MMM 277: Again, already?

Yep, it’s already Monday.  I got absolutely nothing done over the weekend because I was on dad duty, and she’s really not at the point where I can rely on her to stay nearby while I do most yard work, nearly all of which is dangerous or excessively dirty anyhow.  It was also much too hot to do much outside, and she wasn’t napping well for me.  I think I watched 27 episodes of Dora.

Blonde in monochrome.


I promise that this is the last time I use this picture.  I don’t know how it keeps popping into the unused binder.


When your gym is also a dungeon unfinished basement.


Something about the proportions here makes me think she’s unpleasantly tall.




Cult member.


“Yes, that’s the look I wanted, perfect!!”


I’m betting she’s useless at yard work.


Dem hindquarters look nice ‘n’ robust, I tell you whut.


And the week begins.


  1. Pumpkins started sprouting yesterday. Just 90 more days until I have more than I know what to do with.

  2. Kids get out of school this Thursday. Youngest loaded up a box of stuff for the annual egg drop event. It was a mixture of useful and “wtf were you thinking” in a box.

  3. Gorgeous day out there today. Breaking my heart to be indoors all day for work.

  4. Did the school year get stupidly longer since I was a kid? The only way I’d still be in school by now is if there was a teacher’s strike last autumn.

  5. Leon, the school year here starts in early August and ends before Memorial Day. Jimbro’s kids’ school must start closer to Labor Day.

  6. Our buildings didn’t have fans, let alone AC. There was no way we could have started in early August.

  7. They begin the Thursday before Labor Day and I believe they tacked on a day or two for snow days

  8. The kids in Aroostook County get 2 weeks in the fall for potato harvest break. Never mind that no more than 10-15% of kids actually do any harvesting. And that’s a generous estimate. Every year there’s calls to do away with it but the teachers love their fall break. In their defense, fall is my favorite season in Maine. But then again, taxpayers do not pay 100% of my salary.

  9. The whole reason we have the long Summer break, iirc, is so kids could help out on family farms. It comes from when like 90% of the population was in agriculture.

    And government schools in general were a communist subversion of a Catholic plot.

  10. My kids have until friday.

  11. wakey wakey.

  12. I’ve got 3 years to sell the wife on homeschooling.

  13. Start spreading out all those awesome books Leon.

  14. Did Chi stick around? We need more AoS expats.

  15. I have a “staycation” planned for the last week of June. Office de-clutter and bookshelf rectification are on my to-do list.

  16. Work just posted that they want everyone’s availability for set schedules.

    Humn … I have a set schedule.

  17. So, you’ll be working every day, and everyone else will be on standby, right?

    Hopefully someone will be able to fill in when you collapse.

  18. Are they trying to cull someone?

  19. Fishtiquon.

  20. Related to the earlier conversation: re: school year length:

    I disagree that the classes are harder. But it does seem the school year and summer activities take up more and more time. We used to have baseball, both practice and games, and I still had a full time job. Same during the school year, but not a full time job, usually just weekends. But it was every weekend.

  21. My jarrahdales and most other squashes are up. Pretty stoked. Hope they get some rain while I’m gone.

  22. Supposed to be 93F here today. I have to mow tonight.

  23. Laura, you were right. The Cornell Chicken was good, but just okay. My guests loved it, but they’ll eat anything I make.

    I’m not a grilled chicken fan to begin with, but I wanted to do something different this time.

  24. Love grilled chicken. It’s gotta be 2 zone, but grilled chicken is the best.

    That Cornell chicken reminds me of Carolina BBQ sauce. It’s just not what I’m used to, it’s a different flavor, but no WOW factor.

  25. The big difference for me vs. my kids is the amount of driving. I walked to the bus stop for elementary school, walked to junior high school, and would have walked to senior high school except Mom was paranoid about that distance for some reason. We live 40 minutes from Mini-me’s school. Even if she went to public school, it would still be a 20-25 minute drive.

    That eats up a lot of free time, and both my kids learned to do homework or catch up on reading in the car.

  26. That is true, lots of consolidated school districts.

  27. I lived about a mile from my elementary school, kitty corner to my junior high, and across the street from my high school. The door to the senior high was farther from my house than the junior high, so it was a longer walk. 8 min vs 5 min. I never really considered how much a time advantage that was while I was there. I suspect I usually finished my homework before the last kid got off the bus.

