Weekend funnies

Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.
Lemon party. Oso’s the one with the tiara.

Can you buy that with ass pennies?



And that oughta do it for a new poat. Have a great day.


  1. How should I defile this thread?

  2. *runs to CVS for a bottle of Gee Your Ass Smells Terrific*

  3. Next time I go to MI, I’m going to feed Moose a bucket of cooked broccoli and pork fat.

    You want a tire fire? You’ll get a tire fire.

  4. OH, and lots of hardboiled eggs too.

  5. You know – there’s nothing like the smell of a tire fire on a cool fall evening.

  6. I bet it keeps the bugs away as well. WIN WIN

  7. I know I shouldn’t say this since it only encourages him but the whole Squeakhole thing was making me laugh hysterically between cases yesterday.

    “Balls are the new dick” had me at a loss when people asked me what I was reading that was so funny. How to put that in context for the casual bystander?

  8. Moose is more of a Deviled eggs kind of dog.

  9. It was funny and the boys at work enjoyed it (they checked out BBF). Sadly I will think of that young man as squeakhole from now on.




    /gets nervous
    /looks overhead

  12. Oh sheeeet

  13. With a sufficient neutron source, depletion can be remedied.

  14. I’m solo dad for another hour or so.

  15. Well, duh.

  16. On the fire pit thing: people around here who know someone get a cast iron ring about 2-3 feet across and put it on crushed rocks. They last forever but they’re hard to find. I’ve searched online but keep finding only custom fire pits that cost a fortune. Not what I’m looking for. At camp we have a cheap fire pit that gets used a few months per year and put away in the winter so it’s lasted a few years anyway.

  17. I like fig neutrons with a cup of hot tea.

  18. They sell those things at tractor supply store near me.

  19. To be clear, I am not enriching uranium with a homemade fusor in my barn.

    Right now.

  20. Comment by Car in on September 16, 2017 11:35 am
    So glad Leon cleared that up for Chi here, among friends. Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if he made that comment elsewhere?
    Comment by geoff on September 16, 2017 11:40 am
    He saved Chi a lot of time. There’s nothing so sad as watching someone try to get a chain reaction going with U-238.
    Though Scott could probably do it.


    Mare love Leon
    Mare love Hostages

  21. I googled fire pit ring and found them at Amazon and Lowes.

    Lowes might be online only.

    That’s what I will be getting when this piece of crap falls apart.

  22. Laura says they are in the garden center near the stone.
    (not with the other pieces of crap near the grills)

  23. yay! new Lowes fire pit! what’s the half life?

  24. Leon needs the enriched uranium to power his electromagnetic egg launcher.

  25. Can it handle a tire burn?

  26. We’ve got a fire pit made with huge rocks, up at the farm. Way too close to the double-wide.

  27. So it seems the natives, all concerned with black lives, are at it again. Getting concerts and football games and other assorted events happening around St. Louis, canceled…so that many black lives who work, won’t get paid. Idiots.

    This case happened in 2011. The state and obama’s DOJ looked at it and didn’t see anything worth going after. It was dropped until last year when the outgoing prosecutor decided to bring it back up and file charges of first degree murder against the cop, who shot dead a heroin dealer who led them on a chase and flashed his gun at them. Said she had new evidence which noone has seen.

    Some say the cop planted the gun. Regardless, a judge decided the case. Looked at all the ‘circumstantial’ evidence, testimony, etc. and found the state’s case wanting. Not enough to convict the cop on 1st degree murder.

    So the rabblerousers started crawling out of the woodwork after 9pm last night and moved their ‘protest’ from St. Louis to Central West End and started vandalizing the mayor’s house. The same mayor who threw gas on the fire by saying the judge’s well-thought out decision was an injustice. Crocodiles bit her first.

    Nine cops injured. Ashame since they are not allowed to bust the thug’s heads.


    Then I looted $20.

  28. Oh, the prosecutor is a democrat and was one of two prosecutors who said they’d go after anyone talking shit about obama shortly after his coronation.

