Ratty Tuesday

No exams every Tuesday anymore. Huzzah!

Here is a post of lots of small rats that apparently lots of other people find cute. I do not find rats cute. So it’s a series of pictures featuring things that I would immediately crush with a shovel if I saw them in real life. But other people find them cute. So strange.

Just how we’re programmed from childhood, I guess. My grandmother and mother are both automatic rodent killing machines and now I do it too.

Rat one. Someone has dressed this pet vermin in a small doll’s sweater. Note the expressionless, beady eyes.


Rat two. Rat on a swingset. It is amusing to me to imagine that the cords are elastic, and one could slingshot the little bugger far, far, away. Or into a tree trunk.

Look at its nasty little rat feet. *shudder*


Oh my fucking God. I just can’t. I can’t even. These people are actually holding and caressing nasty little rats. Gross. The fuck is wrong with the world.


Scott would shoot this dirty thing right off the clothesline for me. No lie.


Awww, look. It’s a cute little…nope. Still not feeling it. He’s got allergies, he’s gonna sneeze on the flowers, he’s gonna spread some rat virus that will kill millions of people. Hell with that noise. Get the weed whacker.


I’m sorry. They’re gross. Draw the line at rats, people. Not cute.

Have a happy, rat-free, hygienic Tuesday. Doesn’t that sound nice? Of course it does. Everybody wants this.





  1. Supposedly they make excellent pets.

  2. For me to throw a boot at.

  3. Good morning, Carin. I hope your Tuesday is very hygienic.

  4. *Hums while brewing a batch of arsenic and hemlock*

  5. Geoff! Nice to see you around. Your post on Rights is awesome, by the way.

  6. Yellow fever….hasahhha

  7. I though yellow fever was chasing after asian chicks.

  8. I knew a guy with a terminal case, he lives in China now.

  9. I hate all rodents. They do tons of damage here, especially to cars. Pack rats are the worst.

  10. That must be like his version of Heaven, then.

  11. *high fives Pepe*

  12. He teaches English to high school girls. I hope it’s Heaven for him, because that seems like enough temptation to send any man to Hell.

    He also has a Chinese mother-in-law. Right nearby.

  13. *awards post 3 Rat’s Asses*

  14. Yay, Lauraw Tuesday poat! Yay!


  15. When I think about rats it’s Sprague Dawley research rats. As a recent college grad between college and med school I worked in a research lab at BU. Every Tuesday I’d gather my subjects and, one by one, drop them in the ether jar. From there it was a quick trip to my makeshift operating table where it was time for a laparotomy incision, cannulization of the hepatic vessels and dissection of the liver to run a collagenase solution through it. If everything went well I’d end up with a tube of rat liver hepatocytes for tissue culture and pate for the holidays.

    You may ask “Jimbro, how does a rat live without its liver?” To which my response would be an embarrassing acknowledgement that my rat patients had a 100% mortality rate.

  16. My mower deck is rusting, so I skim-coat it with Liquid Nails.

    Way better than a $1000 replacement.

  17. Rats IRL are usually exceptionally gross. These are all really cute.

  18. The Rat Lobby has gotten to Carin.

  19. If everything went well I’d end up with a tube of rat liver hepatocytes for tissue culture and pate for the holidays.

    World’s tiniest pate.

  20. Great open last night, Sean.

  21. Poem you fucking whore.

  22. At some point, maybe at the end of this year’s mowing season I’ll see about getting a new mower deck and hood cowl.

    No you won’t. You’ll put duct tape on it like the rest of us.

  23. I live with an overworked liver.

  24. Probably. I’ve been telling myself “This is the year” for about 4 years.

  25. Liquid Nails is the same color as duct tape, so repairs look like they were done by pro.

  26. Miata Project Car for Pupster


  27. Mass casualty drill today at BIA. I just did my part by replying to an email saying I received the notification of a drill. Exhausting

  28. I need to hang out here more. The HQ’s full of depressives these days…

    Oh, and if you are not down with the rodents, do not search for “rat teddy bears”.

  29. Or capybaras. Might want to steer clear of the capybaras.

  30. The utter failure on 0-care has a lot of folks down.

  31. That and there seem to be a bunch of clinical depression cases among the Horde. (I should get checked out, I may be one.)

  32. I’m glad you have a critical part in a Maine disaster, jimbro.

  33. I’ll take Trump Disillusionment over Hillary the Remorseless Criminal, all day long.

  34. Rats IRL are usually exceptionally gross. These are all really cute.

    Well, wouldn’t these, technically, be considered mice? I always thought rats were larger.