  28. Cornell chicken is nothing like the Carolina BBQ I make. Mustard, apple cide vinegar, melted butter, brown sugar, hot sauce, and something else I’m not remembering right now. I have some habenero sauce that goes really well in it.

  29. Now the bus stops at each kid’s house. That drives me crazy when I’m stuck behind the bus. As a kid we walked to a bus stop a 1/2 mile away and the driver made about 6 or 7 stops on the route to fill the whole bus. Walked to junior high and high school until my older brother got his license.

  30. At the Dr.

    How is it possible to be 30 mins late for the first or second appointment? How?

    Med school 101 should be a class called ‘How to Read a Fucking Clock and Manage Your Time.’

    I blame Jimbro.

  31. Kids here start school last wk in Aug and finish last week of May. My boy has two jobs this summer. His summer job (days, working in the fields doing Ag stuff) and his regular job (part time nights all year at a restaurant). This is a good thing as it will allow him to pay off what he owe’s (and will owe) me for parts. I’ve got 300 dollars in parts in my garage today and need about another 2 to 300 to get to the “lets put this fucker back together” phase of the project. Talk about over engineered….for example, BMW has actual plastic air ducts that run from the backside of the bumper to the wheel well(s) that are designed to provide cool air to your brakes. ……funny, my murikan brakes don”t get hot and they don’t have special air ducts that cost 27.00 dollars each with another 10 dollars in plastic fasteners……

  32. Ha HA! MJ thought he would tweek the ontime appt factor by taking the morning appt…. after all logic says if yer first or second “how far behind can the dr get”?

    Dr. to MJ:……BFYTW

  33. Yeah, leon.
    Chi stuck around. I’m not welcome over there – regardless of what name I come up with.
    Looks like I’ll be pestering y’all for the foreseeable future.

  34. Dr. is just planning on YOU being late.

  35. Wonderful. Well then, we’re going to need to know

    1) about your work out routine
    b: your current diet
    π – what’s in your garden?
    4. Do you have a flamethrower? A PBC?

  36. Welcome, Chi. I see someone’s already asked the bullwhip question. Stripes quote, good. So tell us about yourself.

  37. How many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass?

  38. Oh, never mind. Asked and answered.

  39. 1) lots of 12 ounce curls
    b) plenty of bourbon & ginger ale, plus whatever protein I throw in the smoker that day
    III) various ‘maters, eggplant, yellow wax & purple beans, radishes, beets, peas, a variety of peppers
    4) does a can of spray paint & a zippo count?

  40. 4) does a can of spray paint & a zippo count?


  41. Also your answer for iii is excellent.

  42. How come you’re not welcome over there? Did you get banninated?

  43. MJ’s banned and he’s a cob-logger.

  44. Were you serious about the workout question?
    While I don’t train much anymore, I used to be in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Ace certified trainer and all that…

    It’ll take me a hot minute to get up to speed on this commenting format, but i see you can link & post pics/vids. Cool.
    I’ve been lurking here for a bit.

    Not much to say – been at the HQ since just after 9/11, got caught up in the recent wave of new Cobs banning anyone that they disagreed with. Walked away.
    Most important thing about me is my roommate Tucker. The Awesomest Dog In The World. Coolest min pin ever.

  45. We don’t ban people here. We just point and laugh.

  46. Hey look, there’s MJ.

  47. Hotspur,
    The Nelson Muntz strategy – I like it.

    Yes, ma’am. Banned. There are a couple guys over there now determined to tear the place down. Sad, because I really love most of the crowd over there.
    Luckily, I’ve developed a decent list of backchannel contacts.

  48. I’m actually not banned. I’ve been using Opera with the VPN option on and I can comment.

    I just don’t have much to say. My Hillary hate speaks for itself.

    I’m so happy she can’t bring herself to exit gracefully.

  49. We have real html here. Youtube and most images embed, so be careful with those.

    I got really into powerlifting for a while (I’m maintaining my gainz with calisthenics and farm work because I no longer go to the office near that gym, plus I have a 2yo and no way to arrange those giant blocks of time), and Carin’s in … ugh … crossfit. Mare and Tushar and I watch our carbs and do fasting crap, so we actually talk diet a lot, which is probably mostly my fault.

