Have You Hugged A Crustacean Lately?

Invertebrates need love too. Jam out with your literal clam out!

Part of the B-52’s shtick in the 80’swas imitating the surf guitar sound of the 60’s and the women in the group adopted the beehive hairstyles of the 50’s-60’s. Are we being set up for a 90’s revival in music and fashion?  Rural Maine is hardly the vanguard of cutting edge but thanks to the internet young people can imitate each other amazingly quick today.

One trend that seems to get revived whenever there’s a Republican in office is 60’s style protests by the Left. It has become so formulaic that it is now parody. Thanks to the internet (again!)  we can criticize their actions in a manner unavailable to previous generations of conservatives. What it boils down to is, rather than seeming bold and confrontational, their protests are met with eye rolling and expressions of “Oh, that same old shit again”.

Now for the classics. File this under “Things you should have stopped worrying about 30 years ago”


I’m certain you are dear. Now, go make me a sandwich


Sure thing Home Slice


Logik ‘r us


Probably walking by Hotspur’s office today


It’s been a return to winter around here this week. Even though we got slammed by snow no one seems to be dispirited since spring is so close. Days are so much longer and even throwing DST into the mix can’t stop the season’s arrival. Time to throw another log on the fire and pour another cup of coffee. Let the day begin!



  1. It’s been nothing but dog farts for the last 15 minutes.

    Have you no decency? What are you? An animal?

    Oh, yeah, carry on.

  2. Jimbro, several back slaps, bro hugs and nuggies for taking up the task of content on this POS blog. Not just content, it’s funny content. Thank you.

  3. You’re welcome Mare. https://is.gd/GqXudE

    Humor is a funny thing. It doesn’t always translate universally and this blog is frequented by some really smart and funny fuckers. I just go with stuff I think is sorta funny and, if I hit a road block, say fukkit since most of the laughs are in the comments.

  4. Huh, the video won’t play here. Says you have to go to YT. No one watches the videos anyway so I’m safe there.

  5. This post has been given my seal of approval.


  6. wakey wakey.

    MRI at 10:30.

    Tomorrow – Oldest gets his hernia repaired.

    Tuesday is Oschi’s surgery.

    I’m about done with this stuff.

  7. http://taskandpurpose.com/seattle-rapist-defense-video-not-today-motherfucker/

    (annoying auto play video)

    At first I thought it was a straight forward story of a woman fighting back against a would be rapist. Then near the end it turned into something else about transgender bathrooms. Whatever, good job surviving the attack Kelly Herron and getting the creep arrested. It’s Seattle, so that guy will be back in a rest room in a year or so.

  8. MRI of what on who?

    Inguinal hernia?

    They moved fast on Oschi. What are they doing?

  9. MRI on Ethan – knee

    Ian has the hernia. Inguinal. He had one and had it repaired when he was a toddler.

    They are doing some deal where they slice open something in her throat. I had the STUPID INFORMATION BUT IT BLEW OUT THE CAR DOOR when I had to stop on the highway for Oschi to go potty.

    The doc said they do maybe ONE of these a month. Never seen it before on a Newfie.

  10. I am trying to avoid herniation of any kind.

  11. Carin, did you get the insurance mess straightened out?

    ChrisP, yes, I saw the space bat and was happy to see a shoutout to the launched frog in the comments.

  12. Yes we did ROamy. It’s always something, though.

  13. I’m sure Ryan will replace your insurance with something “more workable”.

  14. Very curious about the Vet surgery. I’m sure there’s an analogous condition in newborns that the Pediatric General Surgeons handle. Back in the day I was a real Embryology buff and it is fascinating to see how some conditions develop when the sequence goes off track just a little. And the knee MRI results…

  15. Sounds like a natural blockage in the esophagus, but I’m not a doctor. Intrigued as to what they will cut open or out.

    Mrs. Jay had neck surgery, and that left things in disarray, because they go to the spine from the front. I’ve had to Heimlich a couple times, because something “gets caught”. Scary.

  16. What happens when Eater declares NYC is becoming a BBQ capitol, warns Texas?

    Memphis, Carolina, and Kansas City not available for comment.

  17. Found 23.68 acres nearer to my folks with nothing on it but plants and wildlife. 15 acres leased for farming ($3k/year income), so that much is cleared. Asking price is only $80k. I might have to buy it just as an investment.

  18. I had to do the Heimlich on Penelope once. Scary is right, J’Ames.

    Your mom’s throat gets cleared out regularly.

