MMM 265: Binders getting shallow

It appears that the main binders only have ~400 items left in them.  Taking suggestions now on what do on Mondays to when they run out.  I probably won’t listen to the suggestions but I will take them.

Horizontal rows.


Priorities all out of whack here.  Lose the 6-pack and get your damn iron off the floor.


Now I wonder if her house is messy.


No real ab separation.  Probably tidy at her place.


On the cusp here.  But she’s British, so her place is probably a hovel in Londonistan.


Her place is filthy, guaranteed, but at least she’s hydrated.


I… I just can’t tell from this angle.  Cute though.  Pretty eyes.


I can actually do this.  It’s harder to do with your heels down, but doable if the floor isn’t too slippery.


Yeah no.  Can’t do this, don’t wanna.


And now we return to our artificially-early Monday, already in progress.


  1. We could do women posts when you run out?

    wakey wakey

  2. Big Ass Monday?


    YEA. I love deadlifts. I’m kinda sore from snatches yesterday, but I can dead lift.

  4. Tex, anything that keeps me poking near the porny parts of Tumblr and Instagram is off the table.

  5. Heh – this is from my local facedouche page – post at 1:46 in the morning.

    ROAD HAZARD: Burnside Rd. and Jefferson Rd. There is approximately 5 cows in the roadway. Caller was a passerby and states they possibly belong to the 4100 Blk of Burnside Rd. Central made contact with that residence and they went out and rounded the cows up.

  6. Heh, I took the back road to work about 5 years ago and drove past a cow eating grass on the side of the road. I turned around and went to the nearest farm looking house and told the guy there. He said “That’s not my cow but I know who owns it. Damn cow keeps getting out”. I figured my duty to inform was satisfied and went to work.

  7. Dropped my travelers off this morning at o’dark-thirty and I’m home sipping coffee with the canines.

  8. I hope you gave Star and Rowan decaf.

  9. Did you read how 4chan found Shia’s flag? Genius!

  10. They prefer espresso

    Gonna be hard keeping up with the frisbee demands!

  11. He is such a pompous ass that I read about that with delight

  12. Shia appears to have suffered a psychotic break at some point. He needs help, possibly in an asylum.

  13. The livestream of the flag getting replaced with Trump hat was perfect.

  14. He probably could use some mental health, but I fear that the field is filled with special snowflake supporters.

    He needs deprogramming. Possibly some detox as well.

  15. Gulag.

  16. I say fill the binders back up. Certainly there is no shortage of fit women wanting to be photographed.

    Or …

    Soccer action shots!

    Either way.

  17. The problem is getting more photos without finding porn by mistake, Simon. I might just do that, but it’s perilous.

  18. 210 deadlift today. It’s been a while since I got that heavy

  19. That’s a very good deadlift at your weight, Carin.

  20. that’s what I have to tell myself some times. There are a bunch of girls (who have 30,40 50 and more pounds on me) who lift more. One woman deadlifted 235 today. 3 months of crossfit and she’s deadlifting that.

    But she easily has 40 or so pounds on me. There’s no weight classes in Zumba, but it doesn’t kinda even out with the workouts.


  22. I’d like to see it go up. 250 would be awesome.

  23. That was my point, at your weight it’s good, at your age it’s extraordinary.

  24. thanks;)

    I started using the belt for deadlifts and squats and it gives me a bit of confidence that I’m not gonna blow out my back. I should just buy one.

  25. Airports are full of fat people.

  26. America is full of fat people, Hotspur. Blame the government telling people how to eat and Big Grain poisoning them.

  27. Here we go. Our flight just got delayed a half hour.

  28. And the thing that sucks is that those fat people can deadlift more than me.

    The flight is probably delayed due to the fat people.

  29. Today I staged the generator and stocked up on gasoline and vodka.

    Bring it.

  30. You should be charged by the pound when you fly.

  31. LOL

  32. Most of them don’t have sufficient grip, Carin. Average grip strength has cratered over the last 60 years. Millenials have all the hand strength of 12yos from 1950.

  33. I deadlift 250 getting out of bed.

  34. I can dead lift your mom.


    I am not just blowing smoke. In theory, my hands are many times stronger than a typical teenaged boy, or even the average man my age who’s not trained for it.

  36. No one does manual labor any more. Kids don’t play outside all day any more.


  38. It’s hilarious. As you look around all of the fat people are eating.

  39. and drinking diet coke.

  40. I don’t touch diet pop any more. Maybe Zevia for a cocktail, but even that makes me nervous. Foods literally engineered to trick your senses can’t be good for you, that oughtta be obvious.

    I’m still trying to find a good source of blood for pudding, though, because I’m the weird one.

  41. Ask 100 people under 30 if they’ve ever eaten liver and onions. Better yet, only ask the fat ones. You’ll get all “no”.

