MMM 271: Zero Effort Edition

It’s late.  Baby was up late, and I have zero effs to give this morning.  Hopefully completing this gets me some effs so I can get all the way to effort.



Zumba regionals.


These take up A LOT of floor space.  I bet gyms hate them.


Abs and tris.


Bumper plates make it impossible to guess at the weight here.


The face of the duck strikes again.


Arm vein quota: met.


Power cleans in cutoffs.  Must be the South.


This is a repeat.


Powerful, robust haunches.


Have a grand Monday, y’all.


  1. A big thanks to whoever added the “robust hindquarters” category.

  2. I’m guessing 45s and 24 on the squat.

    And gyms could replace all their stupid cardio machines with the rowers and be better off.

    Wakey wakey 2, electric bugaloo.

  3. 45s and 25s.

  4. so, 225.

  5. The only thing “powerful, robust haunches” does all day is work out. And possibly take steroids. or not, whatever. But she should be in a gladiator movie. I don’t know what I’m saying.

  6. The rowers are great exercise, no argument, they just take up a lot of floorspace.

  7. Arm Vein Girl has teh crazy eyes

  8. My brocoli sprouts are really slow. I don’t know if they are too cold or if I just have a bad batch of seeds.

  9. That first guy did a fairly poor job of tucking.

  10. mare’s eating fancy now.

  11. Just finished my part of a presentation that is due next week. My part is the only part done. I wrote the conclusion too. I also wrote the outline for everybody else’s parts, found all the references, and posted the shit to our school page that we were supposed to do.

    On another presentation I’m giving the same day, two or three people in that group have so far also failed to write anything. One of these people is in both my groups and is a Known Piece of Shit.

  12. I hate group work. I hate group work. I hate group work.

    With children. With adults, it’s great.

  13. I had a group project in engineering 103 when I switched majors as a junior. I told the kid I was working with what functions I expected him to write, then wrote the whole thing. He actually produced, so I swapped his code into the final product for those parts. Best group work ever.

  14. Exactly, laura. I love working with a team of adults. I never get to do that. We have to discuss who to blame first.

  15. While I take it that either will be an improvement, LePen would be a better choice in France, right?

  16. I hated group work, either you do it all, or other people screw it up and drag you down.

  17. Le Pen would be better, Jay. It’s her or we’re going to see the end of Europe or a new Napoleon. Marcon is a typical chestless euroweenie.

  18. I just watched LePen’s speech.

    I’m fairly sure that the Weekly Standard used to feature her regularly–maybe 10 years ago or so.

    Sort of ironic considering their current anti-populist stance.

  19. They’re going after Hannity now with the sexual harassment lies. Debbie Schlussel (of mental health derangement fame) is carrying the water this time.

  20. It depends what sexual harassment means, right?

    I know almost nothing about the Bill O thing but I read that one of the sexual harassment suits that was settled was for calling a black girl ‘hot chocolate,’ 9 years ago.

    By that standard we’ve probably all been sexually harassed.

  21. Haunches girl is def on teh roids.

    Laura, group classwork always sucks when you’re the reliably hard-working one. Oldest 2 daughters were both in that category repeatedly in college. But yeah, socialism will work…..

  22. What the world needs is a big, hot steaming bowl of GrowTheFuckUp.

  23. My hot former coworker hugged me once after a night out during the height of my powerlifting. Then she said “Oh my god, you’re so SOLID!” and hugged me again.

    I need a lawyer.

  24. Men cannot be sexually harassed. It’s in the rules.

  25. Le Pen would be better but they’ll vote for the commie.

  26. Then it’s Eurabia or Napoleon. No other futures exist.

  27. Democrat men can be sexually harassed. It’s only the republicans that do that.

  28. They’re going after Hannity now with the sexual harassment lies
    And they said Mike Pence was a fool because he never meets with women alone…

  29. If there is another terrorist attack, Le Pen could win.

  30. An older female exec got drunk at a meeting and planted a wet kiss on me. It was more because I agreed to build an org for her but I always wondered if that was harassment.

    Also, it was super gross.

