Last Few Days At Camp

In Maine I discovered early on that quite a few people have a camp they migrate to in the summer. “Camp” is a term with a wide latitude. It may mean a shack with an outhouse out in the williwacks or an oceanfront mansion next to the Bush clan down in Kennebunkport. Ours is a worn out place built in the 60’s with a living room floor that’s uneven, a plumbing / septic system that gives us fits and hideous wallpaper in the bedrooms. The main attraction? The screened in porch is 10 feet from the water’s edge. It really is beautiful. There are a lot of PITA things we deal with given that our neighbors are just 30 feet away on either side of us but I’ve grown to like the change of pace that our summers give us now. Once the kids head back to school it becomes a challenge to head up for the weekend or even a day. By the time we pack everyone’s crap up, two dogs and their food, buy groceries, etc we’re all frazzled. We’ll see what happens after the kids are moved out.

Congratulations, we’ve made it


Now, to the lighter side of the news. This is apparently what passes for art in these dark days of the Trump regime


It appears to be a large vat. And a snowflake has filled it with xher’s urine since Trump was elected or some such bullshit.

“The centerpiece is PISSED, a minimalist glass cube containing 200 gallons of urine: a collection of all the liquid the artist has passed since the Trump administration rescinded an Obama-era executive order allowing transgender students to use the bathroom matching their chosen gender identities. The sculpture is contextualized by audio recordings from the Virginia school board and the Fourth Court of Appeals articulating the ignorance and biases that run through every level of judicial proceedings.”

Between urine exhibits and bottles of piss flung at protests, these maroons are revealing a lot about themselves.


And little else


Back to the earth




And (for the women Hostages, this is a major breach of public restroom etiquette: eyes forward, don’t be looking at Hulk or anyone else’s junk)







  1. Good morning Powerball losers

  2. Awww, man. I never check for a new poat this early. I left comments on the old one.

  3. I’m really curious why Ace was taking a potassium supplement. I don’t want to nag him though, after that pile-on he received yesterday.

    Someone else, please email him and ask him for me.

  4. He was supplementing electrolytes during his fasts.

  5. I think he was constantly taking it, too. I wonder if he thought he was treating muscle cramps. I seem to recall that now, actually.

    That’s right. Because I told him a while back that cramps are magnesium, not potassium.

    But, who listens to me? Not a man with a hard head like granite. I’ll just sit here babbling, while Mr. Knowitall poisons himself to death.

  6. For anyone concerned: I don’t do that, I just have a little salt in water if I’m feeling tired. I suspect I get a little potassium from cucumbah watah.

  7. I suspect it mostly came down to intensive cardio in summer heat while drinking coke zero.

  8. Carin must be cleaning.

  9. I wish. Wakey wakey.

    And of course I have PT this morning.

  10. We’re pissed too.

  11. I’m livid. If I were a younger man without a family, I’d be out there with the bikers and Trump rally-goers.

  12. We are on our way. Too late to stop it now. Don’t even try.

  13. drive fast

  14. take chances

  15. taking off after work, probably sleep in illinois. hopefully when I stop.

  16. leave an extra steamer on c arin s deck for me

  17. Have a safe trip, everyone!

  18. I really have to start cleaning now.

    Extra teenager # currently stands at 3.

  19. I had planned to knock out some yard work before the PT, but my tummy occasionally does this horrible thing.

    It passes and it’s really a stupid nothing. An hour and a half wasted. Drinking coffee now and waiting to leave.


  20. I get that sometimes if I wake up to an alarm.

  21. Leaving at about 8am tomorrow. Should get there in about 7.5 hours.

  22. If you guys can get perch fish sticks, that would be groovy.

  23. Today is likely my last monthly meeting with the CEO and his team where they act like boobs and my boss folds in front of them like cheap patio furniture.

    What I’d like to do:

    What I’ll actually do:

  24. 4

  25. Is the pay good, at least?

  26. I get to sit and listen to people pick apart my application in a meeting later, which I updated months ago, with no input. Of course I missed something, but no one can be bothered to review or answer my questions. So I just program.


    Oh, and since I had to call the meeting, I have to take all the notes, and organize everything.


  27. Yeah, it really is.

  28. Yeah, that helps. I get to work from my house and get paid a decent wage for Fairfax. Compensates for a lot of frustration.

