MMM 278: One more garden

I’ve got 6 big, sprouty sweet potatoes in the pantry, so at some point today I’m planning to get a little cardio by forking up another section of yard, piling in some compost, making a little fence of oak branches, and planting those suckers.  Because that’s an entirely reasonable thing to do when you have sprouty tubers.

Pretty girl, might be a strawberry blonde.


Tasteful B&W abs.


That tag on her shirt makes this feel less arty and posed.


I can’t do this.  Don’t really care, though.


This must be from one of the later seasons of Once Upon a Time after I quit cable.


I find that gloves make most pulling movements much harder than they have to be.


Neither of her hair colors is the real one, but at least they are both actual, human colors for hair.  Way too many women with green and blue hair anymore.  I blame cartoons and the breakdown of Western Civilization.


Too airbrushed-looking.




Must be about to swim after these ball busters or whatever they’re called.


Have a great Monday!

Also, this seems legit:



  1. Airport.

    Two chicks wearing hijobs got pulled out for random screening.

    Still not tired of winning.

  2. wall balls are horrible. wakey wakey

  3. My hands aren’t healed from the tree killing on Saturday, and I have a bunch of other things that are going to pull me away from work today, so the sweet potato bed might wait until tomorrow.

  4. Pic #5 seems unsuccessfully tucked.

  5. I don’t know that I’ll be good for anything today.

    12 hour shift yesterday (fake double). And for SOME reason I woke up at 6:15. ugh. I close tonight, so today is going to be a long horrible day.

  6. the instructors in the background are yelling “BALLS TO THE WALL MEN!!!!!!!!!”

  7. i like dude #1

  8. alrighty –
    off to battle traffic in massatwoshits

  9. Post updated with a cute meme I saw.

  10. “cute”

  11. QOTSA pre-sale tickets tomorrow.

  12. Bet this was exciting.

  13. I have actually seen guys wearing these.

  14. “cute”


  15. I have actually seen guys wearing these.

    I’m not sure if this or the pants-around-the-knees trend is stupider. Either way, I’m okay with dipshits making it harder for themselves to run from cops.

  16. we saw a young wolf yesterday. As far as I know, we haven’t lost any cattle. Really hoping they move on out.

  17. Comment by PepeLp on June 19, 2017 8:15 am
    Bet this was exciting

    I’m sure it was for the coroner.

    And yes, #1 is very cute/passable.

  18. I guess it would be frowned upon to encourage those wolves to migrate via .243?

  19. Every damned time…….

  20. Big fines for shooting them unless you see them actually attacking cattle.

  21. Bet this was exciting.

    Gates like the one pictured in the link are very commonplace in the oilfield. Occasionally a hand will not latch one properly and the swing about halfway closed. Even more occasionally a hand will inattentively drive through that gate and impale that pipe through his grill. If he’s really unlucky it will impale him as well. Darwin and shit.

  22. By gosh, it showed the pic without a link. Learn something new every day.

  23. Boss is blowing off work today, so I don’t get to work or get paid at all.
    But I DO get to work around the house, and more importantly – start watching this dvd I bought over the weekend: season one of The Greatest American Hero.
    (A breakfast beer might be required)

  24. They close interstates with those gates, in Iowa. When the snow is blowing, and the wind comes ripping down the plains. And the waving wheat, can sure smell sweet…

  25. Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…

  26. Best superhero TV show not titled “Automan”.

  27. I hope all the fathers (and everyone else, too, but it ain’t YOUR day, so suck it up) had a great father’s day. This is the first one without mine, and it was a little strange. Mrs. Jay has been estranged from her father for many years before his passing also, so he was kind of her dad too. Yesterday was melancholy, and I didn’t get a lot done.

  28. Is there Islamic specific porn?

    Cuz that would be funny.


  30. There’s porn where “Islamic” girls strip off the hijab and then get railed by men of varying ethnicities. I can’t vouch for the legitimacy thereof, except to note that what I saw of it looked more like southern Indian women than Arabs or Persians.

  31. I wouldn’t click on a link for Islamic porn if you paid me to.
    Now, Indian – especially if it involved Padma Lakshmi – I’d be “curious” at the very least.

  32. Addiction takes you to strange places, Chi, seeking novelty.

    Pro tip: don’t start.

  33. Gender discussion

  34. PG’s pic reminded me of an accident. My grandparents had a friend who was killed in a pipe truck accident in Texas. He and a friend were going fishing early in the morning. They came over a hill and ran right into the back of a semi carrying pipe for an oil field. It broke down and the driver left it in the road with no warnings.

