Directionless POS Pooat

So this obnoxious friend of mine runs a basketball camp for disadvantaged yoots in syracuse…. the town is just big enough to have a hood. Prolly 90+% of the homicides in that county are from the south side – Anyway he is an associate pastor at one of the big churches there and tries to keep the wanna be hoodlums from killing each-other through this bball program.

His golf tournament to raise funds for the program was this weekend – I went with 3 other knuckleheads that I know.

Captain and crew format –


Golf Carts

No Fucks to be found….

What could go wrong?

I was gonna go Kim Jung Il on the score card but one of the pussies kept the actual score (74)

I think I left 3 dozen balls scattered around the course, got a very cold stare from the 90 year old beer cart lady when I did the Rockford slide up to her, and used the F-bomb too many times to count.

all in all ’twas a Great Day!


oh yeah…. Music

amazing lyrics



Special Rendition By Mare – a cover for wiser


  1. He was born in the wrong body.

  2. Getting used to it hurts a lot less.

  3. I have no updates on Not Boyfriend. Sorry CoAlex.

  4. You mean the cold water?

    No. I seriously think I have something wrong with me. They go numb for hours once they’re cold. I’ve had to go sit in my car, turn it on high, put the seats on. Doesn’t help. It took years for my husband to believe me – when I would go numb and it wasn’t even that cold.

  5. So how did Monday Night Football’s experiment in diversity go last night? I didn’t watch, but it’s lit up Twitter this morning.

  6. I was talking about “Ken”, Carin. Cold exposure isn’t for everyone, but I find it wakes me up nicely.

  7. I was thinking that this Ken dude is the perfect example of why gender dysphoria is a mental illness as well. He is just as “correct” as anyone who says they are born in the wrong body.

    They MUSt accept this. And women who want FFFF boobs.

  8. Well, they can bring a side dish to the next Hate Michael Moore potluck, then.

    They are late to this, so it better be something good, like cheesy potatoes.

  9. Ba haaa haaa haaa …

  10. Welp. That has to have been the most boring tropical system to ever wander through the MTG and environs. Florida, of course, is trashed, but it was pretty spent by the time it got up here.

    Just as well. After the week I’d had previous I had no wish to deal.

  11. You may have a mild case of Raynaud’s, Carin? I think I may have a secondary form of it from some carpal tunnel issues. I noticed it when I was typing school papers for a long time in a cool room. My hands get frozen and tingly and it takes a while to get them back after applying heat.

    You need to be careful about protecting your extremities from getting that cold.

    One of my classmates had a pretty bad case of primary Raynaud’s. I saw the tip of her nose turn stark white one day.

  12. Car in,
    Look up Raynaud’s syndrome.

  13. Well then. GMTA?

    I think I may have something like this. My toes are always cold or numb, tingly, even in a dull pain. Always. Even on 90degree days. Cold water REALLY exacerbates it.

  14. Chilblains. Look that up.

    They MUSt accept this. And women who want FFFF boobs.

    Pump the brakes kid.


  16. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 12, 2017 9:13 am
    So how did Monday Night Football’s experiment in diversity go last night? I didn’t watch, but it’s lit up Twitter this morning.


    What is the Roamster talking about?

  17. I can’t stop laughing at the girl who can’t sing and about the title of the video, “Fat girl gets angry singing the wrong note.”


  18. Pump the brakes kid.

    I was talking about a friend …

  19. Mare, I think she is talking about Sergio Dipp’s debute

  20. Yea, I’m pretty sure it’s just mild Raynauds. My hands, feet, and nose are almost always cold to the touch when it’s not even mildly “cold”. They’re all cold right now, matter of fact. I don’t really get any color changes (that that I notice terribly – a little white, but then I’m pale as it is) or sores. I’m not really concerned, because I don’t it’s anything related to anything.

  21. I think my dad probably had it too.

  22. Thanks, Scott. Hmmmmm.

  23. Hurricane Irma just made me eat 5 cookies.

  24. I’m not even sure that first video qualifies as singing.
    It’s more like proof of Rainman with tourettes.

  25. Mare – I snort raff’d when she let rip with the f-bomb

  26. A friend invited me to some trolley thing in CHicago. I HIGHLY doubt pat would want to go (he’s been really busy, and I kinda sorta think he wouldn’t want to go and hang with people he basically doesn’t know for a weekend – he knows you guys better because I tell him everything that goes on here). ANYWAY. I told her that since pat probably wouldn’t go, I wasn’t really hip being a solo sister.

