Breathe In The Fall Air (A Little Early)

Yeah, I know, it’s still summer for a little while longer. But let’s face it, school is back in session, football is back on the TV and cooking fatty meat and root vegetables in a crock pot is suddenly appealing again. We’re definitely sliding into fall at light speed.

Fantastic video. Needed more bullwhips though.

Still plenty of time for frisbee chasing before the snow flies


Barefoot days gone by


I call this bizarre gif “How Your Mom Conceived You”


Just a friendly Water Bear passing by and saying hi


The hero we need


Never too late for ice cream




  1. Yo

  2. oy!

  3. yo yo

  4. Yo, and shit.

  5. i saw some pictures of irma’s bowel movement – our south eastern Hostages/gettes may want to think about a vacay to ABQ or other dry spot

  6. What the hell is that thing?!? A water bear? It needs a circumcision.

  7. Water bears are very cool


  8. they’re leon’s spirit animal

  9. Actually my spirit animal is the bobcat.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Apparently, my spirit animal is a Labrador Retriever.

  12. I kinda want scott to talk about the power outage in PR.

  13. hahaha, Me too, Carin.

  14. Last night I dreamed that I had oodles and oodles of perfect business casual clothes in my closet, and someone moved them and I couldn’t find them, and I had 1/2 hour to get to my first day of work.

    Isn’t that great? Aren’t dreams simply wonderful?

    My subconscious is a fucking asshole.

    OTOH, there’s nothing quite as sweet as the relief of waking up.
    And going shopping. I’m going shopping today.

  15. Don’t forget to buy bread and water Laura

  16. I hate shopping.

  17. I watched that video clip of the Irish family chasing the bat last night and my boy watched over my shoulder. He loves shit like that and wanted me to send it to him. He’s been driving Paula crazy with walking around saying “Catch it daddy” in a fake Irish accent

  18. Apparently they call King Cone ‘Cornetto’ across the pond. Good to know.

  19. I’ve been laughing while listening to NPR interviewing various faith leaders about how cruel the reversal of DACA is and how Un-Christian to boot.

    Just wondering how much they desire their opinions when there’s an abortion controversy.

  20. Important when you’re in Italy and you need a cheap unsatisfying ice cream.

  21. Shawn Of The Dead was my first exposure to the label “Cornetto” for what I call a drumstick ice cream. 99% of the time those were my selections when the ice cream truck came around.

    Look up The Cornetto Trilogy. A collection of 3 movies by the same director. Pretty sure Simon Pegg is involved.

  22. Back from Atlanta. I always forget how big it is.

  23. Let us pray for all the Billionaires who may lose their vacation homes on those private islands.


    I just saw an article going over all the “coves” and private islands owned by those jokers.

  24. Should have built a better castle, loser billionaire guy.

  25. I had never heard of that island that got slammed … Barbuda. At first I thought I misheard Barbados.

  26. Should have built a better castle, loser billionaire guy

    Their mansions are like that Ozymandias poem. I’m not against folks owning what they can afford. It’s just that they’re such fucking hypocrites. Pretend to be for the little people, while hunkered behind their gated communities and private islands.

    Who needs a private island? For most people, it’s an ego thing.

  27. I always forget how big it is.

    You and your mom have much the same problem.

  28. I need a private island.

  29. Actually, I need two.

  30. Thank GOD Richard Branson had a wine cellar.

  31. I’m a loner enough. An island would turn me into a complete hermit. I wouldn’t be happy.

  32. I want a villain’s lair under a volcano with sharks private island.

  33. See, that would be cool. But a mansion on a private island to complement the mansion I usually live in, and the other mansions i have dotted around the world …

    There comes a point where it’s just ego.

  34. Michelle is being removed from life support sometime today.
    Please pray that God’s will be done – this is now out of our hands.
    Hopefully His will is that Michelle’s death can bring the hope of life to many others.

    Our entire family would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult journey – each and every one of you has helped us more than you will ever know.

  35. My private island would be in Lake Superior, because fuck hurricanes.

  36. Leon has a point.

  37. See, that’s what I’m kinda getting at. Man – celebrities – occasionally needs to be bitchslapped. Even the mighty rich can be humbled by God and nature. I have compassion for those who live in the path and are hurt. But the mansions on these fragile islands – God has other plans.

