Totally Trannie Tuesday – placeholder poat

Another edition of Who Can Stomp This POS Poat Fastest® begins now

Now for the tranny content you’ve all been waiting for –

First up – Identification

How they work –

First 7 Speed Auto


What kind of tranny do you prefer?

and finally a little video your mom put together

now get out there and cross-dress for success !!!


  1. Well done, Jammie.

  2. HA! Categories.

  3. Everyone, read Kurt Schlichter’s latest at town hall. NO MORE LIES!!

  4. I own this tranny bitch.

  5. Off to do a kick ass workout. Later, tranny lovers.

  6. Sometimes I miss driving a manual, but all mileage advantage is a thing of the past and they are a bitch to find and my wife never learned.

  7. Just getting up to speed with the google guy’s so called manifesto. As Leon noted, he’s been fired. Whether he sues or not, who knows, who cares. I’m assuming he’s an intelligent person and had to anticipate the reaction his letter would elicit. He either didn’t give a shit because he was past the point of caring or he’s using this as a springboard for a new venture/career.

  8. My hope is that it’s 11D chess and the lawsuit/retirement was the plan all along.

  9. Or he’s just a dumbass.

  10. Hotspur – maybe he’s just had enough of the shit? Everyone keeps going along, keeping their head down, while the left is winning.

  11. You’s guys last 2 comments describe my thoughts about PDT’s various misfires.

    Master planning or masturbatory misfires?

  12. Hotspur, he’s a biology PhD, specialized in bioinformatics. I suspect that it’s a calculated move. He either has FU money or he’s about to.

  13. I don’t think he expected it to travel as far as it did. He underestimated the sensitivity of the ‘ginas.

  14. Wont this case (if it comes to fruition) be heard in the 9th Circuit? If it is, what do you think the odds are for him to prevail?

    People are wondering how the upper echelon of these outfits are dominated by leftists..because they are supposed to be “logical” engineer types…. what we are seeing is the end result of the infiltration of our academia and its generational product.

    So here’s the deal. None of this gets fixed until you purge academia of this bullshit. Then you will have to purge the media. These two groups (as a minimum) will have to be repaired before any return to reason is possible.

    Just freaking amazes me that “diversity” (differences) are supposed to be a positive thing but you’re not allowed to point out the differences cause were all “equal”.

  15. He wrote ten pages, Geoff. He knew what would happen. Chum to sharks.

  16. I think he thought it would be passed around like-minded folk at Google.

    Ten pages ain’t all that.

  17. I use Bing, don’t use gmail, and I have an iPhone.

    Google can blow me

  18. He’s not a dumbass, he’s correct. Push back or die.

    He needs to sue.

    I think Trump has been awesome. If for no other reason than the left is losing their minds at a faster rate.

  19. GregGutfeld‏Verified account @greggutfeld 10m10 minutes ago
    GregGutfeld Retweeted Alex Hidalgo
    this tweet about the google memo writer may be the perfect synopsis of how far we have strayed from understanding the purpose of speechGregGutfeld added,

  20. Wow, google guy fired, real shocker.

  21. do any of you code monkey types know how to make a photo en-biggen-able in wordpus?

  22. i gotta get some work done bbl

  23. I’m stuck with GSuite for work, I only use private gmail as my spamcatcher address.

  24. The picture has to be a link, not using an img tag.

  25. Tushar should come to Lapeer instead of going to India. They’re about to go to war with China in Bhutan.

  26. Dude knew what he was doing. He’d already filed for harassment, now he has a case for retaliation.

    Wonder what his legit work record there was like? I hate to be all cynical but this might be a lot of smoke and noise to cover something else…

  27. Someone said in a comments section of some article that I read the other day that what liberals are calling “diversity” isn’t diversity, it’s tokenism.

    Time for our side to start calling it what it is.

  28. Cavil, my guess is that he went into the job with good intent, hoping to do some great data science and bioinformatics, and saw that he was getting crowded out by or passed over for “diverse” coworkers who were less productive or less inventive, and kept having to go to “mandatory diversity training” like all big corps have now, and had had enough.

  29. Asshat Hidalgo: He was commiting violence. People felt afraid. People had to take days off. People feared for their safety.
    10:29 PM – Aug 7, 2017

    No, asshole, he was committing the First Amendment. You know, that thing that all of you liberals cling to anytime you say something vile and reprehensible?

    And you may have noticed that whenever you guys say something like that, conservatives don’t start clutching their pearls, we just ridicule you unmercifully. Exercising our right to Free Speech and all that.

