MMM 264: Good morning to you

I think my cough is finally far enough in the rearview mirror that I can plan to work out this week.  Feels like it’s been ages, and I’m bound to be sore, but it’s got to be done.

Is this still a triptych?


Pretty smile.


Not sure earrings are advisable during ring work.


Hole bewb.


This might be Christmas.  Tats look familiar-ish.


Bicep vein.


Pretty hair.


F*ck you, tire!


I can’t do this anymore, but what good is it?


Have a great day, I hope your goalposts don’t shift as mine are sure to do.


  1. First!

  2. mm croissant egg and sausage sandwich, tasty

  3. Goh munmon

  4. I need to clear off a table in my office to start seeds soon.

  5. START SEEDS. i’m so far behind this year. I don’t even have seeds.

  6. I’ve got a bunch from Laura, more from the store. I mostly need to get the peppers started. Not planning too many tomatoes this year, so I’ll likely just buy starts.

  7. I’m curious to see if my lettuce and leek sprouts in the wintersown containers outside made it through the cold snap. If not I’ll have to re-sow them.

  8. I was super-excited about the leeks. That was from the leeks I let flower in the garden last Summer.

  9. “Pretty hair”.

    Fer a dood.

    Gooooooooooood morning.

  10. Anyone had any early sprouting plants get zapped by the cold weather? My crocuses still look ok…

  11. Unfortunately, my pumpkins started to rot in the crawlspace before I’d harvested seeds for myself. I’ll have to can them this fall instead. I put the rotting ones out on the mound, but I may buy more seeds to supplement them.

  12. My garlic might have had a couple of false starts already, Tex, but I won’t know if that killed it until May.

  13. Leon, I’m happy to send you back half of the seeds you so generously gave me! I will never use all of these.

  14. I have a lot of those seeds too.

  15. I’m so tired.

    But I’m going to zumba anyway.

    Then I’ll figure out the seeds stuff.

  16. There are about 7 fruits out there in the mound. When I start moving soil again I’ll break them up a bit and distribute the seeds and flesh. There’s probably plenty out there, just stuffed into fruits still.

  17. It’s been so nice I may start up my little outdoor greenhouses . They can just sit. If they sprout they spout.

  18. I also need to figure out where to do my pumpkins. I don’t want to worry about them crowding anything out. But I also don’t want to worry about looking at overgrown grass … Leon, did you have that problem – did you need to weed? Maybe a hay pile.

  19. OK, well let me know.

  20. I weeded that area once or twice at the very start of the season, primarily because of the location near the woods. I kept the ferns down so they wouldn’t shade the vines as they grew. They’d grow fine in a hay or straw pile. they do spread out a lot and form a canopy. I didn’t feel like I needed to mow where they were spreading, but I did try to train the vines back to keep them somewhat dense.

  21. I did have to water the seeds in, and I watered the mound a couple of times after that, but not after the vines started to really spread, even if they looked wilty. They always bounced back, and I think being in the grass helped keep the vines watered by dewfall.

  22. I’m reading a book from a garden blogger who hasn’t watered her garden in over thirty years. She just has a watering can for setting in seedlings, but after that she does nothing. She does no-till gardening with cover crops and heavy organic mulches. Almost no weeding, almost no watering, even with a two-month drought every summer. Seems pretty awesome.

    The key seems to be no-till + heavy mulching of the paths as well as the beds. When the mulch in the path breaks down to humus, it gets thrown onto the beds and new mulch is placed in the paths. She uses straw and leaves now, but she said when she had access to wood chips they worked the best. Whole garden is a sponge and the soil structure is never destroyed by tilling. Lots of sticky-sided worm holes and big pore spaces to fill with water.

    She also does the Ruth Stout composting, where you tuck your kitchen scraps right under the mulch, no compost pile. I’m still not going to do that, because, mice.

    My neighbor had some trees cut down this winter and he has a shittonne of chips piled in his yard. I need to ask him if I can take them.

  23. I added a literal ton of wood chips last fall, but I’d been planning to broadfork the soil to loosen it up a bit and set my rows. I think that generally preserves the structure and mycorrhizae. Plus it’s a great workout.

  24. Yeah, when you just crack the earth and lift it like with a broadfork, you’re not really doing anything to any of the pores except for where the fork blades are piercing. That’s nothing, really.