  42. Our plane is here, but now there’s a mechanical problem.

  43. Yes I have, leon, and you can’t force me to eat them again.

  44. Paula just boarded at Logan. So lucky to get out today before the storm. That would have sucked if their flight was tomorrow.

  45. No word on the fat people at their airport

  46. They’re all here.

  47. Jay, are you fat?

  48. Don’t know if he’s fat, but he sure as hell isn’t under 30.

  49. Not trying to pick on anyone, but all tradition human cuisines included organs, even American cuisine. We had fermented vegetables regularly. The dairy we ate and drank was raw, fermented, or aged. There was no vegetable oil, sugar was discouraged but real, etc. We’re living through a vast uncontrolled experiment where we substitute a whole bunch of novel new things as food all at once, with no proof that they’re safe.

  50. I’d say yeah, I’m fat. Not terribly so, but overweight.

    I just hate liver and onions.

  51. I get that, I do. It’s worth acquiring a taste for liver, though.

  52. Liver is gross.

  53. Ounce for ounce, it’s literally the most nutritious thing you can eat.

  54. I will eat pate’ but do no like the texture or smell of cooked liver. I also like liverwurst.

    *pretend I linked that snooty pug dog*

  55. Pate or liverwurst are fine, just find a way to eat some organ meat.

    My larger point was that no one eats this stuff anymore. It’s all refined-flour breads and pasteurized cheesefood and soybean oil and so on and so on. Nothing fresh, nothing fermented or sprouted, no organs, no meat on the bone.

  56. My larger point was that no one eats this stuff anymore. It’s all refined-flour breads and pasteurized cheesefood and soybean oil and so on and so on. Nothing fresh, nothing fermented or sprouted, no organs, no meat on the bone.
    I’m there with you up until liver. It’s literally the only good thing I won’t eat. I pretty paleo, but do eat a bit of whole grain bread. But liver makes me throw up

  57. My dad used to wrap it in bacon

  58. And almost two weeks with no sugar or

  59. I’m not going anywhere near an organ meat comment.

  60. And almost two weeks with no sugar or

    Car in just nodded off mid sentence. Have a Snickers.

  61. Hotspur’s Mom likes organ meat. IYKWIMAITTYD

  62. Damn it, Jay.

  63. Leon, I agree with your larger point entirely.

  64. Jay, you need to put more organs in your mouth.

  65. No. Just sugar. i was in the car waiting for my daughter, and she arrived. I think it autocorrected or something.

    Just sugar. That’s all I’ve given up.

  66. Rowan almost got some fresh organ meat. He walked around the back of the garage with Boy 1 when he got home from school and spooked a rabbit. He said it was close but the rabbit got to the woods and gets to live another day.

  67. You really should wrap your organ meat in bacon.

    I mean, it looks good. It even smells alright. It’s the texture.

  68. Since sauerkraut is pasteurized thereby probably killing all the good stuff where can you get it or Kim chee that hasn’t been heated?

    I don’t want to make it myself although Jay’s fermenting jars looked cool.

  69. We’ve been making a ton of pickles.

  70. I don’t see liver in the meat department at Hannaford’s very often. I got 4 marrow bones today to make some bone broth tomorrow. Haven’t made it in a while and I’m looking forward to it. Last time I mentioned it Laura asked if I roasted the bones first. I was gobsmacked! I never knew you should roast them first. One article mentions blanching them before roasting but I ain’t got time for that shit.

  71. Laura made kimchi. She has to eat that outside.

  72. Mare, fermenting is really easy, and the only way to get it anymore is DIY unless you can find Bubbies pickles. These are stupidly simple to operate:

  73. Ok, leon. These are my goals for this year. I may have gone too big, but we’ll see:

    Deadlift 235.
    Snatch 95.
    Clean and jerk over 130.
    backsquat 200.

    I think the snatch may be the hardest one to achieve, but I’m hoping if I keep working form …

  74. Backsquat should be higher. 210.

  75. Jimbro, I mostly just pick chicken carcasses clean and then throw the whole thing in the crock pot with a chopped carrot, some vinegar, and a full load of water. Put that on low for 24-36 hours and you’re set.

    I don’t make beef broth as often as I should, but I’d probably not bother roasting the bones unless I was going to eat marrow out of them.

  76. Why not 211?

  77. Fine. 211

  78. I am doing okay with calisthenics, but I miss the easy metrics of barbell lifts. All I can really do is count reps and move forward on progression paths.

  79. What makes OLY interesting – to me – is that you’re working on form. It’s not just random movements. Always striving to improve. It’s something that you don’t get out of a simple barbell curl. Lat pull-down.

