Hello Deer Friends, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model is from Jolly Olde England, born January 14th, 1990, she stars with her prettier sister in some reality show or something over there.  At 30H-24-32, 5’4″ and 119lbs, please welcome Miss Billie Faiers!


  1. “Friday” link made me laugh. Been a while since DB has shown himself in a gif.

  2. Can’t decide whether those are fakies. More research required.

  3. Bazoombas!

    She seems nice.

  4. Real nice.

  5. She doesn’t look British. Looks Polish or eastern euro-ish.

    And they’re fake. But convincing.

  6. Change of plans. We have a 43F night coming, so I’m hardening my starts this morning and trying to figure out some way to keep them warm but not lit for the next week of nights.

  7. Late start today. First case is mine, second one is a kid I referred to the sports medicine guy for a procedure I don’t do but his parents want me to supervise his post op care. Nice, but a weird set of circumstances.

  8. Aaaaand it’s a balmy 32 degrees here right now.

    I think 119 pounds might be a bit optimistic for her weight.

  9. Hey Carin, has your son’s leg fallen off yet? Maybe I missed an update.

    Not yet. ANd I still haven’t gotten insurance to approve PT. Thanks obama, you fucker.

    wakey wakey

  10. We hit 88 yesterday. Today’s high is 63.

  11. Yesterday and the previous day were way too hot for May.

  12. Saw the temp was 66 outside this morning and wen ‘Wahoo!’, started opening windows and shut off the ac.

    Just reversed it all because I just checked and now the forecast is for almost 90 degrees again.

    Could have sworn a couple days ago they said it was going to be around 70 today.

  13. It’s 45 here.

  14. Yeah, this is unusual. Although, four years back we had a heat wave start in May. And I remember like 25 years ago we had a stretch of 90-degree weather in April. So, it happens.

    But yeah, *normally* right now is about our last frost date.

    Got pretty badly sunburned yesterday at the beach. Have to work tonight. Got invited to go to Maine for a few days next week with girlfriends from work. So no gardening for a while. Which is fine, the cold-tolerant crops are set, and the ground is too cold for most Summer crops right now anyway.

  15. May tries to fool me into “getting an early start” about this time each year, but I really should just plan to put everything in the ground on Memorial Day and not think about it.

  16. That’s what most gardeners do around here, Leon. I’ve enthusiastically ‘early-started’ tomatoes many times but in cold soil they just sit there looking miserable for weeks. Not doing that anymore.

    One of these past hot days I dug my hand into the ground to check it out, and it’s still really cold down in there where the roots live. Nope. Too soon.

    My hand is pretty smart but I really need to get a soil thermometer.

  17. I might plant cabbage seeds today, but hauling dirt and clearing the pumpkin mound of weeds is probably a better use of time.


  19. Yesterday Scott took note of the fact that Dems were throwing cold water on the impeachment talk, and he said the Dems might have finally gotten a clue that pandering to their brainwashed lefty base is not such good strategy.

    That the big group of ordinary people who rejected Dems in the last election do not believe the bullshit narrative. And that more of this dumbassery will motivate them to come out to trounce Dems again.

    IOW, keep talking impeachment for imaginary crimes, Dems. You want more Trump? This is how you get more Trump.

    My husband is wise. He’s like a tiny Buddha, covered in fur.

  20. OK, off. Going to see what can get done before work.
    Have a delightful day shmoopies.

  21. I had the same thought. If they’d actually pushed on to impeachment… what’s the end game? Hillary being sworn in as POTUS in some lefty wet dream means the entire continent is going to be on fire.

  22. What the fuck is this fucking bullshit Im seeing about Lieberman being considered for Director of FBI? I mean seriously…. what the fuck makes ANYONE think that the way to go is with a CAREER POLITICIAN to lead a Federal Law Enforcement Agency?

    And Lieberman is such a pansy ass putz on top of it!

  23. The plan

    1) impeach Trump
    2) win big in 2018 (making Pelosi speaker of the house)
    3) impeach Pence

    President Pelosi!

