MMM 289: F*ck the commies, get some work done today

Seriously.  The only real way to protest a holiday is to ignore it or substitute a new meaning.  If the regressive left can ignore Columbus Day and celebrate conquered peoples and turn Christmas into Giftmas, I say we can turn Labor Day on its head.  If you can work, take shifts and wear an anti-commie t-shirt while you do it.  If not, work like hell around the house getting ready for winter.

Or, you know, just fire up the grill and drink some beer because you earned it.

Doing some hanging leg raises.


Leg warmers.


Sports bra under serious tension.


These are great for triceps, delts, and lower pectorals.


Pretty smile.


I need one of these for human flag practice.


I still can’t hold the balance on these for very long.


Say goodbye to beach weather.


I don’t think I’d do these in that room or over that floor.


And the week begins while summer (mostly) ends.


  1. Is MIchelle Teresa’s daughter?? Such a horrible and shocking situation. Definitely prayers, Teresa and many hugs to you and Mr.

  2. As to “Labor Day,” You have to work to eat stupes, why do you expect a holiday and a pat on the back?

    I’m “working” today. The house, tidying the garage, laundry, mopping, I’ll throw some scubbing in there for extra work just to show the lazy commies.

    And I’ll be praying for Teresa’s family. I do not consider that work, like Leon, a meditative state.

  3. Yes, mare. Michelle is her name.
    God will be busy listening to prayers for them all today…

    Bunches of lawn & flowerbed work planned for the day. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I’ll take my buddy Mike out to lunch, and maybe hit the fishmonger to see what is fresh for the smoker tomorrow.

  4. I’m hanging some shutters today while wearing your mom’s favorite teddy. Does that count?

  5. ^yes

  6. I’ll spend the day praying for/thinking of Teresa, cleaning, working out, then going to work.

  7. Meeting at 1000, groceries, cleaning a few branches and weeds outside and the pantry inside. Merging food from camp back into the home home pantry provides the perfect excuse to bin any expired food. Grilling after that.

  8. I didn’t understand that either, Lauraw. I thought hospitals were chock full of legal eagles? Regardless, even HR should have diffused.

  9. There has to be more going on with that. Why would you want a blood draw from an innocent party? Something stinks, and it’s not the nurse.

  10. Roamy, the theory is that the innocent guy has a case that the cops caused the accident that injured him by pursuing a suspect recklessly, so the cop wanted the blood draw so they could prove that he was in some way intoxicated, thus the cops were not culpable for his injuries.

    Whether they planned to taint that evidence to solidify the defense is further conspiracy theorizing, but the guy sounds like the sort that might do it.

  11. It sounded like it wasn’t just the cop, that some internal affairs person had reviewed the bodycam footage and found nothing wrong. It wasn’t until it went viral that the cop was put on leave. There’s a second cop on leave, too.

  12. The whole event really doesn’t help police sentiment, that’s for sure.

    Time to mow.

  13. I can’t stop thinking about Teresa and what she’s going through.

  14. Me too, Mare. What a horror.

  15. T you guys are in my prayers –
    luv ya

  16. Just finished a run, and about to take a shower and practice violin, then work on R programming.

    I will, however, also work on Russian through Duolingo. That should make the filthy commies happy.

  17. Urrrrgh, got back from a knife show in Vegas last night. I was planning on taking it easy today, but ……. a bunch of little jobs popped up while I was gone. First up is fixing a leaking sink.

  18. Thanks for reminding me, Pepe. Mr. B was supposed to fix a leak under his parents sink. Not sure if he got around to that yet.

    Not sure if I’ll do anything productive today.

  19. I’m so sad for Teresa.

  20. Thoughts and prayers, TinFW.

  21. She just updated on facebook. They’re basically just keeping her on life support so everyone can say goodbye. This is just heartbreaking – to think of the pain.

  22. “There isn’t going to be a recovery – they resuscitated her until we could get there. Her Glasgow Coma Score this morning was 4. Anything lower than an 8 indicates severe brain damage.”

  23. I made sure I hugged my son when he left. I’m going to start grilling them on the details of their life. Ugh.

  24. Oh God. Terrible.

  25. Thank you so much for your kind words, everybody. They mean the world to our family. Our oldest daughter will be burying her father-in-law tomorrow, then flying down here on Wednesday. A friend is bringing Daughter #3 and Rebecca today; we don’t know if either one of them will stay.

    This has been especially hard on DD#3 – she and Michelle were only a year and eleven days apart, and they were thicker than thieves.

    Had to call my parents and Paul’s mom this morning. My parents lost my sister 9 years ago. A lot of tears have been shed.

