Happy Palindrome Week!

Yes, it’s that week where the dates are the same going backwards as forwards. And the week where we are ever mindful of not exposing our lessers to cultural conundrums a la David Brooks (famous NYS writer).


Palindromes are clever. I remember being intrigued by simple ones such as “A man, a plan, a canal, Panama” as a kid.


Test tube butt set


T. Eliot, Top Bard, Notes Putrid Tang Emanating, Is Sad. I’d Assign It A Name: Gnat Dirt Upset On Drab Pot-Toilet


That T. Eliot one was a bit farfetched. Sometimes the quest for glory blinds us to reason.


Palindromes can be pretty fun. Another challenge is the anagram. Sometimes when I’m in my fortress of solitude I like to think of various anagrams.


From the annals of lesser known superheroes: The Anagram Kid


I did find a site that lets you enter words and rearranges them into various anagrams. For example, did you know that there are 39,844 various combinations resulting from the phrase “Hillary is a cunt”? One of the best: Anally Cut Irish!

Have some fun with it:  https://wordsmith.org/anagram/index.html

It’s Thursday and I’ve got the day officially off. Weather is supposed to be crappy so maybe we’ll go to the mall for my annual visit.



  1. “Your mom” yields a disappointing ten anagram results, none of which are amusing

  2. Raining buckets. I have a 1000 meeting with a financial advisor in town. Doing the paperwork I’ve been putting off should take up the time between then and now.

    Ha! More than 80k results for “raining buckets”. I am so easily amused…

  3. We got the bucket rain overnight. Going to need the big boots to go see the horses.

  4. Not as much rain yesterday as there was the day before. This is good and bad, as Tuesday it cooled things off nicely, but also flooded the back parking at work.

  5. We aren’t quite at flooding yet (except where horsepoop has made the ground impermeable), but our drains are getting full.

  6. Let me break down how this is going to end. Liberals are going to gobble yet another Treason Viagra and the hot chick of success is gonna let them buy her a pricy dinner and then smile and say “Let’s just be friends.”


    Read it all: https://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2017/07/13/this-time-we-liberals-have-totally-got-trump-wash-rinse-repeat-n2353881

  7. Look, I love the English language as much as the next muppet but this is the worst post in the history of the internet.

    No boobs.

    No lemons, no melon.

  8. Do you already have an FA, Jimbro. GND works in that field and could give you solid recommendations.

  9. heh, anagram server is amusing. Jimbro loves thorsday produces a lot of anagrams.

  10. Beware, he who trolls for financial customers amongst the Hostages.

  11. I don’t love Schlicter all the time but that was a really good column. I feel warm and fuzzy inside and from the furthest reaches of CT I can hear wiser and wiserbud laughing.

  12. Send the rain our way, we need it desperately.

  13. Palindromes……

    A Toyota

    Yo, banana boy!

  14. I have a guy who set up my plan way back in 1999. He’s down in Portland and I think the last time I saw him was in 2009(?). I’m a pretty good saver and max my retirement plans out. I’ve had the feeling the market has reached a high for a couple of years now and keep meaning to rebalance things but inertia takes over. After a couple of deaths in the family Paula asked me if I had a willand of course the answer is no. This is step one toward getting my shit together. This one is a fee only advisor.

  15. Sounds groovy.

    We’re meeting with one next week but we have to use her firm. I probably would have anyway.

    I guess the baby thing requires all kinds of stuff like 529s, wills, beer, etc.

  16. Wait, babies require beer?

  17. Intern’s what?

  18. That’s for me, Jay. Don’t be silly.

    I had a scottish ale with dinner last night and it was truly awful. There’s all of two or three breweries in this area making decent beer. I’m talking within a 3 hour radius.

  19. Huh. Didn’t go through.

    Got rain yesterday here, which was nice, but nothing like Tuesday, which flooded my office’s back parking lot and dropped the temperature that afternoon and evening by a rather nice margin.

  20. OK, it did, woe be to those using the WordPress app to read the site I suppose.

  21. First words spoken between a man and a woman:

    “Madam, I’m Adam.”

  22. Second words spoken between man and woman:

    Stand back lady, I don’t know how big this things gonna get!

  23. When are you gonna start making beer, MJ?

  24. BC, use a browser, Request desktop site, or something like that. Much better.

  25. OH OH OH. We have a really cute little brewery in town. We can go THERE ! You know, why we’re waiting for MJ’s body to cure …

    wait, wuh?

    wakey wakey

  26. I dunno, Jay. Hopefully soon although I still have a ton of shit to do around the house. I’m down to a bedroom and 2 bathrooms to paint and all of the baseboards on the main floor.

