The Short Bus

Lauraw wears crocks

Up with the sun, gone with the wind

Everyone said Pup was lazy

Leaving my home

Leaving my friends

Running when things got too crazy

Out on the road, out ‘neath the stars

Feeling the breeze, passing the cars

I think my dictionary has a Bob Seger filter, it tried to change “Passing” to “Passin”.

Rock on with your bad selves today my friends.  


  1. Between the tranny movie titles last night and that last “man cleavage” one I’m dying here over my coffee.

  2. Snow begins around noon here. Boy 1 has a half day which is good for him. It counts for attendance and he won’t get tortured with extra school on a warm sunny day.

  3. Bob Seger music takes me right back to high school. My HS girlfriend was a big Seger and 38 Special fan so my cassette deck played those in heavy rotation as theme music to heavy petting.

  4. Why is always liver and onions? Why not liver and peppers? Liver and mushrooms…liver and maple syrup…liver and black beans with green chili sauce?

  5. I’ll probably dice up a pepper too. Liver and onions is just traditional fare. Peppers are a New World plant and prefer hotter places than Ireland or Germany. Mushrooms are more plausible, but I only like certain ones, and they’d do nothing to balance the liver flavor. Black beans wouldn’t help much either, and I already covered chili (i.e. peppers).

  6. And sugary meat isn’t anyone’s tradition and shouldn’t be.

    You! You over there with the candied bacon! Put that down, you look like an idiot.


  7. I’ve only eaten liver breaded and fried, and I’ve only handled it when fishing for catfish. I think the onions are supposed to make it more palatable, but it’s never been a big part of my diet.

    Up early today, Mrs. Pupster has an early shift so Boy2 and I got ready early to vacate the bathroom for her to get ready. Nessie the Wonderdog knocked her down yesterday being a nutcase about the neighbor dog on the other side of the fence, she has skinned up knees. She tried to grab Nessie’s collar and got steamrolled. I told her to just start smacking instead of grabbing. I don’t think she’ll listen.

  8. Did our North East H2ers get the snow that was expected?

  9. We got about 6″ when it was all over. I might need to shovel.

  10. Rowan has tripped me a few times in his haste to get to the door to play frisbee. It was more of a younger dog thing and he’s getting much better at keeping his distance while I navigate to the door and not weaving between my legs. His Indian name (feather) is Lovable Asshole.

  11. Snow coming later here Mare

  12. elliot likes to sit behind me when it’s time to hook up the leash for a walk.

  13. Disturbing story from a town with a peculiar name

  14. wakey wakey

    One kid at school
    dogs fed

  15. Benny occasionally trips the baby, but they get in each other’s way. He’s really good about not tripping the adults/not getting kicked in a life-threatening manner.

  16. How did Pupster miss the Holiday in this poat?

  17. I’m not celebrating pi day.

  18. Me either.

  19. No steaks thawed, and the liver is probably going to kill my chances at anything else.

  20. Elliot’s indian (feather) name is Farts that Stink.

  21. Happy birthday, TexasJew!

  22. the liver is probably going to kill my chances at anything else.

    You’re supposed to eat the liver, not…

  23. No steaks thawed, and the liver is probably going to kill my chances at anything else

    Truer words never spoken.

  24. Hey, TexasJew, have an excellent birthday!!

  25. How much snow did everyone get?

  26. We’ve got a couple of inches here. We weren’t supposed to get much. But it’s freakin freezing.

  27. scott is probably digging his way to the computer.

  28. Yeah, it was 6 when I got up. 3 inches of snow.

    Later this week it will be in the 60’s.

  29. Reproduced from the end of the last poat.
    This is pretty big prey for such a small cat to take down. I hope he didn’t get hurt.

  30. I’m feelin’ that raccoon these days.

    Also, I want that dude’s stay-away hoop, except with a chain like a chainsaw.

  31. hannah took my car today.

    I’m just basically stuck here.

