Holding Poat – Bad Trip part ducks

that’s french you ignant bastards –

bad trip

so another installation of “Who’s turn is it to stomp this POS Poat” begins NOW

so while the little countdown timer thingy makes irritating noises in the background, i figured i’d play a little ditty that Hot-n-Tot made a few years back – Shear Musical Genius

your mom helped him with some backup vocals – amazing talent that woman has

In science news: your mom’s ship has finally set sail. For her it’s just a dinghy but what-ev.

Some light reading and a quick poll –

How difficult should it be to be an undocumented college student in teh U S of A?

[x] unpossible

[x] fuck you get out


(poat inspired by leon)



  1. Wish that video was in English. HILARIOUS.

  2. This poat makes me want to stick an entire fan of Copenhagen up my ass.

  3. Can. Can of Copenhagen. I’m not loose enough for a fan yet.

  4. I went to high school with a girl who’s family owned a mushroom farm. Menino Mushroom Farms in Avon, MA. Pretty sure it’s gone now.

  5. Huh, they moved and expanded


  6. wakey wakey

  7. I break exile to respond to a pertinent thread yesterday with a explainpology and get willowed.


  8. I’ve been away from the comments long enough that I don’t know what getting willowed means.

  9. Yesterday’s high was 65 degrees.

    Fuck you Al Gore.

  10. We hit 99 twice this week.

    Fuck you Al Gore.

  11. To cause to weep?

  12. And 100 on Thursday.

  13. It’s a small bullwhip.

  14. I’m still wondering if Leon tripped balls last night…

  15. No. Spore print looked grey/brown and I never got a chance to look up the species. Now I’m busy being solo dad and worrying about politics at work.

  16. I’ve been away from the comments long enough that I don’t know what getting willowed means.

    It’s like when you send an email to RFH and she never writes back.

  17. Anyone ever tried homemade fruit roll-ups? Looks easy. I think that’s my experiment for the day.

  18. willowed: To post a lengthy, at least somewhat thoughtful comment, only to find out the new thread was called before you hit “POST”, thus leading the Horde away from the thread you posted in. (In dubious honor of commentor willow (sic), who seemed at one point particularly prone to such.)

  19. The left is a cesspool.

  20. Mushroom results please.

  21. Side note: Chic’s greatest hits is a glorious album.

  22. Geoff, I meant to call you from work and got swamped yesterday.

  23. I survived feral chipmunks, starving raccoons, retarded hummingbirds that thought lanterns were feeders, and monsoons. I think the chipmunks put up “Don’t feed bears” signs as a distraction


  25. HAHAHAHA Scott!!!

  26. Catching up on comments. Lauraw “Avenge me!” We drove through Las Vegas, NM to get to campground. Original Red Dawn filmed there. I yelled “AVENGE ME!!!” as we turned on Grand headed downtown. I had to explain the reference. Got the “You’re such a nerd! look. FIN

  27. That must be the look Scott used to give me when he would find me watching Airplane! for the umptyseventh time. Oh no wait, that was total despair. Different.

    I’m pretty fucking sick of studying. I think I’m just doing Pharm review the next couple days, run through my notes one more time, and call myself done.

  28. Binge watching NCIS. During season 14, Michelle Obama makes an appearance, and we’ve had episodes about human trafficking and now illegal immigration.

    This isn’t going to end well,is it? This series has really rocked in the avoid politics category so far.

  29. Ooooh…Airplane!!!

  30. Watching a really Stoopid Mockumentary “Tour de Pharmacy”.

  31. I wasn’t aware that TV remote controls could actually proceed past a showing of Airplane!.

  32. Don’t call me Shirley.

  33. Over, Unger.

  34. Do you like movies about gladiators?

  35. Heh, made Leslie Nielson’s comedy career.

  36. When he’s telling his life story and people are just killing themselves…I still laugh.

  37. I enjoyed NCIS before they branched out to other cities. Too many characters and plot lines to follow. Haven’t watched it in a few years.

  38. This is the original. Watched a couple New Orleans. I recognize a lot of the places there from when my brother lived there. That’s the one we’re moving to next.

  39. It’s like when I realized Law And Order was just liberal pap force fed to TV watching morons. Early on I realized that every episode wrapped up an impossible case with the most unlikely villain. Part of the enjoyment was trying to predict who the culprit was or what the twist would be before it got there. Then it just became dumb and I had a WTF moment. No more L&O for me.