  38. Continued prayers, Teresa.

  39. Leon’s car parked in the driveway of his perfect hurricane-free Lake Superior home.

  40. Laura, my private island estate has monolithic domes for everything, including the garage.

    Snow can be shoveled. Snow is dry. Snowstorms don’t have 200mph winds. Blizzards >>> hurricanes.

  41. Also, ice storms are rare here. Snow is much easier to work with than ice.

  42. Let us not judge those who live in mansions, but instead seek to build more mansions for those who live in them.

    –Barack H Obama, vol II, chapter 9–How I Won, Bitches.

  43. I’m really looking forward to Hillary’s book and the non attendance of her tour.

    Remember when everyone panned her attempt to explain her loss a few months back? Good times. Can’t wait to do it again.

    Her ghostwriter kind of sucks too, which makes it all the better.

  44. Leon has a point.

    If he puts a hat on, maybe nobody will notice?

  45. I’m considering showing up to protest her Ann Arbor visit. What should go on my sign?

    “Comey Should Have Put You In Jail”

  46. Maybe they can use their private money and private insurance to repair their private island, instead of relying on public money.


  47. Is private flood insurance even available, or did it get the student loan treatment?

  48. On it, Teresa.

  49. Mare, what time is landfall in your area?

  50. Saturday afternoon.

  51. When are you deciding on bug-out or not? My cousin/aunt/uncle live in Hobe Sound. I would think they are going to leave, but they hadn’t decided yet.

  52. How many bullwhips are in your bug-out bag, RIGHT NOW?

  53. Went and got a haircut today. Slow day at the barbershop and the 3 ladies were all watching hurricane coverage. After the program switched to Trump bashing they all said “This is bullshit” or words to that effect and turned the volume down. My barbershop is the one that all the local military, fire and popo go to.

  54. Dammit! Who brought up losing the TV remote the other day? You jinxed me…

  55. Are you a volunteer fireman now, jimbro? Otherwise you should go to the doctor barber.

  56. I’m due for a trim myself. Been too busy to cut it.

  57. It’s in the couch, Chi. I need a haircut too. Maybe tomorrow.

  58. I tore the couch apart. Twice.

    I bought a set of $10 clippers at Ollie’s five years ago and do my own. I can actually do a decent job these days, but those first few haircuts were scary looking.

  59. I’ve cut my own hair for about 15 years now, but I shave my head.

  60. I shave the heads around here. In-laws try to pay me but that defeats the purpose of buying the clippers to save money.

  61. Add eyebrows to that, too.

  62. F the GOP. Worthless liars, POS c*mguzzlers, prick tickling, butthole lickers.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  63. I’m right at home in any barbershop

  64. I was moving Laura’s car this morning when this idiot came running across the lawn to flirt with the tires.

  65. He’s been hanging around a nearby busy intersection for a couple of months now. His hobby is standing in the middle of the road and causing traffic jams.

  66. Catch him and fatten him up for Thanksgiving, scott.

  67. That’s a lot less shocking than walking outside to find this in the front yard:

    And don’t believe those lies about how slow they are. That sucker could MOVE.

  68. My wife and I were out walking a couple of mornings ago and saw an armadillo warping across a driveway. Ms. Pendejo says, “ooh look, a porcupine!!!” I still got some tweaks to make with her.

  69. Dagnabbit. I bought some taters last week for 2.99 a bag (5 lb). Buy one, get one free.
    I sent beasnette home with 5# taters, 5# apples, and 1# carrots (.50/lb).

    This week, the 5# of taters are 99 cents.

  70. It’s in the couch. It’s always in the couch.

  71. Where’s oso? I need to tell her that sweet corn is 6 for a buck.

  72. Ooh. That reminds me – I need to check that old man’s you-pick “city farm” around the corner.
    Last year I filled up the back of Moms SUV with a dozen ears of corn, a few cantaloupe, eggplant, tomatoes and a ton of figs.
    “How much do I owe you Mr Williams?”
    “That’s a lot son. How does $3 sound to you?”

