Imagine yourself here: Lapeerpalooza TOWMJGM

Right here: IMG_4036

Or, if you’re not the social type, here, off by yourself:



Pay no attention to the fact that the deck currently has no rails. That has NOTHING to do with the plans for MJ’s “disappearance”. We’re ordering the wire this week, and hopefully that will be rectified.

Perhaps you’d want to zip around the lake on one of our jet skis!!!  For the low, low price of a glass of wine paid to me, this can happen.



My crack mechanic (#2 son Matt)  is at work getting them in top condition as I write:




We have TOP NOTCH accommodations here at Chez Car in and this can be had at a very reasonable rate *IMG_4039*again a nice hearty glass of wine, and whoever needs it/asks first


I got a bunch of these cool light things for the deck, but I haven’t figured out how exactly I’m going to put them up:



I may try something new while I have guests, and as soon as I figure what this guy is saying I’ll try to whip some of this up. I don’t know how many more times I’m going to have to watch it …

There’s sure to be some awesome music on the deck too as I give everyone a very complete presentation of what’s currently rotating on my playlist.

And don’t forget the real reason for coming to Lapeerpalooza …


He’s dirty.

He’s smelly.

But he’s 155 pounds of pure love. Let’s all have a nice round of applause for MOOOOOOSE.



(not actual size – this is from last year)


Well, i don’t know what the heck else I can do to convince everyone?

Maybe this –  one last picture of moose:


Version 2




  1. I’m sitting in my driveway with a sleeping baby in the back seat of my station wagon while I read about turning wet, clay soil into pasture.

  2. How’s everyone else’s weekend going?

    MJ, this is you in two years, minus the specific reading.

  3. I’m trying to write a paper on interest on reserves, but it’s going slowly. About to switch to a write up on cap-and-trade policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions which I have to send out to my classmates tonight.

    Then I’m going to get cleaned up and hit the road by 7:30 at the latest.

  4. Mmmm, chia pudding.

  5. My weekend so far – last load of laundry going, Costco trip (ordered new glasses for Rocketboy), prepping for my trip to Houston, discussing The Screwtape Letters with Mini-me (summer reading), and a two-hour nap. Mass this evening, followed by my personal Downton Abbey marathon while everyone else plays D&D.

  6. I never sat in the driveway with a sleeping baby, but then both of mine were on pretty good schedules once we got past the first three months. Rocketboy was particularly difficult as a newborn, nursing every 2.5 hours.

  7. I’ll take the chia pudding without the pubes, thanks.

  8. Roamy, I lack the magic sleep organs (bewbs). I tried laying down with her for hours but she just couldn’t conk out. We drove for about 15 minutes and she was asleep within 8. She was exhausted but just can’t let go unless she’s in the car or nursing.

  9. I cleaned earlier, then did a little shopping. Helped matt with some things. Just got back from the farmer stand.

  10. Carin, it looks beautiful! And even though it’s in Michigan I know you all will have a blast.

    Great pics, really enjoyed them.

  11. I never saw where he got pubes in the chia.

    I’ll have to watch it again.

  12. That boy up there – I could get him to nap with one magic trick. Turn on the song “Drive you Mild”, hold him close, and dance /rock him. Worked every time. i have no idea why.

    It got to the point when the song would come on he’d start crying because he knew what was up. Still always worked.

  13. Carin is your college daughter home for the summer?

  14. Yep.

  15. It got to the point when the song would come on he’d start crying because he knew what was up. Still always worked.

    It was kind of awkward the last time because he was seventeen, but you do what you gotta do…

  16. don’t you dare judge me.

  17. I used to be able to get her to sleep by putting her in the ergobaby (baby carrier on chest) but she fought that today too.

  18. Have you tried making her do burpees? How about thrusters? Double-unders?

  19. Pretty sure he said his secret pudding ingredient was ‘mis pelotas peludas.’ You missed it. Watch again. There’s also a very brief inset of him stirring the pudding with his nuts.

  20. I’ll watch it again. I want to see what the secret sauce is.

  21. [I’ll admit, I just cracked myself up]

  22. Essence of mangerines.

  23. Makes me wonder about this stuff.

  24. Was supposed to go to dinner tonight but got kind of jerked around. So we’re not going. Miscommunication with a friend, but I’m having hard feelings. Not the first time.

