MMM 281: Am I moving?

None of you care, but I need some content so I’m going to write a little.  In any given moment, I can easily talk myself into it or out of it.  The biggest consideration is work.  There aren’t as many backup plans if I move over there, I’m basically all in on my current job or some sort of gig work of the same nature for as long as I can maintain it.  Next is community.  I have a network here thanks to my parish and former colleagues, people I can ask for help or advice, trade favors with, etc.  OTOH, most of my nuclear and extended family is over there.  I’m also eager to get away from my neighbors and not share a driveway or pond with another household.  Plus, we’re out of room in this house.  Me working from home puts us down one bedroom.  One more lucky pregnancy and we’d have to move anyhow.  I’ll miss a lot about this place if we go.

Okay, on to what you’re expecting.

There are things to like about crossfit.  Okay, one thing.


Pullups are a great exercise.


Dirty girl.


I was reading about glute activation the other day, and things like this actually work better than squats for developing strength in the booty.




Same story here with glute activation.  Also, why a tattoo there?  Looks painful.


More glowing.


Excellent hamstring development.


Smart glasses and clear heels is a strange combo.


And with that, we conclude the poat poation of the poat.  Feliz Lunes.


  1. leon a perfect score today – not a single person with an XX complement; the dude with the clear heels at least tried tho

  2. Enroute to America’s Hat for 2 weeks, I’ll be commenting sparsely and posting not at all.

    Y’all take care of yourselves.

    Leon, I know it is a tough call to pack up and move, I’ve been without close family proximity and little to no local contacts for more than 3 years now so perhaps I’m not the best source of advice. That being said, we are closer as a family because of the moves, but it is hard when you are not sure where you belong.

  3. any shared property with a neighbor is sketchy – and if the neighbors suck it’s a nightmare.

    more land is a plus imo – so moving is a win win

  4. safe travels pup –
    be sure to talk a lot about how great socialized medicine is and how awesome it must be to have a neighbor that shoulders your entire defense bill so that that portion of the gdp doesn’t have to be wasted on icky guns and stuff

  5. Yeah, we won’t be downsizing land at all. It’ll either be a little larger or a lot larger. I think most of my real resistance is the process itself. If I could go to sleep in one house and wake up in the other one with all my stuff moved AND all my accounts/relationships updated to the new one, I’d be a lot more gung-ho.

  6. He’s running a fucking circular saw at 817am.

    Fuck it, we’re gone.

  7. My neighbors are pretty quiet (we’re probably the noisy ones). Plus, when Oschi sneaks over there, the lady brings her back.

    wakey wakye.

  8. Just think – if you moved up here, I could help with the homeschooling bs …

  9. You should move. You get used to it after a half dozen times or so.

  10. Car in, I’d love to live closer to you, but my family is to the west. Decatur is probably as close as we’ll end up being placed.

  11. MJ, I’ve moved 8 times as an adult, including once every year from 2001 to 2005.

  12. Prison transfers can be rough …..

  13. Or so I’ve heard.

  14. I gave your mom a rough prison transfer IYKWIM

  15. I lol’d in the OR yesterday when the CRNA was talking about the kid going to sleep. The kid was okay until they got in the room and then starting asking for mom all anxious like. She got the kid to sleep pronto as a result. Later when telling the story she then held up a syringe of medicine and said “I got your mom right here”. One push of the syringe and it was goodnight.

  16. confused on gender – cover your hellbender

  17. save the Vaquita – backdoor your bonita

    A program of the Center for Biological Diversity
    Human population growth and overconsumption are at the root of our most pressing environmental issues, including the species extinction crisis, habitat loss and climate change. To save wildlife and wild places, we use creative media and public outreach to raise awareness about runaway human population growth and unsustainable consumption — and their close link to the endangerment of other species.

    you fuqin’ breeders are to blame for the loss of dinosaurs

  19. Are we doing the meatface at Carin’s?

  20. So what you’re saying is that you’re good at it, leon.

    I’ll pack your flamethrower for you.

  21. before you finish and snore – shield your stegosaur

  22. [ ] Black Lives Matter

    [x] Your Mom

  23. I didn’t know hamstrings could do that…

  24. Are we doing the meatface at Carin’s?

    That’s the plan.

  25. I’ll pack your flamethrower for you.

    Flamethrower? What flamethrower? I’ve got a busted scuba tank and a pressure-washer nozzle. Oh, and this propane burner.