  27. http://tiltedaxis.beer/

  28. Not a lot of info on the site.

    I’ve been wanting to go. It’s been there for about 18 month or so and I still haven’t made it.

  29. I’m going to be in CT week after next. Don’t think I’ll have time for a meat face with the NE Cabal but final plans aren’t set.

  30. Pizza and beer. Sounds like that’s a pretty good combo. Wish I would have thought of that.

  31. I’m reading it in a browser through WordPress. This is not as I would prefer, but the…less than SFW nature of the site’s background requires an unfortunate compromise.

    At home though, eff that, normal browsing.

  32. The pizza is supposedly really good. THAT aspect just opened a few months back. For a while the place just did snacky/finger food apps.

  33. I can get along with pizza and beer.

  34. Job interview in two and a half hours.

    I should put on pants.

  35. Interviewer: Whats your biggest weakness?

    CoAlex: I have this thing for unattainable Burly Q women….

  36. Interviewer: Whats your biggest weakness?

    Leon: Comet impact. I’m basically screwed if I get hit by a comet.

  37. “Don’t think I’ll have time for a meat face with the NE Cabal”

    You’ll have time, especially if you are flying into Bradley.

  38. My biggest weakness is cocaine and strippers.

    Luckily it’s a job in finance.

  39. If you are flying into NYC for a gold coast visit, maybe not.

  40. I’m probably going to fly into Laguardia. I know I’ll have to spend the night because I live in the middle of nowhere and will have to connect once.

  41. Interviewer: Whats your biggest weakness?

    Making really tasteless jokes about your mom.

  42. I see Hotspur is taking on some pro bonobo work again.

  43. I can get along with pizza and chardonnay.

  44. H2 Job Hunting Theater:

    Interviewer: Can you name your greatest weakness?

    CA: I say what’s on my mind.

    Interviewer: I don’t think that is necessarily a weakness.

    CA: I don’t give a shit what you think.


  45. Hahahahahahaha.

  46. Laguardia – nice neighborhood.

  47. jam2, what are you making the gabion for?

  48. Seeing Trump stand side by side the frog fag is quite a contrast.

  49. LOL

    “the victory stays a victory, unlike last time…”

    Take that, Chocolate Jesus.

  50. Won’t that fiberglass repair job prevent the tortoise’s shell from expanding as he ages and grows?

  51. The rest of the shell might interpret that as a scar and just grow accordingly.

  52. When I read down it said he was fortunate the turtle was full grown or nearly so since it was one and done. He should have used camo fiberglass.

  53. “The vets ask people to be aware that if they see a turtle with a cracked shell, it’s best if they seek their assistance. In this case, it seems that the turtle was fully grown, so it was ok to leave it with the fiberglass. But if the turtle is still growing, it’s best to change its cast and apply a new one from time to time.”

  54. Good to know.

  55. Makes sense.
    I read far enough to see the vet thought it would fall off eventually, or would’ve done a more stylish job.

  56. *updates turtle first aid notebook

  57. I would have just made soup.

  58. I would have just made soup

    Heh. That was my initial thought.
    “Wouldn’t that give the soup an odd flavor?”

  59. I would have mailed it to Mitch McConnell.

  60. turtle is pretty good soup.

  61. “I know I’ll have to spend the night because I live in the middle of nowhere”

    It’s a little state. You can’t be more than an hour away, so let us know if you want to go out for fish sticks.

  62. I look forward to the future day when turtle shell repair involves cermet and optional dorsal-mounted ordinance.

    Swamp ‘gators wouldn’t know what hit ’em.

  63. Hotspur – retaining wall The drop off behind my shop is steep. The erosion is problematic for me maintaining access. So I’m gonna try stabilizing it with gabions. The worst that will happen is I’ll have fill at the bottom in baskets.

  64. It’s a little state. You can’t be more than an hour away, so let us know if you want to go out for fish sticks.
    I’ll keep you posted. Should hear back by tomorrow or Monday.

  65. So, anyone take a mental health day off?


    Uh huh, right.

  66. Usually when I hear “mental health day” I’ve learned to translate it as “if I have to be around you idiots today I will wind up on the police blotter”.

    Generally a sign of someone on their way out, often under their own power.

  67. If there is a medical reason for a mental health day, no problem at all!

    My experience is that mental health day = I used up all my vacation already.

  68. Is a “mental health” day anything like an “I’d better get my ass out of here before I fuck someone up” Day?

    I’ve taken a couple of afternoons off on account of that.

  69. Me and bro cav are simpatico.

  70. I’m assuming CNN doesn’t offer mental health days off. Otherwise they’d have a test pattern on the air most days of the week.