  31. If when there is another terrorist attack, Le Pen could win. will be defeated by a coalition of the other parties.


  32. Leon, it will be Napoleon. Or worse.

  33. Do you want Napoleons? Because this is how you get Napoleons.

  34. Napolean III was pretty good but not as good as the original.

    It was basically the same as the first movie but you could tell no one had their heart in it.

  35. Napoleon III should have stayed out of Mexico. I think that was probably his undoing, left him unready for Bismarck.

  36. I should have stayed out of your mom. She left me unready for the clap.

  37. I ordered some earbuds from Apple. They left China Friday, and are being delivered today.

    How does that even work?

  38. Boats and planes burning the remnants of dead diatoms and wood from the time before fungus, mainly.

  39. Appointing a black female doctor nurse as surgeon general is a brilliant move. She is more than capable of operating in the bureaucratic system of public health policy.

    I love to make fun of the idea of a doctor nurse but this is a situation where it fits to a “T”

  40. Hotspur doesn’t remember a time before fungus.

    Damn this exhaustion today. I need to whip out this final paper but I really just want to have a beer and take a nap.

  41. Paper and presentation due tonight. I’ve got most of the number crunching done, I just need to write it up and then throw together a couple of slides.

  42. Haha ha haa. Lefties can’t help but attack mindlessly. When Trump replaces her with a male phys, their lurch to attack their own previous position is going to be hilarious.

  43. Honestly, wtf does the surgeon general do other than promote policy campaigns? The last guy was anti-gun (shocker) or so I heard from the NRA. C Everett Koop talked about condoms and AIDS which was seen as bold and another one talked about masturbation I think. Maybe that was your mom. This fungal clap has left me confused.

  44. One called for safer bullets. Can’t remember that wagon’s name.

  45. It’s exhausting trying to figure out the actual policy crap.

    I’m at the point where I just pick a team and move on. I don’t care how many babies they personally circumcise.

  46. Since the SG has a PhD, she should insist that the press address her as Doctor.

  47. Dr. Jill Biden was a fucking teacher. Maybe she could be SG.

  48. Hotspur does so remember a time before fungus, he invented it.

  49. You know what’s better than mac and cheese with smoked brisket? Reheated leftover mac and cheese with smoked brisket.

  50. All this brisket talk is becoming very hurtful. Our freezer is nearly empty and we need to go buy meat ASAP.

    Nap is winning. Hunchback out.

  51. Smoked mac and cheese is wonderful.

  52. Broadforking main garden is one-third done. Tonight I’ll do another third of it and get the potatoes planted.

  53. I got my potatoes and onions in yesterday. I’m way behind. All this medical stuff has put a serious crimp in my gardening.

    I ordered myself a worm farm in compensation.

  54. Should I put the leeks in as well? They’re doing great in the boxes, but I’ve never grown them before and don’t know if they can handle a light frost.

  55. You gotta watch out broadforking. They tend to have fungi.

  56. Leeks can handle a hard frost.

  57. I didn’t see any fungus today. Plenty of earthworms, though, so that’s good.

  58. Whole ones? Or half ones?

  59. On topic for poat: Pros and cons of dating a fit chick.

  60. There’s a fungus among us.

  61. Sean Hannity’s accuser looks like a friggen white trash hag. That’s the best he could do? Don’t buy it. Not for a second.

  62. Whole ones, Tom, that’s part of why I use a broadfork rather than a tiller. I gently cover the ones I dig up.

  63. Holy shit this gal is a dumbass: THIS IS NOTHING!

    “He tried to get me to go back to the hotel after the show after he and his executive producer Bill Shine treated me horribly,” she said on the radio program. Schlussel later clarified that it wasn’t his hotel room, but rather his hotel. She told that she did go on the show following the incident, but after that was “banned from Fox News.”

  64. They’re all whores.

  65. This is pretty cool.

  66. LOL

    I wouldn’t hit that.

  67. Leon, plant the leeks out when they are at least the thickness of a pencil lead. Plant them three or four inches apart in the bottom of rich, fertilized trenches at least four or five inches deep. Don’t worry about the beating they take when you separate them. They will be fine.

