IV.XX : Pass The Doritos Brah

It’s here again, the combination of numerals that allegedly stand for marijuana on the police radio code system or something like that. Urban Dictionary, the arbitrator of all things funky says 4-20 is from a group of stoners called the waldos who met at that time to get high. Really, who gives a flying TURD.

Hopefully the video plays. Lately they all need to be watched on YT even though it looks like they’re here.

My stereotypical weed smoker is either a college kid with dreadlocks or an unemployed video gamer in his parents’ basement. I know, I know, lots of successful people smoke a little weed to relax. Still, stereotypes exist for a reason.

Whether it’s a rolled joint, a pipe or a bong, pot smokers have a great variety of options


Some of the funniest comics were surely drawn under the influence of marijuana


Always practical, never look for your roach clip again!


One of the enduring stereotypes is a college student who, after smoking weed on campus for the first time, adopts the trappings of the Rastafarian religion. Primarily the dreadlocks, knit hat with Jamaican flag colors, lack of bathing (never understood that one) and, of course, lots of ganja.


These douches are better known as trustafarians. Important question…aren’t they guilty of cultural appropriation? And considering there is no great tradition of American or European origins for marijuana … aren’t most of its users also guilty of cultural appropriation? You know, if you believe in that bullshit.

Weed cigarettes are expensive


Weed is a great blog topic since it’s so prevalent in our culture. Whether you love it or hate it or are too stoned to care, there are endless variations to consider. I’ll just leave you with this one




  1. Wakey wakey.

  2. Omg, my kindle didn’t charge

  3. Ugh.

  4. Carin, how is your son doing?

  5. Use your IPad.

  6. He was too tired to be nervous. I have no idea how long I’m going to be here. I can’t believe my kindle didn’t charge. I’m going to cry.

  7. I pure hate you pupster

  8. Good morning

    Sushi is where you find it


  9. I have a kindle app on my phone.

  10. I would think that consuming something with a steady diet of sulphurous compounds might be just a tad risky.

  11. Yeah, I’d pass on the sandworm and fill up on rice and seaweed.

  12. Hope surgery goes well Carin. The guys that do ACL repairs are usually pretty slick with the scope and have a whole protocol for surgery, recovery and rehab afterwards. Good luck!

  13. Off to the office…


    Because I’m sleep deprived. Thank you Leon.

  15. Don’t eat giant squid either. Their circulatory systems pump ammonia to let them survive in the abyss.

  16. Welcome Carin. I get a lot of mileage out of that during baby naps.

  17. Good morning.

  18. Nice that you could finally join us Laura.

  19. Thanks, sweetie!

    Taking a little break this morning. Shittonnes of stuff to do before school ends. But right this second I can take a little breather.

    Hope your kiddo comes through the operation with flying colors. How are you feeling?

  20. I’m ok. But since you’re here I have a few medical questions for you …

  21. Getting a new living room floor today. Hanging with Possum until mom gets back with the boxes of flooring.

  22. The gin no sara sushi commercials that geoff posted at IB are frickin’ hilarious. I just opened the youtube page and let them go one after the other.

  23. Cute PA assisting. Would it be inappropriate to get his number for Hannah?

  24. I saved seeds from a cubanelle pepper we bought at Meijer and I’m trying to start them in my office. If this works I’m never buying pepper seeds again.

  25. I thought his doc would be African – but no accent. His name is Nzoma.

  26. I bet it doesn’t work Leon.

  27. Would it be inappropriate to get his number for Hannah?

    Only if you tell her that you thoroughly disapprove of him and that he might be a bad boy.

  28. It likely won’t work, Carin, but I had a ton of soil left at the ready, some space on the table, and solo cups. Cheap essperiment.

  29. It will work, as long as the peppers were ripe, not green.

  30. They tasted ripe.

  31. Peppers like a warm germination temp, especially tropical ones. A heating pad helps. Some can take up to and over 3 weeks to germinate.


  32. My soil temp might be a little low, but I’m testing the “least I can do and get peppers” here, so I’ll skip the heating pad.

  33. I could get decent germination on peppers when I set the flats over a radiator. Otherwise not so much.

  34. Some of those seeds won’t produce plants with fruit. Just saying.

  35. You know what else likes a warm germination situation?


    Just saying…

  36. You could also try presoaking/ sprouting the seeds in a plastic bag or a jar in the warmest part of your house. I posted on it over at H2 Garden. Second post down.