  25. Laura, it’s amazing how many people can’t seem to get their lives in enough order to meet for lunch or dinner.

  26. Well, the place is an hour away, and this morning I asked her what time to be there. She said she would let me know. Waiting, waiting…finally a little while ago I contact her. She’s already there. Never told me when to start driving.

    Whatever. We’re already hungry and not willing to drive an hour now. Fuckit.

  27. Yeah, that’s just self-absorbed of her.

  28. I shouldn’t be pissed or judgemental, she’s going through a pretty fucked up time and living in weird circumstances. And Scott and I have apparently become old folks who don’t want to be out at all hours of the night. Culture clash.

  29. Culture clash. We have that in our house. Sorta. Mr. B’s bedtime is 8pm. I usually go to bed around midnightish.

  30. We don’t do ‘out’ after 7.

  31. Wish we could make it, car in – maybe in a couple of years after Mr. TiFW retires….

  32. I’m totally relaxed after a week off. Did not visit the hospital or log on my remote access for work stuff all week. (I’ll do that tomorrow when I make a trash run to the dump in town and swing by the house or I’ll be buried when I get to work Monday). I think I’ve been in my truck only a few times the whole week. Gonna be rough to go back when I finally do.

  33. I didn’t see a date for Lapeerpalooza. If it is August, I am out. Visiting India. If it is Sept or later, count me in.

  34. 😦 Tushar. It’s the last weekend in August – because MJ is a demanding drama queen has a baby due in September.

  35. Am I the only one who gets the feeling that this whole Lapeerpalooza thing is actually a setup for some kind of Crossfit Timeshare sales presentation?

  36. Oh no! Well, next time…

  37. Oschi pic?

  38. It’s a great investment, Sean. And if you put 5% down today, I’ve been authorized to wave your maintenance fees for a year.

  39. We don’t need to see that.

  40. Heaven knows it’s tempting, C arin, but I don’t know if I’m at a place in my life where I want to spend my limited vacation time rolling a bunch of giant tires around a lake.

  41. Lemme look for a good Oschi pic

  42. It’s not just tires, Sean. Oh no , we’re much more than that. Imagine waking up next to two newfies, before striking out on a 7 mile run. After that? The garden awaits. There is not just weeding , bud endlessly moving plants around to different locations, never satisfied with their placement. All the while dodging poison ivy.

    After that? Kid runs.

  43. rolling a bunch of giant tires around a lake.

    Flipping. You’d be flipping giant tires around a lake. Rolling tires is cheating.

  44. How many of y’all are taking your pooches to Laperrpalooza to commiserate with Moose?
    I bet that would be fun to watch…

  45. Don’t forget that each of you will have to work a fake double.

    Try not to get pregnant.

  46. Moose and Oschi are both super friendly and social.

  47. Welp. If Bubba were still alive, that would be his job. He certainly made an impression on Oskar and Zelda and Carin’s cat, those few years past.

    But my Bubba has passed away, so the task of shitting all over Carin’s deck and stairs falls to me.

  48. Oschi is really cute, but since she’s all black it’s hard to get a good picture of her. Plus she’s always moving. I have a good video of her chasing the watering hose .

  49. The lights look cool. Erin started putts by them up.

  50. Is Oschi an Akita by any chance?
    I keep seeing the name, and all I can think of is Hachi (Hachiko).

  51. Newfie like Moose.

  52. Our next vacay is KC in October. Steeler games.

  53. Don’t forget that each of you will have to work a fake double.

    Try not to get pregnant.

    Man, it would be weird for me on so many levels, getting knocked up by Sean’s Penis.

  54. Very meta.

    12 eggs today. I may have too many chickens. Or not enough pigs.

  55. Man, it would be weird for me on so many levels, getting knocked up by Sean’s Penis.

    “It’s the sweeeeet one”

    *thanks, oso. Remember – I’m new here. And kinda dumb, so still putting 2+2 together.

  56. Sean’s Penis is indiscriminate, but it is also gentle and loving.

    Try to make yourself pretty.