    We know what we are going to have to do. It just doesn’t seem real.

  26. My God, Theresa. I am so, so sorry.

    I pray you and your family can find some peace and healing.

  27. So very sorry, Teresa. My heart is broken for you.

  28. Just heartbreaking.

  29. Don’t thank me for kind words because I really wish I could do something to help with the pain. If it helps at ALL to know everyone here is thinking and praying for you – you know that’s the case.

  30. Teresa, my eyes are welling up just thinking of the pain you all must be feeling. “It just doesn’t seem real” says so much to me.

    I’m hoping the hospital has surrounded you with the right people. Clergy, compassionate nurses and doctors, etc.

    At the risk of being perceived as insensitive, have they discussed organ donation with you if that remains an option?

  31. How could it possibly feel real? The mind can’t wrap itself around that so fast.

  32. We wondered about organ donation, but we missed seeing the neurosurgeon this morning. I don’t know if they can use organs which were anoxic for an unknown period of time. Her lactic acid levels were at 10 last night; we were told that anything over 2 is bad news. Her heart wasn’t beating and she had no pulse at the time EMS arrived. It took them another 5-7 minutes to get a steady heartbeat.

    If we are able to donate anything, we definitely will – it would be nice to know that she was living on in some way.

  33. And Car in, we do indeed know that is the case – you guys have wrapped us in your love and kindness and are holding us in your hearts. You may not think it is worth being thanked for, but it means more to us than words can possibly say.

  34. Don’t thank me for kind words because I really wish I could do something to help with the pain. If it helps at ALL to know everyone here is thinking and praying for you – you know that’s the case.


    Exactly what Carin said.

    I’m so very sorry for your family Teresa.

  35. Have the donation team check/test. It’s giving someone else a chance.

  36. I’m sorry, Teresa I missed your earlier comment. I knew you’d think of that.

  37. Theresa, I don’t have the words to express just how sorry I am for you and your family during this most awful time.

    You are all in my thoughts and I hope that you are able to find peace and comfort in each other’s arms.

  38. TiFW, I just….*hugs* *cries* I’m so sorry. You have the Cochran family’s prayers and love.

  39. So sorry to hear about your daughter, TiFW.

  40. I know I don’t have to say it, but I’m gonna.

    If any of you have feelings like this is a solution, please call, email, post an emoji, whatever. We’re kind of a family, please use us like one.

    That includes your family members, too.

    Too much of this.

  41. Hear, hear, J’ames.

  42. I can’t imagine what kind of pain you must be suffering, Teresa, and my heart goes out to you and your family. I pray that God will help you to draw closer to Him and to one another in this hour of need.

  43. Jay and Roamy….yes.

    We’ve been hit hard here, very hard and we’d love a chance to help any of you who feel
    so badly that, to you, life is not worth living.

    Not suggesting we can fix shit but we can let you know you’re loved and we want you around here to continue making this POS blog a place where we can act like 6th graders with a 4th grade sense of humor.

  44. 6th grade?


  45. Yer one to talk, J’Ames, usin’ a fancy word what’s got three of them sound-part-thingers.

  46. L to R: Mare, Jay

  47. Yeah, I always thought of y’all as fourth graders with a sixth grade sense of humor.

  48. What everyone here has said. Please don’t suffer alone.

  49. Jimbro, more like this:

  50. Obligatory followup to Jimbro and Mare.

  51. Thanks, everyone. We met with the neurosurgeon tonight and he confirmed what we sort of already knew – massive brain injury and realistically not a chance of survival. They are going to put us in touch with the transplant team in a day or two.

    The hardest thing was hearing Sarah’s absolute wails when she saw Michelle.

  52. I’m sure. How horrible and hard that must be for her. :( I’m so sorry for everyone.

  53. Teresa,
    We are very sorry for what your family is having to go through.
    Parents should never have to bury their child. Praying for you guys…

  54. Poor Sarah. That’s terrible, no one should have to go through that.

  55. I have at least a seventh grade level sense of humor. Just saying.

  56. Teresa, so very sorry for you and your family right now.

  57. Why not eighth?

  58. I aim low, Scott.

  59. I had the shittiest table ever tonight, which was certainly fitting for a shitty day.

    I can’t even explain how white trash they were. Tip was horrible. They ran my ass off. Kids made a mess under the table, and the parents allowed them to be a pain in the ass the entire time they were here- at one point the boy child was using his straw to blow in my face while I took the orders, and the parents just allowed it. He was barking at me another time. It was one of those nights where I could have just walked out.

  60. Could be worse, C arin. You could have had to be at work with gout.

    Fuckin’ gout.