  19. It’s also filled regularly, so there’s that.

  20. Good morning, Rachel Maddow fans.

  21. You have to admit that Maddow guy was pretty good in those Harry Potter movies…

  22. The thing in her esophagus doesn’t open properly. So food remains there for hours. I wish I hadn’t lost that paper

  23. Litterbug.

  24. Here’s a good description-” Cricopharyngeal Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder in dogs that is apparent at the time of weaning. It may result in failure to thrive, regurgitation, nasal discharge, pneumonia or even death resulting from recurrent pneumonia. Cricopharyngeal dysphagia has been described in several dog breeds and is suspected to be an autosomal recessive disease in these breeds. It has come to our attention that the disease has been recently described in Golden Retrievers, where the disease is suspected to be a dominant trait with variable expression. The objective of this study is to determine the mode of inheritance and to collect DNA samples to develop a genetic test in the future. To determine the mode of inheritance, careful diagnosis of the presence of absence of cricopharyngeal dysphagia using fluoroscopy is required, as there may be some dogs with a very mild, almost undetectable swallowing disorder. The ultimate goal is to eradicate this devastating disease from the Golden Retriever population.”

    It’s more common in goldens

  25. The left is going to soil themselves. YES!

  26. That isn’t exactly how it was described to me, though

  27. I can’t imagine why!

    (Applies to Carin’s and Hotspur’s comments)

  28. So what did the dog breeder say, Carin?

  29. President’s budget is almost always ignored by congress, but I like it as a negotiating opener.

  30. It’s not at all even a thing with newfies. They’ve never seen it. Not thebreeders fault, imho

  31. If the RINOs do not defund these cumdumpsters I’m done with the whole fucking thing.

    Fuck, who am I kidding. I’m done with it anyway.

  32. Guess where I’ll never set foot inside again.

  33. She was better looking when she was a “fat” whore.

  34. A thinner pig is still a pig.

  35. Lena Dunham is still a fat, doughy, whore.

  36. If your erection lasts for more than four hours, consult your physician. He’ll show you a photo of Lena Dunham.

  37. #notwithyourdick

  38. Spastic Animatronic Cashew

    I lold.

  39. #NotWithMyEyes

  40. I wonder if McD’s was actually hacked.

  41. So, Washington Compost haz a sad because illegal immigrants are afraid that getting food stamps will put them on ICE radar, and would thus be unwilling to benefit from foodstamps.

    They are not supposed to receive foodstamps, you dense assholes!

  42. I’ve been McDonald’s free for 5 years now.

  43. There used to be an idiom that went something like, “Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the core.” Lena is the ultimate personification of that.

  44. #notwithbarrysoeterosweenus

  45. Barry’s probably picked up more weird junk than Lena has.

  46. Heh. google O’reilly’s auto parts. Do a search for part 121G

  47. Can we please not talk about O’bama’s weird Junk?

    Or Michelle’s either.

  48. Trump’s first budget proposal, which he named “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” would increase defense spending by $54 billion and then offset that by stripping money from more than 18 other agencies. Some would be hit particularly hard, with reductions of more than 20 percent at the Agriculture, Labor and State departments and of more than 30 percent at the Environmental Protection Agency.

    It would also propose eliminating future federal support for the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Within EPA alone, 50 programs and 3,200 positions would be eliminated.

    The cuts could represent the widest swath of reductions in federal programs since the drawdown after World War II, probably leading to a sizable cutback in the federal non-military workforce, something White House officials said was one of their goals.

    “You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it,” White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters.

  49. While we are looking at auto parts and laughing like hyenas, you may want to google:

    water pump gasket for 1997 toyota tacoma

  50. “You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it,”

    It’s getting really difficult to NoFap with all these schadenboners the last few months.

  51. There’s a helicopter flying just above the treetops over the farm.

    I learned a thing or two from Charlie, doncha know…

  52. Ugh – caught the cold the kids had. Haven’t started coughing. Yet.

  53. It’s getting really difficult to NoFap with all these schadenboners the last few months.

    Walk into the living room, point at your wife, point at it, point at the “MAGA” hat that you’re wearing.

  54. And do it naked.

    Or with cowboy boots. The little pink ones.

  55. Wood status: Petrified.

  56. How to cook a fucking steak

  57. Your mom likes astronomy

  58. Speaking of Uranus, when’s the last time Jazz visited this shithole dump?

  59. The baby kinda cuts into that sort of spontaneous patriotism, Alex.

  60. Haven’t seen Jazz since Rosetta passed, Hotspur.

  61. “Or Michelle’s either.”

