Hello astronauts, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model was born June 23rd, 1996 in Jihlava, Czech Republic.  She stands 5’6″, 34DD-23-34 and 110lbs.  Please step-up and welcome, Miss Marketa Pechova!  (AKA Cikita Pechová, Cikita, Chikita, Chiquita, Marketa P., Magdalene, Cecilia, Cheyenne, Tchikita, Janine, Karina Myerson, Destiny Scott).


  1. Why the long face?

  2. #preemptive

  3. Last fall, the Democratic candidate Rodney Stooksbury in GA06 earned 124,917 votes against Tom Price, even though he appears to have been Nancy Pelosi’s imaginary friend. There’s no photos of him, and he spent no money.

    Ossoff got 24 fewer votes than the imaginary guy.

    This is where I’m really thankful the jungle primary split up the vote enough that Ossoff didn’t win the first round.

  4. She seems nice.


  5. Morning Roamy, how’s the knee?

  6. Knee is doing pretty well, thanks for asking. I’m done with formal PT, though I still have exercises to do every day. I got a T-shirt from the therapist for “graduation”. Going down stairs is still iffy, and the knee is a fine barometer when there’s a tropical depression moving in.

  7. One of my retired machine shop guys passed away Wednesday. Rocketboy remembered meeting him and still has the P-51 Mustang book my friend gave him that day. That made me feel a little better.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. How many days till QOTSA?

  10. Downstairs backward is the way to go when your knees are dodgy. I had to do it for a week once when running almost wrecked my left one.

  11. Or – just don’t go upstairs to begin with!

  12. New episode of Mountain Men!

  13. A lot jimbro.

    They started their tour in New York by Niagara Falls – but their new ablum doesn’t drop until Aug 25th . I see them in October.

  14. Or – just don’t go upstairs to begin with!

    Move to a bungalow.

  15. Nice tits pup!

  16. Why is c a rin’s pic embedded in amongst teh bbf’s

  17. Wild Beaver Saloon is now on the docket. …. I fully expect to meet MJ there.

  18. After years of being a contractor, my knees (and hips) are pretty shot. Too much crawling through attics, crawlspaces & tiling floors. Not to mention up and down ladders all day.

    I thought working for a friend painting would be easier on my body. What’s the first thing she wanted me to do? Paint the baseboards. Yep – back down on my knees.
    At least I’m all ready to pray for relief!

  19. And thank you for your kind and flattering words Pup!

  20. JEWSTIN!!!! Wake up ya little bastidge! I’m almost to Cheyenne.

  21. Ok – pressing on

  22. 6/10 would smash. Second to last picture convinced me.

  23. I have returned from KC.

    It is hot, flat, and very nice.

    KC is the Dana Perino of cities.

  24. MJ are you anywhere near Indy ?

  25. Ann

  26. Nippleless

  27. I’m about 3 hours South of Indy. Are you stopping by?

  28. She does have big’uns.

  29. Who was that Thermadin dude last night? Why did you guys let him off without asking “questions”?

  30. I might be able to. … it’ll be s timing issue – I could head home from Denver via i70

  31. Well, let me know. I’ll be here all this week and next.

  32. Ok

  33. Hotntot – thermadore stops by every once ina while – I think he/she has already been IFF’d re: teh b-whip capacity.

  34. I smell a fucking rat.

    It is the responsibility of all vessels, regardless of who has the right of way to avoid a collision. Even if the container ship was on autopilot, the destroyer is equally at fault for not avoiding the collision.

    For the Navy, investigators are trying to determine why the ship’s radar and other sensors did not detect the Crystal in time to take steps to avoid the collision.

    Because nobody was manning them you fucking retards. The Navy will not disclose its findings, when it is determined that the crew was negligent.

  35. Probably pitching and catching in the head.

  36. Read this article all the way to the end. It is delicious.

  37. “Probably pitching and catching in the head.” —

  38. Y’all are pretty thorough with the bullwhip question it seems.
    I feel better knowing that wasnt something exclusive to ME.

  39. I repurposed the “keto chocolate cake” recipe to make cheesecake.

    Results will be published here first, then at the recipe site if successful.

  40. My beef supplier tells me that this is the last cow, his parents are downsizing the dairy operation.

    Time to sort out where my red meat is coming from next year.

