MMM 292: You’d be sad too

Up early today because I have to go try and do a thing at a place and I’m sure it will be at least moderately stressful.  Feel free to conjecture about what and where and with whom, I’ll fill you all in on the details later.  No worries, this is more of an “aw, man…” bummer than an “oh no!” bummer, it’s just that it’s going to eat up most of my morning and not be pleasant.  I hope all of your days are blessed and unstressed.

I bet she’d look amazing in a pale yellow sundress with little pink flowers.


I didn’t make it to the beach once this year.  I guess it will have to wait until next Summer.


Interesting lighting here.


Seeing this in the gym would be very distracting.


Posing practice.


I love that she appears to be reaching for a cheeseburger here.


I’d make a beach comment, but our beaches look nothing like this.


She must get up to some weird stuff in the routine to need those kneepads.


She’d be less sweaty if she weren’t curling next to a fog machine.


And that’s all for today.  The last week of September – and first week of Autumn – starts NOW!


  1. Colonoscopy

  2. Not medical. Good guess, though.

  3. Reduction mammoplasty

  4. you were on a roll for the first two mmms

  5. audition for an open slot as a pole dancer

  6. 2nd gal reminds me of Erin Gray a bit.

  7. Looks like the Steelers are effectively committing ritual seppuku. Nothing like picking a fight with most of your fan base.

    I wonder if the Packers’ front office is taking notes.

    It will be interesting to see if “corporate america” can prop up the league. The question has now been put, so to speak…

  8. so you’re near cold water leon? brothers in laws have a cabin on cold water lake.

  9. I didn’t watch one second of a NFL game yesterday. Don’t see how my life is worse off in any way. Also, I wasn’t sitting around (as Ace would say), “Watching other people do things.”

    I wanted to cry this weekend about the mentality of many of our citizens; Uninformed, ignorant, entitled, babied, weak minded, loud mouthed, sullen, victims of their own lack of initiative, critical thinking skills and fear of God.

  10. Oh, and McCain can go Eff himself and DIAF (and like Hotspur said, which made me LOL in my pants), at Christmas dinner although I hope we don’t have to wait that long.

  11. Good riddance to you, Sir. I said, GOOD RIDDANCE!

  12. Where the heck has Wiser been? I miss Wiser.

  13. Jury Duty

    wakey wakey

  14. I’m on Untappd, if you want to rate the brews, MJ, laura, and Car in.

    Ok, I’ll try – but I liked them all.

  15. Maybe I can figure it out while Ethan’s getting his MRI last today.

  16. My decades long streak of not watching football is safely intact.

    If Trump picks a fight with Downton Abby I’m out, though.

  17. Cold water, MI, is going to be about 40 miles from the new place. I’m told that the cost of delivering the modules of the house from there to Kalamazoo will not be prohibitively expensive.

  18. I never saw the last season of Downton Abby.

    (the funniest joke on Modern Family is when Cam calls “Down Town Disney – “Downton Disney” and his boyfriend tells him he’s been watching too much BBC. )

  19. Tax attorney

  20. I have not watched a single minute of Downton Abbey.

  21. i worked with a chick named Abbey –
    had lunch with her downtown once

  22. *not a euphemism

  23. Pay loves Pride and Prejudice. I suckered him into that years ago and he admitted that he loved it.

  24. Downton: The writing is good and I lurves me a good romance.

    This is not a joke…in The Handmaid’s Tale I laughed out loud when the black, lesbian character said something like, ‘fuck all that fucking shit.’

    Its the worst writing ever. And when I went to tell GND how dumb it was, the main character–married to a black guy and writing a paper on campus sexual assault, repeated it for emphasis.

    The dialogue was similar to reading the Huffington Post after drinking a bottle of absinthe.

    Maybe I’m missing it, but that show was cringe worthy. I’ll try one more episode but if its as bad as what I watched last night I can safely say this is a virtue signaling exercise for dumb people.

  25. not even gonna try watching that crap.

  26. What Handmaid’s Tale? Fuck all that fucking shit.

    I ain’t even trying it.

