MMM 273: Getting back on track

So I had 3 days of travel followed by 4 days of solo-dad and pretty much everything I needed to do got put on hold for about a week there.  Didn’t even manage to squeeze in a short workout all week, just some walking.  This week I’m going have to try and wedge in a lot of outside chores in lunch hours as best I can.  Lots to do, so let’s get going.

I will do a lot of dips today.  Likely without weight.


Dem calves.


I think this might be the same girl.


Pupster photolurk.




I remember this exercise being prescribed as a “chest expander” in Arnold’s old book.  Do women want wider rib cages?  Maybe that accentuates the waist.


I can do this with bent legs, haven’t tried it with straight legs.


I still need one of these.


Happy Monday.


  1. oy!

  2. photolurk is not even trying to hide the tuck

  3. Christian?

    Tucking for the Lord

  4. Perpetual rain continues all week this week. We’re now in the “chance of rain” phase. Every single day for the week.

  5. We let the boy try mowing with the lawn tractor yesterday. He did okay but needs to learn a few tricks to do a better job. Right now my lawn looks like it had a bad haircut.

  6. weekend update:
    little jammettes bball team won their bracket…. holy crap were there some happy little girls running around.
    it was real nice to see them get a taste of what it’s like to be winners.

    last year they got their asses handed to them at every tournament – this year their skills improvement is amazing to see

    next weekend is a bigger tournament with some regional select teams from all over the northeast including crazy canucks…. so we’ll see

  7. The dude with the cross has nice boobs.

    This sort of thing used to be confusing but it’s getting easier.

  8. Jimbro, the last couple days that was our forecast but both turned out to be nice days.

  9. Great news on winning for a change. Hard to learn how to be a graceful loser without doing some winning first

    *im looking at you Hillary!

  10. i saw Tucking for the Lord open for Wisers Trannies at the Fire island metroplex in ’84

    don’t judge me it was the college years….

  11. Can someone please fill me in on the details of the Wyoming meat up?

  12. I wonder how often calfgirl gets leg cramps…

    Good morning.

  13. does jewstin have an email list going?

  14. It’s 33F here. Thirty-effin’-three. Frost again.

    April was a lie.

  15. April Showers bring May –

  16. I think the average last frost day in my locale is sometime in mid to late May

  17. My average last frost date is late enough that most people don’t plant gardens until Memorial Day.

  18. News on NPR had Obama speaking after getting his Profile In Courage Award last night. Can’t say I’ve missed our first affirmative action president.

  19. Our last frost date is mid-May here in central CT.

    I’m afraid I may have pissed off Jewstin by pooh-poohing his live music idea. Hope not. But if so, I blame all of you for not telling me to shut up. I may have done it, but you let it happen.

  20. They also had an on air orgasm (eargasm?) about Macron’s victory in France. Amid the coverage they let slip he has no legislators from his party serving. I really have no idea how the French government works but he’s unlikely to get much done without some support from the legislature.

  21. Wow! Those college kids showed you a thing or two about the blame game Laura!

  22. Oof, look at the time. Workie workie

    Have a great day everyone!

  23. I’ll miss Europe. Glad I got to see Notre Dame before it got turned into a mosque.

  24. You were fortunate to see it, Leon. Bet that was a great trip.

  25. plants went outside this weekend. Last week had a low temp of 34 and a high of 100. Gotta love the midwest.

  26. It was nice. I am genuinely scared for Europe. Merkel and the EU are playing with fire here.

  27. Our highs are a lot more moderate. I think we hit 80F once in April.

  28. I read where 1 of every 4 frogs under the age of 21 is muslim. I think they’re passed the stage of playing w fire. I think they’re early stage Joan of Arc.

  29. I just hope we don’t get involved in the eventual war. No American should die to preserve the EU (which will be nothing but the Muslim Brotherhood’s viceroy soon if it isn’t already).

  30. France, Belgium, and quite possibly Holland will burn in our lifetimes. Maybe the ruskies will try and save their asses so they can have colonies with warm weather ports.