    The idiots you are referring to were afraid of WORDS. Think about that for a second. You are defending people who fear English.

  30. They’re trying to tear down the things they took advantage of to get where they are. They’re not going to like the results, I guarantee.

  31. If you continue to call speech violence, don’t be surprised when those accused of being violent decide that since they are doing the time, they may as well do the crime.

  32. The notion that speech is violence is one of the most reprehensible ideas to arise in the past ten years. People who spout it should be condemned as the scum that they are.

  33. They should be water boarded.

  34. They’re going to get a primer in what happens when you react to speech-“violence” with physical-violence.

    Escalation is a bitch.

  35. The Google nonsense is just stupefying. People that think speech is violence really needed to be treated as the emotional cripples that they are, and just given a room with Raffi or Enya playing over the speakers and crayons. Let the adults get on with the business of doing things.

  36. How do you post an image here? Got a great image of violence

  37. Just past the address into the comment box. Or, use “a href=IMGLINK” text “/a” and replace the quotation marks with angled brackets.

  38. It needs to be hosted. Then post the link.

  39. thank you


  41. Thing is: Google can fire him, I don’t dispute that, and i see few that do. They just need to be honest about it. “Bro, your a$$ is fired because you made us confront uncomfortable reality. It hurtz teh feelz.”

  42. Boy, I killed the thread deader than disco

  43. Actually, CA law might mean that they can’t fire him in retaliation as they clearly have. I think it’s a stupid law, but that’s not at issue.

  44. Dude had filed a complaint with the NLRB, and his firing was clearly in retaliation.

  45. It is illegal to retaliate against a complaint, but if he violated company policies (I’m not reading his fucking screed to see what he wrote), then Google may have grounds – like if he said the women in his department have hairy armpits and smell of patchouli. Or the men all squat to pee.

  46. “men all squat to pee.” Isn’t that a muzzy thing?

  47. The memo was a lot better written that most emails. Clear and reasoned.

  48. I like left on left cock fighting.


  49. Has anyone ever remarked on the fact it seems a majority of Blue Checkmarks on twitter all “write for…” Did a quick sample of 35 on a sports thread (reporting a score of a game) and the first 35 of a entertainment story. Of those 70, 58 were “write for…” and at least two not claiming that moniker were writers for major news papers that I recognized as being reporters.

  50. Also factor in that the shit heads that work at the NLRB are all a bunch of hard left assholes, so they’re more likely to side with Google on this one.

  51. Ace or one of his guys refers to the media as the Blue Check Brigade.

  52. Trump just appointed someone to the NLRB who might rule in conservatives’ favor. Of course, he hasn’t been approved by the Senate yet….

  53. Day two of fast complete. Onward to day three!

    Fuck, I am hungry

  54. It’ll pass. Were you in ketosis before you started?

  55. No, he’s from California.

  56. I’m so sorry. Vote CalExit and GTFO.

  57. ICE is doing Obama’s work around here.

    They are purposely breaking up families just to make Trump look bad.

    Going after people who “have been working here and paying taxes for 20 years.”

    In a lot of ways Obama is still president.

  58. They’re easier to go after. Not like the gamgbangers

  59. Entered illegally. GTFO.

  60. Pretty easy spotting MS-13.

  61. Screw him. He knew the risks when he came in, 20 years is a pretty good run.

  62. Ketosis is contraindicated at my age. My creatinine levels are borderline and I am not getting a kidney transplant.

  63. And as for the paying taxes…sales taxes do not count as paying taxes.

  64. If we got rid of the Messican gang members, our own native criminal element could flourish again. You know, the ones who haven’t already gone into politics or unionized labor.

  65. Ketosis, not ketoacidosis. You go into ketosis every time your blood sugar goes low enough or you fast for a while, like say 2 days fasted.

  66. Complaint: I’ve been here illegally for 20 years. I should be able to stay.

    Solution: Fuck off, freeloader.

  67. I got an email asking for donations for a get well gift for one of our MA’s. She got a kidney transplant today. She was working Monday, regular day. I don’t work with her regularly so I had no idea she needed one. I guess those things go slow for a long time and then when you’re near the top of the list … whammo … kidney!

  68. Leon, I did the whole no carbs and went into ketosis. It was bad. It’s not a harmless thing for everyone.

    So I am hungry. And I like what is happening and keeping to it works. All I can ask from a weight loss plan, really.