  32. You could run somewhere.

  33. None.

  34. We got maybe 2″. I came back from Florida for this bullshit.

  35. Local TV is in live storm coverage mode. It’s so stupid.

    I just some a reporter measure the snow depth……”it’s probably not going to be that deep here because this lot has already been plowed.’


  37. Live update: Icicles have formed on Stormtracker 3!

  38. I’m going to do a few minutes on the bike and then I’m going to write that paper that’s due not for a long time but really needs to stop hanging over me and go away. Perfect day for this.

  39. Stormtracker3 is what scott named “the window”.

  40. We got maybe 2″. I came back from Florida for this bullshit.



    Although, we had high wind and rain last night and the area surrounding Sarasota and eastward had Tornado warnings. The weather people were losing their minds. Apocalyptic level.

  41. Hahahaha, good one, Jay.

  42. I should avoid alcohol before shoveling?

    Who knew?

  43. Here’s a pic of Mare and me, with HotBride and our friends Jeff and Linda.

  44. Also, Scott, don’t have a heart attack while shoveling. That can kill you,

    Nice picture hotspur! Looking good Mare

  45. Photoshop. That doesn’t look like MJ.

  46. Mare is a babe!!

    Three more days left to Spring Break. I’m going to make a huge snowman in the front yard. Actually pretty stoked about it.

  47. Travel ban in CT for snowstorm

    Did they really do this? They just outlaw towing here to keep people off the roads.

  48. Just started snowing here so I decided to make a quick run to the post office to grab our mail. As I was getting in the truck a woman approached me and as soon as she started speaking I knew who she was. She’s the widow of a Pulmonoligist I saw until he died from metastatic colon cancer. He died 5 years ago in his mid-40’s. I saw his daughter for a minor problem a few times and I asked about her. She’s had a rough go of it and has become a bit of a recluse. She manages sheep, ducks and a few other critters at their house in town. I asked her to get in touch with me and I’ll let her observe some surgeries (she wants to be a Vet and has done minor surgery on her animals when they’ve needed it). Hoping to spark her interest to keep her dream of being a Vet alive. Her mom mentioned she wanted to “take a year off” because her friends were doing that.

  49. And my truck got covered in snow as the conversation unfolded

  50. Mare bears no resemblance to M
    Bears? Bares? Beers?

  51. J

  52. we’ve got over 10 here i’m guessing – about 11!ty5 feet in the drive ways and sidewalks cause of “fuck you peon tax-payers i’m behind the wheel” plow truck drivers

  53. mj wears bare bears and beer?

  54. btw who’s driving this bus?
    chumpo back?

  55. They really did that, Jay. They don’t actively enforce it unless you do something stupid.

    Plows wouldn’t be able to keep up if they had to deal with cars and accidents.

  56. I can attest that Mare and MJ exist. I have met them both.

    They’re both super fun to be with.

  57. er mom mentioned she wanted to “take a year off” because her friends were doing that.

    The cook kids, like Malia, call it a “gap year”.

  58. Malia’s probably wondering why she needs to go to college. Can’t she go directly to sit on some board of directors, or get hired by NBC?

  59. So, I did a bit of looking and Malia is finally getting off her ass and doing something during her “gap year”. She started working for Harvey Weinstein in February. They breathlessly annonced that she’s going to do this for her gap year … humn .. that means she’s been given a cushy job with her dad’s connection, where she will work for a few months between family vacations.

    And, let’s see .. she graduated in June … that’ means for the last 8 months she hasn’t done shit.

  60. Update: “It’s hard to tell where the road ends and the grass begins.

    The ground is all white.”

    This storm coverage is so bad it’s funny.

  61. Carin, you and I both know that worthless little shit is never going to work a day in her life.

    Yeah, that was harsh. Don’t care.

  62. : “It’s hard to tell where the road ends and the grass begins.

    The ground is all white.

    It was nice knowing you guys.

  63. Princesses don’t have to work, Leon.

    They just go through their days getting affirmation.

  64. I wish i could hide my identity and make some post about saying what a great idea it would be for Malia to go into politics. How many leftests would simply say what a great idea that is. With absolutely zero scrutiny.

