A Weekend Dumpfest



  1. This makes perfect sense. Of course the Left will ignore it, they only cared when he said things they liked.


  2. The name Reality Winner is perfectly designed for my eyes to skip over and my brain to ignore, until two lines later in the article, when I think to myself, ‘wait, who are they talking about?’

    Not kidding, I think I’ve done that with almost every article I’ve read about that chick.

  3. Wakey wakey

    What’s so fricken hard Lauraw? Do you need a note card.


  4. https://imgur.com/gallery/lbxQSbm

  5. I have nothing to pack.

    Two days before a planned vacation…..it’s a miracle.

  6. MJ needs to see Pupster’s gif.

    That’s pretty much parenthood right there.

  7. Note to BBF providers: if she has not already been featured, look up Lucie Wilde. She has the vacant look Wiser prefers, and huge, pendulous boobs that could resurrect our departed friend.

  8. Dora time, bitchez.

  9. Nice header!

    And I’m pretty sure the gif will be my life for a few years.

  10. Been done Tushar. There is no hard rule against repeats, but she doesn’t ever smile so I pass. I think her back hurts.


  11. Re: header pic

    If seen the theory bandied about that short men have a much easier time becoming muscular than tall men, because the same amount (roughly) of T is circulating over less total muscular surface area. Also, the onset of heavy T production tends to halt increases in height. Boys get tall (or as tall as they are going to get) and then become masculine, so some short men might be so because of high T levels. Actual congenital dwarfism probably mucks with all of that, but it’s an interesting narrative.

  12. There’s also the simple biophysics of it. All humans use the same biological processes, and making a pound of muscle is equally hard for everyone’s biochemistry, but 5 pounds of muscle when you’re short is much more noticeable than the same tissue is on a taller person. Equally true for fat.

  13. Interesting


  14. http://tinyurl.com/yaz5ooxe

  15. http://tinyurl.com/yb2grx6y

  16. Could someone please add a link to the mobile site to the front page? Thanks, superhacker.

  17. I’m on the koji bandwagon up until the part where you fry a furry porkchop that has been sitting at 85 degrees for 36 hours.

    The guy who is developing these techniques is still alive. People who have tried his food swear it’s delicious. But still. It’s worrying.

    Related/not really, the guy at the Health Department that I did my clinical with told me that sous vide is not approved for CT restaurants. I told him about holding a piece of beef at 130 degrees for two days and he looked positively alarmed, ha ha ha.

  18. Has he never heard of canning, then? Pressure canning raw meat is at nearly the same internal temp.

  19. He just won’t go away.

  20. Many years ago we had a whole family admitted for botulism after eating home canned tomato sauce with hamburger meat in it. Mom and daughter ate the least and went home sooner. Dad and teenage boy were there for weeks. I bet they go with store bought now.

  21. Obama, Trudeau, Ceramic Pig

  22. They probably water-bath canned it instead of pressure-canned it, Jimbro. Meat, even in high acid sauce, needs pressure canning. Some people think you can still water-bath that stuff.

  23. I get that kids inherit traits from their parents, and it is all encoded in the genes. So, temperament, intelligence (or lack of it), looks, health, disposition to certain diseases, all are understandable.

    What I find difficult to understand are the benign and pointless traits that kids inherit. For example, apart from the fact that he is temperamentally exactly like me, one my my kids likes to stand in front of mirror and make stupid faces for hours. Exactly like I used to do.

    Was that really a trait important enough to encode in the genes? That tiny little sperm was already overloaded with all kinds of information.

    Why is there a gene for making funny faces? And why is it so important to pass on?

  24. Wyatt Derp

  25. Finally found the mobile site button, yay!

  26. Hey Tushar, we were discussing your business model in yesterday’s thread. Started after 5pm.

  27. Tushar, he’s just learning how to use the muscles and what it looks like. Lots of kids do that.

    Since getting the pressure scanner, I don’t water-bath anything. I’m yet to feel like canning meat is worth it.

  28. I bet you’re right Laura. Long time ago and not my patients so other than asking why a family was in the PICU I was not privy to any info. People have canned meat successfully for years, just have to do it with meticulous attention to detail.

