MMM 280: Slowest work day of the year

Well, for those of us who actually work, it’ll likely be a painful crunch as we try to get things accomplished while 60% of the staff is officially out and 20% are just keeping their desks/cubicles/booths filled until they feel like they can duck out.

I had a weird dream.


No, it didn’t look anything like that, it was about moving/replacing part of my fence that the idiotic former owners put across the property line.  Neighbor says he’s building a garage and the two things might end up too close together.  Time to build a privacy fence on that side or just sell the place.

Thick and monochrome.


Meanwhile, at Jazzercise.


Posed for a back shot, photographer crouched.


That’s quite a braid.


I should practice this before it becomes too dangerous.


I count 4 ribs.


Leg warmers over heels is weird.


No birthing hips here at all.


Good pose, but I have no idea what she looks like.


Have a great day.  I’m off of coffee for at least a little while until I get my sleep back on track, so the next few days of withdrawal won’t be fun.


  1. First!

  2. WordPress is being a bitch to me today.
    Keeps disappearing my login and ‘post comment’ button.

    MJ’s ONT at Mothership last night was really good.

    shit, shit, shit.

    My turn tonight.

    Guess I’ll just post pictures of cakes.

  3. just kidding…but if anybody wants to slip me some goofy links it would be helpful. I’m going to be studying most of the day.

  4. for laura:

  5. crap – i forgot the embed bs

  6. leon – do you mind fixing that for me….

  7. for lauraw2:



  10. we should get this one for mj –

  11. Thanks! leon

  12. concrete ballast for cantilever went in with no issues – i’ve got it back-filled and the decking done: gazebo layout today.

  13. NP, busy reading a malware article elsewhere on the same machine.

  14. wakey wakey

  15. How many doubles today?

  16. Just the horrible double yesterday. I work tonight, tomorrow night, wednesday night, friday night and Saturday morning.

    I’m going to be a mean bitch by then.

  17. Re the last picture – does it really matter what she looks like?

  18. I care, Alice. She’s a human being and stuff, not just a hot body.

    Plus she might have buck teeth and crazy eyes.

  19. Damn, but I’m lazy today.
    I just ordered biscuits & gravy + eggs (sunny up) to be delivered for breakfast.

  20. Delivered?

  21. Delivered. $8.
    There’s a little joint right around the corner that delivers.
    Hot dogs, BBQ, sammiches (they make a mean chicken salad). Their breakfast is pretty good – I’ve been getting the ribeye, egg & cheese on a bagel on the way to work lately.

  22. One more cuppa and I have to motivate.

  23. Holidays are just grand.


  24. You know, I’m not feeling very generous today. I think asshats who hate Amurica, it’s founding, it’s history – shouldn’t be having any sort of celebration /days off. They need to work. No 5-day holiday. No fancy desserts. You’re celebrating oppression, people. Get to work. Chop chop.

  25. Ricardo Grande decided to come visit again. Going to go see if the owner is out wandering around with a rope looking for him.

  26. Im greatly entertained by the media’s collective whinery about being Trump Trolled. This is some funny shit.

    @ Car In….No “fancy desserts”?… are cruel and inhumane madam

  27. Couldn’t find the owner out on the road, so I got him a bucket of water and a little grain to pass the time. I’m sure he’ll be along to collect him at some point, and if not: free horse!

  28. *stops clicking on Jam’s links*

  29. Is it just a guy thing to leave behind a mountain of mess and the need to touch-up wall dinks, pencil marks, and assorted holes during any construction project?

    Asking, for a friend.

  30. Grilled 64 hot dogs yesterday – 4 brands. 3 from the NYT top ten (what the fuck do those assholes know about hot dogs?).

    Anyway, hands down favorite was my personal favorite (not on the NYT list) Koegel’s Viennas.

    Cleaning up the plastic plates, cans, bottles, fireworks canisters, etc.

    Gonna be a relaxed day.

  31. I have a paper and presentation due in 10 and a half hours that I couldn’t work on this weekend because I left the data on a school computer. Today’s going to be fun.

  32. Alex needs a montage. Or some meth. Or a meth montage.

  33. How many liberal douchebags ate those hot dogs Hotspur?

    I demand they stop celebrating the founding of the worst country in the world.

  34. A MONTAGE!!!!

    I actually don’t think it will be too bad. The professor’s notes from my first status report were pretty happy with my work, so I just have to make some quick changes and add in some other data that I found over the weekend.