    If you have any seeds where the germination hurdle is high, this is a good way to defeat it. A sunny windowsill that gets the jar to 80 degrees inside even for just an hour or so is a good place for pepper seeds.

  37. Sunny windowsill I got. Didn’t soak, but I overseeded the heck out of the cups.

  38. Always with them negative waves, Moriarty

  39. Good! Did you cover them with clear plastic wrap? Cover them with clear plastic wrap. Or prug it in.

  40. *puff puff….

    Anybody want a hit of this shit? Its called “AK47 super kush blueberry mango insanity” …..

  41. Another medical question for the H2 nurse; ” how much longer is this going to take?”

  42. Make sure you ask them a lot of questions about the narcotics Carin. How many “he” can take, how often and how many refills you can get for “him” and for how long going forward. That will ensure they get you out of there promptly.

  43. /writes down Jimbro’s instructions


    Still in surgery. Two hours my ass

  44. I sat in on a surgery where the circulating nurse called the guy’s wife several times at different points of the operation. Just to tell her what stage they were at and that he was doing great. I thought that was incredibly thoughtful. Wish they had done that for me that one time when Scott asploded.

  45. Done. Three hours. There were additional tears.

  46. He shouldn’t cry. He’s a big boy.

  47. He’s coming out of anesthesia really slowly, so I’m still just sitting here

  48. Be sure to ask him embarrassing questions while he’s still groggy. Get video. :)

  49. See if he’ll confess to all the charging cord thefts.

  50. You guys crack me up 😁

  51. I’m back with him, and he just feel asleep

  52. Anyone looking for a place to live?

  53. FARK!! What a day, so far.

    Took a friend to the airport at 6am.

    Checked out the new sink before the guy came to measure out a template for the countertop. Huge dent in the corner. Had to run to Lowes for another one before he got here. In the 20 minutes it took, I miss the Fedex delivery I’ve been waiting for. o_O

    He does his measuring and then….’oh hey, you have a 32 inch cabinet and a 33 inch sink. No can do.’
    *shakes fist at Lowes* Yeah, it’s partially our fault for not catching this error but why in heck, when we were sitting there ordering the cabinets and countertop, they didn’t mention it? They pointed out other nitpicky stuff. I would have ordered the larger cabinet, had they done so. GAH.

    Off to find a smaller sink.

  54. Glad your boy is out of surgery, Car in.

  55. Maybe I should take a nap first.

  56. they should give him more anesthesia if he’s crying.

    Mom too.

  57. *pictures jimbro stalking about, screaming “There’s no crying in surgery!”

  58. Some people react like that to anaesthetic, Jay. It’s bizarre. It’s not even the pain, it’s a neurological thing. My ex did it after dental stuff.

    That sucks about the sink, beasn. When my undermount came off the glue I tried to do a drop-in and learned the hard way that undermounts are forever if you’ve got granite.

    We’re getting a new living room floor installed right now. First time in a long time I’ve wished I worked elsewhere.

  59. Only during the actual procedure. Before and after? Yeah…

  60. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the tears Carin referenced were in his meniscus and not his actual lacrimal system. Hence, extra time for some more sutures

  61. A special message for Cyn from the H2.

  62. Yea. What Jimbro said. no crying. yet.

  63. I think cyn was abducted by Aliens.

    Or she had some info on Hillary.

  64. The patient is safely home. But the knee numbness is wearing off, so hold onto your hats.

  65. No problem, you have emergency Newfs!

  66. True.

  67. I can go get his drugs in a bit, then I’m going to try to nap. So. TIred.

  68. Slip him a newfie.

  69. So, since O’Reilly is gone at Faux News, you ladies feel safe watching again, right?


  70. I stopped watching Fox, years ago. I stopped watching O’Reilly years before that…when he pulled the not showing the mo-ham-head cartoons AFTER showing some offensive Jesus cartoons.

    That said, Murdoch sons are dicks too. Lefty globalist elites are systematically trying to take out dissenting voices.

    Man is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Settlements are no proof of guilt. (been listening to lawyers talking about how settlements are done a LOT because cheaper and easier.)