    Some guides recommend poking deep holes in the soil and dropping the leeks in. I find this is a good method to get long skinny leeks, not the nice fatties I prefer. Gradually fill in the trenches with compost/soil as they grow. Eventually toward the end of Summer hill them up a few inches higher to blanch more of the shank. You can only really eat the white and light green portions, thus the blanching.

    If you don’t care about getting big leeks, you can try the hole drop vs trench experiment in your garden and tell me what you think. Hole drop is certainly easier.

    They don’t ‘ripen’ like onions, you just harvest whenever you like the size. Grilling or frizzling baby leeks in Summer is a good way to thin the row and encourage the remainder to fatten up.

    Frizzled leeks:

    Don’t worry about overplanting, or leaving some leeks standing in the bed over Winter. You can eat them in Spring as soon as the ground thaws, or let them go to seed.

    Each plant also produces white garlic-clove-like divisions under the ground at the same time as Spring flowering. They can be dug up and used like garlic or onions, or be allowed to grow and become a new cluster of baby leeks. It’s so pleasant to already have food sitting in the Garden come Spring.

  68. Not with your weenus and wiser pushing.

  69. Humn. I should have grown leeks.

  70. Reminds me, I have to pull up all my leeks from last year.

  71. I have to take a leek too.

  72. Thanks Laura, they aren’t quite that stout yet. I’m planning to alternate them in the same space with the potatoes, so I’ll just leave gaps for now.

  73. I got a lot done early this morning, but then my day went to shit. I’m just spent. Fortunately this last piece of work is small and I still have two half days plus two full working days next week to do it.

  74. *shoots Jay in the face with cannon that shoots angry porcupines*

  75. Ow

  76. Two bald eagles just flew through my yard and perched in my neighbor’s tree. The good neighbor who I never see, not putting-green guy.

  77. Why not happy porcupines? Or maybe emotionally neutral porcupines?

  78. Ambivalent Porcupine Gun is being repaired.

  79. Maybe a slightly agitated porcupine……

  80. New rule for Jay…. If you see a flying porcupine, take cover! And fall back to the CHICKEN BUNKER!

  81. LOL

    Wild boar kills three jihadis.

    How ironic.

  82. It’s like steeeeeeel raaaaaain on your wedding partaay
    It’s a free riiiiide to Guantanamo Bay
    It’s the US air strike, that will blow you away
    And nobody’s gonna miss ya.

  83. Hey, MJ, how’s your baby maker doing?

  84. Pork is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  85. My balls are fine, HS.

    I think its weird of you to ask.

    GND is also fine. She’s got a pretty good bump going and basically has not bad symptoms.

  86. So exciting, MJ. so when is baby Laura due?

  87. What a great time in your life, MJ!! A baby!

  88. Beginning of fall.

  89. Exciting!!

  90. But the lead up is great too!!

  91. stay strong MJ!!!….

  92. If possible, avoid scheduling your first day on a new job for at least a week after the baby is born.


  94. Tell your current employer that you want to take a month-long business trip starting two weeks before your baby is due.

  95. Greetings, new members of the FNC primetime lineup!

  96. Words of wisdom from Leon.

  97. Also, there’s a very real possibility that you aren’t going to get laid until 2020.


  99. dick power is a …


  100. *waits for scott to weigh in before casting final vote*

  101. Poor Dick Power. Lost the battle with low testosterone.

  102. It’s a damn shame Dick Hats never caught on like the Pussy Hats did

  103. A) so did we agree to give Jam posting rights?

    2) there is nothing more awesome than doing both the morning news, my show and then the board for the racing show. Sleep is overrated.

  104. Hell yeahz

  105. fuck salt…
    fuck sleep…
    fuck jam… he’s an asshole

  106. wait –

  107. Man up Wiser!

  108. >>>Man up Wiser!

    I am.

    Will be back at the station doing the morning news tomorrow.

    Because FUCK YEAH I AM A RADIO GOD!!!!

  109. As wiserbride said when I got home…

    “….but you are loving every minute of this.”


    Yes I am.

    I truly am happier at this job than I have ever been on any other job I’ve ever had.

