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I’m just throwing up Imgur stuff to bridge MMM and HHD while we wait for BBF.



Scottw’s first wife


THOT:  “that ho over there”




  1. The fuck is a “low-key Thot?”

    Today is a longday at school. Hate those. Got a lot of them coming up.

    You kids have a nice day and don’t bite anybody (who doesn’t deserve it).

  2. Corndog always makes me think of Bill Engvall. You catch a dorkfish with ’em.

  3. Low-key Thots are known for their fondness for long, thick hunks of meat. Buns and condiments optional.

    THOT = That Hoe Over There per the UD

  4. learned a new word today –

  5. Love this, Pups.


    I’m just throwing up Imgur stuff to bridge MMM and HHD while we wait for BBF.


  6. Don’t date that hoe over there.

  7. #say no to fake tits


  8. Sometimes justice is served


    Deep in the story there’s also this nugget:

    “Morris also received a life sentence for another violent rape he committed in 2007.”

  9. My hope is that future generations will talk about fake tits as a cosmetic the same way we talk about tape worms for weight loss.

  10. Wakey wakey.

    *wonders what fresh hell today will bring

  11. Sean- I started reading the shack and don’t think I made it through two chapters. There is no way I’m going to see that movie.

  12. *tracks new keyboard

    * checks mailbox

  13. http://tinyurl.com/lesbians-in-science

    real science bishes & h8’ers:
    “Christianson is completing a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota and her dissertation focuses on how climate change disproportionately affects women in developing countries.”

    climate change is racist and misogynistic – you slope-skulled neanderthals

    *considers cosmetic surgery for supraorbital ridge reduction and to remove mandibular prognathism *

    *gets side tracked by mastodon*

    *decides to go hunting*

  14. That’s not science at all. It’s social studies at best, and utter bullshit in any event. She’s doing fucking journalism/polemics.

  15. Feminists seem to take great joy in distancing themselves from rational women.

  16. I believe that people also did those studies about african americans back in the early 1800’s. Look how well that worked out.

  17. Feminists seem to take great joy in distancing themselves from rational women productive, worthwhile lives.


  18. I wonder if the percentage of “studies” that are politically motivated lies above or below the 75% mark, and by how much…

  19. My trailer hitch step is coming today!

  20. nice euphemism

  21. illegal alien tranny nabbed by ICE at court –

    the freaks are freakin’


  22. Oh come on, he/she was a TARGET! A VICTIM!

  23. http://tinyurl.com/lt6j3lc

  24. between sharks and crocs, swimming anywhere in australia looks like a bad plan.

    one of these days i’m gonna do a shark charter trip and try to catch a great white

  25. My trailer hitch step is coming today!

    How nice for your victims; no more banged up shins.

  26. I tried Scott’s trailer hitch step at a country bar in Texas, a jackass threw a beer on me and someone called the police.

  27. I think I saw the video of that on YouTube. Somehow I thought that step was higher.

  28. I tried Scott’s trailer hitch step at a country bar in Texas, a jackass threw a beer on me and someone called the police.

    This story needs elaboration. Start with the cover charge.

  29. http://tinyurl.com/n8pa5tb

  30. Heh, that kid is gonna have a headache.

  31. That kid will end up with a 5 star restaurant specializing in lamb dishes —
    Or become a mass murderer.

  32. I really need to stop torturing myself by looking at real estate listings. One step at a time.

  33. This just in: Burglary rates plummet in Broken Arrow, OK!


  34. So the Evil Scary Black Rifle lured those three poor unsuspecting souls into its den to finish them off at will?

    And here I thought the “Siren’s Call” attachment wasn’t available in Oklahoma.

  35. So, she’s getting pinned with the 3 getting shot? Harsh.

  36. If that happened here, the shooter would be charged with 3 counts of murder.

  37. Sounds like Oklahoma is more hardcore than texas.

  38. Lots of jurisidictions charge murder if anyone dies during a crime you’re party to commission of. Happened to some poor dumbass here a couple of months back.

  39. “Felony Murder” is the term, iirc.

  40. That lock on my door is for your protection, not mine.

  41. New keyboard is here.

    Let the party commence.

  42. If OKLAHOMA has the death penalty she’s fucked

  43. Over/under until Car in’s kids steal the keyboard?

    Or Oschi eats it.

  44. Those boys showed up to a gun fight with the wrong caliber brass knuckles.

  45. “Why didn’t he shoot the brass knuckles out of his hand?”

    -every lefty everywhere

  46. A while back (when I was building a home defense rig) I remember reading a guy that swears by AR’s for home defense. He made a real compelling argument… I went with a tactical build on an 870 tho. In retrospect it was a good choice for a New Yorker as the commies we have running the place banned AR’s.

