Brakes went out on the truck, I’ll be spending my day getting that fixed or possibly setting it on fire.  Maybe both.












  1. What are you doing today?

  2. I assume the ponytail is for a BJ. I don’t wanna talk about my problems.

  3. Today I’m killing plants. Weeding the garden and pond, and giving the lawn a haircut. Going to get one of the propane flamethrowers and try that on the phragmites I can safely reach with it. MPP has range, but I need something thorough.

  4. Working.

  5. So, today is the day I tell them I want to cut down to two shifts. WISH ME LUCK.

  6. Good luck. I still say we need to find you another job or income source, like goat soap or honeybees or something.

  7. A retired older couple returned to a Mercedes dealership where the salesman has just sold the car they had been interested in to a beautiful, leggy, busty blonde in a mini skirt and a halter top.

    The old man was visibly upset. He spoke to the salesman sharply, “Young man, I thought you said you would hold that car till we raised the $55,000 asking price. Yet I just overheard you closed the deal for $45,000 to the lovely young lady there. And if I remember right, you had insisted there was no way you could discount this model.”

    The salesman took a deep breath, cleared his throat and reached for a large glass of water. “Well, what can I tell you? She had the cash ready, didn’t need any financing help, and, sir, just look at her, how could I resist?”, replied the grinning salesman sheepishly.

    Just then the young woman approached the senior couple and gave the car keys to the old man. “There you go,” she said. “I told you I could get that idiot to lower the price. See you later Dad, Happy Father’s Day.”

  8. Well, right now we don’t need the money except that we’re still in a post-depression era mindset. The store is doing well, but WHAT IF??? Pay would rather have me home doing shit than working. I’m keeping the two shifts to keep my hand in things – but if I’m working I want to make good money and now work dog-shifts. I’ve toyed with the idea of offering to manage, but I thing that would end badly (i’d get more shifts than I want for shit money)

  9. Managing a restaurant means no tips, it’s a step down for a good waitress or bartender.

  10. Exactly. Well, not exactly, because often it should be comparable money. But not where I work. The money sucks. Lucky has a strange idea of management.

  11. Did I tell you guys about the dude a few weeks ago who yelled at me about his salad?

  12. We have a bunch of this in our yard, just bothered to look it up. All I knew was that it wasn’t dandelion.

  13. I don’t recall the story, but I might be blocking it out.

  14. not needing to be there is a great lever carin –

    sounds like you’ll be asking for a substantial raise soon; if the owners are even half bright they’ll figure out that the concomitant turnstile of hiring newbies post c arin will cost them more than just paying you up front.

    or maybe they’re dopes and will have to learn the hard way

  15. time to start welding beams in place –

    then i have to fix mrs jamminators brakes

    then go back out to the property and continue digging / leveling the spot for my bug out cabin and pond


  16. Oh, might go get the Camry today. The story I got was that there was a chunk of metal in the oil pan, and after they swapped that out and oiled it up the engine rattle went away, but they still needed to do a lot of cleanup so it wasn’t finished yet.

  17. “Did I tell you guys about the dude a few weeks ago who yelled at me about his salad?”
    his name wasn’t James Hodgkinson was it?

  18. I have lots of that in my yard Leon. I always found them pretty.

  19. Hand digging or using a tractor, Jam?

  20. I like it too, and the hairs on the leaves aren’t spiny, so it doesn’t hurt to walk on. I don’t “weed” my yard anymore at all except to feed the chickens, and it looks like they might like those.

  21. excavator leon –

    hand digging would take me more time than i have left in this life

  22. Dude didn’t recognize that a spring mix is – in reality- a type of lettuce. “What’s THIS?” he says pointing to the salad. WHERE IS THE LETTUCE.

    You know, i get stuck in similar situations all the time. ONE of us is really fucking stupid (and rude) and it’s not me. Assholes use little situations like this to lord over another person some sense of power. I dunno. I was nice as can be – all the while thinking in my heads “IT IS FUCKING LETTUCE, USE YOUR WORDS CORRECTLY”.

