RIP, Lipstick

A sweet lady passed away much too soon.

I met Lipstick at the Tempe In The Sun meatup and have fond memories of sitting by the pool, talking about this and that, and giggling about Chad. I never did get the full story of why Lipstick’s feet are included in Proof of Life, so I hope someone can fill me in.
I have family near Lipstick’s hometown and can personally vouch for Windber Hospice as good people.
I don’t know what else to say, other than I’m glad to have known her and I’m so sorry she’s left us.
Feel free to update this poat.
Thank you, Scott, for letting us know.


  1. Another kick in the gut. What a sweet lady. Some of you mentioned MS but the charity Teresa linked was breast cancer does anyone know for sure?

    Regardless, a good one is gone. RIP.

  2. Scott, how did you find out about Lippy?

  3. Lipstick and I emailed about some medical stuff a few times back and forth but not for some time. When I read Pupster’s Hostage line up posts recently I found myself wondering who was missing and thought of her. Her last comment here was some time ago, someone smarter than me can figure that out.

    Rest in peace Janice.

  4. Shucks.

  5. Bummer

  6. Well, damn.

  7. Lipstick’s beauty, and feet, were legendary at IB. I never met her but I loved her nonetheless. I’m sure Michael is making a pass at her as we speak…

  8. Probably the wrong time and place to say this, but happy birthday, Brewfan. And Michael.

  9. No it isn’t, Roamy. Celebrate life for sure. Especially today.

  10. Hey Brewfan, it’s nice to see you around. Hope all is well with you.

  11. Too young, much too young. Prayers for her and her family.

  12. Wakey wakey.

    that’s much too young. My second cousin died of MS, and I don’t know if it’s better or worse that he struggled for much longer – bedridden for many many years.


  13. Well damn.

    Lippy was so fun and funny. I loved meeting her in Tempe. She was the one who helped me surreptitiously take pictures of the future former Mrs. Wiserbud as she and her team execrcised in the pool. As well as the BBF-worthy barmaid at the place where we had lunch.

    We laughed so hard about her skinned knees.

    What a wonderful person. Such a great loss.

    So, are we taking up a collection for flowers or anything?

  14. I agree with mare. When I die I want it to be PARTY TIME! Hi lauraw! I still love all you guys, just decided to become a dirty, filthy lurker.

    *waves at all the hot sausages*

  15. Wiser, The funeral I believe is today, so it’s a bit late for that.

  16. I’m sending a donation to either Wendy Hollern Spencer Memorial Fund or the hospice, haven’t decided yet.

  17. Brewfan, it’s great to see you here.

  18. I’ve facilitated Paula meeting Carin on facedouche. This is either genius on my part or one man’s ruin. Only time will tell. I’ll know for sure if chicken supply catalogs start showing up in the mail.

  19. No pressure Carin. You’re the face of The Hostages as far as she’s concerned. Don’t blow it!

  20. Perusing her wall, I think she would fit in here nicely.

  21. She is a pretty cool woman who is nice enough to put up with my shit

  22. It is bitter cold here. I just went out to grab more firewood and near froze my toes off. Slippers and pajama bottoms with a flannel shirt is not appropriate attire for the weekend

  23. Patty Ann died June 7 at the age of 54.
    Lipstick died March 7 at the age of 53.

    SCREW YOU 7!

  24. who’s 52? We may have to start a watch.

  25. *sheepishly raises hand*

  26. “who’s 52? We may have to start a watch.”

    i may have to find a different chat room for a while

  27. Her last comments were in August.

    3rd to last comment (her U key was broken)

    “–ck yo- PG”

  28. Comment by scott on August 9, 2016 10:26 pm
    Hillary won’t win.
    Polls are fake, like fairies and Eskimos..

    Comment by Lipstick on August 9, 2016 10:34 pm
    I did polls and s-rveys — Scott, yo- are absol-tley correct. So easy to manip-late at all levels. Asto-ndingly easy.

  29. This is a toast to Lippy (holding up beer in a Brussels bar) what a fun girl. Tempe was a blast. We were privileged to know her.

  30. So sad.

    Forget the #7, 50s suck ’cause that’s when shit starts to break.

  31. *gulp*

  32. I hate losing Hostages.

    We really need to get a better negotiator.