  31. That’s my worry. Russia invading an enervated Europe will draw us in on the wrong side. I’d be cheering Russia on, and yes that upsets me.

  32. Vmax, Cheyenne WY 6/23-6/24…….or maybe Denver.

  33. I proposed to HotBride at the top of Notre Dame.

    Before it became a mosque.

  34. I was thinking about the Yer-O-Pean situation last night.

    I often hear that it isn’t really that bad, and that everything will be just AOK. Don’t worry your racist little head.

    Side note: I’m bigoted against Islam. It’s not a race.

    But I remember as a pretty young kid wanting to travel to Egypt. I’m fairly sure I ordered some of the those Time Life books on the occult and got sort of fascinated with the British colonial period and earlier history of the pyramids and what not. Mummies, curses, the mystery of it all.

    Side note: Remember when you could order shit regardless of age just by filling out a post card? Yeah, me too.

    Anyhoo, I remember she told me that we’d do something like that after college but just 10 years later it was a no go zone for tourists like us.

    I’m sure France is different though, which reminds me, I promised to take my niece to Paris when she graduates college in 8 years.

    I wonder.

  35. Egypt was one of the first Christian nations (the eunuch who converts in Acts is one of the first converts outside of Judea). Ask a Copt what happens when Islam comes to settle there. If you can find one.

  36. I’m surprised they haven’t demolished the pyramids as idols, probably too much of a cash cow.

  37. Jam, congrats on the daughter’s kick ass win. I believe it’s good to know the agony of defeat AND the thrill of a hard earned win.

  38. I have in my head a fantasy future scenario where America gets its shit back together and then starts the reconquest of Europe, starting with the British Isles. And then just keeps them, because fuck this liberating a country then handing it back over to the idiots that couldn’t keep it before.

  39. When they say Islam is one of the 3 great religions they are talking out of their ass. It’s gross and total bullshit and brings nothing but crap in its wake.

    And eff that sell out Bush for pushing the term, “religion of peace.” Ahh, no. Demonstrably proven to be a stupid moniker.

  40. Drudge headline story is about the election.

    Comments are chilling.

  41. Prayers needed for our kitty, Gabriel. Woke up this morning, and his hind end wasn’t working right. Brought him up on the bed and cuddled with him. He jumped down after awhile and tried to walk, but after a few wobbly steps, he flopped over and laid down.

    DD#3 has jury duty today, so I don’t have access to a car. Otherwise, I would take him to the vet.

  42. Also, stop getting banned, MJ.

  43. Prayers for the kitteh, TiFW. I had trouble getting my butt going this morning too…

  44. He dragged himself to the litter box and is laying in it. When I approached him, he meowed rather loudly. Wondering if he might have kidney/bladder issues. Lost a male cat to that when I was a teenager; don’t recall him losing back leg function, though.

  45. Europe will begin to resist when the upper classes are impacted.

    But by then it will probably be too late.

    20 years or so, is my guess.

  46. By then there won’t be enough folks left willing to resist on the upper classes’ behalf.

  47. The lower classes will need the incentive of some sort of reckoning to get this going. My guess is that one of Portugal, Spain, Greece, or Italy will flip to an ultra-nationalist government and leave the currency union while defaulting on debt. Then they re-run the Nazi or Fascist playbook.

  48. Macron – “There is no such thing as French culture.”

    I can’t believe they voted for this.

  49. There would be someplace for the sane Euros to go if we hadn’t gone over to exclusively importing third world assholes.

  50. They would just end up wrecking the place.

  51. I can’t believe they voted for this.

    Who says they did? The same people who say there aren’t any no-go zones.

  52. There are plenty examples of how “Europe” handles these things in the end, historically speaking. Your most recent example is the Balkans.

    The Poles, Lithuanian, Estonians represent the last remaining sanity in Europe.

  53. Didn’t a bunch of weirdos run over like 80 people and squish them last summer?

    If that doesn’t change things, nothing will.

