MMM 266: Earworm

Stuck in my head for like a week now.  Time to exorcise the demon:

Cute girl just working out in practical clothing.  Nice.


No more of that, though.


Kicking high.


This chick is Colombian.  I forget her name, though.  I think she has a bootypants sponsorship deal.


Beach abs


Evidence: created.


So warm and sunny.


How did this get in here?  Oh well, it’s very pretty.


Have the greatest Monday you can.



Me trying to live and not throw up. 17.4 (crossfit open) just about  killed me.



  1. First!

  2. I’m just confused by this…

  3. I am a physically strong woman, however, I’m still not sure about the men looking like wimpy phags and conversely women wanting to look like ripped men deal.

  4. It’s a push toward androgyny, Mare. The Reptoids are trying to destroy us.

    That or we’re all getting effed up from environmental endocrine disruptors.

    MJ, I don’t get it anymore either. Next week I’m just going to post pics of women in dirndls and sundresses.

  5. Sundresses make men crazy. It’s hilarious, when you consider all the stupid spandex in the world everywhere.

  6. Today after one last bit of homework, I’m gonna shovel the snow off my fence area where I plant the sugarsnaps every year. I’m pretty stoked! The ground is going to freeze again after this, but that’s fine, it’s almost April.

    As soon as we get a good drying thaw, I need to ask the neighbor if I can take away all his piles of woodchips from the trees he had cut down.

    Planning…planning…scheming…so happy. Spring!

  7. It is surprisingly tricky to find women dressed nicely and modestly on the internets.

  8. Yeah, I tried to look for nice pics of girls in sundresses, but many of those women managed to chop a nice sundress into whoregarb anyway.
    Nobody wants to look nice anymore. Pretty isn’t good enough. They have to also look like they could fall onto their backs at any moment.

  9. Sundresses, the non whoregarb kind, are very feminine. Who knew guys (with appropriate amounts of testosterone) would be attracted to women who wear them?

  10. I’m going to start an online clothing shop called WHOREGARB (sorry Lauraw I already trademarked it). You know I’m going to rake in the bucks from Kardashian wannabes.

  11. If you GIS “traditional feminine woman” you get a bunch of pictures of tattooed andogynous monster grrrls and Bruce Jenner.

    This is by design.

  12. I never get these ideas in time!

  13. Just did that GIS…you are correct, Leon. Sheesh.

    OK, I gotta get my work done.
    Have a great day, kids.

  14. Mare’s Whoregarb Emporium – making women look ready to fall on their backs at any moment, since March 2009.

  15. Im going to start up a competitor and call it Slutwear. Cause whores are all capitalist and stuff and sluts are progressive and give it away. Hotspurs mom is going to be the CEO.

  16. “Slutwear” should be an ironic brand. Sell nothing but full dresses, long skirts, blouses, vests, and wraps.

  17. Not wraps, shawls.

  18. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    Just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you can’t look like a whore!

  19. Don’t sell Slutwear, just give it away.

  20. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    Why let the Kardashians be the only skanks in town?

  21. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    Wholesome is for suckers!

  22. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    Wear your Daddy issues on your sleeves! Literally!

  23. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    When tramp stamp tattoos aren’t enough!

  24. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    When a payday loan is two weeks away!

  25. Tagline for Whoregarb:

    Don’t make them guess.

  26. Fly that freak flag proudly! Don’t leave anything up to the imagination. Instant gratification here!

  27. Tagline for Whoregarb:

    Why look nice when you can look like a professional?

  28. /considers comment

    /decides to just play it cool

  29. Speak your mind, even if you’re mindless. That’s what social media is for.

  30. Heh, good ones Hotspur.

  31. Why make them guess….so true! Hahahahaha

  32. Tagline for WHOREGARB:

    Read my lips, these shorts are that tight crackas

  33. WHOREGARB and its CEO is controlled by the RUSSIANS!

  34. Whoregarb Solutions – Dress like you mean business.

  35. I am a physically strong woman, however, I’m still not sure about the men looking like wimpy phags and conversely women wanting to look like ripped men deal.

    A lot of men have no father figures to idolize. That or they’ve become brainwashed to believe that looking skinny and androgynous is a sign of being intellectually superior.

  36. Tagline for WHOREGARB:

    Meth sold separately.

  37. Sun dresses with broad-brimmed hats are yummy.

  38. Whoregarb

    Because you weren’t going to pass algebra anyways.

