MMM 285: The Agenda is Everywhere

And historical ignorance abounds.  I tried to watch the Netflix Castlevania cartoon over the weekend and made it less than 4 minutes before thumbing it down.  Well-drawn, but utter garbage for writing.  For those who never played the games, Castlevania was about various members of the Belmont family fighting Dracula and his offshoots and allies at various points in late Medieval and early Renaissance history.  Men (white men!), faithful to God (going to church for restoration and items like holy water occurs in the early games), fighting a satanic, evil immortal being.

First scene of this shit is – in 1455 AD, we’re told – a Strong Independent Womantm marching past acres of impaled human bodies to Dracula’s castle.  She bravely enters and proceeds to… scold Dracula about being such a naughty person, then ask him to teach her his super-science so she can become a doctor.  A real doctor, not some cunning woman with poultices and boiling nettles.  Dracula (who is basically Disney’s Beast in terms of visible menace) tells her that he likes her spirit and then agrees to do as she asks.  The next scene is 1475 AD, where Lisa (aforementioned aspiring doctor) is being burned at the stake for witchcraft by a group of evil-looking priests, one of whom is a bishop.  The discussion they have while she burns explicitly conflates science and witchcraft, and the bishop gives one of the priests who says he’s been studying a bit of chemistry (“just a study, to better understand our enemies”) a sidelong glance of the “you might be next at the stake” sort.  I bailed.  WTF?  The only thing they got right was that everyone at least appeared to be European, and hey, nice shout-out with the “AD”.  Let’s completely ignore that the university system (invented by the Church for the advancement of Man) has existed for almost 500 years already, and the University of Paris was founded in 1045 AD with Medicine as one of it’s 4 foundational fields of inquiry.  I just want to punch a lot of retards in the face.  Must be Monday.

Her outfit is falling apart, someone help!


Repeat, but a nice one.


Messican earrings.


I like that fence, probably vinyl though.


Sure, they’re small, but they aren’t going anywhere.


Those must be her skinny jeans that she can’t quite button.


Looks like big sky country.  Maybe Missouri.


They identify as women.


Does not look like a comfy couch.


Cultist in a cheap apartment.


And with that, the week begins.  Seek truth and punch hippies if you see any.


  1. I’d kill my subscription, but they have educational cartoons that have become somewhat indispensable to parenting in the absence of extended family or other children to occupy my daughter while light tasks are being performed. We should probably start weaning her off of them, or find some alternatives.

  2. That’s ridiculous. SJWs are polluting everything.

  3. Right? Like, who does this appeal to? Fedora-tipping fans of a series about fighting vampires whose powers come from actual Hell?

  4. I’m almost halfway through reading the Google employee’s so-called anti-diversity manifesto and I love it. I can’t believe these assholes headlined it that way. It is nothing of the kind. Just all straight talk and sense.

  5. I was triggered by the cultural appropriation in this poat.

    wakey wakey

  6. waves empty coffee cup in air

  7. I can’t give you coffee, then everyone will want some.

  8. There’s no one else here. It’s fine.

  9. The murder victim here is the son of one of the teachers at my kid’s school. We heard he’d died, but didn’t know what happened.

  10. The AD’s son dove into some water and broke his neck just 6 weeks back. It’s been a hard summer for Lapeer’s teachers.

  11. While you’re up, leon… *waves cup

  12. heh, laura, even the Google employees bias leaks through in the manifesto:

    Alienating conservatives is both non-inclusive and generally bad business because conservatives tend to be higher in conscientiousness, which is require for much of the drudgery and maintenance work characteristic of a mature company.

    Conservatives are more useful/vital in a maintenance role? I know that isn’t what he/she probably intended, but that’s how I read it.

  13. No coffee for nobody.

    Carin, I read the whole article and I still don’t know WTF happened.

  14. Hey, stupid social justice warriors, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIAL JUSTICE it’s either justice or it isn’t.

