Apropos Of Nothing

There are certain words and phrases we occasionally encounter when reading that we sort of know their meaning. We might have looked up them up once in the distant past, know a root word or understood by intuition the intended meaning within the context it was used. “Apropos of nothing” is one of those phrases for me. I don’t think I’ve ever uttered those words in conversation. I may have imagined myself saying them somewhere in the English countryside before politely asking someone to please pass the Grey Poupon mustard. Well, after a lifetime of waiting for the moment, I finally wrote the words in an email to someone where I linked a story about the use of poppy seed oil to increase fertility. I’d never heard of that technique before and was still processing the concept in my head when I wrote a friendly email and just had to share the story. Which is what prompted the “apropos of nothing” lead in to the link.

So what’s it mean? Stolen from the world wide web I give you this definition:

Without reference to anything. // Without any apparent reason or purpose.

Does that sound like anything we all know and love? A certain blog? Rhymes with “The Sausages“? I’m sure you all have similar words you run across that you have the same feeling about.

Apropos of nothing


Apropos of nothing


Apropos of nothing


Apropos of nothing


Apropos of nothing


Apropos of nothing


Happy Thursday! Less than 24 hours to BBF!



  1. Alternative post title “The S is Silent”

  2. Sean’s derp last night was excellent, if a bit pungent.

  3. Good post, Jimbro!

  4. I got to see part of the botanical gardens at Boothbay, ME this week. Beautiful. Would love to go back in Summer when more plants are up, and see the full effect.

  5. Are you home yet Lauraw?

  6. ww

  7. Alternative post title “The S is Silent”

    Heard a youtuber say “scar-sitty mindset” the other day. This is what happens when people read a word but no one around them has it in their vocabulary. Or they’ve never heard “scarce” and can’t make the connection. Or they are dipshits.

    A surprising number of millenials also labor under the delusion that “chasm” starts like “chapter” and no “Christ”.

  8. Yeah, many young people are often wrong, and that’s okay, but what’s not okay is that they do not value correction, Leon. Speaking properly is not important anymore. Having standards is a character defect in modern ‘society.’ That society being heavily influenced by watching ignorant morons on reality shows argue with each other over imagined slights, retard-issues, and related minutiae.

    Aaaanyway, I’m back. Came back yesterday evening.

  9. “chasm” guy responded graciously when I explained it. No response from “scar-sitty” yet.

    Aaaanyway, I’m back. Came back yesterday evening.

    Does Scott have scurvy and pellagra yet?

  10. Oh my God, he cooked up like five pounds of frozen cheese ravioli and has been living off of it all this time. And apparently there was only a small amount of sauce left in the jar, and he didn’t bother to go buy a jar of sauce.

    So it’s like this mountain of undersauced, pale, stuck-together ravioli that you just carve a hunk off of with your fork. I had some last night when I got home. At least it’s a really good ravioli.

  11. Anyway, sorry for my negative rant. I saw some reality shows this week for the first time and I am still horrified. Holy shitballs. RetardTV.

  12. *mispronounces words to piss Leon off, then gives Lauraw a dirty look for correcting me

  13. Yeah, I can’t watch TV anymore. It makes me genocidal.

  14. *pushes extra jar of sauce behind Moose to hide evidence that I had it all this time.

  15. TV sucks.

    I try to watch it. I would love to cancel it but I think the family would revolt. Honestly I don’t know why. How many reruns can they watch. CHRIST (pronounces it like “chapter”)


    It’s raining, and I’m not going to workout until later, so maybe I’ll doll myself up (joggers and a sweatshirt) and head out.

  17. Our Aldi has been open for a month. I’m yet to set foot within.

  18. We’ve had an Aldi for years, luddites.

    Stupid Michigan.

  19. Deadliest fighting move


  20. In wrestling that’s called stalling when you back away at the beginning.

  21. We have aldi’s – just not near me. There is one the next town over, but I don’t ever want to drive there.

  22. *calls Aldi in Lapeer and notifies them about notorious shoplifter, gives them Carin’s description*

  23. Scott and I have both found ticks in the yard, standing up waving their arms to catch a ride.

    We need chickens.

    NEED. Maybe next year. We’ll see.

  24. Guinea hens!

  25. You could always get birds after your vacation, you just might not have eggs until Autumn.

  26. We got an Aldi’s about a mile away.

    We go there about every 5 years.