  39. That’s a good one.

  40. Slutgarb

    Who cares if he’s married… that just makes it more fun.

  41. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    When you really want that whale tail to pop

  42. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    Get 20% more meth per sexual encounter

  43. Tag line for Whoregarb:

    “as seen at”

  44. Tag line for Whoregarb:
    “as seen at”

    “Free tumblr account with every $100 purchase!”

  45. Job Opening @ SlutWear for a new marketing director

    Must not be whorey super whores like those WHOREGARB people. Must be Classy. No Mad Dog 20/20 here, we drink Boones Farm!

  46. WhoreGarb

    Mare’s not just the president, she’s a member!

  47. WhoreGarb™
    All Members Welcome

  48. Will Mare sell undies at WhoreGarb? Or is WhoreGarb more of a commando type outfit?

  49. Panties will be sold, but all will easily slide to one side.

  50. HA! You dick and dickettes are funny.

  51. WhoreGarb sells a line of “Members Only, except after three appletinis” Jackets.

  52. wakey wakey.Just dropped Oschi off for the surgery. Now I’m going to install a paypal button that directly goes to MSU on her behave.


  53. behalf.

  54. Whoregarb: because nice guys are to few and far between

  55. Don’t forget the “Straight Until Buzzed” line of tank tops.

  56. Carin, Oschi needs a youtube channel and Patreon account.

  57. Picture of me in my whoregarb on facedouche.

  58. Can she profit from just looking cute?

  59. Raise up the shirt so we can see your tramp stamp, Car in!

  60. Thousands of camgirls do.

  61. Is there an upload for those of us not part of the Borg collective?

  62. Don’t forget the “Straight Until Buzzed” line of tank tops.

    Honestly, I bet you could actually sell those.

  63. Nearly all of these ideas would sell in some volume, but yeah, I think that’s a winner.

  64. “Sundresses make men crazy.”
    like a bee to a flower – those dresses are way more sexy than spandex

  65. gotta get chumpinator on the logo –

    “Straight Until Buzzed” could be the WY 2017 tagline

  66. I added it to the poat.


    Wow, that’s brutal.

  68. MRI results came in. Horrible.

    Near complete tear of ACL. MCL complex sprain of the meniscus. Possible “fracture in place” or something in there as well.


    I am LITERALLY the only healthy member of this family.

  69. Yea, I was seriously trying no to throw up on the rower. And I no-rep’ed about 10 wallballs (meaning you have to do ’em again) because I had zero coordination this morning and the ball kept going straight up instead of hitting the wall.

    Bullshit rule.

  70. “I added it to the poat.”

    we should all chip in for one of these for carin:

    of course if she would wear a sundress she wouldn’t need our help – there’d be a line

  71. The sundress would have been tricky on the rower.

  72. 55 225# fucking deadlifts in 13 minutes? What the fuck?

  73. isn’t that AMRAPs? so it is 55x rounds …

    That is a big ask.

  74. At my peak, I could have finished the deadlifts in about 11 minutes. And I’m a very good deadlifter.

    Wait, they let you drop that shit, don’t they?

  75. Paula is on her way home now and will return to the hell of her crossfit work outs tomorrow. Pretty sure she’ll need a wheelchair afterwards.

  76. All I see is “55”, which is insane.

  77. Tough news on the cruciate tear Carin. Guess he wasn’t being a whiner for no good reason.

  78. “Welcome to CROSSFIT! We’d like to completely wreck your spinal erectors and give you sciatica!”

  79. 1) highly technical lift
    2) requires perfect spinal alignment
    3) improper muscle activation could lead to permanent injury
    4) do AMRAP for time!

    This is XFit!!! Too hardcore for you!

  80. If you can’t lift it/the amount comfortably you ARE SUPPOSED TO SCALE. I think the scale weight was 95 for women.

    It was 55 deadlifts
    55 wallballs
    55 calorie row
    55 handstand up – all under 13 min. It’s an amramp – so if you get through it all, you start over.

    Really, making it through the row was my goal. I barely made it, but I did.

    Last year I scaled (proudly) a lot of these workouts.I had to scale last weeks. So we’ll see if I can do next weeks – if we get heavy thrusters, I’m scaling it.

    People get hurt for doing stupid shit. 155 isn’t 75 of my max deadlift, so pacing it I could do it w/o worry. I can already feel the soreness settting in though.

  81. People get hurt for doing stupid shit.

    Yes, like deadlifting for time.