  57. Chi, did you watch the Hachi movies?

  58. Dan says he’s rewatching The Shallows for Blake Lively in a bikini. He just watched Jaws. No bikinis. I think he’s fueling my nightmares.

  59. There is more than one, oso?
    I saw the Richard Gere one – great story, loved the movie). Makes me want to find the book.

    (I just returned A Dog’s Purpose to Redbox today. I accidentally kept it an extra day, so I watched it twice. I think my tear ducts are flushed out now!)

  60. Japanese movie the Gere one is based on. I’ve never watched. If I cry during the trailer, I don’t watch the movie. Glad your tear ducts are cleared😜👊🏻

  61. If you’d prefer to do that with physical pain rather than emotional, I still have some home-canned trinidad reaper salsa that I made last autumn.

  62. I have been reading the series “Dave And The Monsters” by John Birmingham. Very good trilogy if you like monster stuff…err urban fiction.

    He is quite humorous and uses the phrase “Bat-shit cray cray”
    made me laugh and think he is Hostage material

  63. Howdy V-man.

  64. Hola Oso
    I found a totally awesome house today that meets 98% of what I need that I can afford and is a block away from where I live now, so totally within my commute range. Looks like I might be putting down roots in Houston

  65. heh! I forgot the Dave from “Dave And The Monsters” Is a “rig monkey” who works on oil rigs in the gulf and lives in Houston

  66. Yard for doggehs?

  67. Do you find yourself being critical of Houston depictions?

  68. Corner Lot red brick 2 story 3/2.5 with a yuge!!! 2 car garage “game room” at the top of the stairs.

    I like red brick and 2 story homes. Except the stairs are small and steep I can fix that but Zeke needs a bigger place to run a 2000 SF house on a 1800 sf lot leaves a lot of tennis ball space wanting for the Zeakster.

  69. No I loves Houston. Except the taxes are out of control, damn Democrats! However the depictions in the book of H town are mostly colored by idiot bureaucrat corporate lawyer types.

  70. Good luck on the house! As long as it is Zekester approved😜

  71. Thanks Osito

  72. I just got tagged in a Rick Ross video on facedouche. Thought of you 😜😂👊🏻

  73. heh, my famous namesake
    messes up my credit rating like a mofo, do you know how much fraud i need to clean up? Boatloads a shit ton,kilo tons o crap raining down on me cause o that name
    try to get a loan with that

  74. Oops…

  75. Would you derp with me tonight
    Won’t you make these feelings last
    Can we start this all again
    Would that be just to much to ask

  76. Sometimes, on youtube, the ad is better than the actual video you want to watch.

  77. Nice pillows

  78. Clothes for baby MJ

  79. wakey wakey

  80. Buongiorno.

  81. Hourly comment day.

  82. Everybody is playing hard to get. Plus, it’s gorgeous outside.

    *runs out to play in the dirt*

    I shouldn’t. I keep re-injuring my shoulder. But things need to get done.

  83. Tushar, Mr. TiFW says, “Thanks!”

  84. It’s a beautiful day at the lake. Warm enough for t-shirt and shorts and not humid. The Bangor State Fair is wrapping up this weekend which is a signal to every parent to begin back to school shopping and asking for sports physicals to be completed yesterday.

  85. Paula didn’t work much this week on purpose so there’s no update on the Carnie Count that the ER keeps. It’s “unofficial” now since they got in trouble by management for labeling it as such. Now there’s just a series of Roman numerals on a dry erase board

  86. Cooking brats for breakfast, then out to cut things down and trim them back.

  87. Got a bunch of tomatoes rotting on the vine, need to pick those all off and get the potatoes into a box in the barn so I can water tonight.

  88. I just spread six bags of pea gravel. I need six more, so I guess I’m making a home depot run.

    /Lord, grant me the strength to NOT buy any more flowers. Amen

  89. We should move Lapeerpalooza to Leon’s house, and not tell MJ.

  90. One of my eggplants and yellow pear Tomatoes have gotten so top heavy, they keep blowing over their containers in even slight winds.

    Good problem to have, I guess- they’re tall and healthy still. Producing fruit.