  26. [ ] Should Leon move?

    [x] Your mom.

  27. Looking at Buchanan house at 1230 tomorrow.

  28. Dude, that’s out in the fucking sticks. Only thing it’s missing is a lake called Wobegone.

  29. I grew up 20 minutes away from there. The lake was called “Barron”.

  30. Comment by Hotspur on July 10, 2017 10:12 am
    [ ] Black Lives Matter
    [x] Your Mom



    That’s about as much as I care for the the black lives matter movement.

  31. [. ] black lives matter

    [x] vomit

  32. Finally.

    Reason I no longer need a car.

  33. Tomorrow:

    Finalize Ethan’s summer online course (he did not do well in math this year – the hospital bs didn’t help)

    Ann Arbor – erin Ortho.

    Today I’m recovering from staining my deck all yesterday.

  34. I will be half an hour from the nearest Meijer. That’s sort of panic-inducing.

  35. Leon has more positions on moving than Hotspur has had on your mom.

  36. OK, missing GF ‘found.’ Her phone is malfunctioning and she doesn’t know anybody’s phone number by heart to call us and let us know she’s not dead for a couple days.

    Modern times.

    After she didn’t answer the phone at her work, I left a message at her voicemail and Scott and I headed out to check on her house. Shortly after we got home, she apparently did an internet search to find Scott’s work phone, and called that line to let me know everything was fine.

    Write a few phone numbers down, people.

  37. Some people just don’t like to talk on the phone.


  38. Kids are so ducking fumb these days.

    My grandson who just turned 19 went through a three year program where you go your last two years of high school plus one additional year, and you graduate with an associate’s degree. That’s the smart part.

    He’s never been motivated to get a driver’s license, so he doesn’t have one. That’s the dumb part.

    He now wants to look into an electrician apprenticeship. I’ll do what I can for him, but at the apprenticeship school website under requirements: “Possess and maintain a valid Drivers License.”

    Oops. Crash course in driver’s ed.

  39. If you live in US but not in a big metro, it is indeed dumb to not have a DL. One of my kids, not even 10, is already getting impatient that he can’t drive yet.

  40. Well, he does live in a metro area with public transit, and school was close enough to bike to. But I told him 3 years ago, “Get your license. You don’t have to drive, but you’ll have it if you need to. Plus – ID.”

  41. No license at 19?

    We had unkind words for such “men” when I was that age.

  42. Pupster
    You have been away from family for 3 years. I have been away for 23 years.
    A couple of cousins I am not close to, and you goofballs are the only family I have on this side of the planet.

  43. I mean, what if your girlfriend wants to go on a road trip. Are you going to make her do all of the driving.

    Priorities, man.

  44. When I got to UM, though, having a car meant you suddenly had a lot of friends. Parking was so scarce that almost no one brought one.

  45. His sister, on the other hand, turns 16 in October and she is champing at the bit to get her license. She has a permit, and drives everywhere with my daughter. She’s trying to sweet talk Granddad into giving her my Mini Cooper.

  46. Tushar, I’ve been away from home for almost as long, moved out at 18, only lived there since then for a few summers and about 11 months while I tried to be a Hoosier. I just want Possum to know Grammy and Grampy and her aunt and uncle.

  47. He now wants to look into an electrician apprenticeship. I’ll do what I can for him, but at the apprenticeship school website under requirements: “Possess and maintain a valid Drivers License.”

    Oops. Crash course in driver’s ed.

    Eh, once you’re 18 you don’t have to take all those expensive stupid classes. You pass the test, you take the driving test. The drivers ed stuff is a racket.

  48. My class was free. Did that change along with the stupid graduated license thing?

  49. i’ve been teaching my daughter how to drive for the last couple of years – she’s 13
    i let her drive the truck around at the farm, she wants to race her mom this summer
    three of the things to teach kids early are swimming, shooting, and driving

  50. Yes. It’s $$ no. I want to say the first course is $230 or so? Maybe less. The second is $100 I think. Then you pay for the driving test.

  51. You pass the test, you take the driving test.

    Well, that’s reassuring. How many times can you retake the test if you don’t pass?

  52. I can’t imagine a tenneage boy not being excited about driving.
    Hell, my cousin taught me to drive his van on the farm when I was 10.
    I was at the DMV getting my learner’s permit the day I turned 15 and 8 months.
    Took a (free) summer school driver Ed class and was at DMV getting my license the day I got my certificate.