    Related – Colemen Young jr (bastard child of the Detroit mayor who legally changed his name to that from something completely different in order to achieve name recognition) is testing the waters for a mayoral run in Detroit.

    Because … you know … his name is Coleman Young.

  65. Not enough bad things can happen to the Clintons and 0bamas.

  66. Heh, I remember Coleman Young. What a guy.

  67. A so called gap year is a reasonable thing if you have a plan to do something with it. Kids doing a gap year at that age are idealistic and want to save the world which is fine. Maybe they’ll learn the world doesn’t want them saving it or grow the fuck up a bit before reporting for indoctrination at the U. That can only happen if they leave the nest and experience the world as it is, not the sanitized version they’ve inhabited their whole life. With her kid I got the sense she’s pretty withdrawn and spending a year tending her animals isn’t going to advance her cause.

    Music can be turned off

  68. The bone broth simmers

  69. Dan is making posole.

  70. i am making stored procedures.

  71. I am cursing Oracle.

  72. Or Tomcat connection pooling. Or both.

  73. I’m drinking tea, and every now and then doing a bit of housework.

    I’m just not feeling it today.

  74. i’m taking a break from moving snow

  75. knee deep in the back yard.
    the dogs won’t go out – its over their heads

  76. I avoided stored procedures the other day by building a nice CTE and using a non-EF ORM to hook it up. got a 90x performance boost for my trouble.

    Fuck Microsoft.

    Connection pooling is for scrubs.

  77. “The bone broth simmers” Is that a euphemism?

    Your mom loves “bone broth”

  78. “I avoided stored procedures the other day by building a nice CTE and using a non-EF ORM to hook it up. got a 90x performance boost for my trouble. ”

    Are you having a stroke? or speaking in tongues?

  79. I really, really wish I’d pushed back harder on adding Oracle to this project. The headaches have been constant.

  80. >> Oracle

    All of that stuff is a two edged sword. I have had better experiences with Oracle than MSFT, and I like MySQL ok. But all of that stuff … the documentation is sparse and curated to appeal to the target of sales people. Want to actually build out high performance blah blah? – you are on your own. And whoever takes that stuff on is going to have to dig in. It’s not just that it’s a pain … it’s a pain after promises of ease and simplicity.

  81. Here’s a pic of me skippering your mom.

  82. Simon, this is Tomcat connection-pooled JDBC over TCPS. Things can go wrong in about 8 places, only 5 of which I have any control over, and debugging which part of the system is wrong is extremely frustrating. Oh, and the “always up” clustering of the Oracle instance is currently suspect while I’m trying to get all the config and code right, and no one’s answering emails on that end because snow.

    It’s a steaming pile of crap.

  83. >> Things can go wrong in about 8 places, only 5 of which I have any control over,

    I feel you. You can probably add the “, but which someone is going to think are my responsibility”, which just makes it worse.

    Sounds like maybe someone wrote a spec sheet / requirements document / technical implementation without really understanding what the impl was going to look like. Or at least, that has happened in my world.

  84. I like paste.

  85. I have no strong feelings about paste

  86. Paste Poll 2017….

  87. We had it working perfectly, no problems. Then someone* put a wild hair up the project lead’s ass about securing backend connections – which was on the roadmap for post-delivery patch – and everything went to hell and the schedule slipped a month for this suddenly-critical thing.

    *Not me. I’m dumb, but not that dumb.

  88. security is a bitch to implement after the fact.

    I don’t know how much access / control you have (I have worked on government systems where they won’t give you access to much of anything), BUT … you can always try to start taking things away and verifying the component parts. Can you hit the db with another client? Can you create an API to check your pool metrics? can you verify config? Can you remove the pool and JUST count the rows in a table? etc.

  89. Plus

    >>securing backend connections

    What does that mean? As in NT Auth end to end? Proxy? Wallet (or whatever they call that from Oracle now)? SSO? OAuth?

    Any of those are a project in themselves.