  110. Man, that is awesome. I hope I can say that someday.

  111. Liking what you do kicks ass.

  112. Your mom likes it too.

  113. I felt that way back when I was a Drug Lord. Best days of my life. Then, Studio 54 closed down, NAFTA hit, and BAM! all the Narco jobs headed south.

  114. >>>Liking what you do kicks ass.

    It makes it so much easier to wake up in the morning…

  115. Sean’s comment is classic H2.

    Thank you, sir.

  116. *looks down at shoe, kicks pebble*

    Aw, thanks, MJ. You’re too kind.

  117. blerg

  118. Also, there’s a very real possibility that you aren’t going to get laid until 2020.

    Dude, that’s what the living room is for. They fall asleep in your bed, and you sneak out of the room.

  119. I’m preparing him for a worst-case scenario, Carine. Don’t go getting his hopes up, they’ll just be dashed against the harsh rocks of reality.

  120. My phone hates your name, sorry.

  121. There’s also a nonzero chance that nothing down there will ever work right again.

  122. I’m just trying to teach him the tricks. I mean, after baby number one came 2, 3, 4, and 5 in rather rapid succession.

  123. To be fair, you started a lot younger than he or I did.

  124. I was merely pointing out that it *is* possible to have adult alone time when you have babies.

  125. Time isn’t always the reason. Birth can injure a woman permanently, leave lingering pain or jumble the nerves.

  126. Boy, you’re a ball of sunshine today, leon.

  127. It’s a gift, Jay.

  128. You can just buy some of Doctor Philander Q. Smythewood’s Patented Jumbled Nerve Tonic. He avers that it has been used to great effect by all the Crowned Heads of Europe and Miss Jenny Lind herself!

  129. I thought you quit dealing drugs, Seen?

  130. It’s an all-natural herbal remedy, leeon. There’s hardly any cocaine in it at all.*
    *As compared to Thomas Edison’s Reformulated Coca-Wine, “Now With More Pure Cocaine Flavor”

  131. Whatever you want from me
    Is what I want to do for you
    Sweeter than a drop of derp
    On a sugarcube

  132. The irony is that almost no one denies actual, genuine science. The problem is that almost no one is doing that anymore – or, more likely, that real science is so slow and steady and measured in its experimental outcomes as to not grab many headlines – and the thing they love sexually sure isn’t it.

  133. Oh man, the comments to that article. So very Slate. The author insulted their woobie and called them not-smart! WAAAHHH

  134. the dude with the “No Science No Beer” sign is humorous:

    manioc beer by natives of south america must be phd level

  135. the dude with the “No Science No Beer” sign is humorous:

    manioc beer by natives of south america must be phd level science-

    Teh University o’da Jungle – chewing and spitting our way to SCIENCE since March 1135BC

  136. Do your chromosomes determine your gender?

    When exactly is the point of no return for global warming and what can be done about it?

    Can you tell me how GMOs are bad for people?

    Is Chelsea Clinton proof of natural selection in a world where butt ugly grifters are praised as beautiful hard workers?

    I love this kind of stuff. It’s so funny that the people virtue signal their brilliant ignorance.

  137. There’s a great Hidden Brain podcast with an interview of Dunning, from the famous Dunning Krueger Effect.

    The DKE does not discriminate.

  138. Beer ain’t science anymore than sauerkraut is. That’s just pig-ignorant.

    You know what’s science? Macrobrews. Serious science went into making all bottles of Budweiser taste exactly like horse piss.

  139. Also, there’s a very real possibility that you aren’t going to get laid until 2020.
    Your mother begs to differ, sir.

  140. Can you tell me how GMOs are bad for people?

    Patented genes and destructive lawsuits against neighboring small farmers for having the seeds blow into their fields and germinate. Unlike the sketchy evidence for cancer-causing, disruption of the gut biome, a plausible epigenetic disregulation in consumers, and a general appeal to the precautionary principle, the “life as intellectual property” problem has already been a proven negative.

  141. People have been modifying organisms forever. Now we’re good at it.

    Pllffffttt to your sketchy science.