    That’s silly, of course, because it’s not as if all the other COUPLES going are going to be making out. OH. WHEW. Because I was sure that was what was going on.

    I know THE friend, and then her children to a lesser extent. How much fun would it be to go for this trolley thing, with all these couples who know each other so much better.

    “Who’s that sitting over by herself?”

    “Someone … go talk to her … make her feel welcome”.

    Oh yea. I want to be that lady.

    Another friend I know better just piped in she’d go … with her mom and her daughter.

    Oh. Yea. I’ll just slip right into that tight-knit group over there.


    /builds bunker

  27. I ate a cookie up here out of sympathy for the plight of everyone affected by Irma.

  28. *eats another cookie because I’m pathetic.

  29. Carin it could be chitlins or the hiv

  30. You should get that checked out

  31. Chi could probably recommend the doctor that check out his concussion

  32. *eats a third cookie because of the Chilblains and the hiv..

    Remind me to kick pupster in the poon for googling that. The pictures grossed me out.

  33. LOL

  34. That was Dr. previous Experience, jam.

    And Hotspur, I read this morning that both Amazon & Walmart mark “What Happened” 40% off before it was even released. I’m assuming based on pre-order numbers.
    (And wtf was she thinking with that title. Plays right in to being mocked…)

  35. Mrs. Pupster has the Chilblains, hands and feet, tip of the nose, one of the reasons she had to quit grooming doggehs,


  36. What Happened?

    You’re a cunt?

  37. Funny interweb pic

  38. HAHAAahahha…Stupid Hillary is stupid.

    She’s making a complete(ly new) fool of herself. No one cares about your need to make more millions, bitch. Go away and take that insipid spawn with you.

  39. Hotspur, the comments on the amazon site for that book were great.

  40. That’s from James Woods’s twitter with the title: This happened.

  41. What Happened?

    Bitch, don’t even…

  42. What Happened?

    You’re a liar.

  43. I was reading those mare. They are funny.

  44. Hotspur, the comments on the amazon site for that book were great

    My favorite was the 5 star review:

    Great work of fiction! More Chardonnay!

  45. What Happened?

    People not only don’t like you, they aggressively hate you. And it’s been earned.

  46. What Happened?

    Anthony’s Weiner.

  47. What Happened?

    Your husband jizzed on a blue dress.

  48. Our friends are flying out at 12:30 today back to their home in FL after two days of being stranded.

  49. Was just going to ask, Hotspur. We never lost power, my daughter has and probably won’t get it for a while.

  50. What Happened?

    You called regular, patriotic, Americans, “A basket of Deplorables.”

  51. They didn’t lose power either. A neighbor went by on Saturday and put all of the pool furniture in the pool. Novel idea.

  52. What Happened?

    You went on TV and strangely yelled, “Why aren’t I 50 points ahead, you may ask?”

  53. We did the patio furniture in the pool when I lived in Palm City.

  54. What Happened?

    You passed out at a major event, got tossed into a van like a side of beef (literally) and lost a shoe.

  55. What Happened?

    You called legitimate claims about your husband’s lechery the ravings of, “trailer trash.”

  56. What Happened?

    You “stood by your man” solely for political gain.

  57. What Happened?

    You stood in front of coffins of men you left to die and lied to their families.

  58. What Happened?

    People were sick of your money grubbing Clinton Foundation scams.

  59. What Happened?

    You flip flopped on every single important issue. Gay marriage, immigration, Iraq to name a few.

  60. What Happened?

    I pooped.

  61. What Happened?

    The insufferable phoniness of your walking on stage and immediately pointing to someone like you were surprised they were there, smiled like large mouth bass and wave at them like you were meeting for cocktails afterwards.*

    *That always annoyed me…a lot.

  62. What Happened?

    You’re all blackish when you are in front of blacks.

    Preach it, Sista.

    Phoney baloney cunt.

  63. My new favorite meme:

  64. GAH! Day from hell!

  65. You’re all blackish when you are in front of blacks.

    Droppin g’s like a mofo

  66. twitter is making fun of Rush:

    I wonder what he actually said. Of course this is blown out of proportion, even by the FL Gov.

