Big Borscht Friday

Russia, Russia, Russia! If I rolled my eyes like I want to, I would be able to see into my brain. It occurred to me a few days ago that my father in law insisted on joining me on a walk last November and started talking about the election. His theory was that Hillary had been harassed for 20 years and there has never been any evidence of a crime so all of the allegations must be bullshit. After I collected my jaw from the ground I muttered something like, ‘so what you’re saying is you have just eaten 10 space cakes and didn’t share any of them?’ Not true, I actually didn’t say anything because I don’t really talk about politics with anyone but my lovable internet family. But I can’t wait to use that line this Thanksgiving–he’ll tell me it doesn’t matter, Trump is actually a Russian spy, and I’ll say something like, ‘so what you’re saying is you’ve just eaten 10 sputnik cakes and didn’t share any of them?’


Little Known Fact…Stalone invented Zumba

Keeping with our Russian theme, today’s model is from a former Eastern Bloc country or possibly Mother Russia herself. I mean, just look at her. She’s like 5″11, weighs 120 pounds, has tatas bigger than Red Square, and looks like Mr Bean. Please give a warm, stern looking nod of approval to Karin Spalnikova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!11!!!!!1!!!


  • 1542 Pope Paul III begins inquisition against Protestants (Sactum Officium)
  • 1545 The first landing of French troops onto the coast of the Isle of Wight during the French invasion of the Isle of Wight occurs.
  • 1568 Battle at Jemmingen: Alva’s troops beat Dutch rebellion
  • 1579 Mechelen surrenders to Duke of Parma
  • 1588 First engagement between the English fleet and the Spanish Armada off the Eddystone Rocks
  • 1595 Alvara Mendana discovers Marquesas Island
  • 1825 Java princess Dipo Negoro/Mangkubumi declare war on all non-islamics
  • 1831 Belgium gains independence from Netherlands, Leopold I made king
  • 1836 1st Canadian RR opens, between Laprairie & St John, Quebec
  • 1846 Mormons found 1st English settlement in California (San Joaquin Valley)
  • 1861 1st major battle of Civil War ends (Bull Run), Va – South wins
  • 1904 After 13 years, the 4,607-mile Trans-Siberian railway is completed
  • 1904 Camille Jenatzy sets world auto speed record at 65.79 MPH
  • 1913 The Egyptian government announces a new constitutional system and electoral law
  • 1915 Wilson sends the third Lusitania note, warning Germany that future infringement of American rights will be deemed ‘deliberately unfriendly’
  • 1917 Russian Revolution: Socialist Alexander Kerensky becomes Russian Prime Minister
  • 1918 U-156 shells Nauset Beach, in Orleans, Massachusetts.
  • 1919 Anthony Fokker’s establishes airplane factory at Hamburg & Amsterdam
  • 1919 Dirigible crashes through bank skylight killing 13 in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1920 Irish Nationalist and Loyalists engage in street fighting over the issue of Irish independence from Britain, though Loyalist are reinforced by 1500 British Auxiliaries and 5800 British troops
  • 1921 Indians (9) & Yankees (7) hit a record 16 doubles
  • 1921 To prove his contention that air power is superior to sea power, US Colonel William Mitchell demonstrates how bombs from planes can sink a captured German battleship
  • 1923 Phillies score 12 in 6th & beat Cubs 17-4
  • 1925 John T. Scopes found guilty of teaching evolution in the “Scopes monkey trial”, Dayton, Tennessee, fined $100 & costs
  • 1930 110°F (43°C) at Millsboro, Delaware (state record)
  • 1930 US Veterans Administration forms
  • 1931 Reno race track, becomes 1st in US to use daily double wagering
  • 2008 Bosnian-Serb war criminal Radovan Karadžić is arrested in Serbia and is indicted by the UN’s ICTY tribunal.
  • 2011 NASA’s Space Shuttle program ends with the landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-135
  • 2011 44th San Diego Comic-Con International opens at San Diego Convention Center
  • 2013 15 Egyptian Army soldiers are killed after their bus crashes into a truck on the Mediterranean Coast Highway
  • 2013 12 people are killed in a clash between two Muslim families in Lanao del Sur, Philippines
  • 2013 142nd British Golf Open: Phil Mickelson shoots a 281 at Muirfield Golf Links


  1. Purrrrfection.

  2. She’s okay.

  3. A Russian concussion!

    So, what happened in the 17th and 18th centuries? Nothin?

  4. Jam’s last link makes me confused. I thought yurts were supposed to be movable. Those are just round houses.

    I would love a round house with a central stone smokestack and firepit on the ground floor, but I doubt it would meet code.

  5. Those boobs are a PIA.

    I thought the melon girl from yesterday was better. But what do I know, I’m into guys. And not the six-pack models featured earlier. I always assume they’re gay.

