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I went to a blacksmithing class on Sunday.  It was a letter opener class, and there were only three of us there, which was nice because it made the class fairly leisurely.  The instructor showed us the basics of the project, and then turned us loose in the forge while she walked around and offered comments and suggestions.  This was the second class that I’ve taken at Adam’s Forge, and I really enjoy it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to attend a few open forge nights in the near future.


I poated this last night, but I wanted to quote some of it.  Yes it’s from Slate, but any time the left has a glimmer of actual rational thought, we should encourage them, like a particularly stupid child who manages to waddle into the bathroom and not just crap his pants and sit on the cat.

But there is very little indication that what happened on Saturday will counter these misconceptions. Instead, the march revealed the glaring dissonance of opposing that trough of ignorance by instead accepting a cringe-worthy hive-mind mentality that celebrates Science as a vague but wonderful entity, what Richard Feynman called “cargo cult science.” There was an uncomfortable dronelike fealty to the concept—an oxymoronic faith that information presented and packaged to us as Science need not be further scrutinized before being smugly celebrated en masse. That is not intellectually rigorous thought—instead, it’s another kind of religion, and it is perhaps as terrifying as the thing it is trying to fight.

How about some music?

Something kinda groovy to start your day off right.

I really like Eileen Jewell.

And of course, you can’t go wrong with Johnny Cash.

I really like Mark Lemhouse.  Jealous Moon has a nice tango feel.  Edwin’s Lamant is just a fun waltz.

Go forth and kick ass.  Or at least try not to get your ass kicked.  Especially if you ride BART or fly United.




  1. From the last poat:

    Oh, NSFW language in the link above

    Not to worry. Unless your from some ghetto in Scotland, you can’t make out a fucking word he says.

    Oh, and firsties.

  2. I found this.

  3. Damn you, Hotspur. Damn you…

  4. like a particularly stupid child who manages to waddle into the bathroom and not just crap his pants and sit on the cat.

    OMG I’m laughing my ass off.

  5. That was well crafted wordsmithing, CA.

  6. Quite a contrast from her airbrushed Vanity Fair cover

  7. Thank you.

    I thought to myself, “What would LauraW say?”

  8. So, I’m in Oregon. Staying at my niece’s place. She’s out of state, and her husband works full time. Which leaves me in charge of a teen, a tween, and a toddler. Jed handles all the farm stuff (4 horses, 3 goats, 4 sheep, 5 rabbits, a couple dozen chickens and ducks, some geese, and probably some other animals I haven’t met yet).

    5:30pm- Jed returns home.

    Jed: How are the kids?

    Art: Alive, with minimal blood loss.



    Jed: Well, not bad.

  9. Hotspur, may be because I have worked with Scottish coworkers for a while, but I was able to understand much of that. I freaking love the Scottish accent.

  10. Poverty appropriation is a thing.

    What a stupid time to be alive.

  11. Alex, check out Alec Steele’s youtube channel if you haven’t already

  12. I found a “Richard Steele” but his channel has nothing to do with blacksmithing.

    Sure is a lot of hammering going on, however…

  13. I’ve been accused of having a laissez-faire parenting style too XBrad

    Sometimes you need to butt out and allow the system to find its own equilibrium

  14. My parenting style will be to have five kids and tell them I only have enough love for four. The strongest will rise to the top.

  15. HotBride and her sister, even though they grew up in Glasgow, were not allowed to talk like that. She’ll tell you that if they slipped up around the house and uttered some gutter slang, they’d get their faces slapped.

  16. Admit it, when she slips into the gutter slang and swearing with a thick accent, it turns you on.

  17. Yeah, I accidentally swore at the table once and immediately got smacked in the face.

    That’s good parenting and it’s howcome I grew up to be such a fine lady of manners.


  18. That fucking bullshit letter that Horse Face says she sent at the age of five to Reagan, is a steaming load.

    First of all five year olds generally can’t write. They can hardly fucking draw.

