:

    – does not accept the election of a duly elected president
    – does not accept the findings of duly appointed juries
    – does not accept people’s first amendment rights
    – does not believe the second amendment says what it says
    – thinks illegal aliens are immigrants and have constitutional rights
    – does not want border enforcement
    – hates the jews, even though they in large part are democrats
    – Does not think we have a worldwide problem with muslim terrorists
    – believes in the religion of global warming
    – Thinks killing babies is “women’s health care”
    – Thinks statues of dead guys are racist
    – Thinks the National Anthem is racist because it mentions dead slaves in a stanza that no-one has ever sung or heard
    – …

  62. I think your mom is a national treasure and that she’s right.

    Police should pull out of bad neighborhoods and let the residents figure it out.

  63. To a certain extent they already are. There are places in many cities that the cops will not patrol.

  64. So basically the left believes:

    –there are 57 genders
    –vaccines will kill you
    –GMO will turn you into a fish
    –white people are racist
    –free speech includes burning the flag but not the Koran
    –Michelle Obama is hot
    –health care = insurance
    –segregation is inclusive
    –words can hurt you physically
    –xbrad had nothing but pure intentions with Dolly

  65. To a certain extent they already are. There are places in many cities that the cops will not patrol.
    I know, as I used to live in one of those communities where there was a noticeable pull back.

    Part of me thinks its terrible, but another part of me totally gets it. Let ’em kill each other and keep it contained.

  66. The last one goes a bit far, don’cha think?

  67. It doesn’t matter that those slaves were white.

  68. It’s a really stupid time to be alive!

  69. – the parties switched sides in the seventies

  70. Oh yeah I love that one. Southern Strategy™

  71. Dinesh D’Souza does a great lecture about the “Southern Strategy”.

    He shreds it.

  72. This

  73. I just want to live in a world where black cops only kill innocent black peopke and white cops kill innocent white people. That seems reasonable and fair.

  74. @KennedyNation 3h3 hours ago

    Your mom’s not qualified to service anyone but longshoremen yet she branches out to carnies & pipe fitters all the time!

  75. Agree, MJ, it is a time if human stupidity and embarrassment.

  76. Of

  77. the thing is – we don’t live in a perfect world. The more dangerous the activity, the higher the stakes. A cop makes an error in judgement, and kills someone who may have been innocent. The stakes are high in “crime fighting” – and dealing with cops. That’s why you’re supposed to make their job easier for them and comply.

    There is NO fucking difference when some dipshit makes an error in judgment when driving and kills someone. “Oh, didn’t see the sign” dude runs the intersection and kills someone is somehow “better” than a cop misinterpreting an non-compliant suspect?

    They are both tragic and sad. But one isn’t cause for overpaid athletes to take a knee and I bet a HELL OF a lot more people die every day from avoidable traffic mistakes.

  78. I can’t wait for vast swaths of lefties to kneel before Trump as an act of defiance.

  79. Its my dream. Half of congress kneels before Trump at the SOTU.

    The CBC might do it but I can’t imagine the crackers would.

  80. How is your has been he kneeling become. I’d say it’s peaking:

    I cop was ambushed and shot in the face today (NYC?), and these 2 idiots are supporting the ones that hate them.

  81. That was supposed to be “how stupid has the kneeling become?”
    I got a weird server maintenance messega and could not spellcheck.

  82. Good afternoon, muppetfuckers.

  83. HELLO

  84. So, orientation is over. I’ll be live on the surgical floor tomorrow. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband too, ‘cuz they rapin’ errybody out here

  85. Mare?

  86. I don’t know what I’m saying. Just so happy to be finally getting going with this new thing, giddy as all Hell.

  87. Congratulations, Laura. You worked very hard for this, and deserve it.

  88. Surgical rape sounds like a fetish only a few people may have an interest in.

    I applaud you for leading the way on this lauraw. When do you apply for a grant?

  89. And congrats. This muppet is very proud of you.

  90. Congratulations, LauraW.

    (note to self, never seek medical care in CT)

  91. *snaps on nitrile gloves and smiles menacingly*

    *snaps another pair on top of the first pair*

    *snaps a third pair on top of the second pair*

    *still grinning like a cracked jack o’ lantern*

  92. Practice this line lauraw

    “Okay…you’re the doctor!”