  73. If it’s in the couch, I’ll have to use the chainsaw to find it at this point.
    I checked the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen (even the fridge!) and outside where I chatted with the Jehovah’s Witnesses this morning.
    Still no remote…

  74. Look under the couch and under blankets.

  75. Witnesses stole it hoping you’d call them.

  76. Someone needs to explain to me – why does Erin have boys that just drop by the house all the time. Last night, two showed up (they sat around watching tv) and two more just showed up just now after school. They’re all apparently “friends”.

    1) Would she tolerate this with not boyfriend
    2) does he get mad
    3) what is going on?

    TIA kind people.

  77. I’m starting to get nervous about Saturday. I may have … overestimated my abilities.


    Friday night I’ll say my goodbyes to everyone.

  78. I just ordered some gloves, because I think I’m going to need every possible advantage.

  79. 1) No
    2) Cuck
    3) She is enjoying the attention

  80. 1) yes, obviously
    2) yes, but he’s too timid to say so
    3) she likes the attention and just doesn’t want to commit to any one guy yet.(I like and respect this, but she should probably say that out loud)
    4) us guys don’t understand grown women, much less teenage girls

  81. I’m a loner enough. An island would turn me into a complete hermit. I wouldn’t be happy.

    I would be ecstatic.

  82. XBrad?

  83. LOL

  84. I like Chi’s 3 and 4. Erin is a good kid and has listened to her mom about life.

  85. I have think I misinterpreted question #1.
    Would she tolerate HIM having a bunch of different girls come visit?
    Oh, hells no.

    So it looks like Jimbro & I are on the same page here.

  86. If my Not Girlfriend had a bunch of dudes over, I do believe I’d be ghosting her thereafter.

  87. I think the only saving grace is that they are not boyfriends friends.

    I just don’t get it. Are these guys hoping she just gets tired of not boyfriends shit? Is this his way of keeping tabs on her? I don’t get it.

  88. Maybe they’re hoping she’ll help them out with dating her friends?

  89. I tried that as a teenager. It rarely worked, and shouldn’t have when it did.

    Wasted 9 good years and all of my undergrad.

  90. Dammit, it’s raining here, hard.

    I was going to cook scorpion salsa outside tonight.

  91. I think I’m going to do the cleaning and cutting tonight and leave it in the pot until morning. I did that last time and it turned out all right.

  92. I hate to say it, Car in, but odds are, they’re just biding their time hoping to have a chance with her.

    Erin is a good kid and has listened to her mom about life.
    Certainly sounds like it. Good for her. Honestly, I wish I had someone to guide me on that stuff when I was a teen. At 17, I was dating the divorcee on my Mom’s bowling team. I was a hero to all my friends (and their Dads!), but it really messed up my expectations about girls my own age (whom I of courae had much more in common with) -screwed me up on relationships for years.

  93. We got it. 19 acres, $67k. Now I just need to get a check written.

  94. Erin’s guy friends are all secretly hoping for a Simon and Garfunkle theme song…

  95. Congrats, Leon!

  96. Thanks, Pepe. Should close next week, then I gotta get a stake survey so I know where to plant my wall o’ trees.

  97. That’s great, leon. Does that place have a house on it or are you going to build one?

  98. mmmmmmm steak survey

  99. Here’s a porterhouse, and there’s a skirt, oooh a ribeye…

  100. No house, Beasn. We’ve got to build that, a pole barn, and a fence or two before we can move everything over.

  101. Wonder what happened to Bro Cavil?
    At AoS, he said he just got a PICC…

  102. Kickass, Leon!!

    We can have H2 Meatups in the pole barn.

    Please build the guest cottage so it has a couple double suites, a professional kitchen, a gym, several full baths, and a few rooms of bunk beds for the crashers. Thanks in advance.

    I don’t think this is too much to ask.

