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  1. Chi…dude, if you fell off a ladder and hit your head you should go get checked out. Also, set that tree on fire, Scottw can help.

  2. What Pupster said.

  3. Back in 3rd grade we prayed for our janitor who had fallen off a ladder cleaning gutters at his house. He was a good guy, always smiling and chatting with us kids. A few weeks later we were praying for the repose of his soul. From the age of 8 I knew I’d rather care for accident victims than be one.

    (Not really, but it made a big impression on me)

  4. That’s a sad origin story, Jimbro. It will be a good first act in the movie of your life, though.


  6. The Red Cross has a virtual monopoly on blood donations. I have looked and looked for anyone else willing to take it and there’s no one within an hour’s drive of me.

  7. I’m surprised you don’t know this (you do) but there’s a very healthy aftermarket for blood donations between hospitals for blood donations.

    Sometimes it gets marked up like 1000%.

  8. There’s LifeSouth here, but a bit of a drive.

    Surprised the heck out of me when NASA dropped Red Cross for LifeSouth. Once a month? Every other month? there’s a blood drive here. I can’t donate, so I don’t pay much attention to it.

  9. I do, it just boggles me why large hospitals don’t just run their own donation sites, and that there’s no competitors. It’s like if McD’s were 99% of the fast burger market, and there was basically no slow burger option.

  10. Red Cross turned me away at 18 because I’d just lost weight and my liver enzyme count was high. I haven’t taken the time to convince them that I don’t have hepatitis.

    I don’t even really care about the donation. I’ll pay them to draw the blood and dispose of it safely just to bring my iron level down.

  11. Dogs rule, trannies drool.

  12. Why can’t you, Roamy? Unless that’s too personal.

  13. To date, the only poster who’s knowingly put pictures of trannies on the site is still MJ.

  14. They turned me away because my heartrate was >100 bpm. It’s almost always >100 these days.

  15. I was on digoxin for years, too, and that was another no-no.

  16. I hadn’t known, that sounds exhausting. My resting bpm are usually in the 50s.

  17. This hurricane can kiss my ass and in fact may.

  18. Yeah, you tell yourself that, Mr. Arm Veins.

    Anybody hear from Mare lately?

  19. slow to hit refresh…

  20. Where are you, Mare?

  21. I had ablation surgery in 2010 which cured me of the >200 bpm episodes but pretty much stuck me in high gear. The exhausting days are the 130-140 bpm days. That is when I telework.

    It’s 88 right now, so that’s pretty good. I should go do something instead of sitting on the couch.

  22. Anybody hear from Mare lately?


  23. Comment by beasn on September 8, 2017 12:11 pm
    Just looked over last night’s thread and saw Teresa’s post.
    Question for anyone or Teresa, if you are looking in, hon. Why couldn’t they remove those usable organs before taking her off the ventilator, when it has been shown there was severe brain/heart damage and known the life support was keeping her alive? Too much a slippery slope thing?

    Comment by Car in on September 8, 2017 12:47 pm
    Beasn – I’m tracking with your thinking. I’m of the thought that she was gone before they restarted things. I hope this isn’t hurtful for Teresa that I write that. /ethical discussion

    Comment by beasn on September 8, 2017 12:54 pm
    I worry about that too, but it’s a good conversation to have regarding donations helping others and educating the ignorant like myself. I don’t know the ins/outs of the ethics of organ donation and what could be tweaked/refined without slipping down the slope.

    It’s not hurtful, Car in – and everybody, please don’t feel like you have to walk around on eggshells, worrying if you are going to say something that will upset me.

    It’s very therapeutic for me to talk about what happened, and by explaining things in print, I am able to fine-tune my own understanding of what was happening.

    The problem in Michelle’s case is that she kept breathing on her own – “overbreathing” is what they called it. Respiration is the last brain stem function, which means that as long as she was breathing faster than the ventilator setting, her brain was still functioning. She was still, technically, “alive”.

    Once brain stem function has ceased – i.e., the ventilator is doing ALL of the patient’s breathing for them – then the patient is considered brain dead. At that point, only machines are keeping the patient’s heart beating, which allows blood to circulate to the organs, which allows them to be transplanted.

