Hello lobster lovers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born in 1995 in Polandia, she measures 38L-26-34.  Please pass the back pills and welcome, Miss Alicia Linda!


  1. Great googly moogly! Look at those udders!

  2. Like a blonde Lindsey Dawn McKenzie

    Old school BBF

  3. pup still knows boobs

  4. nice tits pup!

  5. Wakey wakey, but I must take issue with the music. It’s QOTSA day.

    We have ways of finding perch Laura. If it’s to be had, it will be eaten tonight. Here.

    We’ll do competing methods. Flash fried and sauteed.

  6. Just no one look through the windows. Or up at the ceiling. Or too long in any corner. Eyes front and focus on Moose.

    That’s the rules for the weekend.

  7. Erin has specifically asked that no one refer to “not boyfriend” as “not boyfriend”.


    You guys will actually be lucky to get a sighting. He’s either working or grounded most time, so he’s pretty selfish with his time when he’s here. Just wants to hang out with that girl he’s not dating.

  8. Horrific. I hope she makes enough “modeling” to pay for the reduction.

  9. we used to make poor mans’ shrimp –

    boil the perch till tender (they’ll start to curl – don’t over do it they’ll fall apart)

    use home made shrimp cocktail sauce

    second perch method is a flour, salt, pepper dredge and pan fry

    i’ve got a couple of pounds of perch fillets my dad gave me waiting in the freezer….. i might fry some up tonight.

    perch are a country staple

    redneck surf and turf = perch and venison

  10. Erin has specifically asked that no one refer to “not boyfriend” as “not boyfriend”.

    That’s going to be extremely difficult.

  11. 51F here right now. Nice and cool.

  12. I like Poland, they seem to have leaders the whole of Europe needs.

  13. I understand, Leon. But we must make an effort.

    His name is actually “Cole”. perhaps if you said it out loud a few times on the drive over?

    Pay calls him NBF.

  14. “Cole, these are my friends – you can actually imagine them as a gaggle of crazy aunts and uncles. So, tread carefully.”

  15. Cole slaw

    I’m sure he’s never heard that one before


    wow – i didn’t realize they were so expensive

  17. Anyone else think the MSM are busy prepping their “Trump hates ———” stories now with regard to Hurricane Harvey?

    (Where ——— is some reliable Democrat demographic)

  18. If we can find some, it will be worth it.

    Lauraw: “Carin, is that a dust bunny just rolling across the middle of the floor?”


  19. hurricanes are raciss –
    trump is a white debbil
    ergo – trump unleashed the raciss storm on teh downtrodden and historically maligned peeps o’color in order to solidify his position of power within the debbils circle

    mocha jesus never unleashed a hurricane on the downtrodden…. trump is undoing TehWon’s decades of work…

  20. jury duty time

  21. Are you getting the state mandated payment for your service? Any time I’ve been summoned to appear as a witness/expert I’ve enjoyed the $11.00 check that shows up promptly afterwards. I just rip the check up out of anger.

  22. * checks utensil drawer for crumbs *

  23. *inspects burners on stove*

  24. I bought a headlamp for everyone so it’ll be easy to check into closets and corners.

    I also have a 125 page checklist that we’ll be going through.


  25. *duct tapes drawers closed

    And, all my bathrooms are broken, so you’ll be experiencing nature this weekend.

    Watch out for the poison ivy.

    *considers putting “Itch Ease” in gift bags

  26. How about “Grow a pair and ask her out” Friend? Too long? GAPAAHO!

  27. First Wife got stuck on Fed Grand Jury for just about a year in Alexandria, Va.

    Hurricaaaaaaaaan! Freak out, run to the store and buy stuff! ……how’s those “crazy preppers” looking to you now? Anyway, its Hurricane Hype all day long. No matter what happens or doesn’t happen they will disparage Trumps response and or blame him for the storm. We will also be inundated with articles on how the storm was caused by climate change (also Trumps fault)

    Beautiful Day here, High School Foolsball starts tonight (one of sons best buds is starting linebacker type), then tomorrow evening its youth league foolsball for my 13 yr old nephew. Hope you all enjoy the gathering and are safe in your travels.

  28. Erin has specifically asked that no one refer to “not boyfriend” as “not boyfriend”.

    Oh sure, just DARE US. Taunting the animals is never a good idea.