  50. Back in its heyday this shithole dump would get one, sometimes two, poats a day with over 300 comments. Now a poat lasts 2 days and gets maybe a couple hundred. But it’s still a cool place to hang out.

    Except for MJ.

  51. And XBrad. Can’t leave him out.

  52. Yeah, seems like a cool joint.
    Y’all seem like a pretty tight group.
    I have seen a LOT of names I recognize, which is nice. I’ll probably invite a few friends to come say “hi” – some you may know.

  53. No one comments over there. It’s too busy.

    *said for scott, who is probably too busy

  54. I’m going to have to make ice cream later. I’ve got some heavy cream that’s gotta get used and it’s that or drink a glass of it.

  55. I should make that cake recipe too.

  56. Make coffee ice cream and top it with crumbled bacon.
    *you can thank me later

  57. So far I’ve confused people on who I am and why I’m posting, my gender, and my age.

    I like posting on Sunday nights or sometimes during the week. And I think I’ve finally got a system down so I don’t italicize or bold the entire blog.

    I’m kind of surprised to hear that people are trying to burn it down. I don’t really see that but I don’t read the comments much anymore.

    The tone has shifted over the years but whatever. Minds change, and people are passionate about their dumb hobby horses. Most of it boils down to teams and I’m good with that way of thinking.

    I’d like to win, but I really like when YOU lose.

  58. I never commented over at Ace cause they are pussy’s about committing violence against people that really really need to die. Then they pussify even more by tap dancing around the subject.

    Some people just need killing.

  59. I usually make a frozen vanilla custard. I might add in one drop of cassia essential oil* if the wife says she doesn’t want any, but I’m making a chocolate cake, so vanilla is probably fine. Dinner tonight is already bacon-centered.

    *I am reminded that it’s also time to make more toothpaste

  60. The whole reason we have the long Summer break, iirc, is so kids could help out on family farms. It comes from when like 90% of the population was in agriculture.

    Summer breaks are more a result of the industrial revolution. Stuffing kids into an overheated classroom in the middle of June in the city was problematic, so they just stopped school during the hottest months.

    Agriculture’s busiest times are Spring and Fall, when help is needed to plant and harvest, respectively. Summer and Winter are the times when people do other stuff, such as go to war, so if the goal was to support agriculture you’re better off with school in the summer and spring and fall breaks.

  61. I’d like to win, but I really like when YOU lose.

    This. There are a lot of “right” ideas that can work, but Step #1 with a bullet is breaking the spine of the Cultural-Marxist Left. And to Troy’s point, these people openly want to fucking kill us in a lot of cases (Antifa, Islamoterrorefuges, La Raza, etc.). I get not wanting to talk about planning violence, but planning for defense is critical anymore.

  62. You make your own toothpaste??
    Are you actually my grandfather?
    (That man made everything for himself! From his house to dulcimers to soap…)

  63. Alex, I’m not surprised that the narrative told to me by a public school teacher about why they got summers off was flat wrong. It’s obvious now with my gardens. Most of the work is April-May and then August-September. Summertime is watering and occasional weeding.

  64. You make your own toothpaste??

    I do. Yes, I understand how weird that is. I am starting to worry about me.

    That’s actually me in the flamethrower video, if that gives you a barometer. I built it to deal with pond weeds.

  65. My former boss had a min pin named Marmaduke, which I thought was the greatest name for a little dog.

    I found AoS from the Crush Kerry site in 2004, and XBrad brought me here.

    I disagree that the classes are harder. But it does seem the school year and summer activities take up more and more time. We used to have baseball, both practice and games, and I still had a full time job. Same during the school year, but not a full time job, usually just weekends. But it was every weekend.

    It’s hard to compete with illegal messican labor. Also, the schools have become obsessed with sending every kid to college, so fuck if the kid has to work.

  67. We could take off from school during spring and fall, to help on the family farms. You just had to have your schoolwork done.

    There are TONS of things to do in summer. It isn’t entirely accurate to say it’s all during spring and fall. Labor intensive activities such as baling, corn crop maintainance (detasseling for seed corn) and bean weeding all occur in the summer. These tasks were primarily for young people to do. Now the weeding is handled by herbicides, and detasseling is primarily done by contract with other workers. I would speculate on their immigration status, but that would be racist.

