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Countdown to Easter. Time to take the Christmas wreaths down I guess. We’re heading to Paula’s parents house for Easter dinner. I’m guessing it’ll be ham, mashed and green beans. Her brother and sister have been feuding since Trump won via facedouche. If they’re both there I hope and pray they have buried the hatchet.

I hope you get some!


  1. Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos

  2. You first.

  3. I came here to kick ass and wash feet and I’m all out of warm, clean water

    -Things Jesus Said, Vol XLVII

  4. Good Holy Thursday joke, Jimbro!

    Awards Jimbro 5000 points to be used for booze and blow, wait, I mean for charity.

  5. Ima buy a huge ass bottle of chrism with that money.

    That’s a word crying out for a modern reinterpretation

    “Pardon me ma’am. May I adorn your feet with my chrism…er, holy oil?”

  6. “feet”

  7. https://is.gd/JXREgy

  8. Oil is for anointing heads, you ignorant Philistine. Feet just get washed.

  9. Secretly adds chrism to Leon’s coffee


  10. Not sure that’ll go with the cassia essential oil.

    Don’t get that on your hands or face, btw, it burns.

  11. wakey wakey

  12. https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/essential-oils/health-benefits-of-cassia-essential-oil.html

    Does that just taste like cinnamon?

  13. https://is.gd/JXREgy


    In case you were wondering, no, that is not me.

  14. Real cinnamon is like real wasabi: a lot milder than we think it should be.

    Cassia oil slaps you across the face and says
    “Say my name, bitch!”
    “… uh, Cassia?”
    “Say it!”
    “I did! I did! Cassia!”
    “Say. My. Name.”
    “… Cinnamon”

  15. In case you were wondering, no, that is not me.

    Sure, Mare, sure.

  16. I needed it for this: https://wellnessmama.com/2500/remineralizing-toothpaste/

    Been noticing some sensitivity and I thought I might give it a try.

  17. “Once you have a large pool of saliva on your tongue, give your teeth and gums a bath with your increased saliva!”

    Words to live by

  18. what is going on here?

  19. Go to the dentist you freak!

  20. I went to the dentist. No cavities, but I started noticing some sensitivity at the base of my lower canines, so I decided to try that for a bit.

  21. The perfect gift for that special someone in your life


  22. If you want to hear an interview with the author of Steve Bannon’s favorite book:


    The NPR guy clearly doesn’t understand the point of the book which is kind of funny but also a little frustrating.

  23. Oh come on, MJ, it’s just a white supremacy front.

    We all know how many of those there are.

  24. http://tinyurl.com/kkm6xzp

  25. Hahaaaah Rosetta doing sports, Scott!

  26. Because I’m a glutton, I’ve decided to watch PBS from Nov 8th while the only two messicans in all of S Indiana install new carpet.

    The interview with Nancy Pelosi is particularly funny. It’s all preachy about coming together and respecting opposing points of view, respecting the office of the president.


    Also, she’s going to die very soon. Within a few years.

  27. MJ – I need bike cleats/shoes for my new spinning obsession. How much is this going to cost me?

  28. In Indiana, you’re supposed to use Amish labor to upgrade your home.

  29. The messicans in Indiana show up on time and don’t mind using power tools.

  30. I buy shitty shoes for spin. You can find a decent pair for $50 tops.

    Go to bike nashbar or performance bicycle and check the clearance section.

    The cleats will be about the same, possibly less if you only intend to use them for spin. They don’t go on sale much, though.

  31. We need a catchy euphemism for spin.

    Phishing? Headbanging? Genitalsmacking?

  32. Genitalsmacking?

    Nailed it.

  33. I tried spinning, but I got dizzy.


    *sorry tourette’s is acting up today

  35. Dog head on foot.

    Moose is funny – he doesn’t get super excited (very often) and he’s kinda got this mellow vibe that you could interpret as indifference.

    But he’s not. He follows me around all, sits under my desk, etc. He’s a big loverboy. He just has this facade. Perhaps it’s because he’s just so BIG, and doesn’t really make any noises.

    Oschi, on the other hand, is very demonstrably affectionate. Wants to lick your head, and never seems to get enough.

    Those two are night and day.

  36. Oshci just came in to give me love, and then moose had to sit up and remind me that HE’s right here too.

    those two.

  37. Still need a nanny.

  38. Moose would make a good nanny.

  39. One more Moose story, then I’m off to do this and that.

    Moose has an electric fence collar. The system works beautifully!!!! So glad we got it. Ouchi – doesn’t have a collar – which her neck thing, I don’t know that I’ll ever want her to have one, but maybe. Right now, she doesn’t wander at all. The only thing she does is go RIGHT to the neighbor’s fence. Moose just sits there and looks at her from his “safe” zone. Once he barked at her to come back.

