Hello scientists and warriors,  and welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I sang this song for Boy2 on the way home from work the other day, then Sean featured it in a closing derp comment this week.  Serendipitydoody.



Your model was born on 3/28/81 in Fiľakovo, Slovakia, Czechoslovakia.  She is a film actress, and best known around these parts as the redhead who plays pool with panties on her head.  Please stop talking and welcome, Miss Vica Kerekes!




  1. She seems redhead.

  2. Spectacular!

  3. I’m looking at my handy crazy/hot chart, and I’m pretty sure she could think she was a dragonkin Napoleon working to restore the Portuguese colonial empire and she’d still be in the clear.

  4. Nice boobs pup

  5. She seems finely freckled

  6. I think the bathing suit pic is the kicker.

  7. MJ, is it because he is making ribeyes with mushrooms tonight with salad? No bread. No starch?
    Well, yes. But also because of your avatar. Send me your login, SSN, and mother’s maiden name via chicken app so I can fix that for you.

  8. Was meeting HS as disappointing for you as it was for me, mare?

    You can tell me. No one else reads this POS blog.

  9. Meeting Hotspur was like getting slapped in the face with a rancid piece of pork.

  10. MJ, when will we get a photo shoot of your new place?

  11. Meeting Hotspur was like getting slapped in the face with a rancid piece of pork.
    I had that experience too, except the rancid pork was wrapped in a dead fish that had just eaten a rotten tomato.

  12. MJ, when will we get a photo shoot of your new place?
    Pretty soon. Demo level is currently 100 and it looks like a total disaster. Very horrible. Sad! I’m hoping the floor is finished next week–these guys suck so I’m not sure.

    I finished painting though and it looks good. I balanced a 20 foot ladder over the stairwell to reach one corner which was a bit…scary.

  13. I hate painting. Too messy.

  14. If I’m not supposed to wear ass pants to work out in, what am I supposed to wear?

    A pleated skirt is gonna get uncomfortable. I don’t really get the bigger picture of that article. She basically seems to ascribe narcissistic motives to everyone who works out.

    You’re narcissistic if you work out and you’re an healthy walmart person if you don’t. an awful lot of judging, imho.

  15. She’s pretty.

    I was never a fan of redheads much in my youth, but I’ve grown to appreciate them in my old age.

    Good job, Pupstah.

  16. Sad!


    hahahaha good one.

  17. Ass pants are fine for working out, but have you been to a mall lately?

  18. Why would I go to a mall? Yuck.

  19. I would occasionally take Possum to the mall when the weather was no good for walking outdoors and she and I needed a break from the house, then we’d stroller around.

    Anyhow, ass pants everywhere. Basically every woman under 30.

  20. Hitler would love putting this puta in a concentration camp.

    Is that a Godwin violation or whatever?

  21. That’s enough to get you a limp-wristed punch from a pajamaboy screaming “nazi!”, Pendejo.

  22. Honestly, the scream would be the most painful part of that assault.

  23. chicken app
    Hmmm… Laura’s app needs a short punchy name.


  25. Hmmm… Laura’s app needs a short punchy name.

    Keep fuckin’ that chicken.

  26. Scott, that article is nothing but speculation about what might happen based on an observational study. Global warming-level “science”. I’ll bet the study was funded by Big Wheat

  27. Redheads are the Evul and minions of de debil.

  28. True. Global warming could be causing diabetes.
    I bet they didn’t rule that out,

  29. Plus, it’s the usual “shut up peasant, eat your cheap carbs” thing that always comes out of mainstream academia. Same people who brought you the food pyramid and the Cholesterol Hypothesis that robbed a generation of adequate testosterone.

  30. There is no snow on the pavement.
    It’s 34 degrees and there is about 2″ of wet snow on the grass.

    They canceled college.

  31. That’s absurd. I thought New Englanders were tougher than that.

  32. It used to take 6″ or more to cancel elementary school.

    Worst case scenario would have been 2″ of snow on the pavement.