    My 19 yr old nephew is starting college, and still hasn’t bothered showing any interest in getting his. Mama takes him wherever he wants to go…

  53. Segment 1 is $270.

    And it’s really mostly bullshit. Segment 2 is the worst. They watch movies the whole time. The state of michigan requires they take so many “hours” of classtime . It’s stupid.

    I assume you can just keep taking it until you pass.

    Here is a good review sheet for taking the one test:

  54. They give out a booklet “what every driver should know” at the Sec of State. I think it’s all in there.

  55. The girls are outside weeding the garden outside the apartment, which became a jungle. Grandma came out to help and gushed ‘Ooo, I used to love doing this!’

    She’s as happy as a clam.

    *The girls have been instructed to leave the milk weeds alone. Milkweeds finally took root in my garden!! WoOT!* They better keep grandma away from them.

  56. I mean, what if your girlfriend wants to go on a road trip. Are you going to make her do all of the driving.

    Priorities, man.

    I see guys all the time being driven around by their girlfriends. I laugh and laugh, until I remember that women are apparently ok with that.

  57. I am on a fucking ROLL today of accomplishment.

  58. Similarly, Alex, I marvel at the young metrosexual eunuchs who without fail let the girl pick up the tab at bars and restaurants.

    I have a standing bet with one of the bartenders at Casey’s. A couple will be sitting at the bar. If I think he’ll pay I wink left, otherwise I wink right. I’ve scored a lot of chardonnay with her.

  59. Speaking of chardonnay. I have significantly cut back my consumption – one or two glasses per day max. I’ve lost nine pounds in ten days.

  60. You’re more than welcome to come get something accomplished around here, Car in.

    I haven’t even had the energy to get the clothes off the line today.
    Wore myself out yesterday working in the sun and drinking beer. But I got most of the landscape rocks back in place, some of which weigh over 100lbs.
    (They tend to sink, so I move them, fill in with wood chips, then replace)

  61. Can anyone name one thing our government is actually good at?

    I cannot think of a single thing.

  62. They’re pretty adept at farking up damn near every aspect of our lives…

  63. heh, around these parts driving practice was done in a field.

    I wasn’t allowed to drive the automatic until I mastered the clutch.

  64. Hmm, shouldn’t you use rock for that, chi?

  65. Car in, why don’t you go get us some coffee, then?

  66. Similarly, Alex, I marvel at the young metrosexual eunuchs who without fail let the girl pick up the tab at bars and restaurants.

    I’ve had a date insist on paying for her meal, or picking up part of the cost of the date (I paid for the movie tickets, she bought a shared frozen yogurt afterwards). A lot of younger women have been brainwashed into believing that if a guy pays for dinner and drinks, that means he thinks he’s entitled to sex. Others just don’t want to be seen as mooching, especially if they aren’t really into a guy.

  67. I’m more than willing to let Mrs. Jay pay every time.

    It’s all from the same well, but it makes me feel special.

  68. Well, fuck. I drove into campus only to discover that I left half of the sources for my paper back at home.

  69. Probably, Jay.
    But they would just sink, too. I’m only about 10ft above sea level with a very shallow water table. The chips break down and turn to soil quickly enough.
    Besides, I have a few tons on hand (I let a buddy dump a huge trailer full – for a fee).

  70. Crash course in driver’s ed.

    I see what you did there.

  71. Mr. RFH and Mini-me met some distant cousins in Germany. One is Mini-me’s age and was quite jealous that Mini-me already has her driver’s license. Cousin will have to wait until she’s 18 and spend upwards of $2K.

  72. There were a couple of Norwegians going through a motorcycle rider course while here as students. Apparently it’s 3000 euros in Norway, while here it’s only $300.

  73. It was like $100 when I took it here at a community college.

  74. Do you feel like you have to put out afterward, Jay?

  75. Jay’s a manwhore. He’s easier than your mom during Fleet Week.

  76. I’ve had sex with every woman who ever bought me dinner. Married both of them, too.

  77. Wait, no, the first one never paid. Why did I feel so obligated?

    Ugh, younger me was a dumbass.

  78. Pupster
    You have been away from family for 3 years. I have been away for 23 years.

    Yeah, well…they will never love you the way we do.