  29. I’m fairly sure I’m done in a few weeks. A position opened up back in Charlotte at the level and travel that I’d like. Same company.

    Just need to finish up interviewing with a few people and wait for an offer.

  30. Morning’, rump wranglers and rug munchers.

  31. MJ has senioritis.

  32. You want me to bring you some prime Florida mood enhancer, HS?

  33. What’s that? Can’t wait to get out/finished?

  34. Yes, it’s the inflammation people get that makes them fidget in their seats when they know it’s almost over.

  35. I know in your case it’s the fact that your feet don’t reach the floor, but that’s the most common symptom.

  36. Short lives matter.

  37. In regards to Ace – my doctor put me on Potassium Chloride pills a few years ago, with the caveat to not take any more than she had prescribed, as it could lead to nasty things – up to, and including, death.

    In reading up on it, I discovered that it is the third ingredient in the lethal injection cocktail, used for the purpose of stopping the heart.

    Most people take it to stop leg cramps (which I did not have). When I started taking it, I developed the most excruciating leg cramps, which would wake me up out of the deepest sleep. I told my doctor we were just going to have to find something else to bring my potassium levels up.

    Turns out, when they took out that section of my colon, my potassium levels went back to normal. I guess the diverticuli were pulling potassium out of circulation.

  38. Short lives matter.


  39. Trump is killing it trolling the lefties on Twitter today:

  40. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.

  41. I made “cookies” again this morning. I think I’m closing in on a pretty decent low-carb coffee companion that will let me use up a lot of eggs.

  42. Interesting, Teresa. I was taking it for leg cramps but I am switching to this…

    Not for “calmness,” for the magnesium.

  43. hahahahahaha, Chi, that’s great.

  44. Ewww – there is more to that piss tower exhibit:

    Fountain, a live performance in which Cassils is cathetered and linked to the glass cube via medical tubing, links the beauty of the glowing liquid back to the medicalized trans body.

    I don’t know who is crazier – the (transgender, natch) artist, the gallery owner, the patrons, or the people who give out grants to encourage this kind of thing.

  45. You want me to bring you some prime Florida mood enhancer, HS?


    I’m good.

  46. The people writing grants for this have a desire to tear down Western Civ, Logos, reason itself, that they might watch the world burn. They are spending money in the interest of that nihilistic goal. Not crazy, just nihilist.

    The gallery owner is hoping to bank on the spectacle. Not crazy.

    “artist” yep, bugfuck batshit insane, but only a little more than most “modern” artists these days.

    Patrons? Slighly less crazy than the artist.

  47. We take slo-mag for magnesium. I like that it doesn’t contain calcium. I don’t understand why so many Mg supps have Ca, which binds with Mg if taken together. Just gives you expensive poop.

  48. Got problems with kids ignoring your text messages?

    Imma gonna put this on Car in’s phone, but tie it to the ringer, so she has to answer a call.

  49. The Brits invented the English language and Americans modified it a bit. But don’t think you are the only ones who did that. Indians took the language in heretofore unexplored direction.

    As a sample, I present an essay about the cow.

    The cow is a successful animal. Also he is 4 footed, And because he is female, he give milks, (but will do so when he is got child). He is sacred to Hindus and useful to man. But he has got four legs together. Two are forward and two are afterwards. His whole body can be utilized for use. More so the milk. Milk comes from 4 taps attached to his basement. (Horses don’t have any such attachment) What can it do? Various ghee, butter, cream, curd, why and the condensed milk and so forth. Also he is useful to cobbler, watermans and mankind generally. His motion is slow only because he is of lazy species. Also his other motion.. is much useful to trees, plants as fertilizer as well as for making flat cakes (like Pizza), in hand , and drying in the sun to make fuel pellets. Cow is the only animal that extricates his feeding after eating. Then afterwards he chew with his teeth whom are situated in the inside of the mouth. He is incessantly in the meadows in the grass.His only attacking and defending organ is the horns, specially so when he is got child. This is done by bowing his head whereby he causes the weapons to be paralleled to the ground of the earth and instantly proceed with great velocity forwards. He has got tails also, situated in the backyard, but not like similar animals. It has hairs on the one end of the tail. This is done to frighten away the flies. Other end of the tail is the cow .

