Sleep-in Saturday

I’m getting old when 7 AM is sleeping in. Luxurious.
Let’s see what’s in the funneh folder for today.

Not our queen, either.

Mr. RFH playing D&D

And that oughta do it. Y’all have a good day.


  1. Lemon Demon Melons

  2. congrats lauraw!!!

  3. Mooch was on some award program, and I thought, man, I don’t miss her one bit. *click*

  4. Yea, congrats Lauraw!!! I’m sure you be nothing like nurse ratchet.

    / looks nervous

  5. Mrs C is in Southfield today at her Realtor class, she drove on Lahser Road to get there. MDOT had one of the big lightbulb signs that said


    on part of it. Fucking morons. You’re on that fucking street. Read a sign!

  6. That little lemon standing there cracked me up pretty good. Something so cute and funny about him.

    I want one. I wonder what his voice would sound like.

    *thinks about having a little lemon buddy*

    High and squeaky, I bet.

  7. He wouldn’t be allowed to watch me make gin & tonics.

  8. Would a sour dyslexic dog be lemon collie?

  9. Whose turn is it to feed Cavil into a woodchipper?

  10. Aww. It’s nice to be wanted. Even if it is dead or alive.

  11. Come on guys, step up. It’s getting worse.

  12. I just cleaned this woodchipper!



  15. We’ll just run a case of lemons through it when we’re done, she’ll clean right up and smell nice, too.

    *looks at horrified lemon buddy*

    Oh man, I didn’t know you were standing there. I mean…let me explain…

    *lemon buddy runs away screaming*

    Well, shit.

    Pupster, this is all your fault.

  16. *slides bottle of limoncello behind the gin

    Nothing to see here!

  17. What happens in someone’s life that they choose to be whipped and denigrated to enjoy sex? Don’t get it.

    Mommy issues? What?

  18. MJ be honest. I know you know.

  19. No way.

    I’m all love and no pain.

    You can be honest about your latex horsehead fetish, though. We’re friends. I won’t judge.

  20. I’m with you all pleasure, no pain (or degradation, hence, the horse head stays in the closet).

  21. The evo psych conjecture that I’ve read is that either they were abused as children or never disciplined at all. In the former case they were conditioned, in the latter they were neglected. In both cases, there is usually a huge chemical rush from the pain, and those are easy to get addicted to. That’s the root of most behavioral addictions. It’s not the act itself, it’s the cocktail of endorphins and neurotransmitters that they’re addicted to.

  22. Psychological pain isn’t chemically different from physical pain, either, thus the denigration.

  23. The trick to beating something like that, though, is going on basically a starvation diet for dopamine, which is really, really hard to do*.

    *ask me how I know

  24. Well, I knew one lady who divorced her husband of many years because he started introducing other people into his bondage fixation, which had been going on behind closed doors for decades.

    ‘Regular’ sex did nothing for him. He could not achieve satisfaction without struggling against restraints. Only that would get him off. She said that when he was a young teen, to discipline him, his mom used to tie him to a chair…and apparently if you abuse a kid like this around puberty, when they’re coming to sexual maturity, it can create this kind of a tendency.

    I felt sorry for both of them.

  25. How do you know?

  26. *slides gimp mask behind bottle of limoncello

  27. *ask me how I know


  28. Spirit Animal Repost:

  29. Ha! You turds crack me up.

    Excellent answer, Leon. Makes sense that’s why I said, “mommy issues.”





  31. Mare, went to HS class reunion last night. Visited w Brock. He said y’all are good people. Which is kinda what I figured.

  32. I guess it’s a good thing my mom quit the flyswatter thing when I was about 11 or 12. It was as t really getting my attention by then anyway.

  33. Still fighting my own issues. It’s been years now and I can’t manage 90 straight days. It’s pathetic.

  34. Leon’s correct that it’s an endorphin deal. Being submissive and getting hit, whipped, etc, can lead to an altered mental state similar to a trance. I think for a lot of women it’s up there with rape fantasies as an excuse to cut loose without feeling ashamed because they like sex. Meh, a little spanking or tying up in the bedroom as foreplay is harmless.

    What annoys me are the dipshits who feel the need to share with the world about how they’re bisexual polyamorous kink-friendly whateverthefuck. They’re narcissists looking for something, anything, that will shock the normals. They’re also usually fat and ugly geeks.

