Hello champagne drinkers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born on September 3rd, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois.  She does teh pron and has really pretty eyes.  5’5″ tall, 34D-24-35, please think things through and welcome, Miss Lana Rhoades!




  1. Up all night writing papers. One rough draft is at seven pages, the other is at probably six.

    I have to go in and sign my student loans today, which sucks. Doubly so since tonight is the graduation party as well.

    Then I get to spend the weekend studying up for job interviews on Monday and Wednesday of next week.

  2. Pretty eyes.
    Morning, hostages. Have a great Friday.

  3. BBF girl looks like BBF tranny, especially the third pic.

  4. I’ll say this… she’s got an ass only a stepfather could love.

  5. But can he open a bottle of champagne with it?

  6. *clutches pearls*

  7. *makes pearl necklace*

  8. You’re gonna kick ass, Colex. Git R’ Done!!

    Too much pud showing in the aqua underwear pic.

    *brandishes rolled-up newspaper at Pups*

  9. Nice job, Pups. Think things through link made me lol.

  10. Wowza, she’s hot.

  11. Meant to get up at 4 to go look at land in Kalamazoo, but by 4am I had only slept about 3 hours. Cancelled alarm and slept fine after that, dammit. Next chance I’ll have at it will probably be Monday. It’s a UTA weekend and I can’t see myself taking Possum on a 4 hour car trip by myself just yet.

  12. Looks like she’s never bothered to lie about her weight. Shame about her being ruined for life and going into porn like that.

  13. wakey wakey.

    my current earworm- two songs here.

  14. “No Rest For The Wicked” springs immediately to mind.

  15. I can’t remember…

    Is porn empowering or degrading? I’ll wait for a 300 pound blue haired virgin to tell me.

  16. Who’s turn is it to ignore MJ?

  17. Those wallowing in filth may feel empowered but are objectively no better off than those who’ve merely fallen into mud.

  18. Deathwish looks pretty good. I like revenge movies.

  19. Did someone say something?

  20. I need some baby and running advice. Possibly help with my rose bushes.


  21. Baby and running advice?
    Don’t use cloth diapers.

  22. Running sucks. Get more wipes, get a sidecar sleeper for the bed, get a breathing monitor for the baby’s diaper at night.

    And rose bushes are as full of pricks as the WH press corpse. Avoid falling in them.

  23. The revenge movie essentially has the same plot as a monster movie,but starts with something bad enough happening to the protagonist that his monstrosity is justified and you can root for him rather than the victims.

  24. I’m probably not going to run the Crim because everyone will be here and I don’t want to be a we blanket. So I’m trying to find a different race to run (I’m skipping the detroit half this year because I didn’t sign up first of the year when it was cheaper).

    I think I’ll do the Turkey trot – it’s on thanksgiving and a lot of fun. I think you can do a “double” – 6 mile, then a three mile.

  25. I don’t call them “revenge” movies, I call them “justice” movies. That’s why they are so satisfying.

    Can’t wait for Deathwish.

  26. MJ, I’ve bought roses from this place before

    They send out orders in the spring. IIRC going with old fashioned varieties avoids some of the need for spraying insecticide. I could be making shit up too. I’m sure Laura has some insight about garden center roses for fall planting.

  27. I’m pretty sure MJ is just trying to get me to not ignore him and doesn’t care about roses.

  28. It’s a good thing you’re ignoring him, then.

  29. Meetings until 11.

  30. I fell for it Carin. Around here people plant roses on Mothers Day, probably a lot of places elsewhere. I figured with his little muppet on the way he wanted to do something nice for a change.

  31. Did a case at the bedside in the PICU this morning. Not my choice of venues but the kid was too sick to move. I did ask for and received a scrub tech who brought my list of shit I needed.

    Now I’m waiting for kids #2 and 3 to arrive. Day 1 of three call days is underway. Safety first kids!!!

  32. Babies are horrible runners.

  33. 2yos think they are great runners. This supposition is occasionally proven false, and it helps to be nearby when that happens.

