Sunday Poat

Leon linked to Alton Brown’s announcement, so I thought I’d link to this. I’m just gonna sit here and geek out for a minute. Maybe after that I’ll hit the gym.  I could try crossfit.

Meanwhile, I want to try this girl’s lemon curd. Here’s a better video of her saying something that doesn’t strike me as important.  She also has an Instagram account, because of course she does.  In it, she posts mostly tasteful, artistic landscapes as well as occasional pictures of her muffins.

Archer cocktails.

Some music for your weekend.


  1. No sleeves. I haven’t even put on a shirt yet.

  2. That MegaBake was friggin’ awesome. I love me some AB. I sure hope that was an announcement of a return.

    And yes, I’d like to sample Emma’s goodies.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. Okay, time to get moving if I want coffee before church.

  5. Rabbit is taunting me.

    He knows when I am armed.

  6. Dispatched another of the mini fat bastards last night. That’s three.

    *looks up average woodchuck brood number*

  7. Scott’s frustrated that I’ve seen the woodchucks twice and he hasn’t seen them.

  8. The groundhog is also a valuable game animal and is considered a difficult sport when hunted in a fair manner.

    So, would shooting them out a second story window be deemed a fair manner?

    Asking for a friend.

  9. I’ve seen what they can do to a garden in one day, so it sounds fair to me.

  10. Something is eating my basil and pepper leaves. High enough up that it almost has to be bugs, but I can’t be sure.

  11. I’d bet caterpillars, Leon.

  12. Why is the PBC better than green egg type grilled?

  13. Grill

  14. You guys have two hours

  15. Hotspur, any idea of where their burrow is?

    The Fat Bastard tunnel complex keeps attracting new generations.
    I need to fill it, but it’s buried behind 10 feet of forsythia.

  16. It’s not better. It’s different.

  17. PBC is low maintenance. Set it up, then forget it for a while. I think you have to monitor the green egg more closely. I just like to eat, however, not actually cook.

  18. PBC – is $500 cheaper
    – very easy to use
    – cooks a ton of food at once

    BGE – you can smoke at 225 degrees or cook pizza at 600 degrees
    – it’s a grill, but it’s also an oven

    You need both, plus a gas grill for rainy days.

  19. I’ve used both a PBC and a Weber gas grill with a smoker box (thanks Scott) and for me the PBC was easier. Just get the charcoal going for a bit, hang your meat and drink a beer or three while you’re waiting for delicious meat

  20. The Green Egg stuff seems expensive compared to a nice Weber, but I’ve never cooked in one to know if it is worth it or not.

  21. “You guys have two hours”

    MOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Ca r in is threatening us again!!!

  22. PBC is very portable.

    BGE is over 150 lbs.

    Big Green Egg is also a cult. (they got Andy)

  23. Your mom is very portable AND over 150 lbs.

  24. The property next to us has a very thick hedgerow. That’s where they run when spooked. When I’ve gotten the last of the lot, I’ll investigate. The idea is to lure them to our succulent clover. Then blammo.

  25. With all the excitement yesterday I was late watering my flowers in the Africa heat. That kilt the hanging plant on the end.

  26. Neither one can be set up for two zone cooking.

  27. Leon, the japanese beetles are just coming out now. I would suspect them. They suddenly appeared on my new raspberry plant. :(

    And they like to chew right on the tippy tops of plants first.

    I need to walk around with my jar of hot soapy water and knock them off things now. Usually if I can kill the very first groups of screwing beetles that emerge, I am bothered very little the rest of the season.

  28. Re: the smell of new housemates…….I was a hound dog in a previous life. I am very sensitive to smells. I know when someone was in my house when I was out. I know when my husband eats out for lunch SYWM. I can’t do scented candles as strong scents give me headaches.

    My in-laws don’t smell moldy………..*cocks head to the side as I listen to them yell at each other – HA!*……just different from my managed smells of clean.

    OT – Went down there last night and they’re both sitting in the dark. Wth? To me, that is a safety issue.
    me – “Why are you guys sitting in the dark? Are you mushrooms?” I turned on the light. And then told them all about the LEDs I have installed throughout their apartment. (no, they will not be paying us rent).

  29. Told the husband that last part and he remarks, ” And so it begins.”

  30. Zone 2 –

  31. Scott and I discussed it, and probably the most versatile grill out there is just the big Weber kettle, with the divider insert for 2-zone cooking and smoking. You can slow roast, you can quick sear, really do pretty much everything.

  32. Fire hose both of them. Toss a cup of shampoo on them. Burn their clothes. Hand them disposable clothes daily.*
    Yes, much like the Nazies, but stink free.