  40. I’ve seen parts of Airplane but I don’t think I’ve sat down and watched the whole movie in years. So many catch phrases from that movie…

  41. Mushroom results please.

    Pretty sure it was psilocybe cubensis. I did not ingest it.

  42. Airplane is a flypaper movie!

  43. The New Orleans one is heavy on the lefty crap…after they lure you in.

  44. Dan loves disaster movies. We own all the Airports, Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Poseidon Adventure, etc. Airplane was the best!!!

  45. I speak jive.

  46. Have you seen the Poseidon remake, oso?
    Kurt Russell. ‘Nuff said.

  47. So, my cousin, Monica, is Dan’s dermatologist. She said she’d take out Dan’s stitches on Friday. Her hubby called her “Frontier Dermatology”. Then it got weird. Her sister, Ana, is a GP. She had Monica look at her toe. Blah blah. Their sister, Alicia, brought her kids from MO. Monica checked out both Lucia and Grace, gave them a skincare regimen for MO. It became office hours in the mountains. What both of my Dr cousins said to me: Being sick can make you crazy, just because you’re crazy, doesn’t mean you aren’t sick. Should I be offended?

  48. Chi, married to Mr Disaster Movie. So the answer is “Yes”.

  49. Got an itch since I’ve been cooped up inside for days, so that decided to try something new on the smoker today.
    Tilapia. Stuffed with onion, lime, garlic & whatever herbs I pulled out of the garden.
    Smells good, but it’ll be a while before it’s done.


  50. Chi, no pesce!

  51. “Just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean you aren’t sick”

    So true. It’s hard to predict the future but sometimes I peer into the crystal ball for some of the kids I treat. Unlike my partners I’m willing to see some of my old kids who are now adults and most of the time they just want someone to listen to their complaints and reassure them that what they’re experiencing is normal. Most of the time they’re happy with that and walk away happy. If they just want drugs they’re out of luck with me.

  52. Fish on the grill looks great

  53. Ana’s husband had never heard me called “Rainman”. Someone had told a NM v TX story one time too many. I started in with the historical reasons why TX and NM were constantly butting heads. I’m the only family member that never took NM history in school. I got called Rainman for knowing NM history. By people that were educated in NM.

  54. Jimbro, I thought of you. Treat the whole patient.

  55. Found 3 more after I mowed the lawn. 1 was pretty dry, so I just crumbled it into a better location near the pumpkin mound. The others are washed and drying on a paper towel.

  56. True Story: Drink. My favorite Marine has been stationed in MD for a few years. On his way to Quantico. He has never visited Arlington. I remembered he has real friends there. We raised a glass.


    Just wanted to swing through and say hello to you all on this, the day of my birth. A special thank you to those that stopped by on the douche of face to wish me a Happy Birthday.

    A fucking pox on the rest of you.

  58. Why would TX and NM butt heads? They’re the same people…

  59. HBD BCoch!!!

  60. Cochran comes here? Y’all will let anyone in, huh?
    A special Fuck You to you on this day sir – go drink 15 shots of Fireball, and call me in the morning!
    Happy Birthday, I guess…

  61. CoAl, Texans claimed all territory to the Rio Grande after the war of Texas Independence. Treaty of Guadalupe/Hidalgo recognized traditional NM boundary. Confederates under TX’s Sibley were almost able to split the Union forts from being able to defend the Confederacy from the West.

  62. A fucking pox on the rest of you.

    Better to have a pox than the gonnaherpasyphilAIDS that is facechimp.

  63. 4′ privacy fence, 205′, $4100 smackaroos total. Worth it to never hear another damn word about it.

  64. Happy You Got Older Day BCock…

  65. Only Leon could classify a 4′ fence as “privacy”.

  66. Don’t get me started on Texans that view New Mexico as their personal playground. Summer and Winter. My mom was too dark to wait tables. Cleaned rooms and made beds. My fair aunts, waited tables, got tips, didn’t have to work as hard. Sorry, Carin.

  67. If AlextheChick can see over it without a stepstool or ladder, I don’t think it qualifies as a “privacy” fence.

  68. Yeah, I don’t consider 4′ “privacy” by any means. Maybe if you’re just not wearing pants?

    Leon, come down to VA, you can take all the fence material you want home with you. Hi have plenty to spare!


