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Sorry that my promised, and highly anticipated poat is more of an afternoon delight, but I had shit to do.


Mostly, I had to purchase QOTSA Cats fucking in a closet tickets.    And I got AWESOME seats.   Aren’t you all excited?


Whatever bitches.



Moving right along – the promised content. My mother posts a LOT of stuff on facebook.  Links to just ridiculous articles … but I’ll spare you that IQ-bleeding stuff.   Here  is  a sampling of the memes she’s put up in the last 24 hours alone.  Enjoy:



[blink blink]


What exactly is the point there?  She’s NOT an Indian, and it’s a slam on her lying/cultural appropriation.

Moving on.


Ha ha ha … that’s awesome.    Except …. I seem to  remember that the woman YOU WANTED TO CALL MADAM PRESIDENT repeated the line “I don’t recall” about a million times when she was under oath.



Weak sauce.   But if it’s critical of Trump, she’ll share it.



If A and B, then C in this case does not compute.  The problem is that too many women simply lack the ability to think logically. I hope this Claudia chick knows how to make good sammichs.




You know … you’re ON to something here … lets investigate the why of this one!


This is probably the worst of the lot, and was the inspiration for this MARVELOUS poat:



1) The “country” demands no such thing and





Here’s a palate cleanser:



I will be seeing QOTSA Cats fucking in a closet in this marvelous location:



I’ll be in one of those cool boxes between the main floor and the balcony.  So, I don’t really need a panty cannon with a long range, but obviously my ability to arc it will be limited.


Someone – admitted to LOVING the newest QOTSA Cats fucking in a closet album, so here’s a nice little track for all of you.

edit (J’Ames) QOTSA = Queens Of The Stone Age = Cats Fucking In A Closet™


  1. Strike though didn’t work, but you guys get the idea.

  2. This really is the best poat posted so far today.

  3. *needs moar more button


  4. I thought the More button just automatically went in? I have no idea how to fix.

    Where’s our IT guy?

  5. wtfits

  6. http://tinyurl.com/y9vcezya

  7. Ok, I think I fixed everything. Imma gonna go update the helpdesk ticket nao.

  8. Cyn was our IT guy.

  9. Boner-be-gone

  10. I put in a handy glossary at the bottom for everyone that isn’t oso’d.

  11. Chubble.

  12. Maynard pic is great.

    Liberal memes are so stupid they make my head hurt.

  13. Hope you have fun at the concert, Car in!

  14. This is an awesome poat. Beautiful theater, Car in.

  15. The theater is just amazing. WHen I was in high school, they had concerts and what not (I saw U2 there ins 83). Then they redid it – polished everything up … it was always really cool – the architecture and stuff. But when they cleaned it up … it’s just breathtaking. Stuck in time, in a sense, but perfectly rehabbed.

  16. Seriously, the lines of the place – the sweep of it all. the stairways in the front. Really cool.

  17. Poor little poat. Never had a chance.

  18. It’ll pull through. It has to.

  19. Clear! *Zap*

  20. just throw the toaster in the tub with it.

  21. I just had to go buy a new phone today.
    This is my only contact with the outside world.
    I still have no idea how this thing works!

  22. Why are you posting in ideographs, Chi? Is that Chinese?

  23. I thought it was Arabic.

  24. Holy Fucking Shit

  25. RL friend was bitching about ABQ heat wave. Got a text from her hubby in Iraq. XB delivers a total beat down to a weekend warrior in Iraq! WTG XB!!!

  26. Car in, my wonderful, spectacular, beautiful, sumbitch of a wife and I went to see Chicago and the Doobies in concert this past Saturday night. They were fucking awesome. I highly recommend both bands to all hostages.

    It was in an amphitheater rather than a theater though. So…….coool points must be deducted.

  27. Did I mention that she’s fuckin awesome? She doesn’t think so but it doesn’t matter because, I do.

  28. Music is the Doctor, Pendejo. Makes you feel like you want to.

  29. I hear they were shutting stuff down in Phoenix, similar heat wave.

  30. WTF do you do when it’s 127?

  31. Mostly, just sit inside.

    Having said that, my illegal alien landscaping crew was out there all damn day.