  50. That’s better than the Hinglish I used to hear at Ford, but not by much.

  51. Can’t I get magnesium from soaking my feets in epsom salts?

  52. You can, beasn, but taking a pill is faster and doesn’t soften calluses.

  53. Looks funny when you’re out to dinner in a fancy restaurant too.

    “Oh, I need to take my supplement…”

    *removes shoes and socks*

  54. One of the worst things about being a resident was managing potassium. On the weekends we’d cover anywhere from 25-35 patients, most of whom were elderly and on a slew of heart medications. If we were lucky they were too sick for the idiot bone doctors to take care of and internal medicine would manage them. Around 9 or 10 in the morning the labs would start rolling in and we had to write for K+ supplements and reorder labs to check them amidst all our other duties in the ER and OR. About the only thing I remember from that was potassium is dispensed as milliequivalents rather than milligrams. I used to know why but really don’t give a fiddler’s fuck at this point.

  55. I always feel like some old time country doctor on TV when I recommend Epsom salt soaks for sore muscles. The first time my nurse heard me say to use Epsom salts her jaw dropped. Afterwards she asked if I was just bullshitting them. They really do work for sore muscles and a foot soak or whole body soak is a good thing when needed. Now every time I mention Epsom salts she looks away to avoid cracking up.

  56. let me guess, both potassium and magnesium supplements are $20, for rebate purposes.

  57. My feet probably need to be softened.

  58. Comes from kicking so much ASS!

  59. We’re wanting to go to the farm. The housemates are nervous. They like having us around.

    After telling them our plans, we’re hearing her yell at him to not do anything stupid to make himself fall.

  60. *rebates Jay

  61. May be true, Jay.

    My feet run really warm. You can fry an egg on them when I sleep.

    Probably what helps dry them out so bad. (Neutrogena Norwegian formula concentrated hand cream works wonders but I have to wear socks. I don’t wear socks/shoes spring – fall.)

    Hate..hate..hate, having cold feet. Makes me very uncomfortable.

  62. Tucker interviews Newt

  63. We went to the surgeon who is doing Paula’s total hip yesterday. We got two other opinions in Boston and went with the local guy. He’s done ones like this before where the hip is completely dislocated. He’s had ample time to refuse if he wasn’t confident in his abilities. To avoid stretching the sciatic nerve he’ll need to cut a segment of femur out to shorten it but her leg will be longer than it is now and function better. He’s actually done some same day total joints in a surgery center his practice owns. Amazing stuff. When I trained they were inpatient 5 to 6 days. He just needs to check her magnesium levels before booking it.

  64. When I got married my dad was recovering from a hip replacement. He was down a week, and wasn’t really supposed to attend. They trucked him up here in a pickup, in the bed.

    Amazing how far they have come in 22 years.

  65. Carin, when you take a break from cleaning, and disciplining your dogs, please g-string me your address.


  66. forwarded, HS, from an old email.

  67. It really is remarkable. You hear stories about research centers doing stuff, pushing the envelope (“shifting the paradigm”) and next thing you know it’s happening in your town. Not everything works out of course and that’s why we have big hospitals with ambitious nut jobs to test it out for us plebes.

  68. Where is Vmax? Is he near where the hurricane is landing?

  69. James Woods used to be a Democrat

  70. Two stories about riding in pick up beds

    My grandfather used to stop by the house and every once in a while he’d offer to drive about 5 miles to the local McDonald’s and the offer would extend to any kid who was nearby. We’d ride in the back of the truck with our eyes stinging from the sawdust blowing around and he’d grab a sack of burgers and fries for us all.

    In high school I went with 5 other kids with a scoutmaster who we shared a camp site with at summer camp to the Adirondacks in upstate NY and on to Montreal for a day trip. Two of the kids were his sons who I also played football with in HS. We rode in a pick up truck with a cap on it.

    I can’t imagine either scenario playing out today, the adults would be arrested

  71. Does Communism work?

  72. We drove from Iowa to Texas riding in the back of a pickup with a cap, church group. Not north Texas, either, San Antonio.

    Got rolled out of the back of a pickup doing stupid teenager stuff. Learned my lesson, after my brother picked rocks out of my back for 1/2 hour.

  73. Grrr. The place we’re going for lunch apparently has ocean perch, not true perch. Looks like my quest is getting thwarted again. Maybe we will find some tomorrow. Le sigh.