    MJ, the bigger problem is that there is this cultivation of lawlessness because we have so many laws that are ignored because they are incredibly complex or incredibly broad. That is bad for society.

  69. You are supposed to be swayed by the welfare family he created.

  70. Jimbro, I thought I told the story here. Micah’s was just a fascinating thing. He had been on the inactive part of the list for about two years, getting his points and waiting for me to jump through the hoops to gt him activated. He needed immunizations, dental cleaning, blood tests and repeat them all over and over again. He is blood type AB+

    He got activated to the recipient list on Feb 23. On Feb 26, a kid with his blood type fell off his skateboard not wearing a helmet. I got a call, that day, saying he was number two on the list behind someone who needed both a kidney and a pancreas.

    They called on the 27th saying the double transplant was not going to happen as the other child was sick. So I packed up and headed to Cedars-Sinai and he got a new kidney that Monday.

  71. Blerg.

    I’m more on the giving side of kidney things. Although since I’m down one … maybe I’ll eventually have to get someone to cough one up.

  72. As I typed my comment you guys were on my mind and I knew it would hit home for you. And Carin I suppose.

  73. One of the PTs I know donated her kidney to her husband who is diabetic. She took early retirement since he’s doing not so well lately. He built the cabinets at my house for the old owner. He built bookshelves for me about 15 years later and it was really hard for him to do the job then with his vision failing. That was 10 years ago. His son is a CRNA and a good to work with.

  74. The thing is: The blood drive rolls into even my school once a year. This year, I pleaded with them to allow marrow matching to happen too (Swab the mouth, painless…) They didn’t want to do it because of the very low donation rate of the Latino community.

  75. MrScience, if you’re fasting you will very likely be in Ketosis. That’s the point, use glycogen stores then use stored fat.

  76. Ok. That does make sense. On a related note: My MCT oil came in and now I am reading that it can cause “intestinal discomfort”. Which sounds euphemistically like intestinal cramps followed by explosive diarrhea. Is this the case for anyone?

  77. Listen to Mare. She’s pre-med.

  78. MrScience, I use it but only a tablespoon or less at a time. Start slowly! Maybe a teaspoon or two.

    Anyone know what that idiot McCain said today?

  79. Kidney trouble on a low-carb diet usually means protein is too high. If you have abnormal kidney function, that requires expertise beyond mine on management, but it would explain your creatinine levels. You probably have a fairly low safe limit for protein, but fat and ketosis in general shouldn’t be hard on kidneys.

  80. MCT oil can give me the runs, easily. I have to ease into it. Butter and cream never cause me trouble, so I usually use them instead.

  81. Mare, how many pussyhats do you own? Round to the nearest ten.

  82. This is the second time I have fasted. Last week, I did the 72 hours too

  83. My cat named Bow or Bofus or BoBo and my daughter’s cat, Leo. She is closing on a house on Friday. I’m in a quandary, does my daughter take both cats because they are best buddies or have her just take Leo which means he’d be by himself all day but with his Mom the rest of the time. Or keep both cats and she visits hers here. But he waits for her to come home by the door. But I don’t want to miss Bobo.

  84. Cats are a scam.

  85. I’d fast, but I’m afraid I’d shrivel up and blow away.

    So I eat.

  86. You need more cats to be a proper cat lady, mare. Just sayin.

  87. We have 3 now, counting the barn kitten.

  88. What kind of tranny do I prefer?

    One that keeps to its self, no doubt.

  89. I was in the standard camp, but now I don’t give a crap.

    It’s easier drinking coffee in an automatic.

  90. Still drive a stick.

  91. I’ve never owned an automatic. Unless you count HotBride’s car. But it’s hers, not mine.

  92. Sitting on the eighth row in the center 2 seats with my daughter at the Straight No Chaser/Post Modern Jukebox concert. PMJ just took the stage….

  93. Work truck 5th gear was where my personal vehicle reverse gear was.

    I had to go auto.

    4th to reverse isn’t pleasant.

  94. I prefer the stick over auto when the turbo has lag.

    Now that turbo lag is no longer an issue I don’t mind the auto.

  95. My current truck is an automatic, but only because I couldn’t find a manual.

  96. I gave your mom a manual.

  97. And she shifted my stick.

  98. And just where are we gonna find a virgin among all these trannys?

  99. Good point. But if you’re a tranny, and you get your dick turned into a cunt, even though you fucked girls beforehand, but your cunt is new, are you a virgin?