  61. Heh, you just want to smack that straw, and tell them to stick their tip up their ass.

  62. ((((Hugs)))) to everyone.

  63. I did, J’ames. Assholes. I knew they would be bad. Every now and then a I’m wrong about a table, which is why I never let it get to me and give them shitty service, even when they deserve it.

    But I learn and have a long memory. You’ll only get good service from me once.

  64. Amen, ChrisP

  65. ” You’ll only get good service from me once.”

    Your mom, on the other hand………

  66. Gout Gout get it all out🎶🎶🎶👊🏻

  67. There was a constant stream of people coming to the hospital today to visit with us and to say goodbye to Michelle. It was not only sweet and nice, it also helped pass the time.

    Thanks for helping get me through this, guys – you are truly the best 😘💕

  68. Oso’s Retail Day: I had just loaded a mattress and box spring on a mattress cart for a Member and his daughter.
    Member: How’s your holiday going? Do you have plans?
    Oso: Going great, glad we close early.
    Member: I don’t think anyone should have to work on Labor Day.
    Oso: If we weren’t open, you wouldn’t be getting the mattress and box spring for your daughter’s new apartment.

  69. Waitressing is a skill.

    I’ve met Car in a couple of times and can tell, she’s awesome at it.

  70. Teresa – honestly, if you need to talk or just go on about whatever- we’re here for you. Not just today when everyone is focused on it, but perhaps next week or two weeks from now when this is really going to impact you. I honestly can’t even imagine. It’s just too much.

  71. Scott, I tend to be more of a “high end” waitress, and my skillz are wasted on white trash. Not to be a snob- because it honestly has nothing to do with income, education, etc. It just takes someone who is able to recognize professionalism. I’ve had people of all sociology-economic scales who appreciate my service. White trash is more of a state of mind.

  72. Send me an email, I’ll give you my number if you want to chat.

  73. *rattles empty beer glass

    sure sure, I’ll get my own.

  74. Phone calls? ugh. Ok. I mean, I could. I would try for Teresa.

  75. I could use some more wine. Work was basically horrible.

  76. ^ what that Car in chick said. ^
    I’m not afraid to post my phone number or email addy here publicly. Reach out if you want to, Teresa.
    God Bless you and yours.

  77. Bourbon here.

  78. 909-438-1150

    I’m here if you need me.

  79. *prepares for deluge of dick pics*

  80. Umm…it’s Monday. Scroll up for the find the dick pics

  81. It wont fit in one.

  82. I added your number. Didn’t mean to call you.

  83. Dick pic as requested:

  84. Traditional Hostages Dick pic:

  85. Hmm, just ate some homemade Kimchee a friend made, spicy. :)

  86. Seventies guy on Twitter linked Dick Pole the other day

  87. More Dick pics

  88. How was the big show, Peps?

  89. True story:
    A while back, I texted an ex GF (met her thru the HQ). She asked “who the hell is his???) So I replied “would a dick pic remind you?” and texted that pic of Tucker.
    Turns out, that wasnt her number anymore…

    Some random stranger dude. But we ended up talking for an hour. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in the last year! He now has a dozen pics of my dog, and I know about him than I know about my siblings.

  90. 😜😂😂😂😂😂

  91. G’night guys. Much love to all you paste eating window lickers. And Scott.

  92. Show was good, Sean. Shows are really tiring, though.

  93. Maybe one of these days, I can make it out to one.

  94. That would be nice.

  95. Teresa, (when you get back here),
    Cthulhu just sent me a link to a “Happy Birthday” post – I guess from your blog?
    I think everyone here would love to see that.
    If you say it’s OK, I’ll link it. But only with your approval.

    Know that we love you and we’re all praying for you…

  96. Now once, I was down hearted
    Disappointment, was my closest friend
    But then you, came and it soon departed
    And you know he never
    Showed his derp again

  97. get up! you have to go to work today!

  98. I’m at work!

  99. Nothing on my schedule today but call. Both my partner and I were off for the past 10 days with the holiday included. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing from the office before too long.

  100. wakey. rain here.

  101. Guess I’ll sit around all day listening to Cats fucking in a closet.

  102. Supposed to rain tomorrow. Today looks nice, gonna ask Scott out on a date. He’s sleeping in.

    *starts banging pots and pans around*

  103. I woke up at 650. By 8am I had written checks for the water bill and the Venza bill and got them in the mailbox, fed 3 cats and 2 dogs and 2 horses and 13 chickens, practiced Spanish, and caught up on my email.

  104. Neighbors have been gone a lot lately. I keep hoping they’re about to sell the place or something.

  105. We’re a little bummed our neighbor has been having a hard time selling their house. It’s really nice, they put a lot of money in it over the years. If they can’t sell that place, we’re going to have to practically give this place away when we move.