  32. Wow, my Cards are playing like a bunch of 7 year old tee ballers.

  33. Hi.

  34. Wow, Decision Desk is powering results at The Blaze and IJR! Doing well, I see!

  35. Our asses got kicked by a 4 mile hike at altitude.

  36. How hot is it?

  37. There are two poats scheduled for Thursday. Jimbro and Alex might want to work that out.

    My freezer quit working, right after I put $400 of groceries in it. Sonofa…

  38. Seems like a funny post from Car in.

    *please clap

  39. Mid 80’s. Hot for here.

  40. We got an alert on Scott’s phone that we lost power for a while a couple days ago. Before we left, I put coins on an ice tray in both of our freezers. Hoping the coins are all still sitting on top of the ice when we get back. The deep freeze especially; it’s loaded with salmon.

  41. All set Roamy. I made mine for the week after. Good eye!

  42. Roamy, thanks for catching that. I just set mine for next Thursday, so we should be deconflicted now!

  43. Is Trump in prison yet and is Hillary president?

    I’ve been pretty busy lately.

  44. Yes, MJ.


  45. It’s like “The Gift of the Magi” with tomorrow’s posts.

    Or “A Comedy of Errors”.

    Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about….

  46. I was going to save this for a funneh poat, but I need to share it now.

  47. Must be the heat at XBrad’s house is affecting my brain.

  48. **reveling in my racism and misogyny**

  49. TiFW, tomorrow is HHD. Hopefully I got that right.

  50. Live fetuses are not the same as decayed bones of people who walked across whatever the f*ck the bridge was called between Russia and my house.

  51. And in response to me hiring a plumber to do my next pap smear….I’ll make sure he’s hawt and tell him he can’t use his hands.

    *waggles eyebrows*

  52. Car in, poat roamie’s Nacho meme to your mom’s wall. Or yours if she blocked you from poating on hers.

  53. Ossoff just got fucked on national television.

  54. MJ, I dreamed a few days ago that I showed up at your door and met your baby. So adorable.

  55. CoAlex, how bad?

  56. Handel’s winning by five points, 52.5% to 47.5%.

  57. *contemplates hailing, decides to perish

  58. MJ should name his baby Shazaam Wil Wheaton.

  59. Somebody help me please.

    I had to buy a new phone today. Now the can’t access my Gmail acct – I don’t remember my password from four years ago…
    Am I totally screwed, or can I get to it?

  60. I edited your comment, CoAlex.

    No likey real name.

  61. Shazaam Wil Wheaton Muppetcrotch

  62. MJ, do you have names picked out yet?

  63. Yeah.

    Leo Matthews.

    Both are family names.

  64. Just kidding.

    Phishtique von Muppetfist

  65. Yeah, but what if its a boy?

  66. I vote for the second one.

    *can’t wait*

  67. Leo-J. (the dash be silent)

  68. lauraw, with our basement build, the lower garden has gotten away from me and it’s a jungle of weeds. What do you recommend to kill them without having me pull them up or spray weed killer. Newspaper/mulch or lay black plastic?

  69. I work with a Leo. I call him Nard.

  70. One time our freezer died right after we put 600 pounds of meat in it……. Your mom would have handled it better…..

  71. The liberal tears are still delicious. How much money did they flush on this election? $25M?

  72. It’s “Nude Hiking Day” in Colorado tomorrow, have fun Scott and Laura.

  73. Not in this sun.

  74. Roamy, I heard $32M.

  75. Beasn, veggie garden or flowers?

  76. Can’t remember if he told us the sex before, but I dreamed MJ’s muppet was a boy.

  77. He could decide to be a girl.

  78. Phistique is going to be an awesome field hockey player.

  79. MJ, sorry about that. I thought your name was known… and a killing word.

    Skip M III, M IV… go right to the black power name MJ-X.

  80. lauraw, it’s just a garden with a couple of bushes, a couple of hydrangeas and some hostas with a stone walking path. Occasionally I may put in some flowers.

  81. Someday, I will tire of all this winning.

    Today is not that day.


  82. Did Etruscans reach Portugal?

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