MMM 286: No new land yet

Seller on the current land declined to counter, so we raised the offer and are waiting to see if we hear anything back.  My guess is that they aren’t terribly motivated, so we might have to keep looking.

Not gym attire.


This neither.


Gym attire, no gym.


Beach attire?


Matching attire.


Damaged attire.


Missing attire.


Non-matching attire.  Also she better wipe down the bench.


Brightly attired.  I feel like someone lifted this from a pr0n site for a fitness one, but I could be wrong.

[Redacted: advertised a porn site]

Modestly attired, relatively speaking.


And that’s it for this week.  I’ve got at least a 12 hour workday ahead of me, plus kid stuff, and the wife might have some broken toes and need a doc appt.  Monday is going to suck.



    Didn’t know all the shenanigans with the permit and that the cops might have been pulled back to let “some politically useful carnage to take place.”

    Black people rioting and burning down Ferguson: give them space to destroy.
    White people walking in a group: Make room for them to be destroyed.

    Do you want white nationalism? Because this is how you get more of it.

  2. For the dimwitted: I don’t want more white nationalism, but someone out there appears to be creating a breeding ground for it, I suspect unwittingly.

  3. the dude in white isn’t even trying to tuck his weenus in

  4. got a jury summons last week – starts this morning:
    anyone that wanted to try to get out of it had until july 17 to submit their request……

  5. Wakey wakey. Good article Leon.

  6. That’s normal for those, Jam, though I usually got them the day after.

  7. Roamy found that, Carin, she dropped it in the last poat just as I was finishing this one and I didn’t anyone to not see it.

  8. There was some NFL draft going on in the wee hours of my house last night, and I have extra teens this morning.

  9. Yeah, Roamy’s article is a really good summation of what went down. c’ville is just up the road, but I didn’t pay much attention as it unfolded. Read two articles and called a friend, boom.
    That was a great synopsis. As Roamy suggests, scroll down & read the comment by JDRM (?).

  10. just wow on roamy’s link.

    And if I try to point out any of that, I’m a racist. Yet I’m the close minded one.

  11. So, apparently Scott says I’m supposed to go to work today. I have to get ready and go with him. At 9:30. In the MORNING. Like a SLAVE.

    This is like life under Stalin.

  12. *holds fist over head in solidarity with laura

    *from work

  13. Ask for Tito’s vodka and rye bread at the first break. He’ll be the one who suggests heading to the lake instead of working

  14. I keep thinking about Hurricane Katrina and how the media and the left (BIRM) made it about “Bush hates black people”.

    Eerie parallels in C’ville.

  15. Seller came down $4900, we accepted. Time to pay the county for another perc test and make sure there are no deed restrictions on modular homes.

  16. Is this the one on the hilltop, with the defensible plain, clear fields of fire?

  17. You should check for shallow graves too, Leon.

  18. Yes, Jay. It even comes with a sniper roost already built.

  19. I think the better term for most of these pics is flat attire.

    Got in to work at 7 am. May explain my attitude at work today…

  20. There will be seafood and botanical gardens so it’s not work work.

  21. so the sellers discussed it all weekend, and decided that $100 was the break even point?

  22. Jay, they were asking 69900, we originally offered 55k, then 60k, they came back with 65k, which was as high as I was willing to go.

  23. *ears perk up*

    Oh, that’s right! We’re doing the sights and a meal whenever we do a remote jerb. YAY! Time to top off my shellfish meter. Haven’t had any in three days. Must be running out of vital mollusk minerals by now.

  24. Good deal, Leon! Exciting. Hope the perc goes well.

  25. OK, off we go. Errybody have a good day please or I’ll cry.

  26. Nice, Leon.
    Fingers crossed that this one percs and works out for you.

    Think you can have a basement? (I’d bury a bunch of shipping containers & have a shooting range + much more underground)

  27. We’ll see about a basement. Water table should be lower here than at the last place, but I’m only guessing by looking at the neighbor’s pond. I want one, but I’ll manage without. Extra pole barns or containers.

  28. Lazy teenagers are wrecking my mojo today.

  29. shouldn’t they be out gardening by now?

  30. Plus a lazy Newfie, but he is adorable.

    They should be gardening, but I don’t trust them with my prescious.