    That’s years away, but I don’t see things getting better unless CT can get its shit together. Har.

  106. If they did put it up for sale, I’d be very, very torn about moving.

  107. We may be done with Not boyfriend. Just giving you guys a heads up.

  108. Did he go out with some skank?

  109. Hah, why?

  110. Crap. That reminds me – I have to pay the water & electric bills today. At least a/c season is over…

  111. No, nothing like that. He blew her off to spend time with friends on Sunday (after being up north with family, and working all week)- didn’t tell her, etc. He showed up last night (while I was at work) and tried to sweet talk her, but I think she’s thinking that HIS friends are right. She can do better. His best friend told her that. Repeatedly.

  112. Thank you all for your continued kindness. I will post an update on Michelle when we get a new post up. I will also post my cell phone number so that anyone who wants to call me can do so – I think that will be easier for me; I wouldn’t want to miss anyone!

    Also, if Chi wants to post a link to my recent post about Michelle’s birthday, it’s fine with me – that’s kind of up to you guys.

  113. His best friend likes her. He’s the “can do better” guy.

  114. His best friend likes her. He’s the “can do better” guy.

    This. It’s the sneaky thing, but that doesn’t make it false.

  115. Mare could be a carpenter, she hit that nail so squarely on the head.

  116. It doesn’t make it false. But I suspected that before. She claims he’s just interested as a friend. He sent her a text once extolling her virtues that suggests otherwise – if she’s basically perfect, why wouldn’t he want to date her?

    But many of Erin’s friends have said she could do better. not boyfriend either gets his act together or he gets the curb.

  117. Not Not Boyfriend should just start asking her on actual, no-shit dates. If Not Boyfriend is just “hanging out”, that should change things.

  118. Women, especially young women, don’t understand that if a straight guy is friends with a girl, then he’s thought about dating/fucking her. Normal guys will look at a girl who’s a friend and think “we get along great, like the same things, why not?” Women, I think, tend to like a guy and then figure out a way to become friends with him in order to get closer.

    Also, spending a day with your friends instead of every waking moment with a girl is normal. It’s healthy.

    Also, his “friend” is a piece of shit.

  119. I’ve explained this to both of my daughters and they don’t like the truth I try to convey.

    And CoAlex – it’s not that he spend time with friends. It’s that he didn’t tell her he was back in town (after texting her the ENTIRE time he was gone about how miserable he was) and just went straight out to some party w/o telling her. He actually doesn’t spend that much time with her – he saw her on Tuesday for 15 minuets (with one of his guy friends in two) , and Friday for 2 hours- while they were with all their other friends.

    And I think, though, that perhaps his “friend” is right. The guy has backed off and let things happen. Cole is screwing it up all on his own.

  120. Does posting every little thing about your life on facebook really help anyone with depression? GAH!

  121. #vaguebook

  122. Well that was just a tad insensitive. But this is really REALLY small stuff.

  123. I think the “piece of shit” remark goes too far. He’s just a normal kid. Loyalties get tossed aside when hormones come into play.

    You have a smart, attractive young lady in front of you, and best friends will fight to the death – it’s human nature.
    Hell, my own brother did similar shit to me when I had my first real “catch.”

  124. plus, if you like the girl and know your friend is a shitty boyfriend …

  125. Just promise us that when those two end up fighting on your front lawn you’ll record the whole thing and upload it to youtube.

  126. LOL. Sure thing.

  127. They should joust, on jet skis.

  128. Ha!
    Yeah, the smart kid that stays out of it and films the fight will probably be the one that ends up with the girl.

  129. Holy shit. I wander off for a nice three-day weekend and come back to this.

    All the prayers for you and your family, TiFW. I can’t even imagine where you are right now.

  130. They should joust, on jet skis.

    Why was this not an activity at Lapeerpalooza?

  131. Weather? I dunno. Next time I need a list to adhere to.

  132. I don’t like to jet ski.

  133. Q-

    How many single socks do you guys have w/o a match? I think I can set a world’s record. I’m this close to throwing them ALL away.

  134. I’m pretty sure that one off socks reappear as unmatched Tupperware lids. You should check that.

  135. Single socks go in the barn rag box.

  136. So, being a nice guy, I told the boy I’d make him pizza on the grill yesterday. This was in response to Paula announcing that dinner was of the burger and dog variety. At first I was joking then I remembered the cast iron frying pan. I looked up a few recipes on line and they pretty much all said the same thing. Get your grill hot, oil the pan a lot and cook it. The top of the pizza was a masterpiece. The bottom was a lot burnt.