  69. These might be wine caps. Hmm…

  70. 4′ “privacy” means the dogs can’t see each other. 6′ would cost a ton more, and still wouldn’t block line of sight most of the time since the fence is at a relatively low point.

  71. That said, Ford had 5’6″ cube farms standard. I could move through them like a Russian sub.

  72. Go fuck yourself WordPress

  73. Happy birthday bcock, I got you one of these:


  74. So very kind of you, Pup.

  75. I could move through them like a Russian sub.

    Full of radiation and dead seamen?

  76. Your banjo moment. My grandmother’s nephew(Fernando) married my grandfather’s niece(Freda). One of my BFFs is Freda and Fernando’s daughter. She dropped her UNM football playing son off on Thursday. Dr Monica has a daughter who is a SR in HS. Red shirt was totes infatuated. Cutting down trees, trail running, and hanging with ankle biter infatuated

  77. We did not know that we needed a peanut free campground. Dan and I quickly visited the black market peanut area.

  78. Mi familia is full of the Dos Equis gene. All girls all the time. My grandparents: 2 boys; 10 girls. Dan had Brianna, Arin, Annabel, Savina, Lucia, Grace, Eva, Lucia, Sophia, and Mia asking for his help. Landon was left with her grand in Roswell. Dan hates kids. Watching him color and play dolls is EPIC

  79. I’m getting better at coloring.

  80. [i]I’m getting better at coloring.[/i]


  81. Oh fuck you wordpress.

  82. Hanging out at aoshq makes you an html retard, apparently.

  83. That said, Ford had 5’6″ cube farms standard. I could move through them like a Russian sub.

    You turn left at the bottom of every hour?

  84. Heh, we got the XY’s Oso. 4 brothers in Ireland had 12 kids and 10 of them were male.

  85. Are you done with those Fireball shots BCoch? Nothing says happy birthday like acid reflux and a hangover

  86. We’ve been pixylated.

  87. I actually haven’t had anything to drink today, Jimbro. The Drunken Midgets have done nothing but bicker with each other since the Wife picked them up from their sleepover and brought them home. Soooo….I may need to make a run to the store.

  88. Happy birfday, b’coch. I made this cake just for you:


  89. Sean is a poat killer.

  90. hey – bee rent
    sean forgot the candles….
    here ya go
    hbd !!!!!

  91. heh – spad with the bcock bd flyby

  92. Sox-Yankees, tied in the 14th inning

  93. That would never happen in football.

  94. Come on meteor!!!

  95. BTW, jamjam, your second musical link in this poat has taken me down a pretty funky musical rabbit hole on YouTube. Stuff like this:


  96. Heh Jam thanks for the graphic. I should do a barrel roll for bcoch’s b-day.

  97. Both love and hate all of you.

  98. Lapeerapalooza II – The One Where MJ Goes Missing is coming up.

    You should go. Leon is probably bringing shrooms.

  99. I haven’t yet narrowed down what these are exactly. I could either
    A) trip balllzz
    2) have a nice snack
    tres) utterly destroy my liver

  100. Try feeding a handful of them to your least favorite barnyard animal and see what happens.

  101. Give some to MJ.

  102. Problem with that is that I only have two little mushrooms. Your average slice of pizza has more.

  103. Believe me – two little mushrooms are all you need. Or want.

  104. Well, you have a very young child, but WHATEVER, just go crazy, Timothy Leary.

    *writes obituary*

  105. I’ll try em.

  106. Try feeding a handful of them to your least favorite barnyard animal and see what happens.


    Give some to MJ.


  107. We’re having a practice moosepalooza right now.

  108. Moosepalooza is quicker to type on my phone. . The other one is the official name.

  109. Laura, I’m not eating them. Just trying them out for MJ.

  110. Drying, you shitphone.

  111. ^ Freudian

  112. So if we never hear from Leon again, I guess it’ll be obvious what happened.

    He got obscenely stoned and ran naked out into traffic while masturbating.

  113. Why does WordPress GAF about who I am, when I don’t?

  114. I just had a mental picture of a small naked man running around in traffic wih a flamethrower.
    And now I can’t get it sleep…

  115. Would someone at least put some cargo shorts on the guy?

  116. **worries**

  117. Welcome to Florida.

  118. Bcoch, please tell me some enterprising jackass ran out dressed as Captain Hook…

  119. I have to figure out how to comment as me. Thanks WordPress for being all about security and shit

  120. CoAl, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  121. Still clothed, have no fear. I don’t think I have enough gas to load Mostly Peaceful Protest right now, either. I’m letting them dry out overnight. Still checking on species. Might be psilocybe moelliari, which is inert, despite the genus.