  67. What Happened?

    Vince Foster
    Bill’s rapes
    Secret Healthcare meetings
    It Takes A Village (idiot)
    Hubbell’s daughter
    You turned lesbian
    You carpetbagged a Senate seat in NY
    You didn’t do shit in the senate
    You were for Iraq before you were against it.
    You went on a “listening tour” – several
    You questioned Obama’s birthplace
    A youtube video
    You lied to parents
    Seth Rich
    Calling people deplorables
    You had a stroke and lied some more
    You didn’t go to Wisconsin
    You fucked Bernie Sanders
    You’re a cunt

  68. For me, Benghazi overrides it all. She’s a criminal. And that whole email thing was started over that.

  69. I’d have been shot for treason.

  70. For me, Benghazi overrides it all. She’s a criminal.

    Benghazi – for me – demonstrated to me that for them it’s COMPLETELY about power. By any means necessary. Their actions then- used to be the things they made movies about, and the audience cheered when the evildoers got their due.

  71. Not just Sergio Dipp but Beth Mowins (look, we got a woman!) and Rex Ryan, too. Twitter was saying Ryan sucked, and apparently the point that both head coaches in the game were black was repeated often.

  72. Back to Hillary bashing.

    “Sniper fire” in Bosnia.

  73. She can’t stop Hillarying. I’ve heard her describe cleaning the closets as cathartic and energizing no less than 4 times in different interviews since yesterday.

    She did acknowledge her inability to appear authentic by siting a study of how it’s totally normal for powerful women to be perceived as inauthentic.

    She’s a fucking gift. I love her. I love everything about her.

    She has zero self perception.

  74. Back to Hillary bashing.

    It’s always fun to beat a dead horse cow.

  75. Whitewater

  76. Travel Office

  77. Billing records

  78. FBI Files

  79. Vince Foster

  80. Pretty in Pink press conference

  81. Cattle Futures

  82. She took furniture with her when they moved out of the White House

  83. She took “W” keys off of keyboards.

  84. I’ve heard her describe cleaning the closets as cathartic and energizing no less than 4 times in different interviews since yesterday.

    The alternate nostril breathing, which she highly recommends, got me.

  85. She turned me into a newt.

  86. I’m sincerely amazed that she didn’t use her grandchildren as props more during the campaign.

  87. Did you get better?

    *floats a witch

  88. What difference at this point does it make?

  89. My mom named me after Sir Edmund Hillary.

  90. Vast right wing conspiracy.

  91. She lost me completely back in the 90s when the stories of flying ashtrays and nasty treatment of her SS detail started to emerge.

    The bragging about getting that child molester off the hook, the attacks on all of Bill’s victims…

    Benghazi and the subsequent “what difference?” comment, the emails, etc were merely more straws she threw on that poor crippled camel’s back.

  92. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 12, 2017 1:50 pm

    Not just Sergio Dipp but Beth Mowins (look, we got a woman!)

    I love football and had to turn it off. I assume Beth Mowins was the play-by-play announcer. Her voice and delivery are horrific. Incredibly annoying.

  93. I say we shoot looters and people who do this. The world will be a better place.

  94. If I go out looting, is it cultural appropriation?

  95. heh, who’s a good boy?

  96. The alternate nostril breathing, which she highly recommends, got me.
    Reporter: What have you been doing to pass the time?

    Hillary D-Not President: Well, you know, things that ordinary people do to pass the time. Such as long walks in the closet and reorganizing my woods.

  97. Oh, gawd, car in. They have the address – not only should those idiots be shot, but chop them up and feed them to the rescued dogs at the shelter.

  98. Another reason why Hillary lost – she is a horrible person.

  99. Chi – I’m admittedly a crazy dog person, but I don’t see how anyone could leave their dog behind. Even dogs of mine who have been PITA – I could never do that. It depends on you entirely.

  100. So, I don’t have the whole story, but apparently Mr Silvertongue was able to talk Erin into not dumping him.

    So the saga continues.

  101. Nick searcy is so funny. Posting an interview with Hillary and Jane Pauley about the election- there is this exchange between him and a FB friend:

    Sunny Lohmann What was she saying? I am so distracted by her weird collar.

    Nick Searcy She was saying “I’m a loser. It’s not my fault. I got drunk and cleaned my closets. It’s not my fault. Bill cheated on me. I’m still drinking a lot. I’m a drunk. I’m a loser.”

    Or maybe that’s not what she said. I was laughing so hard it was hard to hear her.

  102. I’m having trouble getting the donation page thing to work. I think my stupid captcha code is messing it up.

  103. My paypal was too fubared to donate the other way.

  104. just refresh that captcha code until you can read it

  105. I could read it just fine.

  106. obviously

  107. have you tried cleaning your glasses?

    or plugging it in?