  68. Don’t worry, chi, leon is an acquired taste. You’ll get used to him.

    MJ on the other hand…

  69. It’s hard to compete with illegal messican labor. Also, the schools have become obsessed with sending every kid to college, so fuck if the kid has to work.

    This is also true, especially about college. It’s not proper to get dirty any more. The attitudes are very different, when you compare a rural school to a city school.

  70. I never said that it was all during spring and fall, just that those were the busiest times, which is historically accurate.

  71. At this point it’s all about the teachers having their summers off.

  72. At this point it’s all about the teachers having their summers off.


  73. Gotta have the perks! No Teachers Left Behind!

  74. Everyone is a national treasure and needs the summer off.

  75. MJ for President!

  76. Say something nice about John McCain


    Ha! Not possible…for me. One of the worst career polititians ever.

  77. Leon, you could bake that cream and make clotted cream.

    Or you could make butter with it. Or culture it into sour cream/ yogurt, then strain it and make the best cream cheese you’ve ever tasted.

  78. It’s 93F. I’m making keto frozen custard and chocolate cake that I’m going to keep cold. Maybe next time for the others.

  79. So, you could make it out on the sidewalk? Win win!

  80. Crap!
    It’s noon already? I should’ve been at work hours ago.
    Oh well. Good day to call a mulligan, I guess. I’ll just get the smoker ready for dinner.
    Stuffed onions and green peppers, maybe a couple of chicken quarters…

  81. I don’t get paid vacations. It’s not fair.

    It should be a right.


    This should end his public career, but won’t.

  83. Chrispy, Laura got 2 epipens at CVS for $128.

    Not sure if the discount was from a coupon we printed from or if it was our crappy insurance.

  84. MJ – docs are late because of hospital round.

    Chi- we are DEAD serious about the fitness question

    Leon – I don’t think they’re trying to cull employees, they’re just lazy

    I was an ace commenters so long ago, no one remembers me. I stopped when 1) the commenting became a full-time job and 2) when my IP would just get randomly banned for no reason.

  85. Carin’s right about the rounding part. Plus some doctors just like to mess with people. Sort of a stress test for free. Was it for you or GND? Did he draw a felt level on you?

  86. HiChi, welcome aboard. I see you’ve met a few people here and answered a few preliminary rounds of questions. Too bad about the “been banned at AoS” situation. If you have an affinity for paste eating or window licking you’ll enjoy this place.

  87. Epipens cost an arm and a leg yet we’re supposed to give everyone and their families free naloxone so people can OD on a regular basis.

  88. I saw my 0900 patient at 0920 because of rounds.

  89. 5

  90. John McCain didn’t get a BJ from that woman. Miss Lewinsky.

    Nice enough?

  91. We have to save the drug addicts Jimbro.

  92. Scott,
    Thank you!
    It looks like $142 this morning…

  93. John McCain needs an intervention.

  94. LePage wanted to start charging for the use of Narcan more than one time. You can imagine the cacophony that ensued. It’s a constitutional right to be resuscitated after every OD apparently.

  95. Thanks, Jimbro.
    I eat my share of crayons, so I’ll probably fit right in…

  96. That’s what our coupon said too.

  97. A lot has been said of McCain at the Comey thing but I have yet to see the truth:

    He got pretty drunk the night before, was up really late, and was a scrambled mess the next morning.

    In DC a social drinker is a raging alcoholic anywhere else.

  98. It was an office, Car in.

    We never saw a doctor, only the picture lady.

    Baby is cute and looks just like me.

  99. Custard made and now chilling. I added a tiny drop of maple extract for goodness and wonderfulness. It tastes like a doughnut.

  100. In DC a social drinker is a raging alcoholic anywhere else.

    Factual and terrifying. I’ve watched it. I hear Tokyo and Wall Street are the same.

  101. It was an office, Car in.

    We never saw a doctor, only the picture lady.

    1. Doctors do rounds in hospitals and then go to their office
    B. I’m guessing the picture lady didn’t like you and thus made you wait
    iii. It’s called an Ultrasound

    Baby is cute and looks just like me.