    As I said – I hated the book.

  27. The first girl needs a sundress and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

  28. If the show was cringe-worthy … why are you giving it a second chance?

  29. Is it because it won an emmy?

  30. I really like dystopian shows/books and I’m hoping it gets better.

    My guess is that I’ll waste another hour, but that’s ok.

  31. MJ, they developed that show as a protest of Donald Trump. Read some of the actors, writers, directors and others bullshit comments about it. S-t-u-p-i-d.

  32. Some shows take a few episodes to find their stride with regards to writing and acting.

  33. That’s true, Alex.

  34. MJ, they developed that show as a protest of Donald Trump. Read some of the actors, writers, directors and others bullshit comments about it. S-t-u-p-i-d.
    I guess that’s what is so confusing. Its a huge lefty mish mash of goop but there are other times where its an indictment of the Left.

    Sure, it’s a theocratic authoritarian government but it resembles the Soviet Union. Ration cards, bare stores, police everywhere, etc.

    At one point, there are three prisoners hung. One is a priest, a gay dude, and an abortion doctor. I get the last two, but what’s with the priest?

    Oh shit. I get it.

    Its written by people who have no historical perspective and are just trying to sound smart.

  35. I don’t get the priest deal. What does it mean?

  36. I read The Handmaid’s Tale back in college for a course on Science Fiction (night school class). If I remembered it I’d give my opinion but that was a loooooong time ago.

  37. I was asked by a hard lefty why I didn’t move to China, since I was a conservative. This guy has a Ph-D.

    They aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  38. Comment by mare on September 25, 2017 10:39 am
    I don’t get the priest deal. What does it mean?

    My guess is that it’s supposed to show that the religious government doesn’t tolerate any other faiths.

  39. Communism is a jealous leader. It tolerates no others.

  40. Alright, makes sense.

  41. So they have the protagonist and her friend walk by where three dudes are hung from the walls with masks over their heads to depict their sins.

    One is gay, one is doctor (I’m guessing abortion doctor cuz any form of birf control is outlawed) and one is a priest.

    The Right, which is the antagonist in this shit show, wouldn’t hang a priest. I guess we could say that this specific theocratic form of government hates specific priests but it was just confusing. Why not hang a a gay dude, a doctor, and a professor? That way its Left v Right, which is sort of the premise of the show.

    The Left doesn’t exactly lionize priests to I thought it was weird to have one hung as emblematic of ‘The Right’s’ authoritarianism.

    And at one point they have the protagonist and her buddies kill a rapist with their bare hands. That’s something I’m guessing the Left would like, but it was sanctioned by the The Right in the show. They literally called these people to a ceremony and they gleefully meted out punishment. Are we to approve or disapprove of this form of justice delivered? I dunno.

    Its as if the writers read the Cliff notes version of the Lottery, 1984, and a few other novels and smashed it all up into a cauldron of stoopid.

  42. My guess is that we’re supposed to be horrified by the fact that the rapist was killed, and that the crowd was incited to do the deed. It shows the barbarism of Gilead.

  43. Eh, I dunno.

    GND was confused by the whole thing. She was like, ‘it appears they have no budget and don’t really understand how to made a TV show. Why does everyone like this?’

  44. They like it because they’ve been told to like it. Same reason “Girls” was “popular”. Same thing, it was a horrible and boring show.

  45. A lot of it is them mashing up symbols to feed their esoteric fantasies (not to be confused with the film series Mare “starred” in to pay for college). They can point to various scenes or actions or dialogue and pretend that they are privy to some secret knowledge about what that scene means or how it’s actually saying something about modern society.

  46. Side note: Raclette cheese is delicious but smells foul.

  47. Ok, I’ve got 60 mins to workout. What should I do?

  48. Comments from Roamy yesterday:

    Wow, Tushar, your twins were both over 6.5 lbs? Your wife must be tough.

    Rocketboy was 9 lbs. 14 oz. I’m 5′ 8″ and I couldn’t take a deep breath, carrying him. I can’t imagine carrying another 3 lbs. of baby.