    Works every time when some dumbass is doing something absurd

  93. Thanks guys! Wasn’t looking for back-pats, but it’s nice of you. I was able to touch base with some people I went to school with today, who started working before me. So glad not to have to work night shifts. My stomach doesn’t like weird sleep changes, and all the mandatory new-hire workshops seem to happen when the nightshift people would ordinarily be sleeping, so they get screwed.

  94. Paula tried night shift for a while but it really messed with her. She was constantly fatigued. It works when you don’t have kids or dogs and can sleep when you get home. Between trying to go to Crossfit, deal with the kids and the dogs going ballistic over deliveries of oil or packages or false alarms she was not able to get rest. Right now she works 11-11 or 11-7.

  95. I’ve heard it’s bad to check out the “packages” of your male patients, no matter how impressive it may be.

    ANyone else have any good advice for Lauraw? We should be helpful.

  96. Does this look infected?

  97. All right. I’ll kick over this can of gas near the fire.

    I’ve long believed and probably shared here that I thought black folks in the US would lose their shit as Obama’s presidency came to an end.

    Its just a theory, but it goes something like this:

    Obama’s presidency didn’t change anything except for the pride black folks feel. It swelled and then ebbed. Pride is a hard thing to lose, and consequently black folks are searching for a way forward without Jesus on the dashboard.

    Lots of blame casting going on but not a whole lot of soul searching. Cuz that shit’s hard and usually kind of uncomfortable.


  98. Roll your eyes a lot. People love that.

  99. Carry peppermint oil with you. At some point you’ll be confronted with the worst smell you can possibly imagine.

    Apparently peppermint oil when dabbed under your nose is a good way to mask the odors coming from the 400lb diabetic that has a rotten foot falling off or an old Hickory Farms sausage stuck up their posterior.

  100. 4

  101. Worse, the situation for African Americans deteriorated under Obama. That was a result of Obama’s policies, rhetoric, and actions.

    But the black community cannot process that, and so lashes out. It’s just too much cognitive dissonance.

  102. MJ, it’s worse. Their chocolate messiah didn’t deliver. Now they have to figure out why things aren’t better–nay, they’re worse–and of course, since they keep getting told nothing’s ever their fault…

    This isn’t gonna end well. For anyone.

  103. Yeah, what xbradtc said.

  104. I’m having the most ridiculous conversation on facedouche – where apparently everyone actually police violence against blacks because of RACISM is a thing.

    The libertarians seem to be particularly soft on this issue, because they appear to often hate the police.

    YMMV, but that’s what I get from my libertarian friends over there.

  105. BTW, One Tree Hill is leaving Netflix on the 1st of October, so better start your binge watching now.

  106. MJ Johnson is correct.

    Obama made black folks feel pride, but didn’t actually improve things, and in fact stirred up racial animosity.

  107. Called Ethan’s doctor- I have to wait until friday to find out the results. Even though they have them NOW. ugh.

  108. They’re trying to plan how to extract the most money from you, before resorting to amputation.

    It’s how the game is played.

  109. Probably.

  110. ” “I don’t think a lot of people was educated. And I think that’s one of the biggest problems that we have when it becomes vote time. People are just not educated, on either the individual or what’s actually going on in the state of the world right now. Not that particular state, but the state of the world.

    I don’t think a lot of people are educated, and they make choices and say things that’s uneducated. Am I saying that the people of Ohio wasn’t educated? Am I saying that some of the other states that voted for [Trump] was uneducated? They could have been, or they could not have been. But that doesn’t mean it was the right choice.””

    LeBron James on Trump voters.

    Bahaaaa haaaaa haaaaa …

    Comedy gold.

  111. conversation on facedouche
    I’ve spotted your problem.

  112. Jeebus, What an asshole.

  113. Like most lefties, he’s smarter than us.

  114. I am winning the war on stinkbugs.

    Only had to squish about 20 of them today.

  115. Like most lefties, he’s smarter than us.

    Skipped college, went straight to the NBA.