  91. He would for-sure go missing, then.

  92. Probably lost in the phragmites.

  93. The new charges Martinez is facing include first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery (two counts), second-degree assault, first-degree sex abuse, first-degree sodomy and first-degree burglary.
    Police said Martinez broke into the 65-year-old woman’s home in the 1700 block of Northeast Irving Street Monday morning and physically and sexually assaulted a woman before stealing her 2011 silver Toyota Prius.

    Anyone notice any irony here?

  94. I did the 23andMe DNA analysis, and one option is where you can find relatives who have so many matching DNA segments. I recognized one of the names, so I delurked to him. His mom and my grandfather were first cousins, so the DNA “you may be second cousins” is close enough. Best part is he shared pics of my grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfather (Civil War vet) that I had never seen before. I had never seen a photo of my grandfather when he had hair. I have one picture of him when he was young, but he was wearing a hat. Everything else was taken after WW2, and he was cue-ball bald by then.

  95. I haven’t done that part, Roamy. Too paranoid.

  96. interesting to any. I’m tempted to do that too, but it’s all Dutch a nd danish in the tree, from what I found.

  97. heh, to any = roamy


  99. A few days ago my cousin took us on a googlemaps streetview tour of our family’s former original home in Italy. The house in Italy was at least 170+ years old that we know of. That’s when our family ancestors moved from the North to Southern Italy. Mom sold the property in the late 1990s. It was a spartan abode; not much more than a concrete box with a hole in the wall for cooking with a wood fire.

    It’s not there anymore. Standing in its place on the corner lot is a cured meats place. An actual salami shop. We laughed.

  100. I’ve done the google maps tour of my dad’s childhood house in Ireland before. We stayed there in 1977 when my grandmother was alive. Three room cottage with a thatch roof. My uncle had built an addition for a bathroom a few years before that. When I returned to visit in 91 my cousin had used the place as a party spot after my grandmother died. It was now filled with empty beer kegs and the peat fireplace had burned too high as evidenced by the soot on the wall above it. The house has now been rebuilt.


  102. Today, on Literal Theatre: The Recipe

  103. Musical interlude:

  104. Ok, more gardening.

  105. I just killed about forty cucumber beetles in no time at all. Usually they’re hard to catch but I found a neat trick. Yesterday’s wilted squash blossoms? Almost every one of them has a cuke beetle in it; some of them have one or more mating pairs.

    Just pick the old flower, rip the wilted part off, overturn the blossom base above a jar of hot soapy water, and shake/tap the blossom. They fall into the soap and die.

    Alternatively, you could just rip off all the old flowers and stomp them, now that I think about it. Naturally I make shit harder than it has to be.

    This works when you see them in today’s open flowers too, but those are full of bees too so it’s not so easy. Plus you want today’s pollination to happen.

    So frickin’ easy. Wish I knew this yesterday.

  106. Comment by Car in on July 30, 2017 3:35 pm
    Show me on the doll where your mommy hurt you, “boys”:

    Those children will be completely messed up.

  107. I could do a DNA test and it wouldn’t cause a scandal. As an adoptee, it would be more suspect if I -did- resemble my family’s genetics…

  108. I just murdered two climbing vines which refused to climb. i gave them years.

    I was more than generous.

    Not boyfriend is at my house yet again. I wonder what it will be like once they start dating?

  109. SiL thinks she can get 200k for house. Dan just told her she can Zillow her way to 200K. Bitch can’t even check the mail.

  110. I have a vine that I planted years ago…Wisteria…maybe? It was at the edge of my then back deck at home. The deck was cut down in size and it grows in the middle of the lawn. Every year I say I’m gonna move it closer to the existing deck. It’s been 10 years now.

  111. Not boyfriend is at my house yet again. I wonder what it will be like once they start dating?

    He’ll never be around and she’ll be a paranoid wreck?

  112. And…SIL just told Dan to do what he thought best. More important to get money in MiLs accounts. I can’t wait to shake her off.

  113. My rayciss comment of the day. Baseball. HOF. Dad’s are there. DR, PR, AA, whatever!!!! Dad’s were there. Playing catch. Pepper. Having a throw. Dad. Son. ⚾️

  114. Goes all Field of Dreams on the H2. Makes Wiserbud cry

  115. My Oso-to-English phrasebook is a piece of shit.

  116. My rayciss comment of the day. Baseball. HOF. Dad’s are there. DR, PR, AA, whatever!!!! Dad’s were there. Playing catch. Pepper. Having a throw. Dad. Son. ⚾️

    Translation, please?