  71. We’re fucking doomed.

  72. Wow. F5 could be my friend.

  73. Apparently, your only friend…

  74. I’ve been trying to go outside to get something done today, but it’s just brutal out there. I can barely stand it for minutes at a time.
    It hit 97° today (as bad yesterday, and more of the same tomorrow). Even the dog refuses to go out ! He looks at me like “I’ll just hold, man”

  75. I just take it as a sign you probably had something better to do. Or at least more useful. Or you were taking a nap. Or reading random wikipedia pages. Or…

  76. Parker’s job as a software developer for Olark, a live-chat platform based in Ann Arbor, can get hectic sometimes and Parker, who told CNN she suffers from chronic anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, knew she needed a break.

    There are dozens of these programs, and I’ve never heard of this one, so she’s likely not got much runway before layoffs. WTF was her trauma? Did someone look at her funny?

  77. “Mental health” day = “eye health” day (I just can’t see myself coming in to work)

    One of the senior engineers (a subject matter expert who’s well-respected) got into it with a new boss. He has been working on a master’s degree on his own time and his own dime. Last class (1.5 hours Tuesdays and Thursdays) is during working hours. He has plenty of vacation time and sick days saved up, including days that he has to use this year or lose them. He told the boss what he wanted time off for, and she denied it. Now there’s nothing going on like the rocket can’t launch until he does his job, and he even offered to work late or on weekends if something did come up. Answer was still no, so he filed a union grievance. She lost, of course. Now he’s planning on retiring, and he doesn’t give a shit if there’s someone trained to take his place or not. Very, very short-sighted on her part.

  78. I just take it as a sign you probably had something better to do

    Does binge watching Bonanza count as “something better?”

  79. Send some rain in our direction. Things be roasted.

  80. Now he’s planning on retiring, and he doesn’t give a shit if there’s someone trained to take his place or not. Very, very short-sighted on her part.

    My experience has been that managers who treat their people like Interchangable parts seem to have to replace those parts on a pretty regular basis.

  81. I’m watching the radar and storms are developing immediately south of us while moving south. Rats.

  82. One of the senior engineers (a subject matter expert who’s well-respected) got into it with a new boss.

    Why do they always hire new bosses who don’t have people skills, management skills, or don’t know shit?

  83. Beasn, they promote engineers into management positions. Engineers are generally poor at people skills, and I include myself in that generalization. (No offense, Leon and Geoff.)

    And I hate to say this, but I’ve only had one female boss who was any good. She was focused on results and didn’t micro-manage. The last one would pepper me with questions about my health in the ladies room, and I hate people talking to me when I’m trying to pee.

    It probably would have been better to have hired someone from the outside.

  84. Being good with people, or at least good at reading them, has helped my engineering career immensely.

    I have not had a good female boss. All of them have played favorites and held grudges. This is an anecdote, not data, but most people – not just men – nod when I say this.

  85. LOL

    Georgie Snuffleupagus’s wife says he may be 5′-7″, but he’s 6′-7″ in bed.

    She was overheard saying, “He can’t reach the bottom, but he bangs the hell out of the sides.”

  86. That’s a major frustration for me as a hospital employed guy. Very little input into the hiring and firing. We have dead weight that just drags the whole practice along and we can’t reward good performance with bonuses like I used to in private practice. Talented people who leave because they’re going nowhere fast have zero chance of being rehired when a new opportunity arises.

  87. In my many years of business I’ve experienced several instances of women playing the Crying Game when I’ve talked to them about performance or judgment issues. I don’t raise my voice, I don’t call names, I don’t abuse. I just try to point out the problem and try to get to what to do to fix it.

    The Crying Game is a weapon many women use.

    It’s bullshit.

  88. Georgie Snuffleupagus’s wife says he may be 5′-7″, but he’s 6′-7″ in bed.
    She was overheard saying, “He can’t reach the bottom, but he bangs the hell out of the sides.”

    So, he’s hung like a tuna can?

  89. Guys like George can tongue punch the fart box while both he and the woman are standing up.

  90. Or he and the man for that matter.

  91. “Tongue Punch the Fart Box” is easily Carly Simon’s most underrated album.

  92. God willing, I hope after I move on from current employment I never have to work for a female boss again. Or at least if I do it’s one who doesn’t act like she’s your mom.

  93. Heh. Mini-me’s high school is hosting a back-to-school event for parents. Heavy hors d’oeuvres, cash bar, DJ with a rap-sounding name, outside in August in Alabama, all for $40/person. I’ll pass, thanks.

  94. it’s one who doesn’t act like she’s your mom.

    Slutty or all up in your bidness? Either way, yes.

  95. Headed west to look at 3 pieces of land and a house at about 4am.

  96. Good luck Alex and Leon.

  97. The Crying Game is a weapon many women use.

    It’s bullshit.