    Stop crapping on everything and making it so smelly and disgusting that even seeing your pathetic faces with that look that screams, “I have daddy issues and I’m bitter no cute boys liked me in high school” makes normal people immediately hate your cause as well as your angry face.

    That goes for hipster, wimpy dick, “my only shot at male/female sex are these undesirable bitter bitches with daddy issues”, males.

  15. Leon – basically the teacher’s friend was murdered for who knows what reason by his gay lover. I don’t know how the other dude figures in. It’s all really really wierd.

  16. But it’s sad, nevertheless for the mom, who I sorta know.

  17. Jay, that’s just a continuation of libs’ self-flattery that they are the creative imaginative geniuses while cons are plodding dullards only good for getting your toilet clean under the rim

  18. Two queers killed another queer.

    It’s been known to happen.

  19. I can’t imagine the self control Hotspur practices with his AA friends.

  20. That was more or less what I got from the cosmetology school reference, Carin.

    I’m yet to work with a leftist who was an actual creative thinker. Most were hidebound, inside-the-safe-space plodders who could not be trusted with hard problems. Most of the D-voters who were creative in any way were also gun owners who lived lives as conservative as mine, but believed CNN’s bullshit.

  21. Heh, pretty much, leon. All the stuff that works = conservative values. But they still vote D, because their heart is in the right place.

  22. For a lot of the PhD types, it’s intelligence-signalling and cultural conditioning. Smart people are atheists and vote democrat, so they do what smart people do. Intelligence doesn’t save you from that crap.

  23. I can’t imagine the self control Hotspur practices with his AA friends.


    I could write volumes.

  24. Yeah, the smarmy PhD “Im smarter than you” person. Very familiar with that.

  25. Comments on the Google manifesto are decidedly left wing. Wow.

  26. Well, I’m sick of this shit. I’m going for a run. Then I’m going to clean/organize my workroom.

    Because I’m pretty sure everyone attending Lapeerpalooza is going to want to see that.

  27. Google sucks. Switched to Bing long ago.

  28. Nice job hotspur –

  29. You too Leon

  30. Except for the coffee thing. Been waving my coffee cup around for a while – the service sucks at this place.

  31. No tip for you

  32. Well, that means no tip for your mom either, so it’s not really me you’re hurting.

  33. It’s raining.

  34. You know what melts in the rain, right?

  35. That sucks about Castlevania. There was an episode of Family Guy that had two of the characters transported to an alternate dimension where Christianity never existed. It was 1000 years more advanced.

    The historical ignorance is stunning. Apparently everyone in the prechristian world was an atheist scientist, instead of, you know, a pagan barbarian tribesman busy slaughtering each other and worshiping a plethora of other gods.

  36. I watched Castlevania until the start of the burning-at-the-stake scene and couldn’t take another second. The scolding of the vampire by the “enlightened” woman was so annoying that I was cheering for the guys burning her at the stake.

  37. Except for the coffee thing. Been waving my coffee cup around for a while – the service sucks at this place.

    Jam, if you think the service sucks here, you might wanna try this place. It gives a new definition to the phrase “the service sucks”.

  38. The Castlevania producers are currently commenting on the Google post.

  39. Yeah, Seth MacFarlane is my go to guy for social issues, history and politics.

  40. You know what melts in the rain, right?


  41. I’m waiting to see if it’s really going to thunderstorm. I don’t mind a little rain, but the lightening isn’t my thing.

  42. When you are running, do you leave the broom at home, or do you take it with, just in case?

  43. Yeah, Seth MacFarlane is my go to guy for social issues, history and politics.

    The problem is that he’s like Jon Stewart or the others: we know better than to take him seriously, but a lot of other people get their news and world views from these guys. They watch a scene like that and it reinforces the little meme in their brains that “Christianity is anti-science and has made the world worse off”.

  44. Comment by Jay in Ames on August 7, 2017 11:18 am
    You know what melts in the rain, right?

    Cake? Mother’s in law?