  35. Thanks, PD!

  36. Took the doggies to the dog park this morning, what have you guys been up to?

    ‘Regular’ sex did nothing for him. He could not achieve satisfaction without struggling against restraints. Only that would get him off.


  37. Father of the year

  38. People can be broken.

    People can be repaired.

    I don’t think you can ever get them as good as new again.


  40. Anyone know what these parsley loving caterpillars are?

    If they’re beneficial, they can live (but I’m trying to get seed from on this plant!), otherwise they go into the burn barrel.

  41. Tiger swallowtail. Kill with haste.

  42. Thank you, Miss Laura.
    Do you suggest napalm, or will a 12ga work?
    I found three of those things on one scraggly plant this morning…

  43. I used to play with caterpillars when I was a kid, but now they gross me out.

  44. It’s that popping sound/feeling they make when you step on them. Eccch.

  45. Step on them?
    Never worked on a tobacco farm, I guess…

  46. And, I killed another one.
    I’m getting good at this!

  47. Amazing stats

  48. Goat video from Ace’s site. I raffed.


  50. Watching Ozark. I’m not sure if I like it or not.

  51. Wiser shamed me on the Book of Face for not stopping by more often. So….hi.

    Congrats Laura!

    (Why did I just congratulate Laura?)

  52. She passed her licensing exam. She”s a nurse now.

  53. Congrats big time, Laura. You’ve worked so hard.

  54. Thanks!


    What field do you want to work in? My sis started on a general Peds floor at a local hospital before moving over to the NICU.

  56. I’ve been applying to everything, just to get a foot in the door. Ideally, I want to do a year or two in ICU and go for my Nurse Anesthetist license. We’ll see, anything can happen. Lots of people have an idea but end up changing their mind and going in another direction.

  57. Have fun, Laura

  58. Y’all let Cochran in here? Geez – I might have to rethink this place.
    If he breaks out the Fireball, I’m definitely out!

  59. Does this look infected?

  60. I hope Scott takes you out for Champagne.

  61. So great, Laura!

  62. *punches Chi in the ovaries* I’ll have you know I’m pretending to be a civilized human being and am drinking wine right now. Out of a Gander Mtn cup. I have limits.

  63. Dunkirk bitches

  64. I hope Scott takes you out for Champagne.

  65. Dunkirk is for fags.

  66. Sham pag knee… Sounds French.

  67. Champagne is a scam.


  68. No HS, but its a good idea. I can buy myself a nice prosecco tomorrow.

  69. Ah, Cochrane’s aaight so long as the carrot chili doesn’t turn up.

  70. Real pain for my sham friends.

  71. PJ O’Rourke invented a drink he called the Champagne Urbana. It’s just a University of Illinois sweatshirt that’s been soaked with Champagne that you wring out into your mouth.


  73. Congratulations LAURAW!!!!

  74. BCoch you and Wisermeany are funny. Wiser daughter, too.


  76. I don’t recommend the stuff, one of the products has had serious QA issues, and by serious I mean “large numbers of folks getting sick”…

  77. At least it wasn’t Soylent “Green”

  78. FUCK YOU, CAVIL!!!


    Hey Sean, relevant to your interests…..

  79. B’Cock linked this, which is hilarious:

  80. JINX!!!!

  81. IIRC that Soylent stuff is marketed for gamers and computer nerds to sustain life without all the bother of, you know, shopping and prepping real food.

  82. I just found out a few moments ago they’re making a film version of Ready Player One.

    I … want to be put into a coma until it comes out. I mean, no I don’t because I’d miss life and bullshit, but I sorta do.

  83. Jimbro, if that’s true, it sounds like they better have a gaming system set up in the bathroom.

  84. shouldn’t you be working a fake double?

  85. they sell diapers too.

  86. /buys some soylent

  87. J’ames … I’m semi-retired. My MIL even got me a cake last week. I work Monday’s and friday’s now.

    I’m here/home to stay on my kid’s assed about their Not-Boyfriends and Summerschool.

    Not-boyfriend appeared here a 2 and left at 5 to go to work. He’ll be back a bit after 10 when he gets off (Whore Moufs … shut).

    NOT Her boyfriend. duh

    Yes, he called her 12 times yesterday, but that is perfectly normal among friends.