  35. Apparently Justice Kennedy will retire, instead of hoping for Trump to be impeached or defeated.
    Right now we have the following breakup:
    Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch are reliably conservative.
    Bryer, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and Kagan are reliable assholes.
    Roberts and Kennedy are swing votes.
    If Kennedy retires, Trump will nominate another conservative, and we will be back to having a balanced court, instead of current court that is tilted a bit.
    We will need Ginsberg to get promoted to have a truly conservative court. I would also like to wish Bryer a healthy and lng retirement.
    I also think that unless Thomas is feeling particularly healthy, he should consider stepping down while we still have Presidency and senate.

  36. You know who else likes four different kinds of wiener at once?

  37. I had no idea there were so many brands of hot dogs. I almost never buy them to bring home.
    If I do, it’s only my face Hebrew National, or on the rare occasion that I find them, Sabrett.

  38. Everyone agreed that the Hebrew National dogs are way too salty.

    They’re on the NYT list because – joos.

  39. Tushar, where do you read about Kennedy?

    If he announces his retirement, the left will lose it’s collective shit. It will be fun to watch.


    I wonder how Leon’s trannies would do in this contest.

  41. Alex, he did not announce. He told his 2018 law clerk applicants not to bother, because he is retiring.

  42. OK, I found the NPR article.

    2018 is going to be fun.

  43. Trump should nominate a quarter first, as a joke.

  44. […] blog of the day is The H2, with a post on the slowest workday of the […]

  45. I may have found some property closer to my folks. Waiting to hear from the listing agent.

  46. Braid girl is cute.

    Happy 3rd of July, everyone!!!

  47. So Whose turn is it to write an obituary for this poat?


  49. You just did.

  50. Well, I thought you had, but then Tushar came along and rooned it.

  51. 97 degrees; 8% humidity. MA and I were being bums and napping all morning. Dan keeps experimenting with chilled salads. Last night was a bacon, peas, and red onion salad. Might have had a few other things. Oh yeah, it had peanuts. Pretty good. Mmmm…bacon.

  52. Today just feels weird….Im outta my rhythm week wise, got no clue what the fuck Im supposed to do with one day off, seems like a waste Kinda…..then yer mom showed up and everything was ok again.

  53. I had to restrain myself from making a “Your mom” comment at work yesterday. It nearly killed me.


  55. Comment by Tushar on July 3, 2017 4:02 pm

    The otter was waiting for a bass line.

  56. I had to restrain myself from making a “Your mom” comment at work yesterday. It nearly killed me.

    Just let it fly. What’s the worst that can happen.

  57. Just let it fly. What’s the worst that can happen.

    Hold my beer…

  58. Scott’s link had HMB in the comments/description. My fav new acro

  59. [junk image link?]

  60. Somebody delete that shit at 552. TYIA.

  61. Done.

  62. Weird day at work. So many practices are closed for the holidays that it was bizarro time all day long. Still managed to laugh through it all.

  63. Laughter is the best medicine! FU Readers Digest. Wait, FU vaccinators

  64. Not a bad day for you n minute s of bargain hunting. Picked up a food dehydrator for $3 at the thrift store (and some nice O’Neill & Colbia shorts), then hit the new Indian (dot not feather) convenience store. I’m loving the place!

  65. I got my new knife today! Wasn’t expecting it until Friday. Amazon prime is pretty damn awesome. For those interested in it, it is a Nakiri Hocho made of Shirogami steel.

  66. Autocucumber obviously has it out for me.
    I would like to meet the man that invented it in a dark alley…

  67. New knife? Not from Pepe?

  68. If you buy a Pepe knife and don’t make it a safe queen or church knife you’ve got more money than sense

  69. “Safe Queen” sounds like a comic book character created to promote condom use in the gay community.

  70. I think Marvel had a 4 issue series called “Safe Queen”…

  71. Since I use all my knives, I boughted this one from some company called Honmamon in Japan. Where they probably use Filipino slave labor to make them.

  72. My hands still smell like Braunschweiger.

  73. I’ve smelt worse.

  74. Not a fan of Braunschweiger

  75. Smelt smells worse.

  76. I don’t even with anything fishy

  77. Oso, we just started the Big Salad Days of Summer here too.

    *high five*

    I’m also restarting Keto tomorrow.

    *sad trombone*

    Well, Keto with mods. I’m going to pickle and eat these scrumptious beets from the garden.

