Tuesday’s Pup is Full of Memes

Pupster’s Alarm Goes Off

Takes a shower, has thoughts.


Gets Dressed


Drives to work


Tells the Boss “Good Morning”


Meets with Project Team


Interacts with Coworkers


Drives Home Thinking Things Over


Waves at Neighbors


Does the Dad Thing


Listens to Mrs. Pupster’s Day


Goes to bed.


  1. Those jeans are $95…..hahahahahahaha. They will not be in my clothing line. The Clear Ass jeans however, will be sold.

  2. I get to make ice cream that I can’t eat today. Wife is insisting that I make her some with sugar or I don’t love her.

  3. I want to think that she meant that merely in jest, but it’s hard to tell sometimes.

  4. wakey wakey.

    Make the ice cream, Leon. JUST MAKE IT.

  5. *drools at thought of sugar

  6. Those jeans are $95…..hahahahahahaha. They will not be in my clothing line. The Clear Ass jeans however, will be sold.

    **Throws all available funds into Windex stock.

  7. Fox just ran through the front yard.

  8. You let your wife out again?

  9. She were still abed when it flitted through. Tiny thing, couldn’t have been more than 30#, might be an adolescent.

  10. leon, pro tip. Just do what the wife says most of the time. Life is easier that way.

  11. My chickens are traveling traveling. No estimate on when they will be arriving.

    Probably when I’m at the ortho surgeon appointment with my son.

  12. Moose is depressed. Oschi is gone (hopefully to return), and this is the third dog in a few short months that has disappeared from his life.

  13. The chickens couldn’t have gone far, unless you have the flying ones that were on Dirty Jobs.

    Man, that episode was funny.

  14. Do y’all have limits on what level of care you will go to for your pets?

  15. Yes. I mean, but we are crazy animal people. I will never again go to extremes for a dog that is injured /car accident.

    Oschi … perhaps this will turn out to all be a big mistake, but she’s a really good dog and there have been instances where this surgery gives them 100% improvement. It’s all just so freakin hard.

    The other choice was to simply put a puppy down that was basically happy and pretty healthy. Or wait until she dies of pneumonia. Each time – do you take her and put her on antibiotics each time?

    This whole thing has been horrible.

  16. There is truth in, “Happy wife, happy life.”

  17. I’m basically sick this morning over it.

  18. Carin, take this question at face value (please), why choose a breed dog wherein they often have problems, as opposed to a mutt? Were you looking for certain traits?

  19. I’m a crazy animal person too. I always wanted a dog but our lifestyle was not really conducive.

  20. They have NEVER seen this issue in Newfies. It is seen in Goldens. It is also very very rare- for them as well. MSU has only seen this 3 times in the last year. Goldens.

    Newfies suffer from common large-breed problems – hips. Their skin can be sensitive. Those are really the only issues physically, and as long as you feed them a healthy diet, you can help avoid/alleviate that.

    I’ve had two mutts and they both also had issues. One had terrible allergies and the other had hip issues.

    I love newfies. They are very sweet. And, as I said – newfies are NOT known to have this. It’s basically unheard of.

  21. There is truth in, “Happy wife, happy life.”

    Why doesn’t anyone care if I’m happy?

  22. We’re not meant to be happy, Leon. it’s trial after trial.

  23. Why doesn’t anyone care if I’m happy?

    Somebody’s got to pay the fuckin’ bills.

  24. I’m thoroughly depressed now.

  25. Why doesn’t anyone care if I’m happy?

    You have a penis. Therefore your happiness is in your own hands.

    So to speak.

  26. Don’t be, Carin, your doggie is being well taken care of. It’s only money and Oschi brings you lots of smiles and enjoyment so it’s worth it.

  27. We have a friend who has paid close to $5000 for particular hunting dogs and inevitably he has to pay another $10,000 for eye surgery, broken leg, etc. He doesn’t bat an eye.

  28. When I’m happy (well, even when I’m not) I want to be more of a blessing to my husband, it benefits both of us.


  29. I mostly just hate that phrase. It implies zero reciprocity. Recipe for miserable husbands and wives who can’t respect the doormats to whom they’re married.