  82. People get hurt doing all sorts of things. Like my son, who did nothing but pivot wrong.

    So, lifting a weight that is heavy but no where near my max at a high rep at a nice pace (it took me four minutes) isn’t enough for me to do something stupid.

    I did sets of 5.

  83. Comment by Car in on March 20, 2017 1:33 pm
    I added it to the poat.

    Dang, I can’t be the only one who was hoping for a sun dress…

  84. It’s 38 degrees and I haven’t seen the sun in over a week.

    There is no freakin way I’m wearing a sundress.

  85. The “scale weight” for me was 225#. I’m a good deadlifter, it’s my best lift. I’d have gotten fucked up trying to do 55 of those in less than 13 minutes even at my fittest.

    I guess I’m some kind of gigantic pussy, though.

  86. 225 isn’t scaled. That’s the RX for men. Scaled is 135 for men.

    55 Deadlift at 135
    55 20 lb ball at 9 ft target
    55 calorie row
    55 hand-realease pushups

    RX for men is often pretty freakin challenging.

  87. Or best men can really lift a lot. Our top 8 are all over 355 pounds, and the top guy does 450.

  88. 1RM?

  89. Deadlifting is better when you’re short. Long legs, yeah they suck.

  90. Yes. If I’d scaled it, I could have done the 95 lbs (for women) unbroken if I really wanted to.

    There are women who can dead lift 270 at my gym (one hit 300) – so 155 is low enough for the repetitions. If you’re deadlift isn’t over 200, you’re probably not gonna want to rx this one.

    Believe me, I never push it with the weight component. You can rest as much as you want, and as soon as you break form, you should stop. that’s when I stop.

    I also wore a belt, just in case I got tired.

  91. Deadlifting is probably my favorite lift.

  92. It was honestly the rowing that did me in on this one. My coach was cheering me to keep up/increase the pace and I replied that I was pulling as hard as I could w/o throwing up. I almost asked them to get me a bucket.

  93. Taxes done! With a refund coming because I paid a property tax bill a month early.

    Unfortunately, I will have to pay that a month early every year now.

  94. I like deadlifts and overhead presses. I’ve considered getting a barbell in order to do both at home, and then rounding out with pushups and pullups.

  95. Sounds like a solid plan, Alex. I’ve considered doing the same, but I don’t have a safe, level spot. Barn’s got a dirt floor. Calisthenics, kettlebells, sandbags, sledgehammers, and yard work for me.

  96. I have a pullup bar, but I don’t really feel confident enough with it to do much. I need tape for it. the bar part is too slick and narrow.

  97. Taxes done! With a refund coming because I paid a property tax bill a month early.

    I did mine Saturday night while drinking Crown. Supposedly I’m finda mail the US Treasury a check for $4084. I’m gonna see work on it some more tomorrow night and see if sober me can figure out how to lessen that blow.

  98. I have a sledgehammer. I should get a kettlebell as well. I’m just lazy.

  99. Kettlebells are expensive.

  100. They are. I have a pair of 60s but I want to get some 30s and 45s to round out the set.

  101. Laura’s new tablet wouldn’t play sound or video.

    I disabled youtube flash player and now everything works fine.


  102. Bad browser?

  103. The microwave is probably spying on you.

  104. I also downloaded some video player helper add on.

    I handed it back to Laura

    Here, everything works
    – How did you fix it?
    I have no idea.

  105. Of course when she goes into work it will set off all the IT alarm bells.

  106. Who’s the granny on the floor?

  107. I replied that I was pulling as hard as I could w/o throwing up.

    Your mother said the same thing to me last night…

  108. I wore sundresses at UNM. Rarely wore jeans or shorts. Sundresses and sandals.


  110. Close. 😜

  111. MiL seems to be going fast. Dan visited her without me. I was at work. She was extremely confused. SiL was with her today. She collapsed and was disoriented. SiL is freaking out. Welcome to the party, pal

  112. Oso is Hippy Bear.

  113. Oso, grandma on dad’s side seems to be going downhill. I don’t know if she’ll make it to Christmas.

  114. CoAlEx, she has defeated several cancers. The dementia has her forgetting how to swallow.

  115. My RL friends hated my sundress strategy. They called it Southern White Virgin.

  116. Hotspur, Chelsea is fast approaching Hilary’s duplicity levels. You know what that means…

  117. Visited Dad and stepmom this weekend. Dad told me four times that my youngest brother had called then informed me that my great-aunt had died. (She died in 2013.) I guess that’s better than him not remembering my brother or the great-aunt at all, but it was pretty frustrating. Also pretty sure that my stepmom lied about being over her cold.