  29. Beasn, they inflame and agitate these folks (and the antifa gangs) because it helps them at a certain point politically. Then … they lose control of the mob.

  30. Exactly, Car in, and the media aids/abets it all by not informing their audience of all the facts. St. Louis has been run by democrats since forever. Not sure how it benefits them politically since everyone who can, leaves. The city is pushing hard to absorb the county, they are that broke. The economically sound county is like, no f*cking way.

    Listened to some activist yesterday and felt a strong urge to reach through the radio and punch him in the throat. He was going on and on about Jim Crow never left, and how the KKK took off their white sheets and put on the blue.

  31. Looks like WP made it impossible to edit a comment…? I can only delete it or send it to spam? Ridonkumous.

  32. And what amazes me is that the mayor would run her mouth to inflame these a-holes when they are trying to sell themselves for Amazon to build here. 50K jobs. They’re putting in a bid next month.

  33. Here’s some critter love for everyone. I had it poated on my facechimp wall. Love the chicken and the goose.


  34. They want you to live in a hostile shithole where your property and personal safety are always at risk, and they want you to pay top tax dollar for the honor.

    And they want to continue to blame you for everything wrong in said shithole.

    How far outside of the city limits will they search for a scapegoat? If we ceded the suburbs to the cities and all moved to the hinterlands of Antarctica, in no time at all we’d be getting tax notices again informing us of our financial responsibility to our former homes. And calling us racists for fleeing.

  35. LW, if you get to the editor menu, scroll down to the bottom and select “WP Admin”, that will take you to the traditional WP menus, then you can edit comments.

  36. Ah, thanks Pups.

  37. Mr. B. told me that there was some drama downstairs, this morning. Seems his dad was cutting his toenails outside, snipped each one bloody, and then came inside to get bandaids, trailing blood all over the floor. His mom was in tears ‘He makes so much work for me when I try so hard to keep everything nice.’

    Eesh. And then he takes a swipe at Mr. B. for taking his car keys/car away. (even though he’s admitted it was a good thing)…otherwise he could have driven himself in to get his toenails trimmed and ingrowns taken care of. Dude, soak your ingrowns first before snipping the shit out of your toe skin. (and my husband has told them both to call him when Pops is being Pops the Mess Maker)

  38. Okay, been to Hell and back.

  39. If I had a time machine, I’d take footage from modern Ferguson back and show it to every prospective buyer of an African slave.

    If that stops the trade before it starts, am I racist or a hero?

  40. Okay, been to Hell and back.

    Me too! And with my ex-wife, no less!

  41. *entering Leon in the Top Ten Most Boring Time Machine Uses Contest

  42. I do sort of wonder if no slavery => no Civil War, or if it would still have happened but with some other causus belli.

  43. it’s hard when you’ve been independent your whole life, then you can’t be that person any more.

  44. I’d also go back and save Henry VIII from falling off his horse to see if it stops the Anglican schism.

  45. I’ve half read a few articles claiming that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. Obviously I didn’t pay enough attention to them or I’d cite the reasons they listed.

  46. Here’s one that looks nonpartisan if that’s possible


  47. Yeah, I suspect it still happens, but I also suspect reunification doesn’t.

    I’m also curious if the American Revolution happens if you prevent the Anglican Schism.

  48. He was going on and on about Jim Crow never left, and how the KKK took off their white sheets and put on the blue.

    See, that kind of narrative is what they like. It sounds so good. People nod along in agreement. W/o one iota of supporting evidence and ignoring all logical thought.


    (uh … because they’re committing crimes, mostly to other black people)

    Critical theory. I don’t need no fucking supporting evidence. It is what I say it is.

  49. looks like all the reasons in that article were slavery, except nullification.

  50. Not Leon


  51. Obviously, the best use of a time machine is to go back and enroll in school with Kate Upton & become her most trusted male friend. The rest would then be history.