  33. I remember the broken “u” incident now that you put that comment there

  34. Wow. There is some good stuff under the Funny tab.


  36. From the comments under the Funny tab:

    Comment by PattyAnn on August 27, 2008 1:37 pm

    One rule of being a Hostage, MCPO, is that none of us are ever, ever allowed to die. Just so you know.

  37. Crap. Michael died Jan 7.

    This is getting creepy

  38. Mare…that little puppeh needs a sweater.

  39. *throws Holy water at blog*

  40. Seriously bumming ever since I heard last night. In fact I didn’t get to bed until 7 this morning.

    Lipstick used to post fairly frequently at IB, writing about fashion and ferrets. But then the disease hit and she started withdrawing from blogging. That sucked, but this sucks worse.

    I’m so fricking irritated with fate.

  41. I forgot about the ferrets.

    Hi Geoff, Hi Everyone Else.
    Lipstick was cool. And smart.

  42. That sucked, but this sucks worse.

    Rereading that makes me realize how stupid that sounded. Oh well.

    Last time I interacted with her online was last May, when her keyboard was on the fritz. I offered to buy her a new one, but she didn’t take me up on it. Can’t believe time went by so quickly.

  43. Hey Bart.

  44. Lippy was a blast at TITS. I was privileged to make her acquaintance in person.

    She didn’t seem well then, but she made the trip and hung out with us like a trooper.

    *toasts with a Labatt Blue in St. Pete Beach*

  45. *bogarts one of Hotspurt’s beers*

  46. Knowing how terrible MS can be, I am glad that she is not in pain anymore.

    She will be missed; she was a hoot in person :-)

    And between Michael and Rosetta, she is probably having to watch her backside to keep from getting goosed….

  47. …the charity Teresa linked was breast cancer does anyone know for sure?

    I think the lady for whom it is named died of breast cancer; however, it looks like the charity makes donations to several different organizations.

    Lippy’s dad also listed that charity when he passed; I got the impression that he was very involved in the community.

  48. I put up a link to a photo from a 2009 meatup at Michael’s in the Friday night comments of TITS2.

  49. ugh, such sad news. RIP, birthday buddy, I’ll miss you!



  52. Nor’easter on Tuesday and we are in the middle of the cone-of-death.

    We’ll get supplies on Monday. (Bread and vodka)

  53. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. All stocked up though.

  54. Just watched the first half of Star Wars The Force Awakens. I don’t understand how it could be so bad. Why is this so bad? I’m not sure I’ll finish it.

    *checks on bread supply*

  55. The Force Awakens is no Rogue 1, but it’s not that bad. Still behind 4, 5, 6, and Rogue 1.

  56. We’re getting that snow Tuesday into Wednesday. 12-16 inches. The only question will be whether they cancel school one or two days. I’m actually off Monday to Thursday this week because Paula is taking Boy 2 to Disney. Someone needs to watch the doggies and Boy 1.

  57. Lippy was a sweet woman, and I enjoyed talking to her at TITS.

    We now have two dead and one missing from that meat. If I should die suddenly, please burn Tempe to the ground.

  58. We’ll just have to remember to check in on the 7th of each month.

  59. Three dead.

  60. ??

  61. And a half. I died of a horrible crush injury. Then I got better.

  62. Don’t go back and read the RIP Cranky.

  63. Who else? And wiser doesn’t count. He’s only dead on the inside.

  64. I crawled under a precariously balanced ton of steel to remove a brace from inside the core.

  65. Four. Cranky, Patty Ann, Rosetta, Lippy.

  66. We’re going to have to up our efforts with the memberships drives.

  67. Sign up Paula, Car in. That’s your homework assignment.

  68. I was surprised when I saw this, Lips was an vibrant and fun person.

  69. “We now have two dead and one missing from that meat.”

    Which one is missing?
    Sox the cat?

  70. Cyn.

  71. Comment by Jewstin The Hammer on March 11, 2017 8:14 pm
    Four. Cranky, Patty Ann, Rosetta, Lippy.

    And Michael makes five.
    But only Rosetta and Lippy were at the original TITS meat-up.

  72. ahhh, this is sad. I really liked her. She was supposed to come meet up with Sean and I a couple years back, but was not feeling well enough to. MS is a bitch

  73. PJ!

    Who the hell is PJ?

  74. Oh man, I had completely forgotten that she was going to come out to lunch with us that day, peej. Damn.

    Happy birthday, by the way.

