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  1. You’re a good boy, Puppeh.

  2. I don’t get the point of these posts.

  3. Frito dust on post

  4. “Willowed” from the last thread:
    I had the bifocals for many years. I got used to having lenses in front of my eyes, protecting them, if you will.
    Then, I got OLD and had cataract surgery on both eyes.
    Now, I can see a fly at 100 yards but can’t read my watch. I use drug-store reading glasses.
    The problem is that for most of my life, I have had protection from things hitting me in the eye, because glasses, so, I take it for granted.
    Now, I trim a tree-limb overhead and get sawdust in my eye because I’m stupid. Same thing with the Dremel, grinder, etc…

    Who’s a good boy?
    Pupster: “?”

  5. We thought Ambrosio’s mom was old. She was 54. Laxed Catholic. Rosary and funeral Monday. Dan and I will represent. Ambrosio is a good guy.

  6. I’m the red ball express of lovin’
    Diesel-powered straight to you, I’m truckin’
    In old Temptation’s derp, I’m duckin’
    For your love through sleet and snow, I’m truckin’

  7. The ‘bad news about your wife’ fantasy is actually similar to a nightmare I had years ago.

    I was crushed in a car accident, and was still trapped in the car. I was still alive and hearing everything, while Scott chatted up the female officer who was responding to the scene. It went something like, “Well, looks like she’s about done…how YOU doin’?”

  8. It was so upsetting I was angry at Scott the next day. The poor guy.

  9. Out of the 20+ bales of spoiled hay we picked up last Spring, there are only 5 left. I can’t believe it.

  10. There’s an absolutely massive malware breakout right now mostly in Europe, but please be careful before opening emails or clicking links.

  11. What do you use that for, Laura? I have composted ours, but it’s really seedy so it has to go for a long time.

  12. I just keep piling it on the beds and paths as an all-over mulch. It has only rarely sprouted.

    Now that I have a bunch of ground up wood from the neighbor’s felled trees/stump grinding, I have started laying that in the paths really deeply. That should take a coupletree years to break down (at which point I will shovel it onto the beds and start over).

    So hopefully this five bales of hay will be enough to keep the beds covered until I find some more. It might be wiser to switch to straw now. Might not ever get this lucky with hay not sprouting again.

  13. OK. Worky-worky.

  14. I woman at from our local garden swap gave me 5 bales for free.

    I have one left from last year as well, but I need to pick up some more.

  15. I would have worked today but I said there was no FUCKING WAY I would.

    It’s amateur day. People grudgingly taking mom out to eat, but didn’t want to plan ahead/make reservations at somewhere doing something special for Mom’s day. So they come to our place and wait and wait and wait. Bad moods. Horrible tippers.

    No thanks.

  16. But I do need to clean my house before my mil gets here. grrr.

  17. These memes are hilarious.

  18. *turns on vacuum

    *bumps into a stack of pots which crash to the ground

    Oh. Goodness. I hope I didn’t wake anyone …

  19. Oh crap. My bad.


  20. That’s the voice of experience talking Carin. Can’t see the appeal of sitting in a crowded restaurant with grumpy people and waitstaff. We tried going to an Irish pub/restaurant in Bangor last night and between the crowds from an event at the Cross Center and UMaine graduation it was a mob scene. We turned tail and went with Chinese food a couple of towns over.

  21. Love this post. Good Pups, Goooood Pups!

  22. It’s time to brine.

    Mom’s getting smoked salmon

  23. Mother’s Day status: Excellent!

  24. Mother’s day status: Sub Par.

  25. I sent tulips to my stepmom’s office on Friday, and sent my mom a couple of digital albums off of Amazon. I’ll call mom later this afternoon.

  26. Mom’s day: half baked.

  27. MJ, do something nice for the momma-to-be. Give her a hug from me, too.

    I got dim sum last week for my Mother’s Day dinner, and the cars have all been cleaned out and vacuumed. They found $50 of PF Chang and Michael’s gift cards I didn’t know I had but didn’t find my missing rosary. Mini-me made taco ring for me last night. Rocketboy will be home later today. Stepmom liked the T-shirt I sent her. (It’s cats in astronaut suits. There’s also a dog version.)