  52. Chi, why pick Kate Upton when I can romance a nice 17th century Bavarian peasant girl?

  53. Actually it would woo a young Audry Hepburn or Natalie Wood but I figured the Upton reference was more timely. Sometimes, I forget that this ain’t the horde…

  54. We exist because we ain’t the horde.

  55. So true, Hot. That’s why I’m here.

  56. That was a nail biter at the swamp

  57. That was crazy.

    Tennessee fans in the 4th quarter ——- http://tinyurl.com/ycy85ahq

  58. as expected, American assassin was disappointing

  59. Bummer

  60. are italian cars left hand drive?

  61. If I had a time machine, I would go back and kill Cher before she could record “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Just for the sheer irony of it.

  62. While she recorded it.

  63. Sean, you are a funny, funny man.

  64. Maybe while you were there Sean you could warn Sonny to spend a little more quality time with Chastity to avoid the whole Chaz thing.

  65. This is for XBrad. It was published by the company that makes Tabasco sauce to get more GI’s buying their sauce. Interesting ration stuff.


  66. Hahhhaaaaa, Sean!

  67. Mare! http://tinyurl.com/y8pmdwfs

  68. Maybe while you were there Sean you could warn Sonny to spend a little more quality time with Chastity to avoid the whole Chaz thing.

    And deprive the world of so much comedy? I think not.

    Good day, sir.

  69. i am pretty sure that the only people in Europe who drive on the left are on islands.

  70. Speaking of Chaz, my sister just let me know that her youngest daughter is demanding that everyone call her Jimmy, and use male pronouns in reference to her. She’s 16.

    They are doing things right, trying to get her help and medication to treat her depression and anger issues, but she’s pretty embedded in her gender disorder and wants everyone to play along.

    It’s heartbreaking.

  71. So sorry.

    They are pushing this crap on kids as young as 5.

  72. there’s NOTHING wrong with that, right?


  73. She needs a kick in the Jimmy.

  74. Doesn’t your niece know that white males are the source of all evil in the world? I mean, unless “Jimmy” is also gonna be a shade or two duskier, “he” is gonna get blamed for a lot of shit.

    Maybe tell “him” to put that in “his” pipe and smoke it.

  75. No one calls me Jimmy but my mom and sister. When Paula imitates them she calls me Jimmy.

  76. Ha! The fatties always mess it up!

  77. Ooh, Jimmy, you really shouldn’t have told us that.

    [Cary Grant voice] Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.

  78. No, not the Triple Jimmy!

  79. I saw Triple Jimmy open for The Dandy Warhols back in ’99.

  80. Thanks, Jimbro. They released an updated version some time in the 80s or 90s to go with MREs.

  81. We got CellControl to cut down on our new driver’s use of his phone while driving. By we I mean Paula. She got a couple of weird notifications from it but didn’t know what they meant. Turns out he turned the cellular data off for the app and the notifications were about that. We turned it back on and 20 minutes later he had turned it off on his way to work. He’ll be driving on the big yellow loser cruiser next week.

  82. WTF, WP is eating my comments.

  83. Sean M. on September 16, 2017 at 8:00 pm
    If I had a time machine, I would go back and kill Cher before she could record “If I Could Turn Back Time.” Just for the sheer irony of it.

    And somehow this SOB just won the whole internet. That was derptastic, man.

  84. Aw, shucks.

  85. He’ll be driving on the big yellow loser cruiser next week.

    Well, he’s a spirited one! They take longer to break.

  86. Unfortunately he isn’t smart enough to cover his tracks. We honestly wouldn’t care about half the stuff if we never knew about it. If he spent half the energy that he expends thinking up stupid shit on a plausible cover up everyone would be much happier

  87. Back from the Met. It was fun. There’s a huge section on European Arms and Armor that was awesome. I took a bunch of pictures, of course. It was a nice treat because this weekend is WMAW and I couldn’t go due to money and work.

  88. Calls Jimbro “Yeeemy” because, New Mexico.

  89. Ugh, pupster. Wait it out. I don’t know what I’d do.

  90. Jimbro, doesn’t he know you know what he’s doing?

    It’s like when I texted erin and asked where she was.

    I knew where she was/ thank you find a phone. I wanted to see if she’d lie. She knows she can’t now. Saves us all some time.