  118. Sucky news on Mr. RFH’s sister. Her liver enzymes are too high, so they are not including her in the immunotherapy drug trial. At least they are doing chemo.

  119. That she’s going to carpetbag her whoreass into a safe district to run for office?

    Please do, whoredaughter. You don’t have the brains to make a packet of tea.

  120. To counter my bitchin’.

  121. Roamy is the queen of squishy hugs. Sending them back her way

  122. Hostages!!! What fuckery have we engaged in this day?

  123. Mare launched an entire line of clothes.

  124. Clothes are a scam. Much like Mare.

  125. My RL friends hated my sundress strategy. They called it Southern White Virgin.

    I have no idea why those words would be considered a bad thing.


  127. Mare is not a scam. I met her. I sat next to her. She kept punching me in the arm.

  128. I was bitten by a radioactive whore, and now I am Whore-Man!

  129. Are you sure that wasn’t MJ in a cunning mustache?

  130. Your tits look totally fake.

  131. I was Hispanic. Not quite white. Not a virgin. My sundresses were a thing.

  132. I was a virgin until I met your mom.

  133. HS with the sundress in the quad

  134. What’s the difference between WhoreGarb and having “Juicy” across your ass?


  136. [i]What’s the difference between WhoreGarb and having “Juicy” across your ass?[/i]


  137. What’s the difference between WhoreGarb and having “Juicy” across your ass?

    The former is respectable.

  138. Whoregarb – camel toes, moose knuckles, and headlights.

  139. I thought that said WhoreGrab. Totally different thing, that.

  140. WhoreCrabs are the worst

  141. Whorecrabs is redundant.

  142. I went WhoreAtkins, so I have to lay off the WhoreCarbs.

  143. Ace’s site has some bullshit popup site that basically hijacks my browser. Fix that shit.

  144. How is that even possible? Aren’t you using an adblocker?

  145. She could introduce her own line of bread, whorecarb.

  146. * whispers *


  147. Hotspur, it means you are 1.0 behind, maybe .1 behind, but either way it’s going to cost you.

  148. I went out whoreketo. I can only have really fat whores.

    Your mom is still on the list, of course.

  149. That sucks, Hospurt. Maybe you should buy an Ace Premium Membership.

  150. I don’t typ post pics of my kids anywhere, but the Youngest Drunken Midget was in rare form tonight. She’s dead asleep like this. Tough being The Wild.

  151. Brent,
    You, of course, must save all this kinda shit for when she’s ready to get married.
    She’ll “love it”, or perhaps, kill you…

  152. ok, so I am open to new entertainment. I watch a fair amount of Amazon Prime … watching The Hand Of God right now. It is impressive.

    There are several other series that I have watched in the last few years that I think are excellent:

    True Detective (season 1)

    I am enjoying The Man in High Castle, but it’s a bit of a grind.

  153. Ok, I just saw this

    This seems like the story of a lot of my life.

  154. This seems like the story of a lot of my life.

    This is the story of every married guy’s life.

  155. Simon, that and the hot vs. crazy chart.

  156. Simon,
    Try “The Night Manager”, just sayin’…

  157. Nice rudder in the last pic. Would be interested in her newsletter.

  158. Wife and eldest are in FL for a few days. Home with the youngest and trying so very hard to be responsible.

    It’s a struggle.

  159. How you doin’, Phat?

  160. Eldest is watching this whacked out show on Netflix: Conspiracy Theories. She’s laughing her ass off.

    ‘Dad, when you were in the AF did you spray chemicals over everyone?’

    ‘Only the ones that needed it, buttercup’

    Whenever I run into one these people I admit to EVERYTHING.

    UFO’s? See them all the time. Especially over Greenland. Ask yourself why no one lives in Greenland. Wheels within wheels.

    Chemtrails? Yep, I might have done or not–looks around–yea, I did it.

    Moon Landing? Before my time, but my Dad was approached by NASA in 1964 and asked a lot of hypotheticals, like: ‘Phatdad, how would you fake a moon landing?’

    The Nazi leadership decamped to Antarctica with Hitler just prior to the end of WWII and still live in their secret lair under the South Pole? Yep, seen it with my own eyes and have landed at McMurdo to resupply them. The NSF station is all a front.

    I think I may be a causal factor in these things fermenting

    “I talked to guy who’s a retired Lt Col and he said…”

    It’s the little chaos I sow that makes me giggle.