    Some of our cats would have fun with these critters. Others of our cats couldn’t be bothered…

  35. Some are hamsters or guinea pigs. Not rats.

  36. Trump Disillusionment is two scoops of ice milk, but it’s still better than a bowl of hot rat turds.

  37. They’re all rats to me.

    Guinea pigs not so much, though. Probably because my cousins had one when I was a kid. Are any of these guinea pigs? I don’t think so. Possibly. I apologize to beasn if there is one among the lineup.

    I must just have some terrier blood in me.

  38. I’ve heard capybara can be tasty.

  39. Poat updated with thrilling video.

  40. Capybara are counted as fish during Lent.

    Swear to God I’m not making that up.

  41. Beaver was once as well, but both are at the liberty of the local bishop.

  42. Like, unless I can get Archbishop Vigneron to say it’s a fish, I can’t eat capybara on a Lenten Friday.

  43. “I’ll take Trump Disillusionment over Hillary the Remorseless Criminal, all day long.”


  44. I’m thinking about taking a trip to the garden center.

    And by garden center, I don’t mean home improvement store with predictable and uninteresting plants.

    I have a theory. The big box stores USED to carry more variety. Once they killed off the smaller garden joints, they pared down down what they have now.

  45. I buy soil and tools from Lowe’s, I get my plant starts from here:


    I need to head over there soon and see if they have trinidad scorpions again.

  46. From AoSHQ.

    This is almost surreal. If you’ve ever been in the Michigan Union, you know what an awesome building it is. These fucking students need to be assassinated. They’re too stupid to be allowed oxygen.

  47. Jimbro,
    Mrs. Peel might be getting a V8 Miata as a “the boys are off to college” present. And I get the fun of putting it together. I may even be able to start early and get the kids involved.

  48. Someone’s getting ahead of himself ^


  49. Is it safe to have an engine outweigh the rest of the car?

  50. I’m getting peppers from “some guy on facedouche”.

  51. Starts or seeds?

  52. “Is it safe to have an engine outweigh the rest of the car?”
    It worked for the Shelby Cobras.

  53. Starts. I had my Carolina reapers die on me last year, so I decided to try this guy this year. He’s getting me a ghost and a Peach ghost too.

  54. Knew a guy that worked in Carroll Shelby’s Nevada site. Said it was amazing.

  55. When I want special plants I go to AGWAY. They have so much different stuff there.

    Hmmm…I should do that tomorrow morning.

  56. I just made a gigante pasta primavera with lots of veggies, shitake shrooms browned in butter, and scott’s leftover smoked pork roast in there. I’ll restart keto…next week.

  57. I’m probably going to plant out the rest of my garden Sunday morning before it starts raining. I still need to prep the pumpkin patch, and that means hauling a lot more dirt. I’m almost too late getting those in the ground.

  58. A V8 Miata must be a hoot to drive. If asked I would have guessed 4 cylinders with a V6 option.

  59. knew a guy that had a v8 Beetle. put the body on a Vega frame.

    Pretty cool!

  60. A guy on my street in Hartford had a Karmann Ghia. I had never even heard of it before. So for years I thought it was called a ‘Common Gear’ because that’s how my boyfriend pronounced it (he was from NH).

  61. Doesn’t matter if your conservative show gets good ratings.

    ABC Hit With Boycott For Canceling ‘Last Man Standing’

    Good ole disney!

  62. For craps sake this Trump giving away intelligence in a meeting is bullshit personified. The left is doing their usual to create a shit hurricane. Eff those pieces of shit.

    Trump can say what he wants to whom he wants. McMaster already said the whole story is bullshit.

    Eff, I hate these people.

  63. Actually, swapping the iron 4cyl for an aluminum v8 (like an LS3) doesn’t throw the existing balance off much at all (because you also have to put in a beefier rear differential). From what I’ve gleaned online, the big thing you need to do is reinforce the factory unibody spot welds with additional welds to handle the extra torque.

  64. Brad Thor is losing his mind.

    Glenn Beck’s mind is absolutely shot.

    John McCain’s mind is that of an embarrassing, doltish uncle with syphyllis.

  65. late neurosyphilis

  66. When I was a wittle girl my mom had a Karmann Ghia. It was pretty cool.

  67. I’m hopelessly behind in the garden. It’s demotivating. Ugh.

  68. What’s up with Brad Thor? I’ve read all his stuff and like it.

  69. Common Gear (ge-ah) lol

    Sounds about right

  70. My garden is too small. Needs to be biggened.

  71. Gonna go out and plant my extra strawberries. If I get eaten by a coyote, tell Scott my dying wish was that he was planting the strawberries for me instead.

  72. laura – delete /edit as you see fit

  73. heh – i screwed it up already

  74. My garden is too small. Needs to be biggened.

    Mine now add up to something like 2500 square feet. I could easily double that, but I don’t really have the time. I’m also not growing calories, by-and-large, just seasonings and micronutrients, so there’s only so much I need to grow. The best way to expand would be to add more low-work plants specifically for the chickens at this point.