  29. I bought a rack of 1/2 pint jars for canning some rhubarb chutney and rhubarb onion relish I plan to make soon. It’ll be the water bath method since I’m an amateur canner who doesn’t own a pressure canner. Maybe when I retire.

  30. “Finally found the mobile site button, yay!”


    Next to the G-spot?

  31. Gov. Scott Walker’s people keep calling me for donations, ugh.

  32. If I get lucky and snag a deer or two this Fall I might can some meat, since the freezer is likely to be full of beef at that point. That’s the only reason I could see doing it. Going to try and can a bunch of salsa in August.

  33. Super easy. I love it for when I make a giant batch of bone broth. A dozen jars of broth go in the cupboard and saves my freezer space.

    Back when I could occasionally find boneless chicken breast meat for .99/lb, I liked canning it up rawpack. Canned chicken is yummy. Came out perfect for dumping into a salad.

  34. Laura, I just read yesterdays thread. Have you all been spying on me? How do you know so much about my business tactics.

    Let me tell you, I wish I could afford to buy property in NYC. Those sewer rats pay hefty rent for a chance to rummage through kitchen cabinets.

  35. Anyone who says Dave in Texas doesn’t look exactly like Heinrich Himmler is just being polite. To Himmler.

  36. Today I finally put my honey super on my bee hive. I was about 4 weeks too late since the bees started making honey comb between the deep super and the lid in the 2″ space created by a spacer I left for the winter. I had to scrape all the comb off to put the honey super on. Now the bees are taking all the honey from the comb back into the hive. Worst beekeeper ever.

  37. Mark Andreesen (invented web browser, now big venture capitalist) said that Breitbart was the only place that gave real news during election and msm was fake. Says if democrats want to win again, they have to engage midwesterners and south beyond telling them they are morons.

    Heartening to see not everyone in Silicon Valley is a lefty.

  38. I bet Himmler would comment at H2 if he could.

  39. Himmler apparently used to comment here and then stopped for the most part. Probably spending time in the pool.

  40. *applies tin foil beanie*


    I buy it.

  41. Okay, “buy it”, is too strong. “Can’t rule it out” is more accurate.

  42. Bill Clinton had the balls to look into a camera, at the American people and say, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!!”

    He’s a lying piece of shit.

    Hillary Clinton stood in front of the coffins and family of 4 dead people and blathered on about a video being responsible.

    She’s a lying piece of shit.

    I absolutely believe they would stage anyone’s death to hide their bullshit. ABSOLUTELY. Don’t even have to suspend my disbelief, at all, about any of it.

  43. Chelsea Clinton has something in common with Black Lives Matter. She doesn’t know who her dad is either.

  44. That whole thing with the pizza place gives me the heebie-jeebies. That ain’t right.

  45. Hotspur, more likely, she knows, and accepts the appearance she has to keep up. Who would want to publicly accept some loser lawyer as father, instead of an ex President?

  46. If Bill were my actual father and I could plausibly claim otherwise, you’d have a copy of my ghostwritten book “My dad is Webb Hubbell” by Leon Clinton.

  47. Lololol, good one, Leon. And true.

  48. I had an Arab co-worker years ago who’s father admired Himmler so much he named my friend after him. That was his first name. Himmler.

  49. I used to look just like Reinhard Heydrich back in junior high. Part of it was my haircut, but the SS-Obergruppenführer uniform I wore everywhere probably contributed to it, too.

  50. Car in, thank God he could go by his middle name: “Osama”.

  51. Have these fun bags graced BBF yet? They must have.


    (link to massive udders tastefully displayed by a blonde model)

  52. Killed it.

  53. So…is everyone busy fapping?

  54. Pirates marathon getting ready for Dead Men Tell No Tales

  55. Watching Daredevil S2 instead of writing my report for class. Lazy Alex is lazy.

  56. If you got drunk you could do both at the same time.

  57. You should listen to scott. I wrote most of my papers in college with the aid of moderately-priced Scotch. J&B is a fine writing lubricant.

    Man, I have no earthly idea how the hell I ever graduated.