    BTW, this should be a Wiser Radio show.

  161. Roamie,

    what’s the wildest conspiracy theory you’ve been accused of being a part of?

    Besides the aliens, we both know that’s legit.

  162. BTW, this should be a Wiser Radio show.


  163. Wildest conspiracy theory, hmmm. The X-37B is supplying a secret manned space station. The only thing NASA is doing is testing mattresses (someone saw the TV ad for some mattress endorsed by NASA and focused like a laser on it). Hubble’s not publishing the photos of UFOs and aliens. We’re hiding the evidence of life on Mars.

    My personal favorite was the X-ray focuser contraption. We got a surprise package containing a poorly welded “Y” of tube steel and an incoherent rambling letter describing how it could be used to focus radiation. This was before 9/11 when surprise packages weren’t treated with extreme paranoia. I think we mailed it back with a polite but dismissive thank you note.

  164. In real life: my family in Texas is having some rough times. Dad is in the hospital (prognosis is good) and my little half brother is still in a wheel chair (he was a motorcycle cop hurt in the LOD).

    I went down there for three days last week. It sucked.

    The only good thing that may come out of this shitshow is that my middle half-brother may actually have to step up and handle family affairs.

    I’m done being the magic genie that flies in and fixes their shit. I’ll handle any issues with my Dad, but the rest is up to them.

    I left Texas at 17 yrs old in 1984, don’t have a lot of connections there anymore.

    Besides DaveinTX.

  165. Damn,

    Forgot to mention the X-37B!

    Roamie, I know your clearance isn’t high enough to know this (mine is TS/SCIxEleventy).

    We are actually supplying our habitat on the dark side of the moon. I have a few Academy classmates that no one has have heard from in years!

    Yes they have fancy ‘obituaries’ in the papers and the alumni mag, but we all know where they are.

  166. IIRC, your brother is lucky to be alive. Hope it gets better for him and your dad.

  167. Back in the old days I worked at Ft. Belvoir for an organization that would eventually morph and fold into the NSA.

    This was when I had the Russian Job.

    Anyway, the Commander was telling me he kept getting letters from a local resident claiming that the big antennas from the base were reading his ‘mindthoughts’.

    He sent the usual platitudes in response (because we were no shit all up in this hicks noggin).

    He kept writing back.

    Finally one of the NCO’s in the unit intercepted the next letter, responded by sending him a 6″ x 6″ piece of tinfoil and told him to always wear it inside his ballcap.

    Never heard from the guy again.

    True story.

  168. Oh that reminds me of the HAARP transmitters in Alaska that made the Russian Mars probe crash.

  169. Roamie,

    If all NASA does is test mattresses can you send a few interns to Southern Illinois? I have doubts that my ‘NASA-Approved’ mattress is really up to spec.

    Would prefer female interns, but I live next to a college, we can make anything work.

  170. Damn,

    Now you got me remembering HAARP!

    The Communication array that monitors EVERYTHING!

    Actually, the whack jobs were on to something there. Just wasn’t the HAARP.

    Whenever someone mentions the HAARP I always say, ‘The HAARP is secret, they want you to focus on it. Ask yourself: what about the DEWLINE?”

    *heads explode*

  171. Heh, requisition for three engineers, testing, trainee, nubile, will take a bit to get through all the bureaucracy.

  172. Nyquil might be kicking in. I hope. Squishy hugs and good night!

  173. Damn you bureaucracy!

    Actually, probably a good thing. I only know two people who work for NASA. You and a guy we’ll call Dan.

    Dan is a no shit rocket scientist (astrophysicist to be exact), but he also flew C-5’s in the AF reserves with me at Travis AFB, CA.

    He worked down at someplace in the bay area (JPL?). His quote when people asked him what he did: “well, with all the budget cuts at NASA it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be a rocket scientist anymore”

    Both you and Dan are very attractive humans.

    Dan dated a friend of ours for a while, didn’t work out because he was, in her words, ‘intense’ (he was also building an airplane in his garage)

    That’s my sample size. Hard to extrapolate from that, but giving my limited knowledge of NASA peeps, I’m willing to give it a go!

  174. Still waiting on Sean for the derp…

  175. HAARP is the cover story they feed you.

    You really need to look into ELF.

  176. The leaves began to fallin’
    And the seas began to part
    And the people that confronted him were many
    And he was told these last few words
    Which opened up his heart
    “If ye cannot bring derp news, then don’t bring any”

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