    I’m often really tempted to say “Oh, you’d like a lettuce with zero nutritional value so you can use it as a conveyor for eating ranch dressing? I’ll be right back!”


    “Spring mix” is supposedly one of the most profitable market garden products, and the most easily extended with tunnels and frames.

  24. Note to self: do not check work email on weekends. Total waste of oxygen sent me a wishlist for Monday morning. Time stamp on email: 4:32 PM. Poor planning on your part, etc.

    On the other hand, I played in the lab most of Friday. Cubesat deployer is cool.

  25. It grows really fast. I have to harvest mine today. We use a nice mix with some romaine in it. I’ll have it going all summer.

  26. Leon, so first you had no oil and now there’s a chunk of metal? Sounds like they are scamming you. I took the Honda to the dealership because of a recall and was told that every fluid (except for the coolant, strangely) needs to be flushed and replaced for $800. We said no, and Mr. RFH will get our regular mechanic to look into it.

  27. The comment prompt visual makes me want to vomit.

  28. The only leafy green I’ve had luck with in my soil is mustard, and I can’t get rid of it. All my other leafs come in bitter. I’d be better off dedicating a bed to dandelion and plantain.

  29. The comment prompt visual makes me want to vomit.

    Think of it as a purgative or an aid to fasting.

  30. Really? I grow lettuce, spinach and kale like nothing.

  31. I’m glad the salad story didn’t involve any tossing

  32. I’ve got acidic sand that I’m working hard to turn into soil.

  33. Paula often vents after working in the ER. The ratio of normal people to miscreants using the ER for services is not favorable. She has to use both her mommy voice and her crazy eyes often during her shifts. If I had a dollar for every time she’s said “What I wanted to say to them was ….” I’d be a rich man.

  34. Heh. QOTSA have released the first single off of their new album and the Hommeites are going crazy on the facedouch page. SELL OUTS.

    @@. It’s one song.

    Then someone linked this:–37456?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing

  35. Urgh, trying to finish up some knife type projects, plus our Bobcat loader is having issues. Spent yesterday working on it. I hate doing mechanic work, but evidently nobody works on them around here. Trying to track down a manual on it so I can at least get a better idea of how the hydraulic system works.

  36. Did you try plugging it in Pepe?

  37. Prolly should change the hydraulic fluid.

  38. Faceplant informed me that today is Tittyface Jenkins’ birthday. Miss you, Rosetta.

  39. You aren’t supposed to put chunks of metal in your oil pan.

    That’s what the glovebox is for.

  40. Tushar, I’m saving a spot for you next to me on my bench in Hell….

    And you owe me a new keyboard and monitor. 😜

  41. Teresa,
    I saved that pic to send to a very dear friend tomorrow morning while he’s in church.
    Last week I bombarded him with all my best church/God jokes.
    (I try to make him LOL so he gets in trouble)

  42. Save room on the bench for Chi, Teresa.

    I believe the scene depicted is Christ praying in the garden at Gethsemene the night before his crucifixion. It’s the first of the Sorrowful Mysteries when praying the Rosary.

  43. I am aware, Leon – Methodists have many of the same pictures hanging on the walls of our Sunday School classrooms….

  44. sometimes the road to hell is painted with laughter. thank you brown person.

  45. beam welding going well…

    trying to race against the inevitable t-storm – feels like the humidity is around 100&eleventy!!!1!!!

  46. I figured you knew, Teresa, that was for Tushar’s benefit.

  47. Beam welding. That’s what you’re calling it now. OK.

  48. Pork butt is in the egg.

    Mr. RFH and Mini-me checked in. Mr. RFH bought a halberd in Rothenburg,


  50. Mr. RFH and Mini-me checked in. Mr. RFH bought a halberd in Rothenburg,

    Good choice. Gonna be a bitch to pack in his carry-on.