    Adults should be able to handle that.

  33. Coming soon……business closings due to snow.

  34. It already happened here last month for a blizzard. It had perfect timing for a Monday. I was very happy they did it. Days like that involve a lot of hanging around waiting for no shows.

  35. 1″ of snow = Malloy declares state of emergency.

  36. Haven’t read the article, but I speculate it’s because of all the BS shit out there they sell with “GLUTEN FREE” labels on it. People think if it’s gluten free, it’s healthy.

    Basically, people are stupid.


  37. The article isn’t even that good, Carin. It’s pure speculation about GF leading to lower fiber intake.

  38. On the front of a pound of sugar, GLUTEN FREE!

  39. Meeting Mare was like sitting next to an angel – a really retarded paste eating angel.

    But nice.

  40. It’s not nice to use the r word, just call her special.

  41. Mare is definitely special.

  42. WordPress on the phone sucks the wadweenie because it won’t let you upload pics. I have a great pic of all of us at lunch yesterday.

  43. So…..who has better table manners, Mare or MJ?

  44. The wordpress app sucks.

  45. Word. I’d rather use the shitty browser on my phone or kindle to read or comment wordpress than use that junk.

  46. WordPress should switch to a more chicken friendly platform.

  47. If so, it should follow the Network Working group RFC 1149 on data transmission on avian carriers:

  48. I’m watching the WH press briefing.

    What Ben Rhodes said was true. Many of the reporters, and not all of them in their 20s, don’t seem to have any idea what they are talking about.

    There are a lot of ‘feels.’

  49. There’s a basic competence gap in nearly everything these days.

    It’s why you see TV and movies where supposed professionals act like total idiots. Incompetent writers cannot convincingly portray competent people.


    And yet, 17% of people with Type 1 diabetes are subsequently diagnosed with Celiac Disease….

  51. Hey swifty, what about equine carriers?

  52. Celiac and Type 1 are both autoimmune disorders, Teresa, that’s not surprising. The allegation here is that GF causes Type 2, and not because of sugar (which must never, ever be seen to be bad), but because of the lack of wheat bran.

  53. Yeah, I’m thinking the biggest risk of developing TIID is having one or more relatives with it. There is absolutely NO TIID on either side of my family, and as much sugar as I have consumed over the years, you would think that by now I would have a raging case of it.

    Nope. Not even close.

  54. The Pony Express was never submitted to a Standards commission

  55. JIMBRO – Put Paula on the blog or give her this message:

    *17.3 bites ass, doesn’t it? I’m going to HAVE to scale, and the jump from an empty bar to 55 is a big leap that sucks (and that’s scaled). Starting at 65 and going to 95 ain’t gong to happen and neither are those chest to bars.

    One girl tried RX this morning and she didn’t even get through the first half of “round 1” – 6 snatches @ 65 and 6 chest-t-bar * – didn’t even get to the first round (under 8 mins) to add in the next round.

    End of message.

    Thank you in advance, kind sir.

  56. Hostage quiz:

    “nice body, and leaves a decidedly fruity aftertaste on the tongue.”

    a. Wine critic
    ii. Your mom describing MJ…..
    3. Hotspur remembering fleet week….

  57. 3.

  58. Fore: Jewstin’s summary of his latest blind date.

  59. I bet they have delicious fried fish sticks.

  60. Five: All of the above.

  61. Battered scrod.

  62. I gave her the message Carin. I am sure she recognizes the meaning of the words you combined, I sure didn’t. Check your email for an important message undeliverable by the chicken method.

  63. Battered scrunt.

  64. Daring and sassy — two words that spring to mind when contemplating the shambling wallflower known as Chelsea Clinton and her Charisma Score of -3.

    Nice one, Ace.