    We were wondering the same thing ourselves – why, for instance, couldn’t they have taken one of her kidneys while she was still breathing? She wasn’t going to be able to use it ever again – why not go ahead and take it so that someone else could have a new chance at life?

    (And as ghoulish as it might sound, maybe that would have caused her to stop breathing on her own, and they could have then harvested her liver and the other kidney)

    It is very odd to find yourself in a situation where you are asking God to allow your child to stop breathing so that others may live. But that’s where we were those last couple of days – praying for Michelle to let go (we were assured that most people who find themselves in a similar situation pray for the same thing).

    But we knew that Michelle was never going to come back from this. She had already died before the paramedics arrived; they resuscitated her for US, so that we could say goodbye to her.

    When things calm down, I will write a couple of blog posts addressing some of these issues. We are also going to submit letters from the donor family’s perspective to the hospital – we will liaison through the transplant organization and the trauma surgeon – in hopes that they will consider changing their policy regarding the 60-minute window.

    It’s a start.

  24. In college when I was running 5 miles or biking 22 miles most days I had a resting bpm of 41. I probably also had NAFLD from all the carbs I was eating, which might have affected my liver enzyme count too, and thus being “healthy” then might be the reason I haven’t been able to donate blood for 22 years.

  25. We are in St. Pete trying to secure my daughter’s house and our own.
    We met our daughter at a sandbagging (she was on her own and it would have taken her hours just for 40 bags although people were nice and helpful) area and that’s hard fricken work. We don’t need them but she will absolutely flood. We moved some of her furniture to our place so she won’t be completely devastated.

    Walmart is closed. Publix, our supermarket, is still open until 9 tonight. Gas lines are okay. If you look on a tracking map they are showing Irma right up our bottoms. Just got an alert through a shut off tv and our phones that mobile homes are under mandatory evacuation and all flood zones. Which is basically all of St. Pete.

  26. ***throws $20 at the blog***

  27. Teresa, a hurricane is nothing compared to what you’ve been through. Still praying for all of you.

  28. With all that’s going on it’s still never wrong to tell, McCain, Ryan and McConnell to shove it up their asses.

  29. Thanks, Mare. Both situations are devastating. You are in our prayers. Please keep you and yours safe.

    Things can be replaced.

  30. My mother is, well, at the end of her life and right now I’m hoping she doesn’t die this week because I wouldn’t be able to get there. It’s not about saying good bye it’s about being able to attend the funeral and what not.

  31. Calgon! Take me away!

    *prays Irma’s nickname is not “Calgon”*

  32. You should go to Miami.

  33. Teresa, just checked in after almost two weeks away. I am so sorry for your loss. You and Paul and your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    If you can share, how is Rebecca taking this?

  34. Mare, our friends Jeff and Linda, who you met have been with us for a week. They were supposed to fly home tomorrow, but are postponed indefinitely. They weren’t able to make preparations because the hurricane wasn’t predicted before they left. Friends went over and secured their house. They live in a mandatory evacuation zone.

    I hope you are in a safe place.

  35. Miami is still going to get cat 2 or cat 3 winds. At least that’s what they are saying. I’m not stressed over any property damage, my husband is completely stressing me out getting on a POS ladder trying to secure the hurricane shutters. F

  36. Like Linda and Jeff we are also in a mandatory evacuation zone, truly most of the area is designated zone A. That means when the hurricane hits, if you need help and you’re here, you won’t get any.

  37. I was on the phone ’til almost 0600 with cthulhu and woke up just fine after a few hours sleep. (I think he was making sure I sent fall asleep confused)
    I think I’m fine. Bruised, but not on the bean – thanks for concern, though.

    Teresa, thank you for posting that. We’re all thinking of you, y’know. I didn’t see you mention corneas yesterday. We’re they able to use them?

    Mare please be safe. (I know that sounds weird coming from a guy that just fell off a ladder standing on the step that says “not a step”) Get out of town earlier than later.

  38. I hate autocucumber almost as much as tent caterpillars.
    * DIDN’T fall asleep concussed

  39. Glad you are okay, Chi.

  40. My mom and her sister who is a Florida resident just took a tour through Canada’s maritime provinces lasting a whole week. Rather than return to FL she’s gonna stay at my mom’s house for at least another week. I’m not sure where she is living now, she moves every so often. Prior place was in Titusville.