    I look out this morning and he’s just sitting there looking at her. Forelornly. Or maybe it was his “WTF are you doing?” look. It’s kinda hard to tell with him.

  40. Haha, she’s not doing what she’s supposed to.

  41. Elliot is 10X more protective of me, than Mrs. Jay. he won’t let anyone come near me.

  42. One more Moose story, then I’m off to do this and that.
    Moose has an electric fence collar. The system works beautifully!!!! So glad we got it. Ouchi – doesn’t have a collar – which her neck thing, I don’t know that I’ll ever want her to have one, but maybe. Right now, she doesn’t wander at all. The only thing she does is go RIGHT to the neighbor’s fence. Moose just sits there and looks at her from his “safe” zone. Once he barked at her to come back.
    I look out this morning and he’s just sitting there looking at her. Forelornly. Or maybe it was his “WTF are you doing?” look. It’s kinda hard to tell with him.

    Then what happened?

  43. You owe me a bottle of good scotch. Or gin. Or Chardonnay.

  44. Or a fish stick.

  45. I would like to go on record as stating, once again, I never have a clue what the hell Oso is talking about when she’s throwing around all her acronyms.

  46. WTF, CB?

  47. Why do we put up with Hotspur? Does NO ONE have banning authority around here anymore?

  48. I’ll ban him right after he delivers whatever he owes me. I think he was going to come for a visit but that was before I moved to the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.

    Charlotte was pretty great. Southern Indiana is not pretty great.

  49. What does he owe you? A bottle of chardonnay and some fishsticks?

  50. You can’t ban me. I am Negan.

  51. What? Spur thinks he gets dispensation cause he doesn’t eat meat?

  52. Oh, HS eats meat, a lot of it. Almost as much as your mom.

  53. It’s like Car in doesn’t read comments.

  54. Good morning.

    For Leon, or Car in. It’s probably been poated before, but I don’t care.

    Seriously, you titled your article “Why I don’t date hot women anymore”? I’m sure your fiance just loves that. “Honey, you’re not hot like all those nubile young girls I used to date… but your beautiful enough for me to stand.”

    A buddy is going to this. I wish I could go.

    I may, however, go to this tomorrow. We’ll see.

  55. If you read the comments to just damned near any news story or op/ed these days it’s almost impossible for me to believe that we won’t see a guerrilla style of civil war in this country pretty quickly. Now that the left can’t dismiss their opposition simply by calling them racist, and/or misogynist, and/or xenophobes, they hang the Russia pawn tag on anyone who disagrees with them. Either they are way fucking delusional or they’re just too fucking stupid to figure anything else out. Either way, people who can’t find common ground verbally, especially when one side is determined to insult the other as their only offering, will at some point find an escalated means of communication. It’s fucking discouraging. Glad I’m armed up.

  56. It’s like Car in doesn’t read comments.


    I read the comments. It’s just my memory is bad.

  57. Lunch break?

  58. Darnit, I refreshed for like an hour an no comments since 1149.

  59. Pendejo, I’m seeing more and more of the young people on our side recording the inane unreason of the opposition. I pray for an opponent that mushy of mind when the cold civil war goes hot.

  60. just played frisbee with Rowan who discovered something interesting to roll in and eat. It’s usually shit-like when he loses interest in chasing the frizz. Now, as soon as we come back inside, he ran up to lay on the bed with Paula who’s trying to nap before an overnight shift. I’ll leave the part about him rolling in smelly stuff out unless she discovers it on her own.

  61. There won’t be a civil war, goofballs.

    Over what? Where you piss? If you’re trans-black? Carbon emissions?

  62. Over their demands that we all participate in their delusions.

    They want to deny reality, math, biology, economics, etc. and force us to do the same so that they can feel better about themselves, and because it gives them power.

  63. I love the goat crossfit. Thank you so much. She does a goat split-jerk right near the end.

  64. Over Trump’s fascism and racism, sillybilly.

    It’ll look more like looting and riots, but “antifa” dipshits will be involved.

  65. Over Trump’s fascism and racism, sillybilly.
    You’re crazy. A few kids will get hurt but no one will care.

  66. Stop trying to kill my dream.

  67. You just want to use your flamethrower.

  68. And livestream it.

  69. Missed this money saving leap


  70. Whoa, Car in is BUSY on facebook today.

  71. Interesting, Jimbro. It was kind of the best outcome for everyone.

  72. Kim Jong Un just shit himself.

  73. Did he ask to borrow a diaper?

  74. Another money making idea

  75. Semen will prevent colds and flu in women, but you have to get it fresh from the source. That’s how your mom stays healthy.

