Zero Post – Another Place Holder

Thank Leon for this latest POS Poat idea –


so quite yer bitchin’ and start stompin’

Ok – your music

now for your math stuff (damn the rules you zeros)

Your mom at the community pr0n festival –


Super Important POS Poat update:

quite = quit


that is all


  1. HAPPY BD Jay-ames!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Jay!!

  3. j’ames i got you one of these:

  4. Post about zeroes. Jay’s birthday.

    Coincidence or vast conspiracy?

    Happy birthday, you prime number you!

  5. Happy Birthday J’ames!!

    Sorry to hear about your jury duty, Jam. How hard did you try to come across as a total racist to get out of it?

  6. Happy Birthday, J’Ames! (again)

  7. laura the majority of the jury pool is white – obviously a racist selection process –

    i didn’t try – i thought it would come across naturally….

    the one black dude that couldn’t come up with an excuse to go home sat behind me and fell asleep within minutes – it actually was humorous ‘cuz he was snoring just loud enough to make some of us chuckle

    next jury adventure is tomorrow at 9am – i think they start to bring the accused bad guys in then

  8. haha, nice. Thanks guys. *kicks pebble

  9. and by guys, I mean the general type of “guys”, not the literal type. I would hate to see any H2 statues torn down in protest.

  10. Makes out with statue of some lame poet.

  11. Today has already been way too busy

  12. Happy birthday J’Ames.

  13. /builds statue dedicated to man’s stupidity

  14. Picked up pop up camper from campground for my daughter.

    Drove it to repair shop to fix lights

    Now we’re at PT

  15. Happy Birthday, Jay.

  16. For Hotspur

  17. Looks like Carin is prepared for Lapeerpalooza

  18. Why does your daughter need a pop up camper? “For camping” is not an acceptable answer.

  19. Hmm, just thought of something.

    I wonder when the lefties will go to Poland and tear down Auschwitz. it’s a symbol of hate, after all.

  20. I have no other answer Mare. Her and a friend have been camping since friday.

  21. For Hotspur

    By the sea,
    By the sea,
    By the C-U-N-T.

  22. Camping


  23. I really don’t like comparing a statue of a famous and revered general – who was initially offered command of the Union army, but refused as a Virginian – to a death camp.

  24. Only in Ann Arbor.

  25. Auschwitz is kept around as a record of horrors committed by white people. The left won’t get rid of it, they’ll portray it as symbolic of all European history.

  26. Camping


  27. Happy Birthday to you
    There is poo on your shoe
    This bad rhyme’s made me blue
    Happy Birthday to you

  28. That smart meter story is pretty long. I stopped reading when they got to the part about wrapping cellphones in tinfoil. We converted to smart meters about 10 years ago and all those stories were making the rounds then.

  29. heh, the Van Allen belts must really make that lady’s sinuses sing!

  30. She’s a craniosacral therapist, she knows stuff!

  31. There is something to the “noisy electricity” phenomenon, but it’s a literal noise. A lot of newer, shittier electronics have an audible whine when they’re plugged in. I noticed it with some chinese piece of crap a while back I had plugged in near my bed.

  32. She needs her chakra aligned.

  33. First trip will be to NYC in September. Then there may be other trips to Puerto Rico, Florida, and Germany. Also, I may be in Connecticut as well at some point this year.

  34. I’ve always been able to hear that, leon. The quick and dirty of it is piezoelectric effects–electricity through the circuits causes the materials to vibrate. It’s such a high frequency not everyone hears it, and obviously the quality of the stuff effects whether it’s in your range or not, but it’s something I’ve noticed all my life.

  35. or you have tinnitus

  36. Tinnitus doesn’t get louder when you lean closer to the device.

  37. I don’t like smart meters but for reasons other than electromagnetic theories.

  38. The end game of smart meters is to control your use. Wait and see.

  39. So Alex you took the job in Santa Barbara?

  40. Mare, I did.

  41. Will you be living there? Or just via computer? I know you mentioned lots of travel. It’s beautiful. And expensive. You might get to have coffee where Oprah gets her cinnamon rolls.

  42. I live about 40 miles away in Santa Paula, a little farming community outside of Ventura. I’ll commute into work every day, but their hours are flexible and I figure that after a year I should be able to ask for permission to telework at least one day a week, assuming that they like me.

  43. 40 miles is a long ass drive to do twice a day.

  44. and expensive.

  45. It’s pretty standard for around here. I was driving about the same distance every day for school, just in the opposite direction. I may buy a small car to drive just to save on gas, however.

  46. 40 miles isn’t bad. I’ve done 30 for 15 years, and 40 for 5 years prior to that.