  78. Mmmm…beets

  79. This Friday’s BBF is dedicated to MJ, who is stepping in for the last three weeks of July whilst I travel in Canada Canada for realz.

  80. The HQ is pretty lame about MJ. Trying to find his gender. Pfft. MJ is a felt American midget.

  81. I’m strictly eating keto until the potatoes and pumpkins are ready.

  82. The HQ is pretty lame about MJ.

    Heaven forbid any of them should just come here and inquire.

  83. He even gave them a link to the HQ.

  84. I meant the H2. Derp

  85. Our Big Salad Days are challenged by my allergies and food sensitivities.

  86. Dan has to update most recipes to accommodate me.

  87. MJs Sherman=Trump is gaining traction. Atlanta

  88. If anyone wants the real scoop on MJ, email me.

  89. Nobody wants that.

  90. Waiting for Lauraws ONT. Praying that no Jam links made it through

  91. Leon, your Jarrahdales are making big growth. One of them has a leaf that must be sixteen inches across. It’s on the compost mound that sprouted only two plants. I’m excited! There’s another four Jarrahs on another mound.

    They have a great big backyard to conquer.

  92. I found a video that Mare will love when she gets out of prison.

  93. After a week and a half on painkillers, I think I’m finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel….

    Hope everyone has a great 4th of July tomorrow!

  94. Painkillers v 20$

  95. Discuss

  96. Link Scott, link!!

  97. Mare, are you still in Hawaii?

  98. Dan has never watched 1776

  99. Scott!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  100. I’ve never watched it, either.

  101. Whut????

  102. Awesome Laura, mine are about the same size, though I’ve got about 2 dozen plants. Last year the vines went to about 30′ or so, shaded out enough the yard to save me a few minutes of mowing here and there. I’m planning to go out and trim all the greenery around the mound tomorrow so they can start spreading.

  103. I haven’t seen it or done time. Two things I intend to remedy.

  104. I saw 1776 with this guy as John Adams-

    He made an impression on me, I remembered him when I heard his voice as KITT on Night Rider.

  105. I saw it as a live play at Marrietta College, Scott’s alma mater. I was just a pup at the time.

  106. The thing to do, Jimbro, is to pick a fight on the first day to earn respect.

  107. Well, that video gave me a number of heart “episodes.”


  108. Got home on the 1st after a red eye.

  109. What is 1776?

  110. I’ve got those now. I catch Possum a lot.

  111. “Aplomb”

  112. Et tu J’ames?

  113. What is 1776?

    888 times two, J’Ames.

  114. Still at work. Fucking tired.

  115. The original Brexit.

  116. Good thing it’s not an actual double.

  117. It’s very late, but I hate all of you so very much. You needed to know.

  118. Fucking tired can be fun. Especially in the morning.
    Just sayin’

  119. That’s what your mom said, chi.

  120. I say we randomly call MJ throughout the night. Get him used to the late night wakeups.

    You’re welcome.

  121. Happy Fourth, hostages.
    (Bourbon shots are on me. It’s cheap stuff, but it gets the job done)

  122. Put mine in a glass. I don’t want it if it’s been on you.

  123. Make mine a Diet Dr Pepper, Chi.

    Also in a glass.

  124. I almost feel welcome here now – J-Ames used the “your mom” line on me.
    *wipes tear from eye*

  125. Make mine a Diet Dr Pepper, Chi

    I will forevermore refer to you as Lil Sweet, Sean. The Sweet One.

  126. Don’t ever reuse pyrotechnics.


  128. Yes, yes. I can see where this would be problematic. Perhaps you should switch genres?

  129. I’m sure we’ve had Emily’s knockers featured in a BBF before…right? Does it count as “work” if we post previously published cheesecake photos of her? Probably not. Free advertising then.

  130. Good ONT lauraw. Just one thing, after being up all night, when is it safe to drift off to sleep?

  131. So I took that sausage wrangler Hotspur’s advice and bought the first Ben Coes novel on kindle.

    Impressive page-turning drama! Reading about Bath Iron Works being blown to bits by a terrorist bomb was disturbing but the nasty Arabs got it in the end.

    I took a risk and got the whole series on my kindle. I rarely pay full price for kindle books but this time I made an exception j

  132. Ignore the dangling “j”. It’s not a secret code but rather the product of fat fingers reaching for the Post Comment button on my iPad with the keyboard still displayed.

    *pours more coffee

  133. Give me a few, and I’ll have a new poat up.

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