  76. The weird thing is, the foreign policy we’re seeing right now is only the exception to Obama.

    But the press seems to all be 29 with absolutely no sense of what may have happened before they were legally able to drink.

  77. The House GOP to charge Lois Lerner. Please let this be true.

  78. Propaganda media freaking cause we dropped a MOAB on a taliban tunnel complex.

    My only question. Did it work?

  79. They need to go after that bald headed pole smoker Koskinen next.

  80. J’ames – it’s rainy cold yucky here. But, I’m over debating with those folks. THere are determined to not get a point.

  81. Where the heck is everyone?

  82. Binge watching S4 of Black Sails.

  83. Well, then I’m going to do some Goat crossfit.

  84. Muslims love them some goat crossfit.

  85. that should read Jihadis love them some goat crossfit.

  86. Working on homework before I take off to get a haircut and go to the gym.

  87. Painted the front door.

  88. Nice euphemism.

  89. I painted your mom’s back door.

    /denounces self

  90. I did not see that coming….

    *things yer mom says

  91. I’m shocked.

    On PBS the hot take on election night was…racist. Not all people that voted for Trump but it wasn’t an economic message that attracted them. Nope. But not racist per se.

    David Brooks is very concerned and also breathes like a pig. His microphone doesn’t work right and he’s a wheezy nasal whistling pig.

    Also shocked.

  92. TWIB is the acronym CB didn’t know? It is like 40 years old.

  93. MJ, did you paint it black? 🎶

  94. I blame baseball and being a military brat for my acronym speak. RBI. OBP. DH. NL. AL. RHP. LHP. NAVSEC. MARSEC. NAMRU. (NAMRU is pretty freaking cool) Naval Medical Research Unit. They collected local specimens and studied them. I loved visiting the cobras. 40 years later I still dream about them. /Clarice’d

  95. *drops into poat by parachute*

    * ‘chute gets tangled around hump-bristles*

    *hunchback drops like a stone from the sky*

  96. Flying monkeys notice the Hump in distress. Speed back from Anaheim.

  97. Captain of the flying monkeys watched last night’s Angel game.
    Noticed Sean’s great seats.
    Headed to SoCal

  98. Today is the Yard Goats home opener.

  99. ::THUMP::

  100. Cool. How are negotiations going? Dan needz Yard Goatz

  101. Typical government project.

    What was promised – A ballpark for $50 million, built in a year. Developer was also going to build up the neighborhood, apartments, brewery, Hard Rock Cafe Hotel, shops……it was going to generate revenue.

    What we got – A ballpark that cost over $70 million, in two years.

    The city is being sued by the developer, nothing else is being built, and it will cost the city about $3 million per year going forward.

  102. Finally did our taxes today. A few years back, Dan decided to help me. He reads slow. Like regular people non-speed reader slow. Takes an hour as opposed to 30 minutes. It’s sweet that he wants to help.

  103. Yard Goats stadium story made the WSJ this week.


  104. We are hopefully going to CO early, too. Baseball. Fort Collins brewery tour. Culver’s. Both of our bosses are being douches about vacay approval.

  105. I dropped my tax stuff off Monday morning on my way to work. As I walked in the secretary gave me a big smile “We were wondering when you’d come in!” (notorious last minute filer). I’m not sure whether they’ll file for an extension or actually get them done before the deadline.

  106. This is the earliest we’ve ever filed. DINKS.

  107. 26 years of paying. The thing that pissed me off the most was first time homebuyer. Not means tested. Purely first time. State and Fed. Guess who got fucked for being DINKS? Go ahead, guess. I fuckover every D-rat BS link. Illegals? Fuck em 2 times. DOJ DJT

  108. Dink dink, dink dink dink dink dink dink…

    I did my taxes back in February.

  109. I get to write off 55 cents per mile for work. That has been saving us.

    It will pay for itself in another year or two.

  110. It = banglor party van

  111. I wouldn’t have so much anger if I hadn’t been told that first time home buyer was for first time home buyers. Both state and fed. We got fucked and known illegals prospered. Deport all of them.

  112. This day I am offered a creamsicle. LOL

  113. Oso, I make Mr. RFH check my/Turbotax’s math. We walk through the forms, and I show him where all the numbers came from. I am too cheap to pay an accountant to do it.

  114. Back from Tenebrae, Adoration, and midnight grocery shopping. Hoping sleep will come easy.

  115. Donning ermine robes pretentiously

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