  47. I do about 40 each way to and from work when the eldest isn’t in school, which is a relief from the 114 round trip of home-school-work-home each day when school is in session.

    The prior has been going on for 5+ years. The latter will hopefully only be a couple years.

  48. School? Babies don’t go to school.

  49. Will, just wait until they’re teenagers and your driving them everywhere: school, soccer, Car in’s house…


  51. Nice try, bitches.

  52. My commute is about 40 – 50 yards. I leave my place about once a month.

  53. Heh, nice one, Judge Judy.

  54. Gotcha beat, Pepe. I only move about 12′. I have to go a little further than that to go down the stairs, but my office is below my bed.

  55. Whoa, my mom wished me a happy birthday on facedouche. She’s never done that before.

    She must be turning into a computer wizard.

  56. Lauraw, that was excellent. Nice try indeed.

    “He does that to everybody.”

    …..hahahahah….But he’s killing himself trying to love up on that guy and that guy alone.

  57. Got plantation shutters installed in the kitchen. WoOT!! Now I can walk around in my undies without the worry of my neighbors taking pictures. Or laughing.

  58. One of the most gorgeous upscale homes I ever was in had enormous white shutters just on the bottom half of an oversized bay window that took up half the wall of the living room. Dramatic structure, but light and airy somehow. Will never forget the effect.

  59. That was an excellent Judge Judy clip. My pup would’ve jumped out of the Chick’s arms the minute he saw me if he were stolen.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to J-Ames. How young are you now?

  60. Only a little over halfway to a hundred, so I have plenty of time left.

  61. Way to kick it up a notch, beansnsnsns. Plantation shutters are beautiful and expensive, but very much worth it.

  62. Jay your weight loss has added years to your life and makes you look younger.

    However, my Dad use to say something funny but true, “There are a lot of skinny people in the cemetery.”

  63. That sounds nice, laura.
    I’ve got the same shutters in the ‘library’, which has a bay (but not oversized), and the diningroom. I was going to put them down in the in-law’s apartment, but I didn’t want to spend $400+ on each window and my MIL keep them closed (the shutters, when closed, block out a LOT of light). I’m beginning to call it ‘the cave’. So I went with less than $100/window for light filtering shades. They let in lots of light.

    Getting tired of telling them to turn the lights on as it’s a safety issue for wobbly old farts.

  64. Happy Birthday Jay, I got you a pun.

  65. I got J’ames a Shaun the Sheep finger puppet.

  66. Heh, reminds me of Heather Radish, posting the Boobie bird.

  67. So Mattis is as awesome as advertised. I had my doubts. McMasters can kiss my ass.


  69. Hostages, I may be about to pick a fight with my brother.

    I want to hear from him first though.

    But God help him if he evades or obfuscates.

    I have run out of patience, as well as money.

  70. Cavil, what’s going on?

  71. My father’s estate got delayed because apparently he hadn’t filed taxes on them. This was discovered in July, when the payout should have been.

    It’s been a month. Getting updates is like getting actionable intel out of ISIS.

    Supposedly taxes got filed a couple of weeks ago. However, an attempt to contact the lawyer supposedly handling things here in town ran into difficulties finding a good phone number.

    Alarm sirens are going off, naturally.

    I am in “fuck you, pay me” territory.

  72. Great. Now there is debate about moving and/or removing Confederate statues here in Norfolk and neighboring cities. Things are getting ugly at an accellerated rate around the country…

  73. Family is teh debil.

  74. My older brother handled my little brother’s estate. Pretty simple since he owned no property and wasn’t married. I got a cardboard box of some of his stuff that I rummage through every few years and reminisce over our good times. My mom had everything set up in advance for my dad and she’s reassured us kids it’s all set for her too.

  75. Never mix money and family, y’all. One bad turn and you lose both.

  76. It’s like going into business with friends.

  77. I asked Dad if he wanted me to come up for Grandma’s memorial service. He told me not to. Lots of family drama. The whole thing is likely to be more about my aunt and cousin and their feelings than about Grandma.

  78. OK, he’s on vacation with my nephew for baseball stuff. So out of pocket. No fight to pick yet.

    But I will be paying a visit to this lawyer tomorrow.

    And from there, who knows.

  79. Happy birthday, J’ames.

  80. All this statuary is so 20-30 years ago! El Paso artist did a Mexican Pieta. Native mom holding dead native son signifying European Conquest over America. Tiguex Park and neighborhood refused. Blah blah blah it was paid for. You can detect work where it ended up. Statuary Hall in Congress is a thing.

  81. Addendum: Spoke to brother. Will double check with lawyer, but I am satisfied if still edgy with what I was told. There will be no fight…for now.