  34. Just a heads up Leon. “terribly 2s” is a lie. They’re adorable then.

    It’s the 3s.


  35. I knew that already. She’s wonderful right now, just have to keep an eye on her when we’re picking berries.

  36. HotBride Movie Update

    She said it was a steaming pile of crap. She thinks it is getting good reviews because it is about some muzzie stand up comedian, and as long as it has a muzzie in it, the left love it.

    She said it wasn’t funny.

    (I’m off the hook for the next movie night.)


  37. There is an annoying as fuck autoplay Maserati commercial at Ace’s. How do you disable it?

  38. Is this young lady who they named all of the rest of the Rhoades Scholars after? She looks bookish.

    Also, I took the liberty of checking some of her other work and it appears that she has a most unfortunate gash that will never heal. Maybe they can keep it dressed and bandaged and avoid a nasty infection. I hope so. She seems nice.

  39. Now I recall the plot of The Big S(D)ick. It seemed a little contrived just reading the reviews and seeing promo clips. Predictably bad but loved by the lefties because muzzie

  40. You can believe a movie review about as much as you can believe a political poll or the MSM these days….entire media is corrupt

  41. I think you just need to disable JavaScript, HS.

  42. But when I disable javascript then youtube videos won’t play.


  43. Leon – my crossfit coach demonstrated this (this isn’t him, his is on facbook and I can’t share). This is everything wrong with my snatch.

    My clean is pretty close, but that snatch.

  44. Xbrad??

  45. Carin, keep your thoughts about your snatch to yourself. This is a respectable site.


  46. PD, how’s the hip?

  47. AdBlock+

  48. That looks dangerous and stupid.

  49. Thank you, Leon.

    Where have you been all of my life?

  50. Michigan, mostly, and 11 months in Indiana.

  51. It’ll never be as good as new but it’s 95% as good as new.

  52. LOL

    Ace is stealing our material.

  53. Babies are horrible runners.

    Holding scissors in each hand helps them maintain balance.

  54. Comment by Car in on August 4, 2017 10:47 am
    Just a heads up Leon. “terribly 2s” is a lie. They’re adorable then.
    It’s the 3s.

    How many years have your kids been “3”?

  55. Any of you see the new Spiderman movie? Clint?

  56. Any of you see the new Spiderman movie?

    I enjoyed it. Lots of humor, Michael Keaton was great, but Robert Downey Jr’s lines seemed rushed.

  57. Who the fuck put up a photo of a goddamn kitten as the header?

  58. I’m going to work on it with a pvc. The first time I tried it – it didn’t go anywhere. My snatch sucks.

    The clean part is easy.

  59. *cough*

  60. Someone’s got to leave how lying fruit.

    Why not me?

  61. Any more info on the daughter’s hit and run? What damage to the vehicle besides the dead battery ? Any suspects? Did the police even say they’d look?

  62. Was your daughter hunting hobos when it happened?

  63. It was in Pontiac and there are probably so many uninsured/drunk drivers, it’s pretty much useless.

    The car doesn’t look too bad. He hit the drivers side doors. Both of them.

  64. He just swerved into her and kept going. It happened so fast she honestly didn’t even get a good look at the car.

  65. I haven’t done a snatch in at least 25 years. The cost/benefit ratio wore out at about the time I hit 30.

  66. I haven’t done a snatch in at least 25 years

    Damn. And I thought I was a hermit…

  67. i never did a snatch until I was about 47. So there’s that.

  68. Comment by Car in on August 4, 2017 12:44 pm's-slide

    How could such a great bunch of people get so unlucky?

  69. I take that back….sorta. PX90 requires you to do some dumbell snatches, one arm at a time, in one of their workouts. So, I’ve sorta snatched in my late 40’s and early 50’s. Modified snatch I guess you could call it.

  70. I modified your mom’s snatch.

  71. As a IT expert myself, I am quite jaded about advances in technology, but sometimes, technology impresses even cynical old me.
    I called up my Credit Card provider, because I am travelling abroad.
    The female voiced robot asks me what my problem is. I say International travel. She asks where I will be travelling to. I say the country. Any more? yes. say the other country (just transiting). She asks for travel start and end dates. I say them. I am all set.