  47. 870 will probably leave a bigger mess.


  49. Most felony murder statutes don’t allow for the death penalty.

  50. Thanks for the info xb- that’s good news for the driver chick:
    A death penalty rap would have just multiplied the suck of this situation.

  51. Poor kid.

  52. That gal is awfully short – 4’9″, if the height chart is correct. I predict she becomes someone’s “girlfriend” awfully quick…

  53. Poor kid?!? She’s the one who suggested which house they burgle, and she drove them there.

    She’s not an innocent bystander:

    Rodriguez reportedly knew of the home before the incident. A witness reportedly told investigators that Rodriguez had told the other three suspects to burglarize the home while she waited in the driveway. She reportedly drove away when she heard gunshots.

  54. I meant the shooter.

  55. Oh. Yeah, gotta feel sorry for him being put in that situation.

  56. Hey, MJ, how is the baby bump coming along? Is mama feeling okay?

    Our next-door neighbor had her baby today – a little boy (their second).

  57. Yeah, she’s good. Feeling fine.

    It’s a boy. We found out today.

  58. Give the father our congratulations.

  59. What are you naming the little guy?

    1. L’il MJ

    &. MJ Jr

    z. MJ II

    #. Seymour

  60. 5. Duece

    6. Prince

    7. Dweezle

    8. Maynard

  61. 9. South

    10. Pear

    11. Donald

  62. 12. Blanket

  63. 13. Jermajesty


  65. You’re

    Who’s glad I got a new keyboard?

  66. Deuce is my favorite so far. It says so much with just 5 letters.

  67. Oh, MJ, so happy for you two!!!

  68. Obviously the boy’s name should be DeMJ.

  69. Who’s glad I got a new keyboard?

    I’m honestly not sure how I managed to survive up to this point.

  70. Da’quanjay.

    The j be silent.

  71. My old city continues to descend into greater depths of Hell


  72. Carin is going to wear her new keyboard out by Monday morning

  73. MJ, I get to pick your son’s name. It’s in the rules.

  74. 14) Bert

    15) Ernie

  75. What is the due date?

  76. Fenwick

  77. Fezziwig

  78. Fennimore

  79. Felcher

  80. Adolf

  81. Vladimir

  82. Reginald

  83. Fernando

  84. Antoine

  85. Ganesh

  86. Yeah! New router. Old one died yesterday.

    Sometimes I check the people on Instagram who start following me.

    Got this one the other day:

    “This is the real Kodak”
    “I’m lock up right now yall”
    “Just know when I get out I am going to change this time for real”
    “Yall say free Kodak”


  87. This cracked me up. NSFW


  88. Winston

  89. Vizzini!

  90. James.

    Conversation at MJ’s house:
    “James…we have that on our list. That’s like, top two.”
    “…Yeah, but now we can never use it. Because, blog name.”

    “Goddammit FUCK YOU, hunchback!!!”

    In other news, youtu.be/h1E-FlguwGw

  91. Todays Press Brief:



  92. J. Alfred Prufrock

  93. Newman

  94. Bubba

  95. Phishtique

  96. Are we…is this a ballot? Can we vote on these? Is that what we’re doing?

  97. Tater

  98. Sounds like Hotspur is gonna steal the best one.

    Phishtique sounds like a winner.

  99. GlutenFree for a middle name

  100. I vote Floyd.

  101. Babyboy McBabyface

  102. Mr. TiFW is on a business trip, so Rebecca is sleeping in bed with me tonight.

    Good thing, too – we may be getting some storms here in a few hours; she gets scared when there’s thunder and lightning.

  103. Hoosier Baby

  104. Snuggle up with Rebecca, TiFW

  105. Phishtique GlutenFree, or GlutenFree Phishtique?

    Henson is the last name, though, right?

  106. Oso, Rebecca sweats worse than I do! But she does love a cuddle :-)

  107. We had heavy rain this AM. Had to snuggle up with MA.

  108. Aaron dropped a case of comet on my hand. Lots of blood. No real damage. He was my bitch the rest of my shift. 18 year old. Nice kid. Thinks it is weird that I’m old and know more memes than he does.

  109. G’night y’all. I’m back in the family bed. I’ve been working in clothing all week. Exhausted. Worked 3 pallets of books in 4 hrs today. New book boxes weigh 70#

  110. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 28, 2017 10:46 pm
    GlutenFree for a middle name

    Deadlift GlutenFree

  111. Aaaand there go the tornado sirens….

  112. Butchers’ assistants and bellhops
    You’ve had them all here and there
    Children of God and their derp strings
    International women with no body hair

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