  24. I kinda get it.
    Lieberman would put an end to all the stupid conspiracy theories.

  25. That’s gotta be a smokescreen. He’s seventy-flippin’-five, for heaven’s sake.

  26. If that last photo is the boot of the tyrant on my neck, I invite the British to come back and rule us again.

  27. I just can’t believe how tolerant the right is. Constantly under assault from the lefties. People’s livelihoods are being taken from them due to bullshit like “global warming”, or making a politically incorrect statement. How long until people start snapping and violence ensues.

  28. I will support Joe Lieberman as FBI director, as long as he promises to demote Andrew G. McCabe to field agent, and put him in the South Dakota office.

  29. Scott, just two flaws with that plan:

    Flaw one: If Trump is impeached, Pence will appoint a VP. That guy will become Prez, not Pelosi, when Pence is impeached.

    Flaw two, if they impeach Pence and his VP at once. blood will flow freely on the Acela corridor, and my hands will be covered in red.

  30. Yeah, right, Huma, you fucking cunt.

    According to sources close to the New York Post, Abedin remains “in love” with Weiner, blaming the “pressures of the campaign and presidential race and him drifting off into obscurity” for his latest relapse.

    Kinda following in your cunt of a boss’s shoes, huh?

  31. Yea, going with Lauraw’s comment up there- it was the zany behavior of the left during Obama’s years that got us Trump. For all his flaws, we wanted someone who would state plainly the bullshit going on . Not a politician who would call the democrat their “friends” across the isle.

  32. And they’re fake. But convincing.

    I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that, because I value our friendship.

  33. I honestly don’t know where to put the pumpkins. Sigh.

  34. Your mom knows.

  35. Any spot with 8+ hours of sun that you can keep clear of tall weeds for a while will do. You can just make a pile of soil in a clearing and let them spread.

  36. Pumpkins are a scam.

  37. Speaking of scams, where is MJ?

  38. Speaking of scams, where is MJ?

    Check with your mom.

  39. Thanks for the tip. She says he’s out back fucking a chicken.

  40. I think Huma remains in love with spousal immunity.

  41. >>he’s out back fucking a chicken.

    Hmm, MJ must be standing on a stool to do that.

  42. I found something interesting. I will be as indirect as possible to maintain some level of anonymity.

    There was a big fight between two important men in US centuries ago. It became quite infamous. You can still sometimes see those two arguing at AoSHQ. Apparently their boomsticks are now owned by an entity I , ahem, have no association with. Interestingly, both these men were among the founders of said entity. They are on display, and by a special appointment, I can get to see them.

    If you discuss, pl, no direct references.

  43. ok then

  44. AFAIK, spousal immunity doesn’t go away when you get divorced, for the time you were married. And Huma really doesn’t have anything left that she’d need to worry about from now own. When Hillary fell, Huma’s star fell as well.

    I think she’s discovered that she spent twenty years as a lapdog to an ungracious woman who was only using her, and now Huma realizes that the only thing she has is her family, as screwed up as Anthony Weiner is.

  45. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on May 19, 2017 12:08 pm
    I think Huma remains in love with spousal immunity.


    xbradtc is wise too.

    Anyone who thinks that was a marriage of love is mentally deficient. Period.

  46. Stay with Weiner for the kid, maybe.

    If she loves this guy she is entirely mentally screwed. Which is slightly less likely than marrying the turd for political reasons.

  47. Was it for love? Doubtful. Was it devoid of love and human affection?

    I can’t say. Seems unlikely. It’s also possible that this is just psyop to redeem Huma/Weiner for further use by whatever monster is behind the Clintons.

  48. My thoughts regarding Lieberman:

    Trump is currently fighting a war on multiple fronts. The Dems want him impeached, the GOP wants him as a figurehead while they have power behind the scenes, the Deep State wants to protect its power and privilege, and Congress wants to reassert its authority (but not its responsibilities). Lieberman is a shot against the GOP establishment.

    In every negotiation there comes a point where you have to be willing to walk away. Right now Trump is threatening to walk away from the GOP establishment. Confirming Lieberman would humiliate McConnell and the Senate Republicans, and leave them vulnerable to anger from the base in 2018 and 2020. Even worse, if they refuse to confirm, then Schumer would love to humiliate them by bringing the Dem votes to confirm, combined with a few Republican crossovers. As for Trump, even if he loses some support on the right, he’ll likely pick up moderate votes, and his core supporters are unlikely to view him poorly since they’ll blame the GOP for this mess.