    Maybe I have just enough computer expertise to appreciate how damn amazing this is, but not enough expertise to realize that this is becoming routine.

    Either way, this is amazing.

  72. You haven’t gone yet.

  73. Either way, this is amazing.

    It only worked because of your accent. Try that shit in Arkansas and see what you get.

  74. Colorado Alex In Exile on August 4, 2017 at 6:49 am
    BBF girl looks like BBF tranny, especially the third pic.

    Hard to believe a catch like you is still single.

  75. except now everyone expects that in every program tushar.

  76. I don’t like pineapple, though.

  77. Grilled pineapple is delicious.

  78. Hurts my mouth. Plus the enzymes in pineapple would break down some of the proteins in the pork, liquifying them. Could get nasty.

  79. Plus the enzymes in pineapple would break down some of the proteins in the pork

    I just love it when Leon talks all nasty and shit.

  80. Alton Brown demonstrated why using enzymes to ‘tenderize’ meat would leave you with slime if you didn’t get it just right.

  81. Show was 20 years ago, but Big Network has kept it off of youtube.

  82. James Burke actually put all of his old shows up for about a month, but the BBC (paid for by the British taxpayer), had them pulled. 40 year old shows, publicly funded.

  83. I thought the ham & pineapple fights were reserved for the other place?

  84. Gluten free Hawaiian pizza

  85. >>I modified your mom’s snatch.

    My guess is gutter bumpers like they put up in the bowling alleys so little ones can have a chance of scoring. And for the same reason.

  86. We’re going to bring a boatload of clams to Lapeerapalooza.

  87. We’re going to bring a boatload of clams to Lapeerapalooza

    I didn’t realize that all the Moms were invited.

  88. My snatch sucks.
    Marry me!

  89. We’re going to bring a boatload of clams to Lapeerapalooza.
    You guys are going to be there?

  90. We’ll be there.

  91. Get out! That’s so awesome!!!!

    My belt will not have a warranty so don’t ask. It gets embarrassed when someone brings it up.

  92. We brought a 1/2 bushel of clams to the first one, so this is going to be, like, tradition.

  93. Will there be any bearded clams?

  94. Only if your mom attends.

  95. Kind of excited about the rental car. Our newest vehicle is 10 years old and is as sporty as a city bus.

    A 2017 Maxima will be like driving a spaceship.

  96. Good evening, clambakers.

  97. Hey there!

    Got a question for the hoplophiles on here: I worry that coming soon will be an antifa/feckless loser/La Raza protest to the area I live in, which is near Disneyland. Disney, not wanting to allow a large group of people who want to destroy and otherwise cause problems in its parts will have Anaheim PD and their own security push them away onto the main streets. One of which could be leading to my little homestead. (On one hand, I wonder why they haven’t done this already. Guaranteed coverage and LOTS of evil capitalists images up and down the front of the place to loot.)

    Anyway, so I am looking toward home defense. Knowing what I know, which is comparatively little to many, I do know that I am comfortable with the M9 (Beretta 92) and 9mm in general. I like the fact it has a mechanical safety as it is one more thing that might keep my son from hurting himself or others playing with it.

    So I started looking at carbines in 9mm, and about the only ones that are CA legal are HiPoint, JustRight and Marlin. The first two are no go as very problematic but I wonder has anyone had any experience with Marlin Camp carbines. Any short comings, anything to look out for, anything at all.

    Any help at all or advice would be appreciated.

  98. I have a Beretta .45 carbine. Can’t remember the model #. I’ve never shot any hippies with it, only paper targets and cardboard boxes, but I like it. You didn’t mention Beretta but you might look and see if they’re available.