  103. Y’all can camp in the woods.

  104. Beasn, where is your sweet corn from? (I’m almost finished binging S3 Narcos)

  105. Really, J’ames? Really?

  106. Is Michigan our new bug out place?

  107. Michelle Elise Koch passed away peacefully at 3:12 p.m.(CST) on September 7, 2017.

  108. May she rest in the greatest of peace, Teresa.

  109. Comfort and peace to your family, Teresa.

  110. Squishy hugs TiFW.

  111. Thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family, Teresa.

  112. Love & Condolences Teresa

  113. So sorry Teresa…

    My condolences

  114. I’m so sorry, Teresa. Hugs and prayers to you and Paul.

  115. So sorry for your loss, Teresa.

  116. Oso, I don’t know where the corn comes from this time. I didn’t bother looking at the sign at the store and the ad doesn’t even mention the 6/$1.
    Might be local?

  117. Beasn, there are people on this blog that claim sweet corn superiority. You can’t just drop a corn comment without corn origin

  118. Teresa I am so sorry for your loss.
    I hope you get to meet the folks that receive her donations and it gives you comfort.

  119. oso, Imma going back to look since the local grocer is having really good deals this week on stuff the food bank can use.

    Sometimes it’s local – other times it comes from Colorado and Florida.

  120. So sorry, Theresa.

    * hugs *

  121. I don’t know who put that h in there.

  122. Only an asshole puts an “h” in Teresa.

  123. Love, T.

    There’s only love.

    And we’re here if you need us.

  124. A is for asshole.

  125. Lol

  126. You dicks at this POS site, wherein we are immature, stupid, disgusting, lowbrow, mother denigrating and Slovak big boob loving bed dusters are really good people.

  127. Do you have a subterranean wine cellar?

    You should move there.

    Love, Scott.

  128. We actually just received a mandatory evacuation notice for our development. Between 6:00am Friday and Sunday by 8:00pm. F

  129. We’ll serve smoked clams and beef.

  130. Well, I do want to try smoked clams.

  131. Next big meetup, Mare. Now flee inland NW, please.

  132. Ever since you mentioned smoked clams there has had been a new and wonderous love for the W’s.

  133. I will risk being crass and attempt a joke thread, because this immature, stupid, disgusting, lowbrow, mother denigrating and Slovak big boob loving (wut?) bed duster needs a laugh. Especially because joke threads remind me of Rosetta.