  71. Re: kitchen sink

    Looks like I’m stuck getting a 25.5″ single. 33″ is standard. Only a few 31″ and their cabinet requirement is 36″ also. Oh well, basement kitchen…88/89 year olds aren’t going to be dirtying up a whole lot of dishes anyways.

    Damn that bugs. I totally would have gotten the 36″ cabinet. Told the ‘designer’ I was wanting a standard sink.

    K…gonna try napping.

  72. What Beasnes said. I can’t remember the last time I watched FOX other than debates. I have 3 O’Reilly books on my Bestseller EC.

  73. Fuckerberg and youtubes are filtering out and stopping ads of conservative voices. O’Reilly is one of their scalps. Cause really, when has the left ever given a fat fart about sexual harassment, assault, raping of women. Look who they put on pedestals and would never dig up the long line of women people like Clenis and Kennedy assaulted/raped.

  74. ‘Murica

  75. Kid Rock should have brought a Badass Grill with him

  76. Local radio guy just had on the director and lawyer for the Trinity Lutheran playground case here in MO.

    Few factoids. Most of the children who attend their school don’t attend their church. Only four do.

    After hours, the playground is open to the community at large.

    They just want their playground to be safe for all children, they don’t want special treatment, and they don’t want to be discriminated against because of their religion which has nothing to do with playground safety.

    It’s just tires. Any non-profits applying for the material, puts their own money up first, and then the state reimburses them.

  77. I watch The Five pretty often and enjoy it. I used to watch O’Reilly pretty much every night and then Hannity and Colmes. O’Reilly’s shtick wore out and Hannity by himself without the mellowing influence of Colmes ruined that show IMO. Most of what I see of Tucker Carlson is video clips that people link.

  78. After the first month, I didn’t miss TV…

  79. I think I’m down to two tv shows that I watch, both of which I watch online. I don’t even use Netflix or Hulu very much anymore.

  80. I use netflix for Possum’s kid shows and nature docs. Once a week I watch an episode or 2 of my Espanol drug dealer shows.

  81. Sooo, Castro is beating Cruz in TX.


    I can see that early on, but no way in the election.

  82. Cruz will replace Kennedy on SCOTUS, no worries.

  83. You misspelled “Ruth Bader Ginsburg”.

  84. If that happens, it will be like Election Night all over again.

  85. Is car in sampling narcotics?

  86. she’s awfully quiet.

  87. Penelope: Satellite TV is too expensive, I never watch it.
    Me: Fine, wait ’til after football is over and either get them to lower the price or unsubscribe.
    P: My friends say they won’t lower the price.
    Me: Call and see.
    P: As soon as show #1 is over.

    3 weeks later
    Me: Still have TV?
    P: Grimm only has 5 more episodes

    2 weeks after that
    P: Saving Hope’s last season is starting.

    This month
    P: Elementary has 5 more episodes
    P: Criminal Minds: Reed is in jail!!!!

    She’ll probably finally decide to get rid of it during the first week of football. SMH.

    Satellite internet, not enough bandwidth to stream. Could probably go to a shitty sportsbar 40 miles away to watch games.

  88. I just caught up on all my Starz. $8.99 a month. Cancelled. Getting Netflix back in a few weeks.

  89. I’ll keep Netflix for The Defenders, but after that I probably won’t care.

    Amazon has better shows these days.

  90. CoAlEx, we’re getting Netflix back for Ironfist and Defenders. Chappelle. MST3K. New Adam Sandler

  91. I’ve been hit by a mack truck. that’s what it feels like. so tired.

  92. J’ames, the video of the cremains being returned to the AZ get me in the feelz.

  93. Car in, you obviously need to do some zumba. That will make you feel better.

    Or just go lie down between the newfies.

  94. Every single time.

  95. She could microdose some LSD.

  96. It’s April 20th, she should smoke some pot and listen to QotSA.

  97. Comment by Car in on April 20, 2017 5:05 pm

    I’ve been hit by a mack truck


    Funny, that’s what your mom said when I dropped $20 on the dresser as I was leaving.

  98. Glad I watched that Vet’s ashes being interred on my own.

    Man oh man, right in the feelz

  99. Heh, I see we have a new header pic.

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