    Mrs Tushar is indeed tough. She is 5’2″, and was 112 lb before pregnancy. Except for one stumble in a parking lot, she handled it well.
    After spending a few years in the 135 lb range, she is back down to 120 lb and has a 116 lb goal.

  49. Raclette is awesome.

    One of my lefty friends really likes “I Love Dick”. HotBride and I watched one episode and we said “fuck this shit.” Unwatchable crap.

  50. This is for Mare. No one else look. Go straight to the comments, Mare.

  51. Poor guy. All he did was serve his country as a true conservative and now everyone has turned on him.

    President McCain was right about you people.

    Oh wait. No he wasn’t. Fuck that guy.

  52. The doc who did the injection could be Leon’s twin.

  53. MJ’s kid is going to learn about sarcasm at a young age.

  54. Weiner is going up the river. My bet is that he never makes it out alive.

  55. Not so sure on that. Felons love them some Democrat politicians.

  56. crap, forgot to listen to wiser today.

  57. Weiner is going up the river. My bet is that he never makes it out alive.
    He’ll be fine. He’s going to a min security fed prison–kind of like where Martha Stewart was housed.

    God bless Weiner and may his recovery continue!

  58. Weiner is an American hero. If he hadn’t flashed his dick to every chubby teenager on twitter, we’d have President Hillary right now.

  59. The movie was the best education I’ve gotten in years.

    Politicians aren’t really part of our world.

  60. I don’t have a twin. That I know of.

    The worst is over. I had to a building with a cross fit gym in it.

  61. crap, forgot to listen to wiser today.

    You’d be surprised how many people tell me this……

    Meh, you didn’t miss much…

    besides TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

    So, yannow, just another day…..

    (Hi Mare!)

  62. Wiser!!!! Good to see you! Update on your life and radio domination!!

  63. You were all wrong. I had to go to a government building and get an account activated. In Arlington.

    Now I’m stuck here.

  64. Go over to the Senate and tell McCain to eat a steaming bowl of dicks.

  65. Ha! Thanks Hotspur!!

  66. Wiser!!!! Good to see you! Update on your life and radio domination!!

    Well, I’m still doing the show, so I guess they like me well enough.

    I did a remote broadcast at a local event this past Saturday and had at least 8 people come up and introduce themselves to me and tell me how much they enjoy the show. “Great topics.” “I always learn something new when I listen.” “You really understand what’s going on in this state.”

    It felt really good to get that kind of feedback.

    It’s a lot of work, but damn, I still love this job.

  67. I tell them all that every time I’m down here.

    Nothing changes.

  68. You have to bring your own bowl of dicks.

    That’s how you get their attention.

  69. Wiser, great to hear!

  70. Anyone else battling stink bugs?

    Squished over 100 yesterday.

  71. It’s going down here.

    Guess who just showed up here.

    THat’s right. Squeakhole.

  72. Gotta admire his focus.

  73. “Isn’t NB gonna me mad about this?”

    “Don’t care”.

    Oh …. so you’re in a fight.

    “He’s stupid”.

    Which I think he kind of is.

  74. Erin’s on the dock, in her bikini sunbathing with squeakhole and one other guy (her BF’s date to homecoming).

    If NB pulls up, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. You think they’ll fight?

    I should have my camera ready, right?

  75. Don’t forget to shout “WORLDSTAR!!” when it goes down.

  76. Much respect to squeaky for not backing down and continuing to reach for that brass ring.

    And, please livestream the event. Hell, I would watch that on pay-per-view!

  77. Anyone else battling stink bugs?

    Yeah, we have them all over the house. I try not to squish them inside the house. I grab them lightly with a tissue to keep the smell off my fingers, then either throw them outside or flush them.

  78. I’m rooting for SH right now, to be honest. NB is a bit of a partier – and it seems he often comes over for a bit, but then goes out with his friends. Even homecoming- he didn’t drive her home. He stayed at the party (which got busted) when she wanted to leave. She said she didn’t care, etc, but I think she does. She’s realizing her priorities are set a certain way.

