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Because how long can we keep commenting on Monday’s post?





Want to read something really stupid?  No? Sorry. Here’s The link anyway.

When the Ilitch family’s Olympia Entertainment division chose divisive performer Kid Rock to christen Little Caesars Arena with six shows and a new restaurant, it sent a message to the Detroiters who made the project possible and who have yet to see the benefits promised. It’s a message that’s not too far off those Jim Crow-era signs warning that blacks weren’t welcome.

Negro, go home.


This dude isn’t some one-off writer – he’s something like the head editorial writer for the Detroit Free Press. He’s also exhibit A why I cancelled my subscription.


I kinda want one of these  shirts:



But then I’m not a big fan of swear words on shirts.



Maybe not Leon. The rest of you though ….






Ok, that’s really all I’ve got right now. Unless you want me to throw up more music videos?







  1. *barfs

  2. He’s more disappointed in me than you might think.

  3. Shake it off, car in.

  4. Heh, explains me at work

  5. He’s way more disappointing in me.

  6. The name of that song is the suicide hotline number.

  7. Because I’m pretty sure very few of you ever watch the videos I post.

  8. He’s way more disappointing in me.

    Oh, definitely. Just pointing out that sainthood is still an aspiration for me at best.

  9. Comment by Jay in Ames on September 5, 2017 2:38 pm

    Heh, explains me at work

    Serious question, if I may. I’ve kind of sort of convinced myself I’m in a constant state of dehydration. Over the last 3 days, I’ve been drinking water whenever I get up, I’ve got water next to me when I sit down, I’m only drinking about a gallon a day but the difference has been pretty dramatic in my attitude and the way I feel, almost euphoric. Other than having to go to the bathroom twice an hour, I can’t see a downside.

    My question is, how long does it take to recover from dehydration if you boost your water intake? I mean, is a gallon a day and 30 trips to the bathroom my fate, or will I catch up eventually and be able to cut it back a bit?

    Anyway, this is my first day back at work and people have already noticed I’m in a good mood, I guess I’ve been grumpy like the guy in J’Ames’ link for a good year or so.

  10. Time to drink some eggs.

  11. gross

  12. GND: The fuck is this?

    MJ: Muddler.

    GND: Shit.

  13. Hey MJ, I was just thinking of you.

    *egg burp*

    R U a dad yet?

  14. Huh, 185 mph winds. Well this is not good.

  15. Hey MJ, I was just thinking of you.
    Sounds kinky.

    Not quite yet, although as of this AM the Dr told us he’s likely to be an early arrival. My money is on Sept 25th.

  16. Huh, 185 mph winds. Well this is not good.
    How much are you charging to hold on to your ass in an 185 mph wind?

    People pay big bucks for safety.

  17. ^^throwback comment

  18. My reaction to “185 mph winds” is probably similar to when I tell people “-30F outside”.

    Blank stare. The numbers just can’t be real.

  19. In this gif a child recreates Obama’s presidency:


  20. Hahahahhhaa

    On both old school comment and Obamas presidency.

  21. Ca rin poats videos?


    thought it was my internet screeching at me, like the old modem noise.

  22. chi, I drink “tons” of water. So much, that I’m also that guy going to the bathroom all the time. I also am not dehydrated after workout, with no water.

    No, I’m just the crabby guy at work.

  23. Jimbro, if the top came out right I wouldn’t lower the heat.

    The penny trick might work. Place some pennies on a cookie sheet and place the frying pan on the pennies.

  24. Why not nickels?

  25. This is all good info. The boys will eat all the pizza so I can continue my quest until I achieve perfection or face 185 mile per hour winds on the back deck.

  26. It’s so smokey that the sun is just a red ball. There aren’t even any shadows.


  27. Penny trick is a good idea, insulator from direct heat.

    If you have 185 mph winds, or even kilometers, you might want to keep the lid closed.

  28. Maybe the eclipse is late, chrisp.

  29. I had to zoom out to figure out you were talking about the PNW

  30. Nickels work. We never really plan on cooking one pizza.

    The first one never seems to come out just right.

    I suppose if we did it more often.

  31. I tried a pizza stone on the grill once. Bottom burnt. It was because of direct heat. If it was offset it would have worked.

  32. We could smell the smoke on our hike today.

  33. We’re waiting the sellers to cancel the 10 acre parcel. Our new offer on the 19 acres doesn’t go out until they sign off on it.

  34. In this gif a child recreates Obama’s presidency:

    I laughed. Does that make me a bad person?

  35. Yes.

  36. Pupster http://tinyurl.com/ycp9cuup

  37. We had steamed burgers today.

    Really good. Reading about how to do them at home.