    I have so many extra teenagers here, on a daily basis, I’m ready to start charging rent or something.

  31. Do you feed them too? Feeding teenagers gets expensive.

  32. Pleh.

    Hoping I can pull a rabbit out of my hat with the truck insurance.

    Going to be an interesting Christmas once my brother’s in arm’s reach.

  33. Car in, Best Western or Holiday Inn Express?

  34. but someone out there appears to be creating a breeding ground for it, I suspect unwittingly.

    I suspect that it’s deliberate. They want a white backlash, because it would be politically useful.

  35. I think they dramatically underestimate how bad it could blow up on them.

  36. Oh, definitely, but most of history can be summed up with that statement.

  37. J’ames, I think they’re both about the same but I’ll ask around,

  38. It is most definitely deliberate. I know that I’m not saying anything y’all don’t already know, but the blood of this racial war is all on Obama’s hands.

    Chicago Jesus and his gang (Jarret, Holder, Lynch & the rest) did in a few short years what Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton & their kind tried to do for decades.
    My biggest fear is that the politics of LBJ are going to work again – 50 years later.

  39. I blame Ted Kennedy. Without the 1965 act radically altering immigration policy, the issue wouldn’t be there for exploitation by any side.

  40. Better rate at Best Western with AAA. In case anyone was looking. Otherwise they are the same. We stayed here last time too.

  41. Do they let you bring your dog? I think motel 6 does.
    (I rarely go anywhere without Sir Stinksalot since I inherited him)

    I’m hoping to see pics of the gathering, with lots of pups meeting Moose.

  42. We’re boarding Elliot. Some places allow dogs, doesn’t look like this one does.

  43. One of his nicknames is Smells

  44. Heh.
    “You’re killing me, Smells.”

  45. I believe that is an exact quote. Plus, he wags his tail if I wander around the house whispering Smells, smells, smells…

  46. Ha!
    Tucker answers to any number of nicknames, but lately it’s just Stinks. “C’mon Stinks, let’s go inside.”
    Short for Sir Stinksalot, Senator Stinkbutt McGillicutty, Stinky McStinkface, etc…

  47. Part of the enjoyment of a dog is coming up with nicknames for them. Doesn’t matter what it is if you address them with an excited voice or tone when looking at them.

  48. …if you address them with an excited voice or tone when looking at them.

    or FOR them. Tucker has developed a habit of going next door to look for Hank the ginormous black lab so they can play.
    I’m sure the other neighbors love it when I whistle and yell out “Poopyhead! Go home!” (He comes running within a minute)

  49. Heh, i used to be able to get my mom’s dog to pee if I talked in a really high voice excitedly.

  50. Wait. I thought SeanM was Lil’ Sweet…

  51. just yell out Dt. Dr. Pepper and he comes running.

  52. entry on local facedouche group:

    Squinny is stable with no signs of head trauma or fluid in his lungs. He is doing well after some oxygen and pain meds. Lost a front tooth. Unsure whether or not it will grow back. We now have to wait 24 hours to make sure there aren’t any hidden injuries, but he is stable. I’m naming him Finn. I don’t know why.

    I need ALL the positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, juju, whatever sent this way!

    I may or may not have just “saved” a ground squirrel/squinny that got hit by a car and was flailing in the middle of the road. I scooped him up with my dress and drove him to the Vet Med Emergency Clinic. I’m kind of freaking out right now. I’ll be able to call the hospital in about an hour to get an update. Hopefully this story has a happy ending. The poor thing was suffering so much. I hope they can help him, or end his pain.

    Yes, someone drove a groundsquirrel to the vet (at the university). And they gave him pain meds.

  53. Cheese factory explosion…

  54. Geez.
    That vegan wouldn’t want to know that I dispense of squirrels on a regular basis. Kill one, two take its place. Bastards got in my attic and chewed through a bunch of the Romex.
    Hell, I just bought a new can of pellets at Wal-Mart yesterday.

  55. A wounded squirrel needs a mercy clubbing, not pain meds.

  56. How’s the day going for everyone? Good?

    *tears down a statue of Mr Peanut

  57. What I’m realizing is that we need to start putting up new statues.

    Of snipers. With rifles.