  88. This wont end well.

  89. /calls scott 12 times

  90. Notaboyfriend is gonna be pissed when he realizes that she’s stringing him along.

  91. So… I kinda want this Santa Barbara job, and I kinda want them to not select me so I can keep going to school, work part time, and find something outside of California.


  92. /facetimes CoAlex

  93. CoAlex, I don’t KNOW she’s stringing him along. She may just be waiting for him to make an overt move. Subtle isn’t gong to work, and she’s not going to throw herself at him.

    She is my daughter, after all.

  94. I should probably put on pants and a shirt for Car in.

  95. No. Don’t worry about it. I’m good.

  96. Just don’t facetime me.

  97. Does she play softball?

  98. You and Pay may need to have conversations with her and him, respectively. Tell her that he’s obviously interested and if she is as well, to be less subtle herself. Tell him that if he’s interested he needs to man up, ask her out on a proper date, and let the chips fall where they may.

  99. So one of my friends from college wrote a neat poat and tagged fellow alumni. Mr. RFH was scrolling through all the comments and saw a last name that was familiar, clicked to see if that was the wife of an alumni. Umm, no. Fred is now Amy. (and not any prettier, dayum.)

  100. She does not Scott (puts scott on alternate list of those who may go missing at Lapeerpalooza2).

    To be blunt, she’s never been kissed. She’s had a lot of guys chase her, but never felt it was right.

    I’m pretty sure she’s attracted to guys, because she certainly does a LOT of primping before notboyfriend gets here.

  101. And I’ve had similar convos with her, but more along the lines that it’s mean.

    I think she MAY be just nervous to tell me anything (that she likes him) if it doesn’t work out. My son blew my mind last night when he told me that she’s keeping it all mum because of her ego.

    May be.

  102. Brian is now Kitty. Lots of psychotropic drugs. Cute guy in 8th grade. Attractive lesbian now. Full time caregiver to her mom. Still dealing with depression.

  103. She tells those boys to jump, though, and they say how high?

    She had them put the chickens away tonight.

  104. Brian is now Kitty. Lots of psychotropic drugs. Cute guy in 8th grade. Attractive lesbian now. Full time caregiver to her mom. Still dealing with depression.

    Brian isn’t an attractive lesbian, Brian is a straight dude with mental issues.

  105. “Friends” held a b-day barbeque and I wasn’t invited. Fuck this, hopefully I can someone from the Portland job to return my phone call on Monday.

  106. Fuck them alex.

  107. CoAlEx, I try not to think about the pain that results in self-mutilating behavior. Sorry that your friends are dicks

  108. Lots of psychotropic drugs.

    I remember him being on lithium. There was one incident at a Christmas party where he spilled a drink on someone’s boyfriend, looked down, and said, “Huh, no one important”. She and the boyfriend were ready to kick his ass, and he used the lithium as an excuse for being an asshole.

    And I’m calling him a he.

  109. What pisses me off is that I’ve been hearing for damn near eight months, “we’re not mad, we’re still friends.” “Oh, I’ve been too busy to meet up for lunch.” blah blah blah. Be fucking honest and say that I fucked up and that we’re no longer friends. Sorry for the drama and ranting. I’ve spent the past eight months buried in school work with almost no human contact and between that and the stress of not having a job to pay the bills come September I’m going a little crazy.

  110. (((squishy hugs Alex)))

    Sorry they aren’t treating you right.

  111. Hugs Alex!

  112. Your “friends” sound like a bunch of passive-aggressive dicks, Colex. I get that it’s tough to be alone, but they don’t really sound like the kind of people I’d really want to hang out with anyway.

  113. Oh sweet merciful Cthulhu. THE Tom Hill chimed in on Wiser’s facedouche posts. I swear to you, and Oso can back me up, this is one of his comments:

    Steve, Salt is Salty & so are u @ WATR 1320 AM. M to F 10 a to 1 PM. Your friends & nosy folks should tune in AND call in &
    203-757-1320. You are a great Talk Host with ugly legs

  114. Oh geez, I just realized Fred’s allowed in the ladies’ room now.

  115. Wiser does not have ugly legs, and I think my opinion counts more than Tom’s.

    **wolf whistles**

  116. Heh, sounds like some of my “friends” too. Sorry to hear that.

    I’m glad I have you fake internet friends.