  29. Britain is no longer merely doomed, it absolutely deserves to die.

  30. I know, i know. But see, I can’t share this shit with you guys because … it’s funny.

  31. Ok, no one, and I MEAN NO ONE, look in the garage. That’s where I’m just going to stuff everything.

  32. If you are on a grand jury for a year, how are you compensated? How does that even work?

  33. Carin, I applaud you even having room in the garage to shove shit into

  34. Pidgin English makes me think of WW2 movies based in the Philippines. That might be wrong but that’s where my mind reflexively goes when it’s not otherwise thinking about boobs

  35. I think I like Shock Top lemon shandy better than Leinenkugels Summer Shandy.

  36. Ok, time to move the Illinois bedbugs to Michigan.


  37. I’ll do a sampling of the Shock Top version soon Jay

  38. Ok, we’re on the road again too.
    The plan is to get into Lapeer around 3, drop the clams at Carins and get them purging, and go check in at the hotel.
    This is going to be an epic clambake. We brought too much.

  39. Yellow perch has been acquired.

  40. Sad I couldn’t clean today because I was fishing for perch

  41. We have prime rib for tomorrow. Suck it bitches.

  42. Good grief, does she have a name for those things?

  43. Can’t find any martini glasses though:(

  44. One more store then I have to give up

  45. We’re leaving about 6. Northbound 23 is going to suck, but I’m not driving through the fucking ‘burbs. So I hope we can make it by 7:30. Don’t hold dinner on our account. We’ll be bringing wine and some appetizery kinds of shit.

  46. We’ll bring some vodka and vermouth. HotBride likes Cinzano.

  47. This is a fireplace we have in the works.

  48. Some jokes just write themselves.

  49. I didn’t know Jay was coming to Lapeerpalooza in a semi.

  50. I have Tito’s and some of that gin Leon mentioned. No olives yet.

  51. Don’t forget seaweed and sheets of burlap for the clambake

    And butter, lots of butter too

  52. Sign this motherfucker, you jackpipes.

  53. Lemons, Carin.

  54. I can bring blue-cheese olives if needed, but I feel like MJ just keeps a jar of those on his person at all times.

  55. Toothpicks, too.

  56. Oh, I should pick up some cocktail sauce and lemons.
    We’ll talk when we get there, Car in. I can do some last minute pick ups.

  57. I also won’t be there early enough for day-drinking of martinis, or whatever you barbarians with your Russian hooch insist on calling martinis.

  58. Interesting fireplace, Hotspur. Would I be correct in suspecting the internal airflow is somewhat more complex than standard?

  59. Going out on a limb here…all these last minute add ons are gonna give Carin a nervous breakdown

  60. Dammit, both major freeways are under construction on my path.

  61. Got butter and lemons and limes. Martini glasses are not to be had in Lapeer.

    Let’s just cancel the entire weekend. It’s ruined.

  62. Walmart is the only place I haven’t checked and what are the chances?

  63. She’s fleshy.

  64. Walmart will have them. Or solo cups, but whatever.

  65. Car in, how about calling NBF “Sir Friendzone” instead?

  66. Interesting fireplace, Hotspur. Would I be correct in suspecting the internal airflow is somewhat more complex than standard?

    Good point. There are four ducts that penetrate the roof. One is the fireplace flue gases, one is heat exhaust for summer, one is air intake to keep the glass cool, and one is combustion air for the fireplace box.

  67. Had a neighbor who had boobs that big. Mr. B (and I) would stare at her forehead when he talked to her so she couldn’t accuse him of oogling her like a creeper.
    After her kids graduated college and moved out, she left her husband for one of his buddies.

  68. The senior ada today is a bulldyke version of Sam kinison

  69. She is a friggin beeeee otch

  70. Holy Kay rap

  71. The senior ada today is a bulldyke version of Sam kinison

    Glad to hear Rosie O’Donnell finally got a new job.

  72. Guys, never use yelp to select a restaurant.

  73. I never do.

  74. “Comment by lclintsp on August 25, 2017 11:43 am

    She’s fleshy.”

    that caused a coffee snort

  75. there’s debris on car ins front door step

  76. The trick is to ask the fattest person on the street where to go for lunch.

  77. 3 hours.

  78. Not in a black neighborhood, though. All cheap deep fried crap.

  79. He’s not in the friend zone. Unless it’s ok to cuddle on the couch . I’ve caught him kissing her hand.

  80. All is well Laura. Perch in in the fridge.

  81. I prefer to perch on a chair. The fridge is too cold.

  82. gas station diner!

  83. Rich Piana appears to have died.

  84. want me to order some martinis at the hotel and steal the glasses?