  99. According to tittyweb jenkins the model % is Cx4 Storm. They make em in 9mm as well iirc.

  100. Ta Ta Towel

    Defends against underboob sweat

  101. Not CA legal. I liked the look of them. and I like the simplicity of the construction of them too.. But, they are scary assault weapons in CA

  102. I trust these guys, an old review from 2011 reveals Marlin was bought and semi-gutted by an outfit called “The Freedom Group”

    This page is all of their 9mm reviews, including long guns. Of course the highest rated ones are the most expensive. Look for “carbine” on this page:

    This one looks pretty cool:

    Sorry, I don’t have a lot of experience with lever action rifles.

  103. Books by Massad Ayoob and Andrew Branca as well as the NRA’s Carry Guard insurance are all good for information before taking to many steps.

    GunBroker has a few camp carbines in 9 mm. The Marlin site didn’t list them. Are they still being manufactured?

  104. Heh. No way in hell that last one is CA-legal, Puppeh.

    It’s got a barrel shroud, fercryingoutloud!

  105. With the pistol grip and threaded barrel, that’s Wilkinson Arms isn’t CA legal either…

    If the fact wasn’t that I would have the gun confiscated when I go to practice with it, I would just prevail on one of you that lives in another state and take the boy on a road trip…

  106. Nope, Marlin doesn’t make them anymore. But that or a Rossi lever action is about my only choices if I want to be CA legal

  107. Oh, yeah…sorry. I forgot where you live. Perhaps a nice flame-thrower would be california compliant?

  108. Pupster’s first link answered my question

  109. Maybe you can rent some mexican friends to sit on your porch. Try Home Depot.

  110. Borrow some of Sean’s Korean friends for your rooftop.

  111. Is this legal in CA?

  112. I’ve talked to the local gun nuts/pawn shop owners, and those seem to be my two choices. Just wondering if anyone had experiences with them

  113. All the 9mm carbines I’m finding are too scary looking for CA. Sorry Science.

  114. Jimbro, I doubt it. Pistol grip, detachable stock, magazine fed…nope

  115. I’d probably get a 357mag lever gun / wheel gun combo if I were in your shoes, but that can be an investment. Nothing sounds like that cartridge when it fires though…it’s a real crowd disperser.


    “yes and no.”

  117. Is this legal in CA?

    Jesus, man, I could probably get 20 years in state prison just for clicking on that link.

  118. One of the Lesbian’s I work with was complaining about jury duty. I assumed she was a registered Dem or Ind. Nope…gun toting NRA CCW Republican. She drives a Jeep. Anecdotally, all the GOPer Lesbians I know, they all have guns.

  119. Rent-A-Lesbian dot com?

  120. Here is an interesting question: if you were asked to choose one person from left to join the right side, whom would you choose? Now obviously, we are looking for their skills, and not political views. And their political views would magically morph to align with us.
    E.g. We would choose Hillary if we think there is no one more effective than her with thuggish tactics, and we need that skill set.

    And as a converse, if there is one individual on our side whom you would absolutely hate to lose?

    For me, a few years back, the answer to first question would have been Jon Stewart. His ability to use a mixture of humor,drama, truth and fakery to make the opposition look bad was phenomenal.
    Today, I can’t think of anyone. They are all useless.

    And the person I would hate to lose the most would be Ben Shapiro.

  121. Pupster, the problem is there is no safety on a revolver. I have to have a mechanical safety on a gun around my kid or keep it unloaded, not that I think he would play with it or even be interested in it, just for my own peace of mind

  122. Pup, Wear flannel; Have gun. Something something Paladin

  123. At one time I had a “Pennsylvania Assault Rifle” It was a .308 pump rifle with a 5 round box mag. It was pretty handy and prolly CA legal
    That said a pistol cal lever gun would do the trick. I always wanted on in .357 cause it kicks all kinds of butt.

  124. I’d hate to lose Kurt Schlicter. Can’t think of any D🐀 I’d like.

  125. It would kill me if we lost Greg Gutfeld. And I don’t know about political skills, but it would be amazing if a funny motherfucker like Louis CK or Patton Oswalt had a Road to Damascus moment and suddenly switched to our side.