  51. He paid to have it shipped home.

    Wonder what TSA would do with that?

  52. I had a vague idea what a halberd was. After searching for them I don’t know how I’ve lived without one for so long! That’s going to look great on the wall. Living room, man room or Rocketboy’s room?

  53. I shave with mine.

  54. Brake lines are a scam.

  55. Seems like a polearm would have really limited utility on an aircraft.

  56. Jimbro never played D&D. I bet he doesn’t know what a cuirass is either.

  57. I cut down two small birches and an oak tree today, and waged a 2 hour, one-man war with some slant-rooted vine that was living on the bigger birch and hiding under all the damn rocks in the central driveway landscaping.

    One of my staycation days I’m taking all those damn rocks out.
    And then I’m dropping in a fat load of cedar mulch and a bunch of medicinal herbs.

  58. Holy crap, a little liquor on an empty stomach and I’m insta-hammered.
    I better eat something.

  59. Never heard of a cuirass before today. Only seen them in movies. And I’ve never played D+D. Some of my friends played back in HS but I never got bitten by the bug.

  60. I had a vague idea what a halberd was. After searching for them I don’t know how I’ve lived without one for so long! That’s going to look great on the wall.

    You may call it a ‘halberd’ but Paula’s gonna call it a ‘hal-no.’

    (this is lauraw on scott’s acct because I’m too lazy to log him out)

  61. There’s a lot of jackassery potential for a halberd hanging on the wall

    “Who ate the last slice of my pizza?”

    Die motherfusker!

  62. there can be only one!

  63. y no fun lauraw?


  65. It’s too fucking hot here. Stupid irrigated desert.

  66. nd a bunch of medicinal herbs.

    I have comfrey. Got it last year. so happy it came back up- it’s HUGE.

  67. Pot’s not considered medicinal in Michigan yet.

  68. The halberd will go nicely with the suit of armor in the foyer.

  69. Medicinal herb?
    I didn’t know you lived near Denver!
    That could be a moneymaker – “Leon”s Medicinal Herb & Organic Free Range Gluten Free Toothpaste Shoppe”

  70. Anyone have a 2GB plan with Verizon?

    A nice lady in the Verizon chat box will give you 4GB for less money, and unused data rolls over.

  71. Colorado steak is a lot better than CT steak.

    We plan on gathering a lot more data.

  72. I’m not allowed to have a halberd. One of the conditions of my parole for aggravated knavery.

  73. It’s dry here. I just did the math, we’ve averaged 4.5 quarts of water per person/per day.

  74. It’s dry here.

    That’s a feature, not a bug. can’t abide me no humidity. Don’t know how you East Coasters do it.

  75. We have gills under our neck flaps.

  76. Incorrect, Alex, we have medical weed here and every stoner has a card for it to manage their “migraines” or “nausea”.

    And I was thinking of echinacea, yarrow, and chamomile.

  77. I have 0 interest in marijuana.

  78. Glaucoma. I need some weed.

  79. Still keeping my eyes open for little brown mushrooms with a purple spore print, though.

  80. I have almost no interest in pot, but might try psychedelic mushrooms one day.

  81. So. Apparently Blue Bell ice cream is available in a few nearby counties. I’ll finally be able to try this stuff. Mrs. Peel has recommended highly.

  82. Same here, Alex. I used to be able to meditate my way into some altered states as a teenager, but now I just end up falling asleep. I miss it.

  83. I have almost no interest in pot, but might try psychedelic mushrooms one day.

    If you have an interest in psychedelics, I can heartily recommend ‘shrooms. I once watched a building turn several different incredibly vivid colors and them melt. Good times.

    DO NOT do it alone.

  84. How else would one test for pot allergies?

  85. Comment by scott on June 17, 2017 8:23 pm

    It’s dry here. I just did the math, we’ve averaged 4.5 quarts of water per person/per day.