    In fact, if he appoints Lieberman, I think it’s a signal that he’s willing to go independent in 2020. Lieberman would burnish Trump’s independent credentials. If he formed his own party, he’d probably pull along a couple of GOP and Dem Congrescritters as well, perhaps even enough to throw the House leadership into question.

  49. Ladies love man buns…

  50. Breaking news

    Huma Abedin finally files for divorce from Anthony Weiner

  51. Is there any trend weirder than the virtual mainstreaming of pegging for “straight” men?


  52. Yeah, I saw the news today that Tony was going to plead guilty. It likely means jail time or at least registering as a sex offender. No wonder she’s pulling the cord.

  53. Is there any trend weirder

    I’m going to stop you right there with a yes. The trend of trends is always weirder. Yes.

  54. Hey Alex, how did it go last night at swing dancing? Did you ask that girl out?

  55. I sat behind a middle aged dude on the flight from CA to Denver, he was lean with ropey muscles, a really deep tan, I’d say construction worker, middle aged, crew cut. He had every inch of his arms covered with tattoos, not a sleeve but individual words and pictures, cheap looking, all blue and faded under the tan. I just assumed biker/prison tats but I had a chance to get a better look on the flight. They were all golf related. Golf courses, logos, artwork, mantras (Head down), all up and down both arms. I think he was a pro caddy.

  56. Should have asked her to peg you to get her interested. Girls like that, or something.

  57. At first I was going with the whole biplane as a metaphor for some freaky deaky threesome but the ending ruined my stream of thought.

  58. It probably would have worked. She was there with her friends, who as far as I could tell consisted of hipster beardos in skinny jeans.

  59. The trend of golf tattoos is weird. Not weirder than pegging.

  60. I KNEW IT!

  61. you saying this isn’t baddass?

  62. I was thinking (run for cover everyone)… CoAlex just posted a comment containing the words “deep state.” It struck me (and I may have mentioned this before) that if anyone had used the words “deep state” 10 yrs ago they would’ve immediately been relegated to the illuminati conspiracy table.

    Nowadays, we seem to have reached a place where not only is the “deep state” recognized as existing, but it is also factored into the political process….and we do it without really thinking. The deep state just “is.”

    My position on the deep state is this. If there is a “deep state” then it is a perversion and is a very very bad thing, so bad that it should be hunted and terminated. If there is a “deep state” then our votes mean nothing, there is NO true representation, etc. etc. See where Im going with this? New Bumper Sticker…


  63. This comment at Mothership is awesome because it makes me remember stuff I forgot, and it also shows which is the party of disarray.

    Each new narrative advanced by the media standard-bearers has fizzled. Try, fail. Try, fail. Try, fail. Dems are living in a positively Sisyphean hellscape. Delicious.

  64. I’ve seen variations on that comment in other places Laura and it is a great one. They’re sure they’ve got him this time! Just like all the other times.

  65. That’s a unique tattoo Carin, I’ll grant you that

  66. The American public has learned a lot about how our government works in recent times Troy.

  67. This is a quote from Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt newsletter

    “With this desperate, all-or-nothing mindset, they will always insist that the evidence to take down Trump is waiting to be found, just around the next corner…”

    He is/was a Never Trumper who has softened his stance lately. Still not a fan of Trump but willing to see reality. That quote is saying the same thing as that comment at AoS

  68. I completely agree with you guys.

    Unless this special what the fuck ever ends with Trump impeached the left is going to lose it completely. I expect an assassination attempt.

    They simply can’t accept that they lost and most importantly, that they were wrong.

  69. Supposed to meet a hole customer at 3:00. He told me he was running 30 minutes late. 4:15 and still not here.

  70. You should start billing these fuckers.

  71. Depart, leave note on door,…”back in 30 minutes” ….. go home and start weekend.

  72. I give people 10 minutes if I like them, 8 minutes if I don’t.

  73. Here’s where that quote came from

  74. CoAlex, I’m on record saying Bull Moose II in 2020.

    Honestly it should have been started six or seven years back with teh Tea Party. Everyone kept saying “oh, it takes too long, you’ll be in teh wilderness with no say…”

    1 – Compare/contrast with “It would take too long to put new wells online”

    2 – …and we have such massive influence now?