  74. *sticks out lower lip just a tiny bit*

  75. LOL

    HotBride left the Co-op in December, and it took them about 8 months to find a replacement. He lasted two weeks.

  76. Have the inmates been running the asylum all this time? I’m surprised it’s still standing. It’s going to be impossible for anybody to take the reins now.

  77. There are perch in the ocean?


  78. No, Leon. It’s actually a kind of rockfish. And a lot of people think it doesn’t taste very good.

  79. God, this woman is bonkers.

  80. No, Leon. It’s actually a kind of rockfish. And a lot of people think it doesn’t taste very good.

    It doesn’t. It’s fraudulent to call it perch.

  81. Her district is to her left. Her replacement will be a hispanic female Mao.

  82. The people who led the union thing all left. The place is being run by HotBride’s four top managers.

  83. Hahahahahaha. This is my surprised face.


  84. Can they decert the union now and get back to profitability?

  85. We can make perch dinner on Friday.

  86. Not sure how long the contract was for. Usually three years. But with Michigan being right-to-work, they can’t be forced to join.

  87. Carin, we got a room for Friday night.

  88. Looks like this twatwaffle is going to jail.

    If you ever saw that road he was driving on at that speed, with the hikers, cyclists, other motorists, he should be sentenced to life.

  89. So you can make it on friday? Is that what it means?

    See what a perch dinner does? It makes things happen.

  90. Huron River Drive is a nice cruise on a bike, no part of it is straight enough for speeding. He’s lucky he’s a minor.

  91. Yeah, it may be after 7.

    The traffic going north on a Friday is a sumbeech.

  92. He isn’t a minor.

  93. Yaaayyyyy

  94. Ah, I saw the reference to the 17yo girl and my speed-reading failed me.

  95. Ok, things must be sacrificed.

    I’m not cleaning the windows. No one look at or through the windows.

    Thank you in advance kind people.

  96. Ok, fuck it. We’re out.

  97. Only window I clean is the sliding door, and that only because I have dogs and a 2yo.

    Anyone who wants them is welcome to the dogs.

  98. I’m time-travelling today.

  99. Ok, fuck it. We’re out.

    Well. That escalated quickly.

  100. The left are masters at projection. They have lunatics- literally and yet they are trying to paint Trump with that brush. Pelosi, she never stops saying crazy things. The idiot who thought the island was going to tip over. Maxine Waters is INFRICKENSANE. Joe Biden is so demented he’s at the “creepy uncle who you keep girls away from” stage. And the rest of the list is pretty long. So long it includes most of the left.

  101. Did any of you listen to the guy who filled in for Rush today? He was excellent and for a time was a bit of a GOP insider. Without going through all the details he was in a meeting with Boehner and McConnell before Obamacare was a done deal, Boehner and McConnell comments about Obamacare are rage inducing. That old fucker McConnell needs to {redacted}. And Boehner, well we know what a sellout POS he is. The problem? They’re all fricken scum looking out for themselves. They really don’t give a shit about the voters EXCEPT during elections. F THEM ALL.

    Trump 2020.

    Oh, and John McCain can kiss my ass. He wasn’t at the meeting but he can still kiss my ass.

  102. I heard a little bit of his intro Mare and thought he was pretty good.

  103. He was good but he was no Wiser

  104. Realistically, how much longer can Rush do this thing? I don’t listen often, but I will if I’m in the car when he’s on. Losing him is going to hurt.

  105. I hope he has picked a successor.

  106. Me too. Steyn seems like the best bet to me, but I don’t know if he wants to do it every day.

  107. I’m sure he has someone in mind and these guest hosts probably serve a dual purpose: fill ins and auditions. Barring a catastrophic illness such as major MI or stroke he’ll be hosting the program for years.

  108. Rush is 66, so I figure he’ll stick around another ten years.

  109. Pay will be working a lot this weekend, but when he gets home he has some insider stories he learned this week. I would think they’re full of shit but Pay says they’re not.

    Really blow you away stuff.

    But that will be lapeerpalooza insider stuff. Sorry/not sorry.

  110. I was surprised today’s usual telecon with JSC wasn’t cancelled. I figured they would be evacuating because of the hurricane. Maybe it’s hitting further south?