  91. Leon claiming his new property…


  92. My folks, my family and my sisters family, along with her oldest son’s wife and child are staying in a rental house on a 4K acre ranch in southern Utah next to Zion National Park. Today we went skeet shooting, horseback riding and did a sunset jeep tour. The “jeep” was a POS suburban with zero suspension, driven by a 19 year old native with a death wish. It was AWESOME. I haven’t had this much fun in years. Mrs. Pupster has a video I will try to post of part of the ride, but it doesn’t really capture the true nature of the experience. He took us on an ATV trail. We were breaking off tree limbs.

  93. J’ames, was Keaton good as Hurley or is the whole thing a big mess?

  94. Kids book is titled “Laugh Out Loud”. My Members that flip, hide, move, bury etc books…keep putting LOL on both sides of “What Happened”. I’ve had to uncover Al Franken’s book on a daily basis lately. People are goofy

  95. Keaton was good. Rapp was good too. But they basically purchased those 2 characters, and did away with everything else.

  96. Leon claiming his new property…

    Leon is one of the Monday crossfit trannies? Huh. Learn something new every day around here!

  97. Crap. I reread American Assassin with the understanding it would be like Shooter on TV. Update the character to modern era, but keep the essence of the character. Do you watch Shooter? Do you read the Bob Lee novels?

  98. Dan doesn’t read. I have him reading Crais, Flynn, and Michael Connelly. We don’t have Amazon Prime. No Bosch for Oso

  99. I’ve read one Bob Lee novel. Watched the movie Shooter.

  100. Comment by Jimbro on September 16, 2017 9:29 pm
    …..the big yellow loser cruiser

    Never heard it called that before! Definitely stealing that one….

  101. How ya holdin up, TiFW?

  102. Bob Lee Swagger? I’ve heard nothing but good about those books.
    My face novels of late have been the Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Cohen. I’ll look for some Bob Lee next time I hit the thrift stores, though.

  103. Library is good too.

  104. COBEN. Harlan Coben.
    Why they haven’t made a TV series or movies out of these books yet is beyond me.

    And, I neglected to return a book on time a few years ago, so my local library has a multi million dollar vendetta against or

  105. they get forgiven after a few years

  106. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 17, 2017 1:37 am
    How ya holdin up, TiFW?

    Yesterday was the visitation, and today was the memorial service. It’s kind of a relief, to be honest. We got the box/urn with her ashes in it, and it is up on our mantle (we couldn’t bear the thought of her being away from us). We also got necklaces for me and the older two girls which hold a small amount of her ashes so that she will always be close to our hearts.

    Everyone said that the service was lovely; I gave Michelle all of the songs that I had wanted played at my funeral. Mr. TiFW said, “So your service is going to be a crummy re-run?”

    Love that man 😊

    We’re holding up OK. Thanks for all of your prayers, everyone.

  107. Crummy re-run 😂😂😂 Love you TiFW.

  108. *sends virtual hugs to {{{TiFW}}}*

  109. I know saying goodbye to dad at the funeral helped me, I hope it helped you. Prayers will always be with you.

  110. J’ames, Bob Lee is fun. Shooter is a great series. Watch both seasons. I spend my time trying to figure out how they’ll adapt the books to the updated series. Bob Lee is now an Afghani vet not VN. Binge watch both seasons. Season 2 was EPIC!!!

  111. Why does tiara lemon have a guitar? I can barely keyboard. My voice is my instrument and I’m to phobic to use it . Too

  112. Darlene’s eczema repelled Paul.

  113. He knows we’ll figure it out Carin. Doesn’t care. Been that way since I’ve known him. His brain is not wired normally and the usual parental guidance means nothing to him. We are guessing he told one of his friends we got this new app on his phone that can limit its use while driving. One of his friends probably told him how to turn the cellular data off and he was King Shit on Turd Island for a few days while we figured it out. Since it’s new and she was getting random notifications now and then and then they stopped she wasn’t able to figure it out. After last night when he turned it off again on the way to work she reamed him out over the phone and he turned it back on. This morning she got the report she should have been getting right along with 4 or 5 speeding notifications and location updates. 8 or 9 more months till graduation.

