Bear Huntin’ Season

If hunting bears was PC you can bet Hillary would be standing over a bait bucket with a rifle. But bear hunting is viewed with disdain by our liberal betters. Bear are so elusive that the IFW allows hunting with dogs and the use of bait stations and a lot of tags go unfilled. I’ve never hunted bear but I’d like to think after getting skunked a few years in a row I’d be taking advantage of all the law allowed.


This is the bear who shows up at every Hostage gathering. If “Lighter” means bullwhip I mean.

The Russians are referred to as The Bear


Turns out they also use dogs for bear hunting


Not all bears play fair


As we’ve long known around here


Through no fault of their own the black bear is often the target of law enforcement


Almost done with my beer, hold on man


Happy Thursday!



  1. Steamin’ pile of bear scat

  2. fisticuffs

  3. damnittt

  4. stepped in it

  5. what’s up with yogi and boo boo

  6. pedobear

  7. The ordeal begins in about 30 minutes.

  8. —The ordeal begins in about 30 minutes.
    Yeah, being constipated can really suck

  9. I just realized the “Bear With Me” bear was ripe for a does-a-bear-shit-in-the-woods comment

  10. But it wasn’t actually addressed. The fact is, they believe they have the right to ‘hate it, and stay.’ Which is technically true, they do have that right. But they still can’t actually answer the first question forthrightly.

    They “hate it” but don’t “Hate-it, hate it”. So they just want to stay here in their house, with their comforts and change everything about it. Thinking that somehow the stuff they like about the US will stay the same.

    They’re wrong. See this is the discussion we need to have.

    wakey wakey

  11. 1) Oschi is getting “a thing” hopefully removed from her head this morning. Moose is very concerned.
    2) Consult with oral surgeon for a fucking root canal for ethan. It never ends.
    3) I’m going to be running today trying to get here and there when I’m supposed to.
    4) began the day with “Feet don’t fail me now” from QOTSA’s new album. Dancing in the kitchen while the coffee brewed. I highly recommend it.

  12. Obama the affirmative action, douche, wanted to “fundamentally transform” this great country of ours.

    F off.

  13. Oschi is a nut. I think I was sold a lab or something

  14. She’s much too agile for a Newf,

  15. root canals are pretty tame, nowadays. they got pretty good at them.

  16. She does remind us of a lab, Carin.

    The inquisitiveness, the constant hunting, the way she doesn’t need you, lol.

  17. Why no lemon bear?

  18. The inquisitiveness, the constant hunting, the way she doesn’t need you, lol.

    I don’t know if that last bit is just because Moose is a jealous master and basically will push her away if she’s getting attention. She tried sitting in “the spot” under my computer, and Moose just pushed her out. She’s actually pretty funny – because when you start petting her, she actually goes NUTS. Scratch her back and you set off this monster that LOVES you- she’ll start licking you like crazy. She also listens better than Moose. Call her and she’ll come SPRINTING out of the woods. Moose just gives you that “WHUT?” look.

  19. Yeah, we found that our girl dog was not a stubborn hardhead like the boys. Boys will decide not to obey and then promptly go deaf.

  20. Also – Moose needs us in a “I can’t live w/o you” vibe. But he’s secure- no anxiety about it. Oschi is more needy in that way.

  21. I hope the thing on her head is an easy removal. She already looked at it and decided it wasn’t an abscess, easy thing. They’re going to put her under, and may have to send her home with a drain.

    Between this and Ethan and … I’m over doctors, hospitals, dentists.

  22. Both the cattle dogs I’ve owned have changed as they matured. I notice it a lot with Rowan. He now wants to play or snuggle when HE wants to do it, not when you call him. Except chasing the frisbee. He will do that until he gives up and crawls under my truck to pant on his side with his tongue laying on the garage floor.

  23. Regarding Oschi, my money is on big thorn.

  24. Boys will decide not to obey and then promptly go deaf.

    Hi Elliot!


  26. Regarding Oschi, my money is on big thorn.

    That would be good.

  27. That Berenstain Bears cover rought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks Jimbro!

  28. More of this. Lots more.

  29. I heart him. Gosh.

  30. We don’t hear smart people like him speak enough. I want to write all his words down and research everything he says.

  31. way too many big words, Car in. let me know when your research is finished.

  32. Pretty good speaker Carin. I clicked play and was searching elsewhere as I listened.

  33. *assembles glue and bucket for Jay

  34. LOL

    Hell just froze over.

  35. I need to listen to it a few more times. It was awesome.

  36. Reagan knew his shit. Did. Not. Back down.

  37. Carin, saving the second half for later. but it’s an amazing articulation of the bullshit of the left.

  38. How do you listen to those in the car, car in? download them?

  39. via my ipone, through bluetooth.

  40. You can only do it in a Lesbaru.

  41. I need to the H. depot, but Moose is kinda down that oschi isn’t here. I hate to leave him.

  42. I can see it would be very easy to fall down the Dr. Jordan Peterson rabbit hole. He’s good. His Peter Pan talk is right on too.

  43. whoa, he’s got a whole biblical series

  44. leon, get a webcam, and then argue with Dr. Peterson while he reads his lectures. Film them. Post it.

  45. Here’s a good one: 2017/08/13: What happened today (not Charlottesville)…

    I take exception with his classification of Nazis (National Socialists) as far right.

  46. Another good one: Jordan Peterson on Western Women

  47. “Boys will decide not to obey and then promptly go deaf.”