  75. 5 min rule, if no call.

    Call, I tell you to call when ready.

  76. I’m with MJ. Business card in door. Toolbox calls, “Hey, I was only ten minutes late. Why didn’t you wait around?”

    Me, “Why didn’t you call?”

  77. I don’t remember talk of impeachment with the blue lipped mother fucker.

    Did we ever really consider it? I know the press didn’t…hard to say impeachment whilst gargling a nut sack, but did our blog?

  78. I wanted impeachment in principle, but I knew it wouldn’t end well enough to justify the effort.

  79. We wanted it, but knew it wasn’t going to happen.

    And, of course, Obama actually warranted impeachment.

  80. I still think they’re trapped in DC with Trump, not the other way around.

    30 years of hidden DC slime vs 30 years of public tabloid slime.

    America doesn’t like schemers but we don’t seem to mind a pussy hound.

  81. A man with a lust for women is human and relate-able.
    A man with a lust for power is the devil among us.

  82. Evening Hostages.

    Come on now, I know at least one of you fucked something up today. (*sigh* Yes, other than my mom.)

  83. Got all my grades back. 4.0 this term.


  85. Excellent work, Mr. In Exile.

  86. fucking overachiever

  87. Fucked up? Hmm…let’s see.

    *replays day so far in head*

    Not by my usual standards, no. Boy1 may have a difference of opinion.

  88. Greetings , people who probably didn’t text their junk to any teenagers today.

  89. I cleaned up a fuck up today. Won’t say who committed the original fuck up.

  90. Cavil,

    One of the problems with a third party is that it really doesn’t work too well in our system. Any party that is successful would either be absorbed, or absorb one of the two parties. My suspicion is that if Trump were to form a Bull Moose II party, the GOP and Dems would both collapse, and you’d be left with a nationalist party and a globalist party.

  91. Congrats on the GPA CoAlEx

  92. So Weiner agreed to a plea with a caveat that he spends 27 months or less in jail. Who has custody of his laptop? Once he’s sentenced, will there be a pool for how much time before a “Shower incident” or a “Sheet incident”?

  93. My glasses came in today.

    * shakes fist at cloud *

  94. The Democrat party is never, ever, EVAR going away. If it didn’t die after the Civil War, what makes you think it’s going to happen as a result of anything Trump does? Lefties may bitch about the way it’s run from time to time (“Bernie would have won!!!”) but they’re much better at eventually falling back in line than people on the right ever have been.

  95. Scott, what kind of frames did you choose? Give yourself some time to adjust to the bifocal. I never could. Makes stairs tricky. Ladders too. Especially while carrying boxes.

  96. Sean, I didn’t even realize that the Berniebot lawsuit against the DNC was underway, until someone on Twitter started posting testimony.

  97. They are actually trifocals.

    I’ll get used to them I think.

  98. Comment by Sean M. on May 19, 2017 7:42 pm
    Greetings , people who probably didn’t text their junk to any teenagers

    Always nice to be given the benefit of doubt.

  99. Good luck. I had to go back to single vision. Glasses got too thick for rimless, bottom rim kept making me sick, went back to top rim only. Can’t do contacts.

  100. Jimbro, glad you were able to fix.

  101. Weather here is schizo. 80s, drop, snow in Sandias, rain, lots of wind, mid 60s. Humidity bouncing between 10% and 90%.

  102. I drove home with them.

    Side view mirrors were a challenge.

  103. You use your mirrors????? 😂😂😂😜

  104. I did say “probably,” Pups.

    *sideways glance at b-rad*

  105. HAHAHA Sean made me choke on my sourdough. Not a euphemism

  106. Pretty sure I fucked up the usual amount of things today.

    But day ain’t over.

  107. Cavs are having their way with the Celtics. Looking like it’ll be a 4 game series.

  108. Mr. RFH here. RFH is home and sleeping. Dr. said it was a fairly large tear but he was able to trim it off. On the way home she’d blearily say something. Snore. Once. Blearily say something else. Snore. Once. Repeat. Worst so far has been a painful misstep getting into bed. We’ve got the happy drugs but have not used them yet.