    *gazes up at Bill Nye and NGT poster

  142. Trusting GMOs, ironically, involves trusting that scientists working for Big Grain have a complete and total understanding of human nutrition, epigenetic signalling, and the gut microbiome.

    That’s more trust than I have in any human being, and far less skepticism than a reasonable person ought to have.

  143. Ok, finally back from kid school runs. IT takes a long time with a cripple.

  144. You should start calling him Crip.

  145. “IT takes a long time with a cripple.”

    you could try to sell him and recoup some of the cost(s)

  146. Hop-along. One leg. the possibilities are endless.

  147. OMG, it’s snatchs again at crossfit. I swear, all we ever do is snatchs and split jerks.

  148. “Serious science went into making all bottles of Bud”

    true dat!
    i was peripherally involved in introducing technology into Anheuser-Busch that tracked cell growth in the pitching tanks – it worked on capacitance measurements down in the pico-amp range.

    AB’s quality control is amazing from a science and engineering standpoint.

  149. Behave, kids. He is watching.

  150. I don’t watch news on TV, could someone tell me HTF Rachel Maddow, “is poised to take over prime time”?

  151. ‘cus all the cool kids watch him?

  152. ‘cus he’s a plucky little lad?

  153. ‘cus all the moms want to do him?

  154. ‘cus of the size of his uncut manhood?

  155. AB’s quality control is amazing from a science and engineering standpoint.

    As a brewer, I can attest to how many things can and do go wrong. AB squeezes all the malty goodness they can out of the grain, and uses yeast to the utmost in efficiency. My efficiency runs about 75%. I wouldn’t be surprised if theirs was high 90’s.

  156. Do your chromosomes determine your gender?

    MJ hasn’t been keeping up. It’s how you FEEEEEL!

  157. My one year in St Louis I did the AB Brewery tour and was disturbed to find out their beechwood aging involved actual beechwood chips thrown in the bottom of stainless steel vats you could fit a few cars in. It made sense after the fact, in the sense of industrial production of mass quantities of beer, but that’s not the vision conjured up by the advertising guy saying “Beechwood aged”

  158. Chromosomes determine sex. Gender is purely a linguistic element absent the madness of John Money.

  159. Hahahaaa, good ones, Jam

  160. The flamethrower never does anywhere near as much damage as I feel like it ought to. I may have to resort to chemistry.

  161. Car in, you should call him, “The Gimp”.

  162. You need to make napalm, Leon. Sticky fire. 🙂


    No word on the race or gender of the “youths”

  164. Why don’t you lazy fucks get off your collective asses and do a new poat?


  165. I did this one, I’m still in my poating refractory period.

  166. Jimbo, that is precisely why concealed carry is needed.

  167. Jimbro, I saw the headline and had the same immediate reaction.

  168. I can throw up a new poat if no one has anything.

  169. I’m sure they were white female Presbyterians, in other words.

  170. Some community college remedial English class must have been canceled that day.

  171. Can you imagine the looks on those fucking thugs’ faces if you pulled a Glock out of your belt?

    Say, boys, how ’bout you fuck right off?

  172. “I can’t kill all of you, but I will sure as fuck kill one of you.”

    Then you watch for the one reaching for his waistband.

  173. Where is the outrage? The hypocrisy is staggering. The networks, which have for years championed the causes of left-wing feminists and women’s rights, are conspicuously silent on this case and their silence is deafening. This is real exploitation of young girls and the usual suspects who ought to care have little to say about this form of torture making its way to America. This practice is illegal and immoral. The networks have an ethical responsibility to report that it’s happening here at home. If they don’t, they are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims.

    The hypocrisy of the left on full display.

  174. HotBride and I were conversing over morning coffee, as is our custom, when the subject of Trump came up. She was entirely unaware of anything good he has done since taking office.

    I had to tell her about Gorsuch, budget cuts in wasteful government spending, increases in illegal immigration security, and on and on.

    The above linked story is why the public is so ignorant. The fucking media will not report.

  175. Hotspur, Hotbride is Scottish, right? I can bet she is unaware of this gem too.

  176. Oh, NSFW language in the link above

  177. New poat.

  178. Now for something completely different.

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