  114. Pups, Jimbro linked an article, no, I think it was the Association of Pediatric Physicians actual position on children who think they have transgenderism; the numbers say don’t let this girl with a passing phase do anything permanent. Which includes hormone therapy.
    Maybe Jimbro would be sweet enough to link that article again?

  115. Mr. TiFW said, “So your service is going to be a crummy re-run?”

    Love that man 😊


  116. yes, Mare – those stats are easily available. It’s a HUGE mistake. At 16 I’d add a cry for attention.

  117. Dump run, frisbee dog time and breakfast.

    Mare, I searched for the AAP statement on transgenderism and its buried. One of the links was to snopes -spit- which of course called it mostly false.

    There was a statement by the American COLLEGE of Pediatricians which seems to be a minority group among pediatricians. This isn’t the one I linked before AFAIK, seems a little too dramatic compared with the earlier link. Maybe it was the link…I dunno


    A response from another site


    Here is a long slide presentation which, like the “Causes Of The Civil War” article I linked yesterday, I didn’t actually read (my interest in these things is passing)


    I’ve had 2 transgendered children in my practice. One an older she-to-he, around 17 or 18 yo, seemed happier and more interactive/confident dressing up like a male and getting the T injections.

    The other one is mind boggling. A preschool age child, he-to-she that I’ve treated for a fracture. I just avoid using any gender words at all. Like a caveman, I mostly grunt and point to avoid stepping on any landmines of litigation.


  118. my neighbor bought into the tranny thing with her daughter at around the same teen time –
    fast forward 6 years – her daughter is a loser in every way possible and neighbor is still making excuses.

    my wife’s lesbian cousins’ soon to be ex is transitioning – i fully expect her / him to implode….

    nothing good comes of this

    mental problems can’t be fixed through capitulation

  119. Soccer game- but apparently Erin’s going to be benched because she missed practice on Thursday. I had Oschi ‘s surgery that day and a doc appointment for ethan. I simply couldn’t get her there.

  120. Pups, your vacation sounds fantastic!

  121. Thank you, Jimbro.

    I believe it may be a phase (short or long) that all children go through and if parents aren’t encouraging it, it will go away.

  122. Our society is effed.

  123. Your response to a girl saying “I’m a boy!” should be the same as your response to a boy saying “I’m a firetruck!”. At 6, it’s cute and you should ignore and correct it when in public, at 16 you should be able to seek reparative therapy.

  124. So, she won’t be playing and I hate these parents. Super awesome.

  125. Back in the old days, we use to call girls going through this phase, Tomboys. I had that phase and like most (99.7) grew out of it.

  126. There have always been tomboys, nearly all of whom grew up to be fine wives and mothers. There have always been “sensitive” boys well suited to caring professions or the arts, most of whom also eventually married. Never in any culture that survived have there been deluded souls indulged in their madness by their fellows, and the threat of force leveled at those who dared speak truth.

  127. Was watching coverage of the vampires causing shit down in the Central West End, last night. Official ‘protest’ ended at 9pm. Shitheads hung on until 11:30ish, when police from all over, got in formation..slowly moving forward, and warned them if they did not disperse, arrests were going to happen. In a half hour period, some a-holes went down the street breaking business’s windows and tossing trashcans in the street.

    Idiots all. They’d take turns standing in the middle of the street and yell at the cops. Other a-holes were throwing rocks and water bottles at them.

    And when a resident of the CWE was asked what he wanted to see, he replied he didn’t want to see the cops in riot gear because that inflames the darlings and he hoped there would be no violence. o_O

    News interviewed a business owner who had his window busted out. He didn’t quite get why his window was broken seeing as how he was supporting their ‘protest’.

    (The Central West End loved them some Hillary.)

  128. Co-worker’s transgender daughter went through the surgery just a few months after deciding she was a man. Part of the rush was that Obamacare mandates coverage of that surgery. Damn you, McConnell and Ryan for not getting the repeal done.