  109. We don’t NBA. I’m not my Bob Cousy dad, but not a fan of ghetto ball. Dad was ghey enough to start watching chick NCAA and WNBA before he passed. March Madness used to be my fav, but TFG and ESPN ruined that for me.

  110. Thanks for the update on Roamy. Prayers for her recovery.

  111. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Romacita La Bonita!

    You may want to look into non-drug alternative pain relief, such as repainting the dining room, buying her that new sofa she wants, etc.

  112. Glad she’s doing ok.

    Send drugs to me for a very important experiment. I filled out all of the required forms so it’s totally legit.

    You can even ask her if you want.

  113. Hoping Roamy has a speedy recovery and that it’s free from complications.

    And you can send the drugs to MJ, but negotiate with him first. You should be able to get at least a handy-j out of it. Probably more. Probably a lot more.

  114. Hugs and prayers for Roamy.

  115. No way.

    Just a handy.

  116. Dan has been experimenting with smothered fries. chile, onion, and shredded cheddar. Very yum. The shredded smoked pork smothered fries were yum. May not sound too exciting for 27th anniversary meal. TMI 27 years ago I walked down the aisle wearing white and freaking about “Fem hygiene”. Dan: At least your cycle is consistent. You ruined our honeymoon, and you ruined our anniversary.

  117. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on May 19, 2017 10:23 pm

    Hugs and prayers for Roamy.

    Comment by MJ on May 19, 2017 10:41 pm

    No way.
    Just a handy.

  118. Go Roamy!
    You’ve got this…

  119. Get better soon, Roamie! :)

  120. Dan: At least your cycle is consistent. You ruined our honeymoon, and you ruined our anniversary.

    I hear red towels are the traditional 27th anniversary gift…

  121. I don’t know the difference with recovery from a tear repair or trim. Ethan had both plus the ACL so we don’t know. I know with the stitches, you’re zero weight bearing for a while because the meniscus so thin the pressure can ruin the repair. One of my regulars, his husband had it done (trimmed) and felt great a day or two after and completely overdid it and felt like absolute crap/in pain. So, if you’re feeling ok, don’t trust it.

  122. Work was cray cdray. I just got home. Two servers called in sick. ugh.

  123. I need another beer. what a day.

  124. Hi Car in

  125. Prayers Roamy, and Mr RFH

  126. Hi v-man. I think I need to head to bed. no second beer. I gotta work tomorrow. Hopefully a few pages of my book will do the trick and put me to sleep :)

  127. good luck
    rest well

  128. Prayers for a speedy recovery, Roamie!

  129. Hey, Vman. How are you and the dogs doing lately?

  130. Everyone is great Sean

  131. How is everything with you and yours?

  132. I’m doing well, Vman. Mom is still suffering from nerve pain that developed after she got out of her cast. She goes to see her doctor again on Thursday, and she’s going to talk to him about seeing an acupuncturist. The guy she wants to see treated a client of my dad’s with very similar pain, and it cleared up after two sessions. Riley is good, except for an ear infection, but that seems to be clearing up.

  133. I can do anything, right or wrong
    I can derp anyhow, and get along
    Don’t care anyway, I never lose
    Anyway, anyhow, anywhere I choose

  134. Adventure race day.

  135. I hate this. Don’t want to go. Not doing this next year.

  136. Best coffee evah! this morning but can’t kick any ass today. Glad the surgery is done. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.

  137. Anyone who hires someone with a c.v. like this should not complain when the inevitable EEO complaint happens.

  138. Jimbro and Laura, they gave me Zofran and something else to fight the nausea I have with general anesthesia. I threw up anyway. Dr. prescribed Phenergan afterwards, but that was too late, IMHO. Should I have asked for the Phenergan earlier or something in lieu of the Zofran/wish I could remember the name. Anesthesiologist said they are usually given together.

  139. Yes!! Roamy home safe and sound!

    Do not push recovery!!!

  140. ww

  141. Blerg. 28 degrees right now, that global warming is really kicking in.

  142. I want to go to crossfit, but I think my legs hurt too much.

  143. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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