  75. Vmax, IIRC you went out driving with Lipstick after TITS. I should have gotten a later flight.

    I lit a candle for her after Mass tonight.

  76. PJ is a figment of your imagination….
    Sean, it’s good she didn’t show up because I was soooo hungover I could barely give you the attention you deserve.

  77. Good to see ya.

    I hope you and your Garellavin’s are well.

  78. Happy Birthday, Peej.

  79. Thank you, Roamy.

  80. Garellavins……Hotspur is getting slow.

  81. We did Roamy,
    Hi Peej!

  82. IB –

  83. Four. Cranky, Patty Ann, Rosetta, Lippy.

    And Michael makes five.

    …and we lost Harrison to cancer a few years ago as well.

  84. I take a nap before work every day, and it’s usually nice and refreshing. Unfortunately, today I got struck with something that’s the bane of almost all sober alcoholics–the relapse dream. I don’t remember actually drinking in the dream (I rarely do) but I had gone on a brief bender and had been shitty to my family when they called me on it. Right before I woke up, I was scheming ways of bullshitting people in AA to avoid having to admit that I’d gotten drunk again. I woke up feeling like crap, I’ve been tired all evening, and I haven’t found any money, much less twenty dollars.

  85. Sorry, Sean. Dreaming sucks. Best to avoid if possible.

  86. I really don’t want to know Cranky or Harrison’s date of death. Scott needs to say good-bye to google-fu

  87. Kindred spirits are hard to find, close to home. It’s no coincidence that we are of a certain age (with a few exceptions), of a certain political bent, and of a certain bent-bent. But life and times change, and so will we.

    This blog will be getting very short of players inside another decade, easily. It’s important to me that we keep in touch anyway. I’m willing to write actual fucking letters on motherfucking paper in fatherfucking personal handwriting, if that’s what it takes.

    But mostly I want to see you once in a while. When we get to Jewstin’s meatup in..wherever the fuck he lives, this June, I’m going to squeeze everybody very rudely and you are not allowed to call the police.

  88. Napping is what potheads do.

  89. My Plan is to eventually get a big RV and travel the USA and solve mysteries and help people and kick some ass. By the time I can actually do this, none of us will be left.

  90. “… and I haven’t found any money, much less twenty dollars.”

    And this is in reference to your evening metal detecting business??

  91. If I died, and had in my will that all of you had to come to my funeral, and then revealed I wasn’t really dead, would you be mad?

  92. Napping is what potheads do.

    It’s also what people who work late but go to a 7 AM meeting every day do. I wouldn’t be able to function without it.

  93. No, I don’t.

  94. I’m sure we’d all share a hearty laugh after beating your ass, J’Ames.


  96. I love you guys. Oso without booze has night terrors and screaming mimis. I prefer the Type II sugar blackout. I get the same effect as an ice cream sammich.

  97. Any one else watching Legion and saying “I’m not a mutant”?

  98. Oso,
    No, we’re watching Grimm…

  99. I am feeling extreme guilt over lauraw’s comment. I’m going to start annoying you people again on a regular basis. You’ve been warned.

  100. Happy Birthday, guilty Badger Brewfan. You are missed

  101. Happy natal day, Brew.

  102. It’s March, I’m watching basketball, like Trump would.

  103. …and we lost Harrison to cancer a few years ago as well.

    Yes, sometimes I go to his FB page just to look at him again…FB’s on this day shows me the funny comments he’d make and I just miss him…and I miss all of you.

  104. Happy birfday, Brewfan. What kind of birfday cheese did you have?

  105. Hey Brew, PJ, and BisW. Nice to see everybody again.

  106. >> We’ll get supplies on Monday. (Bread and vodka)

    I’m smoking a pork shoulder right now that should carry us through the blizzard.

  107. >> Yes, sometimes I go to his FB page just to look at him again

    I check in on it every now and again, too. Good man. I miss him.

  108. Mmmm, pork shoulder.

  109. Does DiT know about Lippy?

  110. Yes.

  111. Debbie’s eagerness bothered Perry.

  112. Insomnia sucks. Today is going to be all kinds of fun.

  113. Morning people late for everything!

    I’m kind of excited about more daylight to do things. Evening paddle? No problem!

    It’s good to see some of the old H2 faces around here.


  115. Well, shit.

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