    – put water in bottom of frying pan
    – place wire rack from toaster oven over pan
    – put patties on rack and cover
    – high heat until the water boils then dial it back to medium
    – done in 10 minutes

  38. Car in or Leon, what do locals call Detroit?

  39. A pull from Teresa’s page:


    May God hold you in His arms, Michelle…

  40. The D

  41. Really??? Ha ha haaaaa!

    Your mom loves The D.

  42. 25th? Isn’t that anchor twins and Jewstin?

  43. Yes. The D. It is what it is.

  44. Day-twah.

  45. The D is more common, though.

  46. I hope none of you good people work in telemarketing, because I have been VERY rude lately to all the random callers.
    I’m getting half a dozen calls per day on my mobile now and I am pretty nasty when I answer… Sorry if I’ve offended anyone I know.

  47. I don’t think people admit to being telemarketers on social media, blogs, to their own families, or in prison group therapy for pedophile necrophiliacs.

  48. lauraw, I have a brief survey for you. It will only take 29 minutes and consists of 380 questions. Are you eating dinner? Perfect.

    1. Is Donald Trump a racist pedophile woman abuser that grabbed an endangered panda by the vagina or a white supremacist that ate a dog in Indonesia and then transported the carcass on top of his car after scalping a gay child with his favorite putter?


  49. Chi, check out the Mr Number app.

    It will block about 90% of that crap automatically and you can manually block most of the rest.

  50. MJ, that’s hilarious, but you know that if any of us knew you were actually a telemarketer, you would have been set on fire two weekends ago and your ashes used to season Moose’s kibble.

  51. “The D”. Sounds like some dread disease. “Why don’t you go out with Amber, she seems hot?” “Man, she’s got…The D.” “Aw man, forget I said anything…”

  52. Heh, the poo story at Ace’s reminds me of a story my younger brother told me. One night he was at some dive bar in Boston and there was just one bathroom for both genders. He stood in line to use it because he had to take a massive shit that would not be denied. After depositing his shmoo and doing the paperwork he realized it was not going down when he flushed. In fact the water was rising over the rim of the bowl. He decided to confidently open the door of the bathroom and stride past the bathroom line and walk straight out of the bar without even looking back. He called his friends to let them know where he was and why they should move the party elsewhere for the evening.

  53. Mare, one of the drawbacks of prepping is that the other members of the house get too lazy to see if there’s already an open container of whatever and go immediately to the pantry and get the backup container. This is why I have two open bottles of maple syrup, two open bottles of mustard, two open jars of mayo, and *three* open jars of pickle relish.

  54. Mare, Scott and I are watching the weather and we’re thinking maybe you and hubby should pack some valuables and take a sightseeing tour inland, say, to Tennessee.

  55. One night he was at some dive bar in Boston and there was just one bathroom for both genders…..

    I rarely go to bars but when I do…….

    My wife and I went to a C&W bar with an outdoor concert venue about 8 or 9 years ago. We met some friends there we hadn’t seen in several years. It rained that night so the band didn’t go on. There was one bathroom for each gender, but by about 10:00 the men’s bathroom was a wreck of the sort your friend left behind. I told my wife we needed to leave cause I had to get to a convenience store pretty quickly. We were walking to the car when I just knew. I just fucking knew. I stopped, dropped trou, grabbed the back bumper of a SUV, got my feet as far away from the drop zone as possible and launched. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but as we were driving away I was wishing like hell I could be there to watch the owners of my modified shitter as they were getting into their SUV. I’ll be they were some disgusted sumbitches.

  56. Compos Mentis and his port-a-potty at the soccer game story.

  57. Or CT. Brisketsmokedclamspalooza!

  58. The Compos Mentis Link

  59. Compos’ port a potty story was one of the better laughs I’ve ever gotten from tittyweb jenkins.

  60. Thank you, I got sidetracked before I could find the link

  61. Always loved the Compos story. Thanks for the laughs – needed that tonight 😊

  62. “Why don’t you go out with Amber, she seems hot?” “Man, she’s got…The D.” “Aw man, forget I said anything…”

    She’s a Monday model? Nowadays it would be considered bigotry if you’re not willing to date “her”.

  63. OMG. I’m still laughing.

    I love that story.

    I think the only thing that can make me laugh that hard is the Reg Fake post.

  64. Mare,
    I’ve been tracking the storm. Pleas bug out and get to higher & drier ground. Keep you and yours safe.
    I think Cochran is in FL too? Grab your Fireball and loved ones and get out now, man.

  65. Oh, the snow will be a blinding sight to see as it lies on yonder hillside.
    The lock upon my garden gate’s a derp, that’s what it is.
    The lock upon my garden gate’s a derp, that’s what it is.
    Caterpillar sheds his skin to find a butterfly within.
    Caterpillar sheds his skin to find a butterfly within.

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