  54. HotBride has said on several occasions that she would like us to go back to Paris. I tell her, “Darling, you saw it when it was still worth seeing. It’s no longer the Paris we saw.”

  55. I wish Drudge wouldn’t link Gateway Pundit, especially in the headline. That guy is loony tunes.

  56. Wakey wakey z

    Pay weed whacked the internet cable so I’ll be sparse

  57. Dammit Pay, this is why we can’t have nice things.

  58. weed whacked the internet cable

    First time I’ve heard it referred to that way.

  59. Gross

  60. Way back when I had an invisible fence for my old dogs I managed to cut the wire in a few places with hand pruners while working in the garden. Damn wire looked like it had to go.

  61. Mondays

  62. he forgot his helmet

  63. Shortly after our house was built, the husband decided to put in the mailbox and ignored the warning that said to ‘hand dig only’. He took out the phone line. It had to be relaid alllll the way around the house.

  64. We have to call to locate cables before digging, or you’re on the hook for any repairs.

  65. is wiser on vacation today?

  66. Thank you Scott

  67. I don’t know who will be attending. So far I think its me, Laura, Oso, and Geoff. Jewstin is hosting but he hasn’t been around lately.

    Several IB people have expressed an interest.

  68. Hope those smug Frenchies are happy their culture has been officially erased.

  69. Quebec is officially more french than France.

  70. Almost done sealing the drywall. All that is left to do is, paint, pick out cabinet handles, re-adjust bathroom cabinet, pick out and install flooring, put shelves in closets, put up doors, window treatments, call the plumber, and call the electrician back to move bathroom light 6 inches to the left..

  71. Paris in the near future.

  72. We should eliminate some of their holy sites. It would be much easier for us, than them.

  73. Cat dragged himself out of the litter box and into our bathroom. The last time I went upstairs, he had crawled into our room and was lying on the floor.

    He still purred when I petted him. Don’t think he would want to be downstairs with me – he seems to want to be alone.

  74. Prednisone and TLC TiFW.

    If he bounces back…good.

    If he doesn’t, well, you’re the boss there.

  75. When you laugh so hard you fall over

    I did that when Dave fell in the ocean

  76. Would Prednisone help, Jimbro? I have some at the house….

  77. Can’t hurt but you gotta clear the dose with the vet. Sounds like either arthritis in the spine and/or spinal cord compression, neither of which animals bounce back from too well. Prednisone decreases inflammation and the mass effect on the cord whether it be caused by arthritis or a tumor or etc. I know you’re car less today but this is a sign of bad stuff in the animal (and human) world.

  78. Never forget Obama and his lead from behind bullshiit had lots to do with the whole refugee cluster eff origins.

  79. I was wondering if it might be diabetes – one of the WebMD articles said that was another thing vets test for. I think he’s around 10 or 11 years old (daughter’s cat), but i would have to check with the vet office to be sure.

    Mr. TiFW is willing to pay for a vet visit, but not much else.

    I did go check on him just now – he made his way to the water bowl and drank some water. Don’t know if he ate any food, though.

    Thanks for the info, Jimbro.

  80. In my life, no Democrat president has ever retired.

    You should have seen the commercials on MSNBC promoting the Kennedy award or whatever. It was the biggest, sloppiest kiss I’ve witnessed– and I’m essentially a manwhore.

    It was embarrassing.

  81. I had to put a cat down many years ago, and I don’t want to do it again. Right now he’s not in any pain as far as I can tell. I’ll see how he is doing in the morning.

  82. MJ, this is all our fault. Obama would be taking a well-deserved retirement after saving the US and the world from our stupidity, but we had to go an elect Trump, and now Obama has to come out of retirement and lecture the rest of us ad nauseum, for 400k a speech.

    It truly is the greatest of sacrifices on his part.

  83. You expect him to stay home with Michelle?

  84. I kind of figured he’d stay wherever he could get a steady supply of cocaine and hot beef injections.

  85. Nah, I expect that he’ll end up in Hollywood. He’ll be cast at the POTUS in any future films.

    Michelle will be too busy banging her “personal trainer” and vacationing in Aspen.