  100. Who is STevo, and has Hotspur asked the bullwhip question?

    Meatup with Vmax did not happen, and it is my fault.

  101. “I prefer the stick over auto when the turbo has lag.”



  102. I thought Stevo had been here.


  104. i think stevo has been here for a bit also james

  105. 40 quatloos on the quasi-new bull whipper

  106. i’ll triple it for a current bull whip number on thermadin and boomstick

  107. Evening Hostages. Trying to help the wife with a computer thing. Yeah, that’s going well.

  108. ” if you’re a tranny, and you get your dick turned into a cunt, even though you fucked girls beforehand, but your cunt is new, are you a virgin?”

    Your mom says no.

  109. I’ve been here before but mostly lurking though.

    The tranny question pulled me out from under my rock for some reason.

    Bullwhip question…I’ll bite.

  110. Bullwhip question…I’ll bite.

    And it was turning into such a nice evening…

  111. Might not wanna bite that whip…

  112. Every time someone mentions bullwhips, bcoch shows up.


  113. Every time someone mentions bullwhips, bcoch shows up.

    Shit. I’ve been unmasked.

  114. Well, welcome, Stevo. Sorry if I’m kind of out of it tonight.

  115. I sort of think that the very concept of chaste purity is an alien concept to a delusional and willing mutilator of one’s own genitalia.

  116. I sort of think that the very concept of chaste purity is an alien concept to a delusional and willing mutilator of one’s own genitalia.

    That some of that…what do you call it…..logic, right there. We don’t cotton to that sorta thing round here.

  117. so this is cool.

    Some guy I know who has a radio show is gonna be interviewing Tony Ortega for an hour this Friday at 11am.

  118. That’s cool.

    You ever thought about getting a radio show, wiser? I mean, you’d probably suck at it, but who knows?! You might not be awful! Wouldn’t that be a great surprise for us all!

  119. You ever thought about getting a radio show, wiser? I mean, you’d probably suck at it, but who knows?! You might not be awful! Wouldn’t that be a great surprise for us all!

    Me? Talk? On the radio???


  120. I doubt I could even do a podcast……..

  121. Yeah I hear they’re a bitch on your time. I might decide to give one of those a shot one day. Who knows? I mean, the greatest nation on earth elected a communist/socialist/anti-colonialist followed by a cheeto to the most powerful position in the world…..back to back.

    I think I could might swing an hour or two of podcasting a week.

  122. I think I could might swing an hour or two of podcasting a week.

    I bet you’d do really well….

    if only you had a partner….

    and you didn’t hurt … say… your shoulder or something….

  123. and you didn’t hurt … say… your shoulder or something….

    Yeah that. (Likely looking at a second procedure soon, btw.) Plus we sold our old house and are living in this tiny craphole apt till the new place is done. Plus the far too good for me’s wife’s grandma just passed away. My grandfather was very ill and ended up in the hospital and rehab facility for around 6 weeks. We really were not sure he was gonna make it there for a few days. Plus my co-host has a close family member in very ill health.

    The original plan was to take a little time off to try and get everything settled down a bit. Yeah, no. It just all snowballed.

    Yeah it’s been some shit.

  124. Yeah it’s been some shit.

    well…. yeah…..

    but other than that, how was the play?

  125. but other than that, how was the play?


    Oh and I might finally be able to get last Christmas’ Dad Dance thing up. Apparently my wife has had the dvd for months and didn’t tell me.

    So very soon, you will all get to enjoy the stupidity of me dressed up like a fox and dancing.

  126. btw, if anyone was wondering when would be a good day to call my buddy’s show, tomorrow would be totally a great day, since i think he’s gonna be desperate for stuff to fill time…..

    just throwing that out there……

    for my friend…..


  127. So very soon, you will all get to enjoy the stupidity of me dressed up like a fox and dancing.



  128. as much as I am so ready to dive into the comments on tonight’s ONT, I’m just gonna ask this here….

    WTH is the “fashion faux pas”? All I see is a smoking hawt chick….

  129. After extensive study of her picture I believe it’s because she mixed stripes and polka dots.

  130. Night all…that was a pretty lame faux pas. Just sayin’

  131. Concert was fantastic!!!! If they are coming to your neck of the woods, you should definitely go – you’ll have a great time 😊

  132. That personality everything starts to blend
    Personality when your derp starts to bend
    Personality impression of a friend,
    Of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend
    Personality wonderin’ how celebrities ever met
    (Look and find out on television)

  133. I googled your dick as directed. Got this.

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