  58. How’s the day going for everyone? Good?

    Teenage hell.

    See you there in about 17 years.

  59. I’m reading US Grant’s autobiography. Its really good.

    Highly recommend.

  60. I thought you were raising our baby…

  61. I’d read that. I’d read Robert E. Lee’s, too.

  62. I’d happily take a baby over these teenage stuff. When they shit on you, you know it’s innocent.

  63. We’ve become a home for wayward boys. Some boy has slept here 5 out of the last 7 nights (on the couch, in the living room). Apparently he has some horrible home life.


    Most of Erin’s friend’s parents are divorced or who knows what. I guess our stable family in an anomaly. So our house is where everyone wants to hang out. Criminey. Her friends have all taken to calling it “their house”.

    I’ve clearly lost control of this situation.

  64. It’s sad how much kids want stability and discipline. Dipshit parents don’t get it.

  65. It’s not really sad, what is sad are parents who don’t give it to them or are too self centered to make a good Homelife work.

  66. Speaking of which, it’s 24 years today. I sorta lost track of what day it was – but we aren’t sticklers for the actual date anyway – celebrating on the actual date. I knew we’d be celebrating on another day anyway.

  67. It’s sad how much kids want stability and discipline. Dipshit parents don’t get it.

    Yep. Best 4 years of my life were when I dated a gal with two youngsters. At 4 and 6/7, they had no concept of sitting down as a family for dinner. No Spongebob, no microwave Mac & cheese, no frozen ‘chicken’ patties…
    It didn’t take two or three weeks (after I said yes, I’ll meet your kids) for them to expect, nay, demand, that we sat down for dinner every night.

    Go figure. A little structure and normalcy is what they crave. “Hey, mom – turn off the TV and come upstairs! Dinner is ready.”

  68. What’s the word, racists?

  69. What’s the word? Thunderbird!

  70. The word is ‘weenus’

  71. Pee pee

  72. …… I wander around the house whispering Smells, smells, smells…


    This sounds like pretty strange behavior…….

  73. not strange around my house, sadly.

  74. The Nazis/KKK dudes and the blue haired Antifa/BLM freaks should line up and fire muskets at each other.

    Maybe they’d both have a little more respect for history.

  75. I’m having a really shitty day and I’m having a lot of anger issues. Does not feel good.

  76. Complainer!

  77. I know that feeling, leon. Really sucks.

  78. I’m sure you’ve seen those cute little flow charts after some sort of national tragedy (created by media or not) and how the coverage is dependent on the killer and victim.

    Whitey kills black people? Racist/guns are bad/white people bad

    Black guy kills crackers? Local crime story

    Black buy kills black people? No coverage

    Islamist kills people? Guns are bad/not all muslims


    I reread a NTY story from way back in July 2016 after Micah Johnson singled out white cops for execution and the top picked comments by NYT editors are all ‘guns are to blame.’ Not one mention of race.

    The story, btw, is all about how he was a racist homicidal maniac.

    As Han Solo would say..’its true. All of it.’

  79. “Yes, someone drove a groundsquirrel to the vet (at the university). And they gave him pain meds.”

    They would have been horrified if they were in the car behind me.

  80. I feel bad for my comment calling you a complainer.

    Why don’t you take a minute to remember all of the good things in your life. It’s cheesy, but helps sometimes to remind me of how trivial most shit is.

    Unrelated, but what was the mushroom verdict?

    Totally unrelated, but I hear one can make a very potent form of THC by steeping weed into coconut oil. Just a thought considering you bought our future weed farm, which I think we should call, ‘Cargo Shorts Dwarf & Incredibly Handsome Guy Farms.’

    Has a nice ring to it.

  81. But I thought you were the partner.


  82. You’re okay with being called Cargo Shorts Dwarf?

    Mushrooms were eaten. Tasted okay, and I didn’t die or get taller, so I’m pretty sure they were the “edible but not choice edible” of the 3 that I’d narrowed down to.

  83. You get me the legal right to do it, and we’ll farm whatever you can sell. My thumb is green and I’m all out of effs.

  84. ‘Cargo Shorts Dwarf & Incredibly Handsome Guy Farms.’


    LOL you dick!