    Other than cooking at a lower temp or ordering take out next time, any suggestions?

  137. I’m a bachelor. I wear unmatched socks all the time. As long as they’re the same brand/thickness, I don’t care about the color.
    The Tupperware lid theory is very interesting – why do I have 100 extra lids, anyway?

  138. It was store bought dough. The online recipes said use some semolina flour on the oiled pan to make it easier to remove. I used panko bread crumbs since I was fresh out of semolina flour.

  139. direct heat on the bottom caused the burning. if you can offset the pan to not be directly over the burners that should help.

    Also I think the semolina flour has a higher burn point. cornmeal is something else you could use.

  140. Yeah. Most pizza places use cornmeal.

  141. the cast iron pan is perfect for doing pizza like that, btw. It can take a lot of heat.

  142. cornmeal makes for a nice crisp bottom (SYWM). It is more expensive, so we use flour instead for rolling dough, and put the dough on a screen.

  143. I have a cast iron cookie sheet that I use sometimes on the grill. Not even sure where I got it, but it has “Jenn Air” molded into it, so it came from somebody’s expensive stovetop.

  144. Oh, man, I hope we don’t get the hurricane this way, but it’s not looking good. Already water is scarce, Sam’s club was crazy and gas lines are long. My daughter bought a house that probably needs to be buttoned up and she’s in Tennessee visiting with friends. Won’t be home until Wednesday.

    Please veer off, please veer off. Already spent $250 on batteries, gas, propane, canned food and what not to be just in case ready.

    On the other hand, compared to others, this is nothing.

  145. you can also cook on a big pizza stone, or floor tile. Those act as heat buffers too. In fact the pizza oven we use is a 2 inch piece of slate, 2 of them about 3 foot by 3 foot, heated to 550.

  146. As we can see from Harvey, it is definitely not “nothing” mare. Stay safe!

  147. I almost thought about putting my cast iron heat diffuser ring on the grill first. I really did run it too hot. Maybe even a grill rack and then the heat diffuser and a lower temp. By next weekend I’ll be a pizza making fool!

  148. Where are you mare? I’m in Norfolk (almost VA Beach, actually) and were not expecting much from Irma. But I have a bad feeling about this season – it’s been too long since we had a bad one.
    Stay safe. Those things can change in no time.

  149. Corn meal…another good suggestion. Thanks guys!

  150. Also, store-bought pizza crust mix instructions are bollocks. Need to let it rise and firm a bit before using. We kept running into soggy crusts the last few times we tried making home-made in this family (though it was dad doing it, so the more I think, I wonder if something else was at play there…)

  151. Just promise us that when those two end up fighting on your front lawn you’ll record the whole thing and upload it to youtube WorldStar.

  152. Q-

    How many single socks do you guys have w/o a match? I think I can set a world’s record.

    We (family of 4) have a full sized laundry basket of unmatched socks, it sits in the hallway outside of our 3 bedrooms and grows larger every week. The idea was to put single socks in and match them up after every laundry day. The middle step is apparently “magic laundry gnomes” because the basket started with one layer and is now overflowing.

    I broke the cycle for my sock drawer by purchasing 20 pairs of gray hiking socks with black stripes/lettering, they look and feel different than everybody else’s socks so I get them back for the most part.

  153. When it gets to the full sized laundry basket of unmatched socks, that’s when I lose my shit.


    These are expensive, but have held up really well after a year of everyday wear and occasional washing.

  155. Apparently Michelle had already signed up to be an organ donor for both organs and tissues – basically, anything that they can use, Michelle wanted to donate.

    So like her.

    The transplant people have been by; Michelle is an excellent candidate for donation. They explained the process, and we will be able to be with her through as much of it as we want to be.

    We expressed our interest in meeting the recipients whenever they are ready; thankfully most recipients do want to meet the donor family. So there is a ray of hope in the midst of so much heartbreak.

  156. Glad to hear that that’s the case, Teresa.

  157. Do we need a new poat? I can throw something up.

  158. Need? Yes.


  159. Chi, Florida, St. Pete.

  160. Oh, Teresa, what a week. So hard.

  161. Sometimes organ donation becomes the only ray of light in an otherwise dark time. I’ve been an “Organ Donor” designee on my license forever. NEOB does ours here and they are very professional. When we see the team here and walk by the closed up room they’re working in it’s always a somber moment.

    Every time I do a spine fusion I use bone (which has been highly processed to the point where it’s just the mineral matrix) from an organ donor. One donation has many far reaching effects.

  162. Ok. I threw up on the blog. You’re welcome.

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