  86. I forgot about his other wife, Valerie.

  87. My longstanding theory has been that Valerie was fucking him when he was in Chicago, as a means of controlling him. She told him to break it off with his Asian girlfriend. The fights were because Obama wanted the girlfriend to stay on as his mistress while he married Michelle.

  88. I assume they’ll go their separate ways, which will be sign of their strength as a couple according to the media.

    Besides, no man would blame Barry for ditching that ho.

    Did one person blame Billy Jeff for getting some strange when he could? Nope, you knew the sourpuss he was married to.

  89. I blamed him for the rapes, and for not manning up and divorcing the harridan if he was going to step out.

  90. I was nearly home but got diverted a couple of miles away from my home by fire trucks. I tried a few detours but had no luck. Paula did some searching and found out there was a fatal accident on the main road. I’m now chilling at Sandy Point Beach in the rain and giving thanks for life.

  91. You won’t believe this but I’m guessing that I’ll be moving in about 6-10 months.

    I’m never buying a house again. I’m renting.

  92. You ran out of things to paint?

  93. Is that when your girlfriend gives birth and the paternity test proves it’s yours?

  94. Where to?

  95. Why do you keep getting fired?

  96. They find the used muppet in his office drawer.

  97. Possibly…CT.

  98. We could use the tax revenue.

  99. He’s mine. I’m black on the inside.

  100. Why do you keep getting fired?
    George Costanza was correct about a lot of things. Show up sparingly and look like you’re busy.

    Other than that, don’t say much.

    It’s a recipe for success.

  101. Comment by MJ on May 8, 2017 6:24 pm


    State law requires you to own a smoker.

  102. What about hitting on the bosses wife in the coat room at the company Christmas party?

  103. People stay in campgrounds longer than you stay in houses.

  104. He and GND should just buy a giant RV and park it at his work.

  105. Instead of looking at it as “I’m unsettled and constantly moving,” look at it as “I have a side job, flipping houses.”

  106. What, MJ!?!?!????????

    You are kidding? Your house and yard are so nice!

  107. You can’t go to CT, it’s a tax crap hole.

  108. Company moving you?

  109. Mare, he’s in Indiana. Nobody can take that long term.

  110. one of us
    one of us
    one of us
    one of us

    *cleans the grill*

    *takes the ceremonial fez out of mothballs*

    Wow! Someone actually coming *to* Connecticut. We haven’t had a Ruination Induction Ceremony in a long time.

    Sounds unpleasant but it’s actually quite nice. You know, those little french cheese gougeres. Scrumptious. And artichoke dip. Small symbolic bloodletting, followed by large non-symbolic bloodletting.

    *happy sigh*

    It’s gonna be nice to see you again, MJ. Sorry in advance.

  111. The entire state is the equivalent of Lapeer County..

  112. Only things CT has going for it are Laura, Scott, Wiserdummy, and it’s close to Newport, RI.

  113. It’s actually a great place to live if you can afford it.

  114. Hm, come to think of it, MJ seems like more of an RI guy than a CT guy. I bet he and Jackstraw would become fast friends.

  115. RI is relaxed and beachy…even the elegant areas. Providence is a fun little city with gorgeous art and architecture. RI has plenty of quiet woodsy (slightly) inland areas, also lots of lovely little seaside cottages. And, strangely, lots of organized crime of italianate character. The best kind. I don’t really believe anybody else does it right.

  116. Back in 2012, after the meatup, HotBride and I went to Newport. Loved it.
    We left the morning before Sandy was to make landfall. Drove in lashing rain for like 9 hours.
    We were sitting in a restaurant a few days before the storm looking out over the harbor at all of the huge sailboats that were still docked and moored. HotBride said “They’ll never get these boats hauled before the storm hits.”
    My answer, “Insurance.”