  25. Anyone have a good guide for strawberries? All I know so far is that I shouldn’t put them in the vegetable garden.

  26. If I had to do it over again, instead of layering materials on the ground and planting my strawbs on the pile, I would have dug up the whole bed properly first. Even with no-till, you need to deeply prepare the bed initially.

    I noticed last Summer that a mesh of fine tree roots are invading that bed rapidly. Undoubtedly all I did by layering the materials, was cover them up with good compost and invite them to come up and surround my strawbs and steal water and food from them. If I had prepped the bed right, those roots would have been cut out and set back for a while. So I am going to need to cut into the soil there around the bed anyway, with strawberries in it, which is harder than if I had done it right the first time.

    Live and learn.

  27. Don’t waste your time with Everbearers. Plant Junebearers. Plant two varieties, one early and one late, to extend the harvest period.

    Cover with hoops and bird netting. Rabbits will eat the crowns in Winter and birds will eat the berries in Spring.

  28. Thanks Laura. I’ll have to look for netting.

  29. We got our bird netting in a big roll at Tractor Supply. It was inexpensive, and thicker and easier to handle and reuse, without getting all tangled up, like the thin flimsy stuff they sell at Lowes/ Home Depot.

  30. Finished the book. Delightful. I’m going to write to the author.

  31. Hotspur, email me at mare@(former president)dot com.

  32. I sent you an email at, but it bounced back.

  33. It’s been an exciting morning, just not here.

  34. goalpost shifting is not the exception, ’tis the rule. I wonder if there was ever a job where the goal posts did not in fact shift.

  35. I’m donating all of my old PC games to the Computer and Video Gaming dept. at UofM.

    I inventoried them yesterday – 75 fucking games. That is a shit ton of wasted time.

  36. Simon, it’s endless feature creep up against a hard wall of deployment, and the devs (those who actually work) have already been on OT for months. Failure is an option, and at this point is deserved.

  37. I LOVE scope creep! That and hidden documentation for other people.

  38. Did you really send me an email? I have received squat.

  39. of course I had to miss wiser’s show. Stupid deployments.

  40. Five years since we lost Neptunus Lex.
    One year since we lost XMom.

  41. Sympathies and prayers, XBrad.

  42. I know how hard that is, xbrad,

  43. I got teary eyed watching Grumpier Old Men when Burgess passed away. Maybe it’s because it’s Grumpier.

  44. Time flies like an arrow.
    Fruit flies like an apple.

    Mare, Hotspur emailed you at


  46. Looks like about half my lettuce seedlings survived the two evenings at 10 – 15 degrees. I can’t tell about the leeks, they’re still frozen but they look darker or waterlogged so I think it means they’re dead.

    Garden journal note: unusual warm period in late Winter causes things to sprout that shouldn’t be up yet. If that happens, protect the plants from cold snaps later on.

  47. Hotspurs emails come via Pony Express.
    They take a few days.

  48. I’m wondering if this would get warm enough with an incandescent to be worth doing in the barn or crawlspace. Indoor space is already at a premium.

  49. Heh, wonder how many H2 neighborhoods would be shut down, if it came to this:

  50. Condolences, XBrad.

  51. Leon … yeah, sounds right. I suspect Failure is even preferable to the continued unending stink of stakeholder insistence that “we take that hill”. My current el jefe moves scope regularly and then wonders why we are late in a codebase that makes sanskrit look legible.

  52. Prayers and condolences, XB

  53. Jefe and I are sympatico, but we’re subs to a prime.

  54. I don’t see how he survives this: Trump meets with Russian military commander

  55. Aw damn. Hillary will be president by April.

  56. That’s tough … being a contractor / consultant in the software dev business means that you never can change the priorities, and if there is one thing that needs to change to manage software projects well, it is priorities.

    I had my share of run ins w primes who were convinced that they could drag the cart over the finish line ahead of the horse.

  57. Grassley is launching an investigation into the FBI and that fake dossier. Looks like that was a Clinton / FBI deal.

    If Clinton could orchestrate the FBI to come up with some fake intel, I bet she could orchestrate some wiretapping.

  58. I can’t do this anymore, but what good is it?

    Your mom can think of two good reasons.

  59. Ok. Lets game this out. Grassley investigates and finds demonstrable, verifiable, evidence supported, wrong doing. Now what?