    Um, they came here as displaced persons because of that war. Soviet camps weren’t much fun.

    *just mentioning some history – I didn’t take mare’s statement personally as I know she’s good people*

  33. PBC is awesome for a lot of things but it is not designed for searing steaks crusty browned. The top grate doesn’t get hot like that, it’s more designed for long bakes instead.

    I’m making steaks today, and I’m using our little Weber smoky joe kettle, with the charcoal piled up almost to the grates. Meathead’s ‘skinny steak’ method. Perfect every time.

  34. Is that all the cooking a sous vide steak gets?

  35. Harvested a nice batch of Roma tomatoes this week. I’m trying to remember how Mom made that tomato Cucumber onion salad… I think it was just oil & vinegar with some Italian seasoning thrown in?

  36. Chi, my MiL makes a nice tomato salad and only adds oil to tomatoes, red onion, and bell pepper. Salt to taste.


  38. We have a webber kettle grill. We also have a huge honking smoker.

    The Green egg thing intriques pat because of it’s pizza making ability. Plus, I’m thinking it may be easier to smoke with the green egg- regulate the temperature.

  39. Yes to both of those, Car in. It just takes a while to learn how to control the temperature.

  40. Hi got the cheapest home depot offset smoker/grill for my birthday last year and I love it. I can use it as a grill, but mainly slow smoke everything.
    With practice, I learned to regulate temps, and can keep it between 180 & 220 without much effort.

    The egg is interesting, but too pricey for me. This thing was $89.

  41. That’s just the searing of the steak.

    First you cook it in a 125 degree bath for a day or so.

  42. Thanks beasn.
    Mom happened to call – she just used vinegar diluted with a touch of water, a sprinkle of Italian seasoning.
    I think I’ll do olive oil & red wine vinegar with seasoning. Basically, a vinaigrette.


    Look at the customer comments. People love this thing. Weighs a lot less than the BGE, does everything a BGE does, less $$. The BGE is wrecking our patio bricks. They’re upended from the weight of the BGE legs.

  44. Egg makes awesome pizza. The dome browns the top of the pizza. Regular grills don’t do that. I wonder if the Akorn reflects heat down the same way. Gonna search the comments for ‘pizza’.

  45. One thing I didn’t like about the Akorn when I saw it in person, is the cooking grate. It’s got a nice feature where the center opens so you can add charcoal during a long cook, but it’s all made of thin, flimsy cast iron. The one in our store was cracked and broken, right in the showroom. Just replace it with a round stainless steel grate off the rack. They sell ones with a hinged center.

  46. The egg converts to gas too …

  47. They’re selling a knockoff Green egg at Home depot with 10% off right now.

    But yes, it is heavy.

    Pat’s wanted to make a pizza oven for ages, so this would be cheaper than that.

  48. I’m going to try and get some neem oil for my leaves I think. No hot peppers ready yet to be turned into spray. Going to have to make some of that out of the trinidad scorps this year.

  49. Wife and I are seriously considering making this place a rental property, then selling it when it’s paid off so we have a nice retirement meat egg. Belleville is expanding a lot right now, we might make out nicely in 15 years or so.

  50. Time to go into the pond and cut them all down by hand. I hope the fish don’t eat me.

  51. I have an abundance of 1-2″ cigar butts you can use to create a nicotine solution to poison your bugs.

    Rather than mailing my cigar butts the alternative would be to buy a cheap bag of loose tobacco.

  52. 3 days of call. Day #1 and #2: nothing

    Day #3….3 cases so far today

  53. Holy shit, that was a joke, beasnsnsn. And I specifically asterisked it as such.

    On the other hand older people can be afraid of the shower/bath because of the slipping aspect. They usually don’t wash enough especially their hair. And managing a lot of laundry is just hard work for older people. Just getting around is hard.

    Getting older is hard work.

  54. “It’s this version”

    I need one of those.

  55. 10-2

  56. You think it looks like an improvement?

  57. The only problem is searing, though right? Because we’ve grown mighty found of our steaks done on a cast iron skillet anyway …

    Plus, we have that stupid super hot grill thing too.

    We’d like to move that outside.

  58. Four.

  59. I have the Akorn Kamado. Grate is not flimsy. I have made pretty good ribs and pork butt. Trying to work up the courage for a brisket. Maybe before Rocketboy goes back to school.

  60. I shared my searing method at 11:55.

    It’s nice being able to sear the fatty sides.