  126. If I get .308, I am getting it in Lee-Enfield action. Its a Desi rifle called Ishapore 2A.

  127. Vmax, the only semi auto .357 is a desert eagle, and I don’t need to compensate for my penis size…that badly

  128. MrScience, Ishapores are difficult to get in India due to stupid gun restrictions, but they are not bad rifles. WWII design.

  129. Mr Sciience, why no q about shotguns? You want to hit them before they get to your lawn? I understand. I covet the fuck out of the Benelli M4 but haven’t got the guts to tell my wife I spent $1800 in one transaction.

  130. I got a Remington 1100 with a full length tube for a shot gun.

  131. Oooh Louis CK. We might pick up Dave Chappell by default and SJW harassment

  132. MrScience, I am quite amused that you know the word Desi.

  133. Tushar, you can get Ishapores here for about $400-$600. Biggest question mark is the bores. Supposedly, Indian ammo was corrosive and so you need a to check that before buying. Which is really hard to do on an auction.

  134. When we are no longer broke I want a Taurus Judge.

  135. Tushar, I am a man of mystery…

  136. I think Marlin makes a .357 lever gun as well as other sizes. Lots o rounds quick and pack a punch under 100 yds. Check Rossi too, last I heard they were making Single action pistol lever gun combos in the same caliber.

  137. Actually, I was friends with all of the outcasts. I had a friend named Raj Sangarna. I learned about curry at a very young age. Also, had friends with the last name Singh, Ngyuen, al-Sarem and Sanchez. It was a mini-United Nations at my elementary.

  138. Marlin and Henry make /357 Mag/.38 special lever guns, but they are tube loaded which pretty much means you can’t reload them in any sort of pressure situation. Only Rossi has the trapdoor loading.

    Henry Yellow Boys are beautiful guns

  139. I vote .357 lever gun. .357 is a whole different animal out of a rifle, lots of power. Simple to use and looks friendlier in court, cowboy gun/John Wayne. Much better than an evil assault rifle.

  140. I agree PLP, but the handgun part of it then is the problem with caliber

  141. Someone needs to invite Ace to Lapeer. Leon and Carin can provide Gaainzzz BS. The rest of you can help him chillaxing.

  142. He wont go to Michigan.

    No train service.

  143. 💩

  144. yes tubes stink

  145. Present it to him as flyover research? Tell him Carin has booked Kid Rock?

  146. Ace doesn’t fly? I didn’t know that.

  147. I worked with a guy. Air Force cop. Local cop. He has TBI and PTSD. From service. OCD from wherever. He made plans to move to NC to be with his son and grandkids. In May. Sold home. Had a heart attack his last week at work. He was airlifted to NC. He is now on full dialysis and waiting for a new heart. What was once “mental” is now real. Who knew that OCD could fuck you up like that? (I became a part of his OCD ritual 5 years ago. 3 shoulder taps every day)

  148. I never realized how much damage stress/terror could do. I really believe he won’t live past this weekend. Praying

  149. blerg


  151. We’ve got a train that goes right to Lapeer. The station is about four miles from my house.

    /just saying.

  152. Car in lives at Pettycoat Junction.

  153. Basically. No, it’s actually kind of cool. I can take a train basically from my house to Chicago.

    I haven’t. But I could.

  154. My daughter has admitted that she sorta kinda has a boyfriend. Older daughter. Now I need my younger daughter to make a similar admission.

  155. Graduation dinner. I’ve had a couple glasses of wine. My Indian classmate is cute. I’d do her.

  156. No flamethrowers in CA or MD. Sorry.

    Looked at 2 parcels. 1 was a swamp, the other I liked a lot.

  157. Car in, I looked at Lapeer’s wikipedia page and saw where, re the 2010 census, y’all had 3.9% hispanics. I’ve never in my life lived anywhere that was under 50%. You live in a different America than most of us.

  158. I’ve had a couple glasses of wine. My Indian classmate is cute. I’d do her.

    Sexiness has no color. However it does have proportions. Math rules the world……including reproduction and shit.