    WHEW!!! I mean … of course it looks like you. Why would you suspect otherwise?

    *avoids eye contact with MJ

  102. At this point it’s all about the teachers having their summers off.

    It’s nice to live in a state with a legislature made up of citizens.

  103. and XBrad brought me here.

    Sorry, Roamy.

  104. XBrad, obligatory, especially since Wiser isn’t here to post it.

  105. So could Puerto Rico be the leverage for splitting California? I don’t want their mess, but I definitely don’t want two more Dem Senators without a couple of redstate ones added for balance.

  106. Baby is cute and looks just like me.


  107. So can congress tell PR to fuck off at this point, or to at least get its house in order first? We didn’t let Utah join until they outlawed polygamy, iirc. Can’t we force PR to balance its budget first or something?

  108. PR needs to be its own country. That way they won’t be oppressed by the evul whitey cracka von cracka meisters.

  109. Give them 10-20 years of statehood and they’ll be suing for reparations like the Hawaiians are.

  110. We should sell both of them to the highest bidder.

  111. Wish we could sell it back to Spain.

  112. Just give Hawaii to Chicago Jesus & his Sasquatch wife, then make it a sovereign nation. That way he can keep Presidentin’ over there and keep his trap shut here while POTUS rebuilds our country.

  113. Just give Hawaii to Chicago Jesus & his Sasquatch wife, then make it a sovereign nation.

    And we lose two Dem Senators! Sounds like a winner to me. Let’s wait for Mare to come home first.

  114. Actually, we need mare to stay, as a spy. I’m sure she won’t mind too much.

    We can send care packages.

  115. Mare can escape in plenty of time. Plus, it’s not like we’re giving back the military bases. We’ve got those in lots of countries.

  116. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on June 12, 2017 3:47 pm

    Wish we could sell it back to Spain.

    Trade them for Catalonia.

  117. Worse case scenario….send Oso to retrieve Mare.

  118. Could we trade PR to Messico for Baja?

  119. We can send care packages.

    Can you get Spam in bulk at Costco or on Amazon?

  120. (I forgot all my HTML – I need to relearn how to italicize & all that stuff. Then maybe, if im still welcome, I’ll figure out how to get an avatar…)

  121. Cake made and baking, ice cream churning. Time to slice jalapenyo boats.

  122. Just need a wordpress login/gravatar iirc.

  123. John McCain is effing demented.

  124. Gravitar won’t let me use a 3 character name, or anything with spaces, apparently.

    Meh. Thanks though. Not too important at this point – I need to go feed the smoker anyway…

  125. Cake cooling, ice cream hardening in freezer, cheese-stuffed and bacon-wrapped peppers roasting.

  126. I believe underscores are valid, but yeah, we don’t have a lot of trolls/imposters here for some reason. Closest thing we had was someone’s lefty friend back in like 2011. And even he was just a cultural liberal, not antifa or SJW.

  127. leon’s life kicks ass

  128. Laura, I’m about to go hang out in the kiddie pool, too.

    I think I spent 90 minutes making food today. To achieve the ice cream and cake in the same day is nothing short of a miracle.

  129. Laura, I’m about to go hang out in the kiddie pool, too.

    Stay out of the deep end. You know you’re too dense to float in water above your head.

  130. Thanks, Roamy!!

  131. The trick is not displacing so much water that my daughter can’t hang out.

    I don’t swim without a life vest.

  132. No grown man should ever be in a kiddie pool unless there’s a) alcohol or b) nubile coeds.

  133. c) Baby daughter

    I think that qualifies.

  134. Just in case, though, I’ll do a shot of whiskey.

  135. We need a kiddie pool for Star. She’s what we charitably refer to as a “Big Girl” who really only goes for walks and plays with water for exercise. Paula mentioned a kiddie pool last week and I thought it was a great idea.

  136. Comment by Chi on June 12, 2017 5:43 pm
    I need to go feed the smoker anyway…

    How is your mom?

  137. Did he draw a felt level on you?
    My felt is off the charts at the moment. Possible I have Bunson Honeydew syndrome.

    I found out next week.