  117. Was that restaurant Christie’s?

  118. Clarke Cooke House, Bannister’s Wharf. I have a really cool sunset photo I’ll post tomorrow.

  119. I put the photo in the media library, but can’t figure out how to poat it from WordCunt mobile shit cock.

  120. Okay, that was gheyer than MJ meeting xBrad. It made a new poat.


  122. You want me to fix it for you Hotspur?

  123. Yes please.

  124. WordPress mobile is worse than useless.

  125. Some old fucker has been wandering through here misplacing shit and losing shit. Any idea who?

  126. Evenin’, goobers.

  127. Just found, cooked, and ate my first black morel.

    I hope.

  128. LOL. Thanks doggie.

  129. PG, it’s not my fault. Scott is correct. WordPress mobile is as useless as Barack Obama fucking one of Carin’s or Leon’s chickens.

  130. Where might the job be, MJ?

  131. He’s probably moving east to be closer to the fishsticks.

  132. First final of the term is in 90 minutes. I’m stress eating bigly.

  133. Bullhead fishsticks in Indiana are the SHIZ!

  134. You’ll do fine, Colex. You’re a smart feller.

  135. You should attend college in CT. Hell, Laura’s already done

  136. I’m three months away from graduation. It’s too late for me.

  137. Bullheads are very tasty.

  138. Finally watched GotG2 today. Better Call Saul tonight. I like it better than Breaking Bad. Hope TiFW’s cat is ok. We’ll be watching baseball and touring breweries prior to WYMeat? They have a Culver’s in WY. Mmmm…cheesecurds and butterburgers

  139. We have a Culver’s. I never go there.

  140. I’m gonna meet Oso!

  141. How many bullheads are in your ass RIGHT NOW?

  142. Lauraw wins.

    That’s actually something I do.

    Buy a house that needs work in a trendy/nice part of town. Make a few bucks with a bit of elbow grease.

  143. I should know in a few months.

    Company move so no cost to me. It’s a bit of a dream scenario so I’m willing to move to the NE.

    GND can quit her job.

  144. Norwalk CT, Scott.

  145. Are you still working for Evil Incorporated?

  146. I’m gonna meet Scott and Lauraw!!!!

  147. >>>Norwalk CT, Scott.

    I grew up there.

    Awesome city, but tons of traffic.

  148. Wiser can offer you a ton of info.

    That’s where he came from.

    It would be an awesome place to raise a kid.

  149. REFRESH

  150. It’s a bit of a dream scenario so I’m willing to move to the NE.

    Yeah, you’ll be a lot closer to the Children’s Television Workshop this way.

  151. Why would you move to CT? Even Malloy is admitting CT is fucked. Then again, you get the Ws, Wiserbuds, and even Jimbro as kind of neighbors. DotW is topical and Friday in studio. Baby would be a Nutmegger as opposed to Hoosier.

  152. I’ve had a shit day, and to cap it off, just heard that Bob Owens, of is dead.

  153. What????

  154. Just checked twitter. RIP Bob Owens.

  155. Norwalk is real? Huh.

  156. Here’s a video of some guy windsurfing at the beach in Norwalk.

  157. >>>Why would you move to CT? Even Malloy is admitting CT is fucked.

    Purty much…

  158. Shit, b-rad, that’s terrible. He was around the same age as you, I’m guessing.

  159. Avoid Roodner Court.

    Donovan’s is a great bar. Landmark. In fact, you’ll probably love every bar on Washington Street.

    Stew Leonard’s is a huge rip-off.

    East Norwalk is overpriced. Avoid South Norwalk. There’s some great areas in Norwalk and some crappy ones.

  160. Norwalk CT is only 1979 miles from me. According to google maps I can be there in 29 hours.

  161. Does Roger Sherman still live in CT?

  162. I’m a little further out. It’ll take me one day and 17 hours.

  163. I went to CT once. That was enough.

  164. >>>Does Roger Sherman still live in CT?

    Not sure. But he still has an inn, I think….