  30. Happiness is about expectations. Which can be tricky if you expect you’re going to get screwed over constantly.

  31. I use that phrase more to poke fun at the wife than anything else. She hates it more than I do.

  32. I understand your point, but I’d never marry a doormat.

    Nothing wrong with each partner doing (within their power) what helps to make the other happy.

    Make the ice cream, sexy up for tonight (or after ice cream).

  33. Lol’d at the skittle turkey. Someone was proud of that design, and someone actually put it on.

  34. “Tiny thing, couldn’t have been more than 30#, might be an adolescent.”

    a 30 lb fox is a monster – most of the ones i’ve gotten were in the teens to low 20’s pound range.

  35. Is it just me or does Kim Jong-un need to get the ricin treatment from an infiltrator. This idiot (who can be placed at the feet of the Clintons) is a nuclear dicking waiting to happen.

  36. ou have a penis. Therefore your happiness is in your own hands.

    So to speak.

    This doesn’t help me.

    But I did lol

  37. Don’t be, Carin, your doggie is being well taken care of. It’s only money and Oschi brings you lots of smiles and enjoyment so it’s worth it.

    She does. I keep reminding myself that it’s the price of a (really nice) vacation. And a dog certainly gives me more in return that a vacation.

    I’m also just worried. IF THEY WOULD FUCKIN CALL.

  38. I mostly just hate that phrase. It implies zero reciprocity. Recipe for miserable husbands and wives who can’t respect the doormats to whom they’re married.

    Not necessarily. I guess it depends on how you look at it. It doesn’t necessarily imply that it’s all one way. A happy wife (hopefully) makes her husband happy.

    I know a miserable wife probably makes her husband miserable as well. that’s fo sho.

  39. kj-un needs a bullet tout suite to the forehead.

    he’s completely out of control and a real danger to world stability. china of course can use his bullshit as a lever to try and force their goals of regional hegemony.

    someone needs to step up and end his reign; if for no other reason than humanitarian.

  40. Is it just me or does Kim Jong-un need to get the ricin treatment from an infiltrator. This idiot (who can be placed at the feet of the Clintons) is a nuclear dicking waiting to happen.

    I wonder if everyone around him is lying? Like they did with Saddam. If he honestly believes he has any chance of winning any sort of war? He may be crazy enough to believe it.

  41. Ok … prayers begin NOW. They’re going to do surgery in a bit – they just called. She has pneumonia but they are willing to proceed if i am. They have been pretty conservative, so … if they are I think it’s the best course.

    She’s just gonna keep getting it. The window of her not having it is small.

  42. My fear is that assassinating Un just results in his people turning him into the messiah and the resulting war being that much worse. He needs to lose before he dies, or he won’t be properly discredited.

  43. I’ve got a friend who is a hell of a good guy. He is legitimately one of those “give you the shirt off his back” types. The last time I talked to him he said this regarding his wife, “She’s not happy and I’m not in a hurry to fix it. She said some shit that can’t be took back. If I could find a lawyer who would tell me I wouldn’t lose half my shit, I’d hire him and get on with it.”

    I hate it for him. I would hate being in a relationship like that.

  44. I’ve noticed that the “shirt off your back” guy is often the one who gets walked on. The ones who fire back don’t. Not related all the time, but they are more easy going, it seems.

  45. Eh. It takes two to tango.

  46. He’s better off giving up half of his shit.

  47. Yeah, you can almost always forgive what someone said. May be hard to swallow, but it’s there.

    Hard to place blame, though. It’s tough.

  48. Seconded.

  49. When the first marriage ended, I was trying to make her take more things.

  50. Anyone dicked any bimbos lately?

  51. *checks name on door

    No. I’m pretty sure I didn’t just enter the “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club”.

    But not positive.

  52. When my first marriage ended she was looking for all she could get. The day she finally moved her shit out of the house, right at the end, she asked if she could take half the firewood I had just spent a few days stacking under cover in the garage. This was after months of dickering around with divorce lawyers on my dime. I left most of thoughts unsaid and just went with a simple “No”.

  53. There’s something sad about a woman getting out of her marriage and wanting to take the wood with her.

  54. I… (YOUR NAME)… Member in good standing of the He-Man Woman Haters Club… Do solemnly swear to be a he-man and hate women and not play with them or talk to them unless I have to. And especially: never fall in love, and if I do may I die slowly and painfully and suffer for hours – or until I scream bloody murder.