  62. He’s a twitterer.

  63. “Or Michelle’s either.”


  64. PNW weather news:
    We saw the SUN this morning!
    That’s four times since October 1st!
    It was just like I remembered it…


  65. LOL Can’t wait for She Persisted to come out on Amazon.

  66. http://tinyurl.com/h2429zr

  67. i laugh everytime over the michelle is a dude meme

    i don’t know why but it’s funny as fuk

  68. It’s been nice having a First Lady that the media largely ignores rather than deifies

  69. Dogs going ballistic for the third time today

    1. Snow clump fell off the roof
    2. UPS
    3. Oil delivery

    Running full speed back and forth, nails slipping on the wood floor, hair standing up on end…built in annoying security.

  70. Remember how Michelle appeared on all the “most beautiful” lists. How much you wanna bet that our current first lady is ignored.

  71. You got a serious amount of snow there Jam. Holy crap, that picture you posted last night made me cringe. There was so much wind here that it’s only that deep in certain places.

  72. You need a Newfie, Jimbro. They pretty much don’t go ballistic over anything.

  73. Every time he goes ballistic it works so he’ll never stop.

    The snow stopped falling and the UPS and oil truck driver went away BECAUSE of him don’t you know!

  74. It’s a shame you don’t appreciate all his hard work.

  75. “She Resisted.” -Paula Jones book about Bill Clinton raping her.

    “He Persisted.” Bunch of other women who were attacked by Bill Clinton.

  76. Short story. A very liberal woman I’ve known forever – lives in England (lots of money – married some rich businessman) . She gets into it politically on my page sometimes. Just recently, (last week) – she went to a pro NHS rally. She’s big on their system, and always jumps into those arguments.

    So, last week she had something done – I think she had neck issues or something. NHS to the rescue.

    Her arm is now paralyzed. They say it may go away … it may not.

    “In the short-term things remain the same: still bedridden (couch potato proper!) and continue over the next ? days to try and achieve appropriate pain management levels. Could be weeks or months in this state, apparently, but could also be permanent. Absolutely devastated! MY long-term plan is that someday I will be pain free, have full use of my arm and regain my independence and self-reliance. ”

    Wonder if she still loves the NHS as much as she did last week?

  77. OK, you made me feel a little like a schmuck. I just played frisbee with him. The frisbee is disgusting. Soaked through with a combination of wet snow and dog spit. But he’s exhausted for at least 15 minutes.

  78. Moose is napping next to me. THat qualifies as our quality time.

  79. you should get him a pet chicken – let him chase it around the house

  80. What can’t Chelsea Clinton do? It’s just inspirational.

  81. Definitely more to that story. Herniated cervical disk pressing on a nerve root too long? Surgeon grabbed a nerve root with the Kerrison rongeur rather than a disk fragment? Graft or plate dislodged or migrated?

  82. I’m really hoping that lady I saw at the post office’s kid contacts me to observe in the office. She is into animals and has ducks and sheep at home which is only a few miles away. I could maybe convince her to work with Rowan. Both ducks and sheep can be herded by cattle dogs and then they can roll in their manure to freshen up after they’re done.

  83. Definitely more to that story. Herniated cervical disk pressing on a nerve root too long?

    I just find it all rather … ironic.

    In addition, in the days leading up to her surgery, she was drinking and she’s put on additional weight in the last few years – neither of which would do anything to improve a surgical outcome.

  84. >>It’s Seattle, so that guy will be back in a rest room in a year or so.

    Both rest rooms since it’s Seattle

  85. >> She was better looking when she was a “fat” whore.

    She stopped eating at MickyD’s? I guess cause Trump goes there …

  86. My friend’s sister is an assistant DA in Seattle. I haven’t seen her in years but get updates when I see him once or twice a year at conferences. Very nice family but incredibly left leaning. When we get together we stick with drinking a scotch or two, discussing work, sports, families and avoid politics for everyone’s sake.

  87. On Fox News’ The Five today Greg Gutfeld asked Tucker Carlson the question I’ve been wondering about for a while “How do you keep getting guests to come onto your show?”

    By now people should know they’re going to be held to account for their bullshit but they still keep coming on the show. His response was that they have a platform to get their views out when he (briefly) closes his mouth and lets them talk uninterrupted.