  58. DS2 is best Daredevil ever. Punisher level awesomesauce

  59. I’ve got scotch and a bottle of wine for later. I have about three pages of notes. I’ll be fine. Lazy Alex is smart and lazy.

  60. Smart, lazy, and drunk will get you an A.

    You’ve got to want it.

  61. Have these fun bags graced BBF yet?

    I think she was in the playoffs last year, one of my faves.

  62. Already at an A.

  63. There’s a pejorative in the oil field that goes something like this: That sumbitch couldn’t scatter shit with a rake.

    It’s used to indicate to others that one of the new hands is either too dumb or too physically limited or both to accomplish the most simple of tasks.

    I’m happy to report that I raked about three bushels of chipped marble out of my wife’s rock garden today and replaced it by scattering about 3 bushels of new shiny marble chips into it. On a 103F day no less.


  64. Oso nightmare


  65. Oso could train that to keep the hoppers away.

  66. Wouldn’t do any good to have screens on your windows. That sumbitch would just open the front door and let all of the little bugs in.

  67. He might eat the front door.

  68. **orders a massage and a margarita, extra salt for Pendejo**

  69. Thanks, Roamie. You’re a doll.

  70. I hate to ask for prayers for myself, but I’m on the third day of a wicked stomach bug. It’s hard to worship the porcelain god when your knee is fubar, and I haven’t been doing any of my PT exercises. I’d really like to feel better.

  71. Prayers for the Tummy and the Knee.

  72. Derp at night
    No one in sight
    An’ we got so much to share
    Talking’s fine
    If you got the time
    But I ain’t got the time to spare

  73. Coffee
    Trash to dump
    Take kid to work
    Mow lawn
    Grill some meat

  74. Feel better soon, Roamie.

  75. Get better, Romacita! Hope somebody’s taking care of you.

  76. We’re going to a cookout today at a famous local radio entertainer’s house. What should we bring? Any suggestions?

  77. Sorry Roamy. Ugh.

    Wakey wakey.

    Fruit salad, lauraw. He’s hot here, so that’s the only thing that sounds good.

  78. We’re working on our deck today.

    I’ve got to get the toms in the ground, so hopefully I can sneak away and do that.

    I’d like to go to a movie tonight. what’s good?

  79. Any suggestions?
    Gorilla snot
    Sourdough starter
    Microwaved dirt
    Furniture dolly

  80. Hotspur’s Mom

    But I don’t know if you have those kinds of theaters in Lapeer.

  81. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/wonder_woman_2017

    Seems popular, haven’t seen it.

  82. I’ve been watching the FX series Fargo on Hulu, it’s pretty good, but a lot funnier if you’ve ever spent any time in Southern Canada donchano. Dark comedy true crime drama. Season 2 is set in 1979, the music is great.

  83. Can’t help you on movies. No idea what’s even in theaters anymore.

    Solo dad day 2. So far the only tears are mine, so it’s going great. These start at 5 am, so the first mission is not waking her up when mom leaves.

  84. We’re bringing dead fish.

  85. Yeah, it’s gonna be a hot day, and dead fish are cold, so. Perfect.

  86. I’m sending a mass email about the meetup, in order to get a headcount. If you’re coming and you don’t get the email today, email me at laura w tips AT hot, mail, dootcom.

    Remove spaces and punctuation and add the appropriate email thingy.

  87. Carin, “Wonder Woman” is good.

  88. Oh goody, a mass email with “reply all”.


  89. You rotten motherfucker!!!

    People, don’t be like Leon! He’s bad!! BAD!

  90. I only meant to reply, the button activated as my thumb was sliding across the screen.

  91. It’s too late to call back the assassins. I’m sorry.

  92. Guys, only tell me if you ARE coming. It’s just a head count.

  93. It’s okay, Laura, I habe it coming.

  94. i shoulda bcc’d. But it’ll be okay.

  95. That darn thumb again, Leon!

  96. I retyped that twice, I think it’s autocorrecting me to German now.

  97. Der Kampf ist echt.

  98. On that note, it is hilariously ironic that Bernie Sanders got almost a million dollar book advance for a tome about the struggle for socialism, but Trump is “literally Hitler”.