    Also, they sure as fuck don’t know how to spell cemetary. The misspelling is a cute touch. More bullshit.

    And how did it end up back in her hands if she sent it to Reagan?

    The left is willfully stupid.

  19. Yeah, I accidentally swore at the table once and immediately got smacked in the face.


    When I was about six, I had heard the word fucker for the first time. At dinner that night, as the roast beef got passed in front of me, I stabbed a particularly juicy piece, and said, “This is my fucker.”

    My mom backhanded me so hard I tipped over backwards and broke the chair.

    Some things cannot be forgotten.

  20. >>And how did it end up back in her hands if she sent it to Reagan?

    Unless the Cluntons were smart enough to make a photocopy, for strategic use 3 decades later, which raises questions about whether this was a real letter, or if the Clintons are that devious.

  21. Alex, I am talking about this guy.


    If you are a blacksmith, there is no better last name than Steele, unless your last name is Smith.

  22. The story they are going with is that Bill made a photocopy of the letter and saved it for her.

  23. Or Schmidt.

  24. She could have faxed it.

  25. From the Rose Law Office. That’s why it took so long to find it.

  26. And if anyone is interested in a woodworker who learnt his craft from Japanese woodworkers, check out Samurai Carpenter.

    He is a smug Canadian bastard, but he is very good, and funny.

  27. Photocopy? Huh? I don’t remember those being really prevalent back then. Just the old blue print mimeograph. We had an apple IIE in the school (1 of them!) and there certainly wasn’t an attachment to that.

  28. I’m getting my very first massage today (whore mouths, shut them). How much do I tip?

  29. I’m about the same age as Chelsea. Photocopiers still cost more than a new car, and almost nobody had one. I call bullshit.

  30. I usually give the massage therapist about six inches of “tip”

  31. I suppose we can say goodbye to our dreams of retaining the white house in 2020.


  32. I hate you guys so much

  33. That’s about the time Clinton was AR gov, so he’d have access to a copier.

  34. Ask for the happy ending, Car in.

  35. But would he have bothered in between nailing interns?

  36. He had one of the interns do it. They were already in the copy room.

  37. Thank GOD Lena is stopping in Des Moines!

  38. Bill Nye is in desperate need of purging, as is Netflix.

  39. I’d like to deliver a knuckle sammich to that skinny smug little bastard. He’s a fucking twit.

  40. When I was about six, I had heard the word fucker for the first time. At dinner that night, as the roast beef got passed in front of me, I stabbed a particularly juicy piece, and said, “This is my fucker.”
    My mom backhanded me so hard I tipped over backwards and broke the chair.
    Some things cannot be forgotten.
    OMG I’m dying laughing.

  41. I actually believe Chelsea wrote the letter because it confirms her parents are the biggest cunts in the world.

  42. I could read in kindergarten. but I was nine.

  43. When I was about six, I had heard the word fucker for the first time.

    But it was spelled with that old english f character at that time, right?

  44. I just watched an NBC news reporting segment with Chelsea Clinton.

    She….can barely….read…………with…out……..sounding like….a phone……los..ing……signal.


  45. 97% of people that believe in AGW and look down on others that question it have no idea what they are talking about.


  46. Holy shit. I watched that fucking video, and lost brain cells.

  47. 97% also applies to facedouche.

  48. The part where the kid guessed peanut, and Shitforbrains called him wrong and said it was raisin. Then he puts the fucking raisin in the glass and it just sits on the bottom. Kathy Lee puts in the peanut, and it immediately rises.

    Take that, you jackoff.

  49. Sugar sinks, fat floats. WTF did he learn in school?

  50. When I was in the seventh grade we had this fucking dinosaur of a science teacher. He tried to demonstrate a glass of water with a file card on top, and how you can tip it over, and the water stays in because the file card is suctioned into place. Except it didn’t. The water ended up all over his pants, shoes and floor.

    God we laughed our asses off at that old coot.

    (Turned out the glass had an irregular lip. But we still laughed our asses off.)