  165. Ugh, was Bob ill? Horrible news.

  166. Jeggings are beyond comfortable. I have three pair. Wearing a pair right now. Better than yoga pants.

  167. Hah! Only 18 hours from here.

  168. Xb, wow? God only knows

  169. I visited Mystic and Groton, but that was before H2.

  170. XBrad, thanks for the X-37 linky on Faceplant.

  171. CoAlEx did you finish Iron Fist? I liked it better than S1DD. Can not wait for Defenders!!!!

  172. Evening Hostages.

    The sad news is that it appears that Owens took his own life.

  173. And now I scroll up. Damn XB. That’s rough.

  174. Xb linked up comment Bcoch. Very sad. Getting tired of this shit.

  175. Owens’ last Facebook post lends credence to suicide as the cause:

    What a shame.

  176. I’ve been in some rough patches and really hurting before, but never anywhere even close to that point. I just don’t understand it. I can only pray that if someone I know was headed down that road, they’d pick up the phone and call me first. Call me, call anyone.

  177. I saw that Sean. The responses from his daughter and his mother were heart breaking.

  178. Kitty passed away sometime between the waiting room and the exam room at the 24-hr vet clinic. Mr. TiFW went with me, ‘cuz I sounded pitiful, I guess.

    I was petting him the whole time. We brought him home, and Mr. TiFW buried him in the alley (where we’ve buried a couple of other pets over the years).

    I’m just grateful i didn’t have to have him put to sleep. Did that with another kitty years ago, and never want to do that again.

  179. Raw. Cyn…please call. Rosie…please call. Anyone…Everyone…please just fucking call.

  180. *hugz TiFW*

  181. TiFW…no words. So sorry. Feline family matters

  182. Seriously. I know I’m hit or miss around here. Cyn???

  183. She hasn’t been around since Rosey. We’re worried. Depression knows no boundaries.

  184. I’ve tried emailing her twice before since then. No response.

    Don’t suppose anyone lives close enough to go bang on her door?

  185. Cyn’s voicemail still picks up, so that’s a good sign. It means her wireless account is current.

  186. Non response to texts and emails.

  187. I feel terrible for Owens’ family and he was obviously in a lot of pain. That said, I’m going to say something that will sound incredibly callous because it needs to be said: He did everything he fought for over the years a tremendous disservice by shooting himself.

  188. It’s a painful truth Sean, but that doesn’t make it any less the truth. Our actions here in this world have consequences. And consequences beyond our own immediate circles.

  189. Oh, and Teresa, I’m so sorry about your cat. However long we have our pets in our lives, it’s never long enough.

  190. Thanks, guys. I kind of figured this is what the outcome was going to be – I am just glad that he passed so peacefully. The vet thinks that it was probably his heart – thinks that a clot got stuck near his back legs, which caused him to lose the ability to move them.

    He rode in my lap on the way home, so I was able to cuddle him. He had the softest fur, and the biggest purr. And the sharpest claws when he was kneading and purring 😊

  191. You guys are my guys. I first attempted suicide as a 12 year old. Catatonic for 30 days. Saved my parents marriage. Started my eating disorder that I didn’t even know was an eating disorder. #FF why am I still here? I will never understand why people choose death. In spite of my crappy life choices. Suicide breaks us.

  192. This is gonna be hardest on DD#2 – Gabe was her kitty; she left him with us after high school, but moved him down when she got an apartment. He moved back with us when she moved up to Boston.

  193. Sorry about the kitty, TiFW. I had to put one down a couple years ago, and that was hard.

    It was better for her, and I got to comfort her a bit.

  194. I am going to attempt a drama free sleep in bed with Dan. No night terrors. No violence. Sleep

  195. Goodnight, sweet bear. And flights of Angels (and Gene Autry) sing thee to thy rest.

  196. CoAlEx did you finish Iron Fist? I liked it better than S1DD. Can not wait for Defenders!!!!

    Iron Fist was OK. I liked S1DD better. Defenders should be fun.

  197. I run for the bus, dear
    While riding I think of us, dear
    I say a little prayer for you
    At derp, I just take time
    And all through my coffee break-time
    I say a little prayer for you

  198. Teresa (((hugs))).

    I’m sorry about your kitty. I’m glad he died in your arms and you got to love him away.