  28. I like everything about Roamy’s comment.

  29. I am smoking 2 salmon filets and 4 pork roasts.

    I smell delightful.

  30. Boy2 is having a bad morning, grumpy, spilling things, frustrated.

    https://is.gd/_I_played_this_for_him_and_ and sang along, got to the chorus and I’m pretty sure he was going to punch me.

    *waits for Best Dad Trophy ceremony invite*

  31. MJ, do something nice for the momma-to-be. Give her a hug from me, too.
    I’m making lots of stuff on the grill and installing the TV in the living room.

    She has to study all day. BOO.

    Happy mother’s day to all the hostage mothers!

  32. Happy Mom’s Day to all you mothers.

    Today is also our anniversary. Of course my wife gets to work. 😐

    Damn them dogs is dinner.

  33. *funneh*


  34. HAHAHAHAH…Tex.

  35. Christ, Mare, you killed it.

  36. http://tinyurl.com/gt4xqnr

  37. I called my stepmom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She said thanks for the present, wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, then hung up on me. Oooookay.

  38. Grilled chicken and polska, cut up on a tray with 5 (FIVE!) kinds of cheeses and crackers, strawberries. Yummy.

    Now to pack, I’ll be on the road all next week.

  39. Sabo takes it to Maxine:


  40. Where to, Pupster?

  41. California again, Moreno Valley and Victorville.

  42. I called my stepmom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She said thanks for the present, wished me a Happy Mother’s Day, then hung up on me. Oooookay.

    Lovely. My stepmom has never attended any graduations, my commissioning, or any other major event in my life. On the other hand, she was very involved in planning my sister’s wedding.

  43. Pupster, when will you be in the Moreno Valley area? I might be swinging that way later in the week and would love to buy you a biscuit and a can of Alpo.

  44. CoAlex, this was not like her at all. Something is going on or I just caught her at a really bad time.

  45. Roamy, in that case hopefully everything is ok.

  46. Wow, just realized stepmom’s been married to Dad almost 7 years. Mom’s been gone for 8. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

    And she did come to Rocketboy’s HS graduation.

  47. Dad and Stepmom have been married over twenty years, I think.

    I think that things probably would have been better if they’d had a kid together. Dad would have been happier.

  48. Alex, while you were active in the army, where did you spend most of your time? I know you were MI.

  49. I had the most unusual experience. A friend of mine was visiting with his family. He is of the brown persuasion like me. So, like most brown folks, he is a democrat by default. Not among the rabid ones, just the, you know, kind of default urban democrat.

    And his 13 year old kid is a Trump supporter. He laid out his case pretty well. How he arrived there is amusing. Apparent his social studies teacher, without coming out and saying it, heavily implies that Hillary is good and Trump is bad. For example, while teaching Authotitarian Government, needlessly talking about some Trump policy etc. Her one sided approached irked this kid, so he did his own research and came to the conclusion that Hillary is a shitbag and basically her whole platform was a giant vagina.
    He confesses that Trump is not his enthusiastic choice, but he is mostly liking what he has done so far.
    It is stunning to see so much maturity from a kid.
    His father has basically resigned to having a republican running wild in the house.
    Kids will rebel, that is what kids do, he says.

    Maybe we have some hope for the republic.

  50. Happy Mother’s Day, y’all. Happy Anniversary Tex.

  51. Mare,

    Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana. Why do you ask?

  52. Sirloin steak with mushrooms, roast zucchini, baked spuds with butter

    Oreos for dessert (her request)

  53. I grilled some top rounds today. They came out nice, but had a distinct deficit in the marbling department.

  54. Man, my legs are dead today. I’ve been walking to get some exercise, it seems to work best for me. 4.3 miles yesterday with 1,000+ feet of elevation gain and loss. Mostly off trail, lots of loose rock, hard to make good time.