  51. Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson are having buttsecks.

    Who’s on the mound? Who’s behind the plate?

  52. Depends on who crapped last.

  53. Ewwwwww…..

  54. We play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of friends. You determine who goes first by figuring out who crapped most recently.

  55. Hotspur, you’re.

    And for the record, I’m only half skank-like.

    a sleazy or unpleasant person.

  56. That letter is bullshit and so is her face.

  57. I’d hit it.

    Nothing hotter than a toneless white cankle to get the blood up.

  58. I wrote to Hillary Clinton when she was the First Lady. Here is copy…

    Dear Mrs. Clinton,

    If you’d give President Clinton a blow job once in a while he wouldn’t put a cigar in a ladies (my mommy calls her a whore whatever that is) hooha.



    Prove I didn’t send that to her.

  59. I’m watching a debate on the death penalty.

    Hotspur agrees with Barry Scheck.

  60. Hotspur, you’re.


  61. Dear Mrs. Clinton:

    You’re a cunt.


  62. Your first comment.

  63. I just dropped a miniature replica of Michelle Obama in the porcelain teddy bear. It was epic.

  64. Oops.

  65. Ladies and H2 Gentlemen (SWIDT?) we have a new mare’s musing.

  66. I only did that Hotspur because you catch everyone else.

  67. From the ONT:

    How NOT to rob a gun store…


  68. Al Gore is an effing parasite on society. He needs his chakras kicked in with pointy cowboy boots.

  69. Chrispy, saves the state a crap ton of money. Done and done.

  70. I wrote this letter to Bill Clinton when I was in middle school.

    Dear President Clinton,

    How did you get that chick to let you try to make a baby on her face? I’ve been trying to get Sheryl Anderson to do that for, like, ever and it hasn’t worked yet. She always wants to swallow.

    PS, I also think chunky-hot girls are easy prey. Low self esteem and a strong desire to be loved usually gets a blowie! But not to chunky.

  71. Great video, ChrisP.

    The Obama Son gets off a round but his aim sucked.

  72. How did you get that chick to let you try to make a baby on her face?

    Fucking hilarious.

  73. I watched that video in super slow mo.

    Dude never had a chance.

  74. Fucking hilarious.
    I had a post together for Sunday at the HQ and that was my fav sentence. I’ll probably just post that comment this Sunday with a bad drawing in crayon. LOL.

  75. i don’t understand the thought process of people who want to rob a gun store.
    It is like approaching a town of cannibals looking to steal some meat.
    They have a more refined taste in meat, son, and they know how to tear into your tasty flesh.

  76. Did you see where he tried to introduce a second gun to the fight? Bad guy has one gun in left hand and tries to produce another with his right while good guy is ventilating his ass. ……and the baby jesus smiled….

  77. So true, Nigel:

  78. There’s a mission in GTA: San Andreas where you rob a National Guard base. Pretty sure the reasoning is similar to what the idiot secondary character who gives you the mission says “they got ALL the guns, if we rob them, we can have ALL the guns”.

    It’s an awful, awful mission. Because they do – in fact – have all the guns.

  79. Yeah, you can see the stupid thug (BIRM) fumbling for the second gun. That was his undoing. I mean he had fucking back up, what did he need two guns for?

    Hint: It’s gangsta.

  80. Who hit the glass counter? I’ll bet it wasn’t white haired guy.

  81. If he got a shot off I can’t see it.

  82. His buddy got some shots off. White haired guy shifted his fire.

  83. He may have had better luck robbing the police station.

  84. I hope the first perp was not eternally separated from his friend.

  85. I think of this often http://tinyurl.com/mp98scn

  86. Ha!! That’s hilarious, Scott!!

  87. Yes, moron gangster, it’s not like gun shop owners aren’t WELL versed in guns, gun handling, and security using a gun.

  88. Old guy shot the case. Laura spotted it.

    He gets low, fires. As perp is falling to the ground old guy fires a 2nd round, through the glass case.