  129. It was a long time ago that I was in St. Louis but I vaguely recall Central West End as one of those newly gentrified neighborhoods. Is that right or was it always chi chi?

  130. I just looked on a map. It’s right near Wash. U and Forest Park. Probably reliably liberal for years.

  131. Jimbro, yes.

    Youngish, hippish, gender fluidish, dingbattish. Lots of bars, etc, down there.
    Think that is where we had the meat-up.

    I found it offensive that when U2 made their announcement of canceling their concert, they posed the question, ‘Is this 1968 or 2017?’ Until you know what went down, shut it, you leprechauns.

  132. U2 and other musicians should keep their politics to themselves. When I want an informed opinion I’ll turn to Hollywood actors!

  133. Roamy, I hope he/she doesn’t live to regret that decision, but she probably will.

    I wonder how these people feel now that they have zero “functional” reproductive organs.

    It’s about as useful as deciding one day I want to be a fairy – so I have wings installed.

    Still can’t fly.

  134. found it offensive that when U2 made their announcement of canceling their concert, they posed the question, ‘Is this 1968 or 2017?’ Until you know what went down, shut it, you leprechauns.

    That is the most ridiculous thing. How do they get away with saying that? Assholes.

  135. Made it through the soccer game talking to zero parents. Well, actually one- but he does crossfit and isn’t a part of the irritating group.

    So, I’m going to call it a success.

    And the coach’s threat was rather hollow. He didn’t “start” her (which is crushing to a point) but got put in after about 10 minuets and played the rest of both halfs. It was symbolic.

  136. U2/Bono can can be blowhards, but at least they’re not 100% idiots.
    He has praised Bush and capitalism in the past.

    But yeah, I’m fully in the Laura Ingraham camp – Shut Up And Sing.

  137. Roamy, I hope he/she doesn’t live to regret that decision, but she probably will.

    I asked my co-worker why he didn’t put the brakes on this, at least make her wait a year for anything irreversible, since he’s paying for it. He said his daughter has already attempted suicide once, and he was afraid that she would try again if she didn’t get her way. My feeling, and I hope I’m wrong, is that she’s not fixing whatever is making her so unhappy in the first place and she’ll try again. My apologies to TiFW for bringing this up, and I wouldn’t wish the hell she’s been through on anyone.

  138. Heh. Love him or hate him, you have to respects Trump’s willingness and ability to troll the left. This one will make some heads explode:


  139. Well, it’s important to talk about suicide. My crossfit buddy already had her daughter try it once over the summer, and now has to deal with trying to keep her 15 y/o OUT OF CONTROL daughter from being “too upset” with her discipline that she doesn’t try it again.

    I know the rate for suicide makes almost zero difference with the transitioning issue. Transitioning doesn’t help with the “accept oneself” thing. It feeds into the issue that they are flawed, need to be fixed, etc.

  140. Roamy,
    She’s likely to try it again, regardless.
    There’s much history to draw on.
    See Johns Hopkins stats…

  141. Oh, good.
    NBC is saying that Jose’ is staying off shore until it hits Connecticut…

  142. I have a dog on either side of me in full relaxation mode. How am I supposed to go do chores like this?

  143. I just hogged the north pasture (get it before the rain hits tonight) and there are some really excited Yellow Jackets out there. It seems that I ran over their underground nest and *accidentally* stopped the hog over the opening and let it spin for a bit. Probably a few casualties among the ones that came boiling out to kill me.
    The ones that were out foraging seem quite puzzled about what happened to their home.

  144. My sister had tickets to the U2 concert. Beck was also headlining.

    Curse words hung in the air like cannon smoke.

  145. MJ, I hope your sister knows where to direct her anger that isn’t a cop.

  146. Tell you just wished cops would stop killing innocent black people.

  147. Love him or hate him, you have to respects Trump’s willingness and ability to troll the left.

    HAHAHA, that is pretty funny. And I’m okay with him retweeting that. The old witch has been trashing him on her whining tour.

  148. “Sunday, BLoody Sunday …”

  149. A B-17 has been flying over our house every hour all weekend.

  150. Scott, the B-17 Sentimental Journey is supposed to be here next weekend with flights every hour. Might be the same plane.