  122. I should just try to propagate them in some half-finished compost until I can definitively ID them.

  123. That thing’s head is bigger than Joy Behar’s. Scary shit…

  124. Any rings on the underside of the cap, Leon?

  125. Ring around the stall suggesting a separated veil, attached gills that are lavender-brown in color. Spore print was dark brown with purple hints. White, intact cap, rooted in soil, strong white mycelium.

  126. Stem, not stall.

  127. I can’t fucking believe I hang out with people who talk about fucking mushrooms for half a day. Y’all are fuckin weird.

    **checks peyote plant out in the alley**
    ** cuts down 16 agave from neighbors garden**

  128. Of course the Florida Hostage knows about psychedelic mushrooms…

  129. Insert fart noise

  130. You want to talk about SQL planning engines instead?

  131. Likely not the fun kind of mushroom, Leon.

    If a gilled mushroom has purplish brown to black spore prints, and the flesh bruises bluish, the mushroom in question is very likely a psilocybin-producing species.

    Posted by Mushrooms are Awesome on Tuesday, April 16, 2013

  132. Happy birthday, Bcoch, complete with a Braves win!

  133. I know a little bit about psychedelic mushrooms. You can usually find them in the dorms and co-ops at certain Northern California universities.

  134. Sigh. Beginning to think I burned my bridges at the HQ.

  135. Let’s burn all the bridges, ignore all the signs.
    Put the hammer down and listen to her whine.
    I don’t know what we did wrong, but we’re one step closer to you being gone.

  136. I don’t know what to tell you, BroCavil. I only comment on the book and movie threads any more.

  137. There’s comments at AOS?

    Who knew?

  138. Nobody comments at the HQ anymore. It’s too busy.

  139. Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass
    Seven years of bad derp, good things in your past

  140. SRV did a much better version of that song than Mr Wonder ever did.

  141. One of the finest concerts I saw as a young man was SRV at the Orpheum Theater in Boston. I got tickets at Ticketmaster when I was supposed to be working at Sears doing maintenance. Second row seats. Unforgettable

  142. Before I got into The Blues, way back when, I was invited to see SRV play at a small local venue* with Robert Cray as his opener.
    My response? “Who the hell wants to see that shit?!?”
    I kick myself now, because I’m probably his biggest fan, and I never saw him live.

    Probably for the best, because that was when he was at his worst addiction wise, and I hear he was wasted to the point of incoherence.

    *Bessie’s Boathouse. Later just The Boathouse, an awesome little venue that hosted some of the best acts ever. I couldn’t count how many times I saw Pat Travers there…


    It’s Sunday and I don’t work on Sundays ANYMORE so let’s make today GREAT.

    Making Sunday’s Great Again.

  144. I ordered that table, and he’s giving me a two week turn around time. So new table will hopefully be here for Lapeerpalooza 2: the One Where MJ Goes Missing.

    Be there/here or miss the GREAT UNVEILING.

  145. Did you order the other things from the list I sent you?

  146. I missed the list.

  147. Carin – I’ve got some items from the list I’ll send for the meat. I can’t make it…. little jammettes bday party. …

  148. I’ll try to remember to send the stuff this week.

  149. Blue M&Ms.
    Lighter fluid
    LED starmap
    Whoopi cushion
    LA Dodgers baseball hat
    Granny panties
    Complete guide to male breast feeding
    Hula hoop
    Brindle chihuahua
    Pink tennis balls
    Pink Floyd albums; fire pit
    Fleece booties

  150. I have the hula hoop already. Gin too. Pink Floyd albums but I don’t see why you pair that with the fire pit?

    And I was just on amazon looking for some white tennis balls. Can we use those instead/?

  151. White tennis balls. Of course, racist.

    PF and fire pits go together like Hotspur and your mom.

  152. PF can blow me.

  153. Sundays. Plurals don’t need apostrophes, but my phone screwed it up when I tried to type it too.

    I get to climb into the pond again later this afternoon, yay. And if I’m lucky I might get to weed the garden. Grass is choking out a lot of my peppers, and I need to add more twine to my trellises and trim more suckers on the tomatoes.