  85. Get the sushi Jay!

    raw perch on rice balls

  86. Ann Arbor

  87. I got the sushi melt

  88. 30 miles from flint

  89. You guys have fun! Wish we could be there…..😥

  90. *waves as Scott, Laura, and Jay pass by*

  91. They drove past me and didn’t even wave. I guess no one wanted a turn with the flamethrower.

  92. I think they’re going north on 23.

  93. No, that’ wrong.

  94. Yeah, I’m doing the same thing in about half an hour.

  95. Jay is probably taking 69.

  96. I mean, if he’s smart. But??

  97. I can’t take 69 without giggling.

  98. Neither can your mom.

  99. I’m just below 69.

    Where’s Xbrad? Left him a gift.

  100. at the hotel. what’s mjs credit card number again?

  101. We’re going to be staying at the Holiday Inn.

  102. I’m a drooling mouth breather but still took 69

  103. at the hotel. what’s mjs credit card number again?

    Whew. I can stop cleaning. And i was JUSt about to do the windows.

    Oh well.

    When are you coming over?

  104. Where’s Xbrad? Left him a gift.

    I pulled a muscle in my back stooping for that low-hanging fruit.

  105. heading down there in a bit. put some pants on.

    Or not.

  106. We just got in, decided to go to hotel first. Let you know when we get going.

  107. at Meijer need anything?

  108. Nipple clamps, pack of 9v batteries, box of raisins, a live lobster, elmers glue, white cotton socks, box of crayons, thanks

  109. Ice. Probably too late

  110. You guys might hate me but I may have to run to Walmart.

  111. take the car


    it’s quicker…..


    lhf ‘cuz xb is incapacitated

  112. We are on our way to Wal-Mart, what you need

  113. Caruin co your email

  114. Getting gas before 23.

  115. No martini glasses at Wal-Mart

  116. 23 is a parking lot.

  117. Comment by lauraw on August 25, 2017 4:25 pm
    Nipple clamps, pack of 9v batteries, box of raisins, a live lobster, elmers glue, white cotton socks, box of crayons, thanks


    Lists, my favorite!

  118. 3 minutes from Carins

  119. In Lapeer.

    No midget fancy clothing stores. I may just head home.

  120. Comment by leoncaruthers on August 25, 2017 2:37 pm
    Rich Piana appears to have died.

    Yeah, I feel bad that my first instinct was to go over to Elgintensity’s channel.

  121. Piana was a character and lived as he chose to. I may not have liked him, but I’ll miss him.


  123. Be there in 10

  124. So, what should we talk about now?

  125. Let’s talk about gardening and workouts!

  126. we should talk about how many bullwhips they have shoved up their asses RIGHT NOW

  127. *drums fingers on lemur skull*

  128. I wonder if anyone will try clam juice in their beer. That’s a thing I’ve heard about.

  129. Suddenly it’s not as enticing

  130. I read about Mexican cheladas and Canadian Bloody Caesars which sound pretty good

  131. Crap. Harvey has been upgrade to a category 4…
    Hope everyone is safe down there!
    (Anyone that hangs at Ace’s talk to Jim in Galveston?)

  132. What the Sam Hill is going on here.

  133. Rough times for Texas for a while I’m sure. Can’t believe the rain totals they’re predicting

  134. Debauchery Sean

    No way to varnish the truth

  135. Comment by jam2 on August 25, 2017 7:21 pm
    we should talk about how many bullwhips they have shoved up their asses RIGHT NOW



  136. The Bud Cheleda’s are at my local grocery, but I’ve never been brave enough to try one. *shudders*

    I had to search for “bloody Caesar” – turns out I’ve had plenty of them, but they just called it a bloody Mary. Never heard that name.
    After last night & tonight, I think I’ll pick up a small bottle of absolut Peppar & some clamato tomorrow. Have a bloody caesar or two

  137. *varnishes sam’s hill with half truths, your moms’ clam, reapers, rotten tomatoes, jewstin’s dance shoes, wiser’s ball score, cyn-sarc, a ten day old yellow perch, some bi-valve purge, and a dab of chumpnato…*

    **throws in some dolly-douche as an after thought**

  138. How long do you figure it’s going to take the various Lapeer guests to figure out that they’re being used to create an alibi for the disappearances of several local teenage boys?

  139. They’ll probably just feed them to Moose. No evidence.

  140. Sean, they’re just chill, don’t you know…

  141. Moose probably won’t eat teenaged boys. They’d taste like axe body spray and cheap beer.

  142. And weed, Colex. Don’t forget the weed.

  143. Where’s Bcoch? I’m watching the Braves-Rockies game, and the Rockies pitcher is wearing some ug-ly socks.

  144. There are some ugly uniforms tonight, too, and for some reason, they have nicknames instead of last names on the jerseys. I do like the thank you patch on the sleeve.