  117. I can’t get over Bud Selig being in the HoF. That ain’t right.

  118. Roamy, I know!!!! Even his lifelong friendship with Hank Aaron and bringing baseball back to Milwaukee didn’t thaw me. Oso rayciss translate: Watch the NFL HOF ceremony. Lots of moms and grams. Baseball has dad’s.

  119. Baggy talked about being an undersized kid in CT. Red Sox fan. His dad would get home from work and play catch. Pepper. Have some throws. Blah blah blah Spark Plug. I H8D the Killer Bees. 🇺🇸⚾️

  120. Pepper?

  121. Hot box? Two throwers and a runner.

  122. Pepper was usually having a toss without a runner. Hot box was having a runner between the two throwers.

  123. Baseball. Fabric that ties America together. Hot dogs. Chevrolet. Dinah Shore

  124. Pepper was usually having a toss without a runner.

    We used to call that “between girlfriends”.

    Hot box was having a runner between the two throwers.

    Oh, so a “devil’s threesome”.

  125. Baseball. Fabric that ties America together. Hot dogs. Chevrolet. Dinah Shore

    Trump 2020.

  126. Pallet fire.

  127. I have a Joe Carter mitt. Not a euphemism.

  128. That should be a euphamism.

    “Son, before you take Ella may to the dance, I want you to remember to take a Joe Carter mitt, just in case…”

  129. Wear a “Joe Carter mitt.” She might have a “Hot Box,” and you could end up with a dose of “pallet fire.”

  130. The hot box may be full of pepper

  131. Okay. they burned out. Have to rake through for nails in a few days.

  132. Silly

  133. Book three of my day off. Candace Camp. Crap. I read a lot of crap. I need another trip to buy a Sophie Jordan. Sam’s Club sucks. Stepping back from books I read. I need a Robert Crais and two Michael Connelly’s

  134. Dan is being needy Dan. Good night. Sayonara

  135. Smother Dan with kisses. Tell him they’re from all of us. Watch him squirm.

  136. Ewww.

    I am working a lot more than I probably ought to today.

  137. I worked for about 2 hours and slacked for the rest.

  138. Really, really annoyed by the Gardasil vaccine ad with the woman saying, “Mom, didn’t you know you could have prevented my cancer?” Take a fucking sledgehammer and beat me over the head while you’re at it.

  139. “Honey, did you know that you could have prevented your own cancer?”

  140. Mare!

  141. I had a girlfriend who exposed me to HPV unwittingly. Being exposed to it is on me, but it forced me to do a lot of reading. The number of people carrying one of the hundred or so strains is staggeringly high, like 50-80%, and the rate of at which people with any strain who don’t smoke or do a lot of drugs get cervical or penile cancer is staggeringly small. If you eat healthy and don’t smoke or get high, you’ll fight off the infection entirely in 12-24 months.

  142. I’m sorry you got aids.

  143. Penile what, now?

  144. “Mom, didn’t you know you could have prevented my cancer?”

    Yes. And you’ll notice that your sister didn’t get it. She did her chores.

  145. Tesla didn’t appeal much to me, but I would consider this one if I can afford it.

  146. I’m fine, Scott, thanks though.

  147. MJ!

  148. Oh man, I want one.

  149. Bleh, I’m stuck trying to write this paper with limited success. I’d go browse the ONT, but it’s a sewer tonight. I’ll probably grab Taco Bell in another half hour and then come home and watch GoT instead.

  150. I’m gonna watch your mom take a shower.

  151. I gave your mom a golden shower.

  152. Finally got chance to watch Hacksaw Ridge.

    Wow. Just…wow.

  153. Delete every rejected proposal.

  154. Insomnia wouldn’t be that big of a deal if you didn’t have a bunch of shit you had to get done the next day.

  155. First day back to work today. Up at 0330 with no sleep after.

  156. Slept from 11:30 til 2:00. I’ll be sluggish bastard all day.

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