    I just think it’s weird. She’s a HUGE football fan – isn’t that every football guy’s dream? A gal who knows the game and will watch for hours on end on a Sunday with you? He’s not come over to watch, nor gone to her Soccer games.

  79. We should know pretty quickly about his MRI. Last time it took three days or something. They’re going to read them today and the doc should have it by tomorrow.

  80. “I don’t have a twin. That I know of.”
    Clone, duh……

  81. Your mom is always ready to take a knee………

  82. Well, if Leon’s mom gave away his twin, I can see how she wouldn’t want everyone to know.

    /common sense.

  83. *routes for squeakhole*

  84. Hotspur, according to VA Tech

    “Just fill a foil roasting pan with water and dish soap, and put a light over the pan to attract the bugs in a dark room.”

    Supposed to be very effective. I’ll set up a trap outside tonight and see what I get.

    Today’s dead stinkbug count is up to 51.

  85. I wonder if Erin pressured NB about the not dating status and didn’t like his response.

    Pay gave her heat about it all last night. Said that some dads would take him aside and ask him what his intentions were. Wondered if that’s what he should do…

  86. Notaboyfriend sounds like a floppy-haired douchebag. N

  87. Heh, a snowflake having a “dad talk”. That would be worth watching.

  88. Not taking her home when she wants to go is pretty shitty. Especially at Homecoming. But of course, he’s young and has a lot of growing up to do.

    On the other hand, Squeakhole is at a natural advantage right now because he lost his friends. So he can’t prioritize them over her, the way that NB does. She has his undivided attention.

    I wonder if he ever apologized to her for making whatever his filthy suggestion was to her.

    Also, NB may be gay.

  89. If Squeakhole has non-floppy hair, I’m rooting for him.

    I’d also have gone to at least one soccer game.

  90. I’m about to go out for breakfast.

    At Texas de Brazil. I have waited so long for this moment.

  91. I figured out Mrs. Leon’s Twitter handle

  92. She’s actually faceplant. Don’t think she twitters.

  93. ON faceplant.

    MY comments are going to have typos for a while, cope.

  94. “Just fill a foil roasting pan with water and dish soap, and put a light over the pan to attract the bugs in a dark room.”

    Actually, HotBride read that remedy and tried it last night. Not a single bug.

  95. Try it with a disco ball

  96. I’m both happy and curious that I apparently don’t have to worry about him constantly trying to get her alone

  97. Are you talking about NB?

  98. Yes. Unless he’s really slick and I’m completely missing it.

  99. NB is planning on beating the crap out of squeakhole. I don’t understand any of what’s going on.

  100. I wonder whether Cyn is excited for Monday Night Football tonight.

    *single tear*

  101. The reason I’m pretty sure Erin had her friend drive her home is that these kids take the designated driver deal really seriously, and NB had -most likely- been drinking. Another reason why she probably wanted to leave.

  102. Cyn and Jewstin are probably going to facetime during the game.

  103. “*single tear*”
    didn’t realize that sean was an enviro warrior

    feather not schlock

  104. “Cyn and Jewstin are probably going to”

    double fist your mom

  105. Think of Cyn every weekend when I’m wondering what the good college games are for that day. Then I curse MJ who surely drove her away.

  106. Joke’s on them, then.

  107. Fucking MJ.

  108. Nearly forgot–happy birfday, Jewstin! I donated a shirt to Goodwill in your name today.

  109. Nice to see the masks coming off of the right as well. So much for “support the troops”.

  110. What are you referring to, Alex?

  111. What do you mean, Colex?

  112. Can you claify your remark, CoA?

  113. Spill it iron monger

  114. Haahhha

  115. This is a crazy story. I heard the Code Green announcement this afternoon and wondered if we’d get a call. No broken bones I guess.

    The kids were in their car seats close to 24 hours and lived. That stretch of road is right before the exit for my camp and is heavily traveled (for Maine). She must have gone off the road with no one nearby.