  85. Today’s work scam. One of the contractors, a young man with a bachelor’s degree from a local 3rd tier college listed himself on LinkedIn as a graduate of MIT. He paid $2,500 for four online courses to get a “professional certificate”. Nice try. I’m pretty sure he couldn’t find Massachusetts on a map.

    Joke of the day: A man was caught after he robbed a place because he left DNA evidence in the toilet. Edgar Allen Poe wrote about it in one of his poems: The Telltale Turd.

  86. Nice try. I’m pretty sure he couldn’t find Massachusetts on a map.

    Just ask him what his major was. If he doesn’t say “Course #,” then he’s a fraud. For example, I was Course 8, which is physics.

  87. Of course, as soon as I put a leash on the poop factory to walk him, it starts raining.
    F it. I’m staying inside.

  88. Heh, Elliot got drenched this morning. Luckily I had an umbrella.

  89. You get me the legal right to do it, and we’ll farm whatever you can sell. My thumb is green and I’m all out of effs.
    Awesome. I’ll start working on that.

    CSD&IHG Farms is a go! I have a theme song picked out for us:

    All praise to Jah.

  90. You can get a Micro Masters from MIT for $1500.

    Fuck that. One class, and I bounced.

  91. Geoff, oh I know he’s a fraud. This is his certificate program.

  92. I was reading a few comments at the mother ship and caught this beauty–reminds me of AoS of days of yore.

    “One great thing about midget cops is that during a riot, they can be sent in by trebuchet.”


  93. Joke of the day: A man was caught after he robbed a place because he left DNA evidence in the toilet. Edgar Allen Poe wrote about it in one of his poems: The Telltale Turd.

    Wait, if the criminal’s DNA was in the poop, doesn’t it mean the guy they arrested cannibalized the criminal?

  94. *waits patiently in trebuchet, adjusts child size riot goggles

  95. Geoff, oh I know he’s a fraud. This is his certificate program.

    Har. One technical course at MIT is 12 hours/week for 15 weeks (180 hours). The certificate takes 85 hours for all four courses.

    You need about 30 courses to graduate (if they’re all 12 hours courses), so he earned 1/60 of an MIT degree.

  96. *waits patiently in trebuchet, adjusts child size riot goggles

    Pursuant to last night’s discussion, we could launch MJ a lot farther if we plated him with nickel.

    Just sayin’.

  97. If brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow his nose. His company has moved him around a couple of times, trying to find something he can do without someone holding his hand. I’m betting they let him go before too long.

  98. Full Metal Muppet

    (I’d link that video of Ernie playing the drums, but I’m too lazy today.)

  99. That MIT deal reminds me of the so called Harvard grads that attended Harvard Extension School. Faux Ivy Leaguers.

  100. Leon, you probably already read this:

    I know Tech Sgt. Heaton (the author) pretty well, we’ve shared more than a few meals. Wife told me most of the story the day it happened.

  101. SANGB is really nervous about possibly losing the A-10 mission, things like that don’t help.

  102. Hey all. Not sure I need a full Fake Reg, but if someone wants to rig up a Fake Ankre for me, that would be super.

  103. Just amputate below the knee and get one of the new pogo feet.

  104. Isn’t a possum foot kinda small for a full-grown man?

  105. No no, one of the carbon fiber feet like Aimee Mullins has. You can be the $6000 man.

  106. Just duct tape the lower portion of a hockey stick to your leg and foot. Don’t wear cargo shorts.

  107. I finally got all my grades back. I did better than expected.

  108. It’s actually cool enough today that I’m wearing cargo pants. Now, I wonder if a golf club would work…

  109. WAHOO! But of course you did. Awesome, Colex! When’s the party?

    *packs bags*

  110. No party. I’m kicking back for the next three weeks before I start work. Gonna do some painting, some drawing, some dancing, and some reading. Also, Defenders and The Tick both premier, so I’m going to spend the next two weekends binging those.

    If things had gone slightly differently, I’d already be on a plane to Italy right now for a couple of weeks in the sun.