  108. I need to use firefox, I think.

  109. Have you cleaned your house since we left? It’s been over two weeks, you know.

  110. I’ll bet that window is still dirty.

  111. Oh believe me – if my block were under 5 feet of water, I’d jump in the jonboat and drive around rescuing all the dogs and cats before I let one person in.

    And yes Nick Searcy ls hilarious. I especially love his tweets when he gets accused of being racist (you probably know, but he posts pics of him in the pool with his adopted black kids).

  112. What about the potato on the ceiling

  113. How do you dump someone you aren’t dating?

  114. * dumps Jennifer Lopez *

    She wasn’t returning my calls.

  115. Ask Erin, Scott.

    (Too soon?)

  116. Oh, I completely forgot about the the female announcer deal, but I turned the game on, heard Beth Mullins, whom I normally like and said, “this is a bridge too far, I’m out!” and went to bed.

    I was exhausted from the shit ton of work prepping and then deprepping two households during a hurricane creates. I slept the whole night through which is rare. Forgot about the Beth Mullins deal. Until Roamy just mentioned it.

  117. Any word from BCoch yet?

  118. I got 10,000 steps on my tom tom around 1pm for the last 4 days and stopped looking after that time so I was really moving around.

    Oh and Hotspur, I need to steal your list of Hillary being an asshole.

    I think Seth Rich was murdered, I know what Hotspur thinks, what about the rest of you? Am I being a conspiracy nut? Her track record says otherwise.

  119. Two slugs to the back of the head, and his watch and wallet were intact on his body.

    Ye, must have been a robbery.

  120. And yes, use the list.

    I left out some notable assholery like:

    setting up an insecure server
    deleting 30,000 emails
    lying to congress
    destroying hard drives
    claiming she only wanted to use one handheld device

    Just stupid shit like that.

  121. Of course, Hotspur, that’s what I think too. But I was wondering if any of you had read something that changes our perspective. Cheating on his wife, business gone bad. I don’t know but the guy was murdered.

  122. Being the conspiracy nut that I am, I think Rich is the insider who leaked the emails to Wiki, got found out, and he paid the price.

  123. Executed. Vince Fostered. Arkancided. No doubt in my mind.

    And if she’d won, I’d be afraid to say so.

  124. That’s where I stand, Hotspur.

  125. There was another suspicious death just in the last few days. Lemme find it.

  126. Pats all about the Rich was murdered for leaking train.

  127. Plus the family wants it hushed up. More weirdness because families usually want to get to the bottom of these things. Unless you know Hillary is responsible and she knows where you live. Perhaps even floated the family sone money.

  128. Don’t forget the guy who died in a weightlifting accident days before testifying,

  129. Wasn’t he some sort of UN affiliated guy? A black dude?

  130. Add to the Reasons To Hate Hillary List

    “…then-Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile’s leaking of debate questions to Clinton during the Democratic primary…”

    Just saw that on a Daily Caller article I left up this morning.


    Okay, it was July, but the coroner recently declared cause of death to be sarcoidosis. Color me skeptical, because I didn’t think sarcoidosis was fatal.

  132. Bullet to the head, however, is known to be fatal.

  133. Omg. After reading the most recent Hillary post at the mother ship it’s pretty obvious she got the bullet points of her book and is repeating them in interviews.

    That’s just sad. She’s so inauthentic. Even when talking about herself.

    That’s actually hard to do.

  134. I could do it. I have lots of practice.

  135. I could do your mom. I have lots of practice.

  136. Day trip to Newport tomorrow.

    I haven’t been since high school.

  137. Huh. Last time I was in Newport, I was also in high school.

  138. Drove out to East Orange today. I was afraid I was going to be mugged or shot. My map app on my phone sent me through the ghetto, and I swear it told me, “Turn right at the crack ho’ on the next street corner. Don’t look DeAntoine in the eye or he might think you’re disrespecting him.

  139. Last time I was in your mom, I was also in high school.

  140. I haven’t been to East Orange, but I have been to Edison’s lab in West Orange.

  141. They should rename the entire area Hell Hole.

  142. We were in Newport in 2012 after a meatup in CT. We left the day Hurricane Sandy hit. Drove in heavy rain for about 8 hours.

    We loved Newport. One night we ordered paella for two, and it was heaven. Can’t remember the restaurant.

  143. “Drove out to East Orange today.”
    dude – youre 2 blocks from tush –

    i’m about 4 hours west of you – how long are you in town

  144. 607

  145. I’m in town until Sunday.


  147. Paella is one of my favorites.

    I will look for it.