    What do you MEAN? /starts crying

  98. Headed west to look at 3 pieces of land and a house at about 4am

    This a recon mission?

  99. Because … I sometimes leave Mooses out at night. Just saying.

    Beside, you guys just need to ask, and you can live in the basement. With Scott.

  100. I have to get up early myself. Ethan has a doc appointment at 7:40 am on the other side of town (trying to avoid traffic).

    I have a very big day tomorrow. Oye.

    /gets another beer

    so. What’s everyone up to?

  101. Did I tell you about Ethan’s PT appointment today? He finally got in – 12 weeks post-op.

    The Pt person said his recovery is right on schedule as if he’d had PT.

    /blink blink

    “Then why am I here?”

    His mobility is doing great and aside from the expected weakness he’s fine. He has a bit of swelling but that could be because he went on a three mile run yesterday AMA.

  102. My iPad gets here tomorrow.

    /clears deck

  103. God I hate you all so very much.

  104. This a recon mission?

    Sort of. I’ve got one house to look at in Watervliet, but it’s been on the market for 300 days and the price seems really low, so I’m sure it’s garbage. The rest is just land with varying amounts cleared/tillable. I found 18.6 acres near Three Rivers that I’m really excited about, asking price is only $65k.

  105. Interview went well. Two hours with the CEO and some project managers, and then lunch with one of the junior project managers. They liked my resume, my experience, my education, and the fact that I was articulate and able to write well.

    One of the economists introduced himself in Japanese and I responded in Japanese, and I think it impressed him.

    Plus, the office is located across the street from the community center where tango lessons are held, about two blocks from Gold’s Gym, and four blocks from a martial arts studio that has a wrestling class. And it’s Santa Barbara, so MJ would be busy smashing his way across the city with all the cute girls in sun-dresses that I saw.

  106. Carin, if my family weren’t there, we’d already be neighbors. But mom and dad are old and I want Possum to remember them through her own eyes and not just mine.

  107. That’s awesome, Alex, I hope you get a good offer.

  108. Leon, would you consider building a second house on the property for your parents as they get older?

  109. CoAlex,

    Awesome. I really hope it works out so I can have someone to party with in LA!

    Damn, you’re going to swimming in chicks!

  110. Don’t settle, play it cool.

  111. Definitely. If we end up staying here I’d planned to buy out my neighbor’s house with that intent, so it seems like a no-brainer if I have more land. If I like the house tomorrow (on ten acres with access to fiber internet), our plan is to live there long enough to build out the horse barn, fencing, and add a second house, then we move to that house and I either use the first for business or we invite my mother-in-law or my folks to live there.

    If we buy bare land I’m hoping to start with house plus pole barn/stables, then add a greenhouse and another smaller guest house.

  112. The goal is to have enough land and infrastructure ready that if I need to, I can live as a farmer or market gardener within 10 years, as well as take care of the family if I need to. I think my mother-in-law would jump at the chance to live on our property if we offered, and it would be a real relief for my wife to have on-site babysitting with grandma.

  113. Time to sleep, up in 6 hours.

  114. Two hours exploring USS Texas. About 95F, 90% humidity. Hot, sweaty, but a really interesting ship.

    Aggiesprite says hi.

  115. How many Aggies are there?

  116. Xbad is in Houston?
    Where about? I have tomorrow off, after a dentist visit.

  117. One of the economists introduced himself in Japanese and I responded in Japanese, and I think it impressed him.

    I hope your response was Japanese for, “Why are you speaking Japanese, when we are in the USA?”

  118. He asked about the specials.

  119. Economist: (in Japanese) Hello, I am Dr. Fuyo Nagaki, head of Department of Economy at ***. I am interested in learning about you and if we might be good coworkers some day.

    Colex: (in Japanese) Yes, I’ll take the #8, the #4, and the #12 specials, with extra sake and seaweed salad.

  120. I asked how much for a pair of used panties.

  121. A bearded white dude in a Gothic Lolita outfit is definitely a bold choice…

  122. One of the economists introduced himself in Japanese and I responded in Japanese, and I think it impressed him.

    Yes, saying “Baka” to the interviewer always impresses them.

  123. Let me guess – you broke out singing that ’80s song by The Vapors?

  124. Xbad is in Houston?

    My apologies, sir.

    I’m in San Antonio.
    Day trip to USS Texas/San Jac.

    Didn’t think about you until Aggie pointed out your office on the way home. We should have invited you.

  125. Like painted kites, those days and nights they went flyin’ by
    The derp was new beneath a blue umbrella sky
    Then softer than a piper man, one day it called to you
    I lost you, I lost you to the summer wind

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