  55. And Pendejo swoops in for the WIN.

  56. No way Jimro should let her have his wood.

  57. I told her she could take as many of our 4 dogs as she wanted. None, up to all 4. I had a busier schedule then but there was a girl in town that worked at the pizza joint who was able to come let them out and toss the frisbee for relatively small money. She took all 4. Whatever, I was ready to move on.

    About 6 months later I got a message on my answering machine from some guy calling on my ex-wife’s behalf. He let me know one of the dogs had leukemia and would I mind paying for treatment. I never called the number back. Never heard from her again.

  58. I KEPT MY WOOD!!!!!

  59. A cord of wood goes for about $230-250 around here. That’s cut and split into stove length pieces and dumped in your yard.

  60. After months of torture she was looking for a hundred bucks more of my GD wood. When she asked I was apoplectic

  61. Comment by Car in on March 21, 2017 11:19 am
    *checks name on door
    No. I’m pretty sure I didn’t just enter the “He-Man Woman Hater’s Club”.
    But not positive.

    Nah, that was the ONT last night.

  62. She seems nice.

  63. Go home, MJ, you’re drunk.

  64. Is anyone curious as to why Obama’s on a luxury vacation by himself for a month?

  65. Nope. I’ve long thought that the Obamas were a sham marriage. It was arranged by ValJar to give Barack the political support he needed in the black community. Now that he has no where else to go, politlcally, they will go their separate ways. They won’t divorce, because it would be a scandal, but she’ll spend her time in NYC or LA, while he lives in DC and Hawaii.

  66. Oh,I get all that. But the media … my mom … who have praised the Obamas and their love and wonderful marriage and what a great family man he is ….

    they are strangely silent.

  67. So, just like the Clintons!

  68. for carin:

    for the he-men:

  69. “by himself for a month?”
    so reggies’ love count as a companion?

  70. Carin, I was wondering that myself. I would think a man (hahaha) who worked all day (hahahah) as PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES would want to spend down time with his wife and children.

  71. I mean, especially one who is such a devoted father and husband ..


    I almost got it out with a straight face.

  72. About 6 months later I got a message on my answering machine from some guy calling on my ex-wife’s behalf. He let me know one of the dogs had leukemia and would I mind paying for treatment. I never called the number back. Never heard from her again.

    This says so much.

  73. He’s a queer.

  74. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama kids were spoiled brats. Barack probably spent the past 19 years being bullied by all the women in his life.

  75. He’s probably working on his $60,000,000 book.

  76. So your ex wife was trying to scam you??? Or someone she knew?


  77. Might have been legit, Mare, but it sounds like she was happy to have his money even after she wanted him gone.

  78. I put this up on facedouch and I don’t think ANYONE (except for MCPO) knows who I’m talking about.

    “So, my husband wants to go on vacation for a month at a luxury/tropical island without me. What do you guys think?”

    Which goes to show how this is completely hidden from most people.

  79. I love my little shih-tzu.


    Leukemia treatment = 10K.
    Bullet = 25 cents.

    I think he’d be happier in doggie heaven than doggie chemo.

  80. Car in,

    Is it a golf trip with other guys? That’s legit.

    Anything else, not so much.

  81. He’s probably working on his $60,000,000 book.

    Bwahahahahahaha, good one, Scott.

  82. Obama and work are like vampires and garlic.

  83. My divorce was unusual. We shared the same lawyer and were friendly to the end. After the divorce, she would live here and take care of the dog if I travelled.

    We even continued dating at times.

    Stupid, I know.

  84. Is it a golf trip with other guys? That’s legit.

    There are clubs, balls, and holes involved. Close enough?

  85. Yep,

    But always remember to take your golf clubs with you (or at least make a show of putting them in the car).

    Otherwise she’ll know you’re on a whore-trip.