  199. Shocker about Bob Owens. Suicide, it’s a horrible thief. As we all know.

  200. Wakey wakey 2

  201. Men use machines, women use pills, most of the time. Men also tend to succeed when they try it, possibly because of the methods.

  202. Obama said this: “It takes great courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm”

    Kasich said this. “The only thing I know is, my future’s ahead of me”

    I know it’s easy to find DUMB coming out of politician’s mouths, but, really?

  203. “It takes great courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm”

    This was true, once. 2000 years ago when our lord and savior walked the Earth and told us to care for all these and more. It may be one day again soon when 0’s fellow travellers have fully succeeded in destroying what remains of Christendom and the cultural inertia that we’re still coasting on.

  204. Official dates are no longer “AD” in any publication that isn’t explicitly Christian. It won’t be long before it takes real courage to do as he suggests, but today is not that day.

  205. Sorry to hear about your cat Teresa. Acute paralysis of the hind legs via spinal cord infarct makes sense which is why you should listen to well trained veterinarians for animal care and not internet bone doctors.

  206. I noticed the BCE rather than BC trend a long time ago Leon. What do they use rather than AD?

  207. Obama:

    *raises chin, closes eyes, cocks head to the left

    It is not whether we become the one’s we can believe we can be, but the one’s for which believing is part of being.

    Let us be those for which we can become.


    *rolls eyes

    Hold the lettuce, faggot!

  208. Obama word salad would be a fun game for a Saturday post at AoS.

    I think I’ll work on that whilst pretending to give a fuck.

  209. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for while they unclench their fist and the tides rise.

  210. Just words stolen is not who we are.

  211. I actually heard Peggy Noonan make the lettuce joke.

    Her recommendation to any politician was to hold the let us. It makes them sound like phonies.

  212. Is it a false choice?

  213. sorry about your cat TiFW

  214. CE, Jimbro. “Common Era”. What defines the start of the Common Era, you might ask? The birth of Jesus of Nazareth. But it’s not Anno Domini, and that’s triumph enough for now.

    There’s a push in some circles to change the date completely by adding 10000 to it, pushing the start of time back to roughly the end of the last great glaciation*. That’s coming next.

    *Interestingly, this may actually have been co-mingled with a comet impact or series of impacts that hit the North American ice sheet, which may have actually led to something that would have looked very much like global flooding in the century that followed.

  215. When I heard clips of O doing his Kennedy Center speech I cringed. Don’t miss his shuck and jive at all.

  216. We’ll let the Euroweenies who adore the metric system to fuck up the calendar years while (hopefully) remaining in the current system in America.

  217. We must become the ones who we believed we could be. For our tomorrows, and for tomorrow’s tomorrows.

    /somber stare into distance

  218. In the end, I worry a lot more about the people who want a new Year Zero, I suppose, but it’s still all a deliberate attempt to erase or devalue history.

  219. Progress bends toward the arc of history with those who stand ready to make the change that we can believe it to be.


  220. We must become the ones who pillage other people’s money and pat ourselves on the back for passing out a minor portion of it to our brothers and sisters who have sucky lives because they’re irresponsible shitstains.

    I might have put some words into his mouth that the teleprompter filter would’ve edited out.

  221. We used CE and BCE in history classes 20 years ago.

    It was tres chic back then.

  222. My last history class was in high school, 25 years ago, and it was US History, so dates didn’t come up much. Closest thing in college was “Great Books of Western Civ”, and we still used BC there because most classicists and greek scholars were still nominally christian.

  223. Sorry about your loss, Teresa. Kitty was lucky to have your home as his.

  224. Mare! Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was very good!

  225. Sad to hear about the kitteh, TiFW. Four legs or two, family’s family.

    Awful news about Bob Owens. Never a good feeling when one of the good guys loses to their personal demons. As long as I live I will never be able to get my head around that; I guess that’s what prayer is for.