  151. Nope, the one flying out of Hartford today is Aluminum Overcast.

  152. You have to fly over our house to land at that airport.

    That has to be the loudest plane that has ever landed there.

  153. Friend from church sent me a link to a Ghost Rider scarecrow. Insisted that I show it to Mr. RFH. Then why didn’t you send it to him instead of me? So I showed it to Mr. RFH. Whatever. He shrugged and went back to what he was doing. Now friend wants to know when Mr. RFH is going to decorate for Halloween and if he’s going to make one of those. Haven’t decorated for Halloween since 2000, not a Ghost Rider fan, kind of busy with the trebuchet right now, WTF? I’m confused.

  154. The sound of four 9 cylinder Curtis Cyclones is remarkable.

  155. “I wonder how these people feel now that they have zero “functional” reproductive organs. ”

    It’s probably for the best.

  156. Wright. Curtis was the airframe side of the house, Wright was the engine side.

  157. We see some cool little jets when the PGA comes to town.

  158. It’s probably for the best.

    True – from a reproductive standpoint. I just mean to be a fully functional sexual being.

  159. It’s really hot outside. I was trying to do yardwork, and the sweat was just pouring down my head.

  160. XBrad, didn’t you ride in a B-17?

  161. I rode in a B-25. I give tours on our B-17.

  162. I’m trying to decide if I want a B-17 ride for my birthday present.

  163. Car in, I spent 90 minutes spraying phragmites in long sleeves, long pants, and my tall rubber boots. I was drenched by the end. I had other yard crap I wanted to do but I’m just too wiped out now.

  164. So weird that it that hot/humid that far north. I’m pretty far South of y’all, and it’s been quite cool & pleasant lately. Usually it’s nasty until October here.

  165. Chi, in my case it’s that I was already getting cold adapted, and now it’s 80 degrees again, so it feels like 100.

  166. When I get “cold adapted,” it usually means the long johns have been pulled out of storage.
    Once it’s gets into the 50s, that’s all she wrote.
    *disclaimer- I’ve never been over 12 or 13% body fat in my life. Cold affects me like crazy.

  167. It had been in the 50s here in the mornings, even the 40s a few times when I was feeding the horses and chickens. I’m not usually out on the heat of the day, but that was when I had time.

  168. Phat,
    I finished that book you recommended, thanks. If you have any others I will gladly look into them.

  169. 16-3


  171. Chi, my son is probably as low-fat as you are but he runs hot. He prefers cooler weather. During winter, a light blanket is all he needs whereas I need a sheet, blanket (sometimes two), quilt, and flannel jammies.

  172. Hi Beasns

  173. I’m not a fat guy anymore at all, but I much prefer the cold. I don’t have enough surface area to my volume to really thrive in heat.

  174. http://tinyurl.com/ydg92reu

  175. Greetings, homunculi.

  176. Laura says hello http://tinyurl.com/yaleyj77

  177. I’ve seen that GIF before Scott. Never fails to make me laugh. Reminds me of my experience with every woman I’ve ever dated.

  178. Wiser, are you going to win your league again?

  179. Season just started. I think Scott should have to attend and report Wiser’s game day stats. Yeah…

  180. http://tinyurl.com/y7rpyyzw

  181. Home again after traveling for 14 hours. I don’t know if I should go into town and do laundry, or wait until tomorrow morning, and just go into work late.

  182. Alex, are you in Santa Barbara or tele working from where you rented while going to school?

  183. I still live on the farm, and commute 40 miles to Santa Barbara. It’s about 60-75 minutes in the mornings and 45 minutes at night, assuming that I stay long enough to miss rush hour.

    The nice thing is that my office is three blocks from a Gold’s Gym, and the office is pretty flexible about hours, so I think I can get on a schedule where I go workout between 2-3:30, which misses the peak gym rush, and still be home by 8pm.

  184. why is wiser playing when he could Joe buck the game?

  185. got 4 glass carboys and 4 cases of bottles for free today, woo hoo!