  111. Roamy,
    It has moved north from Corpus to between Corpus and Matagorda. Everything is closing down already it is fun to watch the hype.

  112. Coworker in Lafayette was warning that he might be in the path earlier.

  113. What is Pay an insider to?

  114. I picked up two growlers for L2:TOWMJGM.

    Only one made it home. The other one is soaking into my floor mats.



  116. Mare- all sorts of stuff. You really should come and here it.

  117. Q- do we need martini glasses? I’m asking for a friend.

  118. HotBride’s cocktail of choice is vodka martini.

  119. vodka martini

    I’ve heard of these, but I thought they were just for prissy, fictional British agents and try-hard teenage boys.

  120. Vodka martinis are delish, and they pair beautifully with some briny, smoky clams.

    Just sayin

  121. Search me. For a while she was hooked on Hendricks gin, but decided it’s too top shelf. Now when she orders one she says, “Whatever you have in the well.”

  122. I drink dirty vodka martinis, but I don’t have any martini glasses, unless they are in a box in the basement.

  123. Martini glasses will be procured.


  125. I would only drink a martini because of the glass.

  126. So we’ll drink in style, and everyone else can squeeze out beer from MJ’s floor mats.

  127. One of these days, I’m going to go through all the boxes that I inherited from my mom and the in-laws, and it’s going to be like Tom Hanks with the FedEx box in Castaway.

  128. Vodka. We like the Russians.

    Hillary probably doesn’t like vodka.

    No, she probably does.

  129. State Trooper: Sir, have you been drinking?

    MJ: Why?

  130. Heh. I’ve been re-reading the box of books I got from Roamy.

  131. I drink everything in a DOF or a red solo cup.

  132. I like gin. I usually get the giant bottles of the Tanqueray Rangpur from the class 6 store when I’m at Selfridge.

  133. I think I want to drink a cosmo or two this weekend.

  134. Battle of the Bartenders???? Bigger than Mayweather/Macgregor!

  135. Someone needs to make a “nut shot” drink in honor of the protester.

  136. Nut shot needs to be made with pepper vodka.

  137. Well, I know that grape vodka & amaretto is a “Grape Nut” shot.
    I’m sure there are plenty of others out there…

  138. Ha!
    Absolut Peppar & Ballentine’s scotch = a Pepperball.

  139. So, the lunch seafood spot in NY state was terrible. NO PERCH. And the food was gross. Ate three bites, and headed toward our Ohio hotel and a better restaurant (a place that has perch and walleye!) for dinner.

    But when we got here, the restaurant was closing because they roll up the sidewalks at 8 pm in this town. Holee shit.

    So we got snacks at CVS.

    Somebody take the perch hex off me, please.

  140. You can call this cocktail a Pfefferneusse so people think it will taste like the cookie, and then when they go to drink it you give them a savage punch to the yams.

    The actual recipe doesn’t matter, they aren’t going to taste it.

  141. steak and shake here bitches. sleep about midnight

  142. hmm there’s a fresh perch sign by the road.

  143. I hope Moose likes clams. We have 200 of them.

  144. Perch. This house. Friday night.

  145. what time is everyone arriving?

  146. do we have to catch the perch?

  147. perch omelettes!

  148. Car in, is your tap water chlorinated? I need to get the clams into a clean saltwater bath as soon as we get into town tomorrow. I brought everything we need except some plain water.

  149. Well water

  150. We are 4 hours away but we need to stop in Toledo for perch.
    Last time we lost about 2 hours in Friday afternoon traffic, so we will shoot for 3:00.

  151. At this point I fully expect your fishmonger to run out of perch five minutes before you get there, Carin. Let’s not fight. It’s not gonna happen. I love you for trying.

  152. I’ll be here first thing.

  153. *focuses microscope on glass slide containing microscopic violin*

    Forceps…thank you.

    *carefully guides tiny forceps to microscopic violin bow*

    Rosin, please…thank you…

  154. Car in, is your tap water chlorinated? I need to get the clams into a clean saltwater bath as soon as we get into town tomorrow. I brought everything we need except some plain water.

    Couldn’t you just pick up a gallon or two of distilled water from the supermarket?

