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Needed a change of scenery


  1. That last post was driving me crazy with the jumping script or whatever the tech people call it

  2. Scripts made the Internet suck.

  3. I don’t know what that means but you haven’t steered me wrong thus far so I’ll nod in agreement

  4. Scripts are why we can’t have nice things.

  5. Scripts are a scam.

  6. Scripts is xbrad’s nickname.

  7. They make it possible for websites to be “animated” and “snappy” and other buzzwords. I ME they make sites into a disorderly mess with content hard to find and graphics tricks prized over easemail of use.

  8. That was supposed to be “IME”, but my phone is a college kid who knows everything.

  9. If it weren’t for scripts, how would people know that there are singles in their area who want to meet them?

  10. How did we miss wishing Wiser “Happy Record Store Day” yesterday?


  11. thanks wiser

  12. Scripts remind me of Angelfire pages.

  13. finishing up some re-wiring / wiring in the basement to get ready for a friend of mine to move gas meters tomorrow morning.
    This basement project has been a looong row.

  14. Scripts remind me of Angelfire pages.

    OOOH! Will WordPress allow us to embed some terrible MIDI file that will play over and over and over?

  15. “gas meters in the basement”

  16. jimbro it looks like one of your digits was circumcised

  17. Scripts are the flashing text of the teens.

  18. Flashing teens? That’s brad.

  19. **hampster dances**

  20. This post looks GD delicious.

    Two fins up.

  21. Actually, scott, he’s stopped doing that since the emichal-kay astration-kay.

  22. My brown pudding recipe freezes well and is best reheated by pan frying in butter, FYI.

  23. Cyn, that is my last email.

  24. http://bit.ly/2pUhDDq

  25. my brown pudding is best left alone

  26. Comment by scott on April 23, 2017 9:41 pm
    Cyn, that is my last email.


    Everything OK?

  27. Yep.

  28. Scott is vaguebooking on the h2.

  29. My iPad is awesome. Except for Twitter. Won’t let me update. Drunk Oso posts limited to FB and H2.

  30. Haha, vaguebook. Haven’t seen yours for today, Car in.

  31. Brisket was delicious. Thanks oso, for making Sam’s have it on sale this week.

  32. I don’t vaguebook EVERY day. I like to keep it fresh.

  33. The best thing about the diabetes is the black out is equal to eating pie or ice cream. I may have blacked out early last night. Egg Nog Fat Boy was worth it

  34. We worry about you, oso. Try not to lose a foot.

  35. H2 game. Is Oso drunk or did she over sugar? Results are the same. Diabetes black out

  36. I’m kind of worried about my left pinky toe. It acts up. It insists upon itself

  37. My grandma lost toes to diabetes, on the foot that was shorter because of polio.

  38. AUGH!!! Club GM has a dad with Type 2. He insisted they take his leg instead of toes. See also left leg. He gangs up on me with Dan. His MIL is younger than me. Went in for routine surgery. Lost both legs to infection.

  39. From last poat: We have a Border Collie/Kelpie cross that is 14, almost 15. She followed the horses 13 miles or so today. She’ll be moving slow tomorrow morning, though. She’s an asshole and a total psychopath.

  40. MA is 13. Thinks she’s a puppeh. Acts like a puppeh

  41. Riley is 11. He’s still a puppy, even if he’s slowed down a little.

  42. Your moms a slutpuppy.

  43. All right, ooh
    (Looking derp, saw you smile)
    When I first saw you
    (Looking good on Soul Train)
    You were looking so, so good
    (Oh, I was looking, too)
    Oh, I was looking at you
    (Sweet and so fine)
    Sweet and so fine
    (Freak that she was)
    What a freak thing

  44. Good Morning.

    *pours coffee for everyone*

  45. Thanks Laura

    I’m in an educational meeting about a guy’s trip to Ghana

    Interesting topic but I’m here for the 1 hour CME credit. A little here, a little there and they add up over time.

    HVO: Health Volunteer Overseas

  46. *slurp*


    *grabs throat*

    *turns purple*

    *convulses on floor*

    Is this DECAF?

  47. MMM is going to be of the 8am variety.

  48. Huh, they burned cars in France last night.

    Who could have seen that coming?

  49. Good Morning.
    *pours coffee for everyone*


    I seriously thought that said, *pours coffee on everyone*

    Which is fine.

  50. To answer the question on nobody’s mind.

    For my friend’s surprise party her son hosted a 5 course meal with wine pairing for 14 people and yes, I imbibed, the whole meal was delicious and really fun. At over $100 a person I felt compelled to enjoy everything (heh).

  51. My husband was the designated driver for my friend, her husband, the son, his wife and me. He had one beer. Good job, Mr. mare!

  52. did you guys dance the night away? http://tinyurl.com/z4a7cbp

  53. wakey wakey

  54. haaaahahhha, no dancing, Jam. I really, really want to know what’s going on in that hilarious video. So much crazy in one deal.

  55. Actually, should I bother? This is such a good post and Jimbro worked so hard on it.

  56. C’mon Leon, it’s tradition!

  57. Ghana is dirty

    People shit in the gutter

    Lots of sweating it seems is the norm

  58. Oooooookayyyyyyyyyyy.

  59. The “shitting in the street” thing seems to be pretty popular in India too.

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