  55. Pepe, now you know what your horse puts up with.

  56. Salad, sourdough bread, ribeye, and corn on the cob

  57. Some guy wasn’t paying attention. He was carrying a Keurig. He turned and the box hit me in the chest. He pinned me to the steel. I have a huge bruise on my arm. He never said he was sorry. He never asked if I was ok. Other Member who saw him, asked me if I was ok. Loudly called the guy that pinned me a “Pinche Jodido”.

  58. Happy Mother’s Day to all you H2 mothers and muthas.

  59. Oso, was he stealing the Keurig? Jeez.

  60. Other Member who saw him, asked me if I was ok. Loudly called the guy that pinned me a “Pinche Jodido”.

    I put that in googles spanish to english translator and it comes back as “fuck fuck”. So is there a better local translation?

  61. So, a couple of seconds on Google tells me the guy who bruised oso got called, roughly, a “little fuck.” Sounds about right.

  62. “Comment by ChrisP on May 14, 2017 5:44 pm

    Sabo takes it to Maxine:”

    sabo is the shit

  63. Pinche seems to be kind of an all-purpose swearing modifier. Can mean “little” or “lousy” or “fucking.”

  64. Alex, were you in the 160th? Just curious. Interested/curious about your career path/interests.

  65. i made bruschetta with garden fresh dill and chives – holy crap…. made a mistake, it was perfect and now they are axing for more

  66. Mare, no. I actually spent the first couple years working at a hospital in a medical hold unit, then spent eight months in Arizona for school, and finally eighteen months in Louisiana/Afghanistan with 4th BDE/10th Mountain Division.

  67. bball tournament update:

    1 for 3

    we got smoked on the two we lost….

  68. tough comp

  69. Local vernacular is “Fucking fuck”. I just put on my pjs, and I already have a huge bruise on my sternum from the box.

  70. I thought you said something about aviation at one point.

  71. Cocked that up, Alex.

  72. Oso, I will meet you tomorrow after reviewing the tapes and tracking down said dick face, then personally kicking that pendejo’s ass!!! How dare he do that to you!!!

  73. one of the parents lost his shit…..
    he’s kind of a dick – but his daughter is definitely the best player on the team. he stormed off the bench and when she realized it she went for the side line crying… she took it to heart – never saw her crack before… bad move imho on dad’s part.

    dad needs a reality check / significant emotional event so he can “SEE” the damage he’s doing to his child…

    we were out classed by a regional select team… they were REALLY good

    they played a fast and clean game

  74. Ha ha ha ha. Nobody cares what happens to the subhumans who work retail! We do not matter. Is to laugh.

    In other news, I gave notice. My new job is to find another job.

  75. Comment by jam2 on May 14, 2017 8:24 pm

    i made bruschetta with garden fresh dill and chives – holy crap…. made a mistake, it was perfect and now they are axing for more

    recipe please

  76. Jam2 those kind of parents are the worst. My dad made my mom his bench coach to get her in the dugout and shut her up. Mare, thanks for the offer. He was a Mexican Mexican so he probably no hablo’d. Illegals usually pay and don’t shoplift. Especially now that ICE is doing their job.

  77. Lauraw, new job search after WY?


  79. Mare,

    I was actually assigned to go to an aerial recon battalion at Fort Bliss, but my orders were changed to the hospital after the Walter Reed scandal. The Army instituted a crash program to fix this problems and needed bodies to fill company positions. It was fun times at my officer basic course, because we wore the patches of the units we were going to, and a lot of senior intel officers would wander through the classes and talk about specific patches.

    “101st Airborne! I was there as a LT. You’ll love it!”

    “Fort Drum? Good luck. What brigade are you going to?”

    “I served with the Big Red One in Iraq!”

    Then they’d get to me…

    “MEDCOM? What the fuck…”

  80. One of my nephews was in 10th Mountain. (Might still be, he doesn’t talk to me much.) He was in Afghanistan in 2011.


    Sean, she will pay you many rrrrubles for information about moose and squirrel.