  155. It’s gonna happen

  156. Perchapalooza.

  157. I need more than a gallon or two, to purge 200 big juicy clams.

  158. Crab Island in Toledo will break the curse.

  159. In a big wide cooler laid three deep with clams, two gallons won’t cover the bottom hinge of the bottom layer of clams. If I can save spending $20 on bottled water just by running a tap, it’s a no brainer.

  160. I usually like to cover them with at least six inches of water, because they can purge pretty messy, especially the bigger ones.

    If I have enough time, I’d like to change the water and do it twice.

    Not really necessary, but nice.

  161. Perchapalooza

  162. Perchapalooza: The One Where The Clams Go Missing.

  163. Niiiiicccccceee

  164. For you perhaps, MJ. Tell me what it tasted like.


  166. Do you need me to bring martini glasses?

  167. Every bridge in Ohio is new.

    Obama traded that for a 2012 win.

    Every bridge.

  168. Bridge construction killed all the perch.

  169. SONUVA…

  170. Michigan didn’t get bridges. We got roundabouts that are universally loathed. That’s why Hillary lost.

    I’m expecting to arrive around 6.

  171. **sips perch-infused bourbon**

  172. That gif of the baby and the pug? My husband did that to beasnette when she was a baby. She pulled what was left of his hair and he flung her off the bed. His arm went out in reflexes and whoosh…off the bed.

  173. Mr. B says he has perch’s cousin in his pond.

  174. Southern Canada is stupid with cascading roundabouts, but we have walleye fingers which are pretty much perch fish sticks.

  175. Laura, it should be obvious at this point –
    Perch is a scam.

  176. Democrats love roundabouts.

  177. Shit, I just did a bit of online window shopping… Is perch actually like $20 a pound?? Noooo… Forget about it Car in. We’ll take our chances at restaurants there and back.

    Let’s just do surf and turf with clams and something else.

  178. Going to have to cook down and can some tomatoes in the morning, too.

  179. I’ve also got some fresh trinidad scorpions if anyone wants to risk a trip to the ER.

  180. I H8 roundabouts. Messicans don’t yield

  181. This hot mess is near my office, 6 roundabouts, half a cloverleaf and 57 on and off ramps, bridges, flyovers, you name it…for the intersection of an interstate, a state highway, and two service roads.

    MN is stupid.


    I don’t want to be responsible for your decent into madness.

  183. I forgot to mention, those six roundabouts? All of them are two lanes wide. You have to know in advance which exit you are taking and get into the corresponding entry lane (inner or outer), or you get trapped into a “hey kids Big Ben, Parliament” loop in the inner lane.

  184. I give you stupid roundabouts

  185. For at least a year now, they’ve been making a “continuous flow intersection” 2 miles from me. Almost to Mom’s house. What a mess. It’ll be another couple years before it’s done, I’m sure.

    They rebuild that intersection quite often. I guess it’s a great source for waste of state money locally?

    Then after numerous wrecks, probably deaths, in another ten years they’ll rebuild it again into a roundabout ( almost what was there 40 years ago when I walked to school – they called it a traffic circle).

  186. Last time in Pittsburgh, we came out of the tunnel ready to go to PNC. Bridge closed. I H8 passengering in Pitt. After the game, security noticed we were being followed. Got an escort to our rental car. Going to KC for a Steelers game. KC was the first place I noticed sky security in parking lots

  187. I did Pups
    Texas has some purdy flyovers. They are building the double diamond around 4 of my projects.

  188. Yep.


  189. Driving in Pittsburgh was one the worst experiences in my adult life, right up there with DC and Boston. Too many rivers, just like lakes in MN. They don’t drain the swamps, they call them wetlands and build around and over them. Mosquitos the size of sparrows.

  190. Pittsburgh was fine for driving.
    Until the ice storm.
    Way too many steep hills there

  191. Got a call from my cousin today – my paternal aunt has been put in hospice. She’s 94, and this was not unexpected, but it was hard to hear. I can’t go down and say goodbye, as they are in the path of Hurricane Harvey.

    When she goes, my dad will be the only sibling (out of 5) still living.

  192. Godspeed Tiff

  193. Tushar’s cousin just welcomed us to the motel. He was very nice.

    Time for a Shocktop lemon shandy

  194. Don’t want to derp when there’s people there
    I get shy when they start to stare
    I’m gonna hide myself away
    But I’ll come back again someday

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