  138. 1. Doctors do rounds in hospitals and then go to their office
    B. I’m guessing the picture lady didn’t like you and thus made you wait
    iii. It’s called an Ultrasound
    Baby is cute and looks just like me.
    WHEW!!! I mean … of course it looks like you. Why would you suspect otherwise?
    *avoids eye contact with MJ
    1. Oh, right. Now I get it.
    B. She was totally flirting with me which was awkward given the situation. And yes, I remember now that its called an Ultrasound. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember so I decided to call her the picture lady.

    iii The baby is clean shaven, which is remarkable. I assumed that babies without beards had two mommies, IYKWIMAITYD.

  139. If you’re talking about the cancer scare, Pepe, all is fine. Great, in fact.
    Clean bill of health all around. Thanks so much for asking!

    I just had an AWESOME moment – A young kid came up to my porch:
    “I stopped by here last year. I think I remember you being a Ted Cruz supporter. I just wanted to remind you that there is an election tomorrow, and we really need a win! Please vote for Corey Stewart.”
    Kid looks 15, but gets to vote for the first time tomorrow (for Va. Governor) and he’s super excited. Freaking amazing that an 18 year old is out knocking on doors and getting out the word – and he’s on OUR side!
    I actually have hope for our country again for the first time in ages…

  140. John McCain lost because we hated him and for good reason, he’s a moron. He was a shitty candidate, he’s a shitty senator and a real shitty self serving dick.

  141. McCain lost because he used the Dole Campaign Strategy. My turn.

  142. Cake: good. I like the recipe a lot. Texture came out very much like a brownie, and I like that it has no flour. Prep is a little involved, but it hits the spot for cake/brownie.

    Ice cream: needed more time to harden, but still excelente.

  143. Leon, I’d love the recipes. I have a sweet toof, which kills any diet.

  144. Greetings, people who frankly resent having their dedication to Sparkle Motion questioned.

  145. Ghetto bar, cunt face cunts.

  146. *Sigh*

    So I’ve been chatting online with this girl, and last Monday I asked her to coffee on Monday evening, since I would be down her way. No response, but she sent me a response on Tuesday that said, “Sorry! I was taking a nap. I’d love to, but I can’t do spontaneous because… I have a kid.” Ugh. But she’s cute, conservative, and it’s a date not marriage, so I ask her if she’d like to try this Monday. She says yes. This weekend we agreed to meet at 6pm. I asked her where she wanted to meet… no response. I sent her a message today suggesting a place… no response.

    Is it too much to ask that if you make plans, even tentative ones, that you either follow through or let the other person know that you’re cancelling? I’m about to head out that way even though I’ve gotten no response, since I have another thing down in Santa Monica at 8pm. It’s just… annoying.


    Oh look, $20.

  147. Alex, I’ll transcribe them to the recipe site and do links when I’m back at my desk.

    I’m sorry she’s giving you the runaround. Not sure why she would, but if it’s coming this early, at least you didn’t lose much time on her.

  148. Offer to hook her up with some Gypsies who will buy the kid off her, no questions asked. If she thinks it’s funny, you’ve got a gal with a sense of humor. If she takes you up on the offer, you’ve got yourself a nice little chunk of change in commission.

  149. Totally agree. How fucking hard is it to check your voice mail and texts?

    I had a chick do that to me before I met HotBride. She called a week later. Voicemail: “Hiiii, sorry to be out of touch. Work was really busy. Call me back.”


  150. GFY


  151. She sucks.

    Find a more willing partner. And by willing I mean slutty.

    Then after that find a nice girl that is confident enough to let you know if she’s interested or not.

    Then get married and make babies.

  152. Just don’t make them on her face.

  153. Look, if the girl was born with a uterus on her face and Colex loves her and is willing to stay with her, I think we should be happy for them.

  154. She sounds like a flake.

  155. Now I know why Michelle is so fugly. She has a uterus on her face.

  156. Wasn’t that the plot of “Deep Throat”?

  157. If things go as planned, in three days I’ll be on top of Pike’s Peak.

    14,115 feet.

    I should shoot a beer.

  158. Wasn’t that the plot of “Deep Throat”?

    More or less. I think it had something to do with the location of her clitoris, though.

  159. Why not 14,116? Slacker.

  160. Inconsiderate from the start? Nope. That’s when you’re supposed to be the most concerned about making a first impression. Why isn’t she?