  86. Phat, I agree with that. DOggie cancer is almost always a losing proposition.

  87. But she didn’t have the dogs.

  88. Oh, forget that, I thought the doggie girl took them.

  89. Apparently I’m the only guy on this site who hasn’t been divorced.

  90. I’m 34.5 years into my first marriage, Colex. I hope to high heaven it’s my only marriage. I’ve told her up front that I want to die first because I couldn’t function if she did. I’ve almost lost her twice and it skeered me to the core both times.

  91. Now that gay marriage is legal, you will be eventually.

  92. Yeah, I really made a mistake when I chose to marry her (1998). My residency was still in full gear and I hadn’t really finished grieving for my brother who died in ’96. It was only after my life began to settle down into a routine that I woke up and smelled the coffee. She didn’t have a good work ethic and probably had/has the adult version of ADHD. She worked as a massage therapist and set up a studio in town. It was a money losing proposition. She also got involved in a MLM scheme selling beauty products which involved lots of travel to conferences and buying shit which was money losing proposition #2. Finally (I’m sure there’s more but I really have mostly moved on from thinking these thoughts), she was big into Landmark Forum stuff.


    More weird stuff, hanging out with weird people. Attending Landmark events (MLP #3). As I said, I was super busy when I began my practice and really only had one day off a week. Which was when she often hosted these fruitcakes at our house.

    Again, I chose poorly and she went for the jugular when we divorced because she knew the gravy train was coming to an end. My only regret is I didn’t file for divorce until 2006.

  93. Jimbro, don’t take offense at this, just an observation on my part. A lot of docs I know married poorly the first time. My guess is that the academic workload of medical school and the actual workload of residency doesn’t allow them to have a social life until they’re damned near 30. The fact that the opposite sex sees them as a lifeboat full of money probably doesn’t help either.

    The doc who delivered my second daughter was a great guy who was married to an obvious gold digger. He worked is local small town practice M-F and then went to Fort Worth on the weekends to work the ER so that they’d have enough money to keep her happy. It was sickening. I hope he dumped her and started over at some point.

  94. Doctors and Airline pilots are the lifeblood of the legal profession!

    (still married to my ‘starter-wife’)

  95. Me and PG are the 1st marriage club? Nice!


    I’m gonna die in my first marriage too. Divorce is too much of a hassle. Plus Mrs. Jay is pretty dope.

  96. and phat


  97. No offense taken PG. You hit the nail on the head. I was so frickin’ busy with med school and post-grad training in the days of every third night call and you don’t go home until the work is done the next day and, oh yeah, you need to learn some knowledge in your free time. If I look back at it and knew then what I know now, I would’ve slowed down to appreciate and maybe marry one of the finer young women I dated along the way.

    The training really sucked but I chose my career well. I truly love what I do. Any time there’s something to bring me down (bad outcome, dissatisfied parent) it’s outweighed many times over by a happy kid or parent or a result that looks like it belongs in a textbook.

  98. Mine could have succeeded under other circumstances, Alex. There was a lot wrong with me – and with her – that was never going to get better in each other’s presence. There were a lot of warning signs when we were dating but I ignored them out of fear and immaturity. There’s a reason my annulment was easy.

  99. I find it interesting hearing peoples personal stories.

  100. The fact I’m still married to my only wife (25 yrs!) is the reason she’s on the fast track to canonization at the Vatican.

  101. OK, enough personal shit.

    Let’s talk about guns.

  102. That sentence sucked but you know what I mean.


    *runs away screaming

  104. The dog got the house.

  105. I still need to take the bbq-loophole gun for a test drive. If it shoots well, I’m getting a suppressor for it and making it my varmint rifle.

  106. There was a sitcom called Dave’s World based on Dave Barry’s life/writings. One of his divorced friends gets back into the dating game with a double date with Dave, his wife, and I think a blind date. The ex-wife shows up at the same place, hilarity ensues. Dave turns to his wife and says with feeling, “I love you.” Wife: “Awww, how sweet, what made you say that?” Dave: “The thought of ever having to date again.”

  107. wait, what leon? bbq and suppressors?

  108. If our governor gets his way our permit renewals will cost $300 each.
    Currently $60.

    We also can look forward to a soda tax, 5 cent bag tax, tolls, and I am hearing rumors of a new energy tax for our homes.

    And after all that? Another deficit.

  109. good one, roamy.

    Mrs. Jay has been going out for dart league nights, and all the questions she gets are hilarious.