  111. Have you checked out Comrade Detective yet, Colex? It’s pretty funny.

  112. I’ll have to look it up.

  113. If NASA hires Dr. Nick Riviera, what’s the chances of me getting on there?

  114. I don’t know, J’Ames, did you also go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College?

  115. so jury duty was a hoot –

    the ppl trying to get out of it were the highlight of the day.

    the ADA gave us a 2 hour ppt on what to expect – he threw in some supposed funnies – no one raffed – he told us to lighten up

    we’re a friggen grand jury commissioned for a minimum of a month to look at only the more heinous felonies the county has to offer….


    and the best part for me is being self employed and not getting paid….

    no workie – no money

  116. congrats on not flunking out Colex!

  117. congrats on the grades, colex. Now you don’t have to take those truck driving classes after all.

  118. Thank you for your service, jam. You’re doing the Lord’s work.


  119. Andrew Klavan on White Supremacists:

    2 min 52 seconds

  120. Good job, CoAlex.

  121. Enjoy your well-earned break, Colex. I always knew you could do it!

    *quietly sends money to betting pool winners*

  122. Even Steven strikes again.

    Fender bender with the rental car gave me a $500 deductible.

    Rental car company never processed my credit card.

  123. Money that can be spent on seafood!

  124. Congrats CoAlEx!!!! Even Steven is magic!!!

  125. Oso, thanks!

    I have to buy a plane ticket this week for my first work-related trip in September. Flying to New York City for a week. Germany in the Fall, hopefully for longer than a week.

  126. blerg

  127. Hi Ca rin. How many teenagers did you refrain from killing today?

  128. It doesn’t matter. For every one she kills, two more crash on her couch.

  129. Just so long as they’re not crashing into her deck.

  130. Crap. Just woke up thinking it was 0400 or so. It’s not even midnight!
    I think it’s time to try melatonin or something again.

  131. What about Espana, CoAlEx?

  132. No espana that I know of.

  133. Rats.

  134. Current excessive teenage number is three.

  135. Three! Three extra surly mouths to feed! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  136. Night all…please

  137. Psst…ah ah ah 3 teenage numbah

  138. We call MA “Mare”. Shooter name: Mare Lee Swagger

  139. Mare Lee Swagger sounds like a kickass country singer. I’d buy her debut album…

  140. Mare Lee Swagger’s first album “Hiding from the Thunder” was a critical and commercial success, however her second album “Starving for Hours” did not reach the same heights of success.

    After a hiatus of several years, she released a single, “Daddy loves me more than you do” to popular acclaim.

    Then she discovered cocaine.

  141. Oh – keep going, please, crazybear.
    That sounds like the best VH1 “Where Are Thy Now” never aired!

  142. If you ever want to lose some time
    Just derp off, there’s no risk
    If you ever want to disappear
    Just derp off, and think of this

  143. Morning

  144. Welp, I have to burn the house down. Looks like there is a bit of a problem with brown recluse spiders here.

    No one mention to Car in that I won’t be leaving on Sunday. Gonna try to blend in with the pack of teenagers that has infested her house.

  145. Is that this weekend or the weekend after?

  146. Weekend after.

  147. weekend after, 25th

  148. Whew. This weekend is the Air Show. I’d have had to drive to Lapeer alone with Possum and probably leave early.

  149. Wakey wakey 2

  150. I watched a video of blue haired, pierced, poorly tattooed freaks pulling down a statue in Durham NC.

    The governors response was to find a different way to remove these statues.

    Talk about shifting the Overton window.

    Stupid people coupled with power is frightening. I’m pretty sure the girl dressed as a boy with a bull ring through her nose, a partly shaved head, and tribal tattoos on her knuckles is going to decide to peacefully assemble and state her views rationally after the police watched xer lead a group of equally objectionable people to destroy a metal object.

    I’m sure xhe will start studying history rather than interpreting the entire world through the lens of xer feelings.


    And for the record, I don’t care about the statues and whether or not they should be removed. If the community wants them gone, then work to do so. But to destroy something you know nothing about because if makes you feel a certain way is a toddler like response.

  151. Destruction of history is how you get to Year Zero.

  152. Emjay, can you make a post with your statuesque thoughts and poat it, say, this Thursday?


  153. Effing punks. Need the shit kicked out of them. Put them in the back seat where they belong.

  154. Happy Birthday, J’Ames!

  155. Question, how many people died in Charlotte this weekend and how many died in Chicago?

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