  90. not trying to be a back seat driver btw … just thinking it through after reading SO re: Tomcat connection pooling

  91. Let’s talk about exercise and gardening.

  92. I know, right?

  93. I have paste over here.

  94. These are the connections that the non-user-facing services use to talk to various data repositories. Like I said, I had it working this morning, did nothing and now it’s busted. I’m rewriting my test application in the vain hope that it will isolate where the issue is, but I’m sure something’s just busted on the Oracle side and whoever’s supposed to fix it is having a snow day.

  95. The crap at the end of the driveway was like shoveling water.

    I am spent.

  96. I gave your mom the old Tomcat Connection. She’s still glowing.

  97. Bone broth report: still simmering

  98. I covered your mom in bone broth.

  99. “Here’s a pic of me skippering your mom.”

    why are you still wearing her shorts?

  100. That was her skort.

  101. lol

  102. and all these years she blamed 3PO for the Skort Incident

  103. What a change in the weather!
    The snow/ice is gone and it was 61 at 0630, when I wandered out with a smoke & a cuppa…
    It’s 63 now and there are flood warnings from rain and melting snow in the Olympics and Cascades…

  104. Hi funny people.

  105. Oh man, are you in the wrong place.

  106. Hola MJ

  107. MJ, scroll up. I posted a photo of your twin sister.

  108. for xbrad’s temperature

  109. Big Wang Theory

  110. So a customer experienced a catastrophic NAS failure and lost all their archived surveillance footage. I was rebuilding the system with a new server and configuring the settings for the back dock camera, and I just happened to be watching when a delivery van backed into the dock managers pickup truck. I watched him pull forward then move over a little and backup again, get out and check the damage, then ring the bell. I verified it was all on disk then sent the video clip to the dock manager, dude didn’t tell him about it, put a 6 inch crease in his fender.

    SURVEILLANCE! Total blind luck that I was watching it happen live.

  111. I could have used you yesterday when I got groceries. When I got back to my truck some asshole had left a scratch on the side of my truck with their rear view mirror. They had to know they did it, there was a big area where the road dirt was smeared right at the end of the bed. I didn’t freak out much…one of the benefits of driving a 10 year old vehicle.

  112. Yep. I’ve been sprucing mine up with Rustoleum.

  113. Jesus. Mare is beautiful.

    I feel bad for everything I ever said about that ugly ho.

  114. Hi oso.

  115. Sanford and Son…I think.

  116. Catching up on Legion. Makes me feel normal.

  117. That takes some special kind of driving to scratch another vehicle with the rear view mirror. I’d like to see that on video.

  118. Oh, hey MJ.


  120. For Lauraw

  121. Oops, side view mirror (used for viewing to the rear)

  122. Jesus. Mare is beautiful.

    Yea … I don’t want to meet her anymore.

  123. She’s pretty and all, but can she jerk 110 and deadlift 210?

    So … I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.

  124. Mare J is beautiful. GoPro video off Maui on social media shows a GWS. Happy anniversary Mare. No sharks in WY. Just sayin

  125. That’s a 1 rep max PR for me as of today (the jerk). It’s not that awesome, but I basically was doing it “wrong” and had to start over from a lower weight. Plus my shoulder issue set me back.

    I wasn’t resting the bar on my shoulders … because my shoulders/wrist mobility sucks. I had to learn to start the jerk with the on my fingers and roll it onto my hands during the movement. It would make me nervous- afraid I couldn’t catch it, but now i think I’ve got it.

    /what are “conversations only Leon will understand for 200, Alex?”

  126. When jerking 110 or more, you really need to be careful that you don’t do damage to your wrists.

    Your mom is an expert.


  128. I can relate. I had crappie wrist mobility when I started learning power cleans, and I used to “catch” all the weight with my hands, and thus my wrists. Hurt my right one pretty badly doing that and had to go down to just hang cleans with the bar to learn it.