    “You let him go out whenever he wants?”

    well, yeah

    And you aren’t mad all the time?

    well, no

    and so on

  110. I finally broke down and bought a Glock 17. After 2 Springfield Armory XDm’s I decided to try the Glock. My friend has a compact Glock in .40 cal which is a sunovabitch to shoot. He says it’s “snappy”. Damn near gave me carpal tunnel after shooting a full magazine.

  111. Dating sucks. Dating in your thirties really sucks.

  112. Alright, my future wife is arriving home with groceries. Ima keep this one happy and lend a hand since she’s a keeper.

  113. Scott, any move towards a recall? Malloy deserves one.

    And now I’m kicking myself because I could have listened to Wiser since I’m home.

  114. So, technically, jimbro’s on his first marriage too.

  115. Jay, a friend gave me an inherited .22 semi-auto at a bbq and said to see if I like it, then we’ll figure out a price. Scott – I think – referred to this firearms transfer as the “BBQ Loophole” since no law enforcement of any kind was notified (or needed to be).

    And suppressors are now legal in MI, so I’d want one just to let neighbors sleep if I hunt wabbits in the wee morning hours.

  116. it’s ok, roamy, he’s over there droning on and on, just like usual.

  117. heh, that’s awesome leon. a suppressed 22 would be awfully quiet.

  118. An old AF buddy just sent me a list of 90 (!) firearms that he’s still in the process of cataloging after his dad passed last month. His dad was 90 yrs old and an honorary moron if there ever was one.

    He gave me first dibs.

    A couple of the Browning trap guns and the Sig P239 are on my personal shopping list.

  119. That was my thinking. Soft “pop” and I get to protect sunflowers and make soup.

  120. 90? That’s a lot of firepower.

    I still like shooting the old man’s M1 Garand. Heavy sucker!

  121. No recall. Hell, he might get elected again.

  122. Scott, I guess the FSA has you outnumbered.

    Jay, any word on South Korean Garands being up for grabs in the civilian marksmanship program? Obama blocked them.

  123. Doesn’t look like anything has changed yet, roamy. Latest thing I see:


  124. My old .22 winchester is so quiet it doesn’t even scare off the birds.

    Problem is it’s not enough of a bullet to kill the true problem varmits.

    That’s where the Ruger mini 14 comes in. I need a suppresor for that,
    but I live in Illinois.

    ‘Come to Illinois! Most gun laws, most gun crime!’

  125. phat, how’s your brother doing? I haven’t been around when it was discussed in quite some time.

  126. He’s doing OK. Still in a chair and in a lot of pain. They tell him that’s because his nerves are healing/regenerating, but that’s a cold comfort.

    He’s confident he will walk again, it may take another year of insanely painful therapy.

    I personally believe he will walk again, but I strongly doubt he will ever be able to be a cop again. That sucks, because it’s what he loved.

    He’s a tough little bastard, I’ve learned to never underestimate him.

  127. Glad to hear he’s still getting better. He, by all rights, probably should’ve died multiple times from something that horrific.

  128. Is anyone curious as to why Obama’s on a luxury vacation by himself for a month?


  129. My stomach is in knots. Why aren’t they calling me?

  130. Still on first marriage. She’ll probably kill me eventually.

    Hope the pup is okay, Carin.

  131. Because you tell everyone you hate phone calls?

  132. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/17/politics/where-in-the-world-is-barack-obama/

    I googled obama vacation and there’s two stories about the current vacation that come up on the whole effin internet. And both are treating this with the Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, “ain’t he just the coolest…..look at him get his vacay on” flavor. Who’s paying for all this shit? How many secret service agents are being pulled away from their homes and families for a month? We’ll never know from either of these articles.

    Where the fuck did W go when he moved out of the WH? Prolly TX.

  133. http://nypost.com/2017/03/20/my-improved-vagina-nearly-cut-off-my-partners-penis/

    Vagina Dentata News

  134. Nice to see he’s setting a great example and not leaving an enormous carbon footprint on the planet.

  135. Since leaving office, Obama has flown more than I have in my lifetime.

  136. Surgery is done. So far so good.

  137. Good news

  138. http://nypost.com/2017/03/20/my-improved-vagina-nearly-cut-off-my-partners-penis/

    Vagina Dentata News

    I can’t wait for our single payer healthcare system to hurry up and get here.