  35. Went on a morning walk/jog/stagger. Best part: seeing animals like elk, and seeing the fresh tracks from the night before. (Saw where the wolf came through on the other side of the mountain from where we saw him yesterday). Worst part: going through all the spider webs across the trails.

  36. Chemistry puzzle

  37. That sounds awesome, Pepe. Where do you live?
    The best part of my morning walk is seeing the hot soccer mom around the corner in her yoga pants.
    The worst part is seeing the very NOT hot soccer mom around the corner in her yoga pants…

  38. The 3 most revealing things in life:

    1) Small Children
    2) Drunk people
    3) Yoga pants

  39. So did anyone watch the “bitchy ex-wife” with her Alex Jones interview last night?

  40. MeAgain is on TV again? Who knew?

  41. she has the “speak to the manager” haircut.

  42. Chi, I live in New Mexico. No hot soccer moms near me.

  43. Saw a comment on another site where MeAgain was described as a”Bobble Head”. In my opinion that fits her to a tee.

  44. Seeing people on a walk? Weird. I mostly see guard dogs at the edge of property lines.

  45. Her haircut is getting more and more lesbian as time goes on.

  46. Way too many women with green and blue hair anymore. I blame cartoons and the breakdown of Western Civilization.

    The secretary at school is forty and wants to dye a streak of blue in her hair. I know another woman IRL who is fifty and wants to do the same. It’s silly. I think they think it’s either empowering, or that it somehow makes them seem younger. Neither is true.

  47. Penelope is considering a blue streak. :) I’m all for it, we are both way too serious, she needs to be a little silly.

  48. My dental hygenist is in her late 40s. Green streak. Looks absurd.

  49. MJ took his interview test

  50. I don’t mind the unnatural hair colors so much. Sometimes it works. It’s the tattoos & face piercings on cute girls that bother me.
    What is it with putting all that shit in your face?

  51. White is the color.

  52. Meh, it’s just a little expression. I too think it works sometimes.

  53. Heh.
    This is easily the best $2.99 I ever spent!
    I think Robert Culp may be at his greatest here. Even better than his Columbo and Rifleman appearances.

  54. Anyone read any of the Gray Man novels? Any good?

  55. Ben Coes new book is due out tomorrow.

  56. First Ben Coes was pretty good. Dewey is tougher than Harvath, but I still think Mitch Rapp would kick his ass.

  57. Saw a preview for American Assassin at the theater this weekend. An October opening, which generally doesn’t bode well for a movie….

  58. I’m sure everyone will be rooting for it’s failure, in Hollyweird.

  59. Why can’t the right ever get anything “right”?

    Some brave people stormed the stage at that disgrace in Central Park over the weekend, and I give them huge credit for it, but the security thugs were able to quickly rush them off the stage.

    Why didn’t the right organize a large enough contingent to shut the fucking thing down like the left does all the time?

    A perfect opportunity to get in their faces and stick it to them, and all it turned out to be was a momentary distraction.

    We’re going to lose this, guys.

  60. Is Ben Coes as good as Harlan Coben?
    That’s the last fiction I got hooked on – Myron Bolitar is a badass, and Win is maybe the best sidekick in history.

  61. Hotspur?

  62. Can’t be me. That morning I was eating out your mom.

  63. Just planted 18 more scallions. Does anyone else do this? I plant the whites so they keep growing new goodness – or am I the only really cheap dude here?

  64. I’ve got a great idea for a poat – I’m going to but the most BLINDINGLY stupid memes my mom posts. The ones that are simply factually wrong, yet it passes for intelligent discourse on their side. These are going to be so stupid, they’re funny.

    I would attack her, but it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

  65. Blue, green, or purple in hair = sign that you are a free-roaming navigational hazard

  66. This is the stupid article she linked today:

  67. Blue hair means you’re friendly, green means neutral, red means you’re hostile.

  68. Garden blog

  69. I would attack her, but it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I would help, but I’m BLOCKED!

  70. LOL. @@. She blocked you? I’m forgetting.

  71. My raised bed planter wasn’t ready when I planted my garlic, so I planted them along the fence line by my apple trees. …, my beautiful bride thought they were weeds so she pulled them up over the weekend – my bottom lip started to quiver when I saw them in a pile on the side walk.

  72. beasn got blocked too. It was a fun day.

  73. There’s more projection in that HuffPo piece than at the multiplex.

  74. She really should know better. She’s got nothing in her quiver to argue with.

  75. Jewstin check your email

  76. I tried growing sweet potatoes in the perfect sandy soil at mom’s house, years ago. But the vines were relentlessly eaten to the ground. Probably woodchucks.