  6. You won’t like MJ then. He doesn’t have six packs. But he is gay.

  7. Anything over a D is just painful excess. I have no idea what my poor wife is sporting these days, they were pretty big before the milk.

  8. I don’t care if he’s gay, since I’m not looking to date him.

  9. So, what happened in the 17th and 18th centuries? Nothin?
    Eh, there was an add in that space so I just moved on.

  10. How many times do I have to tell you…

    Just because you sucked a few dicks in the Navy, it doesn’t make you gay. Right hotspur?

  11. She seems fun…bags.

  12. I did not suck that seaman’s dick.

  13. I see the boobs are here. And the girl with the big tits too.

  14. Hotspur, do you want to get drinks next week and let me pick your brain about building a house? I’m buying.

    Can’t this wait until Lapeerpalooza?

  15. We’re gonna ask a friend if we can rent his pontoon boat for the day for Lapeerpalooza. I mean, getting day-drunk on the water is way better than on land.

  16. Can’t this wait until Lapeerpalooza?

    We’ll likely revisit the topic then, but I’m closing in <30 days and I have to start figuring out how I avoid living in a tent next year.

  17. Okay, that’s not fair. The fallback position is and always has been to just lease the land for hay and hope that covers the property taxes until we can get the build done. If that means 2019 or 2020, no biggie, I can probably have the land half paid for by then.

  18. Carin, SYWM. He offered to buy.

  19. I mean, getting day-drunk on the water is way better than on land.

  20. Oh come on, HS. you can only drink once a year.

  21. getting day drunk in the air conditioning is better than both.

  22. Getting day drunk with your mom is a sublime experience

  23. I e been wondering about this myself and this article covers it pretty well

  24. I e = I’ve

  25. Is Laura bringing fresh leeches for the pond?

  26. Would storm that like Napoleon…

  27. There’s way more than I need to know in today’s history lesson. I could not care less about how many fucking doubles there were in a beisboll game. The only doubles that matter are when your mom and your aunt are feeling randy simultaneously.

  28. The volleyball girls are working out in the weight room in their spandex shorts.

  29. Unofficial test result: Passed. Wheee!

    Still unemployed.

  30. Awesome news Laura

  31. The only doubles that matter are when your mom and your aunt sister are feeling randy simultaneously.


  32. Home.

    Congratulations Laura!

    Congratulations Leon!

    Condolences Alex.

    Fuck off, Wiserbud.

    Nice bewbs, MJ.

  33. Congratulations Laura!!

  34. Congratulations, Laura!

    Now, does this look infected to you?

  35. Way to go. Humpstress.

  36. One of my references spoke with the company today, so hopefully I’ll have good news by Monday.

  37. Thanks guys.

    In other news, civil asset forfeiture is one of my bugbears. I have never signed a petition until today. But cops in so many jurisdictions have turned into bandits, it’s ridiculous. Just when states were clamping down, Sessions puts it back on the table. WTF.

    If you’re interested in getting this issue addressed, please take a moment. Thanks. Link at link.

  38. Congrats, Laura, I’m sure my mucus coaching helped.

  39. Jeebus, Leon man, that test was like, 50% mucus.

    Mainly from the crying. But still.

  40. That’s great news, lw!!

  41. Fulminating diseases, plus mucus.

  42. Congrats, Laura! Think of all the useful information you have packed into your brain.

  43. Congrats, Laura.

    Now you can legally fulfill Scott’s “naughty nurse” fantasies without getting in trouble with the ANA.

  44. Fanks, geoff.

    Poor Scott. My replacement crop of sugarsnaps just started coming up, and…there are baby bunnies everywhere. He HATES killing the cute little things.

    Next Spring, I’m putting a 1′ collar of small mesh hardware cloth around the bottom of the garden. That way the little guys won’t be any trouble. Hopefully.

  45. Now, does this look infected to you?

    Don’t make me post gross pics of my buddy’s tipless finger…
    He opted not to have it re-attached. “Too much rehab” he said.

  46. Pretty sure Scott has no ‘naughty nurse’ fantasies. He’s a germophobe and he detests hospitals. He’d be all, “Did you wash your hands?” and “Did you foam-in, before you touch that?” and “Aren’t you going to put on gloves?”

    I fully expect him to set up a decontamination chamber in the porch as soon as I get hired somewhere.

  47. Oh, thank goodness Lauraw didn’t embarrass the H2 family.

    HA! Like that’s possible.

  48. I fully expect him to set up a decontamination chamber in the porch as soon as I get hired somewhere.


    I don’t think that would be a sexy intro to a porn movie.

  49. I don’t think that would be a sexy intro to a porn movie.

    Challenge accepted!

  50. Congrats lauraw.

    Can you look at this for me?

    *points to John McCain

  51. Oh, ummm, damn…so, yeahhhh….*quickly hooks up IV full of Lestoil*

  52. There were like 4 or 5 questions about IV bags full of various housecleaners on the test. The answer was always, “Don’t.” I’m no dummy. On a computerized test.