  117. Here you can’t ignore me, and turn me off. SO THERE!

  118. Tom Hill is his own best friend. He probably advertises in his own bathroom.

  119. But which bathroom does he use?

  120. I hope Dave calls Car in at Lapeerpalooza. That was awesome.

  121. I posit that Bcoch’s name is now “Carrots”. WTF puts carrots in chili?

  122. *punts Oso*

  123. carrots celery and onion, mire poix.

  124. In other news, Michael Moore is putting out a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. Not sure Dunkirk is the right movie to put that preview in.

    Lots of algore in that preview.

  125. Oso,

    His podcast is “The Angry Ginger Power Hour” with hosts “Chili con Carrot” and “Ranty, the Eighth Dwarf”.

  126. Tom Hill shot a man in Reno just to watch his name trending.

  127. Carrots are better than tofu in chili.

  128. STFU, Frenchie! Mire poix this!!!! (Dan can kiss my grits)

  129. I H8 carrots

  130. G’night. Chunky salad followed by 1/4 cup of the best ice cream ever.

  131. 🐻❤️🍋

  132. Chunky salad followed by 1/4 cup of the best ice cream ever.

    Worst euphemism ever.

  133. Had an allergic reaction at work. Dan cut off my bourbon and ibuprofen. Sober Saturday

  134. Putting carrots in chili is why people say “White people” derisively and shake their heads.

  135. Black raspberry chocolate chunk

  136. Black raspberry chocolate chunk


  137. Oso, it was the day for allergic reactions. I was nice and did Mini-me’s laundry. Got hold of something that was either horses or dogs. No good deed goes unpunished.

  138. The Autopsy of Jane Doe is freaky.

  139. At nightime I go out and see the people
    Air goes derp and hurrying on my way
    Glanced in your eyes and fell through the skies
    Dance in your eyes and fell through the skies


  141. Dammit, can’t sleep now

  142. oy!!!

  143. Roamy:

  144. Wakey wakey.

    DId everyone see the trailer for Ready Player One?

  145. And if you haven’t read the book, please do so . Thank you very much kind people.

  146. I liked the book except for the rant about religion. I didn’t know if the author was a rabid athiest or just trying to set up the lack of hope in the dystopia.

  147. That looks pretty cool.

  148. Possum is 2 today. Guests are coming. Ice cream is churning. I must keep working to make the house presentable.

  149. I’ve had that book on the shelf for a while. I know the author is a flaming SJW, though, so I haven’t wanted to read it.

  150. Happy Birthday Possum!

  151. Happy birthday, Possum!

  152. Maybe I’m wrong. I know his name came up during the whole Sad Puppies/Rabid Puppies thing, but that could just have been an accident of timing. I’ll have to check.

  153. Thanks, I’ll let her know that my strange friends in the screen wished her well.

  154. Happy Birthday Possum.

    And the book is awesome. It is just a treat. He didn’t hit me over the head with his politics as i read it, so I’m good.

  155. Hbd little miss possum!!!!!🎂

  156. In talking to my wife yesterday I found out that the guy that was supposed to buy her cousins excavator is having trouble coming up with the money…..

  157. We had loaned cousin et al some money during a down business cycle for them – my wife doesn’t think they are going to pay it back so she gave me the go ahead to try to negotiate the excavator in payment —- holy crap it’s like Christmas in July.

  158. Happy b’day Possom?

    OK, I actually slept. A bit. Eventually.

  159. I’m heading to his house after church to “catch up” with him

  160. Thanks Cavil, Possum is my daughter’s codename.

  161. Holy carp. Hard to believe Possum is already 2.

  162. Happy Birthday Possum!

  163. Yesterday afternoon I spotted Fat Bastard pulling at & eating my squash vines that are growing out the back of the garden.

    Shit just got real

  164. We must have a family of them.

  165. I shaved my beard because it was getting too long and after a certain point it’s easier to cut it than trim it.

    My chin is soooo cold.

  166. Moose got outsmarted by a opossum the other night. That thing looked dead to me too.

    Ok, i think it’s time for a garden poat from me. Off to take pictures.

    I may photograph my secret shame to force me to fix it.

  167. Yay! Garden post!

    Whatever your secret garden shame is, squash it with a mountain of compost and hay and it will get better.

  168. In other news, I am convincing myself that the best way to foil Fat Bastard is to expand the fence of my garden in the back by about ten feet. Easy enough to move the chainlink corner section…not much has grabbed hold to climb it yet…then I can just patch fencing on the sides and a few feet of the back.