  82. Roamy, where in Afghanistan? 2011 was when I was there.

  83. Always hard to see parents lose their shit over their kid’s sporting events. I see it from a different angle and always err on the side of participation for kids recovering from an injury and it bugs me when I advise them to take longer to heal and they disagree. Frankly, the only time that playing with an injury against medical advice should happen is with a professional athlete who understands the risks and is willing to sign the waiver.

  84. http://nypost.com/2017/05/13/childish-men-are-to-blame-for-women-having-kids-late-in-life/

    I hear the same story, told in different ways, all over New York City.

    There’s 34-year-old Kate, who works in finance downtown. “She’s beautiful, smart, talented . . . everything going for her,” her colleague tells me. “But her boyfriend doesn’t feel settled in his career, so she spent thousands of dollars to freeze her eggs as she waits for him to be ready.”

    Susan, 41, a single senior marketing executive from the Upper East Side, is eight months pregnant. After waiting for her match and not finding him, she decided to have a baby on her own.

    And then there’s Joanna, from the Upper West Side, who tells me that at age 32, she stepped off the partner track at her law firm, halving her salary to work in the firm’s marketing department, so she could focus on landing a husband. But at 39, Joanna is still single and childless — and unsatisfied in her career.

  85. Duh, it’s always a man’s fault when a woman is unhappy.

  86. To be fair, I’m pretty childish and I have yet to impregnate anybody.

  87. Stolen from a friend:

    I was once asked which author I though I would be best compared to. Without any hesitation I responded “Hemingway”. The leftist snotbag of a professor who had asked me that question was aghast. She responded something to the effect that “YOU compare your writing to Hemingway’s???????” I looked right into her eyes and replied, “Not my writing. My drinking.”

  88. I drank more like Bukowski.

  89. OMG! Nerd author humor!!!

  90. Jimbro, my brother had a tumor in his tibia. He was 10. Flown to the PI from Taiwan for his surgery. Barely missed amputation, the tumor was nearly a through and through. Saved his leg. Fast forward 2 years. We were in TX. My bro wanted to play football. School sent him to the “School Doctor”. My bro was on a coach’s list of “Pass to play”. PI doctors said no contact sports. Ever. My mom expected the Dr to be the bad guy and deny my bro football. She ended up being the bad guy. Insisted on a non-affiliated second opinion.

  91. My HS physical was done by some fossil of the “turn your head and cough” variety. Everyone played football, no one got axed

  92. He just liked fondling boys balls.

  93. Jimbro, we were gobsmacked that a Dr was ok with that.

  94. CoAlex, I don’t remember. Another nephew was at FOB Dagger, but he was with 25th ID.

    I looked through 10th Mountain nephew’s pics on FB, and the only sign was “Blood Before Dishonor” in red and white.

    This look familiar? He worked in the motorpool.

    I hadn’t realized until I looked at all of the pics at once, how much weight he lost while he was deployed. Probably 20-30 lbs.

  95. I had friends in the 10th mountain. So long ago.

  96. Went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Movie Tavern today. When I bought tickets earlier this week, we were gonna be the only people in the theater. The place was PACKED today.

    We figured nobody would be there on Mother’s Day….

    We all enjoyed the movie very much.

    The dude from Disney who insisted that this movie was Gay, Gay, Gay did the company a huge disservice. He probably lost them a lot of money for no good reason.

    Of course, if he hadn’t said that, no one would have known that was his agenda.

  97. Gabe will be my guest tomorrow at 10:30.


  98. Gabe is married. Wish him our felicitations.

  99. Mexican funerals are different. We’re wearing cowboy boots. No suits. No dresses. Snap tees are so blanco basura. How many snap shirts does Pepe own?

  100. Mother
    Tell your children not to derp my way
    Tell your children not to hear my words
    What they mean
    What they say

  101. MMM in about 15 minutes.

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