  61. I have been looking at houses to 1 keep my car away from idiots, and 2 have a grill! I miss grilling/smoking.
    It looks like I can buy more house for my money in Sarasota than in Houston, I am considering moving back.

  62. I hope all y’alls went to church today like good Christians.

  63. But, but, sometimes the explanation is another sin!

    Stingy priest.

  64. I would love to do what Meathead does, and do side-by-side tests of all the various grills out there.

    Also, if I had his kind of life and occupation, we would have a covered open air outdoor kitchen, with chimneys. And hire someone to come by every Spring and evict all the spiders.

  65. I’ll take care of the spiders.

  66. You give an explanation if you want counseling and the line behind you isn’t long. If it’s Advent or Lent and the CEOs are bunched up behind you, you pare it down to name and number.

  67. Oregon is going to decriminalize hard drugs. Oh boy, this should be fun.

  68. CEOs?

  69. Typical Sunday. Wife tried to throw chores at me, but I just chilled.

  70. HotBride asked me if we should get one of those cantilevered umbrellas for the deck. I said I didn’t like them. So she brings one home Friday. *rolls eyes*

    I set it up today, and when she went out to look at it she said she didn’t like it. *rolls eyes*

    I set it up in four different places and the last one she liked. It’s held down by four paving blocks that weigh about 50 lbs each. *rolls eyes*

  71. I had to get up at 6 both days this weekend. No wait. It was 5 today.


    I can’t wait until the baby comes so I can sleep in and do nothing but play with him, drink beer, and have fun.

  72. BTW Hotspur, I got one of those from IKEA last year and its very clever and useful. Looks nice too.

  73. Hot dogs (Hebrew National) & baked beans getting ready to go on the grill.
    And we’ll have some tomato/cucumber salad to go with.

    My landscape crew (which consists of my nerd buddy Mike and my minpin) is out there mowing my 10,000sf front lawn with his electric mower now. Dragging around 200′ of extension cord…
    I’ve been running my cheap ass ryobi 18v weedeater and throwing mulch down. It’s friggin’ hot out there!

  74. CEO = Christmas and Easter Only

  75. Ah. I forget who called them submarine Catholics, they only surface twice a year.

  76. You know who had one of the best outdoor kitchens ever?


    Only hung out there once, but he smoked a prime rib and Cathy made pie. They had a pizza oven but I’m not sure I had every seen or heard of anything like that before.

    Such nice people.

  77. You guys are killing me. I have to go to church all the time now because of the baby.

    Getting him christened is kind of a big deal, or so I’ve been informed.

    I wouldn’t really care but there’s no where around here for a nice brunch. And by nice I mean with giant bloody marys.

  78. This umbrella came from IKEA – HotBride’s home away from home.

  79. I have to go to church all the time now because of the baby.


  80. CEO = Christmas and Easter Only


    My folks called them A&P Catholics. They only came for the free stuff, ashes and palms.

  81. Pups, that link is one of my all time favorites.

  82. MJ, in a couple of sentences it’s impossible to express its importance, but PLEASE give your sweet child religion. You already know that those who don’t have religion make bullshit their religion. Encourage the belief in God. That He’s in charge, the 10 commandments are divine in every way (watch Dennis Prager’s video on the 10 Commandments it’s brilliant) and that relativism is of the devil.

    It’s your job, don’t screw it up. We don’t need another lefty with “The Climate” as religion.

  83. Greetings, heat beaters, meat heaters, and…you get the idea.

  84. MJ, in a couple of sentences it’s impossible to express its importance, but PLEASE give your sweet child religion. You already know that those who don’t have religion make bullshit their religion. Encourage the belief in God. That He’s in charge, the 10 commandments are divine in every way (watch Dennis Prager’s video on the 10 Commandments it’s brilliant) and that relativism is of the devil.
    Thanks Mare. We’re pretty sure its going to be Catholic school for him.

    I know I could have used the structure and GND is pretty sure it turned her into a decent person.

  85. You’ll love Catholic school if it’s a good one, MJ.

    (((Hugs))) to both of you!

  86. Plus, crusading is a plausible career path for the early 21st century.

  87. I am, of course, dealing mostly with a sample of people who have issues, to say the least, but the main effect Catholic school seems to have had on most of the people I know was to drive them away from the Church. And in some instances from God.

    Food for thought.

  88. How do you know the baby is going to be Catholic?

  89. >>How do you know the baby is going to be Catholic?

    You can only know when the holy water breaks.

  90. Perhaps it’s displaying an affinity for Boston’s sports teams.

  91. A lot of my adult friends at church went to Catholic school. My parish currently lacks a school, though, so there’s a very active homeschooling community.