  159. She’s mid forties and married. Still would hit it.

  160. Totally OT, but what do y’all think dogs dream of?
    The Stink Machine is currently lying here and kind of running in his sleep. His feet are barely moving, but moving like he’s swimming. I can tell that he’s going after something. Plus he’s growling under his breath as if an enemy is nearby – quiet, but cute as all get out.

  161. All those Messicans work in the kitchen/my work. I’m telling you.

  162. My daughter has a friend from school, who she teases is “messican”. I guess he sorta is- but his name is Tyler and he doesn’t speak spanish. He’s sorta whiter than Oso.

  163. Still would hit it.

    I think the correct H2 lingo is “smash”.

  164. Graduation dinner. I’ve had a couple glasses of wine. My Indian classmate is cute. I’d do her.

    Dot or feather?
    Nevermind – it doesn’t matter. Thank I’d hit it too.

  165. IT, not casino.

  166. I have a funny from work. This one chick – she’s made some DOOZIE proclamations regarding sex. Anyway, this new guy she’s seeing … she says he’s 6 feet tall, but has the smallest penis she’s ever seen.

    She said ‘I’ve had two kids … I don’t know if this is going to work”.

    BTW- this gal is SMOKING hot. Her first kid died in a tragic accident while it was under the car of her the dad’s parents.

    She showed us the diameter … and I just don’t see how that would ever work out. He’s apparently a really nice guy, and good father to his kid.

    I honestly didn’t they they naturally occurred that small.

  167. think they …

  168. car – care.

    Ok, I’m not editing anymore. You guys can figure that shit out.

  169. Don’t care. It’s all Oso to me at this point.

  170. Some men are cruelly underendowed. I am thankful to merely be short statured.

    Faster Wed and today. Not sure how long I’m going to keep today’s going. Cooking while watching Possum is still tricky, so it might go until dinnertime.

  171. Metal baby, my metal baby
    Made me take her to the heavy metal show
    Metal baby, my metal baby
    Drank the perfume when I didn’t want to go
    I’m not the sort of person she’ll admit she knows…
    She’s not the sort of person as driven derp as snow…

  172. finished the last 7 yards of concrete –
    it started pouring a few minutes after the truck left.
    i wonder what it’s gonna look like in the daylight

    oh well – time to plant some grass and get a lawn back

  173. Upanatem east coasters. Hubba Hubba were burning daylight.

  174. I assume we’ll be roasting fish sticks over an open fire one night?

  175. Up since mom left at 5am. Way too much screen time already. We’ll have to spend all day outside to compensate.

  176. Your mom slept over? I hope everybody is okay.

    Dark rainy morning here. Positively refreshing. We haven’t had a real rainy day in a while. Lovely. Everything is getting a good soak and rinse.

  177. Car in, I looked at Lapeer’s wikipedia page and saw where, re the 2010 census, y’all had 3.9% hispanics. I’ve never in my life lived anywhere that was under 50%. You live in a different America than most of us.

    Ha ha ha. I had the same observation when we were in Colorado. So many blondies at the hiking/ mountain areas. I stuck out like a sore thumb.

    But I think Carin lives in a similar America to most Americans. Maybe not to most of us here, since we are mostly city people and Southwesterners.

    We saw one black family on a trail and I got so excited I wanted to go up and ask them where they were from (I didn’t).

    When I was in line for one of the wretched pit bathrooms at a mountainside ranger hut, a lady in line behind me asked me if I was an American. While we chatted at each other about where we were from, another lady in the line next to me just listened to us and stared coldly at me the whole fucking time. Every time I glanced over there, her bitchy face.

    Don’t worry lady, Italians aren’t going to invade your mountains. No place to put a ristorante.

  178. Actually, that’s cruel. I can’t read minds. She could just have been listening because she was bored, and has RBF.

    I guess I just assumed that she was hostile because nobody has ever asked me if I was an American before and I was still a little taken aback.

    I apologize, other lady in line.



    *furious cowbell solo*

  181. New poat.

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