    *hears distant call of zucchini*
    “hey bro, need something?”
    “No. I’m not planting you again. Never again.”

  75. Comment by lauraw on May 16, 2017 12:42 pm

    When I want “special plants” I go to AGWAY.


    Carin just asks one of the cooks at the restaurant…….

  76. *plays recording of zucchini scratching pitifully at Leon’s screen door*

  77. No! No! You can’t make me do it!

  78. I made the mistake of leaving my car unlocked with a basket of zucchini in the back seat.

    Came back 20 minutes later and there were four baskets.

  79. Desperate gardeners see an unlocked car and strike.

  80. Laura, you’re on the cutting edge


  81. Okey Dokey….headed to the new vascular surgeon next Wednesday to get the low down on renal artery thing. I dont feel real threatened by the situation or anything like that…..more of “Oh god this is going to be a pain in the ass, so lets just get it over with” kinda thing. The biggest pain in the ass is going to be how to pay for my 20%. On the bright side… I should get some good drugs for a couple of days. Doing pretty good on the quitting smoking, down to three a day.

    Oh…and kiss my ass.

  82. PD, Thor is hell bent on being a fervent Never Trumper. He’s getting boring.

  83. fuckin’ zuccs – i used to let the friggin things go just to see how big they would get

    definitely should be planted on mars – they’ll terra form the damn place and get it ready for us; or become sentient and come back to erff with a vengeance.

  84. Good work on cutting down Troy. Even a short time before surgery makes a difference. The longer the better as every Hostage mom says like a mantra.

  85. Wishing you the best outcome possible, Troy! And good job on the smoking!

  86. 36 bags of mulch acquired. The rest well be received tomorrow. It doubles as a workout.

  87. 13 bags = 1 square yard. I did the math. It was cheaper/easier to buy by the bag. Local yokal doesn’t give any discount on bulk orders. 60 delivery fee then 25 a yard. I’d have to get 5 yards to make it even, and then I’d have a huge ass pile of mulch I’d need to rush to spread.

  88. God, i hate you people so much.

  89. Dear Diary,

    Jim Comey offered to suck me off for hit off my joint. I decided to let him but never let him go down on me cuz I’m an impish cock tease. Giggles!

    McKay Coppins

  90. It’s all close to fake, Mare.

    I know trump met with the Russians. Everything after that is pure fantasy.

    I know trump met with Comey. Everything after that is clearly fake and honestly I’m disappointed that the BS isn’t better.

    I know Trump is kinda impulsive, probably ignorant of a lot of what we expect a politician to know, and can be a jerk sometimes but he loves America.

    He’d never consider managing the decline or putting the world ahead of the US.

    So Obama/ Clinton 0 Trump 1.

    2020 is going to be AWESOME.

  91. Just saw the Terrier ratting video. Outstanding!

    Rowan stumbled across a baby bunny this afternoon and didn’t know what to do with it. After a minute or so of stepping on it he was called off by my kid who figured out what was going on.

  92. My sister in law has a yorkie she likes to treat like an invalid. My brother likes to let it get outside mostly to torment his wife. He tells her, “Honey, we gotta let this dog act like a dog every once in a while or it’ll get all neurotic and shit.” A month or so back it almost killed itself by choking on a cottontail baby it was trying to eat whole. My brother got to her just in time. Right instincts but bad technique.

  93. I say if a dog is stupid, let it take itself out. It’s good for the breed.

  94. Let’s see Comey’s copious notes about letting Hillary off the hook.

  95. How about his Whitewater notes?

  96. Good point MJ. I’m sure he documented that thoroughly and will have a friend or associate read the relevant passages at a press conference.

  97. Our Cattle Dogs never hunted for shit. Strict herders. Closest our pair ever got is when our red girl concealed a live baby bunny in her mouth and just walked around with it, trying to act cool. Never made an attempt to eat it or kill it.

    Bubba got his nose swatted a bazillion times by a little kitten that he was trying to sniff and make friends with. He never did anything about it but cry to me.

  98. I used the bagged cedar mulch just for my walkways. I’m going to use straw for the garden proper.

  99. Evening Hostages.

    So, I always try to learn something new each day. Even if it’s a small thing. Today I learned two things. 1) Laura can’t differentiate between different types of small furry creatures 2) she REALLY hates rats.

  100. Downstairs toilet is apparently broken – water all over the floor, and nobody has flushed recently. We had the same thing happen yesterday, but just assumed that Rebecca had used too much toilet paper again.

    We’re leaving town on Thursday for daughter’s wedding, so we really don’t need this right now.

    Mr. TiFW is going to take tomorrow off to work on it. He doesn’t like to have other people come in to do things, so calling a plumber is not an option.