    And she has a kid? Nope. I understand you have needs. But if you know you wouldn’t marry her, and you waste time screwing around with her, it will take time away from finding someone else. Possibly a whole lot of time, because she will string you along like this on nights when you are supposed to meet but don’t. Thus tying your time up, and you’re not even getting what you wanted out of it.

  161. Our current elevation is about 30 feet.

    We are are going to be chugging oxygen.

  162. I think Laura knows her shit.

  163. She’s pre-psych.

  164. Comment by Hotspur on June 12, 2017 8:36 pm

    Just don’t make them on her face.
    That’s a baby shower. ;)

  165. I climbed 2 14’ers out there when I was younger. Grays and Torreys. As I recall t was a pig march.

  166. I’ll bring a ladder.

  167. She’s very conservative according to her profile, which is why I’m even willing to give this a second shot. Besides, I figure dating is like anything else: if you get out of practice you will get rusty. Meeting a woman for coffee, especially since I was already going to be on this side of town tonight isn’t a big commitment.

    No show, but I brought schoolwork to keep me occupied for an hour or so.

  168. God I hate all this PC bullshit.

    Is it Ute-face or is that too real? What do we call them?

  169. I’ve hiked to the top of Pike’s Peak.


    I don’t recommend it.

  170. Sorry Alex.

    Hang in there and quit telling girls you like tentacle pron.

  171. I don’t like tentacle porn. Rope play and spanking, on the other hand…

  172. Should I remove the reference to my basement dungeon from my profile?

  173. Hiked? Nope.

  174. Took a helicopter up the next day. Muuuuch better.

  175. Yes. You’re in California now. Basements just confuse people here.

  176. Who’s in charge of the text box thing cuz that’s funny?

    McCain has wombface.

  177. The train up Pikes peak is fun. Keep an eye out for the little animals that live on that terrain, someone remind me what they are called…

  178. Oh, look, it’s champagne o’thirty.

    And I forgot to mention, john McCain can kiss my ass!

  179. I think Hotspur changes the text box title.

  180. For real. I think someone stuck an extra organ on the side of his face.

    Do you think Lindsay kisses it?

  181. Kisses it and gently sways his waxed balls along the perimeter.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  182. mare’s been out in the sun too long.

  183. Yes you do.

  184. Mare,
    Are you talking about Pikas, or Marmots?

  185. Marmots

  186. Marmots! Thank you, Chrissy!

  187. And Oso!

  188. I live at altitude and the Mother Cabrini Shrine outside of Golden nearly killed me!

  189. I love marmots. Chunkier prairie dogs!

  190. Stupid autocorrect!!! Chrispy not Chrissy! Apple a-holes

  191. j’ames – your g-string account probably has an unwanted email

  192. “Is there anybody here but Asians right now? Because I don’t wanna play if it’s only Asians.” –Filthy Hobo

  193. *goes to empty spam folder

    Is it normal for email to smell that badly? I sent it back.

  194. We were up on the side of Mt. Rainier one day and Anita saw a ‘Whistling Marmot’, that looks like a Calico Kitty. She thought that someones cat had got out of their car and was running loose.
    She starts calling; “Here kitty kitty”.
    I’m like, WTF, O?
    She thought it was a Calico cat…

  195. welcome on board chi –

  196. jay that odor will prolly stick around…
    it’s a feature

  197. Anita has a sweet heart. A dangerous and scary sweet heart.

  198. “B. She was totally flirting with me which was awkward given the situation. ”

    that’s not awkward she was just friendly – wait till a L&D nurse is shoulder deep in Mrs. Muppet and still chit-chattin’ with ya

  199. Hostages Community Theatre Presents: “There But For The Grace Of God…”

    Filthy Hobo: “Will you teach me how to play golf sometime?”

    Me: “I actually don’t play golf.”

    FH: “Naw, get outta here>”

    Me: “Really.”

    FH: “So, what do you play?”

    Me: [getting uncomfortable] “What…what do you mean?”

    FH: “Do you play football?”

    Me: “I…uh…don’t play any sports.”

    FH: “Hey, that’s a nice watch. Is it a Citizen?”

    Me: “Timex.”

    FH: “Ohhhhhhh. Those are my favorite.”