  80. Hola.

  81. Just what the hell is THAT supposed to mean!?

  82. Wiser is going to get trapped again tomorrow.

  83. We got all the snow today. Looks like 4 or 5″.

  84. 2-3 inches here, melting already.

  85. They say we could see snowfall rates of 3″-6″ per hour.

  86. I didn’t know that was possible.

  87. Scott, we got that here during Superbowl 2015. 16″ in about 3 hours.

  88. We’re in the 18-24″ zone. It starts around 11 which will leave me ample time to assemble bread, milk and eggs.

  89. It’s just me, Boy 1 and the dogs this week. When I stopped at the store this morning I grabbed a 1/2 gallon of milk which turned out to be a mistake. When I put it in the fridge I saw she already bought an extra gallon. Since the dogs and I don’t drink milk he better get chugging.

  90. Good advice

    I don’t have one but have seen homes for sale with them installed already. Need to remember this for when I eventually sell this place.

  91. They’ve landed in FL and are on the way to Disney. Wonder if Hotspur ever took off or if he’s in custody for choking a fat dude with a BigMac.

  92. I still need to build a sauna.

  93. Ghetto bar

  94. That should be pretty easy.

  95. Greetings, snow angels and hail devils.

  96. Taking suggestions now on what do on Mondays to when they run out.

    Your mom jokes.

    I was going to recommend Reddit but I just previewed the fitness girl sub-reddits…every single picture is marked NSFW, even the ones that are tamer than what you usually post. There is nudity mixed in with the “workout” outfits but I didn’t see anything I would consider “porn”, but I have a pretty high threshold for smut.

  97. We got 5-6 inches of snow yesterday, roads are clear for the drive home today. Good luck to everyone east of central Canada.

  98. Leon, maybe you could do a ‘best of’ retrospective or a contest, like what we did with BBF.

  99. Or, “Spot that Tucker”.

  100. Exactly. Crouching Snatcher, Hidden Sausage.

  101. The Woman With the Golden Arm

    (And Ab Veins)

    (And Quite Possibly a Dick)

  102. You’ve Got Male

  103. Leon calls it organ meat.

  104. Don’t let Carin click on this link

  105. Pretty “Woman”

  106. Local diner has liver and onions for Dan. Smothered green chile cheeseburger for me.

  107. Bangor Daily hee hee hee

  108. Manly Tyler Moore

  109. Gone in 60 Seconds of Adjusting the Groinage

  110. High today:73 Humidity:16%

  111. Extremely Rigid Magnolias

  112. That settles it. I’m making liver and onions for breakfast tomorrow.

  113. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Roll of Duct Tape

  114. E.T. the Extra-Testicular

  115. Queen Dong

  116. Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice Were all Born With Male Genitalia

  117. I think Monday’s should be sexy pictures of Tucker Carlson.

    And yoga chicks.

  118. Sex, Lies, and Carefully Applied Electrical Tape

  119. Baseball Mondays. Hosted by bcoch. ⚾️

  120. Fake sports.

  121. 12 Angry Men

  122. Trannyspotting

  123. Tranny Get Your Gun

  124. The Unnatural

  125. Planes, Trans and Automobiles

  126. Throw Aunt Mike from the Train

  127. Formerfellas

  128. Phone dying. Kitchen smells yummy. Leftover ribeye tacos with green chile

  129. Baseball is vegan sports.

  130. My Fair Laddie

  131. Who’s Afraid of Virginia, Woof.

  132. Home for the Holigays.

  133. Jimbro, Tool is playing nearby. I’m hyperventilating already.

  134. Bridge over the river queer.

  135. Bravehardon.

  136. Throw Momma from the Trans.

  137. Battle of the Bulge.

  138. How Peen Was My Valley

  139. The Man from Show Me River

  140. Leon, the subreddits are pretty ok. I don’t know what your threshold is but your portfolio has stuff that was on par with what I saw in the sub reddits.

    Of course, I went to several.

  141. From here to Maternity.

  142. Iron Man

  143. YankMe Doodle

  144. Walk Hard

  145. Transformers

  146. Transformerhers.

  147. And when I’m conscious, I am cursed
    Shark teeth the size of pick-up trucks
    All that derp and blood
    The real thing

  148. If it’s the right kind of snow, I’ma make a snowman after this blizzard. A big one, right in the front yard.

    Looks like the snow just started. Just under an inch of accumulation so far. I’m actually a little giddy.
    Because I’m insane.

    ooooo, it’s the kind of big flat flakes that shine and glitter. I love those.

    Divided entrails render prognostications.

  149. Whoops, sorry to step on your derp, Sean. I was sitting here a long time.

  150. This is pretty big prey for such a small cat to take down. I hope he didn’t get hurt.

  151. OK so let’s try sleep again, see what happens. Have a marvelous day, my lovelies.

  152. I hate Daylight Savings Time….

  153. New poat

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