  101. Apparently broken?

  102. I want a Capybara. They look like RUSs. Princess Bride’d

  103. I just pee on the floor. Saves water.

  104. Good for you.

  105. I crap in the neighbor’s yard.

  106. do it from the fence for style points

  107. Same one every day?

  108. What’s a toilet?

  109. Huh. Do you take your own toilet paper? Use the garden hose as a bidet like device? Are there some leafy plants?

  110. I pee on the compost heap. Win-win.

  111. So who’s gonna be the first to descend this conversation into a your mom joke?

  112. Hey now, I was telling the truth.

  113. Only one of those is a rat. The rest are mean little hamsters. I don’t care for hamsters.
    I’d totally have a rat if they had better looking tails and lived longer than 2 years. I’d dress it in tutus and hats and take selfies with it for lauraw.

  114. Rats! I didn’t realize Beasnseses didn’t like hamsters!

  115. “Apparently broken?”

    Mr. TiFW was hoping it was just the wax ring; we just shut off the water and will get a new one tomorrow. I’m sure he will try to fix the wax ring first, but it’s pretty obvious that’s not what is causing this kind of leakage.

  116. Not a fan of hamsters.

    Big fan of XHamster

  117. I’m no fan of either one.

  118. Big fan of XHamster

    Speaking of such things…..


  119. I don’t care for hamsters or mice….even though voles..a.k.a. field mice, are cute as hell. Destructive shits. Rats can be cute minus those nightcrawler tails.
    Guinea pigs are my adorable babies.

    p.s. I did it again…I planted a garden out front. It’s like setting up a diner for rabbits and voles. Looks like someone’s cat got the first litter of bunnies. I found a couple of dead ones on the side of the house…and one of their heads down on the patio. Neighbor found a dead rabbit in his yard too.
    *get chicken wire and mouse traps on stand-by*

  120. Teresa, the toilet in our master bath sprung a leak. Huge puddle on the floor…seeped through to the kitchen ceiling. Had to change out the hose going to the tank. The connection there sprung a leak.

  121. I have been wanting to get in shape. Well better shape, so I started working out. Next, I thought I should get a fitbit thinking it may help me with my workouts.

    It arrived today and I find I need to download an app to EVEN USE THE THING! I go to download the app and I find it says:
    This app can
    Use your location
    Use your webcam
    Use your microphone
    Use your contacts
    Bluetooth smart device
    Use your devices that support the Human Interface Device (HID) protocol
    Communicate with already paired Bluetooth devices
    Detect the current motion of your device
    Access your Internet connection
    Use your pictures library.

    I get that it may need to connect to my phone, location and distance, motion. I am okay with that, but the rest?

    Not only NO but HELL NO!
    Shortest fitbit owner ever.

  122. I am sure you don’t want it to be secretly emailing you pictures of me sweating or breathing hard, right?

  123. Fitbit is datamining by design. It would be fine if it was only for your use, but… They should pay you to use it.

  124. I am sure you don’t want it to be secretly emailing you pictures of me sweating or breathing hard, right?

    We already get those from some of the H2 moms.

  125. I get some of that Leon, and thinking about it there are people who like to share so I guess if that is what they want to do okay, just leave me alone and get off my yard!
    It looks like I can turn some of the stuff off, so maybe?

  126. App features are like women. I turn them off all the time.

  127. Heh
    How are things Xbad? Have the tranny fixed?

  128. Vmax, I have a much dumber (older) Fitbit. Mine uses the Internet, and I think that’s it.

  129. We had to hunt for a baby monitor that didn’t use the internet.

  130. Thanks, Vmax, Mr. RFH’s company still had access to my Fitbit, but I don’t have insurance through them any more, so they can eff off.

  131. I was shocked at first Roamy, but reading their privacy policy has made me slightly more at ease. I will sleep on it and decide in the morning.

  132. Our culture is now bereft of musical talent on par with this. Yes, this.

    I want to go back.

  133. I don’t get the let’s make everything hackable movement, everything is listening now. I am not a fan.

  134. Internet of Things = End of Days

  135. The fuck did I just watch???

  136. The 80s, child. A golden age when we still believed in ourselves. A time when a movie like Flash Gordon could be made, when we went to space in our own goddamn spaceship, and video games cost a quarter.

  137. You might have missed this when it came out, too.

  138. Tranny got shipped to the wrong location, so the truck won’t be ready till Thursday.

    Eh. Shit happens.

  139. Can’t catch a break can you?

  140. XBrad has to be the only guy in the world who has trouble getting a tranny.

  141. Thanks for mentioning that, Beasn! Will tell Mr. TiFW tomorrow 😘💕

  142. The train it left the station, was two lights on behind
    When the train it left the station, was two lights on behind
    Well the blue light was my blues and the derp light was my mind

  143. You don’t see the warning signs
    Til it’s tail lights and a cloud of dust.

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