    Me: “Okay.”

    FH: “Alright, then, see you tomorrow.” [shuffles off into the darkness]

    Me: [breaking the fourth wall] “Where’s an Ewok when you really need one?”


  200. so i found out this past weekend that my freebie access to a family members’ excavator is coming to an end …. he is selling it. mrs. jam won’t let me buy it….. she yammered some incoherent crap about not needing it….

    so i loaded it up and took it out to the farm; i’ll spend what little time i have with it prepping a spot for a small cabin –
    and digging a pond out back for some fish farming

    i roared and bored till dark this evening

    the bunker plan is going to have to wait

  201. On a completely different note, the following link goes to the most unintentionally hilarious thing I’ve read in a loooooong time:

    The writer uses the phrase “herstory.” Unironically.

  202. Thanks jam (I think?).

    I actually hiked in the Olympic Mountains back in ’92, but didn’t get too far up because grampa”s knees gave out. Always meant to go back, but life got in the way…

  203. “Something about the proportions here makes me think she’s unpleasantly tall.”

    leon where does unpleasant start?

    just curious

  204. I just woke up after a little nap – I could really use some of leon”s cake and custard about now.
    How do I go about that?

  205. Used to have a great view of the Olympics from my backyard.

  206. Hey, Chi, did you figure out which of today’s models is a dude?

  207. I’m guessing the one with the dick, Sean.
    (Although #+ has shoulders like Wolverine)
    I prefer my women a little softer and with some surves, TBH.

  208. Sean, I am so done WTS! I need a Messican bear movie so I can limit attendance to either Messicans or Bears. No Canadians allowed. Or Moose.

  209. Did I mention that once I bought my first pair of jeggings, I am currently at 4 pair. They are so comfy.

  210. It was a trick question. They’re all dudes.

  211. Did I mention that once I bought my first pair of jeggings, I am currently at 4 pair. They are so comfy.

  212. I just had to bingle “jeggings” –

    Note to self: pray that oso is not a dude wearing those things.

  213. Oso is a dude like MMM are women. Wait…meh. Close enough

  214. G’night. Lego Batman releases tomorrow. John Wick 2. (I’d rather be stocking JW2, but noooo)

  215. Lego Batman was pretty funny. John Wick 2 was good, but not as good as the first one.

  216. I remember finding out about you
    Every derp, my mind is all around you
    Looking out from my lonely room, derp after derp
    Bring it home, baby, make it soon
    I give my love to you


    I made that, but cut the Swerve to 1/3 c and added a half teaspoon of maple extract.

    This was the cake recipe I used. In Freedom Units and with subs/adds:
    7 oz chocolate
    7 Tbl butter (unsalted, he doesn’t say)
    1/2 c heavy cream
    4 eggs
    4 Tbl Swerve
    1/2 tsp salt

    I baked it in a parchment-lined pyrex loaf pan for 36 minutes and allowed it to cool until the pan was merely warm and I could handle it without mitts.

  218. “He told the BBC of a case two years ago where a female parishioner who had chosen to become male “didn’t think that God would know who he was and his new name having been baptized as a girl…”

    omg – i’m raffing like a rabid howler

    this shit is classic!!!

    didn’t think God would know!!!!! haaaahahahaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  219. like sheep to slaughter

  220. caveat – sheep are smarter

  221. black plague

    spanish flu

    progressivism – the epidemic of our time

  222. “He told the BBC of a case two years ago where a female parishioner who had chosen to become male “didn’t think that God would know who he was and his new name having been baptized as a girl…”

    God knows who you are, but I don’t think you know, ma’am.

  223. leon – do you still use the gstring account?

  224. wakey wakey

  225. Who’s turn is it to tell Lauraw that it’s Tuesday?

  226. Texted you back, Jam, so you’ve got my phone # now.

  227. Today I’m packing, and tomorrow we will be on our way to see America.

    Looks like it’s going to be a small meetup. Eight or ten people.


  228. Tuesday can’t hurt me anymore.

    Is anybody working on a post?

  229. I’m in a meeting, so not me.

  230. No.

  231. Marmots are assholes.

  232. You should have “tacticool tuesday” do some gun shit, some splodey shit, some prepper shit, some gear shit, etc. etc.

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