  89. What’s coming down at the end?

    Did his gun shake the dirt out of the ceiling tiles?

  90. If you watch the vid frame by frame you’ll see that the good guys first round killed that bad guy before he hit the floor. You see the moment the switch goes off. The second round was delivered a mili second after the bad guy hit the floor. The good guy did not shoot the glass cabinet.

  91. Well, hopefully the bad guy bought the farm.

  92. I’ve told you our friends are awesome and thoughtful, right? Well a friend of ours asked for our flight info to Hawaii to upgrade us to first class using some of his large cache of flyer miles. I got upgraded but my husband’s ticket was purchased with miles so he can’t. I said, “no way, I’d rather sit with you” and my husband said, “absolutely not, enjoy first class.”

    Ace’s post about that jackass, Halperin reminded me.

  93. Then again, I could be wrong…..its happened before…..alot…

  94. Then again, I could be wrong…..

    Fuck it, who wants pie?

    /Dennis Miller

  95. You are right. I see it now.

  96. My take on it was the thugs didn’t think they’d need to shoot…the staff would be so intimidated by the sight of them they’d fold up and obey orders. I wouldn’t be surprised if that method worked for them before.

    “Oh dear! The robber has TWO guns! Heavens, I better hand over the cash”

    The white haired guy knew it was go time despite having only minimal warning from his partner (who wisely ducked out of the line of fire)

  97. who wisely ducked out of the line of fire

    yeah, he disappeared quickly. Think he set up the robbers, screening the other guy so they couldn’t see him?

  98. Just imagine the carnage if it was one of those scary black rifles…

  99. If he had a flash suppressor and a folding stock, the world would have blown up!

  100. >>Just imagine the carnage if it was one of those scary black rifles…

    Well, those Assault style AR-47 Glocks with high capacity magazine-clips can be quite dangerous.

  101. I think he definitely warned his partner with his exaggerated hands up move

  102. Anyone have a link to that news item? I am feeling anxious that the other perp escaped unshot.

  103. http://tinyurl.com/lfyzvy8

    Article says the first shot went through the case.

  104. Like Jimbro, it looked to me like the stupid, thug was going for the intimidation route. He chose poorly.

  105. The other guy may have been hit.

  106. Couple of good videos, especially the last one:


  107. damn. rapid lead poisoning would have done him some good

  108. holy fucking wow –

    this has got to be a new circle in Dante world

  109. Bill Nye – The Vagina Guy.

  110. Pretty sure that he doesn’t actually like vaginas.

  111. any of you gentle folks have a height adjustable work desk, so that you can either sit or stand at it? Or considering getting one?

    I would like t hear your experiences.

  112. Well who am I to argue with breitbart or personal defense world? I officially stand corrected. I went back and looked again, and I still lean toward it being round#2 that went through the cabinet. One thing is for sure. It was a hella good reaction and shot placement.

  113. Broken glass and perp hit the floor at the same time.

  114. In a vacuum, they fall at the same speed.

  115. I wonder where that round hit, because Punk 1 ceased all function instantly.

  116. >>Punk 1 ceased all function instantly.

    In that moment, he became one with the universe.


  117. xb – am wondering the same thing.
    looks like a center of mass a little high that took out the spine…
    i’ve looped this a lot – the white haired guy has amazing muzzle control.

    i think the 2nd thug hit the glass counter – look at the angle of impact on the left corner (camera view) of the glass cabinet – you do need to slow it down to catch it –

    the whiet haired guy shot at least one time before the cabinet got hit

    in slow mo you can see a spent case being ejected – lower right corner of camera field

  118. http://tinyurl.com/l7xy4n7

  119. that was for J’ames – not the rest of you creepy fetish ppl –
    *does the fingers eyes motion thing towards leon*

  120. I have a desk that raises and lowers, Tushar. I honestly don’t use it in the “up” mode very much, but it is nice to change it up once in awhile. What happens most often is someone comes over to talk to me and leans on the raise or lower button, which can be startling.