  139. Let me try to cheer you up:

    Obama was a worthless president. His accomplishments, only accepted by the left, are being undone so that he will only be remembered for being black. Ironic, considering that he transcended race or so I was told.

    Also worthy of note:

    He was the grifter we’d been waiting for.

  140. Well my boner is dead forever.

  141. I need a new boner, this thread done killed it.

  142. “Well my boner is dead forever.”

    forever is a long time –

    just ‘cuz jimbro talks about jayjay dentition doesn’t mean it’s a common thing – unless you’re a hater of jj


  143. Surgical mesh is rarely a good thing.

  144. That looks like a sculptor’s impression of ladybits as described by Ace.

  145. The political theater of hearings is bullshit, if we have the votes let’s take a vote on Gorsuch or go nuclear.

  146. Exactly, mare.

    I’m so sick of the palace intrigue, throne sniffing, petty sniping.

    Uh, just take the votes. We all know what’s going to happen, nuclear or not.

  147. Gorsuch is a very smart man. The Dems questioning him are embarrassingly stupid, these effers are in the Senate for craps sake.

    It makes America look dumber than usual.

  148. Judge Gorluck. Excuse me, Judge Gursmatch.

    Can you please tell me if you’ll treat a transgender non-binary snow cone as delicious on a hot summer day even if said snow cone is that weird raspberry flavor that turns your tongue blue?

  149. like all of us, nothing we say or do will have any impact on the outcome,

    TBS, Seeing Dick Durbin getting his ass handed to him was epic.

  150. Dick Durbin –

    weird looking lad; kinda like a penis with hair and fetal alcohol syndrome – but less intelligent

  151. “Surgical mesh is rarely a good thing.”

    yeh – i pissed around with that sentence a bit and it was funnier in my head (with all the voices) than it reads

  152. weird looking lad; kinda like a penis with hair and fetal alcohol syndrome – but less intelligent


    I lol’d

  153. https://is.gd/cwjAIV

  154. https://is.gd/HJTbiR

  155. https://is.gd/XRRzVO

  156. I was thinking this afternoon about democrat women.


    They’re all fucked in the head. And ugly.

  157. I think their husbands jack off a lot.

  158. Rational women vs irrational.

  159. I love the show, The Middle.

    Axle, the hilarious, goofy oldest son has some great lines.

  160. Feinstein was an absolute dolt today. A complete dumbass.

  161. And in all seriousness, Nancy Pelosi is early to mid stage of dementia. Incomplete sentences, repeating words, losing her place mid thought, strange, inappropriate laughing and the bizarre facial ticks.

  162. Wait, I just described myself.

  163. I saw some of those clips from the hearings at Ace’s and Twitchy. Gorsuch is unassailable and unflappable. Those are two “Un”s I can support.

  164. Hi guys!

  165. My Uncle Pres has been an AUSA for 30 + yrs. Nothing but good things to say about Gorsuch.

  166. https://is.gd/agGNzw

  167. Comment by Pupster on March 21, 2017 8:54 pm


    My dad gives me a card with the same line.

    Then he goes home to his wife and kids…

  168. “5 the hard way”

    A. Gambling expression
    2. Hotspur’s mom wistfully describing her last trip to Vegas.
    iii. What MJ’s new muppet told his therapist.

  169. Dan has a man-cold. Made homemade chicken-noodle soup. Store bought noodles. I don’t like soup. Or chicken. Getting ready to enjoy the fuck out of soup I don’t like.

  170. It could be a tran-cold.

    He does like Heart.

  171. Scott, is so right!!! And he made his own soup!

  172. He did put Tabasco in my soup.

  173. I thought it was very impressive that Gorsuch knew the answer to “Life, The Universe, and Everything”.


  174. Dario’s editor returned proofs.

  175. Monday’s child is fair of face,
    Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
    Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
    Thursday’s child has far to go,
    Friday’s child is loving and giving,
    Saturday’s child works hard for a living,
    But the child who is born on the Sabbath day
    Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay

    And so we bid adieu to Tuesday

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