  154. Sundaes.

  155. Who needs of ghter fluid?
    Haven’t you heard of charcoal chimneys? (Chimney’s)

  156. Stumps don’t fit into charcoal chimneys.

  157. Game camera took videos of another blueberry eating squirrel.

    The killing will continue.

  158. Whoopee cushion

  159. Man, this is still here? I’m sure I called Sanitation about this thing yesterday…

  160. I’m gonna make a big green salad today, a great big one, with hb eggs and carrots and homemade bacon and cheese and green peas.
    It’s going to be the most beautiful thing. Just you watch.

    But first!

    *goes back to bed*

    OK no, but oh man, not working on weekends anymore is awesome. I’m not going anyplace fun because it’s my last few days before the test and I’m down to the wire, studying. But it still feels so luxurious and decadent. This must be what Mare feels like all the time.

  161. LapeerPalooza2: The one Where MJ Goes Missing update:

    We now have THREE, count them, THREE jet skis. Three jet skis, a kayak, and the fishing boat is in the water. I repeat, the fishing boat is in the water.

    But no pressure anyone. You can just carry on with your boring lives.

  162. Life jackets?

  163. http://i.imgur.com/HIiziz2.gifv

  164. we have two jackets right now

  165. I get heavy when I’m wet. How much saran wrap do you have?

  166. Lol, Scott!

  167. “The number of acid attacks in London alone has shot up by 65 per cent last year.

    One person every 20 hours is met with the cruel method.”


  168. Oh. Tree stumps. Why isn’t dynamite on the list?

  169. wait until we give mj leons weight vest and tell him it’s a life jacket.

  170. wait until we give mj leons weight vest and tell him it’s a life jacket.

    /scratches that option off the list

    Dang, J’ames. That was going to be a fun one too …

  171. 18.6 acres near kazoo, asking 95k, been on the market almost 3 months already. Cable internet available. This might be it, but we wont be able to move until next year.

  172. Sorry, 19 acres.

  173. One could grow a LOT of mushrooms on that much land…

  174. Hotter ‘n a fresh fucked fox in a forest fire.

  175. Leon’s categories crack me up.

  176. Mare, did your hubby play in the WP golf tournament this year? I just saw a pic of our mutual friend along with 5 of his old teammates at the golf course on Facedong. Made me think about y’all.

  177. Yes. He just got home from the airport. He plays golf about 2 times a year, said he did surprisingly well. He said I gave him good advice; Forget the long ball. Relax and shoot straight.

  178. Your mom likes the long ball.

  179. Your mom likes the long ball.

    That’s what Lance Armstrong said.

  180. Watched a good thriller movie last night called The Autopsy of Jane Doe. Well done.
    HotBride couldn’t take it so she went up to bed.

  181. Watched a good thriller movie last night called The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

    Was Jane Doe a hobo?

  182. What is the weight limit on a jet ski?

    I’m asking for mare.

  183. I’d like to give John McCain a blood clot – right on his fucking upper lip.

  184. What is the weight limit on a jet ski?

    I’m asking for mare.

    That I do not know.

    But Moose is a water rescue dog …

  185. Mare and Hotspur are simpatico.

    John McCain is an effing asshole, tool.

  186. Half my chores are done, trying to get motivated to do the other half.

  187. Risky, how’s the leg?

  188. I’m trying to motivate for a run.

  189. Risky???? Auto correct can kiss my ass!

    Foamy, how’s the leg?

  190. Foamy???? WTFF??

    Knock it off!!!

  191. ROAMY!!!!!!!!

  192. I like Foamy better.

  193. Leg is pretty much back to normal. I need to stay diligent about my exercises. I did too much standing yesterday, and my feet are letting me know it, but that’s a crapped-out heart thing, not a knee thing.

  194. Risky and Foamy. There’s a story there somewhere, probably involving bootleg beer.

  195. I’m trying to finish a report for my forecasting class, but it’s hard because it’s soooo nice outside and I slacked off yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the sun.

  196. Whoever turned me on to the Ben Coes series of Dewey Andreas novels … thanks. I bought the series and I’m on #3 now. Paula got me a new kindle for Christmas and it’s working like a champ.

  197. I think it was me, Jimbro. Glad you are enjoying them. I just finished his latest.

  198. that was Hotspur. I’m reading them too. I’m on 3, but I mistakenly listened to 4 first.

  199. what kind of Christmas avatar will risky foamy have?