  41. Lol

  42. Did you ever post the chocolate cake recipe?

  43. I posted the link to it here in the comments, along with the Freedom Units translation, but not to the recipes site yet.

  44. It was a perfect complement for keto ice cream.

  45. So far the cheesecake is looking to need some refinement. Still a little too soft after half an hour of baking. Might just need more oven time.

  46. I’m about to get fucked and fucked hard. And not in the good way.

    They *really* think I’m going to work a bar double – open to close – by myself tomorrow.

    They can go fuck themselves. I’m THIS CLOSE to quitting.

  47. cheesecake takes a while.

    I could become a baker.

  48. Leon, you could get red meat up by me. Score the beef and a visit all in one.

  49. Do you know a grassfed beef farmer?

  50. Yes.

  51. Why would a farmer eat grass if he has beef cattle right there?

  52. Maybe he likes it.

  53. Prices seem reasonable. I’ll look into that next Spring.

  54. Plus … you get to visit me!

  55. Isn’t cheesecake already pretty close to keto? Eggs and cheese, plus vanilla and a crust of nuts. The only issue is sweetener since you can’t use sugar.

  56. If you quit Carin make it soon so you can enjoy the summer. The worst would be stewing over it for too long and —whoosh— summer’s gone!

  57. Alex, I was mostly wondering if the recipe I had would work as a cheesecake filling if I swapped cream cheese for the chocolate and butter.

  58. The owner is an ass. You get ZERO for helping them out of a jam.

  59. What’s the first thing she wanted me to do? Paint the baseboards. Yep – back down on my knees.

    I have learned to sit on the floor and scoot. Next time I gotta paint that low, I’m getting a skateboard to sit on.
    Setting the kitchen tiles about killed my knees.


    I slept like crap last night and didn’t have the patience today. So we said, ‘FUCK TILE’. All the tile and everything associated with it is going back to the store.

    I finished painting the wall and it’s ready to go for sink/tub/toilet hook-up. Will be heading to Menard’s in a few to check out their six-panel doors and to order a smaller one.

  61. My grandmother was Czech. That makes me 1/2 check which may explain the not big boobs.

  62. check = Czech

  63. Surely there’s a competitor willing to give you a chance.

  64. kneepads beasn, gotta have em. That and a rolling seat.

  65. I don’t think I like how this turned out. Edible and tasty, but not the texture I was hoping for.

  66. Finally! Done for the day. Home, boots or does off and drink in hand. The weekend has officially started at Chez Chi.

  67. I didn’t bring a single hoodie or jacket. Brrrrr

  68. What’s the plan for the weekend? Me: beer. Consumption and manufacture.

  69. What’s the plan for the weekend?

    Your mom.

  70. I am consuming a beer RIGHT NOW with my super salty Grippo’s pretzel loops.

    Your mother is going to stop by later for a good shagging.

  71. We had our company picnic this afternoon, and I am finishing a Corona before I bug out.

    This beer is for fags.

  72. Did you fruit your beer? *sideeyes Wiserbud

  73. Going to mow the back yard before it rains again.

  74. I am bottling a fruited beer, oso (passion fruit, lilikoi kepolo avery clone)

  75. I had a pineapple Hefe the other day. Yummy. Apricot IPA…mmmm. Blueberry hefe with real blueberries. I’m a chica, so not ghey and ok to fruit the beer.

  76. Still ghey

  77. Fruiting beer is only ghey when guys fruit non Messican beers.

  78. Autocucumber keeps changing ghey to ghetto

  79. Lady on the radio….” Colorado’s weather is drunk again.”

  80. I bring rain whenever I travel

  81. I’m sitting in fucking bumper to bumper traffic on interstate 25 son of a bitch

  82. I just crested a small hill and I think I could see into tomorrow and it’s bumper-to-bumper all the way there

  83. 6/10 would smash. Second to last picture convinced me.

    *opens MJ smash/nosmash xls file*

    *scrolls down to 6/23, inserts checkmark on smash side of axis*

    *recalculates data*

    Yep, sorry MJ…you’re still queer.

  84. I just passed over big Johnson river he must’ve been a midget

  85. Yep, sorry MJ…you’re still queer.
    Pretty sure that’s a hate crime, pupster. I’m a protected class of muppet and all of you right wing fascist nazi right wingers can die in a carbon offset fire!