  77. xbrad, the pieces she links are so bad it’s funny. Wait until you see the memes I’m’ picking out.

  78. Just link OccupyDemocrats. Same links.

  79. well there’s laura. scott must be off hunting/gathering.

  80. Hotntot, whatcha up to Wednesday evening?

  81. Wanna hang out with Leon and me?

  82. You’re adopted…

  83. We tired ourselves out on our morning scenic walks, now we’re goofing off at the hotel until dinner.
    Wanted to squeeze in a museum visit, but the only one we want to see is closed until tomorrow.

  84. “Goofing off”

  85. 30 years! Today is our 30th.

    May you all be so blessed and more!

  86. Congratulations!!

    Thirty years, wow.

  87. And she’s only wanted to poison him for a total of three of those years.

  88. Jenga!

  89. Congrats mare!

    Just one question. How can you be married 30 years if you’re only 29?

  90. We tired ourselves out on our morning scenic walks, now we’re goofing off at the hotel until dinner.

    Ya gotta do the Fish Creek Falls hike once you feel like walking again.

  91. We did that this morning, then did a hike at the reservoir.

  92. Wow!
    You’ve kept a man longer that I’ve kept my house!
    Congratulations, mare.

  93. Scott and Laura are going to have the calves of Greek Gods…

  94. I suppose that’s better than if they were going to halve the calves…

  95. 30 years! Today is our 30th.

    May you all be so blessed and more
    What? Blessedly sore? Happy anniversary!

  96. Only if there was a Greek god for being old and out of shape.

    We live at sea level. On this trip we have gained 7-10k feet of elevation for some of these hikes. I know intellectually that this has an effect, but its still distressing how tired we get.

    And the sun is more intense up here too. I feel fine while hiking but afterwards I feel wiped and chilly.

  97. It’s the tattoos & face piercings on cute girls that bother me.
    What is it with putting all that shit in your face?

    I always wonder if it’s stainless steel or if my 4 kilogauss magnet would either suck the piercings out of their face or make ’em do a faceplant into the machine.

  98. Hair color.

    Today the father of one of my infant aged patients came in with red hair. He and his wife are nice people. Obese, polite, respectful, educated hippies. He must be in his late 30’s-early 40’s.

    I had to focus on the baby’s feet to avoid looking at his hair. He looked like The Joker.

  99. One of the things that the left did when it destroyed any standards and norms is to make it harder for people who were a little off to fit in. It used to be that you could observe how to dress, how to act, and fit in. Now, not so much. Instead, people have gone the opposite direction, trying to outdo each other for weirdness.

  100. My new, pathetically-small but longer burning and shorter range flamethrower arrives tomorrow.

  101. I’m picturing Roamy running around with a backpack powered magnetoray that pulls out facial piercings while she laughs evilly.

  102. Joker has green hair. Try Crusty the Clown. Or Bozo.

  103. Thank you Tom. Wrong character. And Joker is a villain. This dad’s less self loathing than Krusty (who also has green hair…who knew?). Let’s go with Bozo.

  104. When I was a kid we had Milky the Clown. His show was sponsored by Twin Pines Dairy, hence the name, and he dressed all in white with a white face.

    He was a queer.

  105. Sup milky.

  106. Greetings, various jabronis.

  107. Joker has green hair. Try Crusty the Clown. Or Bozo.

    Krusty (note the spelling) also has green hair.

  108. Cool. Found a copy of Lone Survivor in thevery bargain bin at Walmart this evening.
    Everyone at that other place spoke highly of it.
    I finally got to see it.

  109. I do a passable Krusty the clown laugh, for a chick.

  110. Instead, people have gone the opposite direction, trying to outdo each other for weirdness.

    See also baby names.

    I’m picturing Roamy running around with a backpack powered magnetoray that pulls out facial piercings while she laughs evilly.

    If it would fit in a backpack… hmmmmm .

  111. I’ve been meaning to make a big electromagnet to tidy up nails after I burn some pallets. Any tips?

  112. Happy Anniversary Mare and Mr Mare!!!

  113. Mine is anything but portable, sorry, Leon. Lots of DC power, deionized water coolant loop, and a big aluminum frame to keep it from moving.

  114. Happy Anniversary, newly-weds!
    Give it a few more years, to see if it’s going to work…

  115. Leon,
    Just buy a big magnet broom on wheels from Harbor Freight. The kind roofers use.

    I understand the desire to build your own stuff, but your time will be better spent making a more awesome flamethrower. Then you can send me the old one!