    /Leon (fixt)

  86. It sounds like we’ve got a plan for lapeerapalooza 2: psychedelic boogaloo. MJ can bring his copy of The Wall on vinyl.

  87. Mom, why is that man humping the garden gnome?

  88. I’m not even that serious about it, mostly just tickled that they might be growing wild somewhere in my yard, though probably not in sufficient quantities to actually trip.

  89. I thought they grew in cow poop.

  90. Also horse poo, Scott.

  91. The halberd will go nicely with the suit of armor in the foyer.

    Precisely. :)

  92. I think Scott needs to see this. Don’t know why, but the moment I saw it, I knew Scott would like it.

  93. Whew, humidity doubled up to 6% today.

  94. Rosetta and my mom shared a Birthday. OJ’s slow Bronco chase.

  95. i am frikkin’ fried

  96. the humidity kicked my ass today

  97. beams are all tacked in place – just gotta finish cross bracing and it’s concrete time

  98. Damned shame about Stephen Furst. He was a native of my own home town.

  99. It’s old, Tushar.

  100. In addition to watching out for assholes on phones, I know have to watch out for assholes with assholes with fidget spinners.

  101. I just got a bunch of free roast pork and kimchi.


    Gonna be farting like a wizard in a little while.


  102. Have no idea what just happened. Thanks WordPress assholes

  103. I don’t think those are supposed to be used rectally, oso, but who am I to judge?

  104. Nobody pays for kimchi.

  105. * starts garbage farm *

  106. Sean, Dan made a spicy coleslaw. We had it on our smoked pulled pork sammiches last night. Smoked pulled pork leftovers with green chile on tortilla tonight. Coleslaw as appetizer…it got spicy hot. Yummy. 🌶

  107. There is an Alabama dish called chowchow that’s a spicy pickled coleslaw. Good with hot dogs, pinto beans, or purple hull peas.

  108. It sounds like we’ve got a plan for lapeerapalooza 2: psychedelic boogaloo.

    Love ya but noooope. You all have fun. Hope to see you in Texas.

  109. **raised on chowchow**

  110. Texas?

  111. I always thought chow chow was a NC/VA thang. I knew I grew up eating it.
    Everybody made it differently.

  112. Am I the only one that noticed the HQ has a cookbook link?

  113. No, just haven’t found a recipe to enter.

  114. Does this sound about right?

  115. Does this sound about right?

    Read through the comments on that link, Sean.
    You’ll see how everyone remembers different variations. Banana pepper, green beans, squash, no sugar, etc.

  116. mmm, fermented cabbage.

  117. The last jar I bought had more cabbage, less sugar, and no tomatoes. The vinegar, salt, mustard seed, celery seed, and turmeric sounds right.

  118. That one seemed pretty representative of the recipes I found online. I would want to try some that was more spicy than sweet.

  119. Anyone else dissecting the greens at the Open today?

  120. I’d like to be dissecting some collard greens about now. With some vinegar & spicy chow chow…

  121. Collards are definitely the best greens, followed closely by Eva and then turnips.

  122. Derp up on the fact
    Take it in stride
    Love and devotion
    Don’t confide
    It’s the tracks of lost emotion
    Let it glide
    It’s gonna subside
    She stole my heart
    Loved her from the start

  123. The phrase “farting like a wizard” with respect to kimchi and the digestive process made me giggle in my coffee cup.

  124. WTF is chow chow? I thought that was a dog breed.

  125. Ah shit. I gotta go to church today.

    I’ll pray for you goddamn sinners.

  126. I’m going to 1030 mass and then the Strawberry Festival.

  127. It’s also been too long since my last confession, almost 2 months now. I’ll try to go Thursday night.

  128. wakey wakey

  129. I gotta go to church today.
    I’ll pray for you goddamn sinners.

    Pray harder, MJ.