  27. We got an Aldi’s about a mile away.

    We go there about every 5 years.

  28. Now Hannity is going on vacation suddenly

    Those crazy Murdoch kids. Wonder if they realize they are pissing their empire away.

  29. Wow!

  30. Yeah, I have to think about it. But coyotes walk through our yard all hours of the day and night. Raccoons too.
    We’ll have to build a fortress of a chicken tractor if I want to move them around the yard.

  31. We use aldi for all our pantry basics. It’s awesome. They also have odd things that are good. Their wines and cheeses. Chocolates.

  32. Fox News is dead. The question is what comes next, if anything.

  33. Scott is making me go to work with him today.

    *furrows brow, stares off into a grey and stormy sky*

  34. Well, fox news deserves to be dead since it brought us Trump*.

    Now STFU and go watch MSNBC.

    *revisionist history version

  35. Morning turd jugglers.

  36. Aldi has some great deal on meats, and like Carin said, other interesting stuff. Frozen stuff is great too. There are a lot of deals to be had there. But you need to bring your own shopping bags and a quarter for the cart which you will get back when you’re finished.

    If O’Reilly and Hannity were smart they would start their own channel.

  37. There is an Aldi in Ann Arbor. I’ve never been in it.

  38. After reading Deep Nutrition I started getting really tight on what meats/fats I buy for consumption. Not to the point of being a dick about it when I’m elsewhere, but I am looking for quality and I’m not especially cost sensitive.

  39. Comment by leoncaruthers on May 25, 2017 10:35 am

    …….I started getting really tight on what meats/fats I buy for consumption.


    Hey, it isn’t polite to call Hotspur’s mom fat…..

  40. Hey, it isn’t polite to call Hotspur’s mom fat…..

    Not my fault that it gets her warmed up. She’s just kinky like that.

  41. Not to the point of being a dick about it

    Baby steps.

  42. I am rarely in places where I am sharing food with others these days, but I usually just fast through church events and stuff.

  43. I planted some mint yesterday in a bed that was meant for a flower garden. After we bought the camp and started spending more time there it became overgrown with grass. A few of the flowers self sowed and that’s nice but it’s 90% grass, 8% weeds and 1.9% flowers. I’m hoping it grows rampant and I’ll have fresh mint for a yearly mint julep.

  44. The mint I planted to do mortal combat with the ivy seems to be spreading very nicely and cohabiting well with the crawling juniper.

  45. Waiting for the right medical people to come by so that I can go home. Surgery will be rescheduled for next week.

  46. Is vanco now added to your list of allergies Teresa? Or is it in the “use with caution” category?

  47. I had a interesting medical experience yesterday. I drove 80 miles, paid 60 dollars, waited an hour past my appointed time to be told that the images that were sent weren’t of a high enough resolution to make a determination as to how to proceed…….

  48. What comprises the remaining .1% in Jimbro’s border?

  49. Slugs, ants, earthworms and other assorted insects

  50. and beer caps, and the odd dead hooker or two.

  51. TT’s despammed comment from yesterday:

    Comment by terribletroy on May 24, 2017 3:46 pm

    So I drove 80 miles today, took time off work….waited over a hour past my scheduled appt, paid 60 dollars all to be told by the Super Dr. that the images that were sent weren’t good enough to make a determination as to how to proceed and that they were sending me home until they could determine if the images sent could be formatted at the needed resolution. If not, I will need to have new images taken and then the 2nd tier referral physician can make a determination as to how to proceed with this aneurysm….at which time I can take time off work, drive 80 miles, wait however long they fucking decide, and pay 60 dollars to be told some shit in person that could’ve been communicated OVER THE PHONE!

    I gotta tell ya….. Im a bit frustrated…. this fucking guy behaved as if the first time he ever heard of me in his life was 7 mins prior to walking into the exam room. Seemed like he reviewed the images for the first time right before he walked in. Not what I expected from a 2nd tier referral. The fucking images were good enough for the first surgeon to determine he didn’t want anything to do with the case!

    Im just about done fucking around with this shit…

  52. I’d be homicidal by now Troy. We have 2 MA’s in my office. Only one is competent. When I get new referrals she (Competent MA) makes sure we have the referral paperwork and outside images. The other one (Incompetent MA) hands a centimeter thick packet of referral notes and is regularly shocked that the outside images are not available. Fortunately she mostly works with my partner who is too nice to can her. Her fuck ups ripple across my bow now and then and I’m close to leading the effort to replace her.