  60. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so apparently proud of the way their pelvis looks as that person in the first picture.

  61. Antipelvite!

  62. I like your mom’s pelvis.

  63. This is interesting

  64. TMI post. I have a half sister. I adored her dad and mom. Their marriage survived my dad and Nancy’s affair. My half sis protected her FB page a few years ago. I could no longer stalk. Recently found out that Nancy and her hubby are both deceased. I am in totes grief mode for Pete. He is the dad I always wanted. I loved my dad, but I REALLY loved the guy he betrayed.

  65. Got a lot of texts from Paula while I was at work today. Two stood out

    “I got a PR on my snatch today”

    How can you respond to that other than to say you want to PR her snatch as well?

    The other was sad news: Rowan got in the fridge while the older boy left it open as he poured his drink and got his paw in the leftover roast beef dish and pulled it out onto the floor and tried to run away with a 6 x 6 x 4 inch block of roast beef in his mouth. He made it about 5 feet before it was snatched from his jaws. Like I said, sad news.

  66. You leave my mom’s pelvis out of this you dirty old man!

  67. Oso, you’re gonna have to get a whole doll collection out and video that shit before any of us can grasp this situation. Silver lining: you might get an oscar or something.

  68. I saw Your Mom’s Pelvis open for The Million Man March on the mall in DC back in ’03.

  69. “I got a PR on my snatch today”

    Goddamn Puerto Ricans.

  70. PG, life sucks. It really sucks when you open yourself to the feels. I envy Dan and his Beaver Cleaver childhood.

  71. Sorry about your feels Oso.

    That blows.

  72. Sean, do you have a Porto Reecan on your snatch?

  73. L to R

    Pupster, MJ

  74. MJ, I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me and/or make me eligible to appear in a future edition of MMM.

  75. I cleaved your mom’s beaver.

  76. I love you guys

  77. Ward was a little PR on the Snatch last night.

  78. Sorry, Oso.

    *slides lunchable down recess bench*
    *slides chocolate milk, too, unopened and perfectly cold*

  79. Thanks Lauraw. *Sips choco milk* feels weird to grieve my dream dad

  80. Grief to you, high praise to him. You’re lucky to have known him. I can’t think of any fathers I admired when I was a kid.

  81. Hell naw. You dint go full chocolate milk.


  83. MJ, I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it may incriminate me and/or make me eligible to appear in a future edition of MMM.
    Transitioning, eh? I applaud you, Xer.

  84. What do you think the beer of the evening should be? That guinness hanging out in the back? OK!

  85. How bout some keystones. ?

  86. The beer of the evening should be your mom.

  87. “I got a PR on my snatch today”


    Is this a quality or quantity type of record?

  88. I always felt guilty for wanting him to be my dad. Listening to Hank Sr and Jim Reeves in his honor. He was my redneck music guy.

  89. Is Hamm’s still a beer? If so, they should get John Hamm to do their commercials. “Hamm’s. Who gives a shit how it tastes? I was on Mad Men.”

  90. I really didn’t dive into her snatch PR since I was too busy at work when I got the text. Other than a quick “Attagirl” that was all the acknowledgement she got. We chatted on my way home from and her way in to work and oddly enough, her snatch didn’t get discussed. If I had to guess it would be single snatch poundage.

  91. How much poundage can her snatch take? Is there video?

  92. Hamm’s can’t top their original commercials. They were great!

  93. An opening like that, and you didn’t exploit it?

    Cut off a corner of the man card, jimbro. It’s in the rules.

  94. I applaud your bravery for posting the original comment, Jimbro.

  95. Yet another CT politician attempts to get over on Tucker Carlson and fails miserably.

    I am just so goddamned proud of this state sometimes….

  96. I was setting it up and knew you guys wouldn’t disappoint me!

  97. Jimbro, I got the commemorative coins today. THANK YOU!!!

    Very impressive!! Where did you get them?

  98. They could never get away with making a beer commercial full of cute cartoon animals today, J’Ames. And with good reason–I loved those commercials and I became a hopeless alcoholic!