  45. Yeah, because Islam is currently at the forefront of science and technology.

    Why don’t you have the bomb yet, if you’re so damn smart?

  46. Mothers in law is pretty damn close, I’ll say!

  47. Exactly. Every chance they get, they lie and distort, even if it hurts the product.

  48. THe irony is that witch trials and burnings were opposed by the early church, which believed that witchcraft was bullshit. They happened primarily in areas where the Church’s influence was weakened and old Pagan influences started to reassert themselves.

  49. Ok, I think the bad weather is going to stay north. I may go for a run and risk it.

  50. There’s a niche to be had writing good historical fiction without this crapola in it.

  51. The Koala would be happy to spend hours telling you about how eucalyptus is a miracle plant that can cure a whole host of illnesses, not to mention how our entire economy could be reorganized around it and everyone would be better off.

  52. Careful if you’re going to the Iowa State Fair:

  53. Most people just fly over Iowa.

  54. LOL I installed Adblock Plus last week, and occasionally I get these popups from sites saying they aren’t behind a pay wall, and I should whitelist them so I can see their ads.

    Fuck you. It sounds racist.

  55. That’s the bad part, HS. Can’t read some articles. Still worth it.

  56. Rained on me just a little bit. Nothing melted. 8 miles, bitches.

  57. Jay; of your neighboring states, which do you hate the worst?

  58. Ontario. Hate those guys.

  59. Canada isn’t a real country, so they don’t count.

  60. Hah, I don’t hate any of them, but we make fun of Missouri and Nebraska more than any of them.

  61. Missouri – the show me your tits state

  62. I would’ve guessed Minnesota. Fuckin scandies and skinnies.

  63. Jay is a lover not a hater. Although it’s your mom he “loves.”

  64. We toured the USS Nautilus today. Pretty cool. It was the first nuclear powered submarine.

  65. I saw the USS Nautilus open up for FIve Finger Death Punch.

  66. Your mom opens up for five fingers.

  67. Comment by Jay in Ames on August 7, 2017 11:18 am
    You know what melts in the rain, right?

    The Cake?

  68. Is MJ around? If so, would you please contact me at teresa.hamilton.koch at the gmail thingy? I have a question for you –

  69. The Cake?


    Only in MacArthur Park

  70. Scott, tell me you took pics of the Nautilus.

  71. A couple, but the interweb is full of Nautilus photos.

  72. We were both astonished to learn that the first CO of the Nautilus helped design the reactor.

  73. Sorry, Xbrad, I didn’t take any pics. It never occurs to me that anything in boring old CT would be of interest to other people.

  74. You want them?

  75. Cancer sucks. Never a Phillie fan, but I saw Dutch play as a Phillie and a Marlin. Our World Series mojo was still intact. Don Baylor…that loss was personal. I can’t stop crying. Facedouche is full of people that are assholes. They don’t understand that some celebrity deaths are more personal than others.

  76. I would’ve guessed Minnesota. Fuckin scandies and skinnies.

    No argument. Lots of liberals, too. My employer is working on the third reorganization of my department since I’ve been here, two years this month.

    I have a lot of respect and loyalty to the owner, he got me and the family out of a bad spot and took a chance on hiring me, I want to stay because the family likes it here and it could be a good company if it wasn’t so schizo for reorg.

  77. My former employer used to reorganize annually. I wonder if they still have a “matrix organization”. That one led to a lot of Red Pill/Blue Pill jokes.

  78. My favorite part of the last re-org was the National Deployment and Rollout team became the Execution team.

  79. I made shirts


  81. I want a Corgi!!! Or a Dorgi!

  82. Heh. Just noticed the new blog description…


  83. It wasn’t a coincidence that Wilkinson helped design the reactor, and then was the first skipper of Nautilus.

    The Navy was very quick to realize the potential of nuclear fission as a powerplant for ships, and made sure they groomed several submarine officers to be experts in reactor design, and to help the scientists and engineers understand the requirements of a submarine.