    This is why jesus invented shock collars.

    I do have a female border collie/kelpie mix who absolutely would not pay any attention to what you said. Most hard headed dog ever, a total sociopath. Didn’t want to be petted until she was 10 years old.

  48. That was the second one I watched, Jay.

  49. Jokes on the looters!

  50. It was a hard mass of hair in Oschi’s head. I passed on sending it off to be analyzed because this dog is expensive enough. Besides, it either comes back or it doesn’t. Doc had never seen anything like it.


    Maybe one of these? We don’t see too many dogs in the office so I’m not sure what it could be.

  52. Jimbro?

  53. Kill me now. Sitting in dentist office for 55 min so far.

  54. Seriously,this is outrageous. And they dare charge me if I miss an appointment? Can I charge them for missing my appointment by-at least an hour?

  55. Two people that came in well after us have already gone back.

  56. Shouldve through some corn on the cob with you. Eat a couple of ears right there as you wait as payback.

  57. * brought, of course. Damn autocucumber.

  58. If it makes you feel better Paula ended up waiting for an hour picking up a prescription for the older boy today. That’s at the hospital outpatient pharmacy we’re forced to use.

  59. leon, get a webcam, and then argue with Dr. Peterson while he reads his lectures. Film them. Post it.

    Why would I argue with this man? I’ve been watching his stuff for a while now and have yet to find a bone to pick. Find his interview with Mark Steyn and just take it in.

  60. I’ve seen that stitch before Jay but never dared to replicate it. That’s a trial lawyer’s dream! When I sign my surgical site with my initials I always put a smiley face under my initials. I skip the smiley face when I’m doing serious shit like an amputation or cancer surgery which thankfully is a rare occurrence

  61. I am now 19 acres richer and own a dirt farm.

  62. Yay! When’s the meatup?

  63. 2019.

  64. it’s just around the corner!

  65. I’d like to request that stitch. That would be hilarious!

  66. *jealous of Leon*

    Aw, who would want all that cruddy old dirt, anyway, huh? I bet it’s full of worms!

  67. You could make:
    1) a big pile
    2) a big hole

  68. I think I finally figured out my pronouns:

    Obama is a cunt/Hillary is a cunt/They are cunts

    So for example, if I’m late for work, my boss might say, ‘Obama is a cunt was late for work today.’

  69. *backs slowly out of blog*

  70. You could make:
    1) a big pile
    2) a big hole

    Actually planning to do both, then build a house on the pile.

  71. Now I have to drop off my truck with a serpentine belt malfunction to the dealer that supposedly just replaced it, then I have a 2 hour church thing.

    I get to ride my bike 3 miles from the dealership to the church, then 4.5 miles home.

  72. Congrats, leon!

    Well, I just had a first at 50 yrs old – answered a strange # phonecall, and instead of a telemarketing scam, it was a political poll. Loaded questions about trump, Terry maccauliff and Confederate statues (do you consider them a sign of southern pride or whit supremecy?).

  73. Damn your butthole, Chi! Killed it again!

    *resuscitates blog with a tire pump and a sledgehammer*

  74. I was thinking the same thing, Laura!
    I even went & powdered my ass, but still nothing new. I figured y’all were hanging at your secret place ignoring any new nerds…

  75. Time for a new brand of ass powder

  76. Hold my beer

  77. I love the second guy wiping out.

  78. Leon and the prototype

  79. I’ll try this:


  81. Hold my beer

    Culling the herd.

  82. A knife collector from Paris (happens to be a surgeon) came over early for a big show. Started posting pics of himself riding motorcycles with a friend. No helmet, no hands, standing up on the seat, etc. Next pic was from the emergency room. Wiped out, head injury, etc. 4 days in the hospital, no permanent damage. He wears a helmet now……

  83. Most idiots can learn.

  84. WTF,yo?

  85. That ain’t me. I’m like, super safety conscious.

  86. Flame thrower safety is a thing.

  87. Most idiots can learn.

    Where do I sign up for classes?

  88. I’m in Utah with the fam, went out to dinner and Willy, Jase and Jeb Robertson from Duck Dynasty were in the restaurant with a small entourage. Didn’t recognize them until it was too late for a picture.

  89. Ann Coulter – We already tried amnesty once. The 1986 amnesty under Reagan was supposed to be a one-time fix. We’d forgive the estimated 1 million illegal aliens living here and, in exchange, draconian measures would be imposed on any employer ever caught hiring an illegal again — up to a $10,000 fine per illegal and jail time for repeat offenders. We never got the employer sanctions…

    And now, once again, politicians are lobbying for the exact same policy that was a complete failure last time. When it comes to immigration, it’s always Groundhog Day!

  90. I haven’t caught fire, so I’d say it’s a thing.

    I didn’t actually prototype it at all, btw, just tested with water after I finished the build.

  91. Pasteurizing hard lemonade. Decided it couldn’t wait another day.

  92. Gonna start re-watching Battlestar Galactica. Liked that one. Might as well watch the blu rays.

  93. So, Chelsea Manning is a Harvard fellow. And he deserves this, why?

  94. Stupid me, not starting this earlier. Tomorrow will be a long day.

  95. This is what I’m doing, iffin yer interested:

  96. Chelsea Manning, aka Cinderfella.

  97. If your heart is a flame burning brightly
    You’ll have derp and you’ll never be cold
    And soon you will know that you just grow
    You’re not growing old

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