  116. Tinkers gotta tinker, Chi.

  117. Work was dead. DEAD.

  118. We had a guy try to to a grab and dash with an $1100 Bose sound bar. Pushed his way past an elderly female Greeter. Older Anglo male went in pursuit. Got in a fistfight with the thief. Bled all over the Bose box. Thief got in getaway car. Another member got plate number and went in pursuit. $20 take: people are really getting sick of punks and thugs.

  119. They’ll probably reboot the Death Wish franchise. And since they ruin everything, they’ll probably have Will Ferrell do it or something stupid like that.

  120. Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig. Rebooted Death Wish…feminized

  121. We ate at the Ore House.

    Your mom was probably there.

  122. Steamboat Springs is a scam. Steak at the grocery store is about $5-$6 per lbs, one restaurant in town charges $9 per oz.

  123. Car in would do well at the Ore House.

  124. Huh. How about that. Guess that shows how long it’s been since I watched the Simpsons.

  125. But I’d have to move there. And Moose is happy here.

  126. There are boys in my house and I don’t know who they are. I am awake and alert.

  127. But I really neat to go to bed. It’s been a rough two days.

  128. Stay up. They know you’re tired.

  129. Just finished “Lone Survivor” – to say that was fooking intense would be the understatement of the year.
    I’ll add it to my Highly Recommended list.

  130. * drives ATV into deck support *

  131. If there are people in your house and you don’t know who they are, I think you’re legally allowed to shoot them.

  132. I got a stolen wife
    And a rhinestone life
    And some good old boys
    I’m writing my will
    On a three dollar bill
    In the evening derp

  133. Sup taters?

  134. I should go work outside while it’s still dim and cool.

    Or I could work at my job and knock off early.

  135. I hung out and spoke with them. It didn’t occur to me until this morning that ONE OF THOSE boys is deck boy. I’m going to have to double check with Erin.

  136. Wakey wakey

  137. Deck Boy lives? Has he repaid you?

  138. Looks like Mare had a happy anniversary. :)

  139. Pay wasn’t really concerned about the post he ran into. He put a small crack in it and we’re just going to reinforce that spot.

    I’m not positive that was him anyway. I was just thinking this morning …

    He did seem nice, if that was him. Not the type at all. There were two boys involved. I’d actually be shocked if that was him, since …

    Oh well. I’ll find out today.

    more coffee.

  140. oy!!

  141. geoff / colex – is there any convenient trout fishing access around the denver area?
    i’m thinking about bringing out my fly fishing gear

  142. din’t you fukkers hear carin??
    GET UP!!!

  143. I keep waking up when I don’t want to. Been up since 4. Scott is still abed. We’re supposed to go for a hike this morning before it gets hot.

  144. starting to pack my shit (heh) for the ride west…

    gonna stop at teh ghetto bar to mini-meat with leon and hot-n-tot (woo-hoo!)
    *carin is invited but she hates us and won’t answer her damn phone*

    then on to iowa to meet jay!
    after jay throws me out of the state i’ll press on to denver for the final leg of the jam2 alienation tour 2017

    i’m really looking forward to this – haven’t had a *just chill* vacation in many moons

  145. When is the ghetto bar mini-meat? And no. I don’t answer my phone.

  146. Tomorrow at dinnertimeish.

  147. Oh. I worky on Wednesday

  148. Aren’t you supposed to be putting together a stupid lefty meme poat, Carin?

  149. leon / hotspur:
    it’ll take me about 9 hours to get out there…. should i shoot for 6pm?
    i’m flexible so whatever works for youse guys is good for me

  150. *psst

    *wait until she’s done with the coffee

  151. Comment by jam2 on June 20, 2017 10:38 am

    i’m flexible so whatever works for youse guys is good for me


    That sound like something Hotspur’s mom would say……..

  152. I have a meeting from 4 to 430, so 6 is probably best.

  153. I have a Tuesday poat ready to go if Car in needs more time.

  154. I need a “just chill” vacation. I’d be taking one to see family in MN if the stupid probate wasn’t clearing AFTER my usual July break.

  155. Hi

  156. 6PM is good for me.

  157. Perfect. See you then.

  158. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate BMW for the amount of plastic bullshit pieces of crap that cost a bazillion dollars they put in their vehicles? Cause I do. I hates them. European over engineering licks anus.

    *any anus lickers out there offended by my comment can FOAD, cause yer a nasty fuck.

  159. I can do it (poat). brb

  160. Crap on a stick.
    I just had o go buy a new phone, and I can’t figure out how to use it…

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