    Ruin a Band Name with Just One Letter

    Nine Inch Fails

  134. Def Leotard

  135. Poo Fighters

  136. Boobie Brothers

  137. Hahahaaahh, Roamy!!! If only I knew a band’s name!! You MOFO!!!

  138. Nuke

  139. Nay-belline

  140. Grateful Spread.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  141. Coke —- Choke Okay, so I added a letter

  142. Pizza Hat

  143. Queens of the Stone Age

  144. Toot

  145. Queers of the Stone Age I meant, autocucumber!

  146. Everclean

  147. Stinks

  148. Pickleback

  149. The rolling phones

  150. The Whom

  151. So You Think You Can Dunce

  152. America’s Not Talent

  153. EMO

  154. Toof

  155. Stung

  156. Elton Joan

  157. Doodie Brothers

  158. Guns ‘n Ropes

  159. Whoops, I thought it said “Brand” name.

  160. Jethro Dull

  161. Peter Frumpton

  162. Feart

  163. Still funny, Pepe

  164. Derp Purple

  165. Rotting Stones

  166. Lady Gags

  167. Darth Brooks

  168. Cheap Prick

  169. I love you people.

  170. Kid Ruck

    Skid Rock

    Sid Rock

    Kid Rack

  171. I’ve been on the phone for a while – what the Hell kind of mess did I stumble into???

  172. Super tramp

    Oh wait

  173. Steve Ferry

  174. Jimmy Muffet

  175. The Beagles

  176. Fool

  177. The Bungles

  178. Buck (Beck)

  179. Herman’s Kermits

  180. *uckcherry

  181. Vanilla Rice

  182. Eric Clopton

  183. PU2

  184. Flagging Molly

  185. Queef.

  186. Jerky

  187. Mourney

  188. Foundgarden

  189. Stevie Roy Vaughan

  190. The Whine Stripes

  191. Punk Floyd

  192. Talking Beads

  193. Tush

  194. O2

  195. AP/DP

  196. The Whop

  197. Bqn Jqvi

  198. Pearl Jap

  199. Vag Halen

  200. Pun-DMC

  201. Leastie Boys

  202. Fifty-C*nt

  203. Yeastie Boys

  204. Ban Jovi

  205. Butt Hope Surfers

  206. Metabbica

  207. Bung Crosby

  208. Falestorm

  209. Alice Cooter

  210. Oldplay

  211. The Cuke

  212. Supercramp

  213. Iggy Pup

  214. Rash

  215. PISS

  216. Mad Donna

  217. MISS

  218. Feline Dion

  219. Moley Cyrus

  220. Prance

  221. Poisson

  222. Bo – Gos

  223. Nirvanka

  224. Pink Flood

  225. Stynx

  226. Fool and the Gang

  227. Pony Orlando……and Dawn

  228. The Carbs

  229. The Finxx

  230. Mo Doubt

  231. Gladys Knight and the Pimps

  232. Lantana (Santana)

  233. L.A. Nuns

  234. April Whine

  235. Grateful Head

  236. Blood Sweat and Tires

  237. Your Mom’s favorite: Helen’s Reddy

  238. Oreo Speedwagon

  239. Moron 5

  240. SuperTrump!

  241. Cosby Stills and Nash

  242. The Polite

    May be a repeat

  243. Dixie Hicks

  244. Age Against the Machine

  245. Nine Inch Snails

  246. Kansass.

  247. Thanks, everyone, for everything.

    On the organ donation subject: Michelle had 3 organs which were usable for donation – her liver and both of her kidneys – and there were recipients waiting for each of them. She was so tiny that her pancreas couldn’t be used, her heart was too damaged, she had been on the vent too long to use her lungs, and intestines are an iffy proposition at best.

    There are many different ways for things to make organ donation a no-go. Different hospitals have different protocols for “time” – once the ventilator is removed, there is a time limit for how long the donor can be off the vent before it is too late to make a live donation due to circulation issues.

    Some hospitals have a 60-minute window, others have a 90-minute window. The hospital where Michelle was has a 60-minute window policy, but the donor organization is trying to get the hospital’s policy changed to a 90-minute window.

    We were able to be in the OR after Michelle’s ventilator was removed. After 60 minutes, Michelle’s heartbeat had only moved from 126 bpm to 116 bpm, and her oxygen level had moved from 100% to 95%.

    We left the OR very disappointed. We went back to the surgery waiting room while the OR staff got Michelle ready to go back to her room, where she would be allowed to pass away. We figured we would have time, so we went to eat in the hospital cafe.

    A few minutes later, one of the nurses from the OR came and found us. Apparently while they were cleaning Michelle up to move to her room, she quit breathing.

    Twelve minutes after the 60-minute window had closed.

    If the hospital had a 90-minute policy, Michelle’s organs would have been harvested for transplantation, and tonight three families would have renewed hope for their loved one’s future.

    She will still be a tissue donor – apparently over 200 people can be helped by all of the different tissues that can be harvested from a single donor.

    And we told the Donor Coordinator that we would be more than happy to write a letter to the hospital’s Medical Review Board telling them Michelle’s story.

    As our oldest daughter remarked, perhaps Michelle’s case – and others like hers – will convince the board to change their 60-minute policy to a 90-minute policy.

    And in the long run, perhaps Michelle could indirectly end up saving an infinitely larger number of people.

    That thought brings us much hope.

  248. That’s a tremendous positive to take away from this. God shows himself in mysterious ways.

  249. The window must be a liability thing. I can’t imagine if there were any chance that the docs would let such an opportunity get away.

  250. I think it is more a “too much tissue dies after x minutes” thing, J’Ames. I’m sure there is a legal aspect to it, too, but there is probably plenty of medical documentation to back up one or both of those policies.

    And, yes, it must be frustrating and maddening and saddening and disappointing to the doctors – they are trained to save lives. And organ donation can have a fantastic rate of return – one patient is beyond saving, but up to eight patients have a chance of being saved.

    Doctors love saving patients.

  251. Don’t ever reheat poutine.

  252. That was maybe your best early morning poem ever, Sean.

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