  116. Hillary Clinton takes a knee to protest Trump:

  117. I once was an anti-Trumper like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee…

  118. Monica Lewinski was way ahead of the curve on this Trump resistance thing.

  119. For Pendejo


    Fuck these people. I just have one question.

    WHATS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR THIS SHIT TO STOP? Whats the price? What do they want?

    *for the record, at this point in time I have no intention of giving them anything, I just want to know the terms.

  121. Villenueua made an ass of himself . So embarrassing. I’m ashamed for him.

  122. They want absolute dominance. This is a hegemonic culture at work.

    No retreat, no compromise, no surrender.

  123. Skipped college, went straight to the NBA.
    That were an educatedness.

  124. I wonder if the stinkbugs will take a knee.

  125. It’s not that the liberals are stupid, it’s that the believe so many things that just aren’t so!

  126. The story of our national anthem

  127. Leon?

  128. NB bought a mustang. Squeakhole doesn’t stand a chance.

  129. Pfffft… he’ll probably be asking Erin for gas money.

  130. Moose HATES the ‘stang. NB has no chance of sneaking into the house now – he can hear it the moment it starts pulling in the driveway.

  131. Nope, the kids works a lot, and Erin says he saves most of it and “is loaded”. He didn’t sell his Jeep. He just bought this one too. He loves his jeep, but erin doesn’t like riding in it.

    Kinda reminds me of my Matt.

  132. Squeakhole needs a Beemer

  133. Yea, that’s not happening. I don’t believe squeakhole works. I think we’re gonna have to say “Good luck with that beta male thing, squeakhole” and wish him well.

  134. Porsche would seal the deal.

  135. But he’d still probably be a better boyfriend than NB.

  136. V6 or V8?

  137. Does Moose hate the car or the guy driving it?

  138. I’m enjoying the hypocrisy of liberals who say women who didn’t vote for Hillary are misogynists but that Anthony Weiner is marvy.

    I had a kickass day at work, and tonight ends this round of robocalls for the Senate race.

  139. “Squeakhole needs a Beemer”

  140. Squeak hole should go old school and buy a trans am.

  141. Moose loves everyone. The ‘Stang is really loud, but I don’t know what size the motor is. He’s a huge car person though.

  142. Good clip Jam, like me some Minnie Driver

  143. Squeakhole’s ride

  144. Cuatro

  145. 3 straight days of edgy hospice. Dan sat with MIL yesterday. We didn’t want to be at Kingsman when she passed. We were with her today. She’s eating and off morphine. Dan arranged for priest to visit. MIL today to Dan “When do I know to hang up?” She didn’t recognize either of us.

  146. I don’t have a basement. Just a barn.

  147. My cats breath smells like fish.


  149. Umm… That’s not her breath.

  150. My cat smells like Squeakhole.

  151. Tell squeakhole to call me. I’ll fix him up with something German.

  152. Probably Greek.

  153. MadieraSherry Chicken was really good. Better mushrooms next time, with a bit more butter for those.

  154. Comment by MJ on September 26, 2017 10:02 pm
    Tell squeakhole to call me. I’ll fix him up with something German.

    You’re not talking about a car, are you?

  155. Osita, prayers up.

    I’m watching “A Farewell to Arms” with shirtless Rock Hudson. What a waste. Gary Cooper was better.

    Today I learned that “At Last” was a Glenn Miller song, and the Etta James version is a cover. **runs away**

  156. Thanks Roamy. Cover theory Wiser is a scam

  157. HotShirt, I larfed thinkng of you sending that mouse down the garberator.

    I already thoght you were cool.

  158. I sing Brandy (GOTG2) and think of Chumpo


  160. Trebuchet team will be here tomorrow to pack everything up and load the trailer. I gotta figure out what I’m making for dinner. Pumpkins will fly on Saturday.

  161. You guys prolly covered all this earlier but I noticed where former Representative Wiener got himself some actual prison time. I’m honestly a bit shocked. The article I read didn’t mention his party…..which is kinda curious.

  162. Sometimes you really derp a girl the moment you kiss her,
    And then you get distracted by her older sister.
    When in walks her father and takes you in line,
    And says, “Better go on home, son, and make up your mind.”

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