  53. Comment by osoloco11 on May 25, 2017 1:34 am
    Dan’s boss with the smoking hot bod asked me why Dan never answered the phone when she called. Long story short, her calls are being forwarded to my phone inbox.

    Sneaky Oso is sneaky.

  54. Outside imaging is hard to review unless it’s on the same platform as the one we use. We use PACS (which may be a generic term for Picture Archiving and Communication System), really not sure if it’s a brand name. Most of the places that refer to us use a similar one and we can manipulate the images without difficulty. The worst is when someone shows up with multiple studies over time including an MRI or two and you’re handed a CD with the studies. That means you need to load it on a computer and manipulate the images with the tools from that system which are not familiar. Through hundreds of images. And, by the way, you’re a half hour behind and the waiting room is full of angry parents and screaming kids.

  55. That sounds like a you problem, not a me problem, jimbro.

    /angry patient

  56. *selects largest gauge needle for angry patient, turns to face him with a big grin*

  57. Fortunately that doesn’t happen too often Jay. I’m honest with the patient about how much of a pain in the ass it is to view them effectively. What I do is look at the Radiologist’s report after doing my H+P and then make a plan. The plan always involve my vow to load the images in our system and view them at a later time with a phone call from my nurse to discuss (with a time limit where I ask them to call if they haven’t heard from my office).

  58. Minor panic with the boy not coming home from school on time. His older brother was concerned about his welfare which is good and a little unusual for him (but touching nonetheless). I finally asked Paula if she’d heard from him at 3. She called the school and the buses were delayed from leaving because two buses were late to arrive. For some reason the kids weren’t allowed to use their phones. Older brother rode his bike to the school to check on him and said “I’m gonna kick his ass if he gets home before me and had his phone off”.

    He got home before him, phone was off, brother got home on bike and walked inside saying “He’s dead”.

  59. You don’t get angry patients very often if you’re honest with them.

  60. I guess all can see a difference 24hrs can make in tone…. I was not a happy camper yesterday. Frankly I expect better from a tier two referral for something of this nature. Just a shallow bit of research indicates that these things are rare (1%) and normally only discovered “incidentally”. One would think that the opportunity to treat a somewhat rare presentation would bring a little more attentiveness from the practitioner. I did not get that impression at all. Then the Dr. made the mistake of uttering the word “elective”. He was using it in the context that it was a good thing the aneurysm wasn’t presenting a immediate large threat. I took it as this procedure was going to be considered “elective” (therefore not covered by insurance) and I told him point blank ” There AINT NO ELECTIVE happening here”. This set him back, and until I figured out what he meant it was a bit awkward (cause now Im obviously agitated). Once that was cleared up I felt obligated to apologize (but I was still a bit pissed) .

    Overall not a good start. My current plan is to try to be zen about this shit. I need to have the procedure done, so Im kinda locked in. Which is frustrating in and of itself. His little resident dude seemed cool and his Nurse was nice enough so hopefully I can patch things up some more through them. I try to be a “good” patient. I know I can be “difficult” at times (I believe the word for my age bracket is now “cantankerous”) But I just dont see how my expectations were unreasonable….

    Whattaya gonna do? (shrugs shoulders)

  61. What is it with my comments? Have I been restricted to 140 characters or sumpthin? Maybe a “no paragraph” rule? I mean I know I write shitty…but the bucket…Again?? (shakes fist at sky) WHY ME?? What have I done to offend thee??

  62. Nothing, Troy. This is a POS site and you must embrace the suck that the WordPress and all commenters here bring.

  63. Troy, it’s the blog judging you.


    The H2 is a bitch.

  64. Weird pus likes to fuck with some of us more than others – look at it as an adventure in spam fucket spelunking TT

  65. My comment from this AM went into lala land. I got a weird error that I haven’t sean bee4

  66. https://i.imgur.com/QzWZlh8.gifv

  67. The behavior of Murdoch kids makes me uneasy about Ivanka.

    Peer pressure on kids exerts a powerful force on parents

  68. You don’t get angry patients very often if you’re honest with them.

    Objection, assumes rationality in cases where it is seldom present.

  69. Someone logged me out on my phone?!

  70. Baby is back

  71. Dug your 3:42 comment out of the bucket.

  72. Peer pressure on kids exerts a powerful force on parents

    If I can’t get my left-leaning, formerly-devout father back to church under Pope Frankie Say Relax, I don’t think Ivanka is all that big a threat.