  145. I’ve got nothing.

    Fart noise?

  146. Probably going to buy one of these prints, can’t decide what size.

  147. Sheriff Joe got a pardon.

  148. That pic with the ISS tracking across is pretty cool.

  149. That’s no moon, it’s a space station!

  150. A Hurricane Harvey Hasn’t Hit Houston Update!
    Still hasn’t hit.

  151. There are some ugly uniforms tonight, too, and for some reason, they have nicknames instead of last names on the jerseys. I do like the thank you patch on the sleeve.

    This is some new gimmick they’re doing called “Players’ Weekend.” I think it’s basically so they can sell said ugly jerseys.

  152. *whispers “That wasn’t a fart”

  153. Huh, Jimbro is correct.

  154. This is some new gimmick they’re doing called “Players’ Weekend.”

    Well, at least MLB isn’t pissing me off the way the NFL and ESPN are.

  155. Haven’t seen a baseball player take a knee during the anthem yet.

  156. I had to look it up.
    I thought the “thank you” patch was going to be for the military. As usual, I was wrong.

  157. Huh, VMax – that’s reminiscent of a good friend’s work.
    Check out

  158. I will Chi

  159. Looks good Chi but it is wonky with Brave and Edge

  160. Can’t help but wonder if you got your nic from the Yamaha…

  161. Harvey made landfall about 40 minutes ago as a Category 4 storm .

    Mr. TiFW didn’t believe me early yesterday morning when I told him it wasn’t going to go in at Houston – this Texas girl grew up in a little town halfway between Houston and Galveston.

    Almost every big hurricane that bore down on Houston when my family lived there would turn and go in at either Corpus or Brownsville – something about the curve in the coastline that starts below Galveston seems to pull the slow moving storms further down the coast.

    The fast-moving storms, however, just barrel right on in.

  162. Sean, I know Joey Bats doesn’t stand. He stays in the dugout until the anthem is over. Pretty sure there are others, but dugout not on the field.

  163. Chi, I have owned 3 Yamahas
    2 Vmax’s and 1 Warrior. The 1200 and the 1700 Vmax
    The latter has 174 HP I occasionally use the Vmax 174 nic

  164. Where did you grow up Tiff?
    I am in the far west side of Houston, almost to Katy

  165. The answer to jam’s question is 24

  166. Joey bats is Canadian.

  167. Accident on 696. I have not moved in 18 minutes.

    At least I’ve got all these bullwhips to keep me company. And 3 bars of 4G.

    *watches Netflix*

  168. ugh, sorry leon! nice to see you tonight!

  169. I have not moves in 30 minutes. People are standing outside their cars and chatting now.

    I’ve died and this is Hell. Or maybe Purgatory.

  170. I moved 200 feet. Back in park.

  171. This is from MI DOT

    Active Incident Image Crash on I-696
    Location: WB I-696 at M-10
    Lanes Affected: All Lanes
    Event Type: Crash
    County: Oakland
    Event Message: The freeway is closed.
    Reported: 11:56 PM

  172. Yes Scott, I’m aware. It was about 500′ in front of me before we stopped dead. Crash is cleared, but there are 2000 cars here now and nothing can budge.

  173. Leon,
    Now might be a good time to ask your fellow stranded travelers if they happen to have any perch on hand.

  174. Freeeeeeeeedooooooooommmm!!!!

  175. And now, Coast 2 Coast AM.

  176. Faaack. Do you have anything you can use to stab your eardrums to death?

  177. are the witches on!!!????

  178. Moose bit me tonight. It was a hoot.

    I was trying to pull him to safety, and he told me to fuck off.

    We’re going to have a fight tomorrow.

  179. the witches are some funny shits

  180. False Flags and Crisis Actors. I switched over to Ave Maria as soon as it was in range.

    And Car in and Laura cooked up like 50# of perch for us Chi. I had plenty already.

  181. scott – did laura use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding?

  182. Heh.
    I’ve met 4 or 5 Morons/ettes in meatspace. Only one at a time, though.

    The first meet, Tucker bit cthulhu while I was in the kitchen. I laughed – after I realized he wasn’t going to die me.

    Hope y’all have a great weekend!

  183. *sue me
    (dn autocorrect)

  184. The odyssey
    Came down kind of derp on me
    The here and now so suddenly
    Became a different world
    Finally I slipped out of reality
    It must all be imaginary
    She used to be my girl

  185. VMax, I grew up in La Porte, Texas. Still have friends from high school who live there. My aunt (the one in hospice right now) and uncle lived there until a couple of years ago.

  186. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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