  92. How do you know the baby is going to be Catholic?

    He’s already being oppressed by the English?

  93. Comment by mare on July 9, 2017 7:45 pm

    You’ll love Catholic school if it’s a good one, MJ.

    Plus he can get a discount on a schoolgirl uniform for GND.

  94. How do you know the baby is going to be Catholic?

    GND gets cravings for a Filet-O-Fish every Friday.

  95. Felt-O-Fish

  96. Comment by scott on July 9, 2017 8:45 pm


    Isn’t that Jewish?

  97. My husband went to Catholic school K-12. (One of the nicest people you will ever meet.) As did many of his friends he still hangs out with. All good people. Only one divorced but that was his ex-wife’s idea because she got a boob job and started boinking her boss. All either finished college and got good jobs or went into business for themselves. Most still go to church do good things for various charities and their community. Not a one is a commie pinko who lurves Liberation Theology and Big Brother.

    And…they got a very good education.

    Something I noticed when I taught parochial school before having my kids. Our kids performed better than most public schoolers on standardized tests – math, reading, etc. Stuff like multiplication tables and cursive were taught/learned a year earlier than public school. (I taught 1st and 2nd grades. The kids knew their tables x 12 by the time they left my class.)

  98. Oh and new housemate update.

    The husband, his brother, and their daughters, went up to the farm to drop off furniture that does not fit in the new apartment.

    On their way back, a half hour out, they called my MiL to tell her to take the medicine out of the fridge. My FiL answers the phone and tells them that he had fallen but he’ll tell mother to take out the meds.

    Please note that I am home upstairs and had gone down earlier to take them the milk and cantaloupe I had picked up for them at the store. Told them to holler if they needed anything.

    They get home and the girls walk by me saying, “Did you know grandpa fell earlier?”

    “Wut? Earlier? When earlier?”

    We go downstairs and there he is laying on the floor with a pillow tucked under his head!!! AND NEITHER ONE OF THEM HOLLERED FOR ME!

    He had been laying there for one hour!! Apparently he tried to help my MiL clean up after supper and went down. The man is high risk for falls he is soo wobbly and has to used his walker to get around. You can’t use a walker and carry a dish at the same time.

    me – “Why didn’t you call for me?”

    her – “I didn’t want to bother you.”

    me – “BUT THAT IS WHY YOU ARE HERE. If something happens we are here to help! If *your son* isn’t here, I can go get a neighbor to help me.”


  99. Did the W’s move here?

  100. Beasn, argh.

    I had something similar happen with Mr. RFH’s dad. He clogged the toilet but couldn’t find Mr. RFH to help him with it, so he let it go until water was running into the A/C vent and dripping into the laundry room in the basement. I’M RIGHT HERE.

  101. Moving into someone else’s house involves a lot of uncomfortable transitions, for all parties. When it comes to old people, patience and repetition are key. These old folks are not going to give themselves permission to act the way you want them to, for a long time.

  102. Oso: Have you noticed all the midgets in the Club this weekend?
    Dan: You work every weekend. Fin

  103. Found 2 houses we’re going to try and look at this week. One in Decatur on 5+ acres, one in Buchanan on 25+ acres. No barn at either one, so that’s a wrinkle.

  104. Sick burn, Dan. Sick burn.

  105. Whenever I move into someone else’s house I am very quiet.

  106. That’s true. Nobody ever knows he’s there.

  107. Phones don’t work in Kit Carson National Forest. I’ll be tech free from Wed-Sat. Pray for Mojo. Simpson’d

  108. Car in never knew I was there.

    She thought she had a groundhog.

  109. Roamy..ugh! Not looking forward to toilet mishaps and I know they’re going to happen. Oh yes they will.

    It may be our house, but it is their apartment. MiL was hesitant about bringing pictures to hang on the wall because ‘beasn might not want them on the wall’. SiL had to remind her whose apartment it was.

    MiL said they didn’t call me because ‘what could beasn do? She can’t pick him up.’. But I could assess the situation and call 911 if I had to or maneuver him to a wall, tell him to put his feet against it as I hefted him up from behind. Or go get a neighbor. Eesh.

    She hates people in her space, so I’m being a good neighbor and only put my head down there twice today. Looks like I’m going to have to check on them frequently. I’m betting it won’t be long before I’m down there cooking in their beautiful new kitchen (which I love btw and wish I had those cabinets).