    And yes, GotG2 is very very good and HASSELHOFF!

  226. So there is suspicion that the Norks could launch an EMP attack, and they have two satellites positioned over the US to guide them, and we haven’t blown these satellites to smithereens because why?

  227. *sprinkles tiny fungi into Leon’s jar of basil flakes*

  228. How did the Norks get satellites?

  229. Fungus rules the world, Laura. Mycotoxins and myconutrients are forrealz.

  230. And I don’t have basil flakes.

  231. That’s a good question Jay. I wonder if they “share” the sats with another nation… maybe CHINA.

    These two sats are discussed on the prepper sites. I dont feel too threatened with them. I just cant see the Air Force not recognizing the threat and having a contingency. I think they will be the first targets to be taken out (the indicator) that hostilities has commenced. The problem is that we rely on sats way more heavily that the Norks, and there are a lot more targets for them to chose.

    To my knowledge there has been no “warfare” is space yet. And while it is assumed we have hunter / killer satellites up there, I dont recall ever seeing official confirmation they exist. (maybe someone here knows better and will educate me)

    See the reusable come back after being up for two years? Wonder what that jewel was up to?

  232. Fungus rules the world, Laura

    Somehow, Leon has seen my bathroom.

  233. I thought the biggest organism in the world was your mom.

  234. Nobody wants to see your mushroom. Stop it. This is a family blog.

  235. Maybe just the tip?

  236. Unless it looks like a morel, gross.

  237. Or the Obama Library…

  238. Clint!! I’m in the theater waiting for that movie to start!

  239. We’ll let the Euroweenies who adore the metric system to fuck up the calendar years while (hopefully) remaining in the current system in America.

    The French already tried it centuries ago. Thermidor and all that shit.

  240. Your cake hole, Obama, stuff a dick in it.

    Or maybe six.

  241. There is no idea so bad the French won’t give it a fourth try.

  242. So, I’m working on quitting smoking. Cut my consumption by half last week. Got one of those cheapo vapes this morning with the thought of using it sparingly (a inhalation here and there) to address craving. I dont think I’ll ever be a Non-smoker as I really enjoy a cigarette with my coffee, and after a good meal. But I would like to get it down to just that, maybe 3-4 a day total. I figure at that point putting them down entirely shouldn’t be that hard.

    In the mean time…..if I were to occasionally spout of incoherent obscenities in a tourettes like manner…bear with me…or not, BFYTW!!! KILL THE WORLD KILL THE WORLD! ……..

  243. Man: Do you smoke after sex?

    Woman: I don’t know. I’ve never looked.

  244. I used to be a heavy smoker. I found that you can’t have “just one” cigarette, it just doesn’t work. You have to give them up completely. I don’t even smoke cigars, because I don’t want to start smoking again.

  245. Your cake hole, Obama, stuff a dick in it.
    Or maybe six.
    He has no idea what he’s talking about.

    He’s just a typical sort-of-informed lefty.

    You know it sucks that he’s back but I do miss hating him so much. It warms my cold black heart.

  246. If I remember correctly Scott just decided to stop smoking.

  247. From Hotspur’s Obama cake hole link:

    “More advanced countries, Obama said, would have to teach people to “have a smaller steak” and how to reduce their meat consumption.”

    So glad the harpy didn’t win and we don’t have to hear this bullshit spouted by politicians who have solved all the other problems.

  248. Ditto. If you are going to be in constant withdrawal you might as well quit.

    3 days and it’s over.

  249. ditto was to Jay.

    * refresh *

  250. You first, Odumba. When I see him surviving on 1500 calories a day, I *might* think he has the right to make that comment.

  251. We were out with friends one night, after a 6 month quit, and figured we could handle a couple cigarettes with drinks.

    Boom. Back to square one.

  252. The “veganism will save the planet” meme needs its throat slit.

  253. Obama looks like he’s surviving on a diet of salad greens and cocaine. Wimpy.

  254. Obama is surviving on a diet of baby gravy.

  255. New post.

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