  129. It is snowing here. Y’all quit sending that shit south.

  130. Pierogi, empanada, or ravioli?

  131. I’m kind of ticked off that at my nursing school pinning ceremony they only allow immediate family members who are also nurses, to stand up with you.

    Not everybody in the program has an immediate family member who is a nurse. It sucks that in that case, you get the chair of the department to stand with you, who, though I’m sure is a nice person, is basically a stranger.

    This is a nothing fluffball of a complaint on my part. Understood.

    But it’s just one more BS thing that this school does which makes no sense. These are the same people who taught incessantly for four years that a person’s family is whoever the person says it is. But in THEIR OWN ceremony, oh no, it’s “immediate family,” and you better believe they are using the old-fashioned definition.

    So ready to be done with this.

  132. Does Scott get to be at the ceremony?

  133. Yeah, I get to invite more people to be in the audience. Scott will have to be in the audience with the rest of the family.

  134. Paula is family by proxy

  135. Maddow says: “Tonight at 9 (ET) Trump Tax Returns!!!

    Trump should give that sleazy fucker, Koskinen, 24 hours to bring him the felon that leaked them, or Koskinen can take the fall, himself…

  136. I’d boycott in protest. Or just to have my evening free. Haven’t gone to a graduation since high school.

  137. When is this graduation?

  138. Mark my words, it was Koskinen himself.

  139. If someone releases the tax returns there actually will be a purge in the government.

  140. After you pass your boards all this BS will seem trivial. I saw the same thing with Paula’s experience at UMO. Endless inconsistencies and so many petty instructors determined to get their pound of flesh from you for no good reason. Just keep a big grin on your face while repeating “Fuck you” under your breath as a mantra.

  141. Leon, would you do this with Possum?

  142. Pinning and graduation are different things. I’m not going to graduation. That’s for the whole entire school, a multi-hours-long odyssey of pain. Been there with my first degree, done that, not doing it again. Pinning is specific to nursing, more meaningful. Shorter. I hope.

    I already asked my MIL to stand for me. She was a career nurse. There should be no issue, but I don’t really know. It’s the ‘immediate family’ thing that irks me. If it weren’t for her, I would have no one. Like some of the kids in the program.

  143. No, Roamy. Because I value my wife and child.

  144. Thanks, Jimbro.

  145. It’s 100F here.

  146. Xbrad, GFY.


  147. Leon, my bet is they might make it to Tennessee.

    Lauraw, is it that way everywhere with pinning or just your school? My aunt would have had no one with her.

  148. I guess it’s a common tradition, but every school class does it differently- some are more easygoing, or with some just faculty is involved and no family, etc.

  149. Well I think it’s awesome that you’re basically finished.

    Congrats in advance.

  150. Christ, I hope so. I just want to get back to work and live again. Thanks, man.

  151. Laura, all of my experience with hospitals, which is fairly extensive, is that patient care and treatment comes from the nurses. I just love what they do.

    You’re going to be one of them, and you’ll be awesome.

  152. When I got up it was 13F here.

    Also congrats to Laura. I hope the job search goes well.

  153. When jerking 110 or more, you really need to be careful that you don’t do damage to your wrists******

    I use wrist wraps.

  154. From what I’ve heard, nurses don’t search for jobs; jobs search for nurses.

  155. That’s only after you’ve paid your dues, Hotspur. Brand-new baby nurses are not worth much right out of the gate.

  156. Move to Ann Arbor. We have three major systems here, UofM Medical system, St. Joseph Mercy, and the VA. All within a few miles of one another.

    They’ll snatch you faster than Carin at the gym.

  157. Stole this off my cousin’s Faceplant page. 1944 or 45.

    The pinning/graduation photo my mom had (hopefully in a box in the basement), my aunt was holding an oil lamp-looking thing with a very solemn look on her face. I like this one better even thought it’s a photo of a photo, because she always had a great smile.

  158. Ha ha ha ha haaa!! I would love to live in a place with a true nursing shortage.

    We’ll move, maybe. Always wanted to, but as you know, life is funny.