  73. Thanks Scott.

  74. Important gardening video. Honorary hostage, IMO.

  75. It is currently 72 hours until I have my first drink while soaking in the swimming pool in Cancun. This cheap ass joint we’re going to doesn’t have a swim up bar in the ocean. I guess I’ll do the ocean thing while I’m hungover on Monday.

  76. CoAlEx, Dan synced all of our Apple devices and for some reason my iPhone and iPad all say Dan’s iPhone and Dan’s iPad.

  77. Suuuure :p

  78. There was a little family of red squirrels hanging out under the bird feeders. Black cat snuck up and stole one of the babies. :(

  79. Cool video, Alex.

  80. TL; DW 😜

  81. CoAlEx, Dan synced all of our Apple devices and for some reason my iPhone and iPad all say Dan’s iPhone and Dan’s iPad.

    I think that’s how Gov. Bentley got busted.

  82. Roamy, it is kind of funny. I have no tech fu. I get to read and see Dan’s stuff before he does. We get our new phones tomorrow. No data. Hotspots and WiFi only. Dan is tired of paying for data we don’t use. I may perish if I can’t check Twitter in the Smith’s parking lot. We don’t have Aldi’s

  83. Cool, PD, what hotel are you staying in? And will your hip be cooperative with all the vacation “fun?” Definitely a euphemism.

  84. http://tinyurl.com/kun8yol

  85. Mare!!! Have you guys finalized plans for the big 30 next month?

  86. I have two Aldi’s here. Neither are really convenient, but they are worth the trip when I’m trying to save some $. What Carin and Mare said about wine, chocolate, meats, and frozen foods. Fruits and veggies can be either really good or spoiled. Their brand canned goods have all been good. I get emails with their weekly specials and recipes.

  87. Oso, we haven’t made reservations for the 19th, which is our anniversary. We will arrive on Oahu that day from Maui. Then Big Island on the 25th. Lots of snorkeling, hiking, swimming, kite surfing for Mr. Mare and boogie boarding for mare. General happiness will ensue…24/7.

  88. Japan Village Walk at Ala Moana. Serial!!!!Sam’s Club by Ala Moana has great deals. Ser also the WalMart that shares the former warehouse. Jalapeno hawaiian rolls. L & L in the WalMart

  89. St Theresa on Maui. St Michael in Kona. St Augustine on Oahu. Immaculate Conception on Kauai. I really need to go to Molokai

  90. I’ll be in Denverahu or Cheyenneamoana.

  91. ……and having more fun.

  92. ….and out of Kim Jun’s range.

  93. Comment by Jimbro on May 25, 2017 12:08 pm
    Is vanco now added to your list of allergies Teresa? Or is it in the “use with caution” category?

    You better believe it’s going on my list of allergies!

    I was still kind of in shock yesterday and this morning, but I do remember being scared that I was going to die while all of that was going on. I looked back at Paul and tried to say, “I love you,” but that was about the time that I passed out.

    Honestly, I can’t remember ever being that terrified in my life.

    It took a while to get back to breathing normally after that, too.

    In reading up on case literature about other patients who have had that same reaction (none of them with MG that I can recall), it’s a crap shoot as to who lives to tell the tale and who ends up never waking up.

    Fortunately, I was on the “entry” side of the equation – all of the patients in the medical write-ups were coming OUT of anesthesia. I was lucky enough to find out I have a problem with that particular medication BEFORE being knocked out.

    It is generally considered a low-risk medication for most MG patients. Obviously, I now know that I am an exception to that rule….

  94. And I am happily sleeping in my own bed tonight, hugging Mr. TiFW extra tight.

  95. Glad my daughter didn’t bring home something like this.


  96. Love and Prayers TiFW. Jinkies

  97. Glad you are home, too, TiFW.

  98. Scott, I can’t wait! We love Denver and Cheyenne. Laramie was great, too. Still scouting bug out places.

  99. Man, what an ignorant teacher, Roamie!

  100. Dan is selling MiLs house. Inspector meeting next week. We are done with SiL. Nobody wants old people furniture. SiL found the time to collect the silver.

  101. Oh why the long face?
    You’ve got it all wrong
    Forget the derp in the race
    We’ll choke chain them all

  102. OY!!!

  103. Jam was hanging curtains, slipped and landed on a cylindrical object and is now gay.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

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