  88. Hubris. He appeals to their desire to DESTROY him.

  89. Trying to win with Tucker isn’t a good plan. At best, you get to a draw.

  90. Hubris, MJ. It’s a powerful force.

  91. Trump’s first budget proposal, which he named “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” would increase defense spending by $54 billion and then offset that by stripping money from more than 18 other agencies.


  92. The snow stopped falling and the UPS and oil truck driver went away BECAUSE of him don’t you know!


  93. Walk into the living room, point at your wife, point at it, point at the “MAGA” hat that you’re wearing.


  94. *pantses blog*

  95. When Dan managed a few Payless Shoes, all my family called me “Peg”

  96. American Fist:

  97. CHUMPO!!!!

    *trips running to Chumpo because my pants are around my ankles*

  98. CHUMPO!!! ( FU WordPress! I am not commenting too fast you fucks!)

  99. hahahsahldkfalksdfha;lsdjfha;lsdjfh!!!!111

    Good LORD!!!

  100. Mare, it looks like you’ll have to come to WY. #BoycottHawaii and send all Syrian refugees to Honolulu might be a thing 😜

  101. Sup Chump. How goes the porno industry?

  102. Is everyone either enjoying teh spring and or peshawing your neighbors who predicted Socialist Hegemony in N. America in 2017?

    or both? I’m in the both camp.

  103. Porn Indo isn’t what it used to be.

    The performers basically work for a couple buck, a ham sandwich, and a firm handshake these days; well, also the on the job bone dance I suppose.

  104. I have an open search on Zillow for cheap houses in the Twin Cities area, the last hit is a beaut. Tucked in behind a farm equipment lot and gas station/bar combo, another (german) bar/restaurant across the street.


    Cute house, only $168,000 .

  105. In all work, there is honor.

    Also communicable diseases.

  106. In my day we would light an “Adult Set” for a couple hours after breakfast, the talent would show up and begin the fluffery. We would take off and go watch a movie, go to lunch, go to a bar for a bit, then return to the set and break down the lights.

    Pro Tip: if any of the gear was near the bed or couch you just let it lie. We write that crap down as breakage.

  107. Oh man!! you could hide ALL the hookers in those woods!!

    you should move on that one.

  108. Spring allergies are here. I can’t breathe. I’m a snot factory. I got kicked to the couch for “Coughing”. Same ol same ol.

  109. bull whips, new guy

  110. About those bull whips…with the last batch there was some “breakage”

  111. Chumpo is back. All is right with the world. At least the H2 part of the world.

  112. who’s chumps? sounds like a bus driver

  113. NASA got a small budget cut. I’d be unhappy if I were at Goddard, but I’m not and I still get to work on rockets. Life is good.

  114. I know I’m a Luddite with my phone, just screwed up an online bill pay and got a check from the bank.

  115. Comment by Pupster on March 16, 2017 7:07 pm


    Confession: I’ve always found Peg Bundy kinda hot.

  116. She got redhead bonus points.

  117. Redhead and bewbs.

  118. I’d been wondering if we’d see the bus driver again!

  119. **tackle-hugs Chumpo**

  120. I just spilled red chile all over my Chargers tee. Ribbed orange wife beater is the new red neck pret a porter

  121. Killed it dead.

  122. Red chile will do that.

  123. Red chile will fuck you up.

  124. Roamie, I owe you a coke.

  125. Phone dying. Watching WBC DR vs VEN. Scott’s anti baseball stance is intact

  126. I am reading “Forbidden Thoughts”, the collection of anti-SJW scifi short stories. One involves a mission to Mars that fails because they picked a historical African-American lesbian for pilot rather than the person most qualified. NASA is not mentioned, but I had to cringe when the center director flogged the usual diversity speech.

  127. This is pretty cool.

  128. I am planning on bringing red chile and green chile to WY

  129. God don’t give you a spare one to see ya through.
    Even if he did, I know just what I’d do.
    If I had another heart I’d let you break that one too.

  130. Don’t eat rancid potatoes

  131. Has anybody told Jimbro yet that clams aren’t crustaceans?



    OK, well, I’m sure as Hell not doin’ it.

  132. Hey!!!!
    you ok?

  133. if a clam has crabs is it a crust-acean by proxy?

  134. Bewbs

  135. http://tinyurl.com/k7tfmhy

  136. Oso, I was saddened but in no way surprised to see Hawaii politicians acting like emotional, irrational, 12 year old girls. And we all know judges are politicians.

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