  86. Heh, this Corgi has between 6 to 8 legs.

  87. Forgot to wish the BBF a happy birthday!

  88. I need a Dorgi!!!!

  89. Hi, idiots.

    Nice to see that we’ve set aside the “at least her face is nice to look at… kinda” spec so we can just focus on the big, pendulous, albeit unattractive bewbs…

    To be honest, I prefer the empty-headed stare to the fugly…

    But y’all be y’all….

  90. Harsh! She isn’t vacantly dusting anything!

  91. Hey, it’s not Kerry Marie.

  92. XBrad has a moment of silence…

  93. Any updates from TiFW?

  94. Roamy,
    I’ll bet those cop-cars are sitting low in the back…

    How’s the weather at your place?

  95. Lawn mowed. Staycation begins… now!

  96. That’s a crime against humanity, Roamy.

  97. Whose turn is it to tell Wiserbud to fuck off?

  98. You’d think breaking that many bottles would bring down a curse on them……..

  99. ChrisP, a tornado front earlier, but seems to have calmed down now.

  100. If one of you would like to firebomb the corporate offices of Frontier Communications and then machine gun any survivors who manage to stagger out, I’d be forever in your debt.

  101. Need moar info Sean…

  102. My internet connection crapped out at about 1:30 this morning and was still down when I left for work. The internet connection here at the office is so bad that it has taken me almost four weeks to download World of Warships. I don’t even bother trying to run the download at home because the WiFi is so awful.

    Fuck those people.

  103. Judging by pic #1 this kid can drive a stick. I’ve always thought that a chick who can drive a stick would be handy to have around. IYKWIMAITYD.

  104. I’m an old man (pervert, sure) – I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of truck it is.
    Judging by the shape of the keys, it’s a ’60s GM product.

  105. World of Warships? You are officially a bigger nerd than XB! 🤓⚓️

  106. I just got home from a date at the Getty Museum. It was fun.

  107. Details, CoAlEx. We needz details

  108. I actually laughed while reading your comments. Way to go, dicks.

  109. Did you and she laugh at the statues’ dicks, Colex?

  110. No, but we did make inappropriate jokes about the Cherubs in a few of the paintings.

  111. Oso,

    She’s a geek girl from Lancaster. She works as a barista at Starbucks. This is our third date. We met up, wandered the museum, ate lunch, and browsed the gift shop. She loves to see the impressionist paintings whenever she visits. Total time spent there was about 6.5 hours.

  112. 6.5 hours at a museum making Impressionism jokes? Keeper

  113. Blerg

  114. Car in, are you ready to WORK ALL WEEKEND?!?!?!

  115. Oso – you guys gonna have a drink at the bar?

  116. You guys all wen to bed an hour before I got home. Guess it’s time to read and prepare for my DAY OF HELL.

  117. I’m still awake, I’m just sitting here reading papers that I have to finish rewriting.

  118. No. I’m not ready to work all weekend. I’m going to probably choke a bitch tomorrow. 12 hour of straight bartending is simply too long. Someone is doing to die.

  119. I’m still at work for another two hours, so you’ve got a leg up on me, C arin.

  120. “Someone is doing to die.”
    Did you Zumba today to get ready to rumble?

  121. Mare, could you pick me up a half dozen of the latest Tori Richards shirts, size L, while you’re in Hawaii? I’ll pay you next Tuesday, or maybe you could just gift them to me. Even better!!!

  122. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling on Netflix. Alison Brie gets topless five minutes in. I don’t care about the rest of the show.

  123. Mmmmmmmmm…Brie.

  124. Sean with the Cheeze ….

  125. I have to go get paid for this week’s work (painting) tomorrow, then have a sit-down to decide if I continue to work for this guy.
    Luckily, I met an electrician today that threatened to hire me on the spot – I made one comment about “back feeding a switch” & he knew I was a qualified electrician.

    Damn, I would be I could afford to retire, though. I truly hate construction and flip house work…

  126. Tonight’s lack of any kind of creative derp brought to you by Frontier Communications–the internet service provider for people who don’t particularly need internet service.

  127. Whatever I’m going to do today, it probably needs to be indoors.

  128. New poat.

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