  79. A Hostage’s love is a special kind of love…

  80. A Hostage’s love is a special kind of love…

    …that antibiotics can’t cure.

  81. Penelope always pays. I make the knives, people hand her the money. I never see it. She seems happy with this system.

  82. My mother-in-law fell and probably broke her wrist. Penelope took her to the emergency room and they are waiting for triage. 8 other falls today, no idea what happened. I blame disco.

  83. Apparently the tour group did stop at McDonalds but only to buy coffee and use the (free) bathrooms.

  84. I made more toothpaste, finally.

  85. We went to McDonald’s in Paris for coffee. I ordered in German, I figure they’re used to that sort of thing.

  86. Guten soir, um…Hostagios?

  87. Talk American!

  88. In a show of solidarity with Leon, I bought another pair of cargo shorts at the thrift store today. This way I can throw out a pair of my old Flintstone rags.

  89. Your mom enjoys wearing my cargo shorts on her head.

  90. Ate at a McDonald’s in Austria just to order a burger with a draft beer. After hearing that tale my boy tells the story about how Jim ordered a beer at McDonald’s at least a half dozen times a year.

  91. I’ve probably mentioned this here before, but one day years ago, I was looking at McDonald’s websites from around the world to see what their menus were like. A lot of them have local variations on the stuff you’d expect–India has many of the same burgers, for example, but they’re all made with chicken–plus regional stuff you wouldn’t find here, like pita wraps and such. But the one thing they all seem to have, no matter where you go in the world is the Filet-O-Fish. Same bun, same piece of fried fish, same square of yellow-orange cheez.

  92. Who’s Jim?

  93. ” one day years ago, I was looking at McDonald’s websites from around the world to see what their menus were like.”

    How can your heart take the excitement?

  94. Yeah, but doo that all have diet dr. pepper?

  95. How can your heart take the excitement?

    I know, right? I mean, I’m not exactly a young man anymore. I had to spend several hours in deep meditation and controlled breathing exercises afterward.

  96. Yeah, but doo that all have diet dr. pepper?

    I don’t remember looking at the beverages. There’s a decent chance I was still drinking when I did this.

  97. I am really thankful my kids are good travellers, try new foods, and don’t do selfies every 8 minutes. (This is why they start with dumb phones.)

  98. “fish fillet – draft beer – flintstone rags, medication(sp), … blah blah blah
    monday at your moms

  99. Pepe, any update on your MIL?

  100. She’s probably with Hotspur.

  101. You can get Spam and Portuguese Sausage at Honolulu McDonalds. Rice as a breakfast side. No Loco Mocos though

  102. I bet they probably put ham & pineapple on the big Macs in Hawaii.

  103. Roamie, her wrist is definitely broken. They put it in a splint and referred her to an orthopedist in Albuquerque. They have to call for an appointment tomorrow morning. The bad thing is she’s allergic to painkillers. She can’t take anything but Tylenol, so it’s going to be a rough couple of days.

  104. Sorry, Pepe. 🙏🏻

  105. I’m home everyone!

  106. Chi, nope. You can get 🌶 on a Hawaiian Pizza though. 🌶🍕🍍

  107. Green chile on Burgers in NM McDonalds. Five Guys…nope.

  108. Green chile on Burgers in NM McDonalds. Five Guys…nope

    That’s sounds awesome.
    But, I can get eggs Benedict with soft shelled crabs in VA, so there’s that.

  109. I doubt in Mickey D’s, though.
    I haven’t actually eaten in one in many years.

  110. Dollar menu. Close to work. When you only get 30 minutes for lunch, choices are limited

  111. Oh, I’m not a fast food snob – I just hate McDs. I can handle a whopper now & then, Sonic makes the best ff burger around here though.
    Besides, I prefer whatever small local joint is nearby – depends on where I’m working.
    Burgers, tacos, hot dogs, whatever. Heck – I’ve even invented a Subway sammich that is pretty decent.

  112. Local bar Burgers…MMMM.

  113. I pissed Dan off by wrinkling my nose at his menu suggestions. At this point, I don’t fucking care. I’ll be begging at cousin campsite cooking before I eat Hotel microwave food. Dan booked hotel room close to campsite for the week. I might have wifi

  114. There should be a McDs nearby. And you might get to take an actual shower!

  115. If you derp me, I’ll go crazy
    If you derp me, I’ll go crazy
    ‘Cause I love you, love you
    Oh, I love you too much

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