  130. Yeah Jay, some of us at IB were talking about doing a TX meet next year. Just a notion, no plans yet.

  131. Trying to take a day off. Hard to not do anything.

  132. If you like to watch pro golfers scramble it all over, it’s mighty windy at the US Open this morning.

  133. 7-2

    Took both games of a double-header this morning.

    We fucking ROCK!!

  134. Ribs on the grill.

  135. Rubs on the girl?

    Naughty dog.

  136. Leon , did you see where the American Heart Association says coconut oil is bad for you? Too high in saturated fats and raises LDL?

  137. we’re ribbing it too

  138. now back to welding

  139. String trimmer stringed. Now it’s raining.

  140. I went to an open forge yesterday. There was a girl there who must have been ten or twelve years old. She had her leather apron, sunglasses, and was hammering away on some project. It was adorable.

  141. Making her own halberd?

  142. Probably.

  143. We stayed at a B&B run by these two gay guys a few years ago. The grounds were beautiful everywhere you looked, and they had solar walk lights on the edge of every path.

    I really liked it, so I went and got about forty and put them everywhere. I put ten more out just now, and HotBride looked over at me and said, “You really are gay.”

  144. I like the solar landscape lighting too, it just doesn’t last very long compared to electric.

  145. I didn’t, Mare, but I’m hardly surprised. AHA is basically a shakedown racket owned by Big Grain, not an NGO with any real scientific facility.

  146. My lights that are in more sunny spots last until 2 or 3 am in the winter. In summer they last until dawn. The ones in shady spots last until about midnight, 10 in winter.

  147. I’m pretty sure I still have the wire (buried now) for my LV lights along the walkway and flower bed rocks, but it’s been years since I tossed all the lights.
    The cheapo plastic Malibu lights tend to fade and crack after a number of years.

    But y’all just gave me the motivation to go out and try to find the wire. Maybe next friday, I’ll go buy some new lights?
    I already have 2 spare transformers.

  148. So, you’re saying I killed another thread?
    I’m getting pretty good at this!

  149. I should mow the lawn but I’m just not into it today. I’ve got a busy 3 days ahead and it’s supposed to rain Thursday. Eh, most of my neighbors can’t see my lawn except the part near the street.

  150. I’m headed out to mow pretty soon. If I don’t dawdle, I should be done by 630.

  151. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

  152. Getting my mise en place ready for a giant meatloaf. Trying to do it on the grill this time.

    Then I have to join Leon in the mowing dept. or t won’t get cut for another week.
    Accuweather tells me that It’s currently 91° and it feels like 90% humidity…

  153. One of my parents’ passed away the other day. “Pete” was an assistant scoutmaster in my dad’s troop. Great guy with a fine sense of humor. After Friday night scout meetings we all used to go out for pizza in the Lithuanian Village at a little rinky dink cafe called Sandara Club. Membership required paying for your meal. He was our quartermaster based on his employment at a hardware distributor.

    When I worked in Boston for a year I gave him a few rides to work when his car was broken down.

  154. Mowing is a scam.

  155. mise en place

    Listen Francois, speak ‘merican or GTFO, capiche?

  156. Rest In Peace, Pete.
    May God hold him and his family.

  157. Listen Francois, speak ‘merican or GTFO, capiche?

    Lighten up, Francis.


  159. I proposed to my wife in French at the top of Norte Dame.

    Maybe I am gay.


  161. oh.

  162. Just harvested the rest of the radishes.
    I wonder if they’ll add a little bite to the meatloaf if I saute a dice of them up with the onions & garlic?

  163. Or that plan could get shot to heck because my poor kid can’t nap.

  164. The Navy shot down a Syrian jet today.

  165. Leon’s nightmare… or the W’s nightmare.

  166. That tick is almost certainly the result of a vegan plot. Find the plotters and execute them.

  167. If I got it, I’d start fermenting meat to get rid of the sugar.

  168. Just switch to fried tofu.

  169. Happy Father’s Day to all y’all

  170. Just switch to fried tofu.

    Starvation is preferable.