    And yes, Scott, I’d love any pics you did take of her.

    bariejr at the g thingy

  84. A ring knocker acquaintance of mine who is now in his mid to late 80s served aboard the Nautilus. Most of their missions were to spy on the Soviets.

  85. If you haven’t read Blind Man’s Bluff yet, make sure you do. Plenty of sub stories there! Great book.

  86. Howdy, foax.

    I was sorry to hear about Don Baylor, oso. 68 is far too young. RIP.

  87. Heh, Al Hrabowsky was just telling a story about Don Baylor hitting him in the back like a drum during a fight. Still had nothing but nice things to say about him.

  88. The sleeping quarters were nuts. 4 bunks stacked in a 7 foot space.

    The luxurious quarters for the officers were stacked 3 high.

  89. They turned the sub into a museum at Mare Island.


    Then they towed it back to CT.

  90. There were lots of torpedos and missiles everywhere. It was pretty cool, but unless you know what the heck you’re looking at…well you know.

  91. The Mad Hungarian? I H8D him, until I realized he helped make me the fan I am. Psst…Don’t tell Dan I like a Card.

  92. You can just tell yourself he was a Royal.

  93. Ever notice how Wild Thing in Major League does the Mad Hungarian before he pitches?

  94. I’m not a baseball nerd! Pfft. You’re so Ghey!

  95. Living in TX in L8 70/80 we H8d the effing Royals. Danny Fucking Ainge!!!

  96. How come baseball players (or most athletes, now that I think about it) don’t get cool nicknames anymore?

  97. SJWs

  98. Pudge was just inducted in the HOF. LET THAT SINK IN

  99. The torpedoes and missiles were at the Submarine Force Museum. Not at the Nautilus. Next door. Cool place.

  100. Mel Allen is no longer on Saturday afternoons.

  101. How can I let it sink in if I have no clue what it means?

  102. There is a sink on your doorstep.

  103. What’s sinking?

  104. It means that players who spent much of their time in the Big Leagues while you and I were adults are now in the Hall of Fame, leon.

  105. MJ, TiFW was looking for you at 4:48.

  106. Totes Jelly: A friend of mine got to take a 2 hour flight on the B-29 “FiFi” today.

  107. Soccer leagues? I still don’t follow, but the gist if it is that Oso feels old, right?

  108. Old and heart broken. Today sucked

  109. Totes Jelly: A friend of mine got to take a 2 hour flight on the B-29 “FiFi” today.

    If you stop saying things like “Totes Jelly,” maybe they’ll invite you.

    I’m just saying is all.

  110. LaDanian Tomlinson is in the HOF and he’s probably young enough to be my kid. It’d be close.

  111. WOOT! .500!

  112. I need time to cry. Dan: You’re a fucking mess over Don Baylor? WTF when the big red machine goes? WTF? (I lost two weeks to Catatonia when Roberto died. Could not go to school. Ended up in therapy. Again)

  113. Hey everybody! I ignored everyone’s advice and stuck with what I know. I know how to fieldstrip, function check and generally feel mighty comfy with the Beretta 92, so I am getting one again and the Marlin Camp Carbine. I am too old to be worried about cool, and the cowboy image of the 357 carbine is about cool. So..

    Fun fact: went to the courthouse today for some paperwork relating to Micah’s conservatorship and saw a deputy I recognized from somewhere. Turns out a neighbor four doors down is a OCSD sergeant. I feel safer somehow.

  114. Right on, Mr. S. I doubt you’ll actually have any trouble, but it’s good to feel safe.

  115. Well, my derp is a number
    A piece of plastic film
    And I’m growing funny flowers
    In my little window sill

  116. Are we staying here for the day, then?

  117. Damore got fired by Google. I hope he sues the shit out of them.

  118. Wakey wakey.

    Stupid insomnia (too much coffee at work last night) kept me up for hours. SO I slept in.

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