  159. That’s a great photo, Roamy, and a sweet expression.

  160. Do all the older nurses still line up to take turns punching the pin into your chest?

  161. There are 9 hospitals within 20 miles of our house.

  162. Maddow is hyping a 12 year old tax return.

    “All presidents release all tax returns!”

  163. Man, they are all over the russian connections.

  164. Re: proposed Texas law against masturbation – sometimes the ad campaigns write themselves.

    Also, after seeing Emma Watson show off her boobs, the betting has changed on a child star drug problem in the next ten years.

  165. Russia >>> Iran, so I still don’t care.

  166. These people made fun of Republicans for questions about Obama?

  167. Emma has gone full SJW since she got outraged over a paparazzi upskirt photo.

    She’s young and attractive and wasn’t wearing panties. I don’t want to blame the victim, but she’s retarded if she didn’t know that would happen.

  168. Only Airborne Nurses Alex

  169. Congrats, laura! You’re gonna do great!

  170. Is the left seriously trying to make the case that Trump is a Russian spy? A Russian…what? Consigliere?

    That’s dumb.

  171. Since when has her show been TRMS? Sounds like a drug cocktail.

  172. She’s laying it on thick, MJ. Tuned in between basketball games.

  173. I guess I don’t get it.

    Is he claiming that he had income from the KGB?

  174. Rachel Maddow’s body has never experienced jizm.

  175. Has yours?

  176. Seven is the cheapest and most readily available antidepressant known to ma’am.

  177. Hah, the First Amendment doesn’t give you the right to publish tax returns, Madcow.

    White house made a statement, revealing what she has.

  178. Dammit, semen.

    *punches phone in the Maddow*

  179. MJ, that’s exactly what she accused him of in her monologue.

  180. Wait. He paid $38M in taxes?

    Hahahahahahaha. I bet the White House released the taxes so they could work on healthcare, which sucks. Cuz the bill kind of sucks.

  181. Has yours

    Yeah, when it dribbled out of your mom.

  182. Yeah, when it dribbled out of your mom…son

  183. The problem isn’t the 38 million, it’s that it isn’t enough. They were going over percentages again. 24% of his income in taxes. Federal.

  184. Aww, the fat reporter that got the return only makes $400 k, by his own admission.

  185. Gross.

  186. Now we’re back to 1985.

  187. Anytime you say $38M isn’t enough you’re losing the argument.

    I don’t care if its 38 million marshmallow peeps or 38 million feather boas.

    It’s a lot.

  188. But MJ, it’s less than the poor pay!

  189. Except for that big deduction at the bottom, TRMS.

  190. He should have given all of his income to the Trump Foundation.

  191. My secretary (who has a fucking secretary?) pays more than $39M in taxes every few months.

  192. It would be fun to see the Clinton’s tax returns now that they have nothing to sell.

  193. Why isn’t she 50 point ahead, you might ask.

  194. “Secretary” is the title and outfit my personal hooker would have if I made enough money to pay $38M in taxes.

  195. I think that’s a lot classier than “niece” or “intern”, don’t you?

  196. I don’t know, let me ask your mom

  197. She prefers physical therapist.

  198. Sr. Ball Washer.

  199. “Personal assistant” could work, but lacks a certain Mad Men-esque connotation.

  200. The problem isn’t the 38 million, it’s that it isn’t enough.

    This. They must want a salary cap or 90% tax rate or something, for everyone else.

  201. Back to the 50’s, they say.

    Yeah, and a million deductions. It will only get worse if you do that.

  202. I like how his rate was higher than Obama or Sanders.

  203. I need to stop taking Sudafed at bedtime. I should have been asleep hours ago.

  204. I fucking hate snow, except I actually got a much needed day off.

    Yesterday was a 17 hour workday. I slept until 12:39 today.

    Thank you, blizzard!

  205. And as of 11:22pm, the city has yet to plow my road even once.

  206. >>>Christ, I hope so. I just want to get back to work and live again. Thanks, man.