  169. We rented a house in Canada for the jerb, it had a nice back patio. A juvenile possum came strolling up to me one morning when I was sitting on the patio smoking and examining my life choices, I guess they don’t see too well and I stayed real still..but her course would have put her in direct contact with my leg so I cleared my throat when she got real close and probably gave her a little possum heart attack.

  170. Lauraw – that is the plan, but I’m trying to create a raspberry patch over there so I can’t squash it all.


  171. They play dead really well. I was imagining they just kinda lay there … nooo. Not this possum. He was really good.

    Looked like this:

  172. They really “sell” it.

  173. Ribs are smoking on the grill, internets are working OK after 5 or 6 modem/router reboots this morning so my life is pretty awesome. Also, Scott?

  174. Aren’t his 15 minutes of fame up yet?

  175. The people at my company are so dumb. There’s a team of 8 people that have been driving 8 hours on Monday and 8 hours on Friday back home, renting hotel rooms while there, for a year.

    No thought of actually renting a house and staying for the weekends to try to get the project sooner.

  176. Happy Birthday to Lil Miss Possum.

    For real possum eradication, I’ve found that my minpin is quite effective. He’s killed 5 or 6 over the years. One almost as big as he is.

  177. We used Air B&B and got a nice place, saved a bunch of money on food and beer by going to the grocery store and it was cheaper than 3 hotel rooms. Nice outdoor patio and grill, furnished house with Wifi and cable TV, walkable restaurants and bars. The only downside was you were stuck with the crew the whole time, on the job and off. We made it work but were pretty sick of each other after a couple of days.

  178. My barn cats aren’t really up to the opossum challenge, so I usually take them out with a marshmallow-baited trap and 15 minutes in the pond. I don’t like killing them that way, but it’s the lowest risk to me and the trap.

  179. Yesterday there was a birthday party at our camp. Paula’s friend has a daughter who turned 11 I think. I used the opportunity to go home home and mow the lawn, air the house out and smoke a cigar. In short, anything to avoid the crowd. When I returned to camp I walked in and the place was deserted since the guests had cleared out and Paula and the boys drove to Bangor to drop Boy #1 to work. As I walked in the living room I was greeted by a diaper on the floor and several chewed baby wipes. Star is a psycho dog. She also dragged another diaper into her crate. Fortunately they were urine filled. The shit filled one was already in the garage. Thank the Lord for small favors.

  180. No pellet gun, leon?
    Grossman makes a pump pistol in biloth .177 & .22 that is relatively cheap. And quite accurate even at distances that surprised me.
    I would think one .22 to the head would be quick and painless.

  181. That was obviously supposed to be Crosman.
    Why did autocucumber change it to a CHiPs character?

  182. I would think one .22 to the head would be quick and painless.

    You’ve gotta spout lines like a Messican drug lord if you do, however.

  183. Alex,
    I think “We don’t need no stinking badgers!” should work.

  184. I don’t want to shoot through the trap, and I don’t want to run the risk of letting them out. Drowning is clean and free.

  185. How do you keep the barn cats out of the trap?

  186. Happy Birthday to Possum. 🙂

  187. Happy Birfday to Possum. Only 12 years left to stock up on charging cables.

  188. Heh! I just got retweeted by Kurt Schlicter. That sweet sweet Twitter cash can’t be far behind.

  189. Milk of Magnesia review:

    It works.

  190. I drank the milk of amnesia. What happened afterwards is a blur.

  191. It’s too hot outside to garden.

    What’s everyone doing?

  192. I’m waiting on make believe tables in the cool basement.

    Want some hot coffee?

  193. Milk of Magnesia is in the osmotic class of laxatives. It acts by pulling water into the intestines which in turn stimulates them to increase motility. Other classes include the bulk, stimulant, softener, saline, lubricant and combined.

    Milk of Magnesia warning before drinking: “Be careful what you wish for”

  194. I have been scanning the yard every 10 minutes.
    No sign of the zucchini-eating demon.

  195. Happy birthday, sweet Possum!

  196. It’s too hot outside to garden.
    What’s everyone doing?

    Fasting, reading academic papers on interest on reserves, slacking off writing my paper for class.

  197. Ribs turned out pretty good, family prefers spare ribs, I prefer country style so I made both, I think this batch just about turned boy1 to my side of the rib debate.