  82. Brother Cavil and his brother

  83. So, just how bad was the press conference? Even National Review is panning it.

  84. What I heard was great.

  85. the lefties on facedouche are PISSED. I’m not allowed to bring up the alt-left. In fact, the alt left is being compared to troops going ashore on D-Day.

  86. Press conference was vintage Trump. He spoke from the heart Saturday. Attacked. Narrowed his response…caught flak. Trump with the full FY;NQ today.

  87. The leftists have no self awareness, Jay.
    You could post a pic of a basket of puppies, and you’d probably see a comment of “OMG!!! there’s a white puppy! RACIST puppies!”

    Fuck ’em all. I have better things to worry about than those idiots.
    (hmmm – my belly button doesn’t gather as much lint as it used to…)

  88. Losing weight, Chi?

  89. National Review is run by a bunch of niche-seeking crypto-leftist asshats. Nobody cares what they say.

  90. He lives in Chappaqua, Scott. I’m afear’d the Clintonic radiation all these years has taken its toll…

    (His kids seem OK though, so maybe I just worry too much.)

  91. osoloco11 on August 15, 2017 at 9:17 pm
    Losing weight, Chi?

    A good 600 or 700 pounds since November 7th.

  92. Good story.

  93. It doesn’t matter what Trump says or does. The media will only report that he’s a racist nazi that enjoys killing puppies with a hammer.

    Which is conveniently how you get more Trump.

    They’re so dumb and I’m not tired of winning.

  94. My liberal mother asked me what I thought of Trump’s press conference and I told her I loved it. I explained Ace’s concept of the McGuffinization of Politics and how the Left cares about being the hero of the story, not about the actual policies. She said, “But isn’t that what Trump is doing when he says that he wants a bill, any bill, to sign? He wants a victory!” My response, “Yup. And that’s why we love him. He understands how to fight and how to change the narrative. We’re sick of the establishment types who love to get into the minutiae but can’t actually win anything.”

  95. Happy birthday, Jay!

    Congrats on the beer competition. Next meatup, I should bring some of Mr. RFH’s or Rocketboy’s homebrew.

  96. UncleFacts‏ on Twitter:

    If it were me, I’d have the Presidential Limo and Air Force One painted like the General Lee just to fuck with the leftists.

  97. Hahaha.

    Rig up the horn to play Dixie.

  98. Me to the media:

    Does this mean I can expect to see anti fa counter protesting at the next Black Panther Rally?

  99. Trump creates a lot of his own problems but being called a racist, usurper, moron would probably get old.

    The minute the collusion story dies the media gins up the nazi angle. The minute that dies it’s back to collusion. Then back to being a moron, then nazi racist.

    I’d get frustrated too. Imagine if Obama had to put up with that level of hostility.

    Dude couldn’t handle an impromptu question at breakfast without turning into Rupaul defending his waffle.

  100. If the MFM is so anti-KKK, why don’t they press for renaming everything with Exalted Cyclops and Kleagle Robert Byrd’s name on it. Considering 75% of everything in WV has his name on it, that should keep them occupied (har!) for a while.

  101. I had a thought the other day, because I was trying to think of a word. “Nazi” means “National Socialist” or a nationalist supporter of socialist economics, but what’s a nationalist who supports free-market capitalism called, is there even a word for that?

    Then I realized that such people used to be called “Americans”.

  102. We need to tear down every presidential library.

    All of them were anti marriage equality homophobes.

    Trump’s can be built cuz he’s down with the queens.

  103. We should probably get started on monuments in Canada and Mexico, too.

  104. Send me your $20 bills so I can send you one with Harriet Tubman on it.

  105. Send me your $100 and I’ll make sure that racist anti-semite Ben Franklin stops eyeballin’ ya.

  106. Auschwitz is kept around as a record of horrors committed by white people. The left won’t get rid of it, they’ll portray it as symbolic of all European history.

    Then why don’t they want all of these statues to stay right where they are? After all, to them, the Confederates were white people who committed horrors.

    No comment from them, though, when you point out that the first slave owner in the US was a black man, and that it was black men in Africa who were happily selling members of their own race for profit.

  107. Then why don’t they want all of these statues to stay right where they are? After all, to them, the Confederates were white people who committed horrors.

    The statues of Confederate generals honors those men, portraying them in a positive light. Auschwitz, on the other hand, is a reminder of German sins.

  108. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jay!

  109. Derp roll on, on down the line,
    Won’t you please take me far, far away
    Now I feel the wind blow, outside my door,
    I’m leavin’ my woman at home, oh yeah

  110. so –
    a skunk has kissed the night air with its delicate scent –

    it’s strong enough that it woke me from a sound sleep

    this stinks

  111. ahoy sean

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