  116. Some of the comments about Villanueva. People deciding to smear his service because of his apology.

  117. He apologized?

    What the fuck?

  118. Can’t diss his service but he made a huge miss-step making a dumbass excuse. I’m embarrassed for him and sad just about it.

  119. ….just sad about it.

  120. I agree that he fucked up. The problem I have is that people are now smearing his time in the service based on it. Same thing happened to David French. I don’t agree with him, and especially didn’t during the election, but the man by all accounts volunteered to give up a successful career to serve as a JAG lawyer in the Army in Iraq. And yet there are shit heads at the HQ and at Insty who smear his service because they disagree with him politically. Part of supporting the troops means respecting their service separate from any political disagreements. If you can’t do that, then you’re no better than the Left.

  121. Looks like other people on the team didn’t have their shit together, and that’s why he was alone.

  122. We live in weird, stupid, shitty times, Colex.

  123. It’s going to trickle into other pro sports, then college, then high school, then little league.

    A bunch of black entitled assholes blocked a street in Ann Arbor today because someone wrote nigger on their dorm doors last week. Everyone knows it was one of them who did it, but the protest is “righteous “.

    Fuck it all. We’re doomed, and at the age of 68, nothing I can do about it. I served my country during Vietnam Nam, but why? What a waste. May as well have moved to Canada, who we protect so that they don’t need to fund their own defense. All the taxes I’ve paid have funded the kneelers’ mother’s bridge cards.

    Fuck it. I’m out.

  124. Villanueva is covering for his teammates. He made them make like fools, and he has to play on the same team.

    That’s the reason for the apology.

  125. That was my take on it, too. Far from being weak, I think he made a classy move when he absolutely didn’t have to.

  126. HS, my dad, my uncles, my brother, coalex, xbrad, jimbro, Mrs. leon, Pay, phat, phat’s brother (who I hope is doing better), (hope I didn’t forget anyone), that’s the reason I salute the flag.

  127. They know it, too, Sean. I read that the Steelers will be on the field for the anthem for the future. So he won, in a way.

  128. HS, my dad, my uncles, my brother, coalex, xbrad, jimbro, Mrs. leon, Pay, phat, phat’s brother (who I hope is doing better), (hope I didn’t forget anyone), that’s the reason I salute the flag.
    Please, no.
    My service doesn’t make me any more a citizen, or patriotic than anyone else.

    I salute the flag because it represents the best ideals of our nation, and it’s Constitution.

    Obviously, we have always fallen short of our ideals, but that doesn’t mean we should not honor our effort to attain them.

    Also, you forgot that fag Hotspur.

  129. He was first, xbrad.

    And it’s not you personally, its the idea. Just like you said.

  130. I dunno, you guys–it turns out this is a pretty rotten country after all.

  131. No free orgies (sans fatties and uggos) no peace!

  132. My workday started at 4am. I took a 3 hour break for dinner and commuting, and now it’s finally done.

    I’m going to go sleep as long as I can.

  133. Doing Keto Cauliflower tonight.
    We’ll see…

  134. Wasn’t Keto Cauliflower the lead singer for Urge Overkill?


  136. Happy birthday, Jewstin, miss you.


  138. Happy birthday, jewstin! Come say hi!

  139. That was for Peps.

  140. I don’t think that 1500 hour figure takes into account all of the arguments and backbiting that probably result from gameplay.

  141. Wasn’t Keto Cauliflower the lead singer for Urge Overkill?

    No, you are thinking of Case Keenum.

  142. Casey Kasem.

    Long distance dictation.

  143. It’s Lucy in the sky and all kinds of apple pie
    She giggles at the screen ’cause it looks so green
    There’s carpets on the pavement
    And feathers in her eye
    But sooner or later, her new friends will realize
    That Julie’s been working for the Derp Squad
    Julie’s been working for the Derp Squad

  144. wakey wakey everyone

  145. Do I need to make a new post or something?

  146. It’s not required but it would be awful nice.

    I gotta go mow the lawn before I get tagged with an add on case.

  147. DONE. new poat.

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