  186. RE Emmys: How can I boycott something I never intended to watch?

  187. Score, Jay!!

  188. oso – that kind of thing never stops the left –

    just sayin’

  189. Hey Colex, whatever happened with your landlord? Did he ever manage to dry out?

  190. I’m watching the OMG BOYCOTT THE NFL instead. I really wish I could quit you 🏈

  191. And now all of the adrenaline from the past two weeks has decided to leave my body in one great big “Whoosh”…. I almost couldn’t make it up the stairs this evening – Myasthenia does not play nice with stress.
    I was ready to go to bed by 7:00, but Rebecca needed a bath and her hair washed, so I had to do that first.

    Mr. TiFW is leaving on a business trip tomorrow. He’s been off work for the past two weeks, helping me do everything. I just want to crawl under my covers and shut out the rest of the world, but I can’t, because Rebecca still needs to get to school every morning

  192. Mega hugs TiFW. When it hits it hits. Put one foot in front of the other.

  193. Sean, yes. He ended up in the hospital for a few days, and he’s back on the wagon now.

    He had a car accident in early December that messed up his back and wrecked his Jaguar that he loved. A tractor pulled out onto the road and hit him. I guess that’s what caused him to relapse. He’s still got a lot of medical problems, the car needs $41k worth of work according to the mechanic, and the insurance companies are being fuckheads. Luckily he’s got a new attorney who sounds to be much more competent.

  194. Does your church have any support groups, Teresa? It may be you feel it’s too soon to get into something like that, but it might help.

  195. Glad to hear he’s back on a better path, Colex.

  196. Yes, TiFW, have the church ladies help. You know they want to, and would be happy to do it.

  197. Listen to bearded Sean. He knows things. Things

  198. Cream ale is tasty. One more week, then bottled. Made a porter today.

  199. Heh. Maiden name is Porter

  200. $41k/in repair work on a car??
    I can buy a house for that. Or 3 or 4 brand new Kias…

  201. I will never own a car that needs $41k of work.

  202. Been hand cranking my grain mill, doesn’t take a LOT of time. But this porter had 15# of grain, much more than usual. Bent a 16 penny nail so I could fit it in the drill, took off the handle, hooked it in the eyelet. Presto! Grain took 5 mins to finish.

  203. Jaguars are collector cars. 57 chevys didn’t sell for what they get now in 57 either.

  204. Yeah, the Jag is his baby.

  205. “Been hand cranking my grain mill”


  206. Cole’s buddy probably suggested some grain mill cranking.

  207. I call my mom “Anwar Sadat”. More fatalist than Catholic. My madrina and I wouldn’t sign her DNR. Got a few calls today. 3 of my tias are worried about my mom. She’s been having chest pains

  208. Teresa, it’s time to call in the cavalry. You’re going to break down.

  209. mmmm, grain mill cranking.

    It’s a corona mill. Does that make it funnier? Yes, yes it does. Right wiser?

  210. Oso, the dog was licking my hands as I was in the process of boiling an mixing, so I was toying with the name Dog Spit Porter.

    That won’t offend you, will it?

  211. >>>Wiser, are you going to win your league again?

    Probably not. We’re gonna lose players over the next few weeks.

    But we’re still winning, so *shrug

  212. I know that I’m new here, so not so much for me, but I kinda think of this place as ‘the cavalry’ for most of y’all.
    (Prayers & hugs Theresa)

  213. First episode of Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary about to start. I don’t have high hopes for it, but Slublog praised it.

  214. Dog Spit Porter

    I’m outrageously outraged.

  215. I didn’t watch it either, Sean. But I will, if slublog says so.

  216. It was pretty good. Straightforward history of the years between the French conquest of Indochina in the 19th century to the beginning of the Kennedy administration. But honestly, it didn’t teach me a whole lot that I didn’t know from watching the old “Vietnam: The 10,000 Day War” series.

  217. Happenings ten years time ago,
    Situations we really know
    But the knowing is in the mind
    Sinking deep into the derp of time.

  218. oy!

  219. wakey wakey

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