  200. I had to Bingle Ben Does. I’ll have to look for his stuff when I’m at the thrift store tomorrow.
    As of late, I get my fiction fix from Harlan Cohen. Definitely recommend.

  201. Autocucumber hates me.
    *Harlan COBEN.

  202. http://www.bookseriesinorder.com/ben-coes/

  203. Thanks from me too, Hotspud. I’m reading the latest Dewey Andreas book on this trip.

  204. You Think I Got Trigger Back There, Motherfucker?

  205. I think I’m done wading in the pond for the year. All phragmites are currently cut to as far down as I can cut them, and my legs got speared pretty good in the process. Flamethrowing next Saturday.

  206. Forecast: 100% chance Hillary will not be president.

  207. My grandmother is dying. She’s unconscious and can’t be revived. We’re down to hours or days at the most.

  208. Sorry to hear, CoAlex. But at least she will soon be beyond pain, which is something. Prayers for you and the rest of your family.

  209. Test

  210. BC, thank you.

    She’s survived multiple bouts of cancer, a couple of nasty falls, and diabetes. That’s all finally catching up with her.

  211. Sympathies and prayers, Alex.

  212. Sorry to hear that Alex

  213. power is out here, bet we lost a transformer

  214. sorry colex, sucks losing grandparents.

  215. power is out here, bet we lost a transformer

    I hope it wasn’t Optimus or Bluestreak.

  216. Sorry, Alex. I know your mind will return to many fond memories. Be there for your parents who lost a Mom.

  217. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother, CoLex. I’ll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  218. Thanks, everyone. I’m in Cali and everyone else is up in Portland, and I can’t leave due to school.

  219. Sorry about your grandma CoAl :( I lost mine about 22 years ago and cried for days.

  220. LPGA leaderboard – notice anything?


  221. 5 eggs today. Time to start an egg fast or something.

  222. Sorry about grandma. I lost all of my grandparents by the time I was 10.

  223. Too many Korean chix.

  224. My father’s mother is still alive and cooks her own meals at 95. She had an aunt and her mother live past 100, though, and I don’t think she’s had wine outside of communion or smoked a cigarette in her life.

  225. My grandpa lived to 97 and he drank every day. My other grandpa just died last year just shy of his 99th. Again. Drinker.

    Neither smoked though, ever.

  226. Yeah, the drinking thing is anomalous, as most centenarians do drink some alcohol. She’s just not the indulgent sort, not in food either. Walks a few blocks every day for mass, which probably helps.

  227. Yeah, Carin, I lost mine in ’94 and was nearly inconsolable. I lived with her and she was my guiding light and my friend. They didn’t educate girls when&where she was from, but she was smarter than me and all you mufakus put together.

    Alex, you don’t have to Be there, to be there. It may be bothering you, but they know how you feel.

  228. I’m probably going to get up at 4 on Tuesday to go look at that kazoo land at 6 and hopefully be back at my desk by 830. If we like it, the plan is to buy it, lease it for hay farming until at least next September, build the house and barn next Summer, then fence pastures after the hay harvest and move, hopefully after this place is sold.

    The “lease it for hay farming” is a plan we could actually run for a few years if we decide to really take our time. I need to find out how much that could offset the payments on the land by.

  229. By “kazoo land” do you mean Kalamazoo? My grandpa on my mom’s side was from there.

  230. Sorry about your grandmother, CoAlex, prayers up.

  231. Yeah, close to Kalamazoo. Most of my mom’s extended family lives nearby, and it’s about an hour to my parents and sister from there. Cable is available RIGHT NOW as opposed to “in a few years”.

  232. Leon, that sounds tremendous. Any water on the property?

  233. Colex I’m with to brother.

  234. To = you

  235. Sorry COAX.

    Grandparents are tough to lose.

  236. Confession: I’m not that upset about the whole thing. I’ve not lived in Oregon in over twenty years, and I haven’t seen family in probably four years, and only intermittently before then.

    I love my grandparents, but my whole family is messed up. Dad holds a permanent grudge against them for shit that happened when he was growing up, and as he’s gotten older it’s more and more noticeable. Plus, except for my dad, my whole family are lefties and obnoxious about it. I’ll miss grandma’s lefsa recipe, and I still remember Christmases and rainy weekends at her house in Boring, but I basically have no contact with anyone on that side of the family anymore.

    And I feel worse about that.