  41. My Florida family is in a “B” evacuation zone, they are not in a flood zone but on a narrow stretch of land between a river and a bayou. Last I heard they are sheltering in place.

  42. Hey, jimbro.
    Know much about pharmacology?
    How bad is diclofenac for me? I’m a fairly heavy drinker – should I not take this stuff?

  43. Potential adverse effects on the gut lining, kidneys and liver among others. Roll of the dice really. Side effects can happen at any point with NSAID therapy … at initiation or after chronic use.

  44. Thanks. I probably shouldn’t have, but took one just before I posted the question. I don’t like pills and rarely take anything stronger than a BC powder – I forgot I had it until just now. (this was Moms prescription, but did nothing for her).
    We’ll see I guess.


  46. BC Powder must be a regional thing. I had to look them up. Aspirin and caffeine. Can’t fuck things up too much with those except if you take too much.

    In school we learned that the old time Rheumatologists used to increase the aspirin dose in their patients until they experienced ringing in their ears.

  47. Iowa state’s qb looks like he transferred in from Iron Butterfly.

  48. Yeah, Goody’s powder is the other one. It adds acetaminophen into the mix. Which I don’t allow in my my house.
    Powders must be a southern thing?
    My buddy Cthulhu (California) had never heard of either. I grew up with the stuff.

    Oh, and thx, jam. I found a similar site & read up – I doubt I’ll take much of this stuff.

  49. Suckling pig roast thwarted

  50. My dad always took Alka-Seltzer for a headache. I don’t think he does any more because he’s on a blood thinner and can’t have the aspirin on top of it.

  51. My seventh grade science project was on aspirin as an anticoagulant. I used BC powder as one of the tests. Imagine your teacher pricking her finger with a hairpin to bleed on your slides in this day and age! Not happening.
    I won a $50 US savings bond for that project. I wonder where that thing is? I bet it’s worth $51 after almost 40 years…


  53. Oh and Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine used to be the shiznit. Stff would knock me right out when I took it.
    I think they changed the formulation when people started shoplifting it to make meth, so it doesn’t work anymore.

  54. I told Scott I would help scrape the garage for painting. But I don’t wanna.
    Having a poor character would really be helpful right now.

  55. Comment by lauraw on September 9, 2017 12:48 pm
    I told Scott I would help scrape the garage for painting. But I don’t wanna.
    Having a poor character would really be helpful right now.

    Obviously it’s due to a lack of vital mollusk minerals. He should help remedy that in exchange for your help.

  56. Ran just under two miles this morning. There was a huge convoy of motorcycles roaring down the road outside the gate as I walked out. It was pretty neat, but loud. Next up for the day: pancakes and omlets, go search for a dresser, and then home again to practice violin and prep for my trip tomorrow.

  57. Don’t spend too much time applying rosin to your bow

  58. Germany?

  59. Staten Island. Germany is still in the works.

  60. Grrrrr finding lots of rotten wood.

    I need to go to clapboard college.

  61. The lower foot of my old garage had to be replaced when I rehabbed it. The wood was all rotten. I was going to knock it down but spent the money to get it back in working order. Good thing I did since we now have a waverunner and 4 wheeler that spend the winter in there.

  62. A couple Jehovah’s Witnesses came by again today (a few others were just here Thursday morning). They actually parked in front of my house and came to see me exclusively. I guess because instead of being rude, I usually try to engage them in conversation and ask questions.
    They still didn’t have answers, though, and left after five minutes of me asking.

  63. One of our old X-ray techs was Jehovah’s Witness and I’d talk with her when she stopped by. I don’t think she knew it was my house she was stopping by. She’s moved on and I really don’t chat with the new ones anymore.

  64. Lots of rot. This painting project is now a siding project.

    Old houses suck.

  65. They usually just go house to house walking the neighborhood, but these ladies stopped to see me specifically. Even said “hello, Mr Frank.”
    I asked the same question as last month but still no answer. Just an invitation to come to the Kingdom Hall for a ‘meeting.’