  121. Didn’t leon have a standing desk?

  122. Pupster, my office provides adjustable desks for everyone. But as luck would have it, mine doesn’t work.

  123. I wanted to try a standing desk, so I’m forcing the kids to hold the dinner table two feet off the ground.

  124. Wrong again http://tinyurl.com/mody8ut

  125. Scott, I have a theory abut all foods except sugar:
    If you are craving it, your body probably needs it. Feed it.

  126. https://is.gd/FmWApX

  127. Your mom has that same theory, for penises.

  128. I thought the plural was peni?

  129. I had a standing desk for about a year, Tushar, but not one that went up and down. It was an adjustment, and it kept me alert and helped my posterior chain mobility, but it gave me too much fidgety energy, like low-grade ADD. I couldn’t do coding that required intense concentration unless I sat down.

  130. Leon, that can work for me. Now a days I am doing a lot of management asshattery and very little coding. I have a few people for that.

  131. We have a standing desk in my shared office at work. When I scan paperwork I use it but most of my desk time is at a regular desk.

  132. “for penises.”

    i read that as ass pennies… i must be monetarily ghey

  133. i have three desks –
    my standing bench i call a lab bench
    my paperwork bench i call my personal hell
    my freedom/window bench i call my car

  134. I have a standing desk at work. It’s nice, because your mom doesn’t bump her head as much.

  135. Hahaha.

  136. Comment by Car in on April 25, 2017 8:35 am
    OMG, it’s snatchs again at crossfit. I swear, all we ever do is snatchs and split jerks.

    Crossfit is a sex cult.


  137. Check it out, Ron ‘Horshack’ Palillo has a French cooking channel.

    (yes I know he died)

  138. Yoga is the sex cult.

    Crossfit is just a normal cult.

    Goat Crossfit is the ultimate workout.

  139. I made a kickass green chutney. It needs a special chutney grinder, but a typical coffee grinder works as well.

    Take peeled garlic, a bit of ginger, a bit of lemon juice, a couple of green chilies if you can handle it, some freshly grated coconut (frozen would work too, but dry flakes won’t bring out the same flavor), coriander/parsley leaves and salt. Dump these in the grinder. Proportions are up to you. If you like it to have a kick, use less coconut/coriander, otherwise add more.
    Heat a bit of oil in a pan, add a bit of cumn seeds, let them sizzle. Dump over all those ingredients sitting in the grinder. Grind well. Should come out as a paste of medium thickness.

    It is delicious. Can be used as sandwich spread, marinade, or just as a sprinkler on stuff.

    Oh, and wash your coffee grinder before and after use. Chutney flavored coffee is as unappetizing as coffee flavored chutney.

  140. Oh, the coffee grinder should be a simple one, that looks and functions like a blender. Not those fancy ones where the ground coffee falls off the bottom and collects in a container.

  141. Check it out, Ron ‘Horshack’ Palillo has a French cooking channel.

    Jesus. I just watched it for 5 minutes and he hasn’t even turned on the oven yet.

    That dough got more handling and resting than I do in a month.

  142. Oh, damn.

  143. Ha ha ha! My kids can probably take on these idiots and win.


  144. That has to be trolling.

  145. A vegan crossfitting lawyer.

    The most annoying person on the planet.

  146. Nope, don’t think so. There’s this thing in the workplace now called ‘horizontal violence.’ I’m a workplace bully now, if I reveal this terrible secret to you; that you are sucking at your job.

    Which is funny, because sometimes it has been my actual paid duty to inform people of this.

  147. Now I do it for free

  148. I’ve got elderly coworkers who need a little of that. It ain’t just the kids.

  149. Car in better be careful the next time she goes camping.

  150. Torn the medial cartilage in my right knee. I think I am done with krav maga.

  151. Well, shit, Roamy.

  152. I was so tired of being upset
    Always wanting something I never could get
    Life’s an illusion, derp is a dream
    But I don’t know what it is

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