    But in real life if a Doc was like, “blah blah…give him 1L Liquid Plumr IV STAT,” I’d be like, “Is this fast enough?” and “Do you want the 100 mL piggyback of Mr. Clean again?”

  53. Congrats, Laura.

  54. Is it dead? Sowwy.

  55. Priming non nocere.

  56. Pretty sure Scott has no ‘naughty nurse’ fantasies. He’s a germophobe and he detests hospitals. He’d be all, “Did you wash your hands?” and “Did you foam-in, before you touch that?” and “Aren’t you going to put on gloves?”


    Just don’t walk around in non-hospital spaces in scrubs. Those things are germ bags.

    Scott should spray you with Lysol when you walk in the door.

  57. Primum WordPress, you cockface.

  58. I’m glad you’re one step closer to your career, laura.

  59. Mare!

  60. Vagina belly button.

  61. whole eeee fuk

  62. would smash – 11 / 10 – even if a dude

  63. wait what???!!!!
    mare made me say that –
    and she’s always 7 indians….

  64. Howdy guys! Have I ever mentioned that I work with a bunch of Giants? Ok, several freaks of nature. Dan is the worst. When he picked me up at work Wednesday night, I was outside with Dana, 5’1, Paula, 5’2, and Lauri, 5’5. (I’m 5’3 and 3/4)
    Dan: Did I interrupt a meeting of the Lollipop Guild?

  65. Alex is 6’7. His girlfriend is shorter than I am. About 5’0 even. He is the only tall guy at work that doesn’t make fun of my height. He is taller than all of the freaks that do make fun of me.

  66. You ladies should hang around with MJ. You’d get none of that sass from the li’l fella.

  67. Dan: Did I interrupt a meeting of the Lollipop Guild?

    That’s actually pretty damned funny. Did you find it is offensive? I’d give the guy credit for originality.

  68. /examines Sen. McCain

    Oh, dear, it’s malignant. We’ll have to amputate.

  69. Oso isn’t short.

    She’s cute.

  70. Lollipop guild member

  71. I spent a weekend banging my head against the wall trying to get these regressions somewhat reasonable. Today:

    Professor: Why don’t you try converting the data to annual? It would get rid of some of the volatility and the weird variables that you need to use.

    *tries it*

    Me: Fuck me, it works.

  72. Leon bait

  73. I spent a weekend banging your mom……

  74. She seems nice.

  75. work was blergy.

  76. Fasting. So I should just go to bed.


  77. Thanks, Scott! Sean, IKR? Chi, not funny! Pepe, he looks like Jackson! My cousin’s 3 yr old. I called my cousin “Hop Sing” as a baby. Regressive Asian looking Messican.

  78. Regression?

    Never heard of it.

  79. “fasting”

  80. I was watching The Five when they interrupted for the Minneapolis mayor’s press conference. What a shit show.

  81. I watch a lot of Japanese movies from the 40s-50s. They could’ve been cast in Northern NM/Southern CO. Ainu could be Pueblo if you squint.

  82. Roamy, I can’t imagine what it’s like living in South Canada. Good luck, Pups.

  83. What did they say at the presser? I was at work.

  84. Leon bait

    Am I missing the outline of the dick?

  85. The mayor started talking about how she accepted the resignation of the police chief, and one very angry black man shouted that her resignation should be next. It then went south, with some organized protestors chanting their little slogans. The mayor stood there and took it for a while, then just left, leaving the podium and microphone to the protestors.

  86. It’s like anywhere else where the idiots run the joint. The bigger the idiots the browner the shit-show.

  87. Black cop shoots white woman. Surprisingly, no riots.

  88. Hey, Michiganders, are you ready for an American Badass as Senator? I love the way he trolls Stabenow.

  89. Hey LAURAW….are you going to let us pick your scrubs???

  90. Congratulations, Laura!

  91. Hahhhhaaaa, that gif is priceless, Scott.

  92. The HQ post about sidewalk/basic walking etiquette. Welcome to my world. Messican messicans are the worst. Natives are right there. When I first moved to NM 1981, Anglos would intimidate Natives off sidewalks and into gutters. I was livid. As a kid, we would force Taiwanese off sidewalks into gutters. Hey, hey, get outta my way, I’m from the USA. 5 years later I knew that I was the asshole.

  93. After 3 years of working with me, Britney noticed I eat pizza with a knife and fork. Why not? Especially now in the age of smart phones. Who’s the weirdo now???

  94. Dan just went to bed. New rules. (Imagine annoying Sound of Music exit. Good night)

  95. Anglos are the worst.

  96. Congratulations, Laura! {{{hugs}}}

  97. Derp some action is what I need
    To make me bust out at full speed
    And I am sure that’s all you’ll need
    To make it alright


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