  110. Hang in there, Oso! Bring a pad and paper and write all the stuff you would be telling us about if you were online.

  111. If you moved in our basement, scott, you better be noisy. Don’t make me come down there.

  112. Last week I was rummaging around our garage looking for something, turned around and some young guy selling home improvements was standing there.
    “Holy Shit, you scared me!”

    He’s lucky I didn’t find my garden implement and that he wasn’t closer. Dude woulda got shishkabob’d. Ninja reflexes get super springy if I’m taken by surprise.

  113. At least I got them to turn on the lights. Had to appeal to their cheap side. ‘LEDs don’t cost nothing’. Noticed they were on as watered a plant back there a few minutes ago.

  114. The campground has bats, lizards, and snakes. I think we’re taking our Weber and our Lodge Hibachi. Breaking in our Lodge Dutch Oven. Barbless Historic Trout stream. Catch and release. My favorite Marine has arranged for his mom to watch his kids. He’s setting up the zip line and has already challenged me to a game of Hearts.

  115. Hang in there, Oso! Bring a pad and paper and write all the stuff you would be telling us about if you were online.

    It’ll be like a modern-day Walden, but with more abbreviations and complaints about someone named Dan.

  116. Side note about parochial schools…..the priests at my husband’s Catholic high school were Marianists. Be very wary of Jesuits which I’m convinced have gone heretic as in Presbyterian USA wacko. They are lefty.
    Francis is ‘Jesus isn’t the only way’, Liberation Theology is okey dokey, absolve the criminal pederasts, Jesuit. First Jesuit Pope, I believe.

  117. DON’T EAT THE BATS!!! Or we’ll have to spray for ebola.

  118. It’ll be like a modern-day Walden, but with more abbreviations and complaints about someone named Dan.

    Squirrels like to steal bibles.

  119. Car in never knew I was there.

    She thought she had a groundhog.

    I knew it was you. But Lauraw took such good care of my garden, I just pretended not to notice.

  120. “It’ll be like a modern-day Walden, but with more abbreviations and complaints about someone named Dan.”

    Crazy Bears’ Pond – A Treatise
    by Oso loco

  121. good luck breaking in your dutch oven oso

  122. btw you should definitely grill some of those trout –
    they’ve been caught enough times that they are past due for the plate

  123. good luck breaking in your dutch oven oso

    There’s a joke about buttsex in there somewhere.

  124. How much booze does Oso need for 4 days without social media? Dan is refusing to make Bloody Mary’s. No blue cheese for my steak. Chips and salsa instead of potato salad or Paula Deen onions.

  125. That’s total bullshit. You should threaten to cook something.

  126. Lauraw, we all know that isn’t happening! They don’t have microwaves in the forest!

  127. It’s just a threat! Use a lighter and the only roll of toilet paper! Game over,you win!

  128. Ooooh, I love the way you think! Threaten the TP!

  129. Yeah, and that’s why camping sucks, kids.Your tender, civilized bunghole can easily be held hostage to the whims of a wild woman who will burn your only Charmin to get her potato salad.

    And the next store is hours away.

  130. Truth!!! Our Federal campgrounds actually have pretty nice restrooms. I’ll have to burn lots of TP!

  131. Dan isn’t taking my camp shower!!! I’m actually expected to “Camp”

  132. *pictures oso swishing around in an ascot, singing showtunes*

  133. Oh, never mind. Different kind of “Camp.”

  134. I can sing show tunes!!! *Channels Ethel Merman

  135. One of my Dr cousins is taking out Dan’s stitches on the camping trip. Dan will be wearing goofy hats from here to eternity. OMG have you ever talked to a dermatologist about sun screen and UV shade? Our Kelty has a 50 UV rating. Pretty sure Dan’s Stoopid hat has a 100% nerd rating. Amirite?

  136. He wears a fedora?

  137. Bucket hat. I dream about fedoras

  138. Oh Lord.
    At least tell me it’s a Kangol…

  139. Comment by osoloco11 on July 10, 2017 1:16 am

    Bucket hat. I dream about fedoras

    Does he have matching socks and sandals?

  140. Socks and Crocs!!! No Kangol. Bucket hat from an Angels game and an ABC store gem from Hawaii. Drunken Gilligan. Talked him into a safari hat. Steve Irwin. He’s worn it twice

  141. At least the ogle worthy ladies shopping today were over 18. Not sure how I feel about 20 something co-workers coercing Dan to the Club floor to check out chicas. 20 something co-workers ask me to check out chicks for them.

  142. A broken God, from a musty world
    Sweetly derp touched an onyx girl
    His prison bars were very hard to clean
    Whatever happened to the Teenage Dream?

  143. Oso is the straight lesbian wing woman.

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