  148. Trip advisor says

  149. Sold one copy of What Happened today at $16.98. So happy they only sent 24 copies. It won’t take up all of my understock space like her last POS book

  150. Put fake bible covers on them.

  151. Paella is one of my favs too.

  152. Had rabbit and chicken paella with sangria when I was in Barcelona. Outside right next to the beach.

  153. Paella has seafood in it.

  154. I lost $2000 in books in August. Educational. Only 3 bibles and 5 Inspirational. My Team Lead asked me WTF about all the books that get covered by other books. I have a regular Trumper that covers D-rat books with Levin and D’Souza. I have anti-Trumpers that cover Trump and Conservative authors with whatever is close. Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer get covered. Glenn Beck’s latest book has not sold a single copy, no one has covered it, and none have been stolen. Retail update. $20

  155. Cover everything with Hillary’s book and go on vacation.

  156. Dan thinks I should just keep books from people I don’t like in understocks.

  157. I really fucking H8 DWTS, AGT, AI, and Chopped. (Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, American Idol). I wish my tiara had lasers. Dan would be a pile of ash on the sofa. I might starve, but I wouldn’t be ready to laser my hubby of 27 years. AGT 🔥

  158. Dinner is ham steak and scalloped potatoes. No salad

  159. Paella can have seafood in it, but it’s not required. Rabbit and chicken is a common variation.

    And I ate it in Valencia, not Barcelona. If the Valencian restaurant in Valencia says it’s paella, I’m going to trust their judgment.

  160. ICYMI in the comments at Ace’s

    Between that, the science of alternate nostril breathing, and dissing people who take Xanax, she’s sure to win the next time around.

  161. Mr. RFH hates Chopped, especially if Alex Guarnaschelli is one of the judges. He LOATHES her.

  162. Paella sounds good. I assume the rabbit and chicken kind still has saffron in it.

  163. That ^^ should have a question mark at the end, CoAlex.

  164. i never watch any of those shows, but a friend’s mom won Chopped. We ate at her restaurant and it was excellent.

  165. I haven’t watched that show in years. (No cable here anymore)
    But I’ll admit – and I have no idea why – I kinda have I crush on that Alex Guarnaschelli.

    Inexplicable, but there it is.

  166. I believe that it did.

  167. Citizens! Just flew back from London and I am exhausted and going to bed.

    For aviation and/or sci-fi nuts I strongly recommend ‘Fata Morgana’.

    I read this while crossing the North Atlantic this am.

    Great book and the pilot shit is the best I’ve read. This guy obviously sat in the cockpit and ran through the checklists.

    He also made me tear up.

  168. I really really really H8 AGT. I may just binge watch Shooter without him. If I can figure out all the stupid remotes

  169. When I grow up I wanna be able to figure out what the fuck oso is talking about.

  170. Dan is watching America’s Got Talent. I wanted to watch Shooter Season 2. We are on episode 4. Not supposed to watch alone. We could be catching up to Shooter. Dan is watching crap TV. I WANT TO CUT A BITCH. I work late tomorrow. I could binge watch Shooter, but I’d have to figure out 3 remotes and the sound bar

  171. Bcoch still haz no power. Safe, but being funny about cramped quarters. Posted pics from grandparents underwater yard. I don’t want to be the first to ask about status of partially built new home

  172. Glad BC is safe, but I still hate that fucker for that one night with the Fireball…

  173. My Aunt Martha is having breast cancer surgery tomorrow. How do I describe my Aunt Martha? Youngest of 12. When she was 8, my married Aunts and my mom would leave us with her while they went dancing. 5 kids under the age of 5 with an 8 year old. When she was 10, it was 7 kids and a bat flew in the house. She admired my mom when it came to disciplining kids. Fewer punches. We will be saying a Joyful Rosary tomorrow for her, during her surgery.

  174. She has 3 daughters. 2 of her daughters are MDs. 3rd daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer at 27 and is married to a collegiate football coach.

  175. mmmm, sound bar. I’ll have one!

    I’m finally done working. Gnite! 6 comes early!

  176. Gnight J’ames

  177. Sam’s Cub has a really good cheap Bose soundbar

  178. Debbie Downer FTW. MIL fell yesterday. Dan got the text. Hospice nurse in charge of MiLs care” she told me about the fall. Most coherent she’s been in months.”

  179. I can’t give you more than what I’ve got
    I can’t expect to give what I have not
    I can only give ya lovin’ ’till the derp goes down
    And, until the leaves of summer turn to shades of brown

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