  99. 5-2


  100. >>Prayers for the Tummy and the Knee.

    Prayers too for the body part that is tasked with offering sacrificial tribute to the porcelain god.

  101. Listening to the sprinklers on a sunny hot summer day reading chicken recipes out of Meathead’s book is heaven.

  102. Sounds great, HS!

  103. Going to go with Cornell Chicken – page 298. There will be seven of us for dinner.

  104. Hotspur is cornholing a chicken, everybody.

  105. Cornell invented chicken nuggets.

  106. Let me know if you like it, HS. I did it a year or two ago and it came out good, but just okay. Not WOW like the other Meathead recipes we’ve tried.
    I keep wondering if I did it right.

  107. It says to marinade in the fridge for 3 to 24 hours. I’ll only be able to give it 4.

  108. It’s africa hot here.

  109. Garden is (mostly) weeded. Kids are power washing the awning. Pay is sanding the deck. Just got back from the grocery store.

    Coffee up then back at it.

    Toms and pumpkins. Stay on target …

  110. Hot here too. Got lawn mowed and I’m enjoying the heat now. The dogs are hot and not as thrilled with it as I am

  111. It’s 90° here, but really breezy.

  112. I need to break it the stirrup hoe and get the grass that’s coming up between my peppers.

    Eventually, like after my wife gets home.

  113. Break out. So sick of commenting from this mother humping phone.

  114. It’s a very mild and breezy 84 here. That’s… unusual.

  115. guardians of the galaxy 2 car in.

  116. hot dogs! it’s what’s for dinner

  117. I ate a lifetime’s worth of hot dogs by the time I was 13. I can barely stand to cook them now.

  118. Morning thunderstorm knocked out power for 10 hours. Boy2 sat in a chair and stared at me for most of it. Like, what am I supposed to do? I don’t know, but do it somewhere else, you are freaking me out.

  119. 106 here. But it’s a dry heat.

  120. *stares at pupster

  121. Deck work most of the day. Toms are still not in the ground. Oh well. Life *will* go on I suppose.

  122. It’s beer thirty in case anyone didn’t know. Past time, imho.

  123. I’m heading towards whiskey o’clock, myself.

  124. Vodka-thirty.

  125. Just another Tequila Sunday.

  126. *stares at jay*

  127. **stares at Mare’s ass**

  128. *stares into Arby’s*

  129. That’s not Arby’s, that’s Hotspur’s mom.

  130. Ugh. I understand the beefy-looking parts, but what’s that “cheddar”?

  131. 4% humidity!! Swamp Cooler working. Yay!!!

  132. Time to swap out the beer IV.

  133. Why not the beer V?

  134. Everyone knows that the odd-numbered beers were horrible. The even-numbered beers are the only good ones.

  135. It’s wine-thirty now.

    paying bills

  136. MJ, great post! Are you able to comment yet?

  137. Mooooommmm!!!! MJ’s posting cover songs!

  138. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I am still shaky but better than yesterday. No kneeling before the porcelain god. I made my dad’s chicken and rice soup, and it’s good.

  139. I never thought about the actual dynamics of puking with bad knees before you mentioned that, roamy. Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

  140. https://is.gd/D2vDhA

  141. Yeah, I can post if I use VPN mode and the Opera browser. But I don’t have much to say.

    I don’t get it but whatevs.

    Seriously, I love Thelma Houston, Harold Melvin, and just about any disco record still in existence.

    I got a bubble gum pink copy of Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ a little while ago.

    The birth of my son might compare but I’ll probably just point to the record when he disappoints me.

  142. That’s freakin’ funny

  143. http://tinyurl.com/ycchzavr

  144. That was for Pupster, but MJ is also rather entertaining.

    If you move to CT, we’re gonna have some serious 70’s R&B parties, man.

  145. Hoosier baby is a boy? Next CT meet will be at a roller rink with short shorts and disco music.

  146. Xanadu’/

  147. I got a bubble gum pink copy of Chic’s ‘I Want Your Love’ a little while ago.

    The birth of my son might compare but I’ll probably just point to the record when he disappoints me.