  171. Mowed half the lawn, got groceries.

    Had my annual deep-fried pop tart earlier, so I feel like poo right now.

  172. Condolences Jimbro

  173. Happy Father’s Day, H2 dads.

  174. Kinda feels like there is a story behind an anual deep fried poptart tradition.

  175. Not really, Pup, other than one of the food vendors at my parish’s Strawberry festival sells them, and they are incredibly tasty and awful for me. Pretty sure each one reduces my potential lifespan by a month or more.

  176. Fortunately, I can only access them once a year.

  177. Look at it this way–that month you’re losing is probably going to be one where all your friends are dead and you’ve got prostate problems and the nurses are stealing from you, so it’s kind of a wash.

  178. I lost brain cells reading this. I read the whole thing because the level of crazy is so over the top.

  179. covert war against the globalist agenda

    Please God let it be so. We need all the help we can get.

  180. Wow, Hospurt. That guy’s foil budget must be through the fucking roof.

  181. I kind of doubt Aaron ventures outside much, but I’ma keep the next poor soul who makes eye contact with him in my prayers.

  182. Aaron must be a fucking blast at bars.

  183. I’d ask Aaron about his career as an Air Force elite sniper, because of course.

  184. Aaron has seen three Indians (feather) throw drinking fountains through windows, and he’s reasonably certain that at least two of them were real.

  185. People in Colorado drive like lunatics.

    Speed in really important, especially when cornering.

  186. Wow, Hotspur, that was worse than some of the NASA conspiracies I’ve read.

  187. It is freaking beautiful here.

  188. Comment by lauraw on June 18, 2017 10:02 pm
    It is freaking beautiful here.

    Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone else. We’ve already got too many people who moved there.

  189. I couldn’t live here, but it’s a superior vacay destination.

  190. I mean, I totally could live here. The beef is excellent, the trout is outstanding, the natural beauty is ridiculous.

    The cost of living is more humane than in CT.

    But the gardening is really hard.

    It’s me, Colorado, not you.

  191. Laura,
    I got to poke around there for a bit while I was at Ft. Carson in the early ’70s.
    So many pretty places, the Peak, the Broadmoore, the Gorge, Garden of The Gods, the gangs, the drug culture…

  192. Laura, the eastern portion of the state is farmland, but it’s basically Western Kansas. However you’re still only a couple of hours away from all the nice parts and the tasty fish.

  193. We got eyeball sunburns.

  194. Eastern Colorado is even flatter than western Kansas.

  195. work was horrible. thanks for asking.

  196. So, Hotspur is gay and Leon ate a deep fried poptart?

    Yawn, and why? That doesn’t even sound good.

    /looks at carrotcake I’ve had in the freezer for a while …

    “how you doing?”

  197. ent by lauraw on June 18, 2017 10:02 pm
    It is freaking beautiful here.

    Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone else. We’ve already got too many people who moved there.

    YES! people Go to Colorado!

    Michigan sucks.

  198. God. I hate. You. All. So. Very. Much.

  199. SO MUCH.

    This is why I listen to cats fucking in the closet.

  200. YES! people Go to Colorado!
    Michigan sucks.

    Moose out front should have told ya.

  201. Can I get the house salad with extra croutons, extra bacon bits, creamy ranch, and no lettuce?

  202. This is why I listen to cats fucking in the closet.

    I thought that was because you were a pervert.

  203. Heard some talk Papa doing some storefront preachin’
    Talking about saving souls and all the time leechin’
    Dealing in derp, and stealing in the name of the Lord

  204. Super busy week ahead

    Wish I was eating beef in CO overlooking the Rockies singing the Best of John Denver…

  205. Airport.

    Two chicks wearing hijobs got pulled out for random screening.


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