    (“Let’s eliminate all other faiths than Christianity for now. Of ALL the denominations out there, what makes you so happy being a Jehovah’s Witness? Why this instead of Methodist, Lutheran, Catholic, Southern Baptist, LDS, etc.? No answers yet…)
    They certainly seem like nice people, though, and I’m usually in a good mood.

  66. Lots of rot. This painting project is now a siding project.
    Old houses suck.

    There is a saying in the trades – “vinyl is final.”

  67. Leon, why does my gut feel funny, as in bloated and what not when I don’t get much sleep.

    I always feel intestinally crappy when I sleep poorly.

    Check is in the mail, nice dwarf weirdo.


  69. Leon, why does my gut feel funny, as in bloated and what not when I don’t get much sleep.

    Rod Stewart had that problem too, he had to get his stomach pumped.

  70. *somebody needs to pull MJ’s finger

    Good thing you’re expecting a kid!

  71. Mare just checked in on social media.

    Don’t worry.

  72. I always feel intestinally crappy when I sleep poorly.

    Uh oh. Count on lots of sharting for the next year.

  73. Teresa, thank you for your response. Some questions were answered and others to be dealt with as you will be doing in your correspondence with the hospital.

  74. Interrupted sleep can play havoc with the peristaltic action in your gut, plus stress can raise acidity in your stomach. The combination feels awful. I get it whenever I’m startled awake. Even if it’s just an alarm.

  75. I finally made it to Confession after 5 bad months. Much relief.

  76. Pups, what are you and Mrs. Pups drinking during tonight’s game? Let’s go Bucks!!!

  77. Working our (mostly my husband and my daughter’s boyfriend) asses off moving stuff out of my daughter’s home which will most likely be flooded and helping neighbors with shutters and other jobs.There is a single woman hosting a friend and her friend’s mom who is in a wheelchair. And another neighbor who is 81 and on his own. It’s going to get hairy and it’s been a crap ton of work but, we know here, things could be worse.

  78. We have a variety of potent potables Oso.

  79. I’ve seen some discussion of pain relievers here and how awful acetomenaphen aceitomenophen acietamenophen aw fuck it, Tylenol is for you. What sucks is when you have an Aspirin allergy. Like I do. Not only can’t you take Aspirin, it also nixes pretty much all of the NSAID pain relievers, too. And then you’re stuck with the liver-killing stuff.

    Oh well. At least I don’t drink anymore.

  80. Vinyl siding looks pretty easy and it costs about the same as 20 years of paint.

    I wish I had done this 30 years ago.

  81. Vinyl is super simple, and quite forgiving when it comes to installation. Even an idiot like me can do a good job! I’m sure there are vids at YouTube.
    I can give you a couple tips when it comes time. Just don’t hang it ‘tight’ – a lot of expansion/contraction with vinyl. Ever seen a big wall of siding all buckled & swollen? Someone drove the nails home. Too tight… You might want a couple specialized tools (easy to find at big box stores), but not even a must.

  82. The stuff that looks like cedar shake is a little pricier, and maybe a bit tougher to install, but not much. A lot more attractive.

  83. I’m all about the Buckeyes. Dan is getting ready to stream the Lobo game…WTF? Even the Lobos would rather watch the Buckeyes.

  84. I got yer specialized tool right here.

  85. First I have to get the approval of the historical society.

  86. Oh Lord. That means no vinyl, probably. I bet you have to get the color approved, don’t you?

  87. They’re going to make you out those burnt wood shingles up, Scott.

  88. Is whalebone siding a thing?

  89. We are in the historic district, not in a historic house.
    Most of our neighbors have vinyl siding so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    On the other hand, my neighbor has single pane replacement windows and they wouldn’t let me get them.

  90. A few years ago we put on a new roof and I didn’t want any problems.
    The existing roof was white, so I told the roofer to stick with the same color when pulling the permit.

    Historic district told him white shingles were not permitted.

  91. My uncle hit that crap all the time with his house in Kalamazoo. The people on those committees are the epitome of evil. Having a meth lab in your neighborhood is easier.

  92. Yep. Liberal douchebags loving the power.

  93. Wannabe homeowner assn Nazis.

  94. I guess that’s one of the benefits to living in a place with no history. Nothing where I live was built before the late 1950s.