  65. Good thing that wasn’t Frying Dory, no fish stick there.

  66. Battered scrod is excellent. With tartar sauce and a mixture of onion rings and fries stolen from the kids’ orders.

  67. That sounds great. Culver’s currently has walleye, and that is really good. Yeah, I know, fast food fish, but it really is tasty.

  68. Possum is still on the bewb, so I’m free of the fasting/abstinence this year. Which is good because I don’t like fish much.

  69. I don’t know what the hell any of you are saying!

  70. Leon what does possums diet have to do with yours?

  71. Breastfeeding women aren’t required to fast or abstain. If you live in a household with someone released from fasting and abstinence you don’t have to either.

  72. Kids don’t count for that, though, so next year I’ll have to most likely. I was going to just fast completely on W and F, but I was starving at lunchtime and I’m a single parent tomorrow, so I decided to be prudent and eat today instead of tomorrow.

  73. If you were leftists your kid could stay on the tit until she was 26.

  74. I don’t know what the hell any of you are saying!

  75. Good evening, chumbuckets.

  76. Hi Sean.

  77. Hey MJ. Heard any new music that only you and I will like lately?

  78. I kinda like Fleet Foxes lately.

    Check out Mykonos. It’s a really pretty song.

  79. And you called me a hipster.

  80. I’m watching Into The Badlands. It’s silly, but damn if Emily Beechum in black leather isn’t all sorts of yummy.

  81. I dig Fleet Foxes. “White Winter Hymn” is the song that got me into them. I was listening to Sleigh Bells a lot over the last few weeks.

  82. Evening.

  83. Nice stuff, Sean.

    How are you?

  84. Today I fired my drunkest crew member. I kept the rest.

  85. Were they slightly less drunk?

  86. It’s been a week, and I fell asleep on the couch. Mr. RFH decided it was an excellent time to print out every damn thing. Can’t do what I want to do, I think Cyn was in charge of the bail fund.

  87. Just had a customer here whose last name was Jew. I left him alone.

  88. Americanized version of Chou?

  89. Um, does Roamy’s comment come with a glossary or a key or sumpin’?

  90. ‘Sup, bewbs?

  91. Not that I have much use for 4chan, but this is funny.

  92. TiFW, I have had major insomnia this week, averaging 3.5 hours of sleep a night. Work was busy with tests, meetings, bullshit, etc. I fell asleep on the couch in the same room with Mr. RFH, a computer, and a printer. Mr. RFH decides that I might sleep through the printing, or more likely, doesn’t give a thought as to how much I need sleep, and fires away. I had murderous thoughts, but bail money is unlikely. Better? See above on insomnia for incoherence.

  93. I should have done the opposite. None of them can ride a bicycle sideways.

  94. I don’t know what that means, but I can ride one backwards.

  95. Crap.

  96. I don’t want to do this but it needs to be done.

  97. Lipstick

  98. Oh, crap, Scott!

  99. I only got to meet Lippy once – at the first TITS. She was very sweet.

  100. She was sweet, funny, and smart.

  101. Here’s some info on the charity mentioned in the obituary:

  102. Prayers for her family. She was a sweet woman.

  103. Oh that’s horrible. Did she have MS or am I not remembering correctly?

  104. That’s what I was thinking, Car in. There were times when she would be in terrible pain, if I recall.

  105. and her husband recently divorced her?


  106. crap indeed. Thank you for posting it though, Scott. She was a sweet lady.

  107. Thank you for posting, Scott.

  108. Yes, MS.

  109. Oh, shit. Rest in peace, Lippy.

  110. I left Cyn a voicemail.

  111. Sigh. Haven’t we all?

  112. /wonders why Sean doesn’t leave me a voicemail

  113. It’s about 14 degrees here. REALLY cold. faaaack

  114. Gosh, I hope a certain someone still has the same phone number from 5+ years ago. Otherwise, some poor bastard in MI is going to wonder…

  115. Animals in
    The midnight zone
    When you own the derp
    You’re always home


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