  237. That’s unfortunate, CoAlex.

    I ran out of grandparents quite a while ago. Dad’s folks passed in the early ’90s; never knew mom’s father, but her mother outlived her…though with the Alzheimer’s, really only technically. I suppose it’s a blessing dad went before he could get to that stage.

    Does make the world plenty lonely, though.

  238. Oh well, on the nicer side, Postmodern Jukebox will be playing in B’ham in late October. City’s a hole but I’ve been trying to catch them in concert for a while, hopefully I can make it this time…

  239. Aerial photo shows what looks to be a small pond at the far back of the property, and agricultural drainage at the back of the filled land, Laura. Going to check tree species while there to gauge water table.

  240. What are we going to name our weed/mushroom farm, Leon?

    I was thinking Bolsa de Verga Ranch.

  241. Can you incorporate a flamethrower with weed/mushroom farming? Cuz that would be one of a kind, I’m thinking.

  242. We’ll have the best hay rides in the fall.

    The best!

  243. Place is probably infested with phragmites.

  244. I was thinking Bolsa de Verga Ranch.

    Heh. You’ll want to pluralize it to “Vegras.” Unless you just want the one in the bag.

  245. I’m hoping not to need the flamethrower anymore. I’ll probably name it something in German, like Teufelpilzenland or the like.

  246. Heh. You’ll want to pluralize it to “Vegras.” Unless you just want the one in the bag.
    We can’t do with just one. Our customers demand many, many vergas in the bag.

  247. Class it up by naming it something English-sounding. Like “Yarblewoods.”

  248. Oh I didn’t realize there was good news today about McCain.

    Is he retiring?

  249. Vergawood.

  250. Pferdscheisse Acres.

  251. German for fish stick. Classy.

  252. Soooo, I just got a call from my aunt and grandma (mom’s side), who asked me if I knew anything about narcolepsy, which they think my cousin may have. Apparently he finished high school in a wheel chair, and they didn’t tell anyone. Aunt is pretty upset right now, and swore me to secrety (she and mom don’t speak). Not two minutes later, my dad texted me that grandma had passed. This day just fucking sucks.

  253. We’ll have the best hay rides in the fall.
    The best!

    Hay Okinawa simulator!

  254. Sorry for your loss, Alex. May she Rest In Peace.

  255. Nerds all over the country are busting a nut right now.

  256. Sorry Alex. Might talk to profs and see if you can make the trip if it will help.

    MJ, I lost my nerd card when I didn’t see Age of Ultron. What’s the hubbub?

  257. Over Doctor Who having a vajayjay? Meh, she’ll regret it later, once convention season rolls around.

  258. You are assuming she’s a she.

  259. Leon, I’m in the final three weeks of school. No way to leave right now.

  260. The sun has truly set on the British Empire once and for all.

  261. Thunder storm going on right now. Two scared doggies hiding under furniture. Guess we’re not seeing the northern lights tonight


  262. My favorite comment about the female Doctor Who thing was some guy who said, “Finally, a Doctor I can masturbate to without feeling weird about it!”

  263. Bruce-Jenner-in-a-dress might run for senate.

  264. Leon-in-a-dress might be growing hay.

  265. Republicans should be recruiting men in dresses to run for any position possible.

    That would be hilarious.

  266. Bruce-Jenner-in-dress could convert to Islam.

  267. Scott, at no time on no day have I ever wanted to be a girl in any way, shape, or form. If you see me in a dress, I’ve been compromised and request a mercy killing.

  268. If Leon’s in a dress, check if he’s standing on MJ’s shoulders.

  269. Don’t eat the mushrooms.

  270. Just because someone’s into chicks with dicks doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be one.

    I think that’s what leon’s getting at.

  271. Anybody else find it *interesting* that during a “routine physical” exam that “they” found a 2″ long blood clot on McNastys frontal lobe, made an incision over his eyebrow, opened his skull(in a “routine” procedure), removed the clot and “some tissue” that was sent to pathology?
    Could that explain his being a confrontational, never-trump, bomb everybody!!! asshole?
    I’m not so sure. I think that he comes by that naturally…

  272. Eat the mushrooms.

  273. Sorry about your grandma CoAl.

  274. Condolences CoAlex.

  275. ChrisP, someone prolly took McNasty to the doctor when his mutterings to himself got worse. Wasn’t he being ‘random’ at one of those hearings? Even the lefties were all WTF?

  276. Don’t even remember practicing.

  277. MMM at 730.

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