  95. I can walk to homes that were built around 1710.

  96. We have homes from the 1600s. Can’t do shit without historical BS permission

  97. Historical corridor BS. All buildings east of Coors BLVD must be approved

  98. I didn’t die. Glad chi didn’t die too. Watching hurrican stuff. Need sleep. In Petosky.

  99. Dan calls them the Fuckeyes. Baseball bat or poison?

  100. I lit candles for TiFW’s daughter and Mare’s mom after Mass tonight.

  101. Oso, make his dinner…

  102. Thanks, Roamy

  103. Embrace the power of “and”.

  104. CoAlEx that would tip him off. I think heart attack level. He made loaded nachos.

  105. Dan calls them the Fuckeyes.

    I believe they prefer the term “Skullfuckers.”

  106. Home again.
    It will be nice to sleep in my own bed after almost a week of hotel living

    Roamy, thank you!

  107. Glad you made it home again, TiFW.

  108. What was the final burpee count CARin?

  109. Just answered the phone from a # I didn’t recognize – cussing like a drunken sailor at the telemarketer than had the stones to call me at midnight.
    Oops. It wasnt that, it was my old friend Farmer from the HQ. Sorry, buddy!

  110. The sun struggles up another beautiful day
    And I felt derp in my own suspicious way
    Despite the contradiction and confusion
    Felt tragic without reason
    There’s malice and there’s magic in every season

  111. “Shake Me”s blog

  112. NFL will blame low viewership today on Hurricane Irma.

    I read somewhere that TNF (Pats/Chefs) had a lower than usual audience even with Tom Not So Terrific playing. I turned it off at halftime for two reasons: early AM case and I had a feeling the Chiefs were going to surge in the second half. Patriots have too many new parts to the machine. My forecast: Pats lose the conference championship to either Chiefs or Steelers.

  113. *wonders if anyone will repost my archived comment after Brady hoists 6th Lombardi Trophy*

  114. I need to look at a Florida map. I recognize the place names but only have a vague notion of where they’re located along the state.

  115. Wakey wakey. 120 for me and 60 for Matt. 4 obstacles failed


  117. Thank you, Roamy. Now a few prayers (just a few) for people here to be safe ( we will be) and our cars. 5-6 feet of water will trash them.

  118. 120 for me and 60 for Matt. 4 obstacles failed

  119. Not sure why I’m watching the Weather Channel guy take a beating from the storm.

  120. Where’s my growler?

  121. Actually, Pupster, that’s what I’m planning to do to my only neighbor.

  122. Ack. Shepard Smith is on Fox. What a putz.


  124. Stolen from the book thread (Anonosaurus Wrecks):
    So the Benghazi Bungler’s Big Book of Bodacious Bullshit is coming out on the anniversary of the Benghazi betrayal. How appropriate.


  126. coming out on the anniversary of the Benghazi betrayal.

    You can’t tell me they don’t do this stuff as a dare.

  127. Drove our cars to a downtown parking garage. Met a guy with a business down there who had been driving around looking for a parking garage for his car and said that the garage where we were was the last garage open downtown. We got the last 3 spots, well 2, we parked one in a spot that was not actually parking, more like a walkway. Whew, sure hope it works.

    Downtown is zone flood zone D, we are flood zone A which is the worst. Plus it was near the second floor.

  128. Nice knowing you, Mare.

  129. Here’s a question for XBrad when he shows up.

    I took a hint from hurricane season and that chemical plant in Texas that caught on fire. I unpacked and repacked all the bugout bags and tested some of the older stuff. I had bought “hot cans” of soup, where there’s a button to press on the bottom of the can that starts a reaction to heat up the soup (in 3 minutes!). Expiration date was 2015, and nothing happened when I pressed the button. I tried the soup, and it tasted more like the can than chicken, so I tossed all of them. Glowsticks more than a year old do not work, except Coleman brand. Handwarmers more than two years old do not work.

    So my question is this: is there a shelf life on MRE heaters? The soup and the handwarmers are iron powder reacting with air, so a slow leak through just membrane permeability will kill them. The MRE heaters I have require adding some water. Some even have a little pouch of salt water, which I would assume boosts the reaction. I would think that would last longer but might still be a finite life.