  99. That was embarrassing, wiser.

  100. Wiser, there’s a priority envelope on the way to the station. Sent it on Saturday so I’m guessing it’ll be there tomorrow

  101. Ha! Refresh

  102. Bangor store with lots of similar stuff. I have no idea how they ended up here

  103. Wiser, there’s a priority envelope on the way to the station. Sent it on Saturday so I’m guessing it’ll be there tomorrow

    Ummmm…. I got them today.. like I said….. otherwise how would i know you sent them….

    Yanow whut? Never mind.

    I’ll say thanks tomorrow … when they arrive….

  104. HA! refresh!!

  105. That was embarrassing, wiser.

    Himes just sat there and lied and lied and lied.

  106. One of the neat things about old coins, say a common penny from the 1800’s, is imagining how far it travelled. If it’s in really good condition it probably didn’t go too far. Worn out and dingy? It’s got some stories to tell.

  107. Please tell me it was Blumenthal, wiser.

  108. From the land of sky blue waters!

  109. One of the neat things about old coins, say a common penny from the 1800’s, is imagining how far it travelled. If it’s in really good condition it probably didn’t go too far. Worn out and dingy? It’s got some stories to tell.

    Think of all the asses it’s been in.

  110. gross

  111. Somewhere In Time penny

  112. Please tell me it was Blumenthal, wiser.

    Nah, even worse, Jim Himes. Another obnoxious, argumentative and completely dishonest POS.

    I was talking to someone about Blumenthal this weekend and they told me that they think he is starting to show signs of dementia.

    After speaking with him last week, I not sure I would disagree.

  113. Was probably Agent Orange.

  114. Nancy Pelosi level dementi

  115. Fortunately I have a little Bausch & Lomb lens for viewing coins. It’s not top of the line, I won’t be broken hearted if it gets busted or lost, but it is strong enough to identify fecal matter on a coin.

    If you see corn on a coin, drop it like it’s hot.

  116. Or just spend coins you get a meatup before you get home.

  117. Do NOT play quarters with MJ or wiser.

  118. Quarters?

  119. MJ can fit fifteen rolls of up his ass.

  120. “Of them up his ass.”

  121. I don’t want to know how you know that.

  122. He needed change for a twenty


    So, they turn down federal money if they give up abortions. But no federal money goes to that, right? Uh huh.

  124. Hey Jimbro, I have a pfennig from the Third Reich. Can you use your lens to determine if it was ever in Hitler’s ass?

  125. How heavy is Paula’s snatch?

  126. Was probably Agent Orange.



  127. Comment by Car in on March 6, 2017 10:24 pm
    How heavy is Paula’s snatch?

    This one single comment is Cyn left.

  128. The phuck it is. If Cyn where here, she would have asked.

  129. I’m still at 39th in michigan for my age after second week of zumba Open.

  130. The phuck it is. If Cyn where here, she would have asked.

    If Cyn were here, she would have blocked you for misspelling “fuck.”

    She was a total bitch like that….

  131. You need more zumba beads. Do you get zumba beads the same way you get Mardi Gras beads?

  132. You all make me sick talking about your zumba beads and your senators from Connecticut.

    Both are profane and have no quarter here.

  133. I’m still at 39th in michigan for my age after second week of zumba Open.

    It’s weird. Most of these are words I recognize, but they are arranged in a confusing jumble.

  134. Why is there no one here named Phil? I want to use the name Phillip more.

  135. Just call mare phil. We’ll catch on after a while.

  136. You need more zumba beads.

  137. NSFW status: quite safe for work.

    Freakyness level from ‘One’ to ‘Tushar should be murdered’:
    Is Tushar OK? Should we call a psychiatrist?

  138. What do you call a quadrapalegic in a hole?


  139. What do you call a quadriplegic dog?

    Doesn’t matter. He’s not coming.

  140. What do you call a quadrapalegic cow?

    Ground beef.

  141. You need more zumba beads. Do you get zumba beads the same way you get Mardi Gras beads?

    You get zumba beads by showing off your snatch and your fran. Keep up.

  142. Burn out the derp
    Burn out the night
    I can’t see no reason to put up a fight
    I’m living for giving the devil his due

  143. Not to drag the topic into another day but I have no idea what her snatch weight was for the PR. She has told me it’s a difficult move for er to do with her dislocated hip so I’m guessing it’s relatively low. Women in Maine don’t earn beads for zumba, must be a Midwestern thing.

  144. Thanks for the snatch details, Jimbro you sick fuck.

    New poat.

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