    Laura will, let me first say how happy I am for you as you complete this program. We’ve missed getting together with as much as we used to, but hopefully that changes soon.

    Well, at least before the next step.

    Unfortunately, I think you are moving into the next stage of the process, which may suck even worse.

    But right now, you should be extremely proud of yourself for all of the hard work you’ve done and the hard choices you’ve made to get where you want to be.

    I miss you both bigly. I apologize for my side of that as well.


  207. Yesterday was a 17 hour workday. I slept until 12:39 today.

    Why not 18?

  208. Laura – congrats

    when my wife went to her pinning ceremony they had the same restrictions. The Profs had their own bizarre hierarchy which excluded the adjunct and lowly instructors (all who are nurses) from even being on the stage: my wife was the class pres – she called them all up on the stage anyway to recognize them and went down to the gallery floor to be pinned by an instructor that she admired –

  209. “Why not 18?”
    the kidz now a daze are kinda lazy – thinking only of vinyl

  210. I need to stop taking Sudafed at bedtime. I should have been asleep hours ago.

    I take it occasionally in order to breathe better while I sleep. I take it right before bed, so that I’m asleep by the time it kicks in. Last Saturday I made the mistake of drinking a pepsi late in the evening, which left me wired by the time I went to bed. The caffeine kept me awake until the Sudafed kicked in.

  211. Life in the hive puckered up my night,
    The kiss of derp, the embrace of life
    Ooo there I stand ‘neath the Marquee Moon,

  212. Thanks, Wiser and Jam2.

    The ‘next step’ as I understand it involves lots of twelve-hour shifts, overnights, and weekends, but not *every* weekend. Working every single weekend is what really lays waste to the social life.

    Nurses I have spoken to tell me that after coming off a three or four day run of twelve hour shifts, on the day after, you just don’t do much. So they kind of lose a useful day of their lives just because of the work schedule/ rigors.

    Wait- shit. Why the fuck did I do this, again??

  213. In our own case Paula works on a per diem basis overnights in the ER. She began full time days. She had worked as a tech in the ER for several years and was able to start directly in the department rather than on the wards. After a while she realized she was scrambling to make the kids’ games and missing time at camp with them. That’s when she went per diem and I’m the primary on the insurance for all of us. She went nights for a few reasons: older boy now working and needs rides, her friends work then and less administrators walking around looking for bullshit infractions.

  214. She definitely feels it working overnights. We often say she’d tolerate it better if she had no other responsibilities like dealing with the kids’ needs and the dogs. They disrupt her sleep. She’s naturally a day person and is in a bit of a fog when she does her stretch of nights.

  215. Wakey wakey.

  216. I can’t believe you’re at this point lauraw!

  217. Can someone tell Oschi that she’s not a lap dog? Especially in the car. She’s really convinced that’s where she belongs.

    And while you’re at it, have a conversation with Moose, who recently decided he sleeps in the bed with us.

  218. I gotta leave for MSU in a bit.

  219. Who’s at State?

  220. Vet hospital for testing

  221. Yuck, I’m sorry.

  222. We’ve given up having Rowan in the crate at night. For whatever reason he hates it with every fiber in his body. He has gotten better at sleeping on a chair in the corner of the room. It’s a comfy leather chair that is in the corner ostensibly as a reading chair but is used mainly for me to put my clothes on if I want to wear them again. He migrates between the chair, the floor and the bed over the course of the night. Knowing how much of a hassle it is shifting positions with a sleeping 50 pound dog I can’t imagine being pinned by a 100 (?) pound Newfie.

  223. Trying to get HHD – computer is crashy crashy

  224. Heh, Elliot is 28 pounds, and he takes up half the bed if he really wants to.

  225. Benny does that at 14#.

  226. Trump paid $38 million in taxes

  227. Finally.

  228. Laura you need what…? 2 years of critical care and you can go for your NP… be able to wear a clean white jacket with your name on it and work from 7 – 5or6 and weekends off. they even get paid ok

    Nurse Humpy BSN, FNP, QTFM (queen of the flying monkeys)

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