  130. Heated MREs?


  131. When I went to Airborne school in 1983 we ate C-rations for lunch. Breakfast and dinner were in the chow halls. We probably got more sustenance from the C-rats since the instructors walked through the mess hall shouting at everyone to eat and leave the whole time. When I went to Alaska the next summer the MRE had arrived.

  132. After scoring 14 runs in the bottom of the first inning before recording an out, we eventually beat the second-place team in the bottom the 4th by mercy rule, 24-9.

    Second game we in a row where we mercies the other team and won with a walk-off home run, this time a 3-run homer.

    Record is now 15-3, putting us solidly in first with a 2 game lead.

    And later today, we will be having the Ws as our guests for dinner.

    So yeah, my life is way better than average today.

  133. I swept my chimney.

  134. I was wrong, 150 burpees.

  135. Roamy, Genuine GI MREs have a minimum shelf life 3 three years when stored at 80F, or 1 year when stored at 100F.

    When you buy surplus MREs, there’s a packing date on the case (there’s a production date on each MRE as well).

    Having said that, that is the minimum. I’ve had MREs over 10 years old that were fine.

    There are also commercially available MREs with similar shelf life that use MRE components, but slightly different packaging. I have both for my bug out kit.

    Plus a case of British rations. And a case of Halal MREs, though those only have a 1 year shelf life, and I don’t know how well my three year old case has stood up.

  136. I didn’t play a softball game or do any burpees, but I am baking chocolate chip cookies for a church thing later.



  139. XBrad, you misunderstood the question. I’m not asking about the food, I’m asking about the heaters.

  140. It’s gone, but I had written a poat for your old blog about the old MREs that I taste-tested. IIRC, applesauce didn’t last, and there was one enchilada that didn’t have any sauce, so I decided not to eat that one. They were past the expiration date but had been kept cool.

  141. Yea lions!!!

  142. As long as the heaters were sealed in the main MRE pouch, they should be good almost indefinitely.

  143. I bought a bottle of blueberry rum today. It’s really blue.

    It will mix well with lemonade I bet.

  144. Well, that’s the kicker, then. I kept the heaters from the MREs I taste-tested and the ones I ate that were approaching 5 years old. I bet those aren’t any good any more. Now is a good time to test, instead of hoping it will heat some time in the future.

  145. I’m in New Jersey. Lovely turnpike.

  146. Looks like Drudge is down. Is he in FL?

  147. Drudge is loading just fine for me.


  149. Irma could hit as a category 1 hurricane. That would be an incredible relief. From a 3/4 to a 1 is a huge difference. Let’s hope it Plays out that way.

  150. Great links pupster.

  151. That’s good news, mare. Hoping for a best case scenario.

  152. Oldest daughter is being a PIA. Yes, our house is extraordinarily cluttered – we are still hanging on to a bunch of your old stuff, dearie, as well as that of all of your other sisters.

    And, no, you don’t get to dictate what music we will be playing for your sister’s memorial – when your parents go, you can do whatever you want. You’ve been living with liberals for over 12 years, and we see you maybe twice a year. And you just had the wedding of your dreams 3 months ago – we didn’t give any input whatsoever.

    I don’t care that it is that time of the month for you – you are acting like a spoiled brat, expecting everyone to do what you want. Funeral homes don’t generally have office hours on the weekend, so it’s going to be tomorrow at the earliest before we can start making concrete plans. We don’t like it any more than you do, but we have no control over when a business is open and when it isn’t.

    We just got back last night, your grandparents are staying in the house, and we are quite tired after a week away from home. We hit the ground running when we got home, and listening to you bitching about the condition of our house isn’t helping.

    Thanks for letting me rant.
    ***puts a twenty on the bar, signals for another virgin pina colada***

  153. TiFW, I’m sorry about that. Some people just have to make a situation that much harder to deal with, and anyone who complains about the state of my house, as far as I’m concerned, just volunteered to clean up. My sister was a royal PITA when Mom died. I sincerely hope that your daughter wakes up before it ends up like my family. Sister hasn’t spoken to my dad since my brother’s funeral and talks to me only once or twice a year.

    Also, MJ put up a new poat. You’ll like it.

  154. Sorry, Teresa. She’s probably hurting and all the bitching is her anger stage.

  155. Worst time for families.

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