    And when you finally realize that you’ve been gay all this time and introduce him to your partner, Sebastian, your son will be able to do the same.

  148. Did you just assume my gender, Sean?

    Well I never!

  149. You assumed your kid’s gender?

  150. Boy, oso.

  151. youtu.be/c3e0cuDoX_0

  152. Hey Scott, how are the glasses working out?


    *watches Oso fall over*

  154. OK. Good for distance.
    Meh for reading.

    I wore them for most of the day.

  155. MJ, you’re a scamp and I can’t tell you how happy I am you’re having a child.

  156. Still failing with them when there is a bunch of different stuff to focus on, like grocery shopping.

  157. I ended up going granny string. Could not adjust to reading bifocal.

  158. The birth of my son might compare but I’ll probably just point to the record when he disappoints me.

    Comment Hall Of Fame

  159. CoAlEx, I have no roller skills. Never did. Lean on wall and act cool.

  160. MJs son will hit high school knowing how to generate Power Point™ slides and mix drinks.
    I’m sure he will have an *interesting* childhood…

  161. Every time Sesame Street comes on he’ll scream, curl up into a ball, and sob while saying, “Daddy, I should have knocked before I came in…”

  162. Ooooh…name MJs baby thread…Bobby

  163. “Show us on the doll where your daddy touched the other doll.”

  164. Waldorf…

  165. Butch

  166. Umlaut

  167. Richard

  168. Tito. After the vodka. More ethnic than Liawatha. Giving Hoosier baby an edge

  169. Englebert.

  170. Wait, am I allowed to play?

  171. Fozzy.

  172. Felton

  173. You can play, but not on money posts. Melvin

  174. Henson

  175. Tucker.

  176. Fi’shtique

  177. Geddy Bart

  178. Maynard

  179. Shrek.

  180. Floyd.

  181. Elmo

  182. Aloysius

  183. Tittyface

  184. Oedipus

  185. Ripper

  186. Dipthong

  187. GoNaD. After her mama.

  188. Audrey.

  189. Snoop

  190. Gaylord

  191. Hello.

    Is this place welcoming to newcomers? Or should I move on?
    My last hangout has been ruined by a couple douchebag CoBs. Sad, really. It was a great place for a dozen years or so.
    I recognize quite a few names from there over here…

  192. All are welcome, Chi. You just have to answer one question: How many bullwhips do you have shoved up your ass RIGHT NOW??!

  193. We’re plenty welcoming. Especially Xbrad. He’s the one in the gimp suit.

    Someone should be along soon with the appropriate questionnaire.

  194. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/06/11/feinstein-lynch-clinton-emails-239391

    I’d like to think this is the Dems hinting to Hillary! that she needs to go away.

  195. I’m not familiar with bullwhips in my ass,
    But I AM willing to try…

  196. CoLex, that was my take on that story.

  197. You only get so many bites at the apple.

  198. Well, Chi, the answer we were looking for is “five to seven.” But we like your enthusiasm, so we’ll keep you around on a probationary basis.

  199. Comey’s testimony basically confirmed my theory that he was told there was no way Hillary! would be indicted, and he figured that meant she was a sure in to win. He didn’t want to put a target on the FBI when Hillary was sworn in which was why he had that disaster of an announcement, and he was screwed when the files were later found on Weiner’s computer.

    He should have resigned the day after Trump was sworn in. He could have claimed that he wanted Trump and the FBI to have a fresh start.

  200. The Dems are starting to realize that they don’t have to be afraid of the Clinton machine anymore.

  201. Probation? Really?

    I just used a line from “Stripes” fercryingoutloud!
    That’s gotta be worth a 3 day pass at least.

  202. If you’re gonna quote Stripes, get the fucking quote right. It’s “willing to learn.”

  203. Heh.
    Russell Zinsky.
    How do I even remember that after all these years? That was a LOT of brain cells ago.

  204. When they beat
    On a broken guitar
    And on the streets
    They reek of tropical charms
    The embassies lie in hideous shards
    Where tourists derp and decay

  205. Baby names





  206. MMM in aboot 15 minutos, puntas.

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