    I tweaked my back during rib production and have been trying not to move for the last few hours, Mrs. Pupster went out and bought me one of these: Not sure if it is helping, but I hate heating pads so I’m giving it a shot.

  198. Car in on July 23, 2017 at 2:47 pm
    It’s too hot outside to garden.
    What’s everyone doing?

    I’m sitting in the shade, sipping on a bourbon & ginger and enjoying a nice Montechristo, while watch my buddy mow my front lawn.
    I don’t pay him money, but often make him dinner, take him to lunch or do repairs at his house. I gave him a dishwasher and replaced his old one this week, so I don’t feel guilty for just watching.

  199. I have good things about those gizmos, Pupster. I plan on getting one.

    I have been a believer in electroshock ever since the washing machine cured my tennis elbow.

  200. heard

  201. It’s a live trap, Pupster, and I bait with marshmallow. I’ve only managed to catch one cat and it wasn’t mine. He ran like the devil when I let him out.

  202. And squishing caterpillars. I found 4 of those bastards eating my parsley today?

  203. 150,000 empty seats at the Indy race today.
    NFL and MLB ratings down too.
    Harley Davidson sales are plummeting.
    Driverless cars?

    Why do you hate America?

  204. The NFL brought that upon themselves. Too much of a good thing and the belief people would pay for it all. Thursday Night Football, London, Mexico City, Pink Month, BLM bullshit, etc.

  205. the dogs are over today. Boring and hot.

    Oschi found a snake in the garden, so that was exciting for her for a while.

  206. Millenial “men” never played sports, got participation trophies when they did, and were taught that playing to win was morally wrong.

    Why would they watch other men so any of that?

  207. So=do

  208. Floor freshly waxed


  210. What has 4 legs, red hair and likes pork rinds?

    My pig, er, cow dog!

  211. I looked at 4 houses today. 1 – 5 min away from work, it was half the house for 100k more, the others were an hour away at rush hour

  212. Well that’s neat. Armored non-Apple charging cable I bought years ago doesn’t charge my IPad now, pop up message says this cable or accessory is not certified and may not work properly.

    It worked Friday.

    I just bought Ready Player One, better start reading before my battery dies.

  213. HA! Kid Rock is beating Stabinow by 4%

  214. That’s Senator Rock, Scott.

  215. Groundhog decided to snack on some zucchini.

    His buffet didn’t end well.

  216. Ted Nugent should run.

  217. Stabenow is the stupidest bitch out there.

  218. Ted’s a Texan, nowadays. Our next best celeb bet would be Tim Allen.

    He’d wipe the floor with that bitch.

  219. I’m not sure if any of you are fans of Big Star, but if you like them or just like good music documentaries, check out this movie. Saw it last night after I got home from work, and it’s excellent.

  220. While I have nothing against Kid Rock, I feared that if Trump won the American presidency would be turned into American Idol celebrity edition.

  221. Why not? Better than what we have.

    I’ll take Kid Rock over the likes of McCain & Mcconnell all day long.

  222. I agree Scott, but there are far more famous idiots that will run.

  223. Not sure how well Kid Rock would do as a Senator, but he would immediately outrank Kamala Harris in terms of brainpower. And any lefty sneering about him ought to be met with the words “Al Franken.”

  224. If it gets rid of Stabenow, it’s an improvement.

    The left did this with their boy Franken, so the line’s already crossed.

  225. The left wants me to live in a world where Christians are hounded out of business and the public square, where health care is a right, and college is “free”!

    All right, I want them to live in a world where this guy is my senator.

  226. but but but Al Franken is teh smaht!

    I’ve been informed of this.

  227. I’d get cable tv again just to watch the debate.

  228. Who’m I kidding? She’d refuse, believing the vote machine in Detroit would save her.

  229. Not sure Kid Rock would best a politician in a debate.

  230. Debbie Stabenow is a white Maxine Waters, Jay, with less charisma than the average toadstool. Winning or losing on points wouldn’t matter, he’d look young and engaged and have some witty comebacks and that’d do it.

  231. and a few F bombs.

  232. Exactly. I’d prefer Tim Allen, but he ain’t running. Yet.

    Gary Peters is up in 2020, though.

  233. 20 years ago there were 250,000 fans at this race.
    This year there are about 100,000.

  234. Entering the auditorium on a custom motorcycle flanked by strippers would also help.

  235. The lefties on youtube are already shitting up comments on all his videos. Robotically. That’s not something winners do.

  236. I can’t wait until the GOP convention features George Will sitting next to a Juggalette.

  237. Pretty sure that would be when we could write the post mortem on the GOPe.

  238. All right, I want them to live in a world where this guy is my senator.

    Hells yeah.

  239. We’ve already had a Chicago Jesus Senator – why not a Rock & Roll Jesus Senator?

  240. Tushar, what is your twitter handle?

  241. Senator Kanye West has the floor.

  242. Beasn… @TRD73

  243. James Woods is another one.

  244. If you haven’t seen Vampire$, you should. Woods killed it in that.

  245. Wait….the fuck? Why are we still in a Saturday post?

  246. Because we’re all a bunch of lazy assholes.

  247. He was great in Shark, too, as was Danielle Panabaker.

    Okay, her acting was… who cares?

  248. HOSTAGES COMMUNITY THEATER PRESENTS: “Methinks It’s Time To Adjust Those Meds”

    This starts at the very beginning of a conversation a guy I know initiated earlier today, completely out of the blue…

    Him: That is the foundation…I shout great tasting dough…You asshole…There is nothing ELISE!!!…

    [2 minutes later]

    Him: No…….Goodgame…You know you’re an asshole…right?

    Me: Huh?

    [3 hours and 52 minutes later, he responds]

    Him: A 3B accountant…

    Me: Still not sure what’s going on here.

    Him: Wait…Did you know what Donald J. Trump’s job is today?…

    Me: POTUS?

    Him: PUSSYstatePUSSY…

    Him: Oooooooo”17″”666?pussy…

    Me: Dude, you’re not making a whole lot of sense. Are you okay?

    Him: YES!

    Him: Yes

    Me: I’ll take your word for it. But I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Him: OK…


  249. Too much gluten in his dough

  250. Just talked to a mutual friend who says he can check up on the guy. He’s a nice dude, but he’s got issues.

  251. Dude either needs more meds or less meds, Sean. I mean, I’m open to some recreational shit, but I want no part of whatever he’s on.

  252. Dude either needs more meds or less meds, Sean. I mean, I’m open to some recreational shit, but I want no part of whatever he’s on.

    Damn, this from a man who drinks Fireball…

  253. Damn, this from a man who drinks Fireball…

    No more fireball. Too much sugar. Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire? Sure. Why not.

  254. He’s sober, but he has psych problems that he manages (to some degree) with medication. Sometimes, that medication needs adjusting. He also has a tendency to not get enough sleep, and when he’s fatigued, shit like this can happen as well.

  255. Jim Beam FTW when it comes to flavored Bourbons/WhiskEy. Happy Birthday, Possum🎂🎉🎁

  256. Jim Beam Devil’s Cut. FTW.

  257. Happy B’Day, Possum.
    It doesn’t seem like it can be two years.
    I guess time compresses when you get to be old…

  258. What Chrispy said.

  259. Happy birfday, Possum. Ask Daddy to read you the book about Tucker.

  260. Mare!

  261. I want the left to have to live in a world where this dude is my senator.

  262. Wrong crazy ass detroit rock star.

    My name is Seeeeeeeeenator ROCK!!!!

  263. DEVIL’S CUT!!!

  264. Nuge lives in TX now! Take him over RINO Cornyn

  265. Gary Busey ’18 — Eh, Fuck It.

  266. Busey v. Feinstein? I’d vote for brain damaged over corrupt! 😜

  267. holy moly did it rain hard here tonight….

  268. “While I have nothing against Kid Rock, I feared that if Trump won the American presidency would be turned into American Idol celebrity edition.”

    fuck it – the faster it collapses the sooner we can rebuild

  269. great, rain thru monday – flooding all ready happening

  270. Now if the cooks in the kitchen had a derp as tight yours, they wouldn’t need a fire
    Ain’t a word I could say just describe your fine looks and loving desire
    Ain’t that a lot of love for two hearts to have and hold

  271. MMM is going to be late. I’m still working on my sleep debt from Saturday night.

  272. Sleep debt is a scam.

    wakey wakey

  273. I was really tired. Up until 1 prepping for the party, then yesterday